Is Adam The Worst Final 5 House Guest Ever?

adam trying to compete

adam trying to competeLook, I hate bashing the guy more than the next person.  Part of the reason is because he looks exactly like my brother in some angles after he shaved his beard, so I feel kind of connected to him…..

That being said….

Adam has to be one of the worst competitors to ever get this far in the game, right?   Or is he the best?   I’d really like to think he’s some brilliant Big Brother genius who is floating along and only winning competitions when he absolutely knows his ass is on the line (see: week 6), but I’m starting to think that’s not the case.   Even that PoV win was in a competition that he was able to practice all summer, and it still took Jeff throwing it away in order for him to win.

After watching him fail at yet another challenge tonight, I think I’m leaning to him just sucking.  Sure, I knew the results before I watched the show, but I didn’t realize just how bad he did, and how he routinely does in nearly every competition.   The guy is like Rain Man when it comes to saying what happened on what day in the house, yet is the first one eliminated in the live memory HoH competition last week?

I think if he were throwing most of these competitions and just hanging out as Mr I’mNotAThreat, he would be doing better when he does lose.  That’s the reason I put him as the worst final 5, instead of final 6 because Rachel and Jordan will be very stupid not to take him along tomorrow.   Being that he’s practically nonexistent in competitions means the HoH will be Jordan and Rachel vs Kalia tomorrow, and even if he does somehow pull some miracle shit and find himself in the final 2, there is no way the jury will ever award him money.

Like I said, it’s too bad because I like the guy, and think he just badly chokes under pressure.  Loving Big Brother all your life doesn’t automatically equal being good at it.   But hey Adam, if you read this when you’re out, hit me up because I’d love to interview you to help clear your game up.

What’s your opinion on Adam’s season.. is playing this bad intentional or not?

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