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BBOTT Friday Afternoon Fun; Noms And More

October 7, 2016 | 65 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


Good afternoon, everyone! Drama is heating up in the Big Brother house, and things are close to coming to a head.  I am not sure they can last until next eviction without a blowup. The tension is high, and I think it will take one wrong look from Justin to Monte for it to blow.

Before I begin a slight recap of last night, I want to say I’ll be sad if Shane goes home this week. While I love Alex’s gameplay this season, and think she’s everything I expected out of what I thought the BB18 females would be, losing Shane would be losing such a mellow presence. Listening to him talk (when he rarely does), it sounds like someone you’d hear at 3am on NPR talking about something boring like the VP debate.

Ok, about the tension. Monte does not like Justin and he’s clearly at the stage where he’s looking for stuff to be mad about.  Last night, Monte was in the bathroom talking to Morgan when Justin came in to take a shower.  Justin made some comment about not losing, and stripped naked before hopping in the shower. While he supposedly covered his junk (none of this happened on the feeds), Monte took it as an insult to him. It was some serious alpha male shit going on with Monte raging because he thinks Justin did that to show he has more alpha in front of Morgan.  He said something along the lines of “Justin knows we’re close and you’re kind of my girl, so he did that to show he’s macho in front of me”.  Monte then went on to call Justin sexist to anyone who would listen while Morgan just kind of brushed it off.

I’m not defending Justin, the dude is certainly creepy, but Monte was clearly exaggerating either purposely or because he really believed that was directed at him. I’ve seen Justin do the same thing when the bathroom was empty, so I’m not so certain he did it intentionally or not. Now, this was about 10 minutes after Justin was going off to Danielle and Shane about Whitney’s lips and how he’d love to shove his … in them. He said that because the pair told Justin that Whitney has been around him more lately, so she may be into him (she’s not).  Regardless of that, Monte is just blowing this all up and trying to manipulate ‘his girls’ to do what he wants.  They’re not going to.

After raging for an hour or two, Monte came back into the HoH room to tell Alex to keep Shane and Danielle safe because he ‘made a deal with them’. He followed it up with “of course, it’s up to you”, but he kept pressing the issue for whatever reason. The big deal he made was that Shane and Danielle will vote whatever way the girls wanted if they are kept safe this week. That’s it. No future safety, no future allies, just the two voting however they want.  The only way this even closely makes sense is because of America’s nominee, otherwise Alex can just nominate two people she doesn’t mind going home.  Whitney pointed out how there won’t be many people left after the four girls, shane/danielle, and Monte, so that increases the odds of one of Shane/Danielle’s friends being the new target, and Whitney doesn’t believe they’ll vote out their friend.  They can make whatever deal they want, but once they’re safe, they can vote however they want.

Using that deal, and using Alex’s promise not to nominate Neeley, that leaves Jason, Justin, Kryssie, and Scott as available nominees. Justin would most certainly become the target in that case, and there is no way Danielle and Shane are voting him out.  It’s a dumb deal, and Alex knows that. It’s just surprising that Monte kept pushing it for so long.

Alright, that was longer than expected, feeds:

  • 12:00pm – The house has been on indoor lockdown, so they’re all hanging out chatting
    • Jason going on and on about Joker’s and HW. Both are great sites, but he should at least hook up a fellow Masshole with a plug! (he probably doesn’t even know of this site)
  • 1:00pm – Care package time!
    • Kryssie got the first care package of the season!
    • kryssie-cp
    • Save a friend – Kryssie is not safe, but she can make someone safe from any source of nomination (HoH or America’s vote)
    • And just like that, people go back to working out, playing pool, etc. I’ll let you know who Kryssie is saving when she figures it out
  • 1:25pm – Kryssie meets with Neeley trying to figure out what to do with this care package. She tells Kryssie to talk it over with Alex, otherwise Alex can just turn around and nominate her if she screws up plans.
    • It’s pretty obvious that America is going to try to carry Jason as far as they can this season, seeing as he’s not good enough to carry himself
    • Meanwhile, Morgan is using her assets to keep Monte stringing along
    • morgan-bikini
    • Kryssie is overanalyzing the care package. She is trying to figure out what that means for America’s opinion of her
    • The plastics (minus Shelby) are outside talking. Alex says she thinks in her gut that America is going to put up Shelby which means she’ll probably go home
  • 2:00pm – Message from Julie
    • Julie lets them know that America is voting for havenots.  Looks like Jason gets a free pass all season. Pretty fair
    • America cannot make you HN two weeks in a row.
  • 2:30pm – Scott is talking to Alex and Whitney.  He is promising them his vote, but I doubt they believe him
  • 2:50pm – After a long talk, Scott leaves and Morgan joins
    • They are saying they have no choice but to trust Scott because there aren’t any other options
  • 3:00pm – Monte comes into the HoH room and Alex lets him know that they have an alliance name (him plus plastics).  It is Monte and his Pythons
  • 3:45pm – Alex is talking to Kryssie about the care package
    • She is working Kryssie to use it on Jason.  She is telling her that many people are pressuring Alex to put up Jason, so she would prefer Kryssie use it on him because she doesn’t want to target him and wants them off her back. Pretty smart move considering nobody but Monte is really pushing for Jason, but she is trying to use this to an advantage and look like a hero
    • alex-kryssie
  • 4:10pm – Kryssie is telling Alex that Shelby needs to stay as a shield, and she’s surprised so many want her out (well, to be fair, that’s what makes her a shield)
    • She may use the care package on Justin or Jason
  • 4:30pm – Kryssie and Alex stopped talking and Kryssie is now retelling the conversation to Danielle and Shane
    • Don’t forget to vote in the weekly poll
    • Danielle is pleading for Kryssie to use it on her
    • Kryssie tells the two that America is rooting for the showmance. Jason said the same thing. Am I out of touch with America?  Do people actually like showmances?
  • 5:10pm – Danielle is telling Kryssie how she thinks Monte doesn’t like Jason because he’s gay
    • She is bringing up how conservative he is, how he wants to vote for Trump, etc.
  • 8:30pm – Watching the live Diary Room sessions
    • Can Shane do the DR session with me??

      Can Shane do the DR session with me??

    • Danielle thinks she has a deal with Alex. I didn’t hear them actually make a deal, but maybe I missed it?
    • Scott appears to be fully working with Alex according to his DR session. Not sure why he’d lie to us, so that is interesting.  If so, let’s count
    • Based on chat, Monte seems to be going up, so let’s just put him up because someone on Team Alex will probably go up…
      • Noms, Danielle, Shane, Monte
      • Votes in favor of team Alex: Morgan, Scott, Shelby, Whitney
      • Votes against Alex: Jason, Justin, Kryssie, Neeley, and probably America
      • That means 5-4 with Monte eliminated
  • 8:50pm – Paying America about half his winnings will be so fitting for Jason this season if he wins it all…. seeing as America is carrying him.
    • Shelby is up.  She is thrilled Cornbread went home
  • 9:30pm – Lie DR sessions are over and people are practicing this mini golf type of thing they gave the house.  I assume it’s for veto or next HoH


Time to close this thread and watch some TV.  I forgot to mention it, but I have guests flying in for the week beginning Sunday. Well, my wife does. This means I should be able to skip out on a few days and watch the feeds, and I’ll definitely be able to post nightly recaps. I’ve been in contact with a few people who offered to write, but I don’t know if they’re watching this season. If anyone watching who is able to post occasional updates with timestamps *cough* Caryn *cough* let me know either via email or contact form.

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