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Big Brother 22 – Thursday Evening Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone!


Today was the safety suite competition which brought the feeds down a few times today while they did the competition.  This appears to be no different than the other twists that gave a few people safety right before noms which makes it funny how Julie tried to pretend this was some new original twist. It’s not.

The competition was pretty huge because Cody has been having a tough time with nomination decisions as would be expected. Right now there is nothing to go on other than maybe the handful of people who have played the game multiple times.  There are two winners in the house, but one (FNicole) has been getting close with Cody as expected and Ian is just kind of there – just like his season.


So, there is a small growing divide in the house between the ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ players. Janelle, Danielle, Kaysar, Memphis, Enzo, Keesha, and Kevin are going to kind of flock together while the rest are considered ‘new’.  Well, two of those old school players are now safe this week because Kaysar won the competition which saved himself and he chose Janelle to be safe as well.

That’s a smart move, but I point it out because it’s so obvious that many wouldn’t have done it. There have been so many people to overthink their position in the house that they do something crazy like offer safety to the ‘other side’ of the house. Kaysar is no fool. He is aware of the differences so he’s going to lock down some allies right away and beat around the bush. Janelle is a strong player and it would have been stupid to save some random person like a Nicole or Christmas.

Anyway, that’s enough of the recap. Before I begin, thanks to you guys who have donated so far already. I’m humbled!


  • 7:20 pm – Cody is just chatting with Bayleigh about random stuff while FNicole, Christmas, and Janelle are in the bedroom.  The two were talking game until Janelle came in and broke up the conversation for some casual stuff.
  • FNicole leaves and tries to snake her way into the conversation with Cody/Bay
  • She ends up pulling Cody into the HoH room to recap stuff.
  • Cody says he is trying to get some guy group together so he can have his secret alliance with FNicole (which is becoming less and less secret by the second).  He does say he will likely nominate Keesha.
  • Tyler comes in and FNicole leaves. Cody tells him that it sounds like Keesha and Kevin right now.

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  • 9:00 pm – The divide in the house is growing clearer and clearer the more people talk. While they are friendly with each other, it’s clearly becoming old vs new
  • One thing to note is that Kevin seems to be struggling with the fact that he’s old school. There obviously isn’t a defined alliance but as I said above, it’s becoming clear to nearly everyone – except Kevin
  • Meanwhile, Tyler is now in the storage room chatting with Kaysar. They are hinting at working with each other but I think this is just the fake game chat. Kind of like small talk in an elevator. “Hey, want to align?” “Sure!” “Okay, see you later buddy”

  • 11:00 pm – This house is weird. They are all going through moments of crying and then feeling better.  You’d think the vets would be used to this, but then again they were in almost pure isolation for two weeks prior to this.
  • Janelle has to wear some outfit because of the safety she got from Kaysar
  • Nicole is going off on her bird issue. She compares them to dinosaurs. Okay.
  • She has her outfit. She is a star!

Now that I got to see her outfit, I’m off to bed. Catch you tomorrow


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