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If Your BF/GF Go On Big Brother, You Have To Break Up First, Right?


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So the Big Brother chat rooms are rumbling a little today about last night’s bed session between McCrae and Amanda.  Starting around 5:35am on the feeds (flashback here),  Amanda started snuggling pretty close to McCrae, which resulted in a lot of heavy breathing and eventual wiping of her hand on the sheet.  (side note: burn those sheets)

Not a problem, right?  Well, Amanda has (or likely had) a boyfriend heading into the show, and she even bragged about the sunglasses he bought her which were lost for a few days.  In addition, her boyfriends family told her that they got the live feeds prior to her entering the house, so she knew she was being watched.  Even if they’re not watching, someone else is – and blogging about it (which made it kind of funny them talking about whether or not their family could be watching the feeds… forget about flashback?)

That leads me to my point, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is heading into the Big Brother house, it’s almost a given that you break up before they go in, right?  I mean people want to think they can trust their partner, but when you’re trapped in a house with the same people all the time, no way to ‘relieve’ your urges, and all the skin that is flashed around daily, it’s a given you’re going to do something if you can.  People like to think they won’t, but how can you not do stuff like give the HoH a little handy at 2:30 in the morning?   There is $500k on the line and the person with power looks like the most action he’s had in the last few years has been in World of Warcraft, why wouldn’t you give him a stroke to earn favor?

Since we’re at the stage of giving sexual favors to the HoH, should guys be rooting for a girl to win next week to see if Amanda spends the week with them?

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  1. Comments (231)

    I just knew I was right about her and Amanda needs to go. If I remember correctly, nick was talking about getting rid of her on BBAD.

  2. NineThirteen913
    Comments (3)

    So I just watched the whole exchange on Flashback. Gotta say, i don’t think there was any HJ action happening. The whole time Amanda was talking about how “frustrated” she was, and describing, uh, herself as a “slip and slide.” That’s her own slipperiness that she’s wiping on the sheet…

  3. Comments (1)

    I agree. Amanda needs to go and take Andy with her. The two of them sit
    in the HOH room and tear down everyone in the house and then talk about
    Aaron talking about everyone. They talk about Aaron being an instigator,
    but Amanda is just as bad. Not a big fan of Aaron, either. A lot of the girls and guys really need to do some maturing. Have to ask if anyone else
    is having trouble with the sound going in and out during BBAD?

  4. Comments (1)

    Amandas a bitch, cheater and she threatened to kill Candice multiple times but ofcourse bb is going to protect their “funny” character and not show any of it.

  5. Comments (2)

    Well she has now done the full dead several other deeds and all with a guy she met a little over a month ago. She had a boyfriend. So she has no real morals, not sure this dopey pizza boy is what she wants he is just a protection for her. H e is a dirty grunge ball. Who had a girlfriend so in my opinion that makes these two the lowest life form in the house. d
    Dump on top of that here over the top racism and bigotry (which he tries half hearted.y to stop (put he actually never appears to be able to summon the energy to do much but go from patio to smoke and back to bed)and some threatening violent remarks and one wonders what her moral core is and who raised this animal.

  6. Comments (2)

    And of course the near proven rumors that she has an in with production. And old boyfriend involved in CBS as well as a relationship with the producer. Of the show so this lower life human may well be rewarded with 500k

  7. Comments (1)

    my answer is no, im not cheater and truthfully if i was 2 cheat mccrea wouldnt b my pic waite none of these guys would be truthfully, in the end its all up 2 how much your a hoe and well Amanda is one

  8. Comments (1)

    Yupp, Amanda surly needs to go, but not just to the jury house, production should permanently evict her as well as Aaryn for the racist they are. I don’t understand how CBS has not taken control of this season of BB yet. Yes, controversy sells,but there must be a line drawn.
    Last nights unprovoked attack on Elissa, her husband and children should not be tolerated. Get it together BB or you will loose one of your most devoted fans.

  9. Comments (1)

    well by definition “girlfriend/boyfriend” is not a serious permanent commitment,also yes it is possible to not get involved with anyone on the show. unless I’m wrong ginamarie,Elissa,Andy,Spencer,Judd,Aaryn and Helen didnt do things like that. OP is just projecting their feelings on others. I can go without sex for 3 months standing on my head.

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