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Babygate 2011 Is Now Over

I posted this update on facebook when it happened, but it took me a little while to draw the red strands of hair on the baby in the image above.   For some reason I decided to give the baby a red headed version of Shelly’s haircut, probably because it’s the easiest in the house, except Adam.

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Anyway, enough with my amazing photoshop skills.    It appears the BB production staff gave Rachel a pregnancy kit in exchange for rights to it appearing in Big Brother Family Edition, Big Brother 31, exclusive interviews with Julie Chen and the girls of The Talk …. and possibly an appearance on Survivor or The Amazing Race.   Kidding of course, but what I’m not kidding about are the results of the test, and they are…   Negative.

There is not a red headed Brenchal hybrid already plotting it’s first reality show deal hanging out in Rachel’s stomach… at least for now.

In other news, Adam seems to have locked down his position as 3rd wheel to the vets as he sat in the padded room securing his position in the Rachel and Jordan alliance.   I think Adam’s new nickname should be tricycle.

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  1. Comments (65)

    Dufus Adam .. the newbies still have plenty of shots at winning left.

    you stink

  2. Comments (216)

    Why is he a dufus? Hard for the newbies to blame him for lobbying J/R to keep him and evict Shelly, since they hold the power.

    Also, no matter how much the newbies may get miffed at Adam for flip-flopping, their primary targets are still Jordan and Rachel. (And no matter how much the vets may get miffed at Adam for flip-flopping, their primary targets are still Porsche and Kalia.) So Adam basically has a free pass to the top 3. And if he can win the final HOH, he’s a lock to win (because no matter who is next to him, there will be four people on the jury who hate that person more than they hate Adam).

    Kid is sitting pretty. You may not LIKE him, but he is brilliant at this game. So long as he doesn’t win anything until the final HOH competition, he’s golden.

  3. Comments (15)

    Iagree with you But I’m hoping that Rachel will win. I think she will if she goes to the final 2 with Jordan.

    • Comments (216)

      I agree with that. Jordan’s only shot, I think, is to go to the end with a newbie, and bank on getting votes from Rachel, Brendan, and Adam.

      But all of this is academic at this point; the key now is just getting to the end. Focusing on the jury vote with 6 people left in the house is a great way to become a member of the jury.

  4. Comments (65)

    well we can pretty much guarantee he won’t win anything.. since he never does.

    that said, I guess you have to respect anyone who is still there. by definination they played better then anyone who is gone…..except for Jordan…she just had the protective wing of Jeff and that is gone.

    Go Kalia.!

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