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Will The Beard Make A Big Move?



If you’re just tuning in to find out who won the HoH competition, well the answer is above. After keeping us in the dark for about an hour+, the feeds returned with Paul wearing the HoH key and pretty much everyone in the house happy, except Bridgette.  Easy and boring week, right? Well, if Paul has his way it will be. If Paulie has his way, however, things could get interesting. Paul is pretty content with putting up Bridgette next to anyone willing to go up and send her home this week. He was looking for volunteers, and also tossing out some names like Natalie. She got wind of that and used the puppy dog eyes on James who said he will ‘call in a favor’ to keep her off the block this week. Apparently it worked as even Nicole volunteered to be a pawn as long as she gets promised she won’t be nominated during a double eviction week. Of course James proved that word in the Big Brother house doesn’t actually mean anything, but if Nicole feels good about it, good for her.

While all of this was going on, Paulie was in Paul’s ear about another plan all together. Getting Da’Vonne out. Paulie is quite aware of the threat Day poses to his game, and wants to use Paul as a puppet to do his dirty work (you can tell he spoke game with Derrick a lot).  Day has been spreading seeds in the house about getting out the showmances, and Paulie knows he would probably be one of her first targets. Despite being super arrogant, it’s quite smart of him to use Paul like this, and he will gain massive Big Brother points if he pulls it off.

The pawn discussion went late into the night with Paul still focused on the HUGE threat of Bridgette, until Paulie offered to go up as a pawn himself. By doing this, he helps ease Paul’s fear of needing more guys playing the veto competition, and gives him a lot more leverage on who to put up as a replacement should anyone but Da’Vonne win the veto. It’s a big risk, but in Paulie’s mind, keeping Day in the house is a bigger one, so it’s worth it to him.


Now, what is actually good for Paul’s game? Easy. The massive power looming of the showmances. The people Day has been worried about (and rightfully so). Paulie and Corey are pretty damn tight, and they each come with someone who would vote along their way. That’s a 4-block of votes in any direction almost every week. Dangerous. Of course it’s pretty hard to go after Paulie or Corey without shaking up the house, but Nicole offering to be a pawn may have been the opening he needed. Keep her on the block, send her home, and use the numbers he has with Vic, Day, and maybe Michelle and Bridgette to then work on getting out Corey or Paulie.

But, we’ll most likely see a whole week of everyone trashing Bridgette until she walks out the door Thursday.

Nomination thread and updates coming shortly


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  1. Avatar

    How did Paul get this far? I thought he would be gone before now but it seems he aquired some power in the house.

  2. Avatar

    I am hoping Paul will do what’s best for his game. Which is take out the showmances before its too late. He need to make a grown man move for the money.

  3. Avatar

    Paul make moves best for your game!! You are entitled to the 500K like anyone else that is playing for their best interest. Paulie is so confident that he has this in the bag and to be honest if things continue as they are going, he may be the next winner. These HG’s are blinded with stupidity, they are letting paulie have all the power each week right until he takes it! Is no one brave enough to put him up on the block?! I feel bad for Day, they keep labeling her as the trouble maker when she’s right, showmances are a threat. Da may talk a lot but if she’s not winning any comp’s/pov’s she has no power to make any real moves. Nicole/Corey were playing both sides and because paulie refuses to believe they were, I hope take his arrogant self out the game and sitting on Jury. He is too cocky and is the bigger threat. He has total control at this point.

    • Avatar

      I absolutely think they are all way to scared to take out Paulie… They aren’t going to even attempt it until its too late. Bye bye 500k

      • Avatar

        Yes they may as well go home now and give Paulie the check! I can’t fathom why they’re so oblivious to Paulie?

      • ChiKelz

        Cyn and Amberchelly; you must have heard me screaming at the tv last night. Sorry if I hurt your ears! LOL I totaly agree!

    • Avatar

      Nicole and Corey were not playing both sides anymore than Pauline has been doing. Ppl keep saying they r not playing game but playing many sides is playing the game. Day playing all sides also but unfortunately for her she is not quiet about it and everybody knows it. She has name dropped everybody in hose to others do far!! For Nicorey it was smart game playing to listen to what frank had to say and let him think they might work with him. They didn’t go against their alliance but listened to the other side just in case.

      • Avatar

        Nicole has lied and continues to lie! She is far worse than Da! At least Da owns what she does and speaks on shady people. Nicole hides and talks behind people while throwing them under the bus, playing innocent! I can’t wait until she goes!

      • Avatar

        Cyn, Nicole isn’t worse than Da’ …..by FAR Da’ is worse. She’s playing all “who me”, I don’t know what you’re talking about. As for Nicole talking behind peoples back, she does it just as much as the rest. The worst is Paul and Paulie!!!! Especially Paulie! He’s the worst! I am routing for Nicole and Cory …ALL THE WAY!

    • NKogNeeTow

      See it’s a sad thing that no one realizes, power is not TAKEN, it is GIVEN. No one can really take your power away from you. You have to give it up. And once it’s surrendered, the person receiving it makes you think that they relieved you of it and you had no choice. The Godfather is where he is now because he manuevered himself into that position and the rest of them were so intimidated that hey relinquish everything to him. They are now at the point they have no control, no self esteem, and above all, no common sense.

      Eleanor Roosevelt put it best….”No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

      • ChiKelz

        Preach girl preach!!! You nailed it! I’m still disappointed and disgusted with the vets. They should have seen that coming 3 miles away! Get it together folks!

  4. Renee

    As I have mentioned over the last few days, Paul and Victor are both growing on me. Victor has made adjustments after getting evicted and is playing a better social game. I know everyone hates his laugh, but I can deal with his laugh more than Michelle’s attempt at crying over Frank last evening. Paul is the friend who has to be louder than everyone else, and more bark than bite. The others all realize that and pay him no mind when he is loud. I have friends like that so I have been able to compare and find him amusing. Now I just hope he doesn’t waste his HOH and attempts to make a big move. We can only hope.

  5. Avatar

    Paulie is Cody’s brother who was Derrick’s closest ally. You don’t think he learned all the tips and tricks from them too. The other HG’s deserve to be picked off one by one if they are just going to let paulie win! Won’t they just all quit now. lol

  6. Elaine

    Paul talks really BIG so now we will see if he is up to that or will remain a small man, connected to Paulie next to his lap dog Zzzzz.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Read on Jokers earlier, that Bunyon told Slick Vic that he doens’t give a f*ck what anyone else in the house says or thinks except Paulie. He said that before he made any moves, he wants to talk to Paulie first. So much for his big moves.

  7. Avatar

    No one even brought up Victor’s name.

    • Colby

      Yes they did. Victor (as a pawn) and Bridgette were Paul’s original plan. Victor didn’t want to. The guys talked Paul out of it and into putting up a girl to even out the guy/girl votes, 4 – 4. The girls (Zzz, Nic, and Nat) would not agree to do it. So Paulie did because he thinks he us untouchable.
      I don’t know why Michelle wasn’t even considered.

  8. Avatar

    I’m so hoping Day wins the POV!

  9. Avatar

    Put up Michelle and Day with Paulie as renom

    • Elaine

      I can’t listen to Michelle anymore. Since she boo-hooed that she wished she could have visited with Frank in jury, obviously she doesn’t know the end game. Go ahead and send her to jury….no one cares. Then she can sit there and speculate about what America thinks of her off camera. I am not a fan of Day but she is talking strategy and has brought up some good points.

  10. danmtruth

    Last year we had Twiddel-de & twiddel-dum this year we are stuck with the Bearded Brohams .
    Paul ic convince his bearded broham Paulie is his ride and die to the end With Victor as his side fall back broham Now Paulie seems to be distancing himself from his original ride and die partner Bambie Corey

    In a perfect world the BB gods would have Bridget and Paulie on the block together . Because no girl can beat Paulie in BB a game he was bred to win So with Bridget and Paulie on the block Bridget wins goes off the block Now Paul can become a legend and nom Da Than let the back stabbing machine go crazy

  11. Avatar

    Paul might be smarter than we think. He didn’t automatically share all the info pertaining to the envelopes

  12. Avatar

    Way to risky for Paulie to volunteer at this point. If he went up and did not win POV it would be too easy for the house to not vote him out at that point. I mean the only reason he is so powerful is people are too afraid to put him in the position he is willing to put himself in.

  13. JadedMage

    i just love this show and hate this show so much some times! I am so frustrated that most of these people cant see the crap going on around them. If you think about it, its alot like life outside the house, working in an office. I see this alot. the only upside is, I get to go home and away from these people at the end of the day…which luckily is at 4pm today!

    People in general want to believe what they want to believe. They all got themselves thinking that Bridget is some huge threat when she is far from the biggest threat in the house. My money is on Paulie. If they were smart, they would start turning their sites on him. He wins comps, he is very slick, he acts like everyone friend. He is dangerous.

    Day, as much as a trouble maker she is, she barely wins anything (except for the comp she through to James) she would be easy to get out, as would Z, nicole, Bridget, James and Nat.

  14. Michele Ryan

    1st off I’m really, really surprised that Paul won the HoH Comp. Wow, finally. James, Dude, you made a good move and got Frank out. Glad he wasn’t able to come back. Sorry Frank, but you are by far not a gentleman. If Paulie can pull this off and get Da’ out, I’m all for it. Da’s gotta go. Gidgette isn’t a real threat, other than Noms and that is only if she wins HoH. Let the fun begin.

  15. Shivani33

    Paul and Paulie were just telling Bridgette how to play BB, giving her a pep talk. Paulie told her that Day is the real target this week. Then he said that the only dangerous girls left in the house would be Nicole and Michelle and that Nicole will go next week. Meanwhile, Michelle is bitter and jealous that Natalie got the Care Package and blabs about it to whoever can’t get away from her far enough.

  16. Shivani33

    “whoever can’t get away from her fast enough.” Sorry.

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