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September 15, 2020 | 23 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! I want to remind everyone that this weeks Wednesday episode will be airing this evening instead of tomorrow, before I forget. We finally had the veto ceremony that we’ve waited for since Saturday.  As most of you already know, Day took Kevin off the block. (Of course she did)  Was there ever really a question as to whether she would?  She’s only just beginning to trust David a little out of necessity and regardless of how good or bad Kevin is playing, he’s the only person in that house she can trust. It’s the equivalent of Nicole being on the block,  Dani winning the veto and everyone wondering whether or not she would use it. You don’t leave your best ali otb, period. (Well, unless your Dan and Memphis and its BB10. Actually, Dan is the one who put Memphis otb to begin with but I won’t get started on that)  I know an argument could’ve been made that Day would’ve bought herself more time and been less of a target, if she’d gone with the flow and given ‘the house’ what they wanted. What would that get her?  She’s outnumbered so the odds of Day winning this game are slim anyway. Leaving Kevin up there may have delayed her being the target, but not by much.  Are Day and David going to win comps to the end? No, they aren’t and that’s almost the only way she wins the game.

She’s still a target but at least this way, there’s a chance Kevin and David go on the block before she does, (they may be mad at Day now but they know Kevin performs better in most comps) plus it’s an extra person fighting for the veto. Kevin may have only won one comp but he performs pretty well in and he does better than David. They’re in jury now so either she wins the game or she goes to jury. It doesn’t matter if she’s the 2nd one or the 5th one. Leaving Kevin up there would have been completely stupid in my opinion. 3 people against the house are terrible odds but 3 is better than 2.

Does anyone think this….

….looks very similar to this? (Is Nicole wearing one of her punishments from a past season?)

I’m optimistic that we’ll see a good episode tonight based on the way the hgs have talked about the veto ceremony. Days plan was to not give out her decision because she wanted to surprise everyone and hoped to catch Dani off guard.  I figured she’d be disappointed because the night before, it sounded as if everyone knew she was going to use it. Either they really were surprised or the Committee had just done a good job of convincing themselves that Day wouldn’t use it, simply because it wasn’t convenient for them if she did.  (mostly Dani and Nicole)

Recap of the day:

  •  Dani may have realized, plans made at 4:00 in the morning aren’t always the best plans. She gave up on the idea of asking everyone to raise their hand for voting out Tyler, in the hopes Day wouldn’t use the veto. Memphis said she was overplaying and didn’t think she should do it either.
  • Dani asked Nicole why she’d told Day she was ok no matter what Day decided. Nicole said she never said it. (She did)  Dani didn’t think it was a good idea to make Day feel like they wouldn’t be upset with her if she used it. (Dani had told Day she would be upset if the veto was used but in fairness to Nicole, Dani also told her that she won it and had the right to do whatever she wanted with it)
  • Nicole gave it one more try with Day. She told Day she didn’t sleep all night, worrying about Ian going otb, if the veto was used. Day said if Kevin came down, he’d vote to keep him and at worst, Dani would break a tie to keep him too. (Basically, it’s ok for your friend to sit there until Thursday to make sure he isn’t being lied to, but not mine)

I’ve noticed Nicole and Dani have both developed the attitude of ‘I’m a better player, I know what I’m doing, let me do the talking.’  This is how it sounded when Dani was asking Nicole what she’d said to Day about using the veto. Cody listens to them both complain about the other one constantly lately.  He’s had a pretty easy ride so far this season and having to listen to that all the time may be his biggest annoyance so far in the house.

Veto meeting: Day takes Kevin down, Ian goes up

  •  It was mentioned that Nicole cried after Ian was put on the block as a replacement.  She told Christmas she was very mad at day for using the veto.
  • Tyler and Dani had another one of their conversations about working together, no one suspecting it, this will be great and so on….She also told him about the late night meeting and said they couldn’t get Tyler  because it would’ve woken up Kevin. ( I’m mentioning this because later, it pissed off Cody and Nicole that Dani had told him.  They didn’t care if he knew, they just worried Tyler would think they kept it from him) She confided that Daybwas coming after him but asked him not to let Day know she told him. He said Day and Kevin needed to go otb next week. (He still thinks he can work with David)
  • Ian is told he’s safe by mostly everyone except Memphis. When Cody spoke to him, he was still going off about why anyone would use a veto if they weren’t otb. (This is getting old and dumb) Ian, not being an idiot, said he didn’t fault Day for using it. Even if Ian feels he could be a pawn, he’s worried about a power taking him out of the game. (I believe this is sincere because of the convo he had with Nicole the day before. It’s when he was saying he wouldn’t stay in jury, especially if it was a power or a twist that took him out.  I don’t like twists at all but he knows what he signed up for. He played in BB14 with a HUGE stupid twist.  I guess he didn’t have a problem with twists that season since he won)

Quick mention: Dani and  Cody talked about Nicole getting drunk the night before. Dani said she was a mess, fell out of the Tub and banged her head a couple of times. It sounds like when the feeds were down the other night for so long, they gave the hgs more alcohol than usual. They laughed about that being the reason Nicole was sleeping late. Cody joked about her not being able to handle alcohol. Dani laughed and said “she was so sloppy, it was embarrassing.” (It explains the morning sunglasses. They weren’t talking bad about her and it was good natured. I won’t say anything either because I know I’m a lightweight too)



This image is from yesterday but not that conversation. Sorry.

  •  Nicole had one moment yesterday with Cody, Christmas and Dani when she said Day made the best move for her game. (I’m only mentioning it because the rest of the day was complete bullshit from all of them)
  • Ian told Dani he understood. (He doesn’t) Dani said he was the only one who would guarantee that Tyler would go because no one wanted Ian out. (She’s lying) She fake cried and Ian consoled her.
  • Enzo told Day he didn’t think Ian was a pawn and Day pretended to be surprised Dani had put him up over Memphis. They talked about what a messy game Dani was playing and Enzo joked about how Dani would be eating meat by the end of the week. (This was Day laughing about Dani wanting a cheeseburger after a stressful week)  Enzo said he was going to tell Ian he was voting to keep him but said he really needed a couple of days to think about it. He said he was ok with evicting Tyler but now it may be different since a past winner is otb. (Enzo planting seeds to convince Day to keep Tyler) He also said he should go up to the hoh room and thank Dani for not putting him up. (Keep in mind, all of this is lies from Enzo but he isn’t stupid. Regardless of everyone else, he won’t be blindsiding Day when he keeps Tyler)
  • Enzo and Dani talked, which was mostly  checking in with each other. She told him a few people had suggested Dani put him up and just wanted him to know.  She told him about telling Nicole she could not give Ian a pity vote and they had to make sure Tyler stayed. He asked her if Nicole was afraid to get her hands dirty and asked why she wasn’t winning anything. Dani told him Nicole wasn’t throwing things and she was really trying. They did the whole ‘go team, yeah Core 4’ thing and parted ways. (Two things: Dani stuck up for Nicole with Enzo which she does often, so she protects her way more than Nicole protects Dani. Enzo just heard he could throw a hinky vote and blame it on Nicole.  I don’t know if he would do it this week, but at least he knows it might cause problems if he does)
  • Christmas seemed the most upset that Day had the nerve to use the veto. (Christmas, whose game this doesn’t really effect this week. She isn’t in an alliance with Ian)
  •  Nicole asked Cody why he was so set on keeping Tyler. He said he wasn’t going to blow up their alliance over Ian. He reminded her she’s been safe and protected every week so far and the Committee was the reason for it.
  •  Nicole told Cody she sick of Dani telling her she has to vote out Ian. She said she’s never been micromanaged this much while playing the game and said Dani yells at her all the time. (I’ve never heard Dani yell at her)  They talked about being mad at Dani for running to tell Tyler about the late night meeting. Nicole said “Dani plays the tell first game but that’s not going to work on us.”  She said she was going to find a way to give Ian her vote this week even if Ian leaves. (She’s really worried about the stuff the DR told them)
  • David, Day and Kevin tried to decide if they could work with Tyler moving forward. David’s sure he’ll be after Dani. They started trying to figure out how to get the votes to keep Tyler.
  • Meanwhile, Dani, Nicole and Christmas were busy pumping themselves up with self righteousness over everything they’d done to help her, while she’d thrown it away and became a terrible person. They don’t even care anymore how blindsided Day is going to be when Tyler stays. They can’t believe what a terrible position Day has put them in. Nicole said it pissed her off when Day “was so chipper” during her veto speech, knowing she was ruining everything for Dani. (This will be the first week they don’t get their way and all of  this is what that looks like) Nicole said Day completely screwed her and it isn’t fair because now, she’s the one who has to go and make sure everything is good between them. (This is the same person who spent an hour the other night trying to come up with a fake reason that would allow her to turn on Day, but not have it look like it was her fault)
  • Day and Tyler discussed the week.  She told Tyler that using the veto helped him too. She said she knew Kevin had the votes to stay against Tyler but she doesn’t think Ian did. She questioned him about whether or not he had told Dani that Day should go on the block .Tyler swore he’d never said that. (He did say that)
  • Dani found out Day asked Tyler if he’d suggested putting her otb. Dani was pissed Day had went and tried to fact check her after she’d tried to help Day. She told Nicole she’d still have a convo with her and fake making nice, just in case she wins the next hoh.  They started realizing blindsiding Day probably wasn’t such a good idea. Dani said the guys didn’t care but she didn’t think she and Nicole should do it. (Cody is angry Day used the veto so he wants to intentionally blindside her this week. He doesn’t even have a game reason for doing it. Memphis even told him it was pointless)
  • Ian told Nicole he wouldn’t vote for someone if they helped get him out. He said it was stupid because Tyler would end up in the F2. Nicole told him she would start campaigning for him today. (She said “tomorrow” but now its today)
  • Nicole told Dani she needed to know the votes so she could give Ian a pity vote.  She also said Ian told her he wasn’t voting for anyone who played a part in getting him out. She asked again why they couldn’t keep him. Nicole didn’t think it was fair and said it was only 2 people in the Committee who didn’t want to keep him. (That’s not actually true) Dani told her firmly but nicely, they didn’t have a choice.  She said she didn’t want him to be evicted either and especially after everything last week but they had to do it. (Last week means being told people are pissed they were making fun of Ian) Nicole cried and said it was terrible for her game because now shed be the only winner in the house. (This is why Nicole is so upset, it isn’t because Ian is like her brother, as she keeps keeps saying. Last week, she went off to Cody about ‘her brother’ and said she was done with him)
  • Dani hugged her but I don’t think it helped very much.  She told Nicole it wasn’t just for Memphis and Christmas. She said for them to get further in the game, they needed Tyler to help them get there.  She also pointed out that Day had just ruined her game by trying to save one person. She said she didn’t want to see Nicole do the same thing.  Nicole said she was still going to campaign for him to see if there was a chance. Dani suggested she start with Memphis and Nicole said she would. (This is going to piss off Memphis. It may take a little heat off of Dani as far as Memphis is concerned)
  • David asked Tyler who he had talked to so far and asked how his campaigning was going. He asked Tyler if he’d ever campaigned before. (Haha, good point) He also asked what Angela was probably thinking right now. (Angela’s been too busy trying to get people to turn Twitter idiots into the FBI so she’s had other stuff going on)  Tyler made a reference (again) to leaving and not staying in jury.
  • Day asked Ian if he’d like to have the hammock. Ian said yes, he would. He said he was having a bad day so Day and Kevin got up and let him rock.
  • Christmas, who wasn’t done making Day a villian, told Dani something Day had told her. She said Day told her that (when Nicole won BB18) she hadn’t really voted for Nicole to win, she’d voted for Paul to lose. (This shouldn’t be big news if its shared because Day had this conversation with Nicole the first week they were there) She and Dani had a verbal competition over who would be in more trouble if Day won the hoh.
  • During a get together in the hoh room, Dani asked Tyler if Day was trying to pit them against each other and he said yes.  Nicole said they should’ve kept Bayleigh. (Good grief!)
  • Nicole started questioning if she should’ve played this year.  She said part of her feels like she shouldn’t have even came back. (Like Tyler and Ian, why bother playing if it isn’t almost guaranteed you’re going to win?)
  • Ian let it get around the house he wouldn’t  vote for anyone to win who got rid of him. (He’ll have to if it’s 2 of them…unless he forfeits the money and leaves)
  • Day and David joked about Ian listening at the door to the have not room. David yelled to him to see if he was there. They had joked about him being on the other side, listening to them talk. They laughed and Day said she’d hide if he actually walked in. Right after that, Ian came in. Ian said he’d been in the DR but he’d really been outside talking to Dani.
  • Dani told Day she wasn’t mad at her. She said it put her in a bad position but she knows Day had to do what she thought was best for her own game.

With all the talk of going home, I suppose they could let Ian and Tyler both forfeit the money and have a 7 person jury if it came down to it.  I’m sure that isn’t going to be the plan but hey, at least they have an option with two people wanting to take off. As far as campaigning, I’d expect alot to be going on today to try and avoid that ‘first in jury’ spot that makes everyone so fearful.  Maybe it’s true what they say about being afraid of the unknown. Day, Dani and Nicole are the only people left in the house who have actually been to a jury house.

Have a great Tuesday!

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