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Big Brother 19 – Friday Overnight Report


Alex is still in the house but at least Raven isn’t. (glass half full) Everyone had to know that was going to happen because Alex had good odds and anger on her side so of course she was going to win that HOH. Like Steve said, she put up the two people that were least to blame for Jason leaving. We kind of had to know that was going to happen too since Alex doesn’t have the best track record when she’s HOH. She took out Dominique who was after Paul, Cody who wanted to work with her and now Raven. Josh won the next HOH and the house seemed pretty calm. Here’s some conversations that we’re going on in the house after that HOH comp was over.

  •  Alex was really looking for a way to blame Kevin for Jason leaving which is hilarious since Kevin was also on the block.
  • Josh told Alex he didn’t have a choice in getting rid of Jason because about an hour before the live show, Jason told Josh that he didn’t have his back. (don’t know if this is true or not)
  • Christmas went off on Raven between the two evictions last night and it must have happened during a commercial break since we didn’t see it. It sounds like Christmas was upset and wanted a moment to compose herself but Raven was in her face talking about how scared she was.
  •  Kevin mentioned Raven doing a cartwheel as soon as she got on stage but Alex and Josh said they didn’t see it. Alex went on to tell everyone how she was standing at the door and she didn’t see it. (one more way to discredit Kevin I suppose) Kevin told her he could see from behind her and that she did a cartwheel. I guess Alex doesn’t realize Kevin is probably 2 ft taller than her.
  • Christmas did a little work and told Kevin she had his back but she had to steer clear of him for now.
  • Kevin asked Josh if he was going on the block and Josh told him yes.
  • Paul told Kevin he would probably go up against Alex and not to worry.
  • Paul told Josh that he needed to attack Kevin once they were at Final 4 and Paul suggested Josh could say how Kevin’s family isn’t proud of him. Josh put his foot down and said no. He also said he would but wouldn’t get personal so who knows.

Josh took some heat on social media last night for not using the veto and because he doesn’t appear to be planning to nominate Paul. I don’t think that’s fair because Paul or Christmas would have gone on the block if Josh used the veto so what would that accomplish?He’ss leary of Paul but it’s still his alliance. I also get why he can’t nominate Paul during this hoh because neither Alex or Christmas would vote him out. I don’t think he could get Kevin to at this point either because Josh has burned his bridge with Kevin. Kevin may be willing to get rid of Paul but he would need to trust that he wasn’t being set up and he isnt going to trust Josh.


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    Now grow a spine and backdoor Paul and his pool toy!

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    I agree with you Mell. Josh really wouldn’t have been able to get Paul out last night because its gonna take some major convincing to get the others to vote out Paul. (If at all) I’m sure he was also afraid of Alex backdooring Christmas after she got rid of Jason. I think Josh did the right thing for his game. Now let’s see how this HOH goes.. I’m really hoping Christmas and Alex will realize just how much Paul is controlling the house

  3. danmtruth

    People people ALL the reaming house guest know Paul is controlling the house The problem is they are delusional in thinking he is working with them
    Yes Josh only hope is there are only two votes So if he can get Paul on the block Than one person (Kevin?) to vote for him Josh can break the tie
    The big fly in this thinking is Josh has been convinced by Xmas and Paul he cant beat Alex So this is the only way to get her out
    It might play out that after veto if Alex is still on the block Josh will come clean to try and save a bit of blood on him As he told Alex he would tell her if she was the target His attempt to get jury votes To say he was true to his word

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    When Jason sees Raven and finds out Alex was HOH and nominated Kevin and Raven, he’s going to definitely think Alex double crossed him. I enjoyed last night’s episode. So glad Raven is gone. I was surprised Paul seems to actually like Raven. I hope they show us the jury house next episode.

  5. Avatar

    It is like a game of chess, Josh has to put up Kevin & Alex because of his team. Josh can backdoor Paul, if Alex wins POV. She takes herself down, Josh puts up Paul. Christmas votes to evict Kevin;. Alex votes to evict Paul. The likely hood that is going to happen is the same chances Hurricane Irma is going to hit California.

    All of that said,. I agree with most of you that Paul will still come in 2nd, since he has crapped on most of the Jury.
    In my opinion, the only way Paul wins is if takes Kevin to final 2.

    Cody will give 500k to Josh or Christmas, before giving it to Paul. The other jury may agree with that logic. Not the same for Kevin. I could be “gumpy” on my analysis.

    P.S. BB live feeds suck. They have all 4 cameras on Kevin eating breakfast this morning, while Christmas, Alex and Paul are discussing game play in RR. Bullsh&t!!

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    Almost pee’d myself a little laughing so hard when Josh outed Paul then he lies to Jason! The way I see it, doesn’t matter who is up there against Paul, there will be some super unhappy people on the Jury and Jason will see to it! So I’m gonna throw it out there that either Josh, Christmas or even Kevin will win because Purloiner of the Truth Paul, has now burned his bridges…he may not have the “blood” on his hands but his lying has now been made known…nobody likes being lied to! Even the people that had run-ins with Josh will now surmise it was all instigated and/or orchestrated by Paul…

  7. Tinkerbell

    Thanks so much, Mell.

    Christmas has seriously dangerous anger issues. Her swings are frightening. I would not want to cross paths with her in real life. In a matter of five seconds she goes from laughing hysterically, to ripping someone’s head off. She already has the personality of a poisonous viper, but maybe she is missing her steroids now. She is one scary chick/guy.

    • Avatar

      I totally agree with your assessment,. HobieGirl. When she ripped into Josh about walking away from her during a conversation. The rage and self-absorption was sickening to watch. And then Raven walked by innocently, get a dose of Christmas’s venom.

    • Ann

      I can’t believe Paul wants BoBo to actually pick on Kevin & talk about his family. That’s just crossing the line. Why bring that man’s family into this? That’s just f**ked up & wrong. Paul knows Kevin will drag Josh’s big crybaby ass up one side of that house & down the other if he talks about that man’s family. wish Josh would tell Kevin what Paul wants him to do.

      • AIO_7

        “I can’t believe Paul wants BoBo to actually pick on Kevin & talk about his family.”

        Why would that surprise you, Ann? Paul has been the (indirect) trouble maker this whole season.

      • Ann

        @AIO 7, I guess I had a Raven moment for a second there. Lol
        I’m really hoping the jury does not give him that $500K.

  8. Tinkerbell

    I hope all of our California, Texas, Florida,Georgia, and Carolina people are safe. Sending lots of prayers and love.

  9. Jenny

    I remember saying after Alex won HOH, she is going to put up Kevin and Christmas, because she hates Kevin and Christmas just evicted Jason. I was half right. Glad to see Raven gone and super happy our Kevin survived the DE! I still don’t get Alex’s vendetta against Kevin. Even if she knows he took the 25K, she should realize he is responsible for bringing Paul into the game, so that’s a good thing, right?

    I so wanted to stay up and watch BBAD but it didn’t start until midnight and I have a day job. Can’t wait to go home and watch it tonight.

    I’ve only watched a few seasons of BB – has anyone ever been more pissed than Jason was to be evicted?

  10. Tinkerbell

    Disappointed. I wanted to see a good prison yard girl brawl……Christmas, Raven, Alex. After witnessing what mean-n-vicious bullies they are, I wanted them to turn their wrath on each other. Each of them deserve to be stomped into the ground, no mercy. I need kindling for a beach fire – Alex’s ridiculous plastic ears, big A** hair bows, black bras, fried white hair, manicure tools. Raven – Filthy red hair weaves, 260 pounds of make-up, things she has stolen from everyone, Matt’s t-shirts, used condoms. Christmas – expensive clothes that “feels like skin”, healthy snacks, crutches, boot, scooter. Toss in three toxic personalities/egos that are bigger than the universe. Anyone for s’mores ?

  11. AIO_7

    “Paul told Josh that he needed to attack Kevin once they were at Final 4 and Paul suggested Josh could say how Kevin’s family isn’t proud of him. Josh put his foot down and said no”

    When the season started we thought that Josh would be the problem child; turns out it’s Paul. I hate that SOB.

    • Avatar

      Couldn’t agree more, AIO! He’s long crossed the line of game play. He’s emotionally attacking people via his idiot lap dogs and he’s doing it viciously. There’s no need to drag family insults into this (innocent family, which does NOT include Raven’s mom! lol). #onthehatetrain

      • AIO_7

        An indirect trouble maker, Kel. And it would accomplish two things; make Josh look bad and maybe get Kevin ejected. (or both of them ejected) I literally hate that SOB.

      • Ann

        @AIO 7, that’s exactly what would happen & that’s what Paul is banking on, the little weasel. Josh is weak, childish, immature & just plain stupid for letting anyone use him in such a way when he knows it’s wrong. He knows what’s up & why Paul wants him to do that & yet he will still probably do it.

    • Ann

      I’m done with Paul. I loved him & his game in the beginning but that has totally changed. Him wanting Josh to start shit with Kevin bringing his family into it just crossed the line & he lost me. Not a Paul fan anymore.

  12. Avatar

    Looks like Paul will make it to final 3 but alas he will be a bridesmaid yet again. Josh goodbye message to Jason sealed Paul’s fate at winning Big Brother.

    Jason sees right through Paul and Paul came across as big fat liar when he sent his goodbye message. Production made a huge error if they really want Paul to win by showing Josh’s message before Paul’s message. Jason will go to the Jury House now and expose Paul and this will cement what Cody, Elena and Mark all ready know.

    So in the Jury currently Paul has ZERO VOTES! Matt will see he too was duped by Paul and Raven will do whatever Matt tells her to do unless one of the other voices in her head tell her to do different.

    But Josh was very smart to call out Paul on his goodbye message and now Paul will not win the game yet again. Maybe he will come back for Celebrity Big Brother this Winter.

    Speaking of the Big Announcement I said yesterday the show has had the worst cast ever this season and they brought in Paul to bail them out. If they do a “CELEBRITY” version of BB it is the beginning of the end. The only time reality shows bring in Celebs is if the ratings and viewership is starting to dwindle. The show has now jumped the shark and I foresee BB20 as the final season for BB you heard it here first.

    It is too bad I really liked Season’s 1-18 this season has been a major disappointment and bust.

  13. Helen

    I had a moment of feeling bad for josh this morning ….totally not game related…
    I read on jokers that he picked up his bible and said it smelled like home….
    I know his family does not want him to know what’s going on with Irma,as someone who have made similar decisions about things that were pivotal in my life for “my own good” I can also see another side…

  14. AIO_7

    I’ve been thinking about this winters Celebrity BB. Some people are disappointed that there may not be A list celebrities in the house. My position is that I don’t care if it’s A, B, C or D listers in there, just get the 12, 14 or 16 of them there and let’s let it rock. Looking forward to it.

  15. Avatar

    Why wouldn’t the other house guests want to take Kevin all the way to the end? He can’t win competitions and is unlikely to win the jury vote.

  16. Avatar

    So let me get this straight…. Josh is not ok with mark throwing a drink on him when he cheats in pool, but he’s ok admitting to doing blow to Alex and Paul??? wtf?

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