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Dick Donato from Big Brother 8 and 13

Dick Donato


7/8/11 – Dick Donato left the house for unknown reasons being the first “evicted”


Richard Louis Donato, known as “Evel Dick” Donato (born June 24, 1963), a bar manager from Los Angeles, California, is the winner of the reality game show Big Brother 8. He and his daughter, Daniele Donato, are the only family member pair to win the American Big Brother program’s top two prizes in the same competition. Dick holds the record as the show’s oldest winner (age 44 at the time), and Daniele is the youngest person (having turned 21 during the competition) ever to win one of the American program’s top two prizes. Dick returned for Season 13 of Big Brother as a team with his daughter Daniele. However, he mysteriously left the show approx. when the live feeds started


Dick Donato from Big Brother 8 and 13

Big Brother 13's Dick Donato


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    I want to know what happened to evil Dick

    • Comments (154)

      he looked like he came off a 10 day runner and in need of shower, sleep and 6 months of rehab. sorry dick you look used up worse than a $2 whore in TJ. get some help

  2. Comments (8)

    i love about dick that he is the greatest man on earth and he is my favorite houesguest in big brother

  3. Comments (8)

    he is my husband he is hottest man i know

  4. Comments (154)

    well dick, i hope you die a very lonely old man. you treat dani like shit. you didn’t say one kind word about her or to her. you are a rotten son of a bitch. go on another runner and OD this time you piece of shit.

  5. Comments (8)

    you are going in big brother 14 cast for me you will win next season

  6. Comments (4)

    I love evel dick, he was one of the best players and if he is put back into the cast for BB 14 he is gonna win and be fav player!

  7. Comments (3)

    you are my husband love you dick

  8. Comments (11)

    you dick are be husband ok love

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