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How I feel today

America’s Final Nom And Veto Day! BBOTT

How I feel today
How I feel today

Good afternoon, everyone. Big day today in the house as America is going to be nominating for the last time this season, and whoever they nominate can quite possibly change the remainder of the season. Right now the leading contenders are Kryssie and Morgan.  If Kryssie, Danielle almost certainly leaves the house, but if Morgan is up and she doesn’t win veto, there is a good chance Shelby will be screwed over once again by broken deals.


I got a little flack for pushing Kryssie as America’s Nom, but I don’t care at this point. I’m a blogger, nor a journalist. As a blogger, I think the feeds will be the most entertaining with the LNJ turning on each other rather than picking off Morgan, then Shelby before we have a final 4 of smokey, burpy, spacey, and selfish. That sounds about as fun as the late night conversations I never watched because they were weird and boring. Every time I watch feeds of the LNJ, they’re typically complaining about production, or someone in the house, or the food, or the weather, or anything.

The house was woken up 45 mins before they should have been, so I expect nom and pov to happen at 10am.


  • 9:40am – BB keeps trying to get the house up. Only Morgan is up and getting ready for the day. I think she expects to be nominated today
  • 10:00pm – America’s Nom is in….
    • morgan-3rdnom
    • Disclaimer – If another of Shelby’s allies goes home while she is HoH, I am on autopilot the rest of the way. I will post daily threads for people to talk, but I have too much homework and stuff to do to watch a group of pretty shitty people get carried because production was dumb to put a person with 60k+ twitter followers (plus another 60k+ from Da’Vonne) in a season where America had so much power.  I liked the concept of giving America power, hated Jason being in the house with it.
    • And for people thinking it’s a conspiracy theory on CBS’s part. It’s not. I’m pretty sure production hates the LNJ because they consistently ignore rules.  The LNJ has been carried by Jason’s fanbase and fellow alumni friends of his (like Da’Vonne).  He has 100’s of thousands of combined followers through his and his friends’ twitter accounts. Monte was smart to try to get him out week one. If only he had lost that veto, it may have been a much more fair season.
  • 1:00pm – Another one at a time veto competition.
    • Jason – Shelby – Justin – Kryssie – Dani – Morgan is the order
    • povweek5
    • Trivia type of competition where they set up dominos and they need to go through the right answer. Every wrong answer gets 3 minutes added to time.
    • Another angle of the comp
    • veto-comp
    • Jason beginning time – 1:23:22pm – end time 1:35:23pm
    • jason-finish
    • Shelby beginning time – 1:47:01pm – finish: 1:56:40pm
    • shelby-pov
    • Justin’s beginning time – 2:08:11pm – finish: 2:19:30
    • justin-pov3
    • Kryssie start time – 2:34:27pm – end time 2:47:33pm
    • kryssie-start
    • Danielle start time 3:00:56pm – finish 3:24:09
    • danielle-comp
    • Morgan is off 3:33:49 – finish time 3:47:27
    • morgan-pov
  • Estimated times:
    • (no clue on right/wrong)  People on twitter saying correct answers are Jeff – Perfect Shott – Veto Vault.
    • Jason – 12:01  (Veto For Sale, Jeff, Veto Vault)
    • Shelby – 9:41 (Perfect Shott, Jeff, Veto Vault)
    • Justin – 11:19 (Perfect Shott, Paul, Veto Fault)
    • Kryssie – 13:06  (Perfect Shott, Jeff, Balance of Power)
    • Danielle – 23:13 (Perfect Shott, Jeff, Veto Vault)
    • Morgan – 13:38 (Perfect Shott, Paul, Balance of Power)
  • Official times:
    • Jason – 14:58
    • Shelby – 9:38
    • Justin – 14:18
    • Kryssie – 16:06
    • Danielle – 23:13
    • Morgan – 19:37
  • 8:45pm – Back from my post-PoV break.  Shelby and Morgan are eating in the kitchen. Danielle laying in Tokyo room

Check back for  updates


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  1. AIO_7

    Speaking of “selfish”, before I even got on the internet today I had this thought: *I pity Shane if he hooks back up with Danielle after the season*

  2. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)


  3. Avatar
    Stephanie (5 comments)

    Well again AN goes to someone other that Kryssie, I should be surprised but I’m not. I knew it would be Morgan.

  4. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    There is no way America voted Morgan. I am sick of every single time krysseys name is on as nom for anything she is the one that somehow the polls are wrong about……..

    • LindsayB
      LindsayB (2276 comments)

      I think there would be too much at stake for CBS to play with th votes. I think it’s a combination of LNC fans giving wrong polling info to affect how people vote and the fact that a lot of people don’t participate in the polls. I vote every time but rarely do a poll. I also think a lot of people want to test the deals made this week and make Morgan have to fight to stay in. Each time Krusti was an option for AN there has also been a lot of opposition from the hypocridiot club. People are desperate to keep Douchielle. I voted for Krusti but now I’ve got to just keep my fingers crossed with the veto.

    • kneeless

      The 3 polls I looked at had Kryssie with the most votes. This morning the chatters, who are typically pro LNC were voting Kryssie for AN & wanting Dani out. There must be a larger majority who vote but don’t go to any BB sites? I have always refused to believe production has a hand in things but I’m beginning to wonder.

    • NKogNeeTow

      This goes beyond logic. How the HELL does she keep slipping through the cracks?!?!? I have never participated in any polls except here. And when I’m watching the Feeds, a majority of people (whether LNC or BS) all want Krustie out. Yet there she still sits. I’m so tired of her taking so much pride in showing us all her bodily functions, not to mention her blinding everyone in the house to thinking that she’s somehow saved them all at one point or another. At this point, I’d like to rent a bus, all of us pile up in it, ride over there and physically drag her nasty ass out of that house…kicking and screaming. *rolling eyes*


  5. Avatar

    Worst vote in the past week…

  6. Avatar
    Melissa (4 comments)

    This is F-in Bulls-t

  7. Avatar

    I hope Shelby or Morgan win veto. It will be boring watching them pick off Shelby next week if Morgan goes home.

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      Actually if Morgan goes might as well save your money every month because it’s obvious Jason has been preselected to be gifted this money…I can’t say win because he won’t win it…it is more like a charity donation

      • TerryD

        If Jason is in the F3, I will vote for one of the other 2. Jason will never get my vote as he didn’t have to work for it very hard. I think he’s a smart player but he should have never been brought back in a season where the fans had so much power. 2016 must be the year of hold your nose and vote

  8. caRyn

    10:10am (PT) Jason: Trust me, I am still down with the plan but it is best case scenario if Danielle comes off and Morgan stays up there.

  9. Avatar

    How sad is it that I would rather watch Shelby and Morgan eat, sit or lay in bed in silence than listen to Jason hold court. His pre-pubescent voice and his greasy pimply face are just as bad as Shane’s hemorrhoids.

  10. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Now that Morgan is OTB I am curious to see what Justin or Krusti will do if they win POV. They both know D is bad for their end game and needs to go. I think Justin would follow thru. I think Krusti won’t. If Krusti or Jason go back on their word to Justin I’d like to see him legit team up with Shelby to take them down.

    • caRyn

      I am so with you! That would be most excellent. I also think that if Jason or Danielle win Veto that Kryssie will go OTB before Justin. If Jason wins it will be Danielle and Kryssie OTB and viewers need to decide now which one they want to see go first. I want Danielle out and my vote will be for Danielle if she is OTB. I don’t think Morgan is going anywhere even being OTB unless the votes are split.

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Oh I for sure would vote out Danielle in that scenario. It will be much easier for the remaking to dispose of Jason next week when he does not have his twitter crutches to lean on.

      • Avatar
        GLENDA (129 comments)


      • caRyn

        I do not think Morgan is going home this week. I just don’t. Did you see Justin’s convo with Kryssie? Justin is no longer on the Jason train.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I am SO sorry Ryn and Helen, I love you both to death but I want Krustie out AT ALL COST. The mere sight of her depresses me. Whenever the chance arises, I will ALWAYS vote to get her out of the house, off of my computer, out of my nightmares…out of my live!


      • caRyn

        I want her gone as well. For a long time, but there have been bigger fish to fry. For instance, if it is Jason and Kryssie OTB next week I would want Jason evicted.

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  12. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Well Morgan is dumber than I thought….if either of us wins veto let’s not use it….just leave me up there and leave noms the same……
    Goodbye Morgan

  13. Avatar
    ann2 (438 comments)

    I’m with you Steve Beans. A big fat fail on putting someone known in the house and their fans’ ability to strongly influence the votes. A crappy week continues.

  14. AIO_7

    I’m convinced….America is sketch.

  15. kneeless

    If Morgan goes home I think I will only watch Wed episodes & the finale. Not that I am a huge fan of Morgan but I can’t stomach listening to Kryssie, Danielle & Jason. I am team Shelby, all the way!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Knees, I’ve gotten to the point where most of the time I don’t sit and watch the Feeds. I turn them on then go about my business and stop and look whenever I’m in the room or walking by the computer. I make a comment in the Chat every so often, but a lot of times, I have to close that too. They drive me crazy sometimes when they start arguing, personal attacking each other or spamming the room with who to vote for (I never could stand that ‘voting with the house’ mentality and I don’t like being told who to vote for). I’m ready for this season to be over so I can sail through the winter and get geared up for the summer show.

  16. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I guess I am wondering what is the point? After reading stevebeans last comments it’s pretty much a given that Jason will be given the money…obviously his and Davonnes twitter fan base will make sure of that.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Don’t give up yet Helen and Steve. Since Julie is always proclaiming “Expect the unexpected”, you never know what might happen. I’ll have to admit though, at this point, I really don’t care who wins. Each and everyone of them have gotten on my nerves lately (even my Justin). As long as they hurry up and get The Krustation out, after that, I don’t really care who goes next.

  17. Avatar
    lotusflower89 (140 comments)

    I don’t know if this is true but someone said Jason told Dani that production told him that she (Dani) will be in f2. The conversation supposedly took place in the yard. I guess meaning the back yard. Don’t know a time of day. It was posted last night in chat.

    At the time i thought it was just someone with a conspiracy theory.

    Maybe I (we) am just to classy for BBOTT. I cant stand listening and watching vile people. If BB cast more people like LNJ in the future they will lose me as a viewer.

    • LindsayB
      LindsayB (2276 comments)

      That would be horrible. I’m really trying hard to not get on the “rigged” bandwagon because I want to believe there is some integrity with something as big as our votes. It seems like there would be too much liability on their part if they got caught doing that and these days people are all about getting their 15 minutes of fame by exposing stuff like that.

    • Avatar

      I feel the same way. I almost prefer the regular way we watch BB. Yes it has been nice to see it all play out but to have to sit and listen to the moaning, farting, burping and groaning of the likes of the LNJ is about to drive me insane. The BS’s were my faves thru it all but put up against other strong players I am not sure they would have been. Alex was good and probably could have won, Morgan has been the trophy bikini girl, Whitney was just the floater and Shelby is awesome. I think it is more a millenials game anymore with their self absorbed, feel sorry for me, I deserve a participation trophy groups of late. When they place more than one Gen X’r in the group with their common sense and work ethics who play a smart game makes it more interesting in my opinion. I like the strategy, the suspense, the game play instead of the tantrum throwing and threatening games that LNJ has played all year.

      This format would be great if they had a more varied section of society and a tad less America’s interaction. If they keep the interaction then figure out a different way to do it or different options. Sorry for my long response but I too feel I am not necessarily too classy for this but maybe too frustrated with this generations antics. But yet I keep watching because its like a train wreck you cant take your eyes off of but I do love to watch Shelby and her antics cause she cracks me up but the rest that are left I can do without.

      • Avatar
        lotusflower89 (140 comments)

        By classy…. I meant not being able to cheer on farting, burping, booger wiping, vile people. Seems like the numbers are in favor of that behavior.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Lotus, I take just about everything I hear(read) in the Chat, with a grain of salt. A lot of crackpots and trolls come in there trying to get rumors started. I can’t see Production telling Jason something like that, knowing he’s there to win the $250,000 just like everyone else.

  18. kneeless

    Anyone care to speculate what the veto will be? I’m thinking maybe the ‘stay or fold.’ I hope Shelby or Morgan wins.

  19. Avatar

    If Douchielle stays & Morgan goes, I’m just going to have to cut BBOTT loose because Shelby won’t have a fighting chance after Morgan is gone. They will obviously cut Justin loose with a quickness & I don’t care to watch the remaining 3 because I can’t stand any of them.

  20. kneeless

    @stevebeans, thanks for covering BBOTT & continuing to give us a forum. I know you’ve been very busy & have given others a chance to help keep us updated & I know I appreciate that. As far as you giving your 2 cents worth on hg’s, doesn’t bother me. It’seems your site & we’really just the Trolls! LOL! As you pointed out, this is a blog not an official news site. I am going to miss everyone, we’ve spent so much time together, almost 6 mos. I guess that means it’seems a little over 6 mos & we’ll be back for BB19!

    • LindsayB
      LindsayB (2276 comments)


    • NKogNeeTow

      Knees, just in case you forgot, and for anyone else who doesn’t know…You can still keep in touch with each other now as well as during the off season. If you or anyone wants to contact each other, Join the site. Then you can go to the upper right corner and under your name, there is a drop down box. You can send FRIEND request. Once the person accepts, you can send each other messages here 🙂

  21. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    This is our last week voting for America’s Nominee, correct? I hope so, because we clearly do not deserve this privilege.

  22. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    I’m honestly over this season it’s been mostly unfair and everyone who try to go against Jason America has vote for so the game been stack in Jason from the beginning. I do believe this season and the game style would be good and I like it the only prpblem and big problem is I don’t think it’s fair when you have a retuned on a season where America votes because of all there followers and the other cast followers who pull for Jason there’s no way the game is not stack in Jason favor

  23. caRyn

    I do not want to put the hg in a box or BB in a box. If the hg was the same or the game was the same the interest in watching would be gone.

  24. Avatar

    @stevebeans you are so right. If they didn’t have Jason, none of the LNJ would be in such a good posistion. Over them all. If somehow Shelby and Morgan survive, they’ll have survived the words adversity in BB history from an unfair America.

  25. Avatar

    Bullshttttttt. I voted for Krisssur

  26. Avatar

    If morgan goes this week. I will cancel my subscription
    Every time I vote. One of my favorites goes on the block.

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  28. Avatar

    LMAO Justin..I cant trust you girl, I cant trust a big butt and a smile. He seems pretty done with the hemorrhoid

  29. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I don’t much care for these day long one at a time drawn out comps…..

  30. AIO_7

    Veto comp is beginning. GO SHELBY AND MORGAN !!!

  31. caRyn

    Justin does not trust Jason and Danielle. Kryssie is walking a thin line telling Danielle and Jason about Justin’s distrust. At this point, Justin is more of a Ball Smasher than an LNJ.

    • Avatar
      Cindy Anne (23 comments)

      Totally agree! I don’t trust Krusty at all. She jumps on the side of whoever she is talking to. She is running her mouth too much to be loyal to Shelby & Morgan. At least Justin has been keeping his thoughts to himself for the last 24 hrs.

    • LindsayB
      LindsayB (2276 comments)

      I hope everyone realizes that Krusti is playing all sides. She says social game is her jam. I can’t even type that with a straight face.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Ryn, I just want everyone to compare notes on Krustie. I want them all to know how she’s playing them all against each other and still comes out smelling like a burping, farting rose.

      • caRyn

        If any three will speak their truth – Justin, Jason and Danielle will. Danielle may pop it off first because she may think she is headed out the door. Once one says something it will all come out.

  32. caRyn

    Shelby did great.

  33. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Wasn’t veto for sale the golf one?

  34. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Perfect shot was the HOH comp hosted by Paul
    Veto for sale was golf comp hosted by jeff

  35. BBBonbon62

    Justin seems perplexed by the the Jeff/Paul question. He may nit remember which one is which. He is a funny guy but totally on another planet sometimes.

  36. BBBonbon62

    Is anyone sure what the right answers are??

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      Just what twitter is saying. I’m not sure on number 2. Each houseguest took like 10 shots each turn during perfect shot whereas only one shot each turn during veto for sale. So idk

  37. Avatar

    I am proud of Justin he beat Jason’s time. We know he didn’t throw it at least but may not have gotten the questions right

  38. caRyn

    So far the Shelby, Justin and Jason have different answers. Justin’s time I thought was more than Jason. It will come down to who got the answers correct.

  39. caRyn

    Kryssie has the longest time so far.

  40. Avatar

    I’m too scared to watch. I’ll get my updates from you guys.

  41. caRyn

    Danielle is setting them up in the wrong direction.

  42. caRyn

    If Danielle wins it is “rigged”. Lmao.

  43. caRyn

    Third time. Fail. Almost all the way to the end and they didn’t all fall.
    If you’re happy and you know it – clap your hands.

  44. caRyn

    Morgan is up now – reading the directions.

  45. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    So far Jason is the only one who picked veto for sale

  46. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Thank you all for updating, especially Caryn with all the play by play. I hate not being able to watch!!

  47. BBBonbon62

    Morgan’s yelling this is a defect cause you don’t have enough dominoes. Lolol

  48. caRyn

    Now we just wait for production to give Shelby the data.

  49. BBBonbon62

    Looks as though Shelby had the best time and the correct answers.

  50. BBBonbon62

    I am enjoying Justin’s little dances while waiting in results.

  51. caRyn

    While we wait…I just want to say I am so glad Justin is going with his gut and basically done with Jason and Danielle. He was on the fence about Jason yesterday but not anymore.

  52. caRyn

    Shelby talking to herself: It is ver unlikely that I won.

  53. caRyn

    Danielle’s time is over all of the other hg even if they get all of their answers incorrect.

  54. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Did production all go out for dinner?

  55. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Im hoping I get home in time to see Danielle’s face when she sees that she lost.

  56. caRyn

    Results are in.

  57. caRyn

    Shelby got all answers correct.

  58. AIO_7

    Shelby won, Shelby won !!!

  59. Shivani33

    I wanna see some Krustie krab on the eviction menu. Come on already.

    • Avatar

      She will take down Morgan which will not require another nominee

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Hopefully she will…….

      • Avatar

        I know after a comment that was just said they may leave her up there which would be stupi

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Beyond stupid. They talked about it this morning and if they do it then they deserve to go home because it is just plain dumb

      • Shivani33

        Yup. Just a case of wishful urgency on my part to see the last of my least favorite player. Shelby winning the PoV will do, for now. It’s excellent, even. There’s some (temporary) hope, even. And it’s the full moon tonight. Exalted and intense. So, hey!

        Maybe Jason will be voted out on Wednesday & Krustie will quit in protest!!!

        Have I mentioned how sincerely my stomach wants its life back? At this point, not seeing Danielle pick her nose comes in second to Krustie’s belching and ass gas. Something has gotta give. But it keeps looking like this quitter will be around until the end. Today I’ m simply more PI$$ED about it than usual.

  60. caRyn

    Shelby – 1st.
    Justin – 2nd.
    Jason – 3rd.
    Kryssie – 4th.
    Morgan – 5th.
    Danielle – last.

  61. Avatar


    • Avatar

      Hells yeah..FRIENDSHIP

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Yes! My girl Shelby is killing the game right now! And mad props to Justin too, I knew he could be good at comps if he ever actually applied himself!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m proud of him too Gerardo. They always say better late than never. I’m just glad that Justin, the game player FINALLY showed up. Now if we could just get Krustie FINALLY out of the the house….

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I agree NK, I said last week when Danielle nominated him and almost sent him packing that it could have been a blessing in disguise for Justin. It seems that it was, because he finally saw where he stands in that alliance (at the bottom) and that with 6 people left in the house, he couldn’t rely on them to protect him anymore. He needed to step up and start playing this week and he has. I’m happy for him, and hopes he keeps it up and takes it all the way to the finals.

        As for Krustie, I’ve just given up hope that we’ll ever get that Kreature out of the house. At this rate, she’ll probably still be there next summer when BB19 starts.

  62. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Not too bad for a stupid party girl right? I can’t wait til all the hypocridiots find out that she’s a lawyer.

  63. AIO_7

    Shelby talking to the camera (America) in the Storage room; ” You’re not taking another Willet sister away from me, Motha Fuckas”.

  64. Avatar
    Melissa (4 comments)

    Yesssssssssssssss!!!!!! Peace out Danielle

  65. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I think Shelby and Morgan are forgetting that Morgan is not replaced when taken down

  66. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I think what is going to happen is she is going to leave Morgan up thinking she has to replace her. Danielle is staying. Morgan is going.
    She has no one to correct her….if Alex were here she would but Morgan is…well Morgan
    So…..say goodbye to Morgan now
    Shelby will go next week

    • caRyn

      Shelby will use the Veto on Morgan. Morgan will then vote to evict Danielle. Shelby will not risk America voting for Morgan.

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        I hope you can tell me I told you so tomorrow

      • caRyn

        Not my style.

      • AIO_7

        Plus I think that it was Morgan’s idea to stay on the block and not Shelby’s (though I could be wrong) I think Shelb will be too smart to leave Morg up there.

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        You would have to go back and listen to the two of them in yoga room this morning after americas nom…….they have some weird “plan” going on that makes no sense at all and will send Morgan home if she follows it through

      • Avatar

        She said soon after the comp that her and Morgan are the only ones guaranteed safety right now. I’m not sure why she would say that if she wasn’t planning on using the veto on her.

      • AIO_7

        That was pre veto win, Helen, things should clear up now. Shelby is too smart, there is absolutely no gain in leaving Morg. up. Get her off and use her vote.

      • caRyn

        I hear ya, Helen. Once Shelby and Morgan go into the HOH room and look at the pics on the wall and talk some more amongst themselves they will figure it out. And Morgan isn’t going to want to risk being OTB. No reason to. I also think they will explain to Justin their plan and as they do that, they will discover by talking it out that Morgan needs to come off the block.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        It’s never going to happen. If Morgan goes all Marcellus, she deserves to go home. Lol

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Ok. Thank you sweet Jesus. She just said she was taking her down

    • NKogNeeTow

      Helen, if it’s true and Production does let things ‘slip’ sometimes, maybe they will call her into the DR and give her a ‘hint’.

  67. Avatar

    Even if Shelby took Morgan down & there had to be a 3rd nom, who the hell cares, just throw Krusty’s big ass up. Hopefully someone will remind them that there won’t be a 3rd nom.

  68. Shivani33

    Why not grab the chance to evict the self-appointed Elmer’s glue, the big head cheese? Jason, ya dig? Is that impossible or something?

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      No. it’s very possible. She could do it easily this week if she wanted to

      • AIO_7

        I’d prefer that. The biggest thing for me not to watch the feeds is Skidmark.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I really hope they get rid of Jason this week. I don’t think anyone stands a chance against him in the finals and this may be Shelby’s last chance to get rid of him. Plus she could use this opportunity to make a deal with Danielle, who will be desperate to do anything to save her game. Danielle is untrustworthy but it’s better than nothing for Shelby since she can’t play in the next HOH comp and Danielle is likely to win it if she stays.

  69. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Where’s all the LNC fans who have been preaching about how we need to even the house up? Ya’ll are getting what you want right? You didn’t want a one side game right? So you’re fine with Danielle going right?

    • caRyn

      The house is even. In my mind it is. Justin is a Ball Smashers. Lol.

    • Avatar

      Omg, Lindsay, I’ve been thinkingnthe exact same thing!

    • NKogNeeTow

      It just seems to me at this point, all of them should be playing for themselves and not as teams/alliances. For the next few weeks, they’ll be scrambling and shifting their asses off. I just hope they are entertaining while they’re doing it. I change my favorites to win as much as they change who they trust and who they don’t (daily)….with the exception of Krustie….I will NEVER vote for her to win ANYTHING!…Even if she’s the last one left in the house….all alone…..NEVER…..EVER!

    • LindsayB
      LindsayB (2276 comments)

      It just cracks me up that some people only come around here when the LNC is doing well. Now it’s just passive aggressive thumbs down. There are plenty of people who don’t agree with the “majority” and we all play nicely together. Then there’s those who only come around to gloat and cry about all the bias in the world.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Don’t worry about the thumbs down Lin. We all get them. Over the past few years I have certainly gotten my share. The only thing a thumbs down proves is that it never changes anyone’s mind…lol

      • LindsayB
        LindsayB (2276 comments)

        Trust me, I’m not worried one single bit.


  70. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    -Shelby did great and Justin did great! I can gloat since I’ve loved them from the beginning. Lol
    -I have no faith in Morgan for the next hoh. Shelby will have to win veto because Justin & Jason talked about taking her to final 3 awhile back but that’s over. J&J may be over themselves and Shelby has won comps and her intelligence isn’t a secret anymore either. They each probably want Morgan now which sucks.

    • Renee
      Renee (404 comments)

      Jason had made a comment that one of the twists must be that Shelby is actually smart because she hasn’t mentioned the Bungalow to them for a few weeks. They are starting to realize she probably made that story up.

  71. Avatar

    Can we please get Marcellus to go into the house and tell the girls how stupid it is to stay on the block with a veto in hand !

  72. kneeless

    I hope Shelby beasts it out until the end. From the beginning I have wanted Shelby & Justin in the finals. Don’t care who the 3rd person is as long as it’s NOT Jason.

  73. Avatar

    Looks like I get to hang in there longer with bbott. I was getting afraid of an ending with rooting for a winner based on who I dislike the least. Now there’s hope for my girl Shelby !

  74. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Morgan has been trying to come up with things she’s done in the game to plead her case at the end. Does that have anything to do with this dumb idea? I know she kind of wanted to be AN so she could claim she was the only AN to not be evicted. She got that idea after someone mentioned that Danielle would be able to use that. I’m so happy for Shelby this week but Morgan has spent a good amount of time lately trying to come up with what she can say she has done in the game. If you have to think that hard about it, you haven’t done much. When Alex was still there, she and Morgan were worried Shelby would try to take credit for the trick plan last week when they thought it was going to happen. Monte carried Morgan, Alex took over for him and after she left, a care pkg and Shelby have done the rest of the job. Krissi even beat her today. That’s a sentence I never thought I would write. This is who needs to help Shelby next hoh and I’m a little concerned.

  75. AIO_7

    Am I right in thinking that if Shelb and Morg could get Justin to vote with them that they could evict Skidmark this week? Goodness, I hope that dawns on them.

  76. AIO_7

    I’ve noticed whenever the house guests check the time it’s always 2 or 3 minutes behind computer time and other devices that I have. Is it possible that they are buffering the feeds by that much?

    • Avatar
      lotusflower89 (140 comments)

      Ive noticed that as well. Using puffin my picture & sound are almost always out of sinc. The 4 cameras are always about 10 seconds later than whatever one I’m watching. You can see them do something in the main camera then it takes that long for the little camera to catch up. Its anoying. Something else CBS needs to fix. The list keeps getting bigger for CBS.

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  78. Avatar
    lotusflower89 (140 comments)

    I was thinking of voting out Jason. Or trying to. Not because he will go, because our vote doesn’t matter this week (if HG’s voting Dani). I would like to see if it is at all possible. It would also send him a message. If the misfits have such a huge following it wont matter if a BS makes it to the end. They will never be able to win.

  79. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    On tonight’s recap episode they cut out Douchielle saying she would make Shelby’s life a living hell. That’s annoying cuz they showed all of the Scott debacle.

  80. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Heeeee’s a praaaaab lem……….

  81. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    It’s really sad because Douchielle lives only about 3 hours from me. I should’ve been able to root for her because of that. It’s too bad she is herself which is someone I could never root for.

  82. NKogNeeTow

    @Steve: No apologies needed Steve. No one should have given you any flack. You have an opinion like everyone else. Since you made me the Board Moderator, I’ve been trying to hold back from commenting because I didn’t want to seem prejudiced/biased. I didn’t want it to look like I was trying to sway anyone (not that I could). But I have such a big mouth, I just couldn’t hold back. The only reason I hadn’t commented that much the last week or two was because with this group of HG, half the time I just didn’t know what to say. The idiocy that comes out of the mouths of both sides of the house sometimes, leaves me at a loss for words. But we’re coming to the end now and it’s rapidly getting to the dog eat dog stage, which hopefully keep it pretty interesting.

    I don’t give a damn what anybody says, PLEASE keep posting your thoughts and observations, as well as the updates. I am positive that I speak for 99% of us when I say we all look forward to your take on things. You give us a lot to think about.

    Oh, and Smokey, Burpy, Spacey and Selfish…..PERFECT! Sounds like the lost tribe of dwarfs…lol

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      NK, that goes for you too! You’d better NEVER stop posting your opinions on this board! We love hearing your perspective on the game, and this board would not be the same without your input. You and Ann were the main reasons I started posting here in the first place. Just because you’re the moderator doesn’t mean you don’t have your opinions– your role is to make sure everyone is playing nicely and you’re doing a fantastic job of that as well.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thanks G. You know how protective I am about my little dysfunctional BB family…lol.

        I can’t seem to get into this group like I do the summer HG. Maybe it’s burnout because this new show started so soon after 18 ended. I had already gone 3 months without much sleep. Now I have the nerve to give up 3 more months..lol. One good thing about this new show though, look at how many new people they brought to the site. Add that to our summer Regs and this site will be jumping BB19! A lot of the Newbies have probably been reading Steve’s Blog for years, just not commenting. Glad they finally came out of the woodwork. I’m hoping even more of the shy ones will speak up once BB19 starts 🙂

      • LindsayB
        LindsayB (2276 comments)

        I was one of the shy ones that didn’t start commenting til this season. Yes, I was shy.
        I really need a BB break after this one.

    • Avatar

      I guarantee you if anybody pinned her big ass up anywhere it wouldn’t be no damn secret.

    • Avatar

      Steve, NK, I got your backs.

      “Friendship, ya dig”

  83. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I must be strange because if I had taken all this time and trouble to be one of the last 6 housepets in BB I don’t think I would be snoring at 830 at night with my head on the chopping block! Might not be anything I could say or do but I sure would be trying!!!

  84. NKogNeeTow

    Krustie just said that when she gets married, she wants to dance down the aisle to PYT by Michael Jackson. Only thing I’m trying to figure out is if the song playing is PYT (Pretty Young Thing), WHO would they be referring to?

  85. Shivani33

    There’s been no hint of any switch from voting to evict Danielle to evicting Jason instead. With his fan-based position of popularity, how impractical is it to keep him!?! He’s a BB mini-celebrity, for crying out loud. He has evinced far more loyalty than Danielle has, both in & out of the BB house. It puzzles me – not to strike while the iron is hot. To me, Jason is the more lethal opponent.

    • Avatar
      ann2 (438 comments)

      And I think maybe Justin last night said he had an unfair advantage because of his fan following. But in Justin’s defense, he wants the care package and that’s of a more immediate concern.

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        He did when talking with Shelby…but then he went back and told Jason that “they” want to target Jason next week so I am not 100% on board with not taking Jason out this week instead. When opportunity knocks……….

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      It may prove to be her fatal mistake…….Justin is truely playing the middle right now…….

  86. Renee
    Renee (404 comments)

    Danielle is getting bolder with production. They had to tell her 3xs to renew her batteries. On the 3rd time she yelled “penalty vote”.

  87. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    How long before kryssey takes the Morgan “secret” back to Jason? I say by 3 pm

  88. Avatar

    Helen, what’s the Morgan secret?

  89. Avatar

    Please don’t say that Morgan told Krusty that Alex is her sister. She’s not that stupid or is she?

  90. Avatar

    Nk, where is that bus? We need to get to the BB House quick, fast & in a hurry so we can rope Krusy’s big ass & drag her ass out of there like yesterday. I want to go in & smack Morgan & Shelby on the back of the head & tell them to keep they’re mouths shut if they really want to make it to the end because you can’t trust anyone in that damn house.

  91. Avatar

    Morgan is a dumbass, she just placed the biggest target on her back. If she doesn’t win the next HOH her ass is as good as gone. There is no way Krusty is not telling Jason.

  92. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Now Justin is working on moron letting her think he wants to take her and krissey to final 3.
    His final 3 has never wavered. Him Jason krissey
    Question is……will he get caught in his own web?

  93. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    To be honest I don’t see Morgan telling Kryssie her secret that bad a move at first I thought it was but if you look at it as she is trying to show her she down to trust anyone because she never told anyone her secret Kryssie might buy it. Also it makes Kryssie think her and Shelby are not that close because Shelby doesn’t know and after her talk with Justin if Justin tells kryssie than they might belive Morgan wouldn’t mine cutting Shelby so the final four could work in there benefit and turn it into a final 3. After all if that doesn’t work and they tell Jason I still don’t think that will make Morgan a bigger target than Shelby because Jason wants Shelby out more. We’re in the point so late in the game that I don’t see her secret hurting more than She can try to use it to her advantages so good for her for trying to play the game and trying to make it to final 3

  94. Avatar

    Did Krusty tell Moron’s secret yet?

  95. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    If there’s one thing for sure at this point is that we will mostly likely she Kryssie in final 3 as every single house guess want her there. So atleast we know who won third place

  96. Avatar

    I forgot to ask how the VETO meeting went today. Did Douchielle throw a fit & say it wasn’t fair & call people names?

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