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Less Than 2 Days To Go – What Will Happen?



Apologies for the lack of updates, but honestly there isn’t a whole lot to update on. Instead, I’ve been able to get some stuff done that I’ve been neglecting, namely getting my tooth pulled yesterday (*cry*).

It’s not like it matters a whole lot. The final 3 is typically the most boring part of Big Brother, which is surprising they gave us nearly a week of that. There are only so many different times you can listen to people reminisce about a season.  The only strategy is whether Derrick will take Cody or Victoria to the final 2, or will Cody take Derrick or Victoria.  As it stands, Cody is still pretty loyal to Derrick, while Derrick is being Derrick.. loyal to both.

Next season for the final 3, they should just show the jury house that week.  I don’t think the jury is nearly as entertaining as people think it may be, but it’s likely more fun to watch that the ‘get along gang’ holding hands in the back yard chatting about the season.


As far as predictions, I can easily say Derrick will win if he makes the final 2.  The only wildcard is whether or not Cody realizes this and wins the last part of the HoH.  I know people have said they’d vote Victoria in their exit interviews and whatnot, but I call bull on that.  1-2 may remain bitter enough to do that, but Cody would still beat Victoria in the f2. I’d be blown away if Victoria ends up winning BB16.. it just won’t happen.

Anyway, I will be posting 1-2 threads tomorrow, but I wanted to take a moment to thank all the readers this season.   You’ve been fantastic. Seriously.  My first year blogging BB was a nightmare with a few trolls trying to screw things up, but it’s been getting better every year.  People who really love the show tend to end up at this site and it’s really fun reading the comments (even though I don’t always reply).

I also want to sincerely thank everyone for their support. As you know, this summer I not only learned my mother has cancer, but that supposedly ‘harmless’ lump on my father’s throat could be cancer and they want it removed asap. Sad ironic note, according to the VA.. ‘asap’ is mid-November.  Hopefully he decides to go out of network to do it sooner, but as people with insurance know, that costs a lot of $$ they don’t have.  Unreal.

Also, thank you to those who have donated this year! I started the summer saving for something like an Xbox, but after the news above, I decided to give all my donations to my parents.  Thanks to all of you, I was able to cut them a check for $600 today!  Sure, it’s a fraction of their hospital bills, but it’s still super generous and amazing considering they’re parents of some random blogger on the Internet.

Finally, I hope to have another blog up running this winter about other shows, so be sure to follow my personal facebook page for any updates on that, or anything else you’re curious about in my life haha.

See you tomorrow for the finale!


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    Go cody go!!!

    TEAM CODY!!!!!

    Where u at??

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      He’s in the Big Brother house sleeping while Derrick steals his game. Lol kidding don’t get riled. Well I’m sorta kidding because I want Derrick to win

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      Ommr Hey I’m team Derrick but kind of warmed up to Cody the past month or so especially loved his timing of the reveal of the hit men. Crossing fingers that he can pull out a win tonight. I don’t want Derrick to win then blindside Cody with taking Vic to F2. Oh also if your female Cody has some super sexy modeling pics out there. Wow needed cold shower for days in one underwear commercial he did. So excited for finale tonight hit men showdown let’s go

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    I’d like to see Derrick & Victoria……and just for LOLs….Victoria somehow winning the final HOH, and choosing Derrick to sit alongside. I kind of feel bad for her. Throw her $50,000. I wish we could cast votes for America’s LEAST favorite house guest. We could take away ANY cash or ‘trip’ rewards….prizes, ‘stipends’ of any sort that the person may have acquired during their time in the house. THAT could all be handed over to America’s favorite in addition to the $25,000.

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    SteveBeans thanks for the new thread. It’s like someone gave us a nice clean sheet of paper to mess up. Yes Steve I’ve been saying for weeks now that Derrick will win this game if he’s in final two. I hope he wins the last part of this HOH so he can show the jurors he is the king of BB this season.

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      Yea, I also want him to win the final HOH because he’ll become the only HG to never be nominated. If Cody wins it, Derrick will only tie Danielle and Jason from S3 because they both got nominated only once

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    Well, BB16 is almost over and I can’t wait to see some surprised faces tomorrow night. How many secrets will be revealed tomorrow:
    1. Derrick’s a police officer
    2. Donny has a role on Bold and the Beautiful
    3. Team America
    4. Donny replaced Joey on TA
    5. Donny wins AFP
    6. Zach is really related to Amanda from BB15 — okay just kidding?
    7. Frankie played Caleb to get Amber out
    8. Victoria is really related to Amanda from BB15 — okay just kidding?

    • Avatar

      I can hardly wait to see all the HGs reaction when they find out Derrick is a cop! Well, maybe I don’t want to see Frankie’s stupid open mouth “shocked” look…

      • Avatar

        I can’t wait til they find out about Derrick either. It was definetly an advantage to have the skills he had. He tried so hard to win over those he was hoping to vote out and not get caught.

        Question. Will his tactics will likely affect the next seasons players?

        Question. Will that affect peoples thinking even more so that Cops can’t be trusted?

      • Avatar

        Of course they will. Someone will probably try again while many others will go out of their way to disassociate themselves from anything like that.

    • Avatar

      I think many will be shocked, especially Frankie about Donnie being on the B and B, lol…

    • Avatar

      As much as I would love to see the HGs reactions to all these things, I just realized that there’s no guarantee that any of it will be revealed tomorrow. (Well, hopefully, we’ll see the part about Donny winning AFP!)

      In all seriousness, what scenario would cause any of this info to be revealed before the winner is announced? (And after the winner is announced, it’s pretty much the AFP winner, and that’s it, no?)

      The other HGs (in the jury) will probably find out all these things in time, but sadly, don’t think we’ll ever get to see their reactions.

      • Avatar

        I agree, Big Brother never gives enough time at the end to reveal the info we’ve been dying to see reactions to. Why can’t they do it like Survivor. Dedicate a whole hour to asking questions & talking to everyone.

      • Avatar

        Don’t they usually have a discussion time between locking in the votes and revealing the winner?

      • Avatar

        I think they lock in their votes about half way through the show, and then start revealing secrets before the votes are counted at the end. They’ve done that in the past.

      • Avatar

        I hope so…now that has the potential for some good tv

      • Avatar

        They might – not sure – but still no guarantee any of the “secrets” mentioned in the original post are even going to come up to be discussed, even if there is time given to do so. (For example, what reason would Derrick have to revealing he’s really a cop before or after the votes are in?)

      • kneeless

        I really think the HG’s will be more surprised that Derrick kept his secret all summer than being surprised he’s a cop. I don’t think his “secret” is as big of a deal to this group of HG’s as he thinks it is.

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    I said this on the other thread I’m not sure if everyone will go back to read it though. Wouldn’t it be nice for all us of Survivor and Amazing Race fans to have a blog to go to before tomorrow night so we could all stay together? Also I know it sounds kinda mean but what if Derrick told Victoria today that he’s not taking her to F2 since she can’t talk to him or Cody? Her head would explode. I’m kidding sorta but would be funny.

    • Avatar

      Count me in for Survivor and AR. I would love to continue blogging with you guys.

    • Avatar

      I would join. I am a reality tv junkie. lo

    • Avatar

      I want a blog for Utopia Steve pleeeeeeeeeease 🙂

      • Avatar

        Would like to see that as well. Right now I am watching it, I hope I can continue with it. Unless it gets really boring. I am glad David (I think was his name) is gone. Him and Red were feeding off each other.

      • Avatar

        bbfan15, I think they want to get rid of Red because he is always complaining and always saying he wants to leave. Dave is the one who left. I think Aaron should be the next one to go. He is such a bully, especially to Nicki. I feel bad for the Utopians because they are losing weight, and Aaron makes little portions. He eats throughout the day and stuffs his face and he makes up lies about people. Most people are afraid of him and don’t confront him. The other day he said to Amanda that Nicki had eaten 4 French toast, when she had eaten only one. I’m glad that Amanda is on to him.

      • Avatar

        I must not be paying close attention to the show. But I can see some of the things you are saying about Aaron. I didnt like how him and the new blonde girl went and ordered 500 dollars worth of food. They are so close to not having any money and complaining when some of the ideas are not working out. At least they are trying, not successfully, but trying. I am going to watch closer next time it is on. I think I need to be on that show, that would be a good weight loss program for me!!

      • Avatar

        bbfan15, I watch the free live feeds, that’s how I get most information.

      • danmtruth

        Enjoyed reading all your thoughts and getting to know a little bit about all of you It would be fun to continue with another show

      • Avatar

        Would be nice if SB would pick up on this show and blog about it. The show can be pretty good.

      • Avatar

        Yes please blog Utopia!!!

    • Avatar

      Love the idea! They, and BB, are the only reality shows that I watch faithfully every season.

    • Avatar

      Steve Beans mentioned in his post, above, that he hopes to have another blog up this winter about other shows…maybe it will include Survivor and/or Amazing Race?

  6. Painter1

    K so Stevie thx for another year of great blogging,grats on your marriage,prayers for your parents. Now if Victoria gets ANY cash for doing nothing that would be a travesty,but alas this is Big Brother and if either of the guys take her to the final they will win.A shame she actually thinks she is a competition warrior.When Victoria made the comment she was taking Derrick , her Robin to her Batman I just about spit out my pop I was drinking.Laughed for a while.Wonder if she really thinks she is a warrior princess or the greatest pawn to play…er be in Big Brother house.At least Jen City did something in her season.

  7. Avatar

    Sad to see BB go, wishing it was a better season, but I cannot change what is. Also do not know if I can say that Derrick is better than Dr. Wil or Dan. I know he has done an awesome job of keeping himself off the block and getting all of these other players to do his dirty work. But I just cannot forget the fact that he was one of the main reasons that this season was so boring. And that alone is why I just cannot say he is such an awesome player.

  8. Bridget

    I would love to see Caleb on Amazing Race.Who would be a good partner for him?Maybe Zach!Anyway,hope to see Derrick win tomorrow night,and Cody second place.

  9. Avatar

    Thanks Steve for a great blog page. AR and Survivor would be great, would help us “race through and survive” our BB withdrawals. Still sending prayers for your parents. Congrats on your marriage.

  10. Avatar

    I think Caleb would be great entertainment on Amazing Race, but alas I don’t know if he could figure out the clues very well. Zach would just laugh his way around the world. Maybe Nicole & Hayden on AR? I think they could do it! NO Frankie, no matter what!!!! We’ve all had more than enough of him on BB. We don’t need to see him on any other shows!!!!

  11. Avatar

    Steve Beans and Sandra ftsm — Be Blessed and Stay Well. Being a caregiver can be tough. I will be back for BB17. And Steve if you have time to do an Amazing Race blog. I’m there!

    • Avatar

      Juaelz it’s been an honor. Maybe someone will have Survivor or Amazing Race for us. Steve has enough on his plate right now as much as I would love to beg him I’m using restraint.

      • Rita

        Sandra, reading your posts made me think we could be related. I like the way you think!
        I think Stevebeans already knows how I feel about him. Love your blog Steve.

        The good news is AR and Survivor are only on once a week and there isn’t live feeds so hopefully Steve can squeeze it in.

        We have had a Survivor pool at work every season since season 2 and I have never missed an episode so I’ll be here if Steve is.

        I’ll be here for Walking Dead too! Hint, hint!

  12. Avatar

    OK, is it me, or is this particular season the longest ever? When BB started I think it was maybe 69 or 70 days, now they’re going close to 97 days. Kinda way too long in my opinion. It’s become so boring for us waiting for the finale, even more so for the Final 3. Why drag this out so long?

    • Avatar

      This week has been really slow. It’s boring to watch so many pool games between Derrick and Cody. After Nicole left the second time that’s when the house started to become boring to me.

    • Avatar

      As Steve mentioned, you would think they would have used this time to show the jury house – they still haven’t shown Frankie and Caleb entering. But even aside from that, I think not showing hardly anything from the jury house (except, what, Zach’s birthday?), they really dropped the ball.

    • Avatar

      I think that BB Prod thought that adding the additional HGs with the double HOH and extra comps would make things more interesting but it really didn’t because these guys were playing Big Baby not Big Brother.

    • Avatar

      I do miss the times when they would show more of the jury house. It was always entertaining to see when the new person comes in and they went through the video. They barely show anything from the jury house. Best part was when Christine came in the house and the silent treatment began.

      • Avatar

        I thought the same…also, what about having jury house after dark feeds with the BB house? I would love to see everyone spill allllllll the dirt to each other in what was realy going on in the house, does that make sense,

  13. Avatar

    mom, if you are reading this, I wanted to tell you that I finally found online my polyester Gator t-shirt just like Zach’s. I’ll get it sometime this week. As you know I already have the pink hat. I’ll wear the hat and shirt for Halloween and sometimes when I walk around for exercising.

  14. Avatar

    Less Than 2 Days to Go! until Cody hands Derrick a 550K check, that is unless Derrick wins HOH and sends Cody packing with a bewildered, shocked and betrayed look on his face!

    • Avatar

      I could be wrong but I think if Derrick wins final HOH he might take Victoria.

      • Avatar

        I know he will, no if ands or buts about it. Just hope for Cody’s sake he wises up and should he win HOH take Victoria to the final. I just cant imagine a loss like that, genuinly thinking your buddy will take you to the end to battle it out only to be sidestepped which is exactly what Derrick will do to Cody…They both seem like nice guys, its just Cody takes things more to heart while Derrick is focused on his family and has a game plan strategy he has followed, Cody has just rode Derricks heels as has Victoria but Cody actually has a chance to win if he takes the blinders off and see the larger picture.

      • Avatar

        Derrick will take Cody and Cody will take Derrick. Wish I was wrong. What makes any of you think any differently?

      • kneeless

        I am 100% confident Derrick takes Cody or Cody takes Derrick.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think he will. I really think he’ll honor the commitment between him and Cody.

  15. Avatar

    Great interview by The Hollywood Reporter to Julie:


    One of the things Julie says in the interview:
    “I think everybody was surprised that Victoria got to the Final 3, for kind of doing nothing but being Victoria. But before she even got picked to go to the Big Brother house, she told us, “I get what I want by having other people do it for me.” I guess this game was no different.”

    So I guess Victoria had a strategy after all!

    • Avatar

      This was apparent to me early on watching her in the house. When everyone would be cooking, washing dishes or washing clothes for the house she would always be sitting down. At the time I thought she was very spoiled and pampered. My thinking hasn’t changed a lot I think I just learned to put up with her because where ever Derrick was she would be. I have had moments when I feel sorry for her but I think she manufactures the way people see her because of the she behaves.

  16. Avatar

    Congrats on the wedding, SB. Also, prayers to your parents! Thanks for all of the great reads!!! We will see you here next year 😉

  17. Avatar

    $600 is a good deal of money.. congratulations!
    Hope things go well with your family.

  18. Avatar

    stevebeans I want to thank you for everything this year. I found your site last year and just love it. Congrads on your marriage. I hope and pray for the best or your parents. Good health to you and your new family.

  19. Avatar

    For those who watched the feeds. Did the Cody and Derrick 2man alliance actually do any “work” together at all? From the outside it just seems like they made an alliance early and they never once did anything until Cody brought it up when evicting Caleb. They just happened to be in Bomb Squad/Detonators together – but what moves did Hitmen make as a pair during the season?

    • Avatar

      nothing…. its been boring—— those people are so stupid that they cant tell whar derick is doing. they deserve to lose.

    • Avatar

      blueblind, I think Derrick was the one who orchestrated all the moves and Cody just followed. To me, it appears that they started to protect each other after Cody got tired of Zach, then Cody gravitated towards Derrick.

  20. Avatar

    There is no way the jury will vote Victoria the win if Cody takes her.

    This is repetitious propaganda that Derrick is feeding Cody subliminally to assure his F2 position, which Derrick will win no matter who he sits next to.

    Cody needs to decide if he wins the last challenge; does he want a big high five bear hug from Derrick or 1/2 Million Dollars in his bank account. If he takes Victoria to F2 even Derrick may vote for Cody, after his anger subsides. Caleb will, most jury girls don’t like Victoria.

    Derrick I believe should and I want to win, he deserves it for a master mind game he played from day one. Cody deserves to lose if he had a chance to take Victoria but didn’t.

  21. Avatar

    First thank you Steve for watching the feeds for us and giving us this forum to vent, make friends and catch up on whats not shown. With that being said if (excuse me while I throw up) Victoria was to win I will be sick. That is the most spoiled brat who assumes she is entitled. I will give her a small pass due to her age and it seems sheltered by her parents. Frankie is a grown a$$ man and has NO excuses for his behavior. I’ve said it before he has crossed the line with his actions and I would love to see some one slap him with a lawsuit (I’m sure the agreements signed before hand make that impossible). I still do not understand by BB didn’t stop him. Anyway good luck Derek and until next year. Unless Victoria wins then I’ll be here tomorrow screaming in all caps.

    • Avatar

      I agree with you whole heartily about Frankie but at what point in time does Victoria become a grown a$$ woman and have to account for her shortcomings. She can only blame her parents for so long and then what ? I’m just asking because I don’t think I felt any differently until reading your post and then it dawned on me she’s of age and it’s time that she pulls herself up by her own boot straps and leaves her infantile behavior behind. Thanx for posting that it made me rethink my thinking on her.

      • Avatar

        I feel bad for Victoria and her hair situation and all her insecurities about her looks. She shouldn’t be so hard on herself. She has to learn that hair or looks are not what define a person. I think she should take her extensions out, I saw her without them and she looks fine.

      • danmtruth

        Sorry Lily yes I feel sorry for Victoria and her hair problem if it’s medical. That dos not excuse her for yeh way sh acted thru out the sho. If her game plan was to play the needy, clingy, helpless whinny princes she did it perfectly. What little personality she showed was shallow ,self centered, nd clueless. She showed veery little in trying to get to know other house guest Seemed very materialistic The 24/7 whinnying was to much for me .at som point she needs to stop and do for herself

  22. Avatar

    What, exactly, did Cody do other than be Derrick’s puppet? He floated just as much as Victoria did in her role as Derrick’s puppet. Cody is just more “likable” to the general public. That’s why everyone thinks he should win over Victoria.

  23. Avatar

    Derrick and Cody on BBAD a couple of nights ago were going on and on about how they were each going home with at least $50K guaranteed. I think Derrick was “brainwashing” Cody into believing 2nd place was AWESOME and either one of them would be thrilled to win it. He just kept emphasizing how great it would be to win $50K. I would be very surprised if Cody took Victoria to the final 2.

    • Avatar

      Oh as soon as he won the second part of the HOH he ran in gave Cody a hug and said congratulations you just won 50,000 dollars. He told him that repeatedly that night. I said in an earlier post that if Cody picked up on that it could be a mistake for Derrick.

  24. Avatar

    This week will be Great no matter who wins. Wed we have BB finale, Survivor Blood vs Water 1.5hr kickoff and Friday the start of Amazing Race. Excellent.

    Derrick deserves to win but he needs to lock it up by winning the HOH, Cody has a chance to win if he wins HOH and takes Victoria. I sure hope Cody has been going over this in his head. However, its been drilled into Cody for MONTHS that Derrick is not threat and is his best buddy. Cody only heard Donny tell him about Derrick but never really listened or took his words to heart in an attempt to play his own game. He will be Loyal to the bitter end such as Caleb was and learned a hard lesson. The finale will be interesting just to see who wins HOH and if Derrick to watch Cody get shown the door with a pocket full of Loyalty.

  25. Avatar

    I will be totally shocked if Victoria wins anything. I pray she takes a walk into the jury house. Truthfully, it sickens me that they carried her above other worthy players. Dereck shouldn’t win for carrying her along. The others should penalize him and give the money to CODY!

  26. Avatar

    I am not watching this next year, it has run its course. This was the worst of the worst. A waste of time that I finally quit even catching these folks after dark. It was awful! Big Brother needs to switch it up and make this a swinging door game. No one ever knows who is in or out. Cause this knowing all week who the whole house picked and telling someone like they did Zach was terrible. And if a player comes back in like Nicole she should have immunity of some type. Not just be voted right out again. I mean how many breaks did Frankie get, week after week!

  27. Avatar

    I’d like to hear from Franko.
    I know he was staying with friends…

    • Avatar

      Yep, that would be nice., to hear from Franko.
      Sorry, I got a thumbs, down.

      Have a great year…. Thanks for putting up me and all my Zach things…
      Just would be funny if Vic won!


      • Avatar

        Yes it would be nice. Mom nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.

      • Avatar

        Yes, all is well, thanks for asking. Just a bump in the road of life. Looking forward to the show tomorrow night. Blessings to all!

        Thanks Stevebeans

      • Avatar


        HELLO!! Ask and Ye shall revieve!! 🙂

        Sorry that I haven’t been on for several days. I’ve actually gotten very far behind in keeping up with the blog. the threads have been so long that is hard to get through all the messages. I also wanted to be very careful about posting personal stuff because I don’t want to get anymore nasty comments from people on here like the ones that has been posted in the past couple of weeks.
        for you very very nice people who have been asking, I am much better. I did go stay with some friends for 5 days just to relax and recoup from all the stress and anxiety of being in the hospital. I am certainly not back to 100% but I am a whole lot better than I was 2 weeks ago when I went in the hospital! Some have been so kind on here and will never know just how much your encouragement helped lift my spirits while I was in the hospital. I will never forget this kindness! I hope you all have a great year when this season of Big Brother is over and I certainly hope that I will be reading comments from you next year. I have some huge hurdles that I have to get over still health wise and hope that I am here 2 make comments next year!

      • Avatar

        franko, I’m so glad you’re doing better. I will be praying for you. God bless you.

      • Avatar

        Thank you Lilly!

      • Avatar

        You will be. I just posted on down. Don’t worry so much about what people say. Who cares? You know we love you. Glad to hear your feeling better.

      • Avatar

        Hey Franko! I’m glad I got on today, so I could read your update. And very happy to hear that you are felling much better. I know it’s not 100%, but anything is better. I’m hoping if Stevebeans does his Walking Dead Blog, you’ll get on. Even if your not a fan of Walking Dead, maybe we can all keep up on there.
        Take care. xoxoxoxo

      • Avatar

        Thank you so much. I’m taking it one day at a time. I have enjoyed your comments to me very much! Thank you thank you thank you is not enough to say but its all I can do. You’ve been so kind to me!

      • Avatar

        OMG. Hearing from you made my day!

        Glad you are feeling better.. sorry that you’re not 100%.
        Also sorry about the negative comments. We care about you and want to hear about you.I’ve been pretty worried about you and am relieved to hear from you before the show is over..

        We should keep in touch. You’ve really made a difference in ny posting. .

      • Avatar

        YOUR comment was so nice. Thank you so much for what you said!! Don’t forget you’re talking to a gay man. Hahahehe Some on here will get the wrong idea. Lol
        You are one of the very nice people who have made this difficult time more tolerable! Again, thank you so much, my very straight friend!

      • Avatar

        Hey a friend is a friend!
        And you’ve been a good friend to me..

      • kneeless

        Happy to see your post Franko. To those who don’t like the personal things some of us like to share – too f*#&ing bad! Glad you’re doing some better. Keep up your fight! I want to see posts from you & everyone else next year. Wish we could all keep in touch between now & then! Take care & like I said, keep fighting!

      • Avatar

        Kneeless.. another good friend to me!

      • Avatar

        Hope things are ok..

      • Avatar

        Someone gave you a thumbs down Mom? Shame on them. Probably some young upstart. Disregard them. Your wonderful. Hang around. I’ve wondered about Frankie too.

      • Avatar

        Not Frankie!! Oh my gosh I meant Franko. So sorry Franko to put you and him in the same breath.

      • Avatar

        Sandra, you made me smile with that. 🙂
        Thank you for the late night chats we had when I couldn’t sleep when I was in hospital!!
        It was nice to have someone in same area to chat with.

        LOOKING FORWARD TO TONIGHT’S SHOW, hate the end is here because I will miss this blog.

      • Avatar

        I apologize humbly for calling you Frankie Franko. What a horrible way to treat your friends. I’m so glad your feeling a little better. You have to be here next year yours will be one of the first names I check for. Remember it’s never too late in life to change some of our horrible habits that we started when we were young. You’ve inspired me to quit smoking again. I’m determined to make it this time. I’ll miss you, till next year.

    • Avatar

      Me too! I’ve been thinking about him…noticed he hasn’t posted for a few days. John Ruth, too. Where are you guys? Hope you’re okay!

  28. Avatar

    Thanks to all of you for being kind and interesting and fun this season. This was my first year back to BB after a couple of years off. Might not be back next year. Donny was really the only reason I watched this season. I don’t watch any other “reality” shows. So… love and best wishes to all of you, in case I don’t come back. If BB has a more diverse (age, culture, ethnicity) cast next year I might watch, who knows. Anyway love to Franko and Stevebeans and Mom and Sandra ftsm and John Ruth and all the other wonderful people out there. Best wishes to all of you!!!

  29. Avatar

    Thank you Steve Beans for yet another great season of blogging for our guilty pleasure during the Summer…Big Brother!

    I really enjoyed all of the commentary this Season on the BB website this year, last year could get a little contentious on this MB, but this year was pure joy talking with other bloggers about our favorite program.

    I hope to see all of you next Summer for Big Brother 17, and lets all hope they make a few changes on the show to stop the majority rules to evict HG! I salute all of you, and cheers to you & your Mrs Steve!

  30. Avatar

    Thank you Steve fo this great space, you have helped me through this season….congrats on your marraige and many prayers to your family for healing. I think BB casting played it very safe this year, probably as a result of the last seasons awful hateful cast. I did not agree with the Team America idea, it really hurt the game and changed the outcome for some players, mainly Zach, which I think was so unfair. I think casting someone like Frankie was just terrible. I stuck it out this season because it’s the only show my husband and I watch together, but it sucked this year. I will be happy with whoever wins, particularily Derrick, as long as its not the lil pink haired troll. I am hoping next season they can change it up a bit…maybe bring in players from past BB for second chances? I think Joey would have been fun to watch…..anyways, it is sad the season is ending, even as boring and predictable as it was. 🙁

  31. Avatar


    just wanted to let you know then I am wishing you and your parents well as you go through what will be going on the next few months.I’m hoping and praying that both your parents do very well and come through surgeries with flying colors and recuperate completely!
    thank you 4 allowing all of us to post on your blog! The last few weeks have been especially hard for me to get through and no one can possibly know how much the kindness of some of your followers has meant to me and how much it lifted my spirits as I end up in hospital and was very sick.
    thank you, thank you so much!
    bless you and your lovely wife!

  32. Avatar

    I’m here watching BBAD’s last night. They’re playing cards, not much going on. Since I’m kind of bored, I was thinking what kind of product each guest could promote in a commercial:

    Cody-quesadillas, maybe Taco Bell
    Zach-University of Florida
    Frankie-little shorts
    Brittany-soccer balls
    Amber-modeling school
    Nicole-public libraries
    Hayden-Surfing wear
    Caleb-Judo school
    Joey-colorful hair dye
    Pao Pao-music concerts
    Christine-Tattoo place
    Jocasta-The Bible
    Derrick-the police academy

    What products you think they could promote?

  33. Avatar

    I really have to go to work, but I just spit out my coffee reading this!

    Lilly, you are a trip!!
    You nailed it!!!
    Love the connections…. I would buy the products and start going to University of Florida and take up Judy chopping!


  34. Avatar

    Franko, Good to hear from you. Was beginning to worry. Please give us an update on your health before we leave this season

    • Avatar

      San Antonio Gal,
      I am doing much much better but I am NOT doing great. I am gaining strength each day and actually went back to work for a few hours yesterday. I’m taking one day at a time and trying not to overdo.
      Thank you for the concern, it is much appreciated!

      • Avatar

        Please don’t do too much at work or home!!!
        Please go slow and rest….


      • Avatar

        Good hope each day is better. Maybe we’ll all hook up again next season. This is my first season to follow this blog and I have so enjoyed it. I have been a faithful fan of BB and Survivor from day one and this has made this season bearable. Funny how you can feel you know someone over a blog. You, Steve, Mom, and all the regulars. I’ll keep you along with Steve’s parents in my thoughts and prayers until next season.

  35. Avatar

    Anybody else notice on TVGN last night, Derrick telling Cody about his job, fixing water pipes at a park? That’s Park Maintenance or a GROUNDSKEEPER?
    And Donny is a what? Ex Green Beret Ninja Professor?
    Id’ve hoped Victoria was a Sleeper Mossad Agent, but alas it seems she’s only a sleeper (Well, according to Derrick, she doesn’t even do that)

  36. danmtruth

    Correct on the Judy chopping mom !
    How about books or blogs experts;
    Cody – how to sit and lt people massage, grope, stroke your hair and body all day and just stay friends
    Zach- how to act lie n out of control frat boy an be surprised when people think your unreliable
    Jocasta- does god really care f you use his name for every decision you make?
    Paola – when does the game start?
    Joey- is sisterhood dead ? Why women never seem to want to work together
    Devin- how to forum a group to stab you in the back
    Britney – how to pick allies to late
    Amber – how to stay classy as your being stalked
    Hayden – from wheeling Big Brother producers in my pedicab to wheeling my way into a girls heart
    Donny- nice guys are still liked by America
    Nichole- how to tell when people are lying to you
    Christine- how to cheat on your husband on TV and wonder why people hate you
    Frankie- I was Mango before Chris Kattan
    Caleb- the trick to being a Judy chop nijina, mouse catching, fitness modal ,all things to all women master mind
    Victoria – how to ,,,,,,,,,,, can some one do this for me
    Derrick – how to have Children hand over 550k to you

  37. Avatar

    I fell asleep to BBAD last night. I think I’ll keep this last episode for when I can’t sleep. It never failed this week that everytime I turned it on I went to sleep. Lol

  38. Avatar

    Well our last day for BB this year. I sincerely hope that the producers did some research this summer surfing the blogs. BB went so far down hill. A lot of great ideas came down the pike here for them to change up next season. Hopefully they had their ears on.

  39. danmtruth

    We can only hope All they need to do is sit down in a room and watch the first 4 seasons

  40. Avatar

    Well today is the last day. I want to thank Stevebeans for everything. Hope your moms’ surgery goes well today I have been praying for her and your family. Sandra ftsm, mom, Franko, Willie Jones Jr., Mouse, Rita and most of you will be missed. I just want to thank all of you for your thoughts on BB and sharing your personal lives with all of us. You are truly kind, caring and loving people. May God be with you all through the rest of the year and the year to come. Hope for a good show tonight. Go Donny for AF. Love to you all.

  41. Avatar

    I just wanted to say that I’ve been watching some of Joey’s YouTube videos and she is so sweet! It’s such a shame they kicked her out first! I would love to see her come back! Maybe they could do a season of first people kicked out or people kicked out too early! Idk….just wanted to say! And GO DERRICK!!!! He has been so amazing! Can’t wait til tonight!

  42. Avatar

    Can hardly wait for the show tonight, just wish it was starting at 8pm instead of 9:30pm (West Coast). I would prefer to watch BB first and Survivor second, but CBS had other plans.

    Also, CBS: please, please, please keep Frankie under control, like duct tape his mouth shut, anything to keep him quiet & not disrupt the show. We all know he is quite the attention whore & most of us are already beyond tired of him. He needs to be reminded that tonight’s show is NOT the Frankie show!

  43. Avatar

    Stevebeans would you consider SurvivorJunkies again? I think you would get a lot of people from this blog to switch over, now that this season of BB is over tonight. It shouldn’t take too much time, only being on once a wk. It would make Survivor more fun to watch having other peoples views on whats happening on the show. Just a thought.

  44. Avatar

    It sounds like Steve will be posting on his Facebook page which blogs he’ll be doing once BB is over (maybe Survivor and/or Amazing Race…?) – so let’s all make sure to keep checking there to hopefully meet-up again online before too long!

  45. Avatar

    Do all of the HG go to the after parties? Would love to see what happens. Some of the HG have talked about walking the red carpet too. Wish those things were televised.

    • Avatar

      mouse, you just reminded me of all the things Caleb talked about doing to Amber on the finale, lol. (Fortunately, she’s on Twitter and is aware of them!) Should be interesting, to say the least.

      And I agree about hoping they don’t allow Frankie to turn tonight into the “Frankie Show” as we all know he’s going to try to do.

  46. kneeless

    Dear BB Execs & Production,
    When casting BB17, please cast folks who:
    #1 actually watch BB & know abt the game
    #2 are “real” folks of all ages, races, shapes, sizes etc
    #3 have no ties, of any kind to CBS
    #4 are not already in the entertainment industry
    #5 are NOTHING like Frankie!

    And please change things up so BB17 isn’t so predictable. Take some ideas from the good folks at this site when coming up with ideas for next season.

    Lastly, tonight during the finale DO NOT let it become “THE FRANKIE SHOW!”

    Another summer & season of BB has come to an end. To Steve & everyone at this site, thanks for making my summer better. It has been another enjoyable summer with all my friends here. Until next season…

  47. danmtruth

    Thanks for all the comments positive or negative . Sandra Ftsm thanks for sharing glad you could find some free time to exscape and have some fun.Franco wow what can be said .Not only did you give us a honest perspective of Frankie but you did it while battering your own problems. Thanks for trusting us to share your personal journey Mom our mom who kept us all in line and cheered on her Zach Steve Beans a wild roller coaster of a year for all you went thru I said it before but thanks for bringing us together Can’t wait till next year or orphan black to come back on go clone club I also promise to pick up a book on grammar and punctuation .

  48. Avatar

    Franko – do you think the friends you were/are staying with might be able to set you up on Facebook? This way you can stay in touch with everyone over on Steve’s Facebook page, which I think will help a lot with everything you’re going through right now.

  49. Bridget

    I was just on another site and they said Frankie will be on “The Talk” on Thursday!Why?Why him above any of the houseguests??This is more shoving him down our throats.He was voted off and that should be the end of it.Is he going to make the rounds on all the CBS shows???Ridiculous!

  50. Avatar

    Sorry for the multiple posts about this, but it’s really pissing me off…wouldn’t you think the house guest they should have appearing on The Talk would be, oh I don’t know… the WINNER OF BB??? (or whoever wins America’s Favorite Player??)

    Silly me!!

  51. Avatar

    Went to the Facebook page for The Talk to express my anger about Frankie being on the show tomorrow. Hopefully someone reads the posts. Nobody wants to see him on the show. Last week they wanted to hang Ray Rice and this week they want to celebrate Frankie, who came in 5th place. Ugh!

  52. kneeless

    Frankie on “The Talk?” WTF! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

  53. Avatar

    Hello All, I just wanted to say thank you for all the great comments on BB and sharing your personal lives on here. I feel I’ve gotten to know some of you and have an extended family. I know I didn’t comment much all season but I’m the quiet type and just enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts. I pray everyone here has an amazing winter and his blessed with good health and prosperity. Thanks again for a great summer and sharing your stories. God Bless..

  54. leafhopper

    Im sure I will be back here after/during the show. But I wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted. This was definitely more fun than the show!!! I will definitely watch BB next summer just so I can come back and chat with all of you wonderful people. Thank you all for sharing glimpses into your lives, lots of prayers and positive vibes going out to you and your families. Looking forward to seeing you all here again next season!

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