How I feel today

How I feel today

Good afternoon, everyone. Big day today in the house as America is going to be nominating for the last time this season, and whoever they nominate can quite possibly change the remainder of the season. Right now the leading contenders are Kryssie and Morgan.  If Kryssie, Danielle almost certainly leaves the house, but if Morgan is up and she doesn’t win veto, there is a good chance Shelby will be screwed over once again by broken deals.

I got a little flack for pushing Kryssie as America’s Nom, but I don’t care at this point. I’m a blogger, nor a journalist. As a blogger, I think the feeds will be the most entertaining with the LNJ turning on each other rather than picking off Morgan, then Shelby before we have a final 4 of smokey, burpy, spacey, and selfish. That sounds about as fun as the late night conversations I never watched because they were weird and boring. Every time I watch feeds of the LNJ, they’re typically complaining about production, or someone in the house, or the food, or the weather, or anything.


The house was woken up 45 mins before they should have been, so I expect nom and pov to happen at 10am.


  • 9:40am – BB keeps trying to get the house up. Only Morgan is up and getting ready for the day. I think she expects to be nominated today
  • 10:00pm – America’s Nom is in….
    • morgan-3rdnom
    • Disclaimer – If another of Shelby’s allies goes home while she is HoH, I am on autopilot the rest of the way. I will post daily threads for people to talk, but I have too much homework and stuff to do to watch a group of pretty shitty people get carried because production was dumb to put a person with 60k+ twitter followers (plus another 60k+ from Da’Vonne) in a season where America had so much power.  I liked the concept of giving America power, hated Jason being in the house with it.
    • And for people thinking it’s a conspiracy theory on CBS’s part. It’s not. I’m pretty sure production hates the LNJ because they consistently ignore rules.  The LNJ has been carried by Jason’s fanbase and fellow alumni friends of his (like Da’Vonne).  He has 100’s of thousands of combined followers through his and his friends’ twitter accounts. Monte was smart to try to get him out week one. If only he had lost that veto, it may have been a much more fair season.
  • 1:00pm – Another one at a time veto competition.
    • Jason – Shelby – Justin – Kryssie – Dani – Morgan is the order
    • povweek5
    • Trivia type of competition where they set up dominos and they need to go through the right answer. Every wrong answer gets 3 minutes added to time.
    • Another angle of the comp
    • veto-comp
    • Jason beginning time – 1:23:22pm – end time 1:35:23pm
    • jason-finish
    • Shelby beginning time – 1:47:01pm – finish: 1:56:40pm
    • shelby-pov
    • Justin’s beginning time – 2:08:11pm – finish: 2:19:30
    • justin-pov3
    • Kryssie start time – 2:34:27pm – end time 2:47:33pm
    • kryssie-start
    • Danielle start time 3:00:56pm – finish 3:24:09
    • danielle-comp
    • Morgan is off 3:33:49 – finish time 3:47:27
    • morgan-pov
  • Estimated times:
    • (no clue on right/wrong)  People on twitter saying correct answers are Jeff – Perfect Shott – Veto Vault.
    • Jason – 12:01  (Veto For Sale, Jeff, Veto Vault)
    • Shelby – 9:41 (Perfect Shott, Jeff, Veto Vault)
    • Justin – 11:19 (Perfect Shott, Paul, Veto Fault)
    • Kryssie – 13:06  (Perfect Shott, Jeff, Balance of Power)
    • Danielle – 23:13 (Perfect Shott, Jeff, Veto Vault)
    • Morgan – 13:38 (Perfect Shott, Paul, Balance of Power)
  • Official times:
    • Jason – 14:58
    • Shelby – 9:38
    • Justin – 14:18
    • Kryssie – 16:06
    • Danielle – 23:13
    • Morgan – 19:37
  • 8:45pm – Back from my post-PoV break.  Shelby and Morgan are eating in the kitchen. Danielle laying in Tokyo room

Check back for  updates