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Better Late Than Never Updates – PoV Meeting BBOTT



Sorry about the late post. I was supposed to go to a concert tonight, but the singer is sick and postponed the show. So, I took this opportunity to take the afternoon off since I knew I’d be home tonight.

It doesn’t appear like there was a whole lot going on today, anyway. Like expected, Shelby used the veto on Morgan and the twist of the season finally ended with the nom being removed from the block rather than the game. Seriously, all season and America’s Nom couldn’t win veto?  Pathetic (and it didn’t even happen this week. Shelby had to win it). In another story, Morgan revealed to Kryssie that Alex was her sister today. This was to apparently re-gain some of the trust that was ‘completely destroyed’ a few weeks back when Morgan made a deal with Kryssie and broke it when she voted out Neeley.

And look, I understand holding a grudge against that, but Kryssie is kind of nitpicking because she was pretty well aware that Morgan and Whitney may have had to break their deal, so Kryssie chose Whitney as a replacement nom to not put her in the situation of breaking a deal. It’s not exactly like it was a huge shock that Morgan voted to keep her ally over someone on the opposite side of the house, but a deal is a deal.  Anyway, Morgan told Kryssie this so she can try to get Kryssie and Justin to throw the HoH competition this week. This is because Morgan has absolutely no problem taking Jason out of the house and not worrying about ‘blood on her hands’.



Not that I actually see Kryssie working with Morgan because she still has her head up Jason’s butt, but revealing the twist as a way to gain trust is probably similar to the Frankie-Ariana twist reveal. He used it as strategy, and Morgan tried.  Kryssie gave very little reaction, but it is unknown yet if she’s going to run to the rest of the house to tell them. Another bright spot about Morgan telling her is that if it gets back to Morgan, she’ll realize she can’t trust Kryssie.

This means Jason or Danielle will be walking out the door tomorrow night (spoiler alert, it won’t be Jason).  You can vote for who you want America’s Vote to go to, but another spoiler alert – it won’t be Jason .

Ok, that’s that, updates:

  • 5:20pm – Kryssie, Dani, and Jason are talking in the bedroom while Shelby is in the HoH room
  • 5:30pm – Justin tells Morgan that Kryssie told him not to throw the competition. Morgan is finally realizing that Kryssie will never work with her.  Kryssie wants to hand Jason that check

Check back for updates



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  1. Avatar
    lotusflower89 (140 comments)

    Did anyone notice that the time for Wednesday’s episode & veto has been changed to 8pm EST?

  2. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Morgan finally realizes she shouldn’t have told Krusti about Alex. I appreciate that she tried. It was really the only card she had to play and can’t see things from the same perspective that we do. Justin really seems like he’s down to follow thru with Morgan and Shelby. I hope so. It would serve shitstain and Krusti right since they used him this whole time. Looking forward to hearing his live DR to see if even he knows where he stands.

  3. Avatar

    I don’t know why they all are just letting Jason cruise to the 250k’s. If he makes final 3 his fans/followers will give it to him. They need to send him out the door tomorrow night, but it won’t happen.

    • Avatar
      Wildsonic (128 comments)

      Yea if they were smart the better move would be to get Jason out while his a sitting duck but even if Morgan and Shelby wanted to do it they would need Justin on board and Kryssie which is not happening so I don’t see Jason leaving so I think there doing the next best thing by trying to get them to throw it so I think Morgan and Shelby are doing the best they can with the cards they have this week

  4. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    I hope Justin truly realizes that he can’t trust Krusti. Does he not see that she is stuck to Jason and Douchielle like glue? She is playing him so hard right now. As much as I would like Jason to go, I’d rather D go out first. If she were to stay all the hypocridiot fans would push for her to get the CP over Justin and that makes me gag.

  5. Avatar

    I know it probably doesnt do anything but 20 votes for Jason. Maybe the electoral college will vote him out instead of the popular vote. LOL

  6. AIO_7

    Well, on the bright side, at least we can get rid of one of the scum this week. I’d prefer Skidmark, but I’ll settle for any of them.

  7. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Krusti told Jason that Justin wants to throw HOH. She is so slimy. I truly hate her. I can’t believe these people aren’t taking to each other! She needs to get called out.

  8. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Sooo Krusti is super intelligent cuz she saw right thru Morgan’s lie about being Alex’s sister. Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha!!!

    • Avatar

      So did she not believe it?

      • LindsayB
        LindsayB (2276 comments)

        In the recap she was talking in her DR saying she saw right thru Morgan’s lie. Watching her live DR now and am waiting to see if she’s going to address it.

      • LindsayB
        LindsayB (2276 comments)

        She didn’t bring it up and as far as I know she hasn’t told anyone else. I really think she was just way too smart to believe it. Ugh. Almost her whole DR is all about how smart she is and that she’s going to do anything she can for Jason. She’s playing classic BB and she’s going to win because she’s such a greasy and smart person. Puke.

      • Avatar

        What’s going to happen if that weasel Jason turns & comes after Shelby & Moron if he wins HOH? That would totally mean he’s seending Shelby or Moron home.

        Those ladies had better get a plan together ASAP. Since Moron told Krusty her secret, there’s nothing good that’s going to come from that for the Moron.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      That is too funny. The hubris and complete lack of self-awareness of this Kreature are unreal. On Krustie’s planet, she’s a comp beast who “should’ve won” all the comps, loved by America (*rolls eyes big time*), and the most brilliant strategist in BB history– so brilliant that she saw right through Morgan’s “false confession” that Alex is her sister. Amazing. Some university should study this organism, she is fascinating…

  9. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    I don’t think she’s a moron. I actually understand why she told her. She doesn’t see all of Krusti like we do (lucky girl) so she really thought this was a way to show Krusti that she could be trusted. I don’t think I would’ve done it but I understand it. The only thing that really bugs me about Morgan is that she says “you know” about 67 times in her DR sessions.

  10. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Justin’s DR. He says Krusti is the only person he can trust cuz she’s the only one who hasn’t thrown him UTB. Poor guy. She’s really got him tricked. He wants Morgan in the top 3 too cuz he thinks he can beat her. He wants to throw the HOH to Morgan so she can take Jason out.

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  12. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Jason wants to take Krusti and Morgan to the finals for the best chance to win. He says Shelby has “shown her ass” and made herself a huge target cuz she’s in beast mode right now. He’s no longer wanting to throw the HOH cuz he wants to win so he can break up Morgan and Shelby. He says Shelby is one of the best players in the game and she needs to go for him to have a chance to win. He loves Justin but can’t take him to the end either.

  13. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    I must apologize to all……earlier today I wrote a post about Morgan telling krissey about being Alex’s sister. When I typed her name my iPad corrected whatever I typed to “moron”. I saw and said. I mean Morgan. So hence that name has taken off…..I have been trying very hard to call these housepets by their given names despite how I may feel about them…….

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Ohhhh is that how “Moron” started?? I was away from the feeds and the board most of the day and came back to find that Morgan had now been christened “Moron” and I wondered what happened. I finally deduced that people were calling her that because of her divulging her secret to “Krustie” but I didn’t realize that it all started with an autocorrect mistake. That’s actually kinda funny. Damn autocorrect strikes again! Lol

      By the way Helen, I generally try to refer to the HGs by their actual names too. Not because I have a problem with the nicknames (I actually find most of them hilarious), but more so just to cut down on confusion and ensure everyone knows who I’m talking about in my posts. But I just couldn’t help it with Krustie. She’s so grotesque that I decided to allow myself this one indulgence of calling her by the name that’s much more appropriate for her– Krustie.

    • caRyn

      Thank you, Helen.

  14. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Danielle: respects Shelby’s game now and she deems her deserving of potentially winning but Morgan deserves nothing. (Danielle is the princess so she is able to determine who deserves what in life. Stupid bitch.) She’s gracious about knowing that she’s leaving and is hopes we hand him the check. (Jason’s ass must be full of gold cuz everyone is fighting to climb up it.) She doesn’t respect Justin anymore cuz he isn’t loyal. I guess he should’ve just sat back while she offered his BB life up on a platter. Bitter. She’s pleading with America to let Jason win. Super anti Justin cuz he doesn’t know the game when he was a HN. Jason is the king of the world. Please give everything to Jason. All hail Jason, king of BB and the only one who deserves anything.

  15. Avatar
    GLENDA (129 comments)


  16. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Jason needs to go. Unfortunately next week will most likely be Shelby.

  17. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    I am totally surprised that kryssey did not say anything to Jason about Morgan telling her about being Alex’s sister….especially since she does not believe her and she is still going to go to the end for Jason.

    • Avatar

      Mark my words, Krustie is going to tell that secret. She’s going to tell it & use it against her to get her out.

      • Avatar

        Ann, if agree she will probably say something about it at some point, but she doesn’t believe her. She’s too dumb to know how to use it against her.

      • LindsayB
        LindsayB (2276 comments)

        It’s almost like she’s completely forgotten about it. I would’ve lost money last night cuz I thought she’d bring it up in her DR last night for sure. Even if it was just to show us how highly intelligent she is for not falling for it.

  18. Renee

    I will never understand getting this far in the game and then start playing for someone else. Like others have referred, the LNJ all seem okay to let Jason win because “he needs it”. If that is the reason for giving up their game, why did they even go on to begin with other than 15 minutes of fame? Kryssie has said she needs the money. Justin has his restaurant. Danielle has endless child support money. So, why would she agree to leave her child for months, claim she is doing it for him, and then start saying she doesn’t need the money?

  19. Avatar

    Omgosh y’all, wtf is wrong with these people?!?!?! I don’t even know words to try to describe how stupid I think Krusty is. What a friggin idiot! I try my best in life to not use the word hate, so I dislike her all the way to the point before hate. I have never felt more passionate dislike for a houseguest than her. She seriously has no clue how much she does not know this game and she’s in final 6! WTF! I’m so sick of these hypocridiots thinking they are God and have the right to say who should only be allowed to get prize money. I don’t care where you live, where you work or what’s in your bank account. If you play the game, actually play it, and get to the end, you deserve it. Just because you live in someone’s basement or draw food stamps does not automatically qualify you to win. Omg, I can not stand her. I can’t wait to see Julie tell her that Morgan and Alex are sisters and she’s too stupid to know Morgan told her the truth. I’m hoping with all my heart they can get Jason out next week and then kick Krusty out after him! It probably won’t work that way, but I’m sure hoping so! Morgan and Shelby have worked this whole game and I hope it pays off for them!

  20. Mell
    Mell (4888 comments)

    Morgan- I said a couple days ago that Morgan is obsessed with not wanting to be seen as a weak player and her DR proved it. Her entire DR was the words “you know, obviously” and “weak player.” It’s “obviously” clear from her DR that she prefers to have Shelby taken out before F3. Now that Danielle is leaving, Morgan’s new obsession is Krissi. Everything she complained about last night described both of them. How are there games different? Krissi is gross and loyal. Morgan is neither of those things. Morgan says that she’s sure she can at least beat Krissi in a comp. Did she forget, Krissi beat her the same day she said that? Morgan may win the game but if she does, it won’t be because she wins an HOH since we’ve watched her try to get everyone to throw it to her.

    Krissi- We know Krissi is delusional. I usually tune out her DR’s because they’re so annoying. I enjoyed last nights simply because everytime I thought she couldn’t say something more ridiculous, she would top herself. It was crazy. The only thing I don’t think she’s crazy for her reaction to Morgan’s confession. I think it’s nuts because I can look at them and see it but there has to be something going on with those girls in person that we aren’t getting. Every time an evicted hg has been told, they mention how they’re both from Texas, they’re both blond, etc. Not one hg has mentioned how they can see a resemblance to each other. I also understood why it didn’t build the trust Morgan wanted. She’s barely spoken to Krissi prior to this week and now suddenly they’re going to have bonding time. That’s something that’s built over time. Krissi’s an idiot but not for the reason Morgan and Shelby uses. (Both sides always say this. A person isn’t stupid because they won’t do what you want.) If Krissi really thinks she has a chance to win against anyone, why not take the people she is close to? If she knows she can’t win, why not take the people she is close to and lose to them? Why lose the the other people in the house?

    Shelby- Several of us realized the moment Shelby won HOH that she basically just propelled Morgan’s game further and not her own. This appears to be coming true. I’m hoping next week’s veto has her name on it. I’ve been a little surprised that production has been manipulating the feeds this year. Since we get so much more access, it didn’t occur to me that would happen. Shelby has made two comments in the past two days and the cameras immediately switched to something else. The first time she mentioned someone in production so I assumed that was why but I don’t think that anymore. She left the DR, went to hoh room where Morgan was and told her that she thinks she fu*ked the guy in the DR. The camera switched. Last night she started yelling that she missed di*k and the camera switched. They switched it faster than the time she has repeatedly talked about yelling at the producers. That seems odd to me. I don’t think they want us to see this side of Shelby if it can be avoided. I hope Shelby can find a way to turn things around for herself and manage to stay in the house but it isn’t looking good.

    Jason- He has done some gross stuff and his trick last week backfired big time. That’s why he’s in trouble. It isn’t because he’s been lazy and hasn’t played hard. I don’t agree that he hasn’t played the game because he has. I also don’t agree that it’s a given he’s going to win if he’s in the F3. I don’t think he will be unless he wins the next comp anyway. Yes, he has fans and some of Davonnes fans. Nobody ever mentions the BB alumni who have many more fans than Davonne and Jason. Many of them are rooting for someone else and are encouraging their fans to do the same. Rachel’s favorite was Danielle and she has almost 300k followers on twitter. Jason & Davonne combined have about 120k. This is only one example of many. If Jason has the votes to give him this win automatically, how in the hell did Morgan ever get that care pkg? Where were his voters that day? I’m assuming the same people that did that and several other things, will also be voting for the winner. Alot of BB alumni didn’t support Nicole this summer either. Regardless of who wins, I don’t see how things have been slanted for Jason all season. Care pkgs and veto wins have played a more crucial role this season than HOH. 4 care pkgs have favored BS and 2 for LNC. BS have won 3 vetos (including the one Justin made the decision on) and LNC have won 5. The evictions every week have kept the numbers on both sides of the house as even as possible until the DE. What tipped the scale this last week wasn’t simply evicting Alex. It happened to coincide with the timing of when Whitney flipped and America didn’t control that. I think the care pkg Morgan got was changed in an attempt to get things leveled back up. It would work if Morgan could win another comp and didn’t want to ditch Shelby but America doesn’t control that.

    *I don’t know who should go tonight because they are both threats. I don’t think Morgan and Shelby should sit around calling other people stupid for not wanting to evict Jason when they are so hell-bent and determined from the very beginning that Danielle needs to go first. I understand they had the care pkg to use against Danielle when talking to Justin but they could have went the route of using Jasons fans. The point is, they never tried because they adamantly want Danielle gone.

    *I’m team Shelby but I’m sick of hearing how dumb the other side is and how to play the game from everybody in the house. (Except Justin-lol) Shelby and Morgan talked about how they have no respect for Krissi as a player, she’s the worst, she’s a disgrace to the game and has no respect for the game. They’re very next sentence was how determined they are to go to the end with her. If the goal is to win, I have no problem with their way of thinking. If their goal is to respect the game, they are no better so I wish they would stop trying to sound like arn’t doing the same damn thing.

    • Mell
      Mell (4888 comments)

      “How are their games different?” Damn talk to text!

    • LindsayB
      LindsayB (2276 comments)

      My thoughts about wondering where the Jason/DaVonne/Rachel twitter followers were when Morgan got the CP… Since none of us realized her having the Veto made her ineligible to be nominated (regardless of why, we don’t need to rehash that one hopefully) I think a lot of people voted for her to get the CP thinking it would result in Shelby going home. It wasn’t necessarily to help Morgan. Both Justin and Danielle fans would’ve been fine with giving it to Morgan since their person would’ve been eligible the next week and wasn’t in danger of going home that week. I think most all fans would agree that Morgan wouldn’t be able to beat anyone while Shelby could.

    • Avatar

      If Morgan wins HOH will she have the balls to put Shelby OTB herself since wants her gone or will she wait & try to get someone else to do her dirty work?

    • Avatar
      Angecour (1 comments)

      Could have went? Kind of undermines your sounding intelligent about anything u say. Correct verb conjugation = could have gone. Whitney used same incorrect conjugation. What are they teaching in school?

      • Mell
        Mell (4888 comments)

        It “kind of” seems possible you’re focused on the wrong thing.

      • NKogNeeTow

        “What are they teaching in school?”…..Apparently not manners. This is a Blog, not an English class. We all got the gist of her comments. Attacking the HG is fair game because they chose to expose themselves to the world for money. Attacking other commenters because of a few misplaced words is not. On this Board, we might not always agree, but we do try to support each other.

        With that being said, Welcome To the Board 🙂

  21. Shivani33

    Jason is the Pied Piper of the misfits. He has engendered blind loyalty, which is, in itself, a strategy. Even Danielle looks to be leaving OTT singing his praises. Whitney and Alex, after their evictions, both mentioned that if someone from the late night crew were to win the game, Jason ought to be the one. Even with today’s imminent eviction, with Jason on the block as one of 2 nominees, he’s being overlooked…for a “next time” which may never come. I feel that I’ve spent all of OTT watching the theater of the absurd.

    The cherry on top was Morgan’s misplaced revelation of the sister twist to Krustie, the buffoon, whose nonreaction ( and subsequent dibelief) made it a complete anti-climax, as well as comic gold. Add to this Shelby suspecting that she might have had a zipless fuck with someone who’s working OTT production but isn’t completely certain. The satire is very, very ripe.

  22. caRyn

    Jason’s Live DR last night (8:11 pm (PT)): Plan B – to be a target but Danielle to be the larger target. I don’t believe there was a Plan B.

  23. caRyn

    Danielle’s Live DR last night (8:30 pm (PT)): America if you want to be a game player than think like a game player and don’t just play favorites because you think that person is funny or you like that person or whatever. Help people that are really here to play this game. People, you know, that have lived this game. It is really upsetting to me that there are people here that have no idea what BB is – they have never seen the show. Justin didn’t even know how to use the Veto or know the rules of the Veto when he first got here….

  24. AIO_7

    I realize there is another CP out there that Danielle could get, but I just couldn’t resist voting 20 times against Skidmark.

  25. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    I think it would be awesome for jason to get America’s vote. D would still go home but it works create doubt in the house cuz I don’t think any of them world think it was us. They would blend each other, prob Krusti.

  26. Renee

    I would love to know each BS’s reaction after this is over and they find out what kind of things the LNJ did to their personal belongings. Hopefully Julie will do an pre-show talking to the former houseguests right before the winner is picked and she can ask them their thoughts after they have had the opportunity to see things for themselves.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      If I were one of the Plastics, the finale would turn into a Jerry Springer type brawl. I’d definitely try to fight anyone who farted and rubbed their armpits and feet on my belongings.

      • Renee

        Me too Gerardo! All they would hear is “ding, ding, ding…..security!!!”

      • Avatar

        I was thinking the same thing. I’d come wearing sneakers, loose fitting clothes & have me a jar of vasoline. Once I layed eyes on those assholes it would be on & poppin.
        They better have plenty of security handy.

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  28. caRyn

    12:25am (PT) Justin and Kryssie talking about Jason. Justin: I don’t trust him no more. It’s over. No, I do not trust him. It is dead.

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