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2020 Just Keeps Getting Worse

July 5, 2020 | 57 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Happy belated Independence Day. Over the past many seasons, I have been able to follow that up with a blog post about the house, but the year of suck continues on. We’re officially past the midway point of the year and there is no letup in sight.

I will say, if there is any good news lately, it’s that the mortality rate for covid-19 has significantly dropped. We’re at record daily high new cases, yet the lowest daily deaths since March. I’m no doctor nor am I am a scientist, so I won’t even speculate why this is, but I’ll just take the good news where I can get it.  The fact is, a lot fewer people are dying from this virus than throughout April and that is incredible news.

That leads me to this point that if the virus continues it’s downward trend of mortality, there very well may be a season of Big Brother this year despite the increase in numbers in California.  If there is, however, it will be without Dan Gheesling who has been rumored to currently be in sequester right now waiting to enter the house. Unless they set up his twitch stream in the sequester, Dan is actually currently at home trolling everyone.

I will give him credit, though. He seized on an opportunity of the rumors about him and ran with it. He went announced his show was going offline at the perfect time to fuel the speculation and even had the fake CBS “spoilergirl” and Evil Dick declaring that he was confirmed in sequester. However, Dan went on Twitch today and announced that he won’t be on the show. Brilliant move, and it’s a sad reminder of how great BB22 could have bad had he been on it. The guy is just reality TV gold.

Now, just so I’m not wrong, I’ll jump back to the other side of the fence and say it’s entirely possible that they actually did set him up to stream from sequester to throw people off, but it’s just really unlikely they’d go that far.  In no way would I ever believe random tweets from people because anyone can do that, but it’s hard to fake a live stream.  For example, Da’Vonne tweeted today but Kemi immediately jumped on it and said it was possibly a fake tweet…

Tweeting to throw people off is simple and very much something CBS would do. Does it mean Da’Vonne is on the show? No. At this point, I don’t even know if anyone is actually in sequester right now.  All the alleged ‘inside sources’ all guaranteed Dan to be on the show so this removes all credibility.

I’ll stay on top of the story but the news today is that Dan is out. He plans on streaming tomorrow as well which also rules out the likelihood of today just being a stream to throw people off. There is no way they’d just let him stream for the next two weeks from the sequester. Once, maybe. Every few days? No.

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