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Am I Out Of Touch With America Regarding Showmances?



Ever since Alex won HoH, the pressure on Danielle and Shane has been growing as they are becoming a target in the house. I know it, they know it, even my cat knows it (I mentioned my cat just for the guy who complained about that last season). However, in attempts to comfort them, both Kryssie have Jason have said on different occasions what good of shape they’re in because “America loves showmances”.

Am I out of touch here?

Personally, I think showmances are boring as shit and I would be completely happy without any forming during a season.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely cold-hearted on the issue.  I understand if you put a bunch of good looking 20-somethings in the house, people will hook it up. If it happens, it happens. However, if and when it happens, I don’t root for the pair any more because they’re ‘cute together’, I’m more likely to root against them because most showmances become boring.


While I have nothing against these people personally, let’s look at some of the recent showmances…

  • Nicole and Corey – Boring. It is Ken and Barbie without the dream house or fake body parts. That said, Ken may have more brains than Corey
  • James and Natalie – Painfully awkward. Watching him follow her around all summer after she got rejected by nearly every other guy in the house, and then keeping him on the border of ‘friendzone’ was awful.
  • Paulie and Zakiyah – Awful.
  • Paul and Pablo – Awesome
  • James and Meg – Was this ever a showmance?  James followed her around like Natalie, but I don’t remember her even hinting more than friends
  • Austin and Liz – This was an example of ‘prison romance’. If you keep people together long enough, there is a good chance they’ll hook up.
  • Clay and Shelli – Another Ken and Barbie situation. This was brutal when Clay threw his game away for Shelli.
  • Nicole and Hayden – This one surprised me. I can’t believe it lasted more than a year after the show ended. Still painful to watch while on the show.
  • GinaMarie and Nick’s hat – creepy.  Just creepy
  • McCrae and Amanda – This is one I actually liked. Probably because Amanda was fun as hell to watch and she still played the game. McCrae kind of rolled over, but Amanda kept going

And yes, I’ll say it as well, Rachel and Brendan are annoying to watch, and Jeff and Jordan aren’t much better.  Scratch that, Jeff and Jordan weren’t bad. I don’t like how Jeff constantly makes fun of Jordan to get laughs, but both are still entertaining whether alone or together.

So, I’m not crazy, right? As a fanbase, we’re kind of over the whole showmance thing I’d think. There are a few couples who have been tolerable, but most just go up each other’s asses and spend the game ‘cuddling’.

What do you guys think of showmances?


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  1. Avatar

    Steve I am so with you on this, showmances suck!! They add nothing to the house or to our viewing pleasure.

  2. Avatar

    Oh I forgot to mention Steve your cat is always welcome lol

  3. Helen

    If I wanted to watch a showmance there are other shows to watch……..

  4. Avatar

    I think Danielle is super annoying as it is and then add her all over Shane makes her nauseating. I love Jeff and Jordan and the rest were eh. Bring on the cat Steve.

  5. Avatar

    I liked Jeff and Jordan the first season they were on. I liked Brendon and Rachel the second season they were on. I enjoyed Nicole and Hayden because I liked Hayden, and it was more innocent.
    Other than that, every showmance has either gotten boring or annoying after a week or two. Liz and Austin were by far the worst. So creepy and weird and I just felt like it was modern day Stockholm syndrome.

  6. Avatar

    I’m so sick of showmances and give it another week and Shane will just start doing whatever Danielle wants and will get so boring.

  7. Avatar

    I like showmances, but maybe I am just jealous lol. Single here with no cats.

  8. BBBonbon62

    I hate the Bachlor/Bachlorette series so tuning in to BB the last thing I want to see are grossmances.

    On the subject of your cat. My beautiful 4yr old cat Zamboni (huge NY Ranger house) went out over two weeks ago and has not returned. We are heartbroken. So please any stories regarding your cat are so welcome and comforting.

    Hug him everyday and tell him you love him.

  9. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I hate showmances with a passion, but I think unfortunately a lot of BB viewers (at least the broadcast only fans) like them. But I also think it depends on the couple. America seemed to really like Nicorey and Jatalie, but I think that’s because America loves Nicole and James, and thus by extension loved their showmances. However, I don’t think America was too fond of Zakiyah or Paulie, so them coming together for a showmance didn’t move the audience either.

  10. Mell

    Shomances have got a bad wrap because every one wants to be Jeff and Jordan instead of playing the game. Don’t get me wrong. Jeff and Jordan were tolerable because they were funny. The ones after have sucked because they are trying to duplicate that and be americas sweethearts. I wouldn’t mind if it was like it used to be. It was harsh sometimes but hey, that’s the game. If Danielle is playing Shane (she has said more than once that she will cut him if she has to) then I can live with it. If Morgan is playing Monte…no problem. The problem is, that rarely happens with the women. They make the mistake of letting that part of their game take over the entire game.

    If you go back further than the annoying ones and before it had the name of “shomance” it was often part of the game. I didn’t mind those at all. Like Steve said, when you have a bunch of young people, they may hook up. Whether it’s a lot of flirting or completely hooking up, I can live with it as long as they are playing the game.

    BB2-Will & Shannon- He sure didn’t lose focus
    BB2-Justin &Krista-It caused his ejection from the game
    BB4-Amanda & David- They borrowed the hoh to have sex and then he voted her out
    BB5-Diane & Drew- He evicted her at final 3 to have a better chance to win
    BB7-Will & Janelle (heavy flirtmance) She kicked him out a final 4 and is the only person who can say they evicted Will
    BB12-Hayden & Kristen-They were make out buddies and then the Brigade got rid of her.

    I won’t knock good game play for people pairing up as long as they arn’t acting like they accidentally signed up for the wrong show. I also would mind another female besides Janelle to be successful at it.
    If CBS didn’t use up valuable show minutes on Brendan/Rachel and Jeff/Jordan updates and gave a prize for americas biggest a**hole (or ruthless player) maybe more women would stop falling in “tv love.”

  11. Mell

    Jason hates “shomances.” I just think he’s saying that to shut up Danielle and Shane about using the safety thing on them. I don’t know about Krissi but she seems like she’s just telling them it’s adorable as she throws up in her mouth to me.

  12. NKogNeeTow

    I’m with you Steve. I said the first time Dani/Shane got together, that the budding showmance should be nipped in the bud before it got stronger. I don’t care how cute they are together. If people want to see romance, they should watch Lifetime.

  13. Helen

    Danielle and Shane feeding Alex their line of bullshit. Hope she isn’t stupid enough to fall for it

  14. Helen

    I really really wish Alex would stop telling Monte her real targets!! She is a good strong female player and what she does not realize is he is going back and secretly telling Shane/Danielle everything Alex is doing…..he is really making me PISSED!!! No Friendship for Monte!!!

  15. Shivani33

    Paul Abrahamian and his friend Victor Arroyo will appear on “The Bold and the Beautiful” on October 25th, along with Da’Vonne…in case anyone wants to watch.

  16. Mell

    No wonder Alex is. having a hard time getting Monte to have a break through moment. Morgan keeps undercutting her. Morgan wants Justin to leave just like Monte does. Maybe this group needs to start worrying about a different power couple. Morgan has worked against her sister several times and does what Monte wants. Montte said Krissi would go home if she went up and Alex had to repeat that krissi isn’t Herr tatget . He says that Morgan looks like barbie and Krissi looks like a linebacker and she’s jealous becsuse Krissi thinks montes hot…

  17. Helen

    At this point Alex just needs to stop all the talking …..krissy is gonna come at her again and she now is leaning towards using her care package save on Danielle (she’s quite a smooth convincing talker). IMO Alex just needs to tell krissy use it how you will and we will play on from there. Krissy girl…that care package didn’t save you.

    • caRyn

      Justin and Kryssie were talking before that conversation and they agreed they do not trust Danielle and Shane. 6:48 pm (PT) Kryssie said they are playing the game, but know what? So am I. I’m protecting my own and I’m putting a lot on the line by saving Jason because they are all gonna target the two of us.

      • Helen

        Oh tytyty. I am sooooooo relieved that maybe everyone is snowed by Danielle and Shane!!! Maybe not huh?

      • caRyn

        Shane and Kryssie are in the kitchen now talking about the save with Jason and Scott. I think Kryssie is entertaining the conversation with everyone but I think she will use it on Jason. She said in her DR that Jason is her guy.

  18. caRyn

    9:21 pm (PT) Kryssie and Alex talking…Whitney could be a dark horse in the game. Kryssie thinks she has everyone snowed as a floater. She’s not.
    Alex says when the sides crumble she wants to work with Kryssie. Kryssie hopes so.

  19. caRyn

    Morgan has mentioned that she doesn’t believe a lot of Justin’s stories. Justin has said that he wished his stories weren’t true. I believe Justin’s stories. I believed Paul’s stories too. The two guys personalities are similar.

  20. caRyn

    In Scott’s DR he said he wanted Shelby to be his F2. Before their Live DR Sessions Scott and Shelby were talking and Scott asked Shelby to play in the middle. Shelby said she didn’t want to.

  21. caRyn

    10-2-16 10:41 pm (PT) Justin shows the hg his “Runnin’ to the Money” foil sculpture. At 11:08 pm (PT) Justin pretends to be a water statue. Both are funny.

  22. Helen

    That backyard crew are full of mean and hateful people!! Krissy and Danielle lead the pack!!!

    • caRyn

      Danielle said she is a better version of Zakiyah. I don’t know why hg compare themselves to other hg – or to anyone really.

      • Helen

        I agree but in the long run I don’t think comparing herself to zaykiah is all that flattering!
        Plus I don’t think zaykiah was ever mean and hateful like Danielle seems to be.

  23. Helen

    I was all set to put Monte OTB this week but I think there are a couple of other people that may need that honor before him!!!

  24. caRyn

    Around midnight, Kryssie told Justin that Whitney could be one of their greatest assets from the other side. Justin agrees.

  25. caRyn

    1:31 am (PT) Shane asked Scott: If Shane was OTB and they asked Scott to vote Shane out, would Scott vote Shane out? Scott said, “Sorry, Shane”

    • caRyn

      Scott says to Kryssie that he doesn’t care who she saves because he has already made his move and promises to vote with The Plastics. Kryssie tried to warn him that The Plastics are using him for a vote.

  26. Avatar

    I agree that showmances are boring. But seems worth pointing out that in the last 10 seasons, all three of the women to win Big Brother were in a showmance the season they won (Nicole, Rachel, Jordan). Perhaps there’s something to it as a strategy for winning in a traditional season? Hard to say how America will react to it though – maybe Alex can pull out a win sans showmance this season…. 🙂

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