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Are The Ballsmashers In Trouble? BBOTT

October 21, 2016 | 206 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


When Kryssie won HoH this week, it was pretty obvious that the four girls had their work cut out for them this week. With America still basically on the side of Jason, they pretty much need a miracle if all want to survive the week.

Another problem is that there may be some cracks forming in what has been an extremely rock solid alliance. Last night, Shelby was talking to Kryssie in the HoH room, while Kryssie let Justin hide in the tub and listen in. Shelby learned of Jason and Scott having some sort of thing on the side, and also found out about Justin snooping.  She called him on it, and he tried to play dumb, but she reminded him that he heard the conversation. I think that’s when it hit Shelby that there is more to Justin than he lets on, and more to the house than she realizes.  After a long night of thinking, she is starting to wonder if Justin, Jason, Scott and Alex have an alliance going. If that thought builds traction, it could destroy the ballsmashers and split everyone up.

Shelby did approach Alex about an alliance with them, and she denied it, but after being a HN for a week, I think the lack of a proper diet and good sleep is starting to make her more paranoid than usual.

As far as the group coming out of the week unscathed, it would pretty much take a miracle, and a sacrifice from Scott.  Kryssie is targeting Alex, but all early indicators are that Alex will receive the care package today, which gives her safety (we’ll find out in a few hours for sure). If this happens, it will then take America to nominate someone like Neeley which removes a vote from that side. It would still probably end up being a couch of say 2 smashers and Neeley, so that means the lone smasher other than Alex would need to win the PoV and save one. This essentially guarantees Scott go on the block, and the chances of Scott or Neeley going home over Morgan, Whit, or Shelby is fairly high. Especially after Scott is the one who split up Dani and Shane.

Still a long shot and the odds are high that one of the ballsmashers will go home, but we’ve seen during Alex’s week that sometimes the HoH doesn’t have complete control this season.

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  • 10:30am – Justin hid Neeley’s witch hat, and she spent about 10 minutes looking for both him and the hat. Between this picture and the above photo, Justin has been hiding a lot lately
    • justin-hiding3
  • 10:50am – The plastics (aka ballsmashers) meet in the kitchen
    • Shelby begins retelling the story of how she called out Justin last night to Whitney
    • The girls want to tell Kryssie that Scott told her to nominate him via backdoor because he doesn’t think she’s smart enough to do it if he tells her to do so
  • 12:45pm – The LNJ are in the HoH looking at the screen making fun of the plastics. Only 15 minutes until care package
    • Kryssie brags because she thinks she won a physical comp.  I don’t know if she understands what a physical comp is
    • Jason is talking about how Scott thinks he’s so good at the game and has an arrogant attitude. If he had any skill, he’d be on a numbered show.  He then says ‘no shade to you all’ and tells Neeley and Kryssie they’re humble about it (hahahha)
  • 1:00pm – Care Package: Alex wins safety
    • Kryssie is not thrilled
    • Kryssie said Alex received the Care Package because Alex deserves HOH more than her
    • krss-nothappy
  • 1:40pm – Alex gets her outfit
    • alex-twirl
    • And one of her first tasks is to bring Kryssie some fruit
    • alex-fruit-kryssie
  • 3:00pm – Kryssie is saying if Scott is HN, she may not nominate him because she thinks America would
  • 4:45pm – Looks like the power is getting to the LNJ.  When the ‘misfits’ get power, they don’t know how to handle it. Kryssie and Neeley are already snapping back and forth because Kryssie is getting a serious case of HOHITIS already.
    • neeley
    • The whole thing started because her allies went up into the HoH room and decided to offer suggestions.  Kryssie got all worked up because she thinks she should be the one making the calls, blah blah.
  • 6:00pm – Whitney is chatting with Justin about the current situation in the house.  Justin tells her he doesn’t want her to go home. Going to be a long two days while they figure out noms
  • 7:30pm – Live diary room sessions soon.  THey are kind of boring now, just everyone pleading for favors between answering the boring questions


Check back for updates

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