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Adam Is A Newbie Again!

The possible final fourSo watching the live feeds, the four remaining newbies are outside in the smoking corner, with Adam preaching about how all four of them tried hard to get into the house, while the vets just answered the phone.   Basically, he has completely floated back to the newbies side, and sounds all hardcore rah rah with them now that Jeff is gone.  (12:48ish BBT pm)

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Hey Adam, just 24 hours prior, your nose was so far up Jeff’s ass, you could have told him what he had for lunch 2 weeks ago.

On the other side of the house, the girls are sleeping in the candy room, but before they went to bed, Rachel sounded very defeated saying she wanted to go home.  Jordan tried to comfort her and said that people are rooting for them, but Rachel doesn’t believe it.  She doesn’t think many are rooting for her.. she’s right.   Many are rooting for Jordan though, so she does have every reason to be optimistic.

In a semi-surprising move, Porsche plans to put up Rachel and Adam this week, but I’m not entirely sure the logic.   She claims it’s because Jordan can’t win a veto to save her life, but that’s pretty dumb because these are not exactly complicated challenges they’ve been throwing at the house guests.  Last night, Jordan nearly won HoH.   If Jordan wins PoV and takes off Rachel, someone has to go up in her place and both vets stay.   If they do the Rachel/Adam move, it’s about as stupid as the Lawon move.

They’re completely over-thinking this, and it makes me wonder if making the decisions in 5 mins is the only way the newbies can actually make correct moves this season (like last night).   It’s simple for Porsche… Rachel and Jordan go up.  If either win the veto, Adam goes up but they’ll still easily have the votes to remove Rachel or Jordan.  It’s a no-brainer.

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  1. Comments (7)

    I hope she does put up Adam and Rachel. I would love to see Jordan win, pull Rachel off the block and then Porsche would put up Shelly against Adam. The show would almost be redeemed in my eyes and that would put some fire back in me to watch with the enthusiasm I had prior to Jeff and Dani leaving. Fingers crossed…

    • Comments (63)

      I am so glad Jeff the Bully is gone. His punk bitch Adam should be well on his way to join him. If Jeff had intergrity to keep his deal with Dani he would still be in the BB House and not the Jury House.

  2. Comments (65)

    rip big jeff are you in love with jeff and jordan? hello they won last year!! and they lost even with all the odds in their favor this year…..well almost,…..jordan is not gone yet…but seriously all she does is act cute and does nothing…..and jeff just acts a handsome bully and self entitled ….bye jeff go back to selling ads.

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