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Adam Preparing To Cut Ties With The Newbies

Newbies will appear to do anything to get him to use the veto


Right now now, Adam is probably wishing he won more competitions earlier in the year so he could have thrown the veto competition yesterday.   He has pretty much been hounded non stop from both sides on whether or not to use the veto, and maybe even some back shaving bribes (see above).

As the final days are upon us, it appears Adam is finally preparing to hang up his floater title.  Not only did he actually win a competition that wasn’t thrown, but by all accounts there is no signs that he is going to stray from his Jeff alliance (despite Jeff being out of the game).    He hasn’t fully given up the floater title yet, as he’s giving Porsche and Kalia small bits of hope that he could waver, but when he’s alone talking to the camera’s, he is pretty much hardcore in the Jordan camp right now.

Luckily for Adam that this is one of the short weeks of the season, so when he finally does reveal he’s “team vet” (despite being a newbie), he won’t have to deal with the backlash for very long.


Here is a quick rundown of the schedule:
(nothing below is concrete, just info I’ve gathered)

Monday – Veto meeting.   (It still could happen today though)
Tuesday – Eviction and likely HoH. This will be taped and aired on Wednesday.
Wednesday – Eviction show on CBS, likely nominations and veto.
Thursday – Eviction + final HoH

Note: Because of the eviction being held on Tuesday, feeds could be down from the eviction until the show airs on Wednesday.  If the feeds come up and give me spoilers, I will quickly pass them on to you through facebook, twitter. I will update this site as well, but it’s quicker to update facebook/twitter, so make sure you’re following either of those places.


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  1. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    I just have to say, I understand that at this point in the game coming up with anything original to say (about the game) would be difficult, especially when trying to convince someone to keep you, but… talk about some broken records!

    I actually feel bad for Adam at this point. He’s getting it from every side. I have to say, if I was in his shoes, I would just put my cards out there, say what I’m doing with the veto, and who I’m voting for. Sure there would be an argument, maybe even some tears, but at least then 2 of them would leave him alone.

    And good lord, for anyone who didn’t get how annoying Kalia can be (I’m not saying she’s not a nice person) she’s been proving it on her own the last couple of days. Watching After Dark and Live Feeds has been almost painful. Her trying to be friends with RaJo so they will keep her, and her 10,000 words per minute when talking to Adam is about to drive me nuts.

    Even Porsche seems to be getting a bit peeved at her. And I loved the Rachel/Porsche breakdown of wins last night. Kalia, Jordan, Adam and Porsche have all won 2 comps, Rachel has won more then twice as many. So why is it that Kalia, right in front of Porsche continues to talk about how she’s won more???

  2. Avatar

    First time poster here: I just started reading your site this season (I’ve followed Hamsterwatch for years) and thank you for all you’ve posted, I really enjoy your recaps, photos and editorial comments – sincerely thank you!

    I can’t even believe I’m going to say this but… I really want Jordan, Rachel and Adam final three and let the best “one” win!

  3. Avatar
    lanzsqeez (16 comments)

    Am I beating a dead horse? Here’s a problem for team Ra/Jo.
    Adam flips by growing a brain-doubtful since his drooling over Tori Spelling. He uses the VETO to save a newbie. Jordan MUST go up; newbie is safe. Adam continues to multiply gray matter and vote Jordan out. The safe newbie votes Jordan out. Rachel cannot play HOH. She’s voted out. Final three – Newbies!!! In my little solar system, this rots. I want Jordan to win because she’s adorable and has a heart of gold. Rachel should win because she is kick-butt fantastic at BB.

    • Avatar
      Rachel (6 comments)

      The only thing about that scenario is that no matter who wins HOH next Rachel gets to play in the veto regardless. So if she wins that she essentially chooses who goes next week. Since more than likely the next HOH is going to be mental I’m guessing veto will be physical, in which case Porsche is the only one with a chance to beat her. I say vote out Porsche this time and Jordan and Rachel are definite for final three.

      • Avatar
        lanzsqeez (16 comments)

        Nice work, Rachel! I did not get that far-it was late. I’m a couple hours behind. 😛
        I can’t wait to see how this plays out. The BB Rachel thinks quickly and has stopped whining, hooray! I think Brendon is her crutch, so it’s good that he’s out of he house. Jordan needs the $ for a serious education her charm will only get her so far in life. However, she is my favorite. Porche will get more plastic surgery. Kahlia will buy a comfortable waterbed and use it well. Adam will buy special editions of ANYTHING Tori Spelling but otherwise makes my home state an embarrassment. (Stop wearing the Rutgers shirt!!!) Rachel should use the $ for therapy on boosting self-confidence.
        Dr. Lansqueez’s office is now closed. 😉

  4. Avatar
    Bobby Joe (19 comments)

    If Adam is there to win he should use the veto and take Porsche off the block. Jordan goes up and gets voted out. Porsche is the only one that has a chance of beating Rachel in a physical competition and Adam / Kalia can win the mental ones.

    If they can get Rachel out Adam has a chance to win because he will have to win to get to the final two. If he gets to the final two with Rachel or Jordan he has no chance of winning it. He must realize this.

    If he is just there for the experience he will not use the veto. Based on the way he has played I bet he doesn’t use the veto.

  5. Avatar
    Kittykatpaws (1 comments)

    If the live feeds go down after an eviction, why wouldn’t all the paid live-feeders cancel their subscriptions?? Looks to me like CBS wouldn’t be supplying the service that they paid for. Showing Tricia for just the competion I’d one thing, not showing the feeds for over 24 hours is another. That is almost as anoying as Kalia. I feel so sorry for the other house-guests, especially Adam. She is so nervy.

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