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BBOTT Friday Afternoon Fun; Noms And More



Good afternoon, everyone! Drama is heating up in the Big Brother house, and things are close to coming to a head.  I am not sure they can last until next eviction without a blowup. The tension is high, and I think it will take one wrong look from Justin to Monte for it to blow.

Before I begin a slight recap of last night, I want to say I’ll be sad if Shane goes home this week. While I love Alex’s gameplay this season, and think she’s everything I expected out of what I thought the BB18 females would be, losing Shane would be losing such a mellow presence. Listening to him talk (when he rarely does), it sounds like someone you’d hear at 3am on NPR talking about something boring like the VP debate.

Ok, about the tension. Monte does not like Justin and he’s clearly at the stage where he’s looking for stuff to be mad about.  Last night, Monte was in the bathroom talking to Morgan when Justin came in to take a shower.  Justin made some comment about not losing, and stripped naked before hopping in the shower. While he supposedly covered his junk (none of this happened on the feeds), Monte took it as an insult to him. It was some serious alpha male shit going on with Monte raging because he thinks Justin did that to show he has more alpha in front of Morgan.  He said something along the lines of “Justin knows we’re close and you’re kind of my girl, so he did that to show he’s macho in front of me”.  Monte then went on to call Justin sexist to anyone who would listen while Morgan just kind of brushed it off.


I’m not defending Justin, the dude is certainly creepy, but Monte was clearly exaggerating either purposely or because he really believed that was directed at him. I’ve seen Justin do the same thing when the bathroom was empty, so I’m not so certain he did it intentionally or not. Now, this was about 10 minutes after Justin was going off to Danielle and Shane about Whitney’s lips and how he’d love to shove his … in them. He said that because the pair told Justin that Whitney has been around him more lately, so she may be into him (she’s not).  Regardless of that, Monte is just blowing this all up and trying to manipulate ‘his girls’ to do what he wants.  They’re not going to.

After raging for an hour or two, Monte came back into the HoH room to tell Alex to keep Shane and Danielle safe because he ‘made a deal with them’. He followed it up with “of course, it’s up to you”, but he kept pressing the issue for whatever reason. The big deal he made was that Shane and Danielle will vote whatever way the girls wanted if they are kept safe this week. That’s it. No future safety, no future allies, just the two voting however they want.  The only way this even closely makes sense is because of America’s nominee, otherwise Alex can just nominate two people she doesn’t mind going home.  Whitney pointed out how there won’t be many people left after the four girls, shane/danielle, and Monte, so that increases the odds of one of Shane/Danielle’s friends being the new target, and Whitney doesn’t believe they’ll vote out their friend.  They can make whatever deal they want, but once they’re safe, they can vote however they want.

Using that deal, and using Alex’s promise not to nominate Neeley, that leaves Jason, Justin, Kryssie, and Scott as available nominees. Justin would most certainly become the target in that case, and there is no way Danielle and Shane are voting him out.  It’s a dumb deal, and Alex knows that. It’s just surprising that Monte kept pushing it for so long.

Alright, that was longer than expected, feeds:

  • 12:00pm – The house has been on indoor lockdown, so they’re all hanging out chatting
    • Jason going on and on about Joker’s and HW. Both are great sites, but he should at least hook up a fellow Masshole with a plug! (he probably doesn’t even know of this site)
  • 1:00pm – Care package time!
    • Kryssie got the first care package of the season!
    • kryssie-cp
    • Save a friend – Kryssie is not safe, but she can make someone safe from any source of nomination (HoH or America’s vote)
    • And just like that, people go back to working out, playing pool, etc. I’ll let you know who Kryssie is saving when she figures it out
  • 1:25pm – Kryssie meets with Neeley trying to figure out what to do with this care package. She tells Kryssie to talk it over with Alex, otherwise Alex can just turn around and nominate her if she screws up plans.
    • It’s pretty obvious that America is going to try to carry Jason as far as they can this season, seeing as he’s not good enough to carry himself
    • Meanwhile, Morgan is using her assets to keep Monte stringing along
    • morgan-bikini
    • Kryssie is overanalyzing the care package. She is trying to figure out what that means for America’s opinion of her
    • The plastics (minus Shelby) are outside talking. Alex says she thinks in her gut that America is going to put up Shelby which means she’ll probably go home
  • 2:00pm – Message from Julie
    • Julie lets them know that America is voting for havenots.  Looks like Jason gets a free pass all season. Pretty fair
    • America cannot make you HN two weeks in a row.
  • 2:30pm – Scott is talking to Alex and Whitney.  He is promising them his vote, but I doubt they believe him
  • 2:50pm – After a long talk, Scott leaves and Morgan joins
    • They are saying they have no choice but to trust Scott because there aren’t any other options
  • 3:00pm – Monte comes into the HoH room and Alex lets him know that they have an alliance name (him plus plastics).  It is Monte and his Pythons
  • 3:45pm – Alex is talking to Kryssie about the care package
    • She is working Kryssie to use it on Jason.  She is telling her that many people are pressuring Alex to put up Jason, so she would prefer Kryssie use it on him because she doesn’t want to target him and wants them off her back. Pretty smart move considering nobody but Monte is really pushing for Jason, but she is trying to use this to an advantage and look like a hero
    • alex-kryssie
  • 4:10pm – Kryssie is telling Alex that Shelby needs to stay as a shield, and she’s surprised so many want her out (well, to be fair, that’s what makes her a shield)
    • She may use the care package on Justin or Jason
  • 4:30pm – Kryssie and Alex stopped talking and Kryssie is now retelling the conversation to Danielle and Shane
    • Don’t forget to vote in the weekly poll
    • Danielle is pleading for Kryssie to use it on her
    • Kryssie tells the two that America is rooting for the showmance. Jason said the same thing. Am I out of touch with America?  Do people actually like showmances?
  • 5:10pm – Danielle is telling Kryssie how she thinks Monte doesn’t like Jason because he’s gay
    • She is bringing up how conservative he is, how he wants to vote for Trump, etc.
  • 8:30pm – Watching the live Diary Room sessions
    • Can Shane do the DR session with me??
      Can Shane do the DR session with me??
    • Danielle thinks she has a deal with Alex. I didn’t hear them actually make a deal, but maybe I missed it?
    • Scott appears to be fully working with Alex according to his DR session. Not sure why he’d lie to us, so that is interesting.  If so, let’s count
    • Based on chat, Monte seems to be going up, so let’s just put him up because someone on Team Alex will probably go up…
      • Noms, Danielle, Shane, Monte
      • Votes in favor of team Alex: Morgan, Scott, Shelby, Whitney
      • Votes against Alex: Jason, Justin, Kryssie, Neeley, and probably America
      • That means 5-4 with Monte eliminated
  • 8:50pm – Paying America about half his winnings will be so fitting for Jason this season if he wins it all…. seeing as America is carrying him.
    • Shelby is up.  She is thrilled Cornbread went home
  • 9:30pm – Lie DR sessions are over and people are practicing this mini golf type of thing they gave the house.  I assume it’s for veto or next HoH


Time to close this thread and watch some TV.  I forgot to mention it, but I have guests flying in for the week beginning Sunday. Well, my wife does. This means I should be able to skip out on a few days and watch the feeds, and I’ll definitely be able to post nightly recaps. I’ve been in contact with a few people who offered to write, but I don’t know if they’re watching this season. If anyone watching who is able to post occasional updates with timestamps *cough* Caryn *cough* let me know either via email or contact form.


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  1. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I just want to clarify that although they didn’t show the actual incident of Justin stripping down before hopping the shower on the feeds, they DID show what happened right before that: which was Justin walking into the bathroom with a towel and MONTE asking him “oh you’re gonna shower again?”. Also, Morgan’s back was to Justin at the time (she was blow drying her hair), so there’s no reason to think Justin knew that Morgan was going to see him nude (as Steve pointed out last night, she only saw his reflection in the mirror). Also, right as they cut the feed Justin was putting his towel on the shower door and about to get in. So, they OBVIOUSLY knew he was about to shower, so it’s not as if he stripped down for no good reason, and it’s not as if he stripped down in the middle of the bathroom area where everyone could see him. All of this was shown around 9:06pm last night, so you can go back and watch if you’d like to judge for yourself.

    I just felt the need to point that out, because I want it to be clear that Monte is full of crap. Although most HGs tend to strip inside the shower to avoid the cameras, Justin doesn’t and there’s nothing weird or creepy about that. That is (I assume) what most people do in real life before showering (I know I certainly do). The comment Justin made about Whitney (which I didn’t hear) was crude and inappropriate, but I don’t believe Justin did anything wrong with regard to the shower incident. By embellishing the story like this, Monte is stooping very low and this could affect Justin’s life outside this game, which is why I feel the need to chime in and help clarify what happened last night as much as possible.

    In conclusion, Monte is an a-hole I hope he gets what’s coming to him this week.

    • AIO_7

      “In conclusion, Monte is an a-hole I hope he gets what’s coming to him this week.”

      Yeah, me too.
      And judging from the OTT clips that I’ve seen on Youtube, Danielle comes across to me as another Z..

    • Helen

      I am way more PISSED at a couple of these hamsters constantly using the word retarded than by a man getting ready to shower!! As a registered nurse who works with people who have both learning disabilities and traumatic brain injuries I want to throat punch them everytime they say it!! Watch out boo boo,that karma train she be coming back around someday!

      • BBBonbon62

        As s mom of a young man with Down syndrome I did flinch when I heard the word used by Justin I believe. I have only heard it once but I am not on the feeds enough to know if this is a regular occurrence but if it is evict please.

    • caRyn

      Agree. Also, I don’t know if you heard Morgan talking to her sister about it but Morgan said she wanted Monte to stop talking about it with hg because it is interfering with her game. I don’t blame Morgan.
      When Monte was talking game talk with his pythons (The Plastics call themselves Monte’s pythons.) in the HOH room last night Alex told Monte that he and Justin haven’t liked each other from the beginning and that is between them – Monte and Justin. Alex told Monte that he was to deal with that on his own.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Wow, go Alex and Morgan!!! So nice to see smart players who don’t let their hormones get in the way of their gameplay!

      • caRyn

        When Monte and Morgan were telling Alex what had happened Morgan said she wasn’t really offended.
        Later Morgan said to Shelby that she is unsure of what to do because they need to distance from Monte but they need him.

      • Mell

        I liked that Alex did that to but remember, Morgan did let Alex believe Monte’s version and didn’t correct it afterwards. I really like Alex. She about the only one from that side but I really wish she hadn’t cheated in that comp. It’s tainted her for me a little now.

      • Avatar

        I’m sorry Folks to be a little clueless here, but I missed where Alex cheated during comp. would someone please post how she did that? I’m also happy I’m not the only one who is a little irritated with Monte’s behavior? Thanks in advance if one of ya’ll clues me in regarding Alex. I really like the way she playing.

      • caRyn

        HOH Comp on 10-5-16: HG must hold a crown on their knight’s head with a sword (long pole). An endurance competition. For the first hour they can use two hands. After that the remaining hg are told to go one-handed (on sword grip). They have a pouch hanging from their shoulder diagonally to rest their other hand. At 10:23 pm (PT) Alex was given a warning from BB to ensure her right hand (free hand) doesn’t in any way touch her sword. Evidently she was using her second hand that was in her pocket. Some hg mentioned to one another that she should have been disqualified.

      • Avatar

        Thank you Caryn, very much for answering my question. Although I watched the competition, I had it minimized in my window and was listening with only one earpiece. (I hope BB is learning from the shortcomings this season…that comp was, IMHO extremely boring) I’m not surprised however; in past seasons there were situations where I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a BB intervention or penalty of some types.

    • NKogNeeTow

      First of all, although Monte tried to act like he was defending Morgan’s honor, she made less of the incident than he and Shelby did. They clearly over emphasized it to not only undermine Justin to the other HG, but also in the eyes of America. Sometimes I think they forget that while they may see one thing, we see just about everything.

      Second, why the hell do these people hang out in the bathroom? They treat it like a lounge. My God, they even eat in there sometimes. WHO DOES THAT?!?!?

      Both Monte and Shelby should tread lightly. The same way they are trying to paint targets on the backs of others, they are also painting even bigger ones on themselves.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Such a great point about them hanging out in the bathroom NK. It’s all the more ridiculous when you consider that Monte is pretending to be outraged at someone for doing EXACTLY what people are supposed to be doing in a freaking bathroom! How dare Justin come and take a shower in the middle of their hangout room?!

  2. Avatar

    Kryssie got the package. I just realized that’s super smart cuz now she can save Jason.

    • NKogNeeTow

      It might be better if she used it on Justin. Jason made a deal with Alex to stay safe this week. When Monte was trying to pound it into The Plastics, that Justin should be put up and Dani/Shane should be spared, Whitney pointed out to Alex that they should go ahead and put up Dani/Shane, but keep Justin on the back burner to use as a possible backdoor if needed.

  3. Helen

    Yes!! Kryssie got the CP and the fact that she has to use it in front of everyone is bomb!!!

  4. Avatar

    Now I kinda hope Kryssie get to put by America so everyone gets nervous about how America gave her the care package and than put her up. So we can see how she will respond to that

  5. caRyn

    I voted Monte, Whitney and Scott for Have Not. Monte may leave this week and since we can’t vote for a hg twice in a row, I figured I would vote for him to give us more hg options next week.

  6. Shivani33

    Alex wants to convince Kryssie to use her Care package to keep Justin safe.

  7. caRyn

    Let me say that if I were in with The Plastics, after this week of seeing how America has voted, I would jump ship and form different relationships and alliances. I bet Shelby will jump quick. I hope Alex does.

    • Rita

      Alex was already talking about hanging out with the other side more after this week.

      I don’t think Shelby will have anywhere to jump. She burned those bridges to the ground.

      • caRyn

        Alex said there is speculation that Whitney is considering working with Kryssie and that side of the house. Whitney has said from the beginning that she was loyal. Alex told Whitney and their side of the house what was said last night. Alex confronted it right away.

  8. Avatar

    I don’t want to see one side of the house run thru the game and if the plastics lose someone this week the rest of the next four to five week the game will be so predictable. I want to see two side of the house battle all season like in season six

    • Avatar

      I agree. That’s why I’m not a huge fan of America’s nominee because if America likes one side of the house more, then it doesn’t matter which side wins HoH, because the side that America doesn’t like much will keep going home 1 by 1 unless the PoV is used on them.

      • NKogNeeTow

        You can’t have it both ways. First the Viewers say they don’t like the way the game is run and wish we could have more say. Then they give us more say and Viewers complain that they don’t like the choices or how the game/rules are set up. At some point, you have to pick a side of the fence and jump off 🙂

    • Helen

      Then you better hope America votes strategically this coming week and put somebody like kryssie OTB. Otherwise that half of the house runs it

    • Mell

      I would prefer we not vote but at least it seems like most people like players on both sides of the house. I know I do so I’m hoping it will even out. If we have to put people up, then maybe we can sort of help people help themselves. I don’t think the regular feed watcher wants one side to mow down the other.

      • Helen

        Gosh it looks like that’s what is happening? I don’t get it.

      • Mell

        Helen, I think alo of it may be that people just really don’t like Monte and don’t want another bro show. Jason does have fans but I don’t think the majority is crazy about him. I wanted to help Jason not be targeted the first week because if there can be two sisters, someone like Jason may as well return and isn’t a bigger threat than a duo. I also think a lot of people who like Alex just want her away from Monte and arn’t trying to hurt her game.

  9. caRyn

    I just started watching the Eviction Interview with Julie and Cornbread. It is 14 minutes.

  10. Avatar

    Kryssie monte and Danielle for here not. I want to see those three in the room together and see there interaction together.

  11. caRyn

    Kryssie just told Alex that she is using the care package on Justin or Jason. Alex wanted Kryssie to waste her save on one of them because her target is Shane.

  12. Helen

    Anyone seen who the top 3 are in have not polls? Just curious

  13. Helen

    Ok. Now I am upset enough that I don’t know if I want to watch this any more. What Danielle is doing right now with krissy is so wrong on so many levels…..telling krissy that Monte is a homophobe and stirring up anti gay lies are wrong! I am going to do everything I possibly can to get her out!!!!!

    • Mell

      Do we know for sure they are lies? I’ve heard him say some pretty rough stuff this week.

      • Helen

        I don’t know. I watch feeds a lot and I’ve never seen it though.
        Is he a douchebag? Yes
        Is he boring and stiff? Yes
        But what he is being accused of is pretty slanderous

    • caRyn

      I keep watching it over and over and I zoom in on Danielle as she is speaking. She started the conversation at 5:09 pm (PT).

      • Helen

        What do you think Caryn?

      • caRyn

        Danielle said Monte called Jason a fag and Whitney a bitch. I can’t believe none of us heard it until now and if it is the truth I don’t know why Danielle said she was waiting to tell Jason until this week. I am trying to research it to see if we missed it but it isn’t easy.

      • Helen

        I was watching as Danielle told kryssie the story. Like I said I’ve heard some smack come out of montes mouth but I never heard him say that about Jason. And like I said I am on feeds a lot. Since OTT started it is usually running in the background. Like I said I don’t like Monte at all but that is and could be some pretty serious s**t to start if not true!

      • caRyn

        When you get a chance take a look at October 2 @ 8:39 pm (PT). Danielle, Shane and Monte in the HOH room. Monte mentions coming out of the bathroom and Jason being there and that was it. Nothing more. I watched the entire conversation and never did Monte say in that conversation that Jason was a fag or Whitney was a bitch.
        Maybe that isn’t the date and time that Monte called Jason a fag, but I would think that if he did that it would have been then – during that conversation.

      • caRyn

        Chat says that it is true. Maybe it will be spoken about again and we will know for sure.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Helen: As slanderous as he and Shelby running around the house and saying that Justin was sexually harrassing the women? As slanderous as saying that Justin deliberately exposed his private parts to he and Morgan to make them uncomfortable?

      I don’t know whether Monte is a homophobe or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised. If fact I’m not to surprised by anything he say anymore. Especially after he referred to Justin as a monkey last night. When he was in the HOH room with The Plastics last night, he was telling them how much he disliked Justin and said it was pretty much over between the 2 of them and he didn’t care if he ever saw his face again. He said that Justin has shown his true colors and “the monkey is out of the bottle now”. As much as I hate it when people turn things racial or political, that did sound a smidge racist to me. Then he turns around and sits with them outside and engages in a rap battle with him. I believe Monte has quite a few underlying problems that will come to the surface as time goes on. I hope he didn’t say those things about Jason, but as I said before, I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • caRyn

        I heard the comment about the monkey but I thought Monte was talking about himself – getting riled up and wanting to knock Justin out. I didn’t know he was implying that Justin was the monkey.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I sure hope you’re right and I’m wrong Ryn. I really, really hate when people invoke racism into situations. Thank you for making me think about jumping to conclusion. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt this time but if he says anything else similar, all bets are off…lol.

        Oh, and I’m kind of changing my mind about Whitney too. I still think she has the eyes of a shark but I did like the way she tried to make Monte and The Pythons see logic in not putting Justin up last night, so I’ll give her a pass for now too. Haven’t watched the feeds yet, so I might have to retract that pass too…rofl

      • caRyn

        I said a few days ago that I dislike Monte so I don’t need for him to say anymore negative comments because I have heard enough. I don’t know the intent behind what he said with that comment so it is null. In person I would have asked him what he meant. He says so much to his side of the house and they let it slide. I guess they are picking their battles and since he is a vote they are letting things fly.
        I like Whitney. I believe she is playing a great game. There are things outside of the game that I noticed. Within 24 hours of being in the BB house she went to the restroom and didn’t wash her hands afterwards. I didn’t put much into it but then on October 6 around 4:3? pm (PT) shortly after Alex was in the HOH room Whitney was laying on the bed and picked something out of her ear and wiped it on the comforter. I bring this up because I see her in a different light because of what I have seen. It is one of those situations when I wished I didn’t know what I know.

      • Helen

        I am finding that many of these hamsters are saying some very offensive things….Monte and justin like to use the word retarded when describing people or the situations that people put themselves in which is a HUGE trigger for me!!
        Danielle likes to call people degrading names
        Jason is venomous in his personal attacks on others

      • caRyn

        Monte- If they think I’m going to get rid of Cornbread, they are retarded. That was just one time he used the word. He has said it a couple of times that I know of.

  14. caRyn

    5:49 pm (PT) Danielle is talking to Jason on the hammock and she left out the part that Monte called Jason a fag. Danielle told Kryssie. I don’t know why Danielle didn’t tell Jason. Jason will hear it from Kryssie.

  15. caRyn

    2:08 am (PT) Scott told Jason that he knows Kryssie has talked crap behind his back and he plans to nominate her and put Jason up as a pawn if he gets HOH. In Scott’s live DR session tonight he said his target was Kryssie.

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