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BBOTT Eviction Thread – Week 2!



Here we go, the second eviction means we’re in full swing of the season. All signs point to either Monte or Danielle getting the boot tonight, and I really haven’t been following enough to actually know who it will be. It’s been a super busy week and I haven’t had much time to do anything, let alone track what is going on in the house. It kind of sucks because I’ve been really enjoying following the season so far.  That said, things go back to normal on Saturday and I’ll be back to feed watching all day.

I gotta be honest, I’ll be a bit disappointed if Monte goes tonight, simply because I feel Alex is such an awesome player, and I really enjoy her and her sister. They’re 100x less annoying than Liz and Julia, and both actually know the game.  Enough gushing over them, let’s just right into the feeds


  • 7:00pm – They are doing the weekly recap episode. I assume it will take about an hour like it did last week
  • 7:55pm – Highlights from the past week, which is helpful considering I missed half of this week.  Jason and Shelby issue?  Weird
    • Shelby not knowing who Jeff is was great
    • I like Jeff as a comp host more than his weird interviews.  He should do it weekly
  • 8:20pm – Finally, live eviction ceremony
  • Votes:
    • Shane: Monte
    • Morgan: Danielle
    • Justin: Monte
    • Shelby: Danielle
    • Jason: Monte
    • Whitney: Danielle
    • Neeley: Monte
    • Scott: Danielle
  • Now tallying the votes:
    • Monte was evicted
  • 9:00pm – HoH Competition time!
    • hohcomp1
    • Played in rounds.  They need to figure out the longest piece of a weird bar code
    • Rounds are 15 minutes
    • Ok, they have to go through and try to see which one is the biggest from this bunch of black bars
    • barcode
    • Round 1 over, no winners.
    • After a few rounds, we have an HoH winner… Mr Scott
    • scott-hohwinner
    • This means Kryssie and whoever will be nominated.  America will nominate one of the plastics, and they’ll end up going home anyway.  Yay, America’s Vote?
  • 10:00pm – Minutes after entering the house, Danielle was already telling America that we need to nominate one of them.  What the hell is this shit?  They can’t win HoH, so they’re going to leech off of us to save their asses? Screw that.  If one of the plastics are nominated this week, I’m going to call this season a bust.
    • You don’t control HoH 3x in a row and end up losing allies two out of those three weeks. That’s not Big Brother.
  • 10:15pm – Morgan is starting to lose it because of the havenot.
    • Look, I don’t want to bitch about it. You have to feel bad considering they are going old-school HN with just slop and no bullshit like BB18 with addons (bread, candy, marshmellows, etc).  Then you factor in that they have no control over it, and it’s just going to alternate between the plastics until they’re all gone
    • morgan-crying

Ok, I’m off for the night.


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  1. Rita

    I am really enjoying this format. I think it’s going to be difficult to watch next season when the fish come back.
    I want to like the sisters but I’m not there yet. Alex reminds me of what Michelle should have been. She is the only one who yells in the DR. The rest of the HGs talk like normal people and it’s so much better than production instructing the HGs to be animated and loud.

  2. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Jeff: “Hi, I’m Jeff!”
    Shelby: “Oh…I didn’t watch your season…”
    Me: LMAO!

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        Totally agree, Linda! Whoever voted Monte better not say a word about a showmance!

      • Avatar

        Sorry, GLENDA! Spellcheck changed the name! Steve, we need an edit or delete option on these comments!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I voted Monte out and I am VERY proud of myself 🙂

      • Avatar

        NKogNeeTow, where have you been? I’ve been back on for about a week (give or take a couple of days) but I didn’t see you here at junkies. I missed you. How have you been?

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      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ann…. Hey Sweetie! I’ve been here on and off. I don’t watch the feeds or read the Blog everyday. I should have listened to my Jannie when she told me to cancel…lol. Now I’m hooked but The LNC stay up way to long! One night they were up until 6:30am and it was 9:30am for me. I had things to do that day, only got a 2 or 3 hour nap and was evil as a wet hen all day. I try to only watch them every other night but I’m so damn nosey, sometimes it’s hard to stay away. I was hoping to get a break once BB18 ended. At this rate, I don’t know how long I can keep this up.

        So glad that you’re back though. You know I love you and I’ll NEVER give up my BBJ Family! When I’m in the Live Feed Chat and someone mentions updates or blogs, I try to steer them here. Our group here has expanded quite a bit since I got here a few years ago. I figure the more the merrier. I keep asking if anyone in Chat is from BBJ, but no one ever answers me. Either there is no one there from here or they don’t want to say who they are. Well, with my big mouth, I’m not afraid or ashamed to tell anyone who I AM. If any of you are in there, I’m HunniBunni (my Jessica Rabbit avatar reference here). Don’t be afraid to say HELLO! 😀

      • Avatar

        NKogNeeTow, I wish I knew how to live feed chat. Im clueless when it comes to computers. I accidentally clicked on something at the end BB 18 & had the damndest time getting on for BBOTT.My nephew got me back on. I couldn’t remember my password & my nephew has to make another one for me.
        If you tell me how to go to the BB chat, I would surely do it.

      • caRyn

        My chat name is Carynthefish.

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        Glenda, I don’t know what you mean, but I think you are confused. I was AGREEING with you. When I typed your name, spellcheck changed your name to Linda. I was clearly telling SteveBeans that we need an edit or delete option to fix things like that. Sorry if you took it the wrong way.

      • Avatar

        LOL yeah cause the plastics are never catty and mean. That’s all they do.

  3. Avatar

    Well if the girls don’t win we can say good bye to alex

    • Helen

      Yup. Now it’s just one by one. Alex,Morgan,Shelby,Scott ,Whitney. If they win Scott and Shelby will go up with plan to backdoor Alex……….that was Danielle’s plan yesterday……if Danielle don’t win HOH I am voting her OTB

  4. Avatar

    Is there a BB Junkies Live feed chat room?

  5. LindsayB

    Well that was unfortunate. Didn’t really like Monte but I would’ve much rather seen Danielle go. Krissie and her nasty attitude is really getting on my nerves.

  6. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    The thing that really sucks about Monte getting evicted is that Danielle is SO sure that America loves her, and this will only further confirm that delusion in her mind. That little condescending, snotty lecture she gave Monte about why America hates him was unbearable, not because she was wrong (America DOES hate him) but because America isn’t fond of her either.

    In the end, Monte is an arrogant narcissist and he played a terrible game, so I’m not sad to see him go. But with him gone, Danielle is now at the top of my list and I just hope she follows him right out the door next week.

  7. Avatar

    Season is sooooo unbalanced. Like Ridiculously unbalanced. Ruined for me.

  8. LindsayB

    So… I’m not able to watch the feeds as much as I’d like to and I feel like I really missed out on something with Shelby. What did she do that rubbed so many people the wrong way?

  9. Avatar

    If someone from Jason side wins HOH we have no control and Alex or anybody they want will for sure go home because if will be a even 4-4 vote at most with America voting with the plastic and the hoh break the tie so if your rooting for Alex better hope one of the girls wins HOH

    • Mell

      Scott will probably put up Krissi and Neeley. He may even put up Shane and Danielle again because he just burned the bridge he was trying to rebuild with them. Scott is officially a plastic whether the girls trust him or not. It’s basically 6 vs 5 at this point. With 11 people in the house someone has to have 1 less number with the way they’re split right now. These alliances arn’t going to stay like this anyway for 8 more weeks. Some of those care packages are huge too. Anything can happen.

      • Helen

        If plastic side wins. Give care package to Shelby. She can pick diamond power and will even out voting numbers. If LNC wins veto they could only put up one of the girls. They would probably pick Alex and I think America would vote either one of LNC to go home…..we could get out either Danielle or krissey this week!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Mell, last week Scott said that if he won HOH he would put up Kryssie and Dani. Scott wants to be with The Plastics so badly. He is also blindly loyal to Alex. I believe he’ll do anything she ask him to. But again, I’ve been wrong before.

  10. Avatar

    I think America should get an eviction vote, but the ability for America to nominate a HG is bullshit. Two HOH’s basically nullified by America. Why even win HOH? I had to unsubscribe to the feeds after seeing Monte go(who I didn’t care for anyway) and seeing Danielle stay, especially after getting on her high horse and thinking that America gives a damn about her.

    • Avatar

      If Jason’s side of the house wins, I too will cancel my all access. I refuse to pay good money to listen to the hateful shit stirrers. I have already decreased my watching of the live feeds.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Angie, there are sh!t stirrers on EACH side of the house. Guess you have to decide who’s sh!t you can live with more. Don’t cancel just because the side of the house you like didn’t win. Things change from week to week….day to day for that matter. I decreased my watching too. Not because things aren’t going the way I like, but because these damn people hate to go to bed more than I do and I wind up walking around in a zombie state the next day because I’m to nosey to go to bed. Hang in there girl. In the words of Scarlette O’Hara “Tomorrow is another day!”

    • Avatar

      I’m right there with you. This is so unbalanced with America voting, it’s a popularity contest. It’s going to get very boring when the late night crew start picking off the other side. Alex is the best player so far. Her side doesn’t deserve the name plastics. The late night crew have been the most judgmental group so far. Jason and krissy have shown that they came into the house with preconcived predudces against pretty girls. They were probably bullied by the popular kids in high school. A lot of their assumptions haven’t proven to be correct.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Fallon, it’s going to be unbalanced either way, whether it’s America or the House voting. It’s going to be a popularity contest because just like we put up people we don’t like, the House puts up people they don’t like….not much difference. Yep, the LNC will pick off the other side every time they can….but so will The Plastics. That’s what splits the house. Neither side is any better than the other. There are good and bad people on both sides.

        Between The Late Night Crew and The Plastics, they can both yell at each other “I’M NO GOOD BUT YOU’RE NO GOODER”!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Epoch, as I told someone before, you can’t have it both ways. Viewers have been complaining for the longest time about not having any say in the game. Then CBS gives them a voice and they complain. You can’t have it both ways. You have to be either all in or all out.

      You’re right, very few people like Dani. She has a snotty attitude and both she AND Kryssie thinks America loves them. Just wait until they find out we do NOT!

      Yep, 2 HOH’s were basically nullified by America. Because we had the power. But power can always shift. In the BB world, it does all the time. Hang in there 😉

      • Bastosko

        Nk, I agree with you. Having watched BB since BB1 where it was all of the viewers decision who got put up and who went home (which resulted in someone can’t remember the name since I am not a “Super” Fan), who was pretty well despised by the hamsters but loved by ‘Murica so she got very far in the game.

        Actually, I am enjoying the ability to be able to have a voice in nominee and eviction. It has prevented the plethora of alliances (got a feeling production was telling them in DR, make up a name so we got a hashtag) and makes the HG think more because of the unknown factor of what am I perceived as. I think it will work itself out eventually as the alliances realize that HOH isn’t the only Power player in the game and it becomes more of a neutral game where if you think you control it, ‘Murica gets option of nope, lets shake it up and roll again. Still like my idea of not having said we were the ones doing the noms or vote, let them think someone has special powers or better yet, a BB Board of former winners.

  11. Avatar

    Can we put Danielle up this week? PLEASE?!? That eviction was such a let down! I hope one of the girls can pull a win out. I cracked up when Shelby and her golf clubs voted to evict lol! I like her more and more each day!

  12. kneeless

    For the HOH comp, I think .I would have started with #73. Wasn’t that the # given in the tallest bulidjnb west of the Mississippi? Just a thought.

  13. caRyn

    Care Package:
    Thurs 10 am – TBD (PT)
    Week 2: Pick-a-Veto
    The winner will get to choose which type of Power of Veto the HGs will play for. There are three options: Diamond Power of Veto where the holder picks the replacement nominee; Double Veto, where the competition will award two PoVs; and Boomerang Veto, where the holder can use the PoV twice.

  14. Helen

    How many rounds are there and how exactly do they win??

  15. LindsayB

    I love seeing the look on Krispi’s face. She’s PISSED that she and her squad of nasties didn’t win. They are all so sour.

  16. caRyn

    Scott might put Danielle and Kryssie OTB. Danielle for The Plastics and Kryssie for blowing up his game.

  17. Avatar

    Yay, Scott!! Wasn’t my first choice, but it’s keeping them alive this week lol. The girls better stay stuck to him like glue!

  18. Helen

    Shane is gonna be so far up his butt!!! Hope Scott is strong!!!!!and don’t fall for the bs

  19. caRyn

    It is 1 am for me. I am shutting it down. Work in a few hours. We can vote on Care Packages at 10 am (PT) tomorrow. Someone figure it out for me and lets roll with it. I had a great day with you guys. Goodnight, hg.

  20. Avatar

    I’m not sad that Monte is gone but I think that HOH is almost useless because they cant get anyone out anyway because of America’s nom and vote. Hope it changes this week and Scott’s nom goes home no matter who it is. First time commenter and long time reader of your blog!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Josh….WELCOME! 🙂

      If Scott sticks to his plan from last week (Kryspie and Dani), you will get your wish! America hate them both and I don’t think we’ll fight him on this one 🙂

    • caRyn

      Agree with you both. During Monte’s HOH the hg spoke about how their noms may not stick. The hg had the conversation when Julie told them our involvement. They have been playing their game but they have also been relying on America to help them with their HOH. It is a two way street. If Scott puts Danielle up will the overnight hg use the Veto on her or leave her as a pawn? I would like for Danielle to leave this week.

    • Bastosko

      I have to disagree, we are only 1 Vote and only nominate 1 person, so how does that nullify who the HoH puts up? The hamsters are voting as well and tie still goes to HoH. No real changes if you look at the overview, just a vacant person trapped in a bubble.

  21. Avatar

    Ugh I do not like their plastics! I’m happy for Scott but those girls think their all so innocent!

  22. Avatar

    So who are people thinking for have not because I’m thinking Danielle, Kryssie and I haven’t dicide on a third one

  23. Helen

    But I’m still gonna vote him in anyway!!!

    • Avatar

      My first choices are Danielle & Kryspie for slop & going OTB because I want Danielle seperated from Shane, I can’t stand her & did I say I can’t stand her? Oh, I can’t stand Kryspie either.

  24. Helen

    If Scott don’t put up kryssey I’m voting her on the block

  25. Avatar

    Can’t wait till Danielle gets that wake up call that America does not love her like she believes. Same with Kryssey.

  26. Avatar

    Im putting Kryssie or Danielle because chance are he won’t won’t them together. He will either go Shane and Danielle and I’ll vote Kryssie or he will go Neely and kryssie and I’ll vote Danielle. That’s my plan for the week

  27. Helen

    He said he’s not going for kryssey.? Wish I knew who he was going for before I vote on care package!!!

    • Helen

      But I’m thinking maybe Scott himself so he can choose the veto….I don’t want both his noms to come down in case they win veto

    • Avatar

      Guess will wait and see and for care package I might vote Jason and save the better onces for other people but I think Jason is a good choice for this week to see if he choice one member over the other in his group. Unless someone has a better idea for care package

  28. Helen

    Also. Can veto holder take down americas nominee?

  29. Helen

    So who last week tried to pin Monte Justin incident last week on Scott?

  30. Helen

    Sweet!!! Give cp to Jason. Put kryssey up as nominee. One of scotts nominees will go home because krispie won’t be able to be replaced……and you know Jason will save her butt…..if he uses either of the others to say pull two off then he will just be replacing one of his own for another…..

  31. Avatar

    It may be to soon but I can’t wait to nomainte Kryssie and Danielle for slop did you hear them begging us not to put them on slop. Also can’t wait to burst Kryssie bubble and nominate her for eviction and prove we do not like her

  32. Avatar

    Alex, Shelby and Krispie for have nots. I’m happy for scott winning but I’m not a fan of the plastics! So hopefully America continues rooting for the LNC side. They will have all my votes! Too bad, everyone here appears to dislike that side for some odd reason

  33. Shivani33

    Shoot! I fell asleep and missed the whole night. But in a way, missed nothing. I dreamed that I met up by chance with a long ago lover, and we wanted to be alone. Both of us had the power of invisibility, so we went into a vast, elegant mansion wanting to make love. But the security system went off, so we sat silently as a guard searched but was unable to see us. Suddenly this guy sat down next to us and said, “hiya.” It was Scott from BB, who was also invisible! He sat there crackling with the molecular light of invisibility and was one happy pain in the ass.

    Speaking of asses, it’s great that Monte is gone, and it was really meant to be. He was a dead-eyed mess. Scott might want to use the old backdoor method instead of being completely direct in the choice of his initial targets. I hope that he will think for himself and not get nagged or bullied too much. This is going to be good this week; no doubt about it. Scott can twerk some meanie right out of the house.

    • Helen

      Depends on who we give care package to….could backfire badly!!!! If given to LNC they can use diamond power and put up Alex….that would give them majority vote with 4. Who knows who America would vote but unless they voted with Scott Alex would go home. The only good solution is to give CP to one of scotts thereby guaranteeing one of his nominees go home.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, so is anybody buying that Kow Kryspie’s BS? After the HOH Comp she was in whatever room that was, poured all over the couch, looking all ‘whoa is me’ because Scott won and she knows he’s going to tie an anchor around her big ass and throw her overboard. And she kept repeating over and over how 72 (or was it 73) was her lucky number and she was going to get it tatooed on her last year. And how all of her friends and family know that’s her lucky number and are probably laughing at her right now for not guessing it. Then she went into a brand new lie about hating to lose to a guy from Bangor, Maine because her mother married a guy from there and he killed her grandmother. If you watch her closely when she’s talking, you can almost see the wheels turning in that puddin head of hers. She just makes up the lies while she’s talking. I can’t figure out whether all that blonde bleach has seeped into her brain or maybe that damn flower growing out of her scalp (which by the way is NOT a good look). And between all that belching and farting, I’m surprised she hasn’t catapulted herself across the yard (Oh by all things Holy, I hope I’m watching THAT night).

    Dani, the educated idiot, splits her time flinging her hair, stuffing her face (how the hell does she eat so much and stay the same size), telling the house how much America loves her showmance, telling America how much we love them (LNC), oh…and string her dingbat boyfriend of 2 weeks along. She lectures and preaches yet can’t see her own nose at the end of her pretty little face. To bad she can’t see the forest because of all those pesky trees.

    Poor Shane is so blinded by love, it’s almost like having James in the house again. I keep waiting for him to tie a towel around his waist, rip that pony tail band from his head, shake his hair out, grab a mic wire and swing across the yard while letting out a Tarzan yell…or Carol Burnett.

    Jason perches his ass on the end of that sofa like it’s another appendage. Head ensconced in a cloud of smoke, puffing like that caterpillar in Alice In Wonderland. At this point, even I’m afraid that if he moves he’ll vaporize.

    Morgan proclaimed to The Plastics, how much she wanted to distance herself from Monte. CONGRATULATIONS! Next meat shield???

    When I close my eyes, I hear my Grandfather talking. When I open them, it’s Shelby. The girl sounds like she smoked a carton a day. Seriously, it’s a good thing some of these people aren’t trying out for The Voice. If they did, NO ONE would turn around.

    I’m still trying to figure out Neely. She goes to bed early like The Plastics but she seems to lean towards The LNC. She does seem to have a certain wisdom about her. But then isn’t she really like 50 or something? I can’t believe they’re still buying that she’s 28. It’s like not seeing that Alex and Morgan look like Frick and Frack.

    Justin remind me of ET. He’s the house Extra Terrestrial. He’s just your garden grown space cadet. Gotta love him though…because you don’t know what else to do with him.

    Whitney, our Southern Belle, reminds me of Bruce (the name Steven Speilberg gave his mechanical shark in Jaws). Eyes as cold as steel and I’ll bet she has a bite to match. She’s my pick for the most cut throat in the house.

    Scott is a combination of Alfred E. Newman and Ed Grimley (Mad magazine and SNL reference). I keep waiting for him to look at the camera and say “What, me worry?!?”

    Now Alex, is a horse of a different color. I’m not her biggest fan, but this girl came to PLAY! She is probably the smartest one in the house. I’d be very surprised if she doesn’t won….and right now, based on game play (even if her nom didn’t go home), so far she deserves to.

    Okay, enough of this nonsense. With that, I bid you all a good night 🙂

    • Avatar

      So much vitriol. My goodness. And so unkind to refer to others size and age in such a negative manner. Since I have become a senior citizen a little on the hefty side (okay fat) I have come to embrace the differences in us all. It doesn’t matter what someone looks like but how they conduct themselves. I want to thank BB for casting players that represent us all and not just the pretty people. I am really enjoying this version of BB.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Visa, I just call them like I see them, like it or not…no disrespect to you. I quite understand if you don’t appreciate my sense of humor. Feel free to either give me a thumbs down or just skip over any of my post altogether. I won’t be offended nor will I hold it against you. I’m sure you are a lovely woman and I look forward to reading your future post. In spite of my snarkiness, I too am glad they cast slightly more of a different type of cast. I enjoy this version also (I just wish they would go to bed at a decent hour so I can go to bed at a decent hour).

        P.S…..Welcome to the Board 🙂

    • Shivani33

      I love your ruminations about the characters! Strangely enough, Scott reminds me vividly of Butthead. Kryssie is like a somewhat useless Hindu demi-goddess with a Guns ‘n Roses appetite for destruction and self-destruction. I don’t think love has anything to do with Shane’s appetites and see him as a guy who likes to wield the power of seduction without attachment. He’s barking up the wrong tree with Danielle, and I think that he knows it. One of them better go asap, or the end of their connection will become a bigger and bigger mess. He needs her like he needs another hole in his fricking head.

    • Avatar

      What about all that BS while she was fixing Morgan’s hair last night regarding her modeling career? LOL. If she can get jobs modeling then I should too and I am 64 yrs old!

  35. Helen

    So I changed my mind. I am giving CP to Scott……did you just hear Danielle call the girls “saltine crackers”. Racist much?

    • Avatar

      Omg. I don’t get offended easily, but she is really getting my blood pressure up! She’s the one hollering about people being racist, but now thinks it’s ok to call the girls saltine crackers?!? Such a hypocrite! I can’t wait for America to terrorize her this week!

  36. Avatar

    Doubt Danielle is racist when she’s half white. I swear people will find any reason to hate on this girl. Yes, she’s annoying at times but it’s even more sickening how the plastics are so envious of her and Shane’s connection that they haven’t liked her since day 1. Shelby even admitted wanting Danielle out because she thought she was prettier! lol Plastics are so shallow and a jealous bunch of immature women. I hope America continues to knock them off one by one. Night folks 🙂

    • Avatar

      You know the truth! CP is actually going to Neeley and Morgan is going on the block. I cant wait for the plastics to realize they need to split up if they wanna win!

      • Avatar

        Exactly @ Daniel. Those girls been envious of Danielle since day one. And all the bitter Bettie’s are following suit!

    • Helen

      Danielle is the most racist person in that house!! I don’t care what her heritage is!!

      • Avatar

        How is she the MOST racist? Please, do tell!! It’s fine, that’s your opinion because it’s far from factual 🙂 #TeamDanielle

      • Helen

        I’m sorry but race baiting is being prejudiced….stirring things up because cornbread made a joke about “jewing” people down when bargaining for an item and calling people “crackers” (which by the way is a racial slur) is prejudiced because it is causing intentional racial tension in the house.
        That is just my opinion …we both have the right to disagree

  37. Avatar

    Ps. If you know teachers most are like Dani! All they do is gossip and complain oh and btw here time is coming just not this week sorry bb

  38. Mell

    I’m voting care pkg to Scott. 6 on 5 are good numbers for anyone to have if you know how to play and persuade others. I’m hoping that Justin won’t be a replacement but going to gamble. This way, there’s at least a good chance Dani, Shane and Krissi will be otb again. I haven’t decide my have nots yet. Anyone who thinks LNC whines to America should listen to the Plastics side of the house too. Both sides are whiney and both get entitled. I hope no one is too obnoxious and shifts our vote away from Danielle.
    For the record, I did vote out Monte and I also complained about the shomance. I’m allowed to dislike both. We can’t always look at it from the outside. Monte wasn’t a target with his own side. Shane and Dani are. That tipped the scale for me. They will remain targets. Monte may not have as much unless Justin had won hoh and he said he didn’t want to in his DR.

  39. caRyn

    Alex says she wants to call Kryssie out for her eviction speech. I want to see that when it happens.

  40. caRyn

    Shane asked Scott if he was good and Scott told Shane I don’t know. Justin asked Scott and Scott said Justin is good this week.

  41. Mell

    Is it crazy to vote Alex for have not? I’m only asking this to Alex fans. We know it makes you weaker and more tired. Everyone is going to have to do it,, especially as the numbers get lower. i think I would rather her do it during a week when she is completely safe and it won’t matter if she can’t compete as well.

    Danielle is one of my pics already. I really want to wait on Shelby and Jason because for a warped reason, I wan those two in there together. Lol

  42. Helen

    I really wish Scott would target Danielle instead of Shane!! I want her gone!

  43. Avatar

    Hoping America will keep Shane and Danielle safe this week. They talk and gossip but this is BB. They are at least trying to play. I’m rooting for them all the way. I’m not Danielle has haters, so did DaVonne on this site. lol

    • Avatar

      Danielle and the LNC still has a strong fan base rooting for them. So thumbing down my comments because of the STRONG dislike for Danielle by the same people here is hopeless. People are definitely salty which what I assumed she meant by the plastics, nothing more.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cyn, don’t take the thumbs down to seriously. It’s just another way of disagreeing with you. You have as much right to express your opinion as anyone else here, but others also have a right not to agree. On another note, we have a resident troll here who thumbs down just about everybody. Hell, if I had a nickle for all the thumbs down I get….well, you know the rest 🙂

      • Avatar

        @Nk, it’s an open thread so I know the trolls have their jobs to uphold. lol BTW love reading all your BB narrations.

      • caRyn

        Cyn…I thumbs up every comment even if I disagree. It is my way of making sure I have read every comment – nothing more. I do not like receiving notifications that someone has responded. Some will also thumbs down because they do not agree, but do not want to comment. I don’t think there should be a thumbs down. My opinion. If there isn’t a thumb down option and that person disagrees and want to let it be known they disagree they are forced to comment. Also, speak your truth. I do.

      • Mell

        Last month I posted something about weather just to see if I would get a thumbs down….I did! It was pretty funny

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Yes, please don’t let the thumbs down get to you Cyn. I almost never give anyone a thumbs down, because I don’t want anyone think they’re not welcome on the board just because they have a different perspective. We all disagree at times, and we ALL get thumbs down, but the vast majority of the people who post here are very friendly and welcoming of all perspectives.

    • Avatar

      Thank you guys. Appreciate the positive responses.

  44. Avatar

    People threatening to cancel their subscription if someone doesn’t go home is pathetic, you care so much u come to a blog to talk about it yet your gonna just walk away? Big deal, better off without you, one less person to vote trying to help the fake ditzy chicks. WAHHHHH America is running the show, WAHHHH this isn’t how BB is played WAHHHHHHH this is OTT get over it. Alex is a shitty player and has proven she is fake as hell. Jason told that side to embrace the twist and use it as a weapon, instead they bitch and complain because they want the game to be something its not. This is OTT, the entire thing is driven by diehard fans and America is basically playing right along with the houseguests. THATS THE POINT! lol We are gonna make sure the spoiled little plastics are humbled here like they should have been in real life. Scott is just a loser, the kid is someone I wouldn’t wanna buy coffee from let alone wanna watch him on my tv. He needs to take his XS body with his XXL collar shirts and kick rocks. He looks like an Austin Powers Halloween mask, take the sisters (no one cries about that advantage) with you Scott. Cant stand their catty shit but Im not gonna cancel any subscription, im just gonna sit back and wait for America to yet again blow up their boring and predictable shitty plans. Until then its just a stupid tv show, more drama the better. Lets hope for some all out brawls or more of Jason destroying Shelby and her man voice. SMOKE EM IF U GOT EM JAYROY!

    • Mell

      Sounds like you bought A LOT of coffee from somebody even if it wasn’t Scott. Maybe try some decaf?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jam, there is enough sh!t in the house, to go around….from BOTH sides. Everyone in that house is at least a little catty, with the exception of Justin, who seems to be geniunely(sp) happy, which makes him a breath of fresh air. I love Jason to death but if he doesn’t get up off that couch and move, his muscles will atrophy before the show even ends. Whereas I do agree with you about people complaining then wanting to cancel their feeds because they don’t like the way the game is going, I disagree with you about Alex. I think she’s the best player in the house. Make no mistake though, I’m Team LNC all the way. It’s just that although I’m not an Alex fan, you have to give credit where credit is due. She’s a damn good player.


    • Avatar

      Hilarious commentary. I don’t like Alex game and the plastics irritate my soul!

  45. Helen

    So I’m still confused. If the CP has a diamond POV in it and the person uses the diamond power of veto on americas nom. Do they get to replace that person? Say krispie is americas nom and Neely gets care package. If she uses diamond on krispie will she get to replace her or not?

  46. Helen

    Didn’t even get to vote!! Hit my pick and it says I already reached my limit before I even cast one vote!!!

  47. Avatar

    My votes for this week:
    ACP = Shane or Neeley
    Have-Not’s = Shelby, Alex, Whitney
    3rd Nom = Morgan
    Many may not agree here but everywhere else this seems to be the consensus.

  48. Avatar

    America package =Scott. Third nomination is Kryssie and for have not I am voting for Kryssie , Danielle, and I haven’t dicide on my third one. I wanted Shane but I don’t want him and Danielle to sleep in the same room

  49. Shivani33

    If Scott gets the Care package it could enable him to have the first successful and functional HoH so far on OTT. Kind of like a POTUS who has congressional support. I want to see Scott get to do what he aims to get done. In part, that’s just to test the theory. Things backfired on the 2 previous heads of household so much that it’s looking like a nearly meaningless puppet position with only one advantage -safety for the week. Also, since Danielle hogged down the have-not food to screw over the real have-nots, I hope she doesn’t stay much longer. This very unnecessary behavior was more of a turnoff to me than her romance. In the name of chocolate milk and pickles, why torture the have-nots?

  50. caRyn

    ACP results so far:
    Scott in the lead

  51. Helen

    Having second thoughts on CP. Should give it to Shane. He will use it as diamond I’m sure to save himself and put up Alex….if Scott gets it he is going to be afraid to use diamond for that very reason….he don’t get to pick unless he wins veto and he will be afraid Shane will put up Alex….thinking they won’t have the votes ….

    • Helen

      Seriously. I think it will be another bust hoh

    • caRyn

      If you want to keep Alex and Shelby in the game give the Care Package to someone on that side of the house – Scott, Whitney, Shelby, Morgan or Alex. Currently Scott is majorly in the lead. That will secure your two people and it will also help with getting out the hg you want out.

      • Helen

        How? The care package just gives the holder the type of veto players will play for. The player who actually wins veto gets to use it….if Scott sticks to his plan and puts up Shane and Danielle he could take both of them off the block. Then Scott is stuck putting people up he don’t want!!! The only way he can get anyone out is for his side to vote whoever americas nominee is……idk.

      • Helen

        If Shane or Danielle win veto Scott is stuck

      • caRyn

        Oh. I didn’t know that.

      • Helen

        Scott already messed up telling Jason and Justin they were good…..not going to leave anyone to put up other than his own people because all the polls I have seen want Danielle targeted with Shane second and krispie third

      • caRyn

        Scott in the sand pit the other night said he wanted to work with Justin and Jason. Scott was alone talking to America.
        I need to read the Care Package description again.

  52. caRyn

    The Plastics call themselves Ball Smashers now.

  53. caRyn

    11:03 pm (PT) Last night Scott said he wanted Shane to go home this week. Nominate Danielle and Shane. Scott said in his speech he is going to drag all the information out.

  54. Helen

    To me scotts only hope is to put up maybe Shane and probably Whitney….he is going to get CP…..not sure which veto would be smart because if he puts up those two I’m pretty sure America will pick Danielle as third nominee…..idk. Scott is in a real mess with this CP this week IMO

  55. Avatar

    I agree, this veto cp could make things messy this week. At least it looks like Scot will get it! I think he should choose the boomerang veto. That way if some one does use it, Scott I’ll at least still get to name the replacements and still be able to take out someone from the other side. That’s the best way I can think of to use it and still be successful.

    • Helen

      Yes. I just don’t see a good outcome for him……he may lose someone he really didn’t want to. Justin or Jason or Neely depending on who wins veto. Would be nice if either he or someone from plastic wins veto then they don’t even have to use it but with probably 3 people,maybe more,from misfits his odds are stacked against him.

  56. caRyn

    Thursday (PT):
    TBD – Julie’s Q&A with houseguests
    TBD – Julie’s evicted houseguest interview
    7 pm – Weekday Replay

  57. caRyn

    3:24 am (PT) Danielle and Shane in bed. Shane asked Danielle if she came. Danielle said she doesn’t like answering questions. I would not be in the next bed in the same room with all of that going on.

  58. caRyn

    10:43 pm (PT) Last night Justin singing and dancing. Says he doesn’t want to stir up the gumbo pot. He is a character.

  59. caRyn

    Kryssie wants Shelby out and Neeley wants Alex out.

  60. caRyn

    Justin said that if you put a pineapple outside your front door you are a swinger. I have never heard of that before and I have never seen a pineapple outside of a door.

  61. BBBonbon62

    So what’s with all the lovey dovey, bff BS with Morgan and Justin. Wasn’t she horrified and offended by his shower antics only a week ago. I just think she is so phony. Give her slop again please.

    Scott is looking real good for the CP this week in all polls. Maybe the sex den will officially close with the next eviction. I’m not a prude but in this environment please take a cold shower.

  62. caRyn

    Did Danielle say that she wasn’t a Have-Not because she is America’s favorite? I missed it if she did but The Plastics and Monte were talking about it a few times. Monte said he said to Danielle – that’s conceited.

    • Mell

      She said something similar to that. I think it’s when she was venting about Monte tho. Maybe it got back to him or some version of it got back to him.

    • Helen

      I know she told him pretty much that …..he was a have not and OTB and she wasn’t (she will be Saturday if my vote means anything). Would like to put Danielle,krispie and Neely in there to send a message but doubt Neely will get the votes…..

  63. Shivani33

    It didn’t seem like the “shower incident” bothered Morgan or that she even saw it as offensive at all when it was happening. At first she tried to keep it from even being a situation. Monte was the one who made it into a big deal. Then Shelby got involved, and she wasn’t even in the bathroom to witness it. Somehow the drama got to Morgan later on. I thought it was mostly Monte trying to misrepresent Justin’s actions that caused the problem. It doesn’t surprise me that Morgan and Justin are cool with each other and have dropped the whole subject. She probably feels relieved not to have to cope with Monte anymore. He was embarrassing her a lot more than anyone else, just by association. She took the job of keeping an eye on Monte, and it ended up being a big monkey on her back. She has said to several people that she’s glad Monte is gone.

    • Helen

      It bothered Monte more than Morgan….but both Morgan and Monte misrepresented the whole incident to Shelby who wasn’t there….they both made a big deal of it to Shelby. Shelby should learn (for heavens sake she’s gonna be a lawyer) to listen to both sides before forming any kind of opinion.

  64. caRyn

    Fan Ranking – Bottom HG:
    Danielle – At the bottom then….

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