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Round 1 Of The Final HoH Competition Results



I know I’m super late on this information, but the honeymoon is now over and had to take the day to travel.  We had a fantastic time, and want to thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve given me this season on both my wedding and my parents.  I’m sure some of you are wondering about them, well nothing has changed. My mother is scheduled for her surgery next week and my father is still waiting to hear something.

He is a Vietnam War veteran and because of his service to the country, he is apparently punished for it by going through the VA.  It’s incredibly frustrating and disheartening to know one of the most important organizations for returning soldiers could be better managed by allowing a 6th grade class to handle it.

Enough rant, back to Big Brother.


After the eviction show, the feeds went down for a little while and then returned to show the three remaining houseguests doing the first part of the final HoH challenge – awesome.  Typically this competition is set-up and teased at the end of the live show, but I guess CBS didn’t want a flood of people signing into the live feeds to watch.  So, for the first time since I started blogging Big Brother, I missed covering an endurance competition.

It didn’t really matter. I could have told you who won the second Caleb walked out the door. For this endurance competition, I already pegged either Cody or Caleb winning it, and considering Caleb couldn’t compete.. well, Cody won it.   I’m not sure exactly when the competition started, but Victoria fell first (shocker) and Derrick managed to hang on another 20 or so minutes.  Not quite an epic endurance competition, but we haven’t really seen one in quite some time

(I realize I am sounding super negative tonight for some reason)

So, with Cody winning part 1 of the HoH competition, he will automatically move to part 3.  Derrick will compete with Victoria for part 2, and the winner of that competition (Derrick most likely) will face off against Cody live next Wednesday night.

I am still settling in, but wanted to report to you what happened in the BB house last night!


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    Yeah , new thread, cause I so much to say. Thanks so much

  2. Rita

    For anyone who wants to help “bribe” Stevebeans and make sure his new wife allows him to continue blogging for BB17 don’t forget to donate here https://bigbrotherjunkies.com/donate/ before the end of this season!!

    Thanks SB for doing this for us and allowing us to participate like no other BB Blog site.

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      I love the easy layout and format.
      All the other sites are tricky to navigate or look like a court stenography/ shorthand with tons of abbreviations!

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        Willie you are so correct with that statement. I spend more time trying to figure out what they are saying. Then I have to hit another link to finish out the information they wrote. I barely go to that site.

      • kneeless

        I agree, too. Last yr I went to the other sites more than this summer. I went to one site once & thought it was to hard to navigate to get the info I was interested in. Thanks for your straight forward layout. I have no reason to visit those sites. I wish I was in a position to contribute. Being on disability doesn’t leave much “fun money.” I truly appreciate all you do to enhance our BB experience!

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        I never figured them out. I like the conversation sites and this is moly one I have found. I read feed recaps on other sites but no forums

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    Prayers for you and your family! We soooo appreciate the BB updates!

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    Steve Beans, you’re a good person with a good heart and a good kid to your parents.

    Thanks for doing these updates. Posting here has made a difference in my summer.

  5. danmtruth

    SB thanks for all the hard work on the site
    So now we see all of Derrick hard work coming down to these next few days. Will Victoria reveal what causes her hair & scalp issues? It will be interesting to hear what house guest think of Derrick befor than after the reveal of him being a cop. Now the only question is Does Derrick trust Cody to loose HoH .that way Cody sends Vic to the jury. Once more Derrick keeps his hands clean

    • Avatar

      I think he’s gonna cut Cody loose.
      Derrick now sees Cody actually wants to win and Cody’s unstoppable right now…
      Poor Vic doesn’t have a prayer!

      • Avatar

        Since he may now not trust Cody to pick him, Derrick might win and ask Victoria to please go to Jury and bat for him.
        She seems to think she has a snowballs chance herself, but she might forgo that for Derrick.
        I’d love to hear Cody pitching to Victoria why she should NOT choose Derrick, over him.
        Since Cody is now undermining Derrick’s game, he’s like “… Derrick was laughing and joking when Frankie said Caleb and I should take all your virginities…” and “… I only chuckled a little” (LIE) “… but I had to or else Derrick would think I wasn’t with them and then I’d have a big target on my back”

        (He’d probably say “me and Caleb” or “Caleb and me”, but whatever)

      • Avatar

        Wait! What? Cody told her?
        Or is this just your fantasy?

      • Avatar

        No No he didn’t. I’m just saying. Sorry to alarmed you LOL.

      • Avatar

        Whew! OK. I was wondering how I could have missed that!

      • Avatar

        Vic never had a chance. She just floated along like a cloud and her brain is as full as a cloud.

      • kneeless

        I’m not sure Derrick will take Vic. I think he’s counting her as a vote for him. Whereas, Cody may take Vic for the same reason Derrick won’t – she’s a vote for Derrick if she’s in jury. Most interesting part of the season is about to happen! FINALLY, they are playing the game!

      • Avatar

        Derrick does not have to worry about voted whoever he’s there with

    • Avatar

      On the hair issue of Victorias, I wasted 3 hrs of my life last night that I will never get back watching BBAD just to hear one thing. What was it you ask? Cody said Victoria should take the extensions out of her hair because she would look good without them. Derrick said that would never happen because she was too self conscious about it. Cody said something I couldn’t hear then Derrick replied ” I don’t know I know it’s not cancer though “. I give to you Danmtruth this one nugget of gold out of a mountain of rocks that I had to listen too. Lol.

      • Jannie

        Maybe Alopecia, an immune system disorder that leaves one with bald patches. Or possibly Trichotillomania, an anxiety issue where one manically pulls out their hair, eyebrows, etc. I have noticed that she spends a lot of time in the mirror pulling at her eyebrows.

      • kneeless

        I wonder if it is an anxiety disorder. She prob wouldn’t have eyebrows if it was alopecia. I remember from very early in the season she was talking, very quietly, to someone abt having come back from getting her meds. I can’t remember the conversation but at the time I wondered if it was an anti-anxiety medication. She also told someone, again early on, how her scalp would bleed. Anyone else recall anything like that? Last night during D & C’s talk abt her hair Derrick also said she almost didn’t go on the show because of her hair.

      • Jannie

        You are probably right – I wondered what kind of meds she was getting from the Storage Room. And her personalty is definitely “flat” and sometimes she just stares into space.

        Seems a lot of the HG’s both this year and last, were running to the SR for meds. Last year it was Adderall. No clue what they are all on this year!

      • Avatar

        Yeah she told Derrick she lost all her hair. They were sitting on the hammock. Then later in the season she talked about her scalp bleeding because of the extentions she wears.

      • Avatar

        That was my thought too Jannie

      • Avatar

        She said she told Frankie about it because the same thing happened to Ariana. I think she meant just the hair-loss but not necessarily the same reason for it, perhaps she was talking about both having to wear extensions. Looking in to it I found Ariana says her hair issues are due to 4 years of bleaching it and dyeing it red for her Nick show character. That has led to it being brittle and broken.

      • Avatar

        She has told many about losing all her hair but has told no one the reason. I’m wondering if she had disease where you pull your own hair out although I kind of doubt it. She’s told few ppl she would tell them when show over. Think it must be something psychological or why wouldn’t she tell. Derrick said she looked fine without extensions but she thinks her short hair is really unattractive. Evidently hair was long before but those extensions are too much. She has way too many. She could use half that number and still be very thick. Plus too long no wonder scalp bleeds with that much wt pulling on it. Plus sleeping with them which she doesn’t do at home. Taking vanity too far. She would be much more attractive with thinner and shorter hair. She could still have long hair

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    First I have to congrats you SB and your beautiful bride. Second welcome back!!!

    I am on team Derrick all the way to the bank. I am also team Donny for the BB favorite player.

    I am also Team Nicole who has already won her prize this season in the form of Hayden.

    Can someone explain to me how these three final competitions are used to determine the final two.

    I was hoping Cody would of been gone to jury because I remember Donny telling Cody that Derrick really never had his back. So was hoping to see Donny right about that. Just my thought and opinion.

    • Avatar

      Steven. Cody beat all three one Derrick and Vic will have comp. winner of second comp plays Cody winner of that one picks who they want to take to final 2. Other is evicted. Jury comes in asks HG questions and votes for winner. Usually not surprise

  7. Avatar

    Stevebeans, glad for your wedding and honeymoon. Sorry for your parents’ struggles.

    Thank you for this blog. This has kept me into Big Brother when I would have dropped it (just before finding your blog).

  8. Avatar

    Yes thank you SB!
    I have been coming here for years and I love the way you write and add your own personal flare into it. Its also nice to see behind the scenes. Makes it feel like we know you better, and that we are all friends
    I dont post here much but next season I plan to.

    Im rooting for Derrick to win, since my favorite person has been voted out since the first week. Haha. And then my like for Frankie dwendled away.

    😀 I will see you all for a HOPEFULLY exciting season next year!!!

  9. Avatar

    Derrick needs to take Cody, because there is several in the Jury that will not vote for Cody….Caleb, Frankie, Nicole, Hayden and of course Victoria will all vote for Derrick to win. Donny, Zach, Christine and Jocasta will probably realize Derrick is the mastermind too, but Derrick just doesn’t know for sure so he knows he needs Vic’s vote to put him over Cody.

    With some of them hating Cody…he knows they could give their votes to Vic just to piss him off, so he had to take Derrick for a chance to win.

  10. Bridget

    Caleb said he would vote for Victoria to win.He is very hurt by Derrick and Cody.

  11. Avatar

    Hey Steve… can you do an guesstimate jury poll of who you think is going to vote for whom?
    I just need to see it written out…

    • Avatar

      Willie, Idk if Steve Beans will do a poll of who will vote for whom…But, Jokers Update does have a Poll up right now so that you can see who will win BB, & AFP. You also can still participate in the Poll on Jokers too

    • Avatar

      While we are waiting to see SB’s read on the jury let me try mine.

      Donny – I start with him because I believe he is by far the smartest game-wise until Frankie joins them, then Donny is only a little smarter game-wise than everyone. Donny has had loads of time with the jury. I think he HAS the influence with the jury Frankie tried to threaten the guys with. Donny pegged Frankie and Derrick as the power in the house and little has changed that for Derrick. Donny looks at Cody as a foot soldier and meat shield there to protect Derrick the controller. If Derrick is in F2 Donny will vote for him, if he is not he will go for Cody because at least a foot soldier carried part of the battle. Donny will think Victoria is a nice girl but she is not a Big Brother winner, he would be embarrassed to say he was beaten by her.

      Jocasta – will follow Donny: Derrick over Cody over Victoria.

      Hayden – will have listened to Donny: Derrick over Cody over Victoria

      Zach – will have listened to Donny: Derrick over Cody over Victoria

      Nicole – agrees with Donny: Derrick over Cody over Victoria

      That is five votes and should carry the win for Derrick over Cody over Victoria. The rest are harder to read.

      Christine – She said nice things about Derrick but how mad is she really at Cody. The rest of the jury have probably convinced her the boos were related to her Cody thing but she could still be in denial. In any event there is no way she will say Victoria beat her at Big Brother – she will be beaten by Cody or Derrick thank you very much. For her I will say Cody over Derrick over Victoria.

      Frankie – hell hath no fury like a scorned Frankie so let’s start in reverse. I think there is no way he would ever say he was beaten by Victoria, she simply is not on the same level as him or any of the Detonators. He is a fan of the show and knows how bitter jury votes are almost always ridiculed. I also think he will vote Derrick over Cody because it places him closer to the winner. He will trumpet how his efforts in the Detonators and TA made Derrick’s winning game possible. It is Frankie’s MO, stand close so some of the spotlight hits you. Derrick over Cody over Victoria

      Caleb – despite saying anything about voting for Victoria he will have been in jury long enough to be reminded it has been a game and they should just who played the best game and Victoria has only been playing half the season. In the house “bitter jury” means something but unless there is a truly personal injury it usually doesn’t carry through. The jury allows time for reflection without pressure and few want to be seen as a sore loser – just being a loser is bad enough. I think he will forgive Derrick and be able to maybe get a little bitterness in towards Cody without appearing bitter – “hey, Derrick had the better game bro.” Derrick over Cody over Victoria

      Potential #9s, sent to jury just minutes before the jury questions begin.

      Derrick – Least likely to be there, if he wins the final HoH he won’t, if Victoria wins [0.00001% chance] he won’t be there, and with Cody he probably won’t but let’s say he is. Derrick, more than he likes Victoria, loves Big Brother. He is as big a fan as any of us posting here. He will not be bitter, he may have played that up in the house but it was all another bluff and mindfark. Even if Victoria somehow wins her first HoH and then does the unthinkable of evicting Derrick he will still rule Cody’s the better game. Cody over Victoria

      Cody – I do not think Derrick would evict Cody but perhaps he might. Cody is the one most susceptible to being bitter. If Derrick has just sent him out he may still have the vote Victoria for revenge mindset. The jury questioning might bring him around though when he sees the way the wind is blowing. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and will say he gets at least one big decision right this season. Derrick over Victoria.

      Victoria – Miss Most Likely To Be Juror #9 2014. She will not go against Derrick, if he sends her out he will probably have talked her in to understanding why – she may even give him permission to do it if he wins the final HoH. Yes, Derrick is that good. Derrick over Cody.

      Wow, I cannot believe I got enough time between work calls to get that all out in one go. Perhaps I am over thinking the influence of Donny but it will not be going against the other juror’s inclinations. Without Donny there they would probably still respect Derrick’s game, having Donny just reinforces that attitude.

      This is like watching a pitcher go in to the 9th inning with a perfect game going – no hits, no walks, faced minimum number of batters and three to go for perfection. This does not happen every day. This season has been anything but boring.

      • leafhopper

        I will agree with everything but Christine. I think, or HOPE the time she has had in the jury house, and perhaps some conversations she has had with the other jury members has led her to see the errors of her indiscretions with Cody and perhaps by her making her vote AGAINST Cody might be a step in the right direction to help save her marriage once the game is over. So her vote for Derrick will be more of a vote for her husband.

      • Avatar

        Point taken, we know so little about what is happening in jury. I hope they have the round table discussion between jury members tonight. I may have also missed how much Caleb values competition performance. That could leave him placing Cody above Derrick.

      • leafhopper

        If they do show a round table discussion I’m sure that they will show the jury flip flopping between both Derrick and Cody (maybe some bitter votes thrown toward Vic) but they won’t give too much away because they will want us all to tune in to the finale. CBS will want us all on the edge of our seats! 🙂

      • Avatar

        Right what they say beforehand means nothing. Have to make for good tv. They want surprise which it won’t be lol

      • Avatar

        naaah. Christine will vote for her cozy cuddlemate Cody over Derrick. No one in the jury has yet talked to family or friends outside of the house. tbh…she was obsessed with him. maybe even convinced herself that she was in love with him.
        Even with the audience booing…i don’t think that would change her heart.

      • Avatar

        Christine and Cody good friends but she is super bb fan and knows Derrick running game. She’s the only wild card I believe but give her only slight chance of not voting for Derrick. He gets unanimous. Just like HG voted all year

      • Avatar

        Great analysis, both of you. Can’t wait until Finale night to analyze it all again!

      • Avatar

        Yay. Someone else doesn’t think this season has been a complete dud I admit the first half of this season was extremely boring and I hated to see Hayden , Donny , and Nichole go but after they did I started paying more attention to Derricks gameplay. He’s played a phenomenal game. . Verv good observations on the jury votes. I dont see it going any other way. I’ve said it for weeks if Derrick is in F2 he wins hands down no matter who he’s next to.

      • Avatar

        I always find it interesting how everyone sees things so different than others seeing the same event, show etc. I thought the beginning of the season was crazy wild with Devin going nuts then Zack started acting up, the 2nd half has been a snooze fest grande. The most twisted summer ever, hardly, more like the most predictable summer ever from mid season on. Now we just have to wait for Derrick to be handed the 550K.

      • g8trgirl

        Wow! Excellent analysis. Every point well taken.

      • kneeless

        Does anyone think Frankie will spill to the jury about TA? IF he does & he tells them if Derrick wins then Derrick wins an additional $50,000 will that play into anyones decision?

      • Avatar

        Donny, Frankie and Derrick none of them would reveal TA. No way. They don’t get the money if they do and if Frankie is at all serious about building schools in Africa he would be wise to keep his mouth shit.

      • Avatar

        Oh sorry auto correct did that!!! So so sorry. I’ll read them before posting from now on SteveBeans. Lol

      • Avatar

        Epic Sandra ;). I like Firefox, it just highlights typos and lets me decide if I want it corrected. My wifey loves autocorrect bloopers and is chuckling heartily.

      • Avatar

        Well glad I made someone besides my self laugh. Lol

      • Avatar

        Donny was only smart in that he figured out what Derrick was doing, he had Zero gaming sense cuz if he had he woulda went after derrick before derrick went for him.

      • Avatar

        He couldn’t do it by himself against an eight person alliance especially since they all thought he was a boring old man.

      • Avatar

        reminder: season #. Will won. btw my personal favorite bb ever. playing a very close game as victoria.never won anything. (although it was on purpose. so i want to note that)always on the block. always the pond.

      • Avatar

        It’s nice to have a pond, you can swim in it.

  12. Avatar

    Cody like liked Brittany?
    I read somewhere he said his “love of this game” left in week four.
    Was that Brittany or Amber?

    • Avatar

      You may be right about that comment. I saw it and took it as something different though – he was talking about loving Big Brother the game. He also mentioned then that was his chance to backdoor Caleb [who was at the height of his stalkerishness and not well liked]. He even told Donny he was safe and 15 minutes later he chickened out by nominating Donny insuring Brittany went out. I thought he meant his enjoyment of the game went away with that shameful decision but perhaps he does have a thing for Brittany.

      I know he is ashamed of that decision [he has mentioned it as a regret numerous times] and earlier this season I suggested that as a reason for his unreasonable hostility towards Donny. Seeing Donny reminded Cody that he had made a wrong decision and his game was completely different than it could have been. He covered that shame with his angry words towards Donny. That decision has worked out for him, and he now knows it, but with some small changes of fate it could have seen Caleb getting the chance to send Cody out and then it would have been a gisnt regret.

      After writing the above and reflecting on it I believe your interpretation is correct, he is carrying a torch for Brittany. I don’t think he is deep enough for the self-introspection that would lead to him saying he had lost his love of Big Brother the game – he is mooning over a girl. I wonder if he was thinking about Brittany all those times he was rubbing on Christine?

      • Avatar

        “I wonder if he was thinking about Brittany all those times he was rubbing on Christine?”

      • Avatar

        I just read a comment about Cody talking about Brittany too. I’ll go back and find what it was on but he said he was going to take out Caleb but Derrick told him Brittany needed to go and so the love of his life went out in week four.

      • Avatar

        He really liked Brittany. Wants to see her after game. She really did not give him time of dad. Cody likes all the females and came on to all of them. Christine only one who wanted to be with him and with Cody it was just friendship. Only girl he did not flirt with was Vic. And jacosta(she is married). Oops….so is Christine!

    • Avatar

      Just to come back to this for a minute and only because Cody has made conflicting comments. Okay he basically said Brittany was the love of his life but I also heard him one night tell someone ( it was one of the guys ) that he would rather have someone that looked like Christine than the other girls but he’s also made comments about Amber being the prettiest and he’s made similar comments about Victoria and Nichole. I wonder what gives with him. Is he just extremely flighty or is just lying but why lie? I’m confused.

      • Avatar

        Type of guy has to have a girl around and wants all their attention. Couldn’t get that from any of them. But even tho it was obvious he liked them he makes some bad remarks about them.

      • Avatar

        Absolutely he did make some horrible remarks about all of them. He said last night on BBAD that when he came in the house he thought Victoria and I think Amber were the prettiest but then added Brittany like I said he’s kinda flighty.

      • Avatar

        He’s trying to butter up Victoria for her vote on Jury.

  13. Avatar

    Vic is a cute girl and would make a decent wife… for a certain type of man..
    She’s not for everybody.. I know she’s dated older creepy guys..

    Looks like she’s having fun playing cards.. I like cards and I read Derrick does too..

    • Avatar

      She really is a pretty girl in the real world. Women on TV are generally WAY more attractive than the average woman. She’s not model thin or movie star gorgeous, but’s she’s definitely cute. I hope she can find a man who loves her the way she is and treats her with respect.

  14. Avatar

    Thanks Trudy. I kinda forgot about how the three end comps worked.

    Steve Beans I send my prayers for your parents.

  15. Avatar

    Iplan on coming back next summer for sure.

  16. painter1

    THANKS for another season SB.GRATS on the wedding and praying for your family.If you do decide to blog for Walking Dead count me IN for sure.

  17. jimbo

    To me, I think Cody may have (unintentionally, because he’s not smart) blown up Derrick’s game. He had to have NO clue Cody was going to “out” the Hitmen, that Cody told Caleb (and thus ALL the jurors when Caleb recounts this in the jury house) was started by the Derick and him on the 2nd day. Derrick had to HATE that for several reasons. One, he was trying to play the “I am in alliance with you” card with Cody, Vic, and Caleb. He probably thought Cody would simply vote out Caleb, and not spill the beans to Victoria and Caleb when he cast his vote to oust Caleb. That is why Caleb said to Julie he was upset with Derrick more. See, derrick thought he was using Cody to do the dirty work of casting out Caleb, and he’d have clean hands, and could just blame it on Cody. By Cody outing the alliance, Caleb AND Victoria BOTH know Derrick was playing all three of them. Caleb will now go back to jury, and tell them Derrick had “Final Twos” with all of them. Also, Cody NOW looks like HE is a bigger player than he is, taking credit for the Hitmen before Derrick can! To the others, it could make Cody look like atleast an EVEN player in the Hitmen to Derrick! Bad news for Derrick. And now, just maybe, Victoria gets pissed that Derrick was in the Hitmen all along, and votes Derrick out (if given the chance) OR she could vote for Cody if she is not in the final two.

    • Avatar

      If anyone has been reading Jokers, after the 1st HOH Comp, you’d know that Cody is onto Derrick. I Derrick even told Cody that he & Vic were pretending to be mad at each other, so people would think they were not together, but all along they were together. Cody then said to Vic “I wanted to talk to you all along, but Derrick told me not to talk to you.” Then Vic told Cody Derrick is taking me in a joking way, Cody said “that was epic what you just said!”

      • Avatar

        I think it was Vic that told Cody in that conversation Cody was talking to her about she needed to get over hating on Derrick. She told him she was never mad at Derrick. He said good cause I was going to talk to u but Derrick said no. Then Derrick came in and quickly said. We kissed and made up. I got impression Cody did not really understand what Vic told him or it just didn’t register with him.

    • Avatar

      He’s not stupid. It was intentional. Now he’s (trying to) kissing up to Victoria. But he has no patience.

    • Avatar

      Actually Cody told Derrick the night before evicting Caleb that he wanted to out the hitmen. This was on BBAD. Cody wanted to do it when he told Caleb he was evicted but Derrick said that it probably be best if he told him in his going away messages. They kinda went around in circles for a minute with Derrick finally telling Cody to do it whichever way he wanted. So Derrick knew.

      • jimbo

        Yes, Because Derrick never tells someone what to do…he leads them, then hopes they do what he wants instead of making waves. Cody looks stronger than he actually is by doing the FIRST “outing” of the Hitmen to Caleb. Caleb now will bring that info to the jury. Could win Cody points. Vic look, after tonight’s show, totally in Derricks pocket, though.

    • Avatar

      I believe Derrick was trying to silently nudge Cody not to tell. When Cody didn’t or refused to take the hint, (like when he was suggesting Cody let him win the first HOH, and he didn’t) Derrick suggested goodbye message. Maybe Derrick felt that would spare Victoria and himself all the questions she was asking after. Derrick probably didn’t realize that Cody could or would either blindside or blunder up his game.
      Dunno if or why this would surprise Derrick as Cody has been resisting him for awhile now. Barely as it was, Derrick suggested sparing Donny, Cody was like “nope, nope he has to go”
      Best laid plans Derrick, Murphy’s Law.
      As usual the end is decided by a Jury of either game lovers or those who are overwhelmed by spite. I’d think this bunch were game lovers, but Hayden throwing over a chair when he won Victoria $5K. Either that was genuine or a BB set that up for drama sake?
      I’ll say this much. Someone once told me that a cop is just a salesman, his job is to sell you something, a ticket (for example) you don’t want.
      Cody is also a salesman. If I were to give Cody any credit , maybe he and Derrick are more matched than we think.

  18. Avatar

    Steve, My dad was also a Vietnam vet. He had cancer and passed away at age 56. His cancer came from Agent Orange. I’m praying your dad doesn’t have it, but if he does…he needs to be tested to see if its from agent orange. They are eligible for monthly payments if that’s the case. It’s nothing compared to their lives, but if it turns out to be that, then it may help them out.

    Thanks for all your BB updates and Congrats on the marriage!

  19. Avatar

    Mango Frankie is geez I don’t even know what to call him… and I’m usually not at a loss for words.

  20. Avatar

    Hey Everyone – enjoyed being part of the group commenting here. First time I’ve done that with a TV show and it made the season so much more fun.

    I have to say this final week at least has some drama – no clear cut answer as to who will be in the final 2. Someone is going to be upset for sure.

  21. Avatar

    If someone were drowning I would toss them a Victoria, as she always floats.

    • Avatar

      Earlier this season I came to the conclusion that Victoria is not a floater … she is an anchor. Left to her own devices she would have been evicted long before jury, Derrick has worked very hard all season to keep her safe. Tossing her to a drowning person would be like giving them a pair of cement shoes.

      • Avatar

        lol. nailed it!
        Poor girl really doesn’t seem to understand that she has only stayed in the game because someone carried her along. I know they are coached in the DR sessions but it’s still sad to see her bragging about how far she has made it in this game. Does she really think her social game is so incredible? She said she and Derrick have been working together since Day 1, but he said the whole alliance with Cody and Caleb started before they were talking. His version of reality and hers are not even close. Again, I hope she is able to handle it when the show ends and she finds out she’s just a joke to all of them.

  22. Avatar

    I usually am a silent reader and usually don’t comment but felt like I should now. First of all, congrats on getting married!! Also, prayers for your mom and dad. I know your pain with the VA. My father in law is also a veteran and it’s terrible having to deal with the VA. He had some problems a while back and they took weeks to get back to him and any time he called, they had no clue. My husband is a veteran from the Iraq war, and we get insurance for him through his work, we don’t even mess with VA. Pretty said for the people that have fought for our country.

    Anyway, this season of BB has been boring with no major drama or big moves and back doors (besides christine and Caleb – which Caleb should have seen coming), but you do a great job. I check your site multiple times a day, and depend on it during every BB season. I have it saved on my home screen on my phone. Lol. I am rooting for Derrick though, he’s had a great game, and I will be very disappointed if he doesn’t win it.

  23. Avatar

    I’ll say congrats once more SteveB. Glad you and the new Mrs. had a great time on your honeymoon. My husband is a veteran of the Vietnam war. He is relying on the VA now for his medical insurance. I don’t know if the problems we’ve had in Memphis have gone global but we had a few people here die waiting for treatment. It’s an awful thing. My husband signed up with his brother when he was seventeen. My husband made it back his brother did not. It was bad enough that people in our own nation didn’t show him respect for his service when the war was over ( no parades for Vietnam vets ) but now they get even less respect from the government that threw them in that mess in the first place. Sorry everyone I know it’s a BB blog it just chaps my arse!!! Rant over.

  24. Avatar

    Yesterday the HGs played a game of hide and seek. Victoria was it and Derrick and Cody hid. If you would like to see the story it’s on Mortys somewhere between 4:00 and 5:30. It was really funny. Even BB didn’t know where the guys were for a minute and had to ask them where they were. Mortys had the story but the rest was on BBAD. Hilarious.

  25. Avatar

    Notice how Derrick talks to Cody, he strokes his ego just like he would Caleb. Cody is an egomaniac with some delusions of grandeur. Just like Caleb, just like Frankie, just like Devin.
    And Cody is giving Derrick the Donny treatment “gotta get him out, gotta get him out urgent urgent, scramble scramble scramble.
    Cody is gonna choose Victoria if he can. He has to.
    He and Derrick had a F3 agreement with Caleb, neither honored. In fact throwing it back in Caleb’s face that he deserved to be backstabbed by them for backstabbing Frankie, who they asked him to backstab.
    So Cody has no qualms (not above) backstabbing Derrick, which Derrick obviously knows.
    Only Cody and Caleb (maybe Frankie) (not even Christine) will be spiteful Jurors.
    Derrick, there is no shame in picking Victoria if you get a chance.

    (I feel badish. I love love love soccer. I don’t like cops, but I do like Troopers. You’d think I’d root for Cody over Derrick but nope.
    I’ll only be okay with Cody once he gets some comeupence for “Christine”)

  26. Avatar

    I sure hope we don’t end up with Cody & Victoria in the F2. I would be so disappointed! I think jury would be flabbergasted. When it comes to game moves, Cody wussed out, twice, and failed to make the big moves he kept talking about making. Even though he won a couple HOHs, he basically floated by riding Derrick’s coat tail. So could we end up with 2 floaters in the end? Aargghhh, I hope not!

  27. Avatar

    Derrick had the perfect housemates to weave his web. If there had been some Evil Dicks, Racheal and Brandons, or Jeff and Jordans he would ot have been so successful. This is my opinion.

  28. leafhopper

    Derrick has played strategic from the beginning no doubt. He has groomed Victoria all along for a vote, whether it be for an additional vote his way to get someone out who was on the block or for a vote in the jury. He has been very strategic with his words when he was speaking with other HG, making sure that they as HOH came to the decision (under his influence) to put someone up on the block, back door them, use the veto, cast their vote, etc. He tried very hard never to tell anyone what to do. He used his words very carefully, using his power of persuasion (or manipulation, however you want to look at it) to have them think that they made the decision on their own. YES, he was usually behind their decision BUT at the time, they thought the decision was their own. It was only hind sight that they realized that Derrick was the man behind the curtain. This is what has made him such a great player all along. Yes, he has lied, and manipulated people along the way, but after all, isn’t what makes a great BB player someone who not only can do this, but who can also eliminate the other players who are attempting to do it as well?

    • ShoeLover

      Love this! It’s what I have been saying all along!!

      Derrick has managed to control the house with his suggestions and ideas for who should stay and who should go. As a group and then individually. That’s how unanimous voting happens.

      To get an entire group of people to stop playing the game for themselves and only play for you to win the $500,000 is pretty amazing.

      • Avatar

        He had half the house. The other half were not fooled but had no alliance to fight against him and he used his numbers to get rid of the smarter ones. There was nothing they could do against those numbers

    • Avatar

      Absolutely I’ve been saying the same thing for weeks but you said it better than I did.

    • kneeless

      Derrick is the only HG who has been playing the game 24/7 since entering the house. He’s kept his eye on the prize & has been very methodical working his way to the end. I said early on that it was his game to lose.

  29. Avatar

    If Cody plans on not taking Derrick to the finals he’s doing a great job at hiding it. He’s been helping Derrick study for the second part of the HOH. Now maybe he thinks if Derrick wins against ( which I think he will ) Victoria and Derrick and him face off in the last part he could beat Derrick there by giving him the chance to pick he might take Victoria but I doubt it. Derrick has put the mist on Cody to make him believe he could beat Derrick in the finale. But if he thinks he could beat Derrick maybe he thinks he could use that to his advantage in the final by saying he beat the all and powerful Oz. won’t happen I don’t think, but this is what I’m thinking anyway after watching them on BBAD. Who knows? It’s a toss up. It comes down to the comp today then after that the final on finale night. If he takes Derrick he’d better be ready to battle because I think Derrick is going to wipe the floor with him in his speech.

  30. Avatar

    Oh I put my 20 votes on Donny today. Everyone vote please so we can keep the Frankie machine from rolling. Actually his sister but they are one in the same.

    • Avatar

      DO you really think CBS counts those votes? They are pushing for Frankie due to the Ariana spin…i too would like to see Donny win but would not be suprised one bit if Frankie wins cuz thats what CBS wants

      • Avatar

        Do you really think CBS cares who wins? The continued success of this summer time filler is far more important to them. What does CBS have invested in a potential pop star and her less talented brother? Not much.

        On the other hand, a star of a hit CBS show has had some not nice things to say about Ariana including that they don’t even know who she is or what she does.


      • Avatar

        Scantily clad, lingerie wearing pop singers:

        If you can’t sell your music, you can always sell your body. Wonder what her ‘fans’ think about her statement, “I wish they would all F_ _King die!”

      • Avatar

        Dan I sure do think CBS cares who wins, its about ratings, viewers, MONEY….now on survivor you really dont think that cop could just walk through the Jungle and Find Idols blindly do you? On BB the rewind button aka save derrick button or how about the jurors playing to get back in the house, i never recall hearing how many pucks they were to send down. But when Jocasta was ahead if you play it back there was a pause then they said grab another puck, cuz no way did they want her in the house, i think they wanted Zack back but settled for Nichole which was a waste…keep an eye out you can see CBS’s hand in BB and Survivor…oh did u forget the big head to head between Russel Hans and Boston Rob…what happened…Russel got voted out right off so CBS didnt like that and decimated their tribe with loss after loss…and if you dont think some games are set to benefit other players more at certain times or twist in the games your sadly mistaken, cuz CBS does care!!!!!

      • Avatar

        There was pause at end cause no one knew who had won. I thought it was jacosta at first but on last play puck got knocked off. When they showd close up she and Nichole were very close but Nichole slightly closer. But that didn’t matter in the end cause Nichole had more pucks on board. I thought whoever got puck closest would win but it was closest puck to center with most pucks on board. They were both tied before last puck from what I remember but last throw jacosta fell off and everyone’s puck on board moved. Nichole’s was slightly closer but you couldn’t tell except in close up. Think many did not realize jacosta had lost puck.

      • Avatar

        there was a pause at the end but im talking about the pause before that and also no mention of how many pucks were to be used so basically she could just keep the game going until there was an outcome cbs wanted.

      • Avatar

        How could they keep the game going without more pucks? They all threw the same number and none had any left so the number in play was predetermined and not selected by CBS for a specific outcome.

      • Avatar

        Dan how do u know they were out of pucks? they were reaching down under the bench nobody could see how many there were and it was never said per my recollection they were playing 8-9-10 etc…even so its a game with big money behind it, there will be some twist and turns that will favor certain players at given times. Like the last POV, heck it was a thinking game, who would benefit, certaintly not Caleb he was all about strength, maybe i just watch to closely and others dont care but been watching BB and Survivor from the beginning and I see things twist just enough to favor dif players tribs strengths weaknesses, we are talking Multi Millions being spent and Ratings!

      • Avatar

        I felt the same way on that game. I thought Jacosta had it until the close up. So did Frankie who was on the side lines whooping and cheering for Jacosta. I watched him to see his face fall because they didn’t want Nichole back at all.

      • Avatar

        The Idol hiding locations have become more and more predictable on Survivor and from post show interviews people said they spent many hours looking. The clues almost always reference strange trees or rock formations so those get the most attention. Crevices or holes in walls also likely hiding places. Tony is far from the first to find a hidden idol without the clues. It was the fate of the game that led to that tribe being decimated, not some enmity of the producers.

        A conspiracy of that magnitude would collapse with the number of people who would need to cooperate to keep it secret. Showing that much control of the outcome would kill the show dead, how well did “Siberia” do over on NBC?

        CBS wants excitement and fair play, that is what will keep the audience happy. There will be good guys and bad guys, they will self-identify and battle it out. CBS gets a winner no matter what and that is all the show needs. Yes, production eggs them on to get good interview footage to build suspense but there is absolutely no upside to risking the future of the show for anyone.

      • Avatar

        I couldn’t have said it better. Sure they talk to them in the Dr and try to give them ideas but we saw on this year especially that never changed the course the house was going. Do they throw a game in there that one person or another are better at? Yeah they do. But that’s where it stops.

      • Avatar

        Yes I do think they count the votes. BB has pushed for a Frankie, Derrick F2 but when it came down to it Frankie went home. Frankie’s stupid play idea shot down by Julie. So yes I do think they count the votes. Do I think they put their hands in an manipulate the players in the DR and stuff. Yes i do.

      • Avatar

        Sandra always remember this and it happens more than you would think even in modern elections and sure as heck happens on voting shows like American Idol etc…

        The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

      • Avatar

        If Frankie wins everyone in America except Frankie’s family will know it was fixed. If Donny wins it wasn’t. But who knows about any other part of game. I really think DR influences them too much and that’s a kind or rigging in game. They coach HG in what to say in DR that is televised. I think we should see DR sessions except when it has nothing to do with game. About Vic’s meds. Christine told few of girls once that she had been very depressed at one point in her life and had been on meds for it. She got off of them about three years ago I think. Vic found it very interesting that she had been depressed and on meds. She then went on to say something about few others in house on meds (Devon and zach). So kind of makes me think she was not on antidepressants. Never heard what zach and Devon on. I would bet adderal with zach.

      • Avatar

        Im for Donny so we shall see

      • Avatar

        Gosh the entire house on Meds where do they find these people, lol

      • leafhopper

        You are absolutely correct! That is why TA won that stupid play mission!

      • Avatar

        Sorry I don’t buy it. Now I haven’t watched American idol in years but my last answer applies the same. Do the judges try to sway the voters yeah they do. But why? Because they had a coupla of seasons where little girls were voting for a guy just because he was cute and one season voters were keeping a horrible guy in because they thought it was funny. Wasn’t his last name hung?

  31. kneeless

    I’m not sure Derrick will take Vic. I think he’s counting her as a vote for him. Whereas, Cody may take Vic for the same reason Derrick won’t – she’s a vote for Derrick if she’s in jury. Most interesting part of the season is about to happen! FINALLY, they are playing the game!

  32. Avatar

    One more thing, for now. Two different thoughts. I don’t mean to offend.

    How come Derrick gets to play the “family man” card but Devin didn’t/couldn’t? “the food in daughter’s mouth” card didn’t work for Devin, but ooohh, poor Derrick. Hey Derrick, Cody didn’t care about Devin’s one kid or the “schools for (multiple) kids in Africa” that Frankie “said” he was gonna “build”. He don’t care about your one either.

    Also I’m sure this has been tackled before but I but help me out.

    How come the winners of these “reality” game shows are not more diverse. Sorry but a (young or youngish) white female does not count.

    And no, a game doesn’t have to be rigged for a minority to win, they can win on their own.
    Well if they could, why haven’t they you say. Because the game is rigged. To appeal to who the Production of whatever show feels is the general audience. That’s why a Donny didn’t get too far. Or even why a Donny is competing with a Zach or a Frankie for AFP when Donny already seems to be a favorite chosen by the said demographic.
    My point is, in some case, a flawed production ideology is being perpetuated. By who? You tell me.

    I voted for Tessanne Chin for the Voice.

    And by the way, why is there only ever one representative of a “minority” out numbered by the usual suspects.
    For example, BB16, one older white guy (42 is NOT old, older than me, but not old) one black guy, one black girl. One Jew, one Asian/Hispanic (was Paulo there to cover 2 minorities?)
    Those guys should have did their own alliance. Would that have worked? Maybe or maybe not.

    VICTORIA for the WIN !!!

    • Avatar

      Absolutely agree on the diversity or lack thereof. Tired of the collection of white guys, the token flaming queen, etc.

    • Avatar

      I agree with you on most of your points. BB has made great strides toward diversity since the first season. Is it enough? No but they are doing it.

    • Avatar

      Devon was medically crazy. He had some big problems psychologically. His ego was worse than Cody ever was. Devon almost multiple personality. Most of us are older and would like older guests but they never last long. The younger ones get rid of them because they feel they have nothing in common with them.(they are right). Older ppl have more sense usually and don’t do the stupid things on TV that younger do and cbs makes for good tv.. Older ppl have more responsibilities in their life with family and jobs they can’t afford to quit school and go on show for summer.. Cbs seems to like gays more than minorities. But they have had Asian and blacks and many of different mixed races. White usually greatly out number others but that’s how our population is.. I don’t think anyone thinks a minority can’t win..Helen was great player last year.. Bowie really liked by America but he could not play the game at all. Jacosta sweet and had brains but hard to know that as she had no game play. Candace was popular and in your face but too much so..I don’t think anyone is picked by religion or that it plays any part of it sever black females went vey far in earlier games seems at least one made to final two or three. Can’t remember if minority ever won. I think we could go a year or so without the gays just because Frankie so over the top this year. Or have gays and not make such a big deal about it.

      • Avatar

        If they do put another gay person in I think it’ll be one that totally swings as far away as possible from Frankie’s behavior. Maybe a woman. Now that would be a nice switch.

      • Avatar

        exactly. Most gay men are nothing like Frankie. He’s a freaking drama queen. why not have someone who happens to be gay but is just… a guy? and why not pick some people who come from different cultures? America is full of all kinds of interesting people from all over the world. BB doesn’t represent us at all.

      • Avatar

        Also Devin scared the hell out of me, but I know part of it was his resemblance to O. J. He comes across as a hothead, abuser, meathead. I don’t know if that is a fair assumption or not.
        Stalker Caleb was even more frightening. It’s weird to see him all bubbly and silly and entertaining toward the end of the game, after seeing the way he acted about Amber and his unrequited feelings for her. There’s a good side to him, but I’ve seen that dark side and it is terrifying.

      • g8trgirl

        I think they don’t choose us older folks strictly based on demographics. Their advertisers need that most wanted 18-30 year old age group who look gorgeous in bikinis or no shirts for the men. Sad but true.

  33. Avatar

    Come on Cody if you Win HOH do a HUGE strategic move, use that line you gave Caleb about not being needed anymore. Just say Derrick its been a great ride since Day 2 but today I have to let you off the Train because I dont think I can beat you in the end…GAME OVER! Guess what that is exactly what Derrick will do to you! Dont be a fool like that Texas guy on Survivor that took Tina to the end and Lost the 1M when had he taken the other guy everyone didnt like he would have won!! Its a GAME play it that way there are NO LOYALTIES to ANYONE! But hey there are NO brain transplants right now so Cody will do the dummy move and take Derrick….

    • Avatar

      I just want to say on this point about Cody maybe Cody has some morals and values that keep him from doing what you said. Donny did, Donny left. Some people value friendships over money. Does it make him wrong? No maybe it makes him wrong for this game but from what I’ve heard from Cody about the way he was raised he sounds like he has amazing parents and siblings. Maybe just like he said to Caleb about what Derrick said maybe Derrick is his ride and die guy. They seem like really good friends in the house so who knows maybe that’s why he hasn’t turned his back on Derrick. Now that may cost him money but some people have other things that are more important to them. Maybe that’s his. We’ ll see

      • Avatar

        Sandra, its a GAME! Loyalty Morals should be played in the context of a GAME not real life…Heck why are these folks here to build lasting Friendships? NO they are there to win MONEY in a TV Game Realty Show…Funny Derrick understands this and does well, he is behind the scenes cutting throats and back stabbing left and right, just so subtle the other players dont notice. Derrick got lucky cuz this season of BB was full of a bunch of Zombies who really thought they were playing their game but were so easily swayed into playing Derricks game…shame nobody stood up a few evictions ago and did anything, really couldnt cuz every time christine cody caleb went running to derrick like he was their momma…wow

      • Avatar

        Hey if you’ve read my posts at all you know I’m the one that always says it’s a game. I didn’t say one or another whether if I thought that was the way to play BB. I just said maybe that’s the way Cody feels. Nothing wrong with valuing people more than money. More people should try it maybe we would have a better place to live. IMHO

      • Avatar

        Sandra ALWAYS says it’s a game. She doesn’t say if she thinks they should play nicer or be nastier. And Derrick ran this game but was very nice to them to their face sure he was trying to get votes but there were others that did a lot of hating to ppls face and behind their back. Derrick showed them respect pretty much. Think biggest time Derrick lost his cool was about Donny cause he just couldn’t control him and tried harder with him than anyone. When Derrick stabs you in back he tries to do it with respect cause he really thinks of it all as game unlike some other HG and audiences(like me) who does not always like rather rules of the game.

      • Avatar

        Sandra. Can’t believe that from you who keeps saying anything goes as it’s a game. But you r right about some ppl will only go so far with their actions game or not. Donny could have told Derrick he was with him all the way and maybe gone further. He knew Derrick running game but did not think he could lie about that– so bye bye Donnie.. All you ppl who keep saying it’s a game so anything goes think of this. You r playing game with family, friends for money or maybe just a bet. Say it’s monopoly and you steal money or property when no one looking to win game. Or playing cards and you mark the cards. Is that right. Would you do that? After all, it’s just a game and you want to win. How is that any different. To me it’s the same thing. Life is a game.

      • Avatar

        No I don’t think of my life, my husbands, my children’s or grand children’s life as a game. I think you belittled life that way. I think someone cheating at cards and playing BB are too opposite directions. Not even close. When you sign up to play this game you know you might have to lie and cheat and someone else is probably going to do the same to you. My point was some people feel so strongly about right and wrong and humanity itself that they cannot do the things you might have to do to win BB. Maybe this is as far as Cody is willing to go to win. IMHO And if so I would applaud him for it. At the same time I do feel that Derrick has played the BB game beat he understood it was a game and that that doesn’t mean he is not a great person outside the game because I believe he is.

      • Avatar

        A game is a game is a game what’s the difference. But I think you r giving Cody too much credit. None of us have any idea how people are in their real life. It would be interesting to know. I would think they would put best face to camera. Who knows.. I think Frankie is the same outside the house because most of his vile behavior was put on camera. They sure put a good bit of the racist talk on camera last year. I had to laugh tonight when Cody said how he loved Donny!! Several times a day he talked about how much he hated him. Also talked about how much he loved Caleb. I don’t think some of house guests really realize how much we see . They think lots they say gets edited. Several have said that.

      • Avatar

        They forget that there’s cameras everywhere too. After being there awhile it becomes their norm.

      • Avatar

        I just want to say Trudy I’ve enjoyed our back and forth banter. You keep me on my toes.

  34. Avatar

    What i really want to happen is Derrick win HOH and Let Cody go, it would make my night laughing over that shocked look on his face…just like Caleb’s shocked look and how Red his cheeks got when being interviewed, he knew he had been played big time and Loyalty meant nothing…People are only Loyal to Themselves, this aint the Military Caleb, to bad you figured that out to late when Frankie could have helped you.

    • Jannie

      Every time I think that I’m not sure who Derrick would take to the end, I remember him telling Mango(Frankie) that if anyone took Victoria to the end, Victoria should win the money. Pretty dumb thing to say if you are planning on taking her. Mango could remind him of it in front of the entire jury.
      My thought is this – is Derrick 100% sure that Cody would take him?? If so, he may throw the 3rd HOH. I don’t think he is that stupid, and I think Victoria will understand if he cut her loose, with the “Hitman” alliance and all.
      But if he did throw it, how funny would it be if Cody took Victoria??

      A horrible, but amusing finale.

      • Avatar

        I dont think it would be Horrible Finale if Cody took Victoria. Cody would look like a Genius cuz then it would be seen as he let Derrick do all the game play then he just swooped in and took it in one final act to win…would Derrick be angry, heck yeah, but will cody be angry yes and i think hurt…victoria cant think she is going to win, she is playing for 50K…Cody wake up do whats right for you and YOUR family.

      • Jannie

        Yeah, but knowing the power of persuasion that Derrick has, he would tell the entire jury how Cody turned his back on the Hitmen. Derrick could talk them into giving Victoria the money, and I think he would. He personally likes Vic better than Cody.

        It also seems that Victoria and Cody are sympathetic to Derrick’s family situation – having a child.

        Almost 100% sure Derrick and Cody will be in the finale. And Victoria will still vote for Derick, even when he sends her to jury in 3rd.

    • Avatar

      Frankie planned to go to final two with Derrick. They had final two…lol. He would have done exact same thing to Caleb if majority wanted it.. And there have been many ppl in bb games that have been fiercely loyal to others. Jeff and Jordan, Rachel and Brendan. Loyalty took them pretty far in game and even more important in their private life..bb does several things for audience.. Can you win and do it with fairly clean game or do you have to stab people and lie.. Good against bad. This is why most of America roots for the good guy. Because they think being as honest as you can pays you in life.. Others think only way to win Ito cheat and lie and steal-whatever it takes to get ahead..obviously many times the bad guy wins but ppl still hope it’s the Donny or Nichole or Jordan. After that they then just hope it’s the least of the bad guys. Human nature cause most of us think we are the good guys and we want ppl like us to prevail against all the evil bad guys. Light against dark..

    • Avatar

      Wow Monica you are so harsh. Everything isn’t always black and white in life. It’s the gray that makes life worth living.

  35. Avatar

    Oh how I wished there had been an Evil Dick in with this group. He would have ate up and spit out Derrick and the rest would have been in tears.

  36. Renee

    I quit watching the episodes weeks ago, too boring. This is the first time I have ever quit watching a season before it’s over. I check BBJ several times daily – thanks SteveBeans and everyone else on here!! I will not miss this season. I am looking forward to it ending. I will, however, miss the daily communication and views of everyone that posts on here. I have really enjoyed this blogging community. Let’s hope BB17 can bring back an exciting season!

    • Avatar

      Hear hear Renee. I too have enjoyed the fellowship I get here more than this season. Maybe next season we’ ll have both.

    • Avatar

      I understand what your saying. I watch the episodes to see how much CBS edits out what really is going on from the live feeds, like making derrick look like an angle when on the feeds he does not look like that so much. frankie even looks worse from what he says compared to the edit. Ill watch tonight for sure to see who wins HOH and to see if Cody smartens up and takes Victoria or if Cody walks out with a shocked look on his face knowing he has been played all along like caleb. Then Bring on Survivor Blood vs Water

  37. Avatar

    Are there any Survivor or Amazing Race fans on here?

  38. Avatar

    Steve, it would be nice if you would have a site like this for Utopia 🙂

    • Avatar

      I tried watching Utopia but it is so beyond fake to me. I live about as far south as you can go and I can tell I’ve never met anyone like that supposed southern guy on there. Believe it not most of us don’t run around with no teeth and acting a fool as that guy. It’s embarrassing the way that shows like that make people in the south look toothless, dirty, and dumb. I’m not bashing you I just can’t with that show.

      • Avatar

        OK, I believe it, you convince me.

      • Avatar

        Sandra, they just put all those personalities together to create controversy. Red who has no teeth was always causing trouble with Dave, who is no longer there. Bella is in her own little world. I don’t like Bri and Chris, or Kristen and Aaron. I like Hex and Rob the most. I feel bad for Amanda’s baby when he is born. That place is not clean and it’s too hot. I don’t think production should allow a newborn in the show. But I like Amanda. I’m sad that Pastor Jonathan left, he was the voice of reason. Dedeker is kind of crazy with her polyamorous stuff but she’s ok, and I like Mike and Nikki too. Josh is the one that works the most, unlike Red, or Bri who thinks she knows a lot but doesn’t and tells everyone what to do. And I think Taylor could do more. I think Hex is better without him. What I like about Utopia is that they show that people can survive without many things and I like that we learn about the animals, gardens, construction, etc. It’s very entertaining to watch. I watch the free live feeds.

  39. Avatar

    For anyone who wants to know the story about McCrae and Amanda. In this youtube video Amanda tells the story about what happened after BB and their breakup and McCrae’s ex, Jessica. It all starts at around 4:30:


  40. Avatar

    Derrick and Cody are really laying the BS on each other thick:
    About taking Victoria:
    Derrick- “I won’t”. Cody- “I would never”.
    Derrick- “I would never times forever”. Cody- “I would never to infinity”. Both- “… Its a “puss” move …”
    About winning:
    “… $50K is life changing,… It will be the best most awesome thing …”

    • Avatar

      Victoria couldnt add 2+2 if she had to, lol. 50K life changing, hardly, 500K could be if invested properly in some good solid mutual funds like EXG or HPI which return 8% montly. But you have to remember that the winner will have to pay CA state tax on top of federal tax because the money was earned in CA. So after all said and done they may walk with 300K which still not shabby. Now the Survivor winners do the best 1M probably walk with 700K.

  41. Avatar

    Don’t forget to get your 20 votes in for America’s Favorite Player today!!


    • Avatar

      Ill take a stretch and say Frankie wins due to CBS putting in the Rewind Button messing up his game big time…this will set him up for a return to BB favorites etc. cuz thats what CBS wants.

      • Avatar

        Frankie would win the most disliked BB player if there was an category. He’s the reason why a lot of BB viewers stopped watching. At first he was OK, but as the days went by Frankie got more and more annoying. Just is eviction was annoying enough.

      • Avatar

        If he was so disliked there was not ONE voice heard that booed him not ONE! I thought his eviction was great coming out with the glitter, funny but everyone likes dif folks. I have the most heart for Donny cuz he took things to heart, Caleb was a maniac at times stalking amber and was way to Loyal like he was still in the Army. Cody he just got lucky to pair up with the master mind Derrick on Day 2. I think Derrick could not have picked a better pawn the Cody.

      • Avatar

        Monica21 – not sure where you’ve been, but the reason there was not a single “boo” for Frankie, was because his eviction was taped and the audience was production and CBS staff. Old news. (You really don’t think they were going to allow their golden boy to be exposed to how BB fans really felt about him, did you?) His exit was so scripted, it made me want to puke.

      • Avatar

        It was not live audience. They were employees. They could not have fans at taping cause they would have let out who won before show

      • Avatar

        No kidding. So many of us loved him at first. That’s why he made TA. I HATE him now. I see no redeeming qualities in him. I’d call him shallow but that’s an insult to shallow people.

  42. Avatar

    Many say this season was boring, but I liked it better ecause it didn’t have its usual outrageous hgs that would do anything to get attention. This season Hgs were normal people with gameplays. Frankie was the only one that was seemingly out of place with his flaming ways. I wonder once out of the house will Frankie still try to grope the guys?

    • Avatar

      If these people are normal we have one wacked out society. Zack def had some people issues, Caleb obsessing over Amber was scary, like watching a live stalking show, Devin was a nutjob, christine was probably picked on by the pretty girls and took it out on them by backstabbing nichole over and over and her all over Cody yeah he is good looking but she is married. Frankie flittering around like a princess, really I have several gay friends and none act like he did on the show. Jocasta basically praying to god to win so bascially wanting god to strike the others down so she could win then the speaking in tongues, ok weird. So i guess your right this is America people from everywhere so about half ok the other half crazy as loons…….

  43. Avatar

    Mango left the show with no boos and didn’t get any hard questions from Julie. Then I watched Jeff’s interview with him and no hard questions either. Julie and Jeff made Mango think he was loved. And you know how after each interview Jeff gives everyone a little something from the show like a tumbler, a cup, etc. Well, he gave Mango the HOH robe (the most expensive BB thing they have, it’s $79.95). Of course CBS didn’t want to give him the red cup and tiny football they gave Caleb ($7.95 each).

    • Avatar

      The fact that there were no boos, was because it wasn’t a live eviction like all the rest, it was taped so they could control the outcome (as you saw that night) – as I mentioned in my previous post, from the ridiculous pixie dust bit to the special treatment by CBS and Julie, it all just made me sick.

    • Avatar

      Jeff never asks the controversial things. Cbs has guidelines and his questions are always light really not worth watching. Media asking questions in after show party are the same

  44. Avatar

    Please let us see Fakie coming ti jury…please

  45. Avatar

    That clip they just showed of Donny talking about how alone/lonely he was (in a house full of people) was really sad. 🙁 🙁

    Hopefully, winning AFP will make up for how he was treated in the house.

  46. Jannie

    Poor, delusional Caleb.
    I changed my mind weekly about him this season. His bravado was both annoying and hysterical at the same time. He had a kind of naivete about his own ego that you couldn’t help but like him and kind of feel sorry for him. He’s in for a rude awakening when he gets out of the house and realizes that he’s not the next Tim MacGraw/Chuck Norris/Tom Cruise.

    But his ninja “judi chopping” was the best entertainment in the house!

  47. Avatar

    Disappointing show, they are going to have a lot to cram in to the final 90 minute show. I am wondering when they will stop the live feeds for good? I am 4 or 5 days past the end of my free 30 day pass but it seems like they aren’t worrying about the exact 30 day time limit.

  48. Rita

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. I really don’t feel Ariana is going to be in the music industry very long.

    Pretty soon she’ll be known as “The sister of that guy Frankie from Big Brother 16”.


  49. Avatar

    What man in his right mind, will admit to being a puppet for another. I don’t see them doing this. So what can Derrick say in his finally speech ?. I made all of your decisions for you ( your welcome ).

    • Avatar

      It would actually be great if Derrick told everyone in his final speech that he was an undercover cop and that was how he was able to adapt to the different situations and changes the house went through during the summer. He knew when to shut up and when to input his opinions. He also know what to say to get the others to act.

      • Avatar

        It would certainly stroke Frankie’s ego for Derrick to say, “Frankie … you almost caught me, you called me out but then you let me slip away. Yeah, I’m a cop” It would also certainly fly well with Donny and Jocasta and probably Nicole. Hayden’s reaction would be a toss-up, I think Zach and Christine might react negatively. Caleb would most likely respond positively. Overall it probably would help, but he may not need it – he could see the advantage of a post-vote surprise.

      • leafhopper

        I have a question????? When the Jury members cast their final vote on the last show, do you think they have both keys in their bags? Just in case they change their mind. – this is an honest question. So for example, if Derrick were to reveal this in his final speech and say Caleb was on the fence, would he have both keys in his bag at the show to be able to change his vote at the last minute, or do you think that they walk into the finale with their minds 100% made up and only 1 key in their bag? Do you think that their finale speech can sway a toss up voter?

      • Avatar

        I think they have both keys in their bags.

      • Avatar

        Yes they have both keys in their bags.

  50. Avatar

    Did anyone happen to notice on show tonight when Donny said that he didn’t think there would be any problem getting HG to stay awake for 24 hours looking for mouse? Well they actually started the mission around 3:00 am in morning and ended at around 6:30 in morning. So easy. Could never have done it over 24 hour period. Also who notices their hat and boots are missing at 3am? Thought the look back tonight was overly scripted wonder how many takes it took to tape. Or did they have teleprompters. So fake,

    • Avatar

      That wasn’t the mouse mission, that was the Neighborhood Watch started due to personal items going missing. Zach was the most likely suspect and even admitted at one point to doing it whaen he didn’t. I don’t think Zach was even in the house for the mouse mission. The two events were over a week apart.

      • Avatar

        Oops it was the neighborhood watch mission. put parts of both in my posting. Sorry messed up. I kept thinking staying up all night and other one sai all night also but they only did few hours. It should have been all night

  51. Avatar

    According to Jokers Part 2 underway for HOH.

  52. Avatar

    Voted today and last night, was supposed to be allowed 20 votes per 24 hours, got 11 in yesterday and 11 in today…. anyone else counting?

  53. Avatar

    Total waste of time for tonight’s show. 🙁 This year has been a bust from the beginning.

    • Jannie

      Why didn’t they show Mango and Caleb going to the jury house? I know they didn’t have much time for Caleb, but seriously, it was a stupid show. The could have shown the entire 1st HOH and left more time for other stuff next Wednesday.

      • Avatar

        I wanted to see the jury house and Frankie’s and Caleb’s arrival.

      • Avatar

        The jury house arrivals are something I’ve always kind of enjoyed seeing. Hopefully they’ll show SOMETHING next Wednesday.

      • Avatar

        Omg! Mango! PErFect!!!!!!

      • Avatar

        I was disgusted how the taped the show where Franky got voted out with an audience full of CBS employees. I’m having a hard time believing anyone would cheer and clap. I was really hoping for more boos like Christine.

      • Avatar

        I don’t understand why they didn’t show Frankie & Caleb entering the jury house either – if I’m correct, they’ve showed everybody else entering. They should not be doing this pick and choose who they decide to show – either show each HG/juror when they enter the jury house, or don’t bother to show any of them.

      • Avatar

        This year is not any different than any other year about showing jury. I would’ve loved to have seen Frankie going to jury ( and we might still ) but this is typical BB.

  54. Avatar

    I can say I like this year’s final three much better than last year’s final three, they were horrible.

  55. Avatar

    on BBAD, Cody running through the jury votes…could see the light bulb going on over his head realizing that if he sits with Derrick in the final, he goes home with $50k not $500k…thinking he will go rogue and bring Vic…

  56. Avatar

    Cody finally counting votes he think he has in jury and saying it’s not looking. Duh. You just now think of this? Others I guess doing comp with Cody in hoh room. So does he finally get it. I think he was counting some votes he wouldn’t get. Counting Donny, Christine and I think he thinks Hayden. Sounds like he’s giving rest of votes to Derrick. Giving Vic’s vote to Derrick. Complaining how long comp is.

    • Avatar

      I saw that. I actually got tickled at him because he kept losing track of his fingers and then got distracted by his fingernails once. I said Cody this is how Derrick got you. Look something shiny Cody. Lol. I got so tickled. He was going over his his speech too trying to figure out a way to pull Christine’s vote back around to him. All I could think was Derrick is going to murder you if that’s your speech. Half of what I heard him say Derrick did. I hope Derrick gets to talk last just so he can rip holes all in his story. Poor Cody another causality of the great powerful OZ. lol

  57. Avatar

    I’m watching BBAD and Cody is talking out loud. He definitely wants to go to final two with Derrick. Cody is clueless. His thinking doesn’t make any sense. Even a 10 year old could tell Cody has better chances of winning with Victoria in final 2 than with Derrick. If Cody’s the one who decides who goes with him, his loyalty or cluelessness will make him lose.
    But anyway, Derrick deserves to win in my opinion.

  58. Avatar

    Now Cody saying if Derrick doesn’t win comp it’s going to be terrible. What the heck. He says his votes are not enough to win but he wants Derrick to win comp ( which he should know he will) even if Derrick lost comp Vic could never win two in a row. He knows he doesn’t have enough votes but want to take Derrick anyway?

    • Avatar

      He has a case of the dumb ass. His brother is probably pissed with Cody’s logic.

    • Avatar

      I said this on the other blog maybe Cody’s code of ethics is what is making him stay with Derrick. Him and Derrick both referenced Dan and Memphis early in the season. Did it again last night. They want to be that dynamic duo. It worked to play together like they did so they’re going for it. I noticed Derrick after winning the comp last night went and gave Cody a long hug and told Cody he was 50,000 dollars richer. He made this comment several times but Cody never picked up on the fact that Derrick kept telling Cody that he was 50,000 richer not 500,000 dollars richer. Cody deserves only to get second if he can’t pick up on the huge boulder clues that Derrick is throwing his way.

      • Avatar

        I think Derrick was in Super Detective Cop Mode last night. He kept testing Cody’s loyalty as to whether Cody would take him. I think Derrick is thinking about throwing the last HOH comp so he would not have Vic or Cody pissed at him. No blood on his hands record would be 100%. If he can pull it off and still win it would be amazing.

    • Avatar

      He wants them to be like Dan and Memphis. Sad thing is I think he thinks he’s the Dan of the two and Derrick is Memphis. Boy does he have a shock coming.

  59. Avatar

    Derrick won 2nd part of competition. Expected!

  60. Avatar

    Looks like its gonna be Cody & Derrick doing final battle….Yayyy GO DERRICK!

    • Avatar

      On BBAD Notice how Derrick keeps telling Cody that he’s basically going to lose in the finale he keeps saying ” you have guaranteed 50k dude congrats”. Cody needs to wise up and think real hard on his last move in this game.

  61. Avatar

    Freaking out. I think Cody may take vic. I don’t 100% trust him.

  62. Avatar

    Looks like maybe MAYBE I gave Cody too much credit. he hasn’t completely wised up yet. Keep counting your evictions Cod-ster, you’ll figure it out, buddy.
    You already think you were the one who got everybody to trust Derrick and kept him safe.
    Guess Victoria’s not Mossad after all. DAMN IT!!! DAMN IT!!! DAMN IT!!!

    • Avatar

      i mentioned this in an earlier post. in season #1 Will never won anything. was on the block almost every week. and won the whole thing. derrick wins against either of them.cody/victoria. but wouldnt suprise me if vic beats cody. if cody beats derrick and takes vic. the jury with jostaca, donny, nichole,haden will all vote together. only takes one more to win. if they decide no to cody to simply say no, vic can actually win. derrick would have to go out third. may sound crazy. but thats excatly what happened in season #1. look it up.

      • Avatar

        That season America voted for eviction and winner. That is a totally different show from the modern Big Brother that you cannot compare the two. It is very close to what they do in the foreign versions and that one year experiment was enough for CBS to decide they wanted no part of being the bad guy. The bad guy has to be in the house so CBS can shift any viewer discontent on to them (i.e. Aryan last year).

        Nominations were done by house vote, the two with the most votes were up for eviction. Will was nominated multiple times but America, who saw all of his game, sent home his allies (who were put on the block with him) rather than him until he was alone in the game. If it had been up to the houseguests, as it is now, he would have gone home week 3 or 4. There is no comparison to what a player has to do to win the game now.

        Nothing Cody has done would lead to the jury choosing Victoria over him. They are fans of the game and will go with the worthy winner. Only Derrick or Cody qualify for that.

      • Avatar

        Will played season 2 didn’t he? That was the first season they had HoH and house guests voting for the evictee. No veto that year, it began in season 3.

      • Avatar

        Right on with your bad self DanDaMan!!!!

      • Avatar

        Season 2 was Will Kirby and one if the main differences was the jury was not sequestered, they all went back to their lives and could watch the show etc. Also I believe it was only season 1 America voted to evict. Season 2 the house did. There was no Veto either.

  63. Avatar

    if there is any justice at all in this game. frankie and his twelve yr old fans wont vote him as americas favorite player. if he doesnt get it, and he shouldnt btw, the look and reaction on his face will be priceless. he needs to know that he is not loved as he believes he is. donny, zach, or even caleb deserve it.

    • Avatar

      If Ariana is able to pull off getting Frankie voted as AFP, the audience needs to boo when it as announced.

    • Avatar

      The way that CBS seems to have slanted this whole season of BB toward Frankie with Team America and even offering him $25,000 if he and Derrick will stick together to the F2, I won’t be surprised if they say he won the fan favorite whether the votes say that or not. After all, they are the only ones who will know the truth. Plus, the fact that they taped the show where Frankie walked out and had a bunch of CBS employees clapping for him was stupid.

      • Avatar

        They always have a taped eviction at F5. Every year it’s the same thing.. So they didn’t set that up for Frankie. They do usually have a real audience, but they likely got tired of it getting spoiled before it aired. Last year’s final 5 eviction was taped, and I believe had a CBS employee audience as well.

      • Avatar

        Plus, the way the 50k for Team America getting to the final 2 was that only one of them had to make final 2, and if they won they’d get 550k. Both don’t have to be in F2 together. Derrick will win 550k if (when) he wins. The most in BB history. While I do think the producers slanted some parts of the season in favor of Frankie, the F5 taped eviction and the F2 50k for Team America weren’t slanted towards him.

    • Avatar

      For once I think Frankie will shut his mouth and turn his head away from the cameras and crowd when Donny wins AFP.

  64. Avatar

    You can tell Victoria is disappointed and she’s second guessing Derrick now. You can see it all over get face.

  65. Avatar

    Argument with my wife, I think Derrick gained weight and she says he lost weight because he no longer has his daily doughnut fix. What do you think?

  66. Avatar

    I have been follwing this sites BB updates since the beginning of this year’s show….wish I had signed up to post earlier….was anyone else disappointed with frankies exit? That he did not get booed? That julie did not call him out on his self absorbed ass? And that they showed the clip of him basically saying he was thee most greatest player in BB existence and had allllllll the power….AFTER he was evicted? Pissed me off….I’m not one to wish bad things to others, but I DO enjoy seeing ugly people put in thier place…..soooooo disappointed with this whole season….:(

  67. danmtruth

    Tonight’s show was a waste. Jury house would have been 1000000000 better
    Frankie will be so sad when his name is not call for America Favorite

  68. Avatar

    Don’t you hate when the cop takes forever to tell you whether or not he’s write a you a ticket.
    Quit stalling Copper.
    Go up stairs or in the storage room and tell us who your taking. (not gonna happen)
    Don’t even think about throwing the comp and leaving it to Cody to choose. Trust that guy as far as you can throw him.

    • Avatar

      I actually think Derrick is actually thinking of taking Cody. He is convinced he is the best player in BB history. On Joker’s ‘Derr thinks they should smirk at the jury… that they’re going to be so bitter.’ Just another ploy to win, get Cody to piss off the jury if they might be considering voting for Cody.

      • Avatar

        That is close to my read. Derrick wants a legacy of The Hitmen. He called it during his preshow interviews – early 2 person alliance going to the end. And yes, he is setting up Cody for a poor jury performance. It will be interesting to see how he manages Victoria now.

      • Avatar

        I really think Derrick is gonna throw the final HOH To Cody, there is no doubt that Cody is taking Derrick and he doesn’t want to hurt Victoria’s feelings, plus to guarantee her vote….that is his style, allowing others to do his dirty work…. no blood…dudes a great strategist..

      • Avatar

        I’m almost 100 percent sure Derrick is taking Cody to the final. He wants Victorias vote in the jury house.

      • Avatar

        I agree. Although, sure, Victoria will be pissed if Derrick doesn’t take her to the Final 2, we all know she’s still gonna give him her vote if he’s in the jury. So, to me, it’s a no-brainer for Derrick.

      • Avatar

        Meant to say, if she’s in the jury…typo.

  69. Avatar

    On Joker’s:
    Derr thinks the HGs next year will talk about them, Cody “the next year too.”
    I agree. They will talk about how boring they made this season, and that they hope they do better.

    • Avatar

      If you are watching a tennis match are you going to be bored because there is not enough hard tackling? They are not performing monkeys, it is not their job to be entertaining. They are there to win a game and clearly their presence at this point is not purely by chance – how do you fault that game?

      • leafhopper

        I was thinking the same thing DanDaMan. The HG are there to play and win a game, not entertain us, that is the networks job. CBS did a terrible job with the editing, interfering, responding, and to giving the viewers what they wanted. We (me included) have blamed the HG for giving us such a boring season, but the fault mostly with CBS and their producers for ignoring the demands of their viewing public. All they have to do is read the blogs and BB pages full of fans, viewers and loyal BBAD subscribers to see that they have failed to provide the entertainment that they were hired to do.

      • Avatar

        That’s exactly right. They aren’t performing monkeys. Everyone has been so bored with this season but what bothered me was Frankie. I just could not take that guy. His theatrics were ridiculous not funny. This season was very predictable but when have we seen an alliance this large join together and for the most part stay together. I think we need to appreciate this season for the right things they did not just all the boring stuff we’ve complained about. They had a good strategy and it worked. So give it up to them. They were the first to pull something like this off. My hat is off to them. Congrats Derrick and Cody you made it.

    • Avatar

      I think they most definitely will talk about Derrick but probably will only mention Cody in passing. Just like HGs this year mentioned players from last year and made sure their game play wasn’t going to go anything like Aaryns or whoever that Marie girl was in second place. Everyone went way out of their way not to be called racist or homophobic in this years case. I’ve said it before I think that’s why Frankie got away with his inappropriate touching of the male HGs.

  70. Avatar

    I disagree with some of the talk on here-I really thought that Derek would hands down have the jury votes, but now I’m not so sure-there is a poll on Joker’s website with all jurors listed and what their votes would be Cody vs Derek and Vic vs Derek and crazy as it sounds I think he might have a shot, not a for sure shot, but I think it will be close if it is Cody and Derrick so these are how I think the jurors will vote

    Caleb-Derick-(In Caleb’s eyes Cody was being disloyal by evicting him)

    Christine-even with all her controversy I think she will still have a soft spot for Cody and vote for him.

    Donny will not vote for Derick due to how he was voted out and he knows the main culprit was Derick-so his vote is Cody

    Jocasta-I think she will vote for whoever Donny votes for-Cody


    Nicole-will vote for whoever Hayden votes for-so Derek


    Frankie-I can’t see him voting for Derrick because I think he holds a grudge and would be jealous of whoever might possibly win, and he could possibly sway Caleb’s vote not to vote for Derick

    Zach-wild card ( I think his vote will determine the BB winner) and I think he will decide on Finale night) I know he said Derick on the exit interview but not sure he will stick to it.

    So that is 4 votes for Cody and possible Zach Vote or possibly Caleb’s…hmmmm I really hope Cody wins that final part of the final comp-because even though we all know that if Derrick wins he is taking Victoria and how boring would that be-maybe if Cody gets to answer some questions maybe he can articulate maybe some behind the scene moves that he had that we don’t know about

    I’m team Derrick but would like to see if Cody could possibly win against Derek, how crazy would that be….

    • Avatar

      I have to change the above just saw on CBS that Caleb told Jeff Schroeder that he will vote for either Victoria or Cody in F2 -so if Cody can somehow make it to F2 (By winning the last final comp, then he might possibly have the 5 votes and win this season–holy crap…

    • Avatar

      I have to disagree with the way you added up votes for a Derrick , Cody final 2 showdown. Donny will be leading this pack. Donny will vote Derrick because he is a true BB superfan and he knows Derrick was running the house. Jacosta will vote for Derrick because Donny does. Hayden and Nicole will vote Derrick because they’ve been with Donny for awhile and because they blame Cody more than anyone for them getting voted out the first time. Frankie was not close to Cody in the house and only Derrick was honest with him and told him he was going home. That’s another one for Derrick. Christine is going to vote Derrick for two reasons number 1 because he played everyone respect given. 2 she’s going to distance herself as far away from Cody as possible. Victoria will definitely vote Derrick. Caleb ehh could go either way but I think Derrick will convince him. Zach who knows? So 8 to 1 possibly actually probably.

      • Avatar

        I think you are delusional Derrick put out two Americas team they will not vote for him. And Christine loves Cody she is voting for Cody and if Nicole votes Cody, Hayden is so Derrick is second to Cody.

      • Avatar

        We shall see your thinking is because you think the jurors will be bitter. I can’t remember a season when the best player of the game got passed over for the second best. Cody is second ( if that ) best. Derrick will win.

      • Avatar

        Americas not voting. Jurors don’t know anything about TA.

      • Avatar

        I agree with you, Sandra ftsm. They are pretty much BB fans and will vote for the one who played the best game, which is Derrick. They know Cody was no more than a puppet for him.

      • Avatar

        I totally agree with you on these predictions.

      • Avatar

        Sandra, I’m team derrick, and the bb winner should be about who plays the best game, but I really don’t think that alot of the jurors this season will vote solely based on game play, I think some have some animosity towards Derick due to his game play, and I can’t think of anyone in the jury who holds a grudge against Cody. i disagree with your assessment of Donny’s vote-even with the jury episode when everyone thought it was going to be down to Frankie, Derick and Victoria-Donny was very pro frankie-even though he aknowledges that Derick was controlling the game-he never specifically said he was anti-derick but the way he phrases his commments on who he will vote for and upon his exit interview, it was pretty obvious he is anti derrick so again Jocasta and Donny will vote for Cody. I agree with you that Nicole and Hayden will vote for Derrick-Hayden seems more pro derrick than Nicole, and he will be able to persuade her to vote Derrick. I think Frankie will vote Cody to spite Derick (keep in mind, that he probably blames Derick more for getting him evicted from the bb house and his ego is so big-I don’t think he has it in him to put his grudge aside and vote Derick)I still think Christine will not be able to control her emotions and will vote Cody. Victoria will for sure for Derrick and Caleb will vote Cody, he said so in Jeff Shroeder’s exit interview, he said that if Vic makes it to F2 he is voting for her and he thinks Cody is the strongest player remaining-Caleb is not a strategic player and will vote for Cody since he views him as the strongest. Zach is wild card, I still think it will be close if it is a Derick vs Cody Showdown in F2.

      • Avatar

        Most if these jurors have been in there awhile. At the end of the game people drop the pettiness and vote for who the best player was. That’s Derrick and they all know it already. Donny doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body. I guarantee you that, that jury will vote pretty much like I said. I tell you what I’ll meet you here after finale and the votes go down for Cody as you say I’ll now down to you. But I think your wrong 100 percent.

      • Avatar

        Sorry bow down you. Stupid auto correct.

  71. Avatar

    Was there a specific reason why my comments weren’t approved is it because I’m a new blogger? I feel bothered by this. I just started this week viewing this site which did a great job but I now will not support any more. There are others that are better.

  72. Avatar

    Seems very prejudiced. My comments were not vulgar or disrespectful to any one . I know you won’t approve these but I just wanted to let you know.

  73. Avatar

    I am going to miss reading everyone’s posts on here. Until next year, be safe, be happy, hug your loved ones, and enjoy life ♥

  74. Avatar

    This is a game and the winner should be the best game player and that’s Derrick hands down. He made it all the way thru the game without ever being nominated and played the game 24/7. The hgs are just bitter that they were played by him, but it’s their own fault, Derrick plants the seed the hg did the rest. A winner does have to be one that constantly stirs up trouble in the house and has every hg hate you, that’s not what I call good gameplay.
    It’s a game and if a juror does not vote for Derrick, then they don’t recognize good game playing.

  75. Avatar

    I think Derrick was in Super Detective Cop Mode last night. He kept testing Cody’s loyalty as to whether Cody would take him. I think Derrick is thinking about throwing the last HOH comp so he would control the last vote and not have Vic or Cody pissed at him. No blood on his hands record would be 100%. If he can pull it off and still win, it would be amazing!!!

  76. Avatar

    I think Derricks got it hands down have thought this for weeks. I just got to say for anyone who doesn’t have the feeds or BBAD Victoria bless her heart was torn up last night and sobbing because she lost. Yes she’s delusional but I hate watching anybody cry especially Victoria. That’s like pulling the trigger yourself to kill Bambi. She thought for sure she had it because she didn’t mess up once and knew all the answers. But it wasn’t just mental it was physical too and as we’ve seen all year she is not physical at all. According to her, her time was like 30 minutes. Don’t know what Derricks was but he said he smoked her. But I feel sorry for her because she honestly ( even if she’s delusional ) thought she had a chance. She never has. I feel sorry she’s going to be heart broken on finale night and I worry about whether she’ll be able to walk out on that stage by herself after being betrayed by Derrick. Hope she will be okay after the show stops.

    • leafhopper

      Sandra ftsm, I have to say that I think I have agreed with everything you have said on here all season 100%, I have really enjoyed your posts and the brief peek you allowed us into your personal life. Hats off to you and your lovely family. God bless you and I hope to see you here again next year. I think that Victoria will be fine, she has what seems like a wonderful supportive family and it seems like a big heart. She will hurt for a bit but I hope she will find the ability to forgive quickly and move forward. She has done nothing to be ashamed of, so she can hold her head high knowing that. “At the end of the day” she lost a game, just like the rest of the jury members.

  77. Avatar

    From Big Brother Spoilers (@bbspoil):

    Derrick doesn’t know when he should tell Victoria he’s not taking her to the end. Cody- I would just crush her dreams.

    Cody says he’s gonna call out Frankie at jury questions- You suck! Go roll off your sister’s piggy bank. I’ll punk the shit out of him.

    Derrick, Cody, and Victoria think they hear people having sex in the control room.


    Derrick to Vic- I’m very close to Cody. He’s like my little brother. I’m torn. (on who to take to the end) Victoria starts tearing up.

    Victoria to Derrick- I’ve never heard you say that you’re torn between me and Cody. That’s the first time I heard you say that.

    Derrick to Victoria- I didn’t say that I was gonna take him to the end. I said I was torn. Victoria (crying)- I just feel defeated.

  78. Avatar

    Okay, this is too funny…apparently Derrick and Cody still don’t believe Donny is who he says he is, LOL. I hope Donny gets to see this!

    From Big Brother Spoilers (@bbspoil):

    Cody and Derrick are debating what classes Donny teaches at Harvard. Cody also thinks he’s possibly a special agent.

    Cody says the point that he was sold on Donny being a genius was when he made an origami frog.

  79. danmtruth

    Just getting tired of the Victoria water works. Any time there is a question of Derrick thinking of taking Cody here comes th tears.

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