Big Brother 14 – Ashley and Ian Go On A Date (Photos)

big brother 14 ian and ashley on a date

Every season there are a few moments that are really fun to watch.  Last year I really enjoyed watching the house try to play a prank on Adam and him not caring at all, while enjoying the peace and quiet.    This year we get an early one with a date the house set up between Ashley and Ian.   Here is a recap in photos…

Big Brother 14 Ian preparing for his date

Ian ready and nervous for his big date with Ashley

big brother 14 ashley


Ashley getting all dolled up for the date

danielle looking jealous about the date

Danielle looking jealous Ashley is getting the attention

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The date started off really funny with the two acting like they were strangers meeting for nearly the first time.  Ian was talking about his new age sleeping technique on a slope, and his diet that he’s trying.  Ashley went along with it and it was really fun to watch the two chat it up.  Dancing around the talk of Big Brother while trying to be funny and cute.


big brother 14 britney serving

Britney acting as the waitress for the evening

big brother 14 ian chatting

Ian chatting with Ashley about organic versus inorganic

big brother 14 ian and ashley on a date

Ashley trying to understand what Ian is talking about


Then the date took a ‘game’ turn and he two went off on a long conversation about people in the house, where each other stands, etc.  I’m starting to feel bad for Ian now because he’s incredibly smart, sees exactly what’s going on in the house and there is little he can really do about it.  Even Ashley hinted that he’s a threat because of his intelligence, Boogie mentioned it as well, and others have given him the same impression.

However, what Ian realizes is the same thing I realize, he’s not even an ounce of a threat right now.  He’s so low of a threat that I’d be more scared to have Kalia or Porsche back in the house.  His brains may come into play in about 5% of the competitions, if that, where the physical and social aspect of the game (in addition to flat out luck) pretty much takes up the other 95%.

The only scary thing he does have going for him is that he clearly sees the big picture and could slowly form bonds like he’s doing with Ashley.  He realizes that the coaches are in control, yet they’re playing for 1/5th of the cash of the actual competitors. When he hears things like Ashley just willing to vote with whatever her team decides, that certainly scares him because it takes away power from the players and puts it all in the hands of the four coaches.

Enough rambling about the game, it was still very entertaining to watch, and I totally cracked up when Wil and Kara delivered the food then did this little performance with napkins.  Hilarious!

Overall, it was a fun thing to watch and hopefully more of that will happen this season.

big brother 14 date wrapped up

The date is all wrapped up

Here is the gallery of the date photos:

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