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Battle Back Results And Discussion

Tiffany Rousso and host Julie Chen on live eviction night July 21. BIG BROTHER airs Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT); and Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT), featuring the live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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Tonight is the final night of the 3-night Big Brother run, and it’s a big one. We learn the fate of the original 5 evicted houseguests and who will be returning back into the house so they can be evicted about 2 weeks later and sent to jury.  Whoever it is (my guess is Victor or Tiffany) looks like they’ll have a pretty decent summer, especially one of the earlier evicted players.  Last night showed Glenn and crew living it up in sequester houses, still earning their $1k(ish)/week pay while actually enjoying their days rather than run around paranoid wondering if they’re going to be evicted. On top of that, as I mentioned, they’re almost certain to last 2-3 weeks back in the house (tops), which means they’re nearly guaranteed a jury slot and another month+ inside the official sequester house (which I hear is pretty damn fun). Oh, all while still earning their $1k/week. That’s more than $10k just to relax by a pool all summer. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

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I’ve talked a lot about this competition and who has the advantage, but I’ll mention it one more time. It is going to be (or should be) round by round eliminations. Round 1 will feature Glenn vs Jozea, then the winner faces Victor in round 2. Round 3 puts that winner against Bronte, to finally have that winner face Tiffany the last person standing out of those two re-enters the house.  Confusing? Maybe the way I wrong it, but it won’t be bad. Let me break it down visually…

  • Round 1 – Jozea vs Glenn
  • Round 2 – Round1 winner vs Victor
  • Round 3 – Round2 winner vs Bronte
  • Round 4 – Round3 winner vs Tiffany
  • Winner of round 4 is back in

It is done this way because Tiffany clearly had it the hardest and survived a few evictions, so she has the easiest path back into the house with only 1 challenge.

Alright, it’s 7:30est. Big Brother is going to be on shortly, so wrapping this up and will do updates when it’s on…

  • 8:00pm – Spicoli has resorted to doing commercials talking to dogs in his car.  Whatever
    • Game on!
    • Looks like we’re going to deal with a ton of flashbacks first
  • 8:05pm – Maybe it won’t be delayed for awhile. Already showing Glenn vs Jozea
    • They are doing the log competition. I wonder if they did it shortly after the competition a few weeks ago
    • Jozea is cruising through the competition, but there is an option for a ‘poison berry’ that they can get which will knock all the berries from their opponents row
    • Jesus Jr keeps taking the shorter patch but falling. Glenn takes an early lead as a result
    • Glenn gets his poison berry, but he was too slow and Jesus Jr locked in his first column before they could all fall.
    • Jozea does the poison berry to Glenn just to kick him while he’s down.
  • Jesus Jr wins round 1
  • Round 2
    • Victor vs Jozea in the tennis comp. This means the next comp is trivia
    • They have 3 balls to hit 5 pictures of their opponent.  When they run out of balls they need to run and collect.
    • Victor knocks down 1
    • 1-1
    • 2-1 Victor in lead
    • 3-2 Victor
    • 3-3
    • 4-3 Victor
    • 5-3 Victor wins
  • 8:25pm – Commercial Break before Victor beats Bronte
    • Ok, Victor vs Bronte
    • Bronte comes out running ‘Girl Power’!
    • It is indeed trivia. The old competition is still set up, so this was clearly done on a week by week basis
    • They each have 6 booths. They need to look at pictures and then go to each booth and match the photo with the clue
    • Sounds like they are starting to guess toward the end.
    • Victor rings in, he’s wrong on 3
    • Bronte rings in, she’s wrong on 5
    • Victor rings in, he’s wrong on 1 now
    • Victor wins round 3
  • 8:35pm – Here we go, Victor vs Tiffany in round 4. After commercial break
    • They need to search through the bins for puzzle pieces. Climbing a wall, etc. Looks like a veto competition
    • Pretty even competition so far early
    • Hard to commentate on this. They’re both pretty even, though Victor keeps messing up
    • Victor takes a lead. Has the puzzle done and just need to do the times he ignored
    • Victor re-enters the house. 
  • 8:50pm – Victor helps Tiffany out of her belt and she tells him to trust Frank and don’t trust Day
    • Julie tells the houseguests about the winner.
    • The house is in shock
    • She tells them ‘they will be moving back in shortly’ goodnight houseguests.
    • Bell rings
    • Nicole hides behind a pillow
    • Paul gets a stiffy seeing his buddy back. I wonder how that will work with Paul being the snake for Paulie. Will Victor just join the power, get Frank out and stick around 2-3 weeks?
  • Julie also announces another twist…
    • There are signs around the house with clues. They are on general posters. The clues contain information on a secret room that will give someone a big power. It will only be available for the next 4 weeks

That’s it for now. Feeds come up in 3 hours.  Will have a live update thread then

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  1. Comments (91)

    This is super boring. Can we just fast forward to the winner?

  2. Comments (628)

    I’m watching with the sound muted. I can’t listen to Jozea for another minute!!

  3. Comments (998)

    Thank goodness Jozea will be gone!

  4. Comments (1)

    So glad Jozea no longer has a chance to come back in to the BB house. I could not stand that damn guy and was seriously going to stop watching this season if he had won.

  5. Comments (91)

    Bronte let me down.
    Victor v. Tiff. Go Victor?

  6. Comments (1)

    I’m rooting for Victor. He’s in beast mode and said he was determined. I wonder how the house dynamics will change when the winner renters?!

  7. Comments (782)

    If victor wins, I wonder which side he plans to align with? I know he’s targeting Paulie, maybe Frank will try to scoop him up. Should be good!

  8. Comments (91)

    Congratulations Victor.

    • Comments (998)

      Jozea was such a prick when competing against Glenn. Just watched Vic hand Jozea his azzzz on a platter! Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out big talker Jozea……bye bye!

  9. Comments (628)

    So glad it’s Vic. Bet Frank tries to scoop him up quick.

  10. Comments (998)

    Glad Bronte’s voice is officially gone!

  11. Comments (159)

    Yep frank will be in him quick.

  12. Comments (1799)

    look at numbers now Frank Bridget Vic Now does this sway Paul to join in
    Bigger question is does Day try to join in with Frank for numbers

    Will Michele try for Vic as the last chance showmance option

  13. Comments (192)

    I wonder how things will be with him and Paul bc Paul is working against Frank and for Pauly.

  14. Comments (1)

    cant believe my to people didn’t win jozea and tiff

  15. Comments (51)

    I hope frank does pick him up!!! It will make this house worth watching…instead of the same people being picked off by a bunch of floaters with 2 decent game players. Time for strong moves….sad tiff didn’t make it back but I truly believe davonne will do it to herself. BTW has anyone noticed that Paul is actually becoming a silent horse. Being on the block constantly to very safe. Vic doesn’t dislike him. Despite him being annoying …he might be a contender.

  16. Comments (43)

    Now that was a competition Victor played his heart out. Sheer adrenaline the whole time congratulations Victor they should be scared

    • Comments (998)

      Vic showed some versatile competition skills. Congrats! Since he was a backdoor option, I hope he has a chance to compete and save himself if/when on the block. I still can’t get over Paulie’s look. Seems like Zzzz has been replaced by Paul. The boys seem to have a cute twinsy theme going on…how precious! Vic needs to step back and assess….Paul has defected to the other side, but he is also a snake that gets info and takes it back to the master.

  17. Comments (628)

    Secret room. Anyone care to speculate?

    • Comments (51)

      I think it might be golden veto? Or a chance to keep you safe for a period of time? I think it would be great if you could veto both nominations

    • Comments (962)

      Maybe a reset button that whoever finds has the option of pushing. Season 14 had one that was used to reset the week, but if it had not been used one of the evicted houseguest’s would have re-entered. That would fit in with the speculation that there may be another ‘buy back’ this season.

      Or, maybe a Pandora’s box.

  18. Comments (743)

    This was more fun to watch then the regular BB shows.Can’t wait to watch BBAD.Michelle might try for Victor.Frank will no doubt try to reel him in.Paul will probably want him to come over with Paulie.James will want him out tonight.Corey probably doesn’t remember Victor at all.Shoiuld be fun!!!

  19. Comments (743)

    This was more fun to watch then the regular BB shows.Can’t wait to watch BBAD.Michelle might try for Victor.Frank will no doubt try to reel him in.Paul will probably want him to come over with Paulie.James will want him out tonight.Corey probably doesn’t remember Victor at all.Should be fun!!!

  20. Comments (13)

    I thought there was a design above the font, after looking at the answer. I was rooting for you like most people. Cam operater going to spend the next week on Victor.

  21. Comments (1427)

    Bravo, Victor! I’m happy that he won. What will he think of the Paulie/Paul bromance with the hair and beard situation, when Paul was his best bud in the house and Paulie is who he earmarked as his target? I wonder how Victor took it when Tiffany said not to trust Day and to “believe” Frank? I know that already Victor was not pals with Day, but he just wanted the vets out before he was evicted. Victor has so much to figure out and not much time to do it. Oh, and poor James if Natalie goes back to her up and down emotions about Victor. The feeds are going to be an adventure tonight.

  22. Comments (1)

    Bb did not think through the interview process. Victor was holding the belt the entire time. Dead giveaway. I was hoping to be surprised but the second i realized he was the only one holding it I knew it was him. How did they not think of that?

  23. Comments (1799)

    This secret room is odd Seeing that people have been studying those signs Yet no one has put it together

  24. Comments (13)

    Exciting to see Victor come in as a comp beast. Dynamics of two comp beasts on the block, Frank and Victor. Who goes first if the hierarchy remains, re-entry or target on the list. Looks like they’ll team up and comp beast all and leverage when needed. It’s going to be exciting and I enjoyed the tv episode tonight.

  25. Comments (1)

    Really hoping that Frank and Victor form an alliance. They are both competition beasts and loyal. They are each other’s only hope of winning. Neither of them will be able to fight against the Paulie machine by themselves.

  26. Comments (130)

    coup d’etat!

  27. Comments (4411)

    Quick question, and it may or may not have been asked and answered before…Now that everyone left will be going to Jury except the Final 2, do the Jury members get paid the same weekly amount as the ones left in the house?

  28. Comments (544)

    I really hope Paulie doesn’t get Paul to talk to Vic and get him on their side. The house won’t be big enuf to hold Paulies head then. I hope Frank snags him fast! I’d like to see Paulie shook a little bit.

  29. Comments (544)

    Also, have the signs been in the house the whole time? I wonder if the lockdown the other was for them to put the signs up? If they have been there the whole time, why would they expect them to notice them now, weeks later? Unless they are gonna like give them hints or something…idk!

  30. Comments (43)

    What’s going on about the HOH?

  31. Comments (130)

    Fruit Loop Dingus!
    Why couldn’t they have brought Zach back for this season instead of these losers?

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