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Are The Ballsmashers In Trouble? BBOTT



When Kryssie won HoH this week, it was pretty obvious that the four girls had their work cut out for them this week. With America still basically on the side of Jason, they pretty much need a miracle if all want to survive the week.

Another problem is that there may be some cracks forming in what has been an extremely rock solid alliance. Last night, Shelby was talking to Kryssie in the HoH room, while Kryssie let Justin hide in the tub and listen in. Shelby learned of Jason and Scott having some sort of thing on the side, and also found out about Justin snooping.  She called him on it, and he tried to play dumb, but she reminded him that he heard the conversation. I think that’s when it hit Shelby that there is more to Justin than he lets on, and more to the house than she realizes.  After a long night of thinking, she is starting to wonder if Justin, Jason, Scott and Alex have an alliance going. If that thought builds traction, it could destroy the ballsmashers and split everyone up.

Shelby did approach Alex about an alliance with them, and she denied it, but after being a HN for a week, I think the lack of a proper diet and good sleep is starting to make her more paranoid than usual.


As far as the group coming out of the week unscathed, it would pretty much take a miracle, and a sacrifice from Scott.  Kryssie is targeting Alex, but all early indicators are that Alex will receive the care package today, which gives her safety (we’ll find out in a few hours for sure). If this happens, it will then take America to nominate someone like Neeley which removes a vote from that side. It would still probably end up being a couch of say 2 smashers and Neeley, so that means the lone smasher other than Alex would need to win the PoV and save one. This essentially guarantees Scott go on the block, and the chances of Scott or Neeley going home over Morgan, Whit, or Shelby is fairly high. Especially after Scott is the one who split up Dani and Shane.

Still a long shot and the odds are high that one of the ballsmashers will go home, but we’ve seen during Alex’s week that sometimes the HoH doesn’t have complete control this season.

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  • 10:30am – Justin hid Neeley’s witch hat, and she spent about 10 minutes looking for both him and the hat. Between this picture and the above photo, Justin has been hiding a lot lately
    • justin-hiding3
  • 10:50am – The plastics (aka ballsmashers) meet in the kitchen
    • Shelby begins retelling the story of how she called out Justin last night to Whitney
    • The girls want to tell Kryssie that Scott told her to nominate him via backdoor because he doesn’t think she’s smart enough to do it if he tells her to do so
  • 12:45pm – The LNJ are in the HoH looking at the screen making fun of the plastics. Only 15 minutes until care package
    • Kryssie brags because she thinks she won a physical comp.  I don’t know if she understands what a physical comp is
    • Jason is talking about how Scott thinks he’s so good at the game and has an arrogant attitude. If he had any skill, he’d be on a numbered show.  He then says ‘no shade to you all’ and tells Neeley and Kryssie they’re humble about it (hahahha)
  • 1:00pm – Care Package: Alex wins safety
    • Kryssie is not thrilled
    • Kryssie said Alex received the Care Package because Alex deserves HOH more than her
    • krss-nothappy
  • 1:40pm – Alex gets her outfit
    • alex-twirl
    • And one of her first tasks is to bring Kryssie some fruit
    • alex-fruit-kryssie
  • 3:00pm – Kryssie is saying if Scott is HN, she may not nominate him because she thinks America would
  • 4:45pm – Looks like the power is getting to the LNJ.  When the ‘misfits’ get power, they don’t know how to handle it. Kryssie and Neeley are already snapping back and forth because Kryssie is getting a serious case of HOHITIS already.
    • neeley
    • The whole thing started because her allies went up into the HoH room and decided to offer suggestions.  Kryssie got all worked up because she thinks she should be the one making the calls, blah blah.
  • 6:00pm – Whitney is chatting with Justin about the current situation in the house.  Justin tells her he doesn’t want her to go home. Going to be a long two days while they figure out noms
  • 7:30pm – Live diary room sessions soon.  THey are kind of boring now, just everyone pleading for favors between answering the boring questions


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  1. Avatar

    Is there a set time for the care package arrival?

  2. Helen

    So who is gonna go this week? Shelby Morgan Whitney or Scott?

  3. LindsayB

    So I just spent the last ten minutes watching HGs watch a praying mantis go up a wall. I think I have a problem.

  4. Avatar

    Hopefully America nominates Neely for third pick. *fingers crossed*

  5. caRyn

    America Votes (PT):
    Have Nots:
    Friday 2 pm – Saturday 10 am

  6. caRyn

    Friday (PT):
    1 pm: Care Package Delivery
    7 pm: Weekday Replay
    7:30 pm: Live DRs

  7. Avatar

    So glad Alex is safe! I would love to see Jason go home this week but will be ok with Neely going.

    • Avatar

      well I just voted for the HAVE NOTS I voted NEELEY JASON JUSTIN BUT LOVE TO SEE NEELEY GO HOME OR JASON let go America let bust there bubble and get another one of theirs LNJ out 🙂

  8. Helen

    Krustie gonna be looking at have not votes this week. Please oh please nom Neely Morgan and either Whitney or Jason
    Please let’s not split votes!!!!!

  9. Avatar

    Nominating Neely for slop and nominee

  10. Avatar

    Every HOH this season has had there allied on the block. Monte had cornflake. Alex had monte. So I want Kryssie to have Neely on the block

  11. Helen

    I knew Krustie was gonna go for Shelby/Scott!! She has wanted one of those two out since week one. She tries to deny but it’s true!! That’s why Scott has a problem with her. She’s going for the backdoor with Shelby though….

  12. Avatar

    This cp is hilarious! I hope it annoys Krissy to no end and ruins her scheming.

  13. Shivani33

    Hoo ha! Sparks flying. Don’t bogart that HoH, Krustie. Pass it over to me. She’s having to tell her own crew to stfu.

  14. Mell

    Honestly, I didn’t even look at Alex out in the backyard. I was too busy watching Krissi and Danielle’s faces. Ait was hysterical!

  15. Shivani33

    Alex looks marvelous. It’s reminding me of Cinderella needing to wait on her doofus, delusional stepsister(s).

  16. caRyn

    I voted Whitney, Morgan and Neeley for Have-Not.

    • Helen

      I voted Neely Morgan and Jason since Krustie critter seems to think it means so much. I wanted her “ride or die” in have not the week she is HOH!!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Those were my votes too Helen, and for the same reasons. I want to send a message to Krustie and her crew. I want to make sure Krustie knows that not even attaching herself to Jason can save her from our wrath…

      • Mell

        Gerardo, wasn’t going to vote for Jason but I didn’t think of that. Krissi is very hung up on who the have nots are. I may have to consider that now. Thank you and Helen.

      • Helen

        Yup. My feeling is Krustie attached herself to Jason for one reason only. Because he is a vet and has a fan base. She thinks that is going to propel her forward in the game. Time to shake up her delusional little world IMO. Of course she will spin it into something else. I notice the only time things America does right is when it’s in her favor otherwise it’s oh yeah well they probably just meant ……….

      • Avatar

        Helen, I think that is exactly why she has attached herself to Jason. Watch in her DRs, she always makes a point to say Jason is her ride or die and she’s going to the finals with him. She thinks we want to hear that. She wants us to carry her and do her work. I can’t stand her. Hopefully she goes next week.

  17. Avatar

    I think that’s a great idea to put Jason as have not to scared Kryssie that her ride or die is on slop I also voted Morgan and Neely

  18. Avatar


  19. Helen

    Weird. I have not seen any polls yet?

  20. Avatar

    I went with Jason, Neeley, & Whitney for hn & will do Neeley as americas nom. Each of them should be on slop before i start repeats, unless i had the choice of Dani. Justin told Kryssie that is was Jason talking to the other side. Neeley was a little offended when Kryssie told her that everyone (Jason & her) were talking over her and not allowing her to express her thoughts. She is the hoh not them. She has to live with the blood not them. Kryssie thought we gave Alex the care package because she was hoh. We wanted them linked together. We wanted to see what they each do with it.

  21. Mell

    Are you guys stuck on Neely being America’s nom or if Danielle is available to go home,would that still be your first choice?

    Helen said she had a “dream” recently that we commented on but it actually could happen and Helen may be a secret genius. It is a gamble and three specific things would have to happen but if they did Danielle could go home this week. I just wanted to run this past some of you and get your thoughts. Don’t worry, this is not a save ‘Neeley campaign’ because I’m still on board for that.
    1. Alex and crew would have to realize this would work and I’m sure they would. (especially Scott and Alex)
    2.. The one person who does not end up OTB out of Scott and BS has to play in veto and win it. (hopefully it’s one they can help someone else win)
    3. We have to be correct in assuming the LNC member Krissi is most willing to lose is Danielle.

    None of those things are guaranteed (1st one probably is) but if those things happened Krrissi would have no choice but to put up someone from her own alliance now that Alex is safe. That would be so much better than us putting one of her friends OTB. What if she had to put them up herself?

    It’s just something to think about…

  22. Avatar

    Julie’s question to Shelby about why the house is so divided has had me thinking about it. I couldn’t get feeds to flasback the first week. One side of the house has all big loud personalities. So loud that unless you are like that you are drowned out by them. Their personalities are so strong in fact that i think it actually becomes palpable to the others with or without them realizing it. I know I myself have a hard time being around such huge personalities. It makes me uncomfortable. The energy is to much for me. I tend to absorb energy from others. Just a thought. Other thoughts or observations? Did i miss something the first week? Shane said it was because the 2nd night in the hot tub the other side of the house wouldn’t share about their lives. Kryssie also says she doesnt know why Scott hates her, she never did anything to him. I missed the why here as well.

    • Mell

      Krissi and Scott didn’t really connect from the beginning but her constant advice to him started rubbing him the wrong way I think. She even said to Alex that she gave Scott two hours of game advice and then he turned on her. I don’t recall Scott ever asking for Krissi’s advice.

      What Shane said was sort of true but not exactly. The LNC quickly figured out they liked to stay up late, smack talk and discuss really crude topics.The other group didn’t (except for Shelby) so they tended to stay in the house. The “smokers section” may have had a little to do with it as well. The BS also started latching onto Monte as a shield and he didn’t like to be around Justin. I don’t believe that was because of what was being discussed. I’ve always thought Monte couldn’t handle the positive attention Justin was receiving from so many. Scott went back and forth initially because Shane was out there and he’s a smoker. Shelby started out with LNC because she has a lot of the same personality as them truthfully and if you recall she started hanging out with the Plastics for Intel. Shelby decided she like the plastics better and she never came back to give any intel. Several things factored into the house separation. Imo

      • caRyn

        Kryssie was mad at Scott because Scott wouldn’t say the name of the hg that said Scott and Shelby were Kryssie’s targets. Afterwards, Kryssie threw Scott UTB regarding Monte’s comment (about Justin) and the heat that followed the comment.

  23. Mell

    Did Neeley and Krissi have an argument today? I missed some stuff.

    • Helen

      Yes. Krustie pretty much told them all to STFU

    • Shivani33

      Mell, Neeley has been too vociferous and has kept interrupting Kryssie, as well as talking over her in the HOH room during group discussions. Kryssie pointed out that this is her HOH and that she’s making her own decisions. Both are a little miffed about it.

      • Mell

        I just got caught up and you guys were right. I thought Krissi got offended easily…jeez! These are the same people who call each other c**ts and whore and don’t get offended. Neeley may slap somebody if she gets on slop.

  24. caRyn

    9:07 pm (PT) Last night Morgan and Kryssie talk. (Jason hiding in the bathtub). Morgan said she is a trustworthy person and she has gotten to know hg. As the numbers dwindle Morgan would be a person to work with. Morgan said she is close to Neeley and Krissie is close to Neeley – just something to consider. Kryssie said there is Have-Nots and Care Package to consider. Morgan said Kryssie is not her target in the upcoming weeks and she has never plotted against Kryssie. Kryssie wants Morgan to offer up anything and deal whatever. Morgan said obviously Scott is gunning for Kryssie. Morgan reiterates that Alex will throw comps because she doesn’t want to be a threat. Morgan said Alex and Whitney are not going to target Kryssie. Whitney and Alex are good to keep around. Shelby and Scott – Morgan doesn’t know where their heads are at. 9:14 pm Kryssie said she has noticed Morgan hanging out with Justin more now that Monte is gone and not controlling her brain. Kryssie pointed out that Morgan’s side of the house are not making personal relationships and basically aren’t bothered when their side of the house is voted out – Cornbread/Monte. Kryssie states that a lot of people are missing out on the social side of this game and that is Kryssie’s problem with Scott and Alex. Kryssie said at any point if you want to bring me some information you can do so. Kryssie thinks of all The Plastics Morgan has the best social game on that side of the house. Morgan hugged Kryssie when Shane left. Kryssie is playing 50/50 = 50 player/50 human being. Playing too emotional will make Kryssie weak but playing with her heart and head will keep America interested in what Kryssie is going to do. Morgan told Kryssie she was safe week two and Kryssie has no intention of getting rid of Morgan. Kryssie said Justin (who is playing in the middle) used the Veto on Kryssie because he knew Kryssie didn’t deserve being OTB. Kryssie’s loyalty is with Justin because he saved her and Kryssie mentions Justin is a good person to work with. Danielle saved Kryssie week one. There are people Kryssie wants to keep close and there are people that are…what have you done for me lately. HOH is not going to get to Kryssie’s head like Scott. Convo ends at 9:24 pm (PT)

  25. Helen

    Perfect!! Neely is going to go on slop and of course Krustie is going to be convinced we are offended by Neely arguement with her!! I can just hear her rationalizing this one!!

    • Mell

      Yep, I may go back to Scott and hope your dream comes true! If not, Morgan may leave.

      • Helen

        I think if things go the way I want there will be a 3 3 tie with America deciding…although if Justin can be believed he just told Morgan he would not vote her out AND he wants Neely gone. Puuuurrrrrrfect!!!!!

      • Mell

        He is the one who would rock the LNC boat too! He just may do it! Aside from not trusting her, why is he scared of that damn hat? Bizarre…even by Justin standards

      • Helen

        He just thinks she looks like a witch. Lol. Maybe …..I would change the w to a b though
        Sad cause I liked her at first

  26. Avatar

    I can’t wait to make Kryssie a have not and nominate her.

  27. caRyn

    Midnight – Justin and Jason talking about Scott and how they never had an alliance with him. That Scott was just an insurance policy in case Scott’s side came into power this week.

  28. caRyn

    11:09 pm (PT) Last night Shelby and Alex didn’t think it was funny that Justin was in the bathtub when The Plastics were talking to Kryssie earlier.

    • caRyn

      11:37 PM (PT) Shelby tells Justin, in front of Morgan, that she stayed in the HOH room talking to Kryssie for so long because Kryssie said Justin, Jason and Scott are in an alliance and Shelby wanted to find out more. Justin said he wasn’t in an alliance with them. Shelby said she doesn’t know what to think anymore and Justin said I don’t care what you think. Justin said he doesn’t have an alliance with anyone in this house and he doesn’t talk game with anyone. Shelby said she will stay up thinking about why someone told her that and Justin said because they are lying.

      • caRyn

        11:49 pm (PT) Shelby tells Scott that Kryssie said Scott, Jason and Justin have an alliance. Scott said there are 3 guys left and they have to look out for each other but there is no alliance. Shelby said she is trying to figure out why Kryssie would tell her that.

      • caRyn

        11:56 pm (PT) Shelby in the Have-Not room alone. Shelby asked the camera if Alex is in an alliance with Scott, Justin and Jason nod. When Shelby wasn’t looking the camera did nod. I am not sure if it was intentional.

      • caRyn

        12:56 am (PT) Shelby told Alex what Kryssie said about the guys alliance and how she asked Justin and Scott and they both said no but Shelby doesn’t believe them. Shelby asked Alex if she was in an alliance with the guys and Alex said no, but Scott did mention it. Alex filled her in on some of what Scott said.

  29. Shivani33

    I don’t think that Danielle will be nominated this time, at least as things are right now. She’s kept to her word and has been quieter. She has told the HoH that she’ll vote as Kryssie wants her to vote. Also, Danielle told Kryssie to watch out for Jason playing both sides, and since then, Kryssie has realized that Jason told the PBS things and then turned around and blamed the leak on Justin. Even Justin has told Jason not to do that ever again. Kryssie stored this tidbit away and hasn’t made a big deal over it. Could be wrong, of course. But Danielle has gained some respect from her group this week.

    • Mell

      She has made progress but don’t you think if Krissi had to, Danielle would be her pick? I think Jason and Justin can keep her wrapped around their finger. She and Neeley are going to make up from their tiff so I think it would have to be Danielle. She wouldn’t want to since she’s been up every week but who else do you think she would do it to? It won’t matter if Neeley is America’s nom but if Scott is the third nom, it could happen.

      • Shivani33

        There is so much posting on BB chat sites for Neeley to be America’s nom, by far moreso than anyone else. It would likely be Krustie in that position if she wasn’t safe right now. Barring a big blowup, Neeley is very much in the lead. These two gals aren’t getting friendship. I still think America’s vote for nomination would go to Danielle and/or Krustie if it could. There are so many “ifs” that have to become realities for Danielle to go on the block right now that the chances seem slim.

        Tonight, most houseguests have answered their question about who’s the most annoying person to live with in the house by saying it’s Danielle. Morgan said it’s Kryssie. Shelby said both Danielle and Justin, remarking that he talks constantly and that hearing about his nuts is getting old. Too funny. I hope Shelby doesn’t get evicted anytime soon.

      • caRyn

        Whitney about Danielle in Live DR…And it doesn’t help that she likes to eat so much.

  30. Avatar

    I’ve finally decide my have not picks are Neely, Jason, and Justin. Let’s see what Kryssie decides when that whole side is on slop

  31. Avatar

    Jason is gross!! The common area in the backyard. He just randomly grabbed a pillow and wipes his armpits with it. Justin, Krissie and Danielle looked surprised, disgusted and confused. But then Krissie, quickly confessed she had farted in Scott’s bed. They all asked Jason why did he just do that!

  32. Avatar

    Why is everyone deciding to not vote Justin for Slop and picking a plastic instead?

  33. Avatar

    Morgan or Shelby can go this week. Preferably Morgan, that way the sisters are broken up.

  34. caRyn

    10:12 am (PT) Jason talking to himself and says he can’t trust Scott or Shelby. He said he gave Alex a little bit of information and she told The Plastics.

  35. caRyn

    10:20 am (PT) Neeley and Kryssie talking. Kryssie said when she was talking with The Plastics one on one she tried to get them to say nasty things about Justin (because Justin was listening) but none of The Plastics would. Nelley thinks Justin and Whitney are working together.

  36. caRyn

    10:26 am (PT) Jason and Kryssie talking. Jason letting Kryssie know that Justin said Shelby asked him if he was in an alliance with Jason and Scott. Shelby said she got the information from Kryssie. Kryssie said she didn’t say that.

  37. caRyn

    10:26 am (PT) Kryssie told Jason she felt bad that she made Whitney cry yesterday. Whitney came to Kryssie both times Kryssie was OTB and told Kryssie she was safe. Kryssie told Whitney if Whitney is OTB Kryssie will do her best to protect Whitney. That is when Whitney cried. Whitney is the only one Kryssie would care about protecting on that side of the house.

  38. Avatar

    These Diary Room sessions are so hard to stomach. Can we Please have a battle back comp. so that Victor will win and come back in !

  39. Avatar

    Random thought from earlier. Does anyone else think that the preying mantis was the same one Paul tried to feed the leaf to ? I think it knew Freindship was there last night and came back looking for him !

  40. caRyn

    Scott’s Live DR – Scott has no idea Alex is throwing him UTB and that Alex is pushing for all of The Plastics to throw Scott UTB.

    • Avatar

      I feel bad for Scott because Scott completely worships Alex and Alex has no idea and thinks that Scott isn’t as loyal to her as he actually is so she would rather him go than any of the plastics. I actually don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone on BB be as loyal as Scott is to Alex aside from occasional showmances. Scott literally said that he would probably rather go home this week than have Alex go home and thanked America for the care package as if he had won it.

  41. caRyn

    Kryssie said Scott lied. There isn’t anything on the card that said Scott had to make an eviction speech.

  42. caRyn

    Morgan’s Live DR – Morgan seems more real to me. She isn’t so plastic.

  43. Avatar

    Kryssie starts her D.R. with I think I’m the last one. Well yes she is, but when she starts a sentence with the phrase “I Think” we all know it’s a lie !

  44. Avatar

    Krispy thinks America picked Alex to receive the care package so she would have to wait on her? LOL. She is so full of herself that she cannot even fathom it was to keep Alex safe! I wish I could see her face when she reads these blogs! Also, would love to see Danielle learn that she was the unanimous choice for most annoying in the house by her team! LOL

  45. Mell

    Tonight’s DR thoughts:
    Justin- I still love him but I wish I had learned more tonight. Maybe there isn’t anything new to learn. His game needs sooooo much work.
    Neeley-I kind of felt bad for her tonight thinking she’s safe. I think she has a temper and once she’s done being an ass, she forgets she ever was one. That doesn’t make her a terrible person in life as a whole. She can still go home tho. (Don’t worry Helen. Lol)
    Scott-How can you not like this guy? Instead of saying diva, honey, you know, like and other words on repeat, he tells us so much in every DR. He has well thought out strategies and doesn’t get pushed around.
    Morgan-I almost liked her tonight. It caught me off guard to be honest. I wish she knew she didn’t need to convince us Krissi is crazy.
    Jason-I’ve always liked him but LNC brings the worst out in his personality. DR Jason is so much more likable. He’s still a smart ass and a little hostile but it’s the irritable and witty Jason who I actually enjoy. I like that he’s more focused this time.
    Whitney-Her eyeshadow looked amazing but was ruined because she needed more mascara. (Sorry, not game related but true) She’s annoying me less. Maybe I’m finally used to her voice. Is she growing on me? I don’t know but I know I don’t have 1 legitimate game related reason not to like her which sucks!
    Danielle-When she was talking about Alex, she said “she put me and Shane on the block.” She really does blame Alex more than Scott. I think slop and sadness over Shane makes it appear she is more humble now. I’m betting that doesnt last long. I’ve been so annoyed with her, I had honestly forgotten she’s intelligent.
    Shelby-She’s just as honest as Scott and super funny! She’s playing more game than I originally thought. I still love her!
    Alex- I wish she would sit on her hands when she’s in the DR but she didn’t talk quite as loud so that’s something. She’s a smart cookie but it’s too bad she doesn’t get that Scott would almost fall on his sword for her.
    Krissi-The wierd thing is, although she’s a bitter person, I think she has a good heart. She’s done crappy things but I think she’s the kind of friend in life who would help you bury a body. Her loyalty would be such an asset if she wasn’t nuts. I don’t think she would be a terrible player if she had an ounce of self awareness and a gallon less of double standards.

  46. Avatar

    Kryssie actually did it. She turned us saving Alex into a favor for her. She thinks we want Alex to be uncomfortable since she didn’t treat Kryssie right so far. wtf Can you say delusional much !

    • Helen

      She has me so PISSED!! She is going to try to get out “someone who does not deserve to be there”. Like who the h*** do you think you are?

      • Mell

        I hate when hg’s say that. They all deserve to be there. (for a while at least)

      • Helen

        It just makes me so angry!! Like who is she to decide who deserves anything? Has she morphed into George W. Bush and become “the decider”? How bout this ms farts a lot? I don’t think your gross nasty a** deserves to be there either!!!

      • Avatar

        A person had to go every week. They took out LNJ member last eviction now it’s the plastic’s turn. I mean do you all expect the entire game to be one sided. That’d be a total bore!

    • Avatar

      Did you expect anything different from Kryssie. According to her everything America does is for her because we love her. We can put Jason her so call ride or die on the block and she would say something like we did it to help her by having her allied in the veto to help her win. It’s funny how someone head can be so big that we live to vote her way.

    • Mell

      Wait till Neeley’s OTB and she thinks it’s because Neeley got mad at her today. Lol

  47. Avatar

    I’m feeling odd about all these people on here attacking Neeley. How about Justin the turncoat, the one who flipped on everyone who defended and trusted him? I swear women will never have it easy due to other women. People on here are praising the biggest male turncoat Jason and Justin, and no giving any credit to the women who were loyal to a fault. Any female on here should never wonder why women are still pushing at the glass ceiling. I was a huge Justin and Jason fan, but when they flipped my respect went to ZERO. I am losing respect for Alex because look at how she’s dumping Scott. Justin’s phony ways with the Plastics is turning me off! He talked about them the worse in the beginning.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I think it’s mostly guilt by association. I personally really liked Neeley up until about a week ago, because she seemed to act more mature and less obnoxious and self-righteous than most of her allies. But it’s almost as if hanging around with that vile creature Krustie started rubbing off on Neeley after a while (or maybe it was just her true colors coming out).

      Having said that, there are SEVERAL HGs (including many male HGs like Monte, Cornbread, Shane, and Jason) that I dislike much more than Neeley. Unfortunately for Neeley, most of the HGs who I would love to nominate in her place are either already evicted or ineligible to receive my votes this week.

      • Avatar

        I really want her to have more time. She did act more intelligen in the beginning. Trying to get comfortable and hang out with foul mouthed Jason, Krissi and Justin rubbed off on her. She had the potential to go the other way if only she had taken that HOH deal with Alex instead of trying to win and save them. She’s the one that spoke up and tried to bring peace in the house. I think she deserves one more week at least.
        She started hanging on the couch first with Krissi and fought to save her twice, now she’s like a person without a country and no way to fight for herself. I think if BB had allowed napping, different people would have mingled.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I hear you Gia. I won’t really be upset if Neeley stays this week, but if she does stay I hope she breaks away from that group a bit and starts playing her own game. She did get into a spat with Krustie yesterday so maybe that woke her up. If the house remains divided the way it currently is, Neeley will continue to be a big target of the other side (and probably of the viewers) unless she switches her strategy up and makes some side deals.

    • Mell

      Gia, I can see where you’re coming from and I was bummed that Neeley started acting differently. I’ve liked her. She isn’t my choice for who would leave this week and I said the same thing about her having time to fix what ticked people off. Were starting to know how the hg’s feel when the majority wants something and our vote or (40) can’t change that.
      I adore Justin but you won’t find one comment on here where I’ve said I hope he wins. I might if he starts playing well but he hasn’t yet. I’m entertained by him but I think the plastics/BS are playing the best game. I don’t like all 4 of them individually but I keep saying I like this strong alliance of women trying to bulldoze thru the house. I don’t care for the sister twist but I never have. It isn’t just on this site. Many BB groups are sick of Neeley and Krissi. I don’t think they’re trying to punish women. Most people see flipping or making side deals (what Justin &Jason are doing) as game moves but can’t handle the self righteous double standards coming from Krissi and Neeley. If women want to do well, they need to focus on the game and stop worrying about who didn’t give someone a hug after a ceremony and who danced in celebration when there sidea git an hoh. On a season where America is so involved, those things are whats putting a glass ceiling in their way imo.

  48. Helen

    Well time for Morgan to go throw Shelby under the bus!! I hope she trips and falls under it her own self!!!

  49. Shivani33

    Every week it’s the same old story with Krustie.She goes into DR acting like some reincarnation of Mother Teresa visiting a guidance counselor to discuss her virtue and martyrdom. As soon as it’s over, she’s back to farting and wiping her armpits on the pillows of her enemies.

  50. caRyn

    12:51 am (PT) Alex and Morgan talking about Shelby. Morgan said she will throw Shelby UTB. Shelby runs her mouth too much.

    • Helen

      Those two need to be split up!!!!

      • caRyn

        Morgan said to Shelby isn’t really apart of them – The Plastics. Scott and Shelby are the tow loyal people in that group.

      • caRyn

        Correction – two.

      • Avatar

        I agree totally. I would then have the ability to root for anyone. I just don’t think it’s fair. You see how Shelby already got thrown UTB because she’s not her sister. They may have agreed to split the money, but no one else can.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Well that’s why I don’t like the whole having relatives in the house thing– they don’t even have to make an explicit agreement to split the money, you KNOW they will! At the end of the day, they’re family and there’s a bond there that won’t be broken.

        Take a situation like Evel Dick and Danielle from Season 10 for example. Danielle couldn’t stand Dick and never had much of a relationship with him outside the house, but put them in a stressful situation like BB with a bunch of people they don’t know and can’t trust, and they stuck together like glue (which I’m not blaming them for, it made all the sense in the world for them to stick with each other). And at least in that case all the HGs knew about Dick and Danielle being related and had the chance to try to split them up (how foolish of that group not to do it). But these HGs don’t even know there are sisters in the house, and therefore have no idea how badly they need to be split up. I’m all for “twists” in the BB house, but this relatives thing has always been one of those twists I could do without.

  51. Helen

    Morgan and Whitney are making me physically sick to my stomach right now throwing Scott under the bus!! Are they going to offer up their first born child and sacrifice a lamb at the altar to her too? I expected better of you Whitney. She had already promised you safety!! Morgan I knew was as fake as the tan she slathers on !

    • Avatar

      Yea but what there doing is game and yea there’s throwing people UTB but that’s the game and that’s strategy unlike most people in the LNJ which they mostly talk bad and personal attacks. I’ve been wanting to get rid of Jason for a while but nobody in the world will ever nominate him for America nom

      • Helen

        I know. I know. But it would be so nice to actually see an alliance of females stay loyal to each other.,,,,,,at least till final 4………it seems like men can but women can not…..

      • Helen

        Personally I would never trust anyone who was that quick and willing to throw another person under the bus!!!! I’d be afraid they would do the same to me!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        That’s true Helen, although this season the all male alliance was hilariously disastrous. So far we’ve had 3 evictions, and all 3 evicted HGs have been members of that alliance. It’s almost like one of those cheesy horror movies…

      • Mell

        I disagree Wildsonic, I’ve hung in there with Jason but his popularity has lessened alot. If he’s a have not this week, that will say quite a bit.

    • Avatar

      Yeah her DRs are fake too. Hey America! Like she’s on a news report.

  52. Avatar

    And it looks like the 4th one is next because As of right now Scott is Kryssie target

  53. Helen

    Yeah. I agree!! Bad cheesy horror movie at that!!

  54. caRyn

    10:42 pm (PT) Whitney and Morgan talking with Kryssie. Whitney and Morgan offer Kryssie two weeks of not putting her OTB if they get HOH. Kryssie said Scott is her target and it was never Alex. Basically Whitney or Morgan pawn next to Scott and if Scott wins Veto Shelby has to go up and Shelby will be evicted. Whitney said Shelby’s social game is horrible and she is not good at comps. Kryssie adds that Shelby is annoying to Justin and Neeley. The Plastics are damn lucky Kryssie won HOH. Just FYI!

  55. caRyn

    OMGooooosssssshhhhhh. If Kryssie could physically pat herself on the back she would. Hg come up to the HOH room to talk and Kryssie does all the talking. I am hoping her HOH doesn’t go as she plans so that all of her talking was for nothing.

    • Helen

      I am hoping for a miracle here!! I am hoping Neely goes OTB and goes home and either Scott or preferably Shelby win HOH so Krustie can sell Morgan down the river in an attempt to save her own raggedy a**!!

  56. caRyn

    Shelby was the only one that said Ball Smashers in her Live DR.

    • Avatar

      YEa and I respect and like that a lot. I know it’s stupid and it’s a game so you have to be willing to throw people UTB and be sneaky but when I see someone willing to go down with the ship I really like it. Even though it’s really stupid

      • Helen

        I think last season El Fit Vic proved that theory wrong! Never once did he throw Paul under the bus. Actually I really don’t remember that he threw anyone under the bus.

  57. Helen

    is this week over yet? Seems like the reign of Her Highness Queen Krustie has gone on more than long enough!!!

    • Avatar

      Oh, Helen, I’m dying here! I haven’t been on Mich because I can’t listen to Krusty and her gigantic head! She actually twisted Alex getting care package into us doing that for her! She is so clueless to BB gameplay and my nerves can’t take her! She is not living in reality. Don’t forget, NEELEY FOR 3rd NOM!!!

  58. Mell

    For those who want to teach Neeley a lesson but “don’t want her evicted,” get ready for both to happen. If she otb, I definitely think she leaving.

    Is there anything about LNC’s game Krissi didn’t give up last night to Morgan and Whitney? Whoever stays in the house on BS side has ALL the info. She may as well have drawn some diagrams with nail polish on paper towels. She has to be up there in top 10 of worst players of this game.

    • Helen

      I would put her higher than top ten!! Your being too kind Mell! Krustie sat there and told Jason last night that Morgan is a threat to her game because Morgan is getting close to Neely but then turns around and is going to nom Scott and Shelby as number two promising Morgan safety? How does that even make sense?

      • Mell

        I couldn’t figure that one out. She wants to be the moral teacher so bad that I think she played right into Morgan’s hands last night. She told Jason earlier in the evening that Scott and Morgan made the most sense to go up and for her game, that’s true. She only had to be reminded that Morgan had asked if she was ok a couple times while otb and not only did she change plans, she told them in advance and apparently everything else about her alliance she could think of.

    • Avatar

      She is def one of the all time worst! Do you know what time this happened?

      • Mell

        I think shortly after 9 last night but if that’s wrong, I’ll comment again with it. It’s when Morgan and Whitney went to talk to Krissi together.

      • Mell

        Amber, 10:41 last night Morgan went to the backyard and asked Krissi to talk. Convo after. I was way off!

    • Mell

      She probably is higher. I’m enjoying my morning coffee and haven’t gotten cranky over anything yet. Lol

  59. Avatar

    Alex, Scott and Shelby are the only ones with the guts to make big moves and decisions and stick to them. Hope they are finale three, but that would be a hard decision to make. Shelby is so cute and out spoken and she is VERY SMART.

  60. caRyn

    1:09 pm (PT) Neeley, Kryssie, Danielle and Jason talking about scenarios now that the care package just arrived. Jason and Neeley did most of the stargazing. 1:24 pm (PT) Jason leaves the room. Right after Jason left the room Neeley asked Kryssie what she was thinking. Kryssie said she thinks everyone is more interested in what they have to say and not what Kryssie has to say and that includes you guys (LNJ). Everyone has their opinion but I have my own on what I would like to do. 1:32 pm (PT) Neeley left the room. Kryssie said to Danielle Neeley stormed off. (Nelley didn’t storm off.) Kryssie said to Danielle that Kryssie walked in the HOH room and Kryssie felt stargazed at and not with. Kryssie said Jason and Neeley judge everything that comes out of her mouth. Kryssie says Neeley and Jason are probably outside running their mouths about what a bit*h Kryssie is. (Nelley went outside and sat on the couch with Jason and a couple of hg from the other side. Nelley didn’t say anything about what happened.) 1:49 pm (PT) Jason came back to HOH room. Danielle tells Jason Kryssie was upset that she wasn’t able to give her opinion earlier and Neeley said she wouldn’t give hers anymore. Kryssie and Danielle filled Jason in on what happened.

    • caRyn

      1:55 pm (PT) Jason said to Danielle that all of LNJ are accountable for what happens this week. It falls on all of LNJ. Danielle and Jason will adjust their roll with Kryssie being in power and let Kryssie do what she wants.

    • caRyn

      2:44 pm (PT) Kryssie told Justin about how she was upset and in turn upset Neeley. Justin said he doesn’t like Neeley and she can go. Justin’s F3 are with Kryssie and Jason.

  61. caRyn

    2:47 (PT) Jason apologizes to Kryssie. Justin was present.

    • caRyn

      4:38 pm (PT) Neeley and Kryssie talk it out outside on the couch. Hg that are outside can see there is a serious discussion. Whitney went to sit on the outside couch and Neeley asked Whitney to give them a minute. A minute or two later Danielle came to sit on the couch and Neeley said please give us a minute. Nelley said that what happened should not have happened in front of Danielle because she schemes more than anyone in the house. Nelley: Danielle doesn’t have anyone and is looking for someone to hold on to. Kryssie should talk to Neeley alone. 4:51 pm (PT) Neeley said Danielle tried to take credit week one for flipping the house. Nelley said she did that. Kryssie said Neeley turned what happened earlier that day into a big deal.

      • caRyn

        4:55 pm (PT) Jason inside talking with Justin. Jason tells Justin that Neeley and Kryssie are discussing this outside. Jason said they need to suck it in and not talk when other hg are around that it makes their side look weak.

      • caRyn

        4:47 pm (PT) Kryssie tells Neeley she wants to hear what she has to say. The LNJ has to trust Kryssie. Kryssie has to gather all the information before she can make a decision. Kryssie will know more when Have-Nots are revealed.

      • caRyn

        6:23 pm (PT) Kryssie telling Danielle and Jason about her convo with Neeley. Kryssie said Neeley is the most emotional in LNJ and she will be the first to jump ship. Nelley is already talking with Morgan, Alex and Whitney. Kryssie: Before LNJ comes into the HOH room and eats her snacks and tells her how to play her game can LNJ at least ask Kryssie for her opinion. Kryssie said the convo with Neeley ended in Neeley still isn’t going to give Kryssie her opinion and Kryssie can do what she thinks is right. Nelley also said Kryssie doesn’t have enough faith in herself to make her own decisions and that is why she needs information from everybody – which Kryssie thought was a personal dig.

      • caRyn

        8:23 pm (PT) Neeley gives Kryssie a hug.

      • caRyn

        10:16 pm (PT) Kryssie said to Jason that Morgan is a threat to her relationship with Neeley because when Kryssie and Neeley had their tiff Morgan went and spent more time with Neeley.

      • Avatar

        Neeley is definitely making a big out of nothing. Its Krissie HOH, why can she just support her? I can see why people may want her up on the block.

  62. Avatar

    At the end of day, Krissie won HOH and it’s expected for her to eliminate a number that is against her side. I don’t understand why people here is criticizing her so harshly for playing the game that is in her best interest. Both Alex and Scott made decisions best for them whether it worked out or not. Everyone is voting based on personal dislikes and not game wise. Krissie is HOH, she should be allowed to enjoy her victory with those she trust the most in the house.

  63. caRyn

    What boggles my mind is that LNJ’s side of the house won HOH yet they are turning on one another more than the other side of the house. And when I say that it isn’t because of the tiff Neeley and Kryssie had. If LNJ believe they are safe why aren’t they calmer instead of turned up? The Plastics side of the house (Alex, Morgan and Shelby) are ruthless with throwing Scott and Shelby UTB. It is a game – not surprised – just unexpected. I thought Shelby and Scott would jet yet they are loyal.

  64. Shivani33

    It’s too bad that Morgan and Whitney didn’t wait to give their bargaining chips to Kryssie until after the have-nots were declared. I think that they jumped the gun unnecessarily.
    And what is with Neeley wearing that fugly hat? She looks like an agent for the Grim Reaper. No wonder Justin has been trying to make that damn hat disappear. If he gets his hands on it again, I hope he stomps it into a pile of dust in the yard. If Neeley is America’s nominee for eviction and she keeps wearing that hat, I could see Justin voting her out, ‘cos he’s the Mojo Man and knows bad juju when he sees it.

  65. caRyn

    2:38 pm (PT) Justin and Kryssie – Kryssie will protect Whitney. Justin said Whitney will be loyal.
    10:14 pm (PT) Jason and Kryssie – Jason said Justin wants Whitney in F4 with them. Jason said Whitney needs to talk to him (Jason) then.
    10:24 pm (PT) Jason’s LNJ Rankings – Top three: Jason, Justin and Kryssie, then Neeley and last Danielle.

  66. Helen

    Should be interesting with have nots….polls show Neely Jason and Justin (they have been wrong before,ex week where Krustie was leading)
    If correct though Krustie and the clan will just say. Oh well America just wants to be fair and give HN to everyone
    If plastic is voted as HN it will be a personal message to LNC that we don’t like that person

  67. caRyn

    Saturday (PT):
    1 pm: Have not reveal
    7 pm: Safety ceremony

  68. Helen

    It will be interesting to see what Whitney and Morgan do if Neely is americas nom……are they going to stick with their “deal” and vote out Scott?

    • Mell

      I was wondering that too Helen. They could get their way this week but they may pay for it later. Even if they don’t pay for it in the game, they could need an ear transplant after Krissi is done ktellingg them what horrible players they are for hours. Lol

  69. Shivani33

    Alex has been preparing a treat of cantaloupe for Madame Queen and has never cut open a cantaloupe before in her life. This boggles my mind. If Alex was seven or eight years old, okay – but 25 years on the planet and she has doesn’t know how to handle a melon?

  70. Mell

    This may be an unpopular opinion but at this point with 10 players left and three going to the end, every person we nom or cast a vote for could be game changing not only for who we vote out but also for who is left. At first I was hoping two use our influence to keep the sides of the house as even as possible. I’m starting to see that’s probably not going to happen. This may be two weeks in a row that LNJ loses a member and during their first hoh win. I don’t want bad behavior from one HG to cause me to hurt the games of others. For example let’s say I can’t stand Morgan but I think Whitney’s playing an amazing game. (those things aren’t necessarily true just an example) Do I really want to get rid of Morgan and hurt Whitney’s game? This week an example of that too. I don’t think I want to vote Neeley because she pissed me off this week but voting Neeley could be smart if I were supporting Justin and he thinks it’s good for his game to get rid of her. ( I don’t actually think its as good for his game as he does) These are just examples and probably bad ones at that. I hope most people voting will look at the game long term the way we expect players to do regardless of who they vote for. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

  71. Avatar

    So who are the have not looking like because the poll from jokers always confuses me like last week

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