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Beastmode Romantic Cowboy Breaks Down


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First off, I want to put out my condolences to both Frankie and Derrick’s family. There are really no words to describe how sad that is, so I will leave it at that.  Stay strong.

There are moments while watching Big Brother where you see people clearly outmatched mentally. Those moments this season have generally appeared whenever Caleb is on the screen, especially when Frankie is on the opposite end of the conversation.  It’s not often you see a player who has less control over himself than a marionette.  The perfect storm came when you combined Caleb’s feelings toward Amber and the very manipulative personalities of Frankie and Derrick.

The highlight of the episode featured Frankie’s plan to get Amber on the block, but not just throw her on the block. That would be too easy, and dangerous. He had to do it with the approval of Caleb while also convincing Zach to blow up during the veto meeting in order to accomplish the Team America goal. Watching the brief highlights during the episode didn’t even remotely do it justice just how Caleb’s head was spun around by the detonators.

It was absolutely mind blowing to see how it all turned out.  After very little persuasion by Zach, Caleb approached Frankie with the idea of putting Amber on the block to ‘put her in her place’.  That is all the fuel Frankie needed to twist Caleb’s season around, and that’s exactly what he did. The plan quickly fell into motion, and before you knew it, backdoor Amber was a go. The biggest question would be who would win the veto.

Out of the entire house, there were only a handful of people who would not have used the veto this week. Everyone is pretty much on board with the ‘get Amber out’ plan, because.. well, many people are not very good players. Like Brittany, Amber is one of the last hopes the girls have of shifting the power back in their favor, but they don’t seem to care.

So, the names were drawn for the veto, and of course Donny was picked because he’s always picked. Hayden was Victoria’s ‘houseguest choice’ and Christine was also picked to play.  The competition was a western theme that had ‘beastmode cowboy’ all perked up, except for the fact that he wasn’t playing in the competition.

The object of the game was to rock your fake horse back and forth 60 times before you are able to get off for 30 seconds and try to stack gold bars. If you don’t make it back on the horse before 30 seconds are up, you’re out of the competition (unless you choose to have slop for a week).

Jocasta was making a pretty decent effort, but she failed to make it back to the horse in time, so she took the slop penalty to try again. She never came close after that. Meanwhile, Frankie was tearing through the competition until all his bars fell toward the end.  It became down to Christine and Hayden and Donny and Victoria really had no shot to begin with. Christine buzzed in, but she had some gold bars on the ground still. Hayden finished his stack and won the power of veto.

As a condition of using houseguests choice on Hayden, he promised Victoria he would take her off should he won. Well, Hayden kept his word and removed her from the block setting the plan in motion for Amber to take a seat and be the target for the week.  Just as the jury was closing, Zach stopped the meeting once again and tried to create some drama. He gave Amber a really long and uncomfortable speech mentioning ‘beastmode cowboy’ about 10 times throughout. Caleb had a red face, but did not say anything, neither did Amber.  This means despite the best efforts from Team America, they failed their mission this week.

Tune in tomorrow night for the live eviction to see if Amber or Jocasta will be sent out the door.  Also, check out OK Magazine for more of my Big Brother recaps!

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  1. Comments (191)

    Part of me hopes Caleb is acting, can he really be this stupid?

    • Comments (1288)

      My favorite Calebism so far, {paraphrased} “Guys have periods just like girls…they just don’t bleed out their buttholes”

      • Comments (1446)

        Holy crap on a cracker the boy is nuts. He cannot shut up about Amber!
        With that being said, it’s hard to watch the Detonators take advantage of his mental state and tell him lies about Amber. It is mental torture for him, and totally confusing for her.
        I get it, I get it, I get it that it’s a game. But the fact that Frankie, Zach and Derrick almost ENJOY mentally torturing them is kinda sick.

      • Comments (332)

        It is a game and game play is expected. I suspect Caleb is the next to be out of the house. Once exposed to his insanity he is GONE!

      • Comments (1446)

        Last night the guys said they want to keep Caleb around because he is so easy to manipulate. Derrick said he wants Nicole gone next because he has caught her in a few lies.

  2. Comments (875)

    I have never seen, nor do I believe will ever see a more delusional individual as Caleb?! He said the nerve to say that he will be viewed as Amber’s ex-boyfriend on BB?!

  3. Comments (469)

    I believe it was Jannie who wrote earlier that it is a shame that there isn’t at least one strong woman in the house this year and she is absolutely correct – last year Amanda – the years Rachel was on – they brought some controversy sure – but boy did they create excitement – plus it brings real life into the house – the battle of the sexes – this year would have been the ideal time for this scenerio – can you imagine Amanda dealing with Caleb – and she and Rachel matching wits with the “brain trusts” – it would have made a memorable year.

  4. Comments (610)

    I think it’s time for Caleb to have a mandatory trip to see a psychologist. His infaturation has grown into an obsession that has gone way too far.

  5. Comments (469)

    I have a gut feeling that tomorrow may be a double eviction night – if not it is very close.

    • Comments (16)

      Typically Julie announces on eviction night that the following week will be double eviction. Since she did not say that last week, I doubt this week is double eviction. I do think it will be next week. We will see tonight, if Julie gives a teaser for next week.

  6. Comments (22)

    Let’s take a vote! Who’s going to be the final two?

  7. Comments (1)

    Just wanted to make a comment about Frankie’s bars falling to the ground. It seemed to me that he knocked them over. He would need to lose the comp in order to put Amber on the Block. He wouldn’t want that much blood on his hands he would rather someone else force his decision. He had it won until he pushed the blocks. I think Derrick has a good chance of being one of the final two I really hope for Donny also. The girls need to step up their game and get things turned around instead of talking about it.

  8. Comments (332)

    I love Donny, he said lets not do the Americas challenge. He is unwilling to take the money to change his vote. I love that about him. We will see. I think it was rigged by BB production trying to keep Amber in if it is a close vote. The other challenge for HOH was improbable anyway.

    • Comments (1446)

      When did he say that?? Cuz it seems to me he was in on the planning and looked pretty happy with Zach’s speech at the Veto meeting. Everyone loves Donny, but there comes a point where he’s got to stop floating and start playing. Probably too late for him already.

      • Comments (401)

        I think you’re talking about a different one. He said in the middle of the night last night that he didn’t think they should do this next one. He gave some good reasons.

      • Comments (1446)

        You’re right, Ann. I totally get that EVERYONE loves Donny. But this IS Big Brother – you have to get out of your comfort zone and shake up the house at some point. Seems Donny was completely willing to humiliate Amber at the meetings for $5K, but (personally) I don’t think it’s about his game, he just does NOT want to vote against Jocasta.
        Jocasta, the married minister who seems to really be confused about Christianity and has no problem getting under the covers in the HOH with the guys. Where did CBS find all of these nuts??

  9. Comments (843)

    Stupid mission for Team America! Donny is catching the backlash for this. Frankie hasn’t done anything and he’s getting the money. I hope HG change their minds tonight and vote to keep Amber and band together against Frankie, Zach, and Derrick. Sadly this will never happen.

    • Comments (332)

      Well, Frankie is catching the heat, he is HOH and he put Amber on the block. But yes, if Donny changes his vote for America he will be blamed but maybe not if it is a 5 to 2 vote. I hope it makes it a tie and Frankie has to decide who goes out. Cause this whole house vote one way is stupid. They should not be discussing votes and telling whom they are voting for. Each vote is private in the Diary Room and should be private until voted. I think production should stop them from vote counting on the feeds. They stop them for singing and other stupid stuff. Should for smacking while eating that’s annoying.

  10. Comments (843)

    It would be hilarious if Hayden, Nicole, and Christine secretly decided to vote to keep Amber then Donny and Derrick voted for her to stay for TA! Talk about scaring the pants off Frankie! LOL

  11. Comments (412)

    I hope Donny and Victoria win HOH! I’m ready for a change in the Big Brother household.

  12. Comments (57)

    I get the feeling that because Caleb can’t think for himself, he’ll make it to final four. He’s way too easy to manipulate and others have figured out that they can just point him in any direction and have him do their bidding. This game seems to have 3 or 4 players (Frankie, Zach, Derrick, Cody) and the rest just seem to be reacting to whatever plans they set in motion.

  13. Comments (332)

    Well Nicole was upset she got told what to do when she was HOH so she probably is waiting until she can win one and do what she wants. She is truly playing with Hayden and Christine. And if Donny came over they can flip the house vote and get some of the guys out.

  14. Comments (843)

    When do we get to vote on America’s Favorite player?

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