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Big Brother 14 – This Is The End, Beautiful Friends


Well, all good things must come to an end, and after tonight, Big Brother 14 will be in the books.  It’s been a great summer with plenty of drama, blindsides, backdoors and the stuff we all have come to enjoy during a Big Brother season.  While there has been plenty of downtime and slow weeks, overall I’d have to say this was a pretty damn good season.  At first, I was very apprehensive about players re-entering the game – yet again, but by allowing them to coach was a decent twist.

While they clearly failed at the coach aspect, only giving each one 3 players for an entire summer (should have been 4-5 each), that made it clear re-entering the game was planned from the start.   They were on a pace to end the show in late July if none of the coaches pushed the button, and that would have been without the extremely fantastic final few live shows we were able to watch.  With millions of lost ad revenue and live feed sales, I’m going to guess the production planned the entire thing including who would push the button and who wouldn’t.

Theories aside, I’m glad it happened the way it did.  Until the merge, the biggest entertainment the show had was the battle between Willie and Frank, and all the drama Russell’s brother brought to the table.  When Willie got the boot, things certainly slowed down for a brief period until the merge happened and the coaches were no longer sleeping through the summer.


Anyway, now that I think about it, I’m going to list some of my favorite moments from the summer…

  • Like I mentioned above, the Willie boot.  When things started going Frank’s way, you knew it was going to be a rough week for Willie.  Then the feeds came back live to see Willie pouting at the kitchen table eating pork rinds.  Suddenly some yelling happened, and poof.. feeds down.  All types of rumors circulated about a fight in the house, Willie throwing food, headbutting Joe, etc.  While it wasn’t as serious as the rumors, it was still enough to get Willie evicted from the house.
  • Boogie somehow managing to convince the fab four to align with them, even if it was just for a week, and end up voting out Janelle.  This was certainly one of Boogies finer moments in his Big Brother career.   Sure, he won All-Stars, but to pull such a move without the brilliant Dr. Will guiding him was simply impressive.
  • Ian’s super awkward dates with Ashley.  The first actually didn’t go too bad, but the second was just them sitting around a table not saying a word to each other pretending things weren’t incredibly uncomfortable.
  • The party after the sushi dinner with Wil getting wasted, spin the bottle, Ashley making out with half the house, Ian streaking and Wil marching into the pool wearing his birthday suit.
  • Live-blogging Dan’s funeral.  That was probably the first time as a blogger I was able to capture moment by moment such a game changing event and write about it as it was happening.  Granted I’ve only blogged BB13 and BB14, but that was a night I won’t forget any time soon.   Of course, the actual funeral was a masterpiece, but CBS loves it so much I’m sure you’ll see repeats of it again tonight.
  • Going on my one major vacation a year and my server decides to crap out the very next day.  Sitting in a hotel room dealing with all types of tech support trying to get things moving, waking up every 2 hours to check on things.   While this may not be a favorite moment of the summer, it was certainly memorable.
  • The live double eviction episodes.  Both were extremely entertaining to watch, and the first was probably the best live show I’ve seen in Big Brother.  Frank, hanging by a thread managed to win PoV after Ian came out as a betrayer of their alliance.  Watching all the people complain on twitter about the conspiracy theories that Frank had 3-4 veto symbols.. completely ignoring that Frank was the best athlete out there.
  • The second double eviction show, which I thought was going to be a snoozer, but when Dan clearly had a chance to get Ian out of the game and was going for it, that made the live veto another intense competition.   You could see the desperation in the eyes of Ian as he worked that maze like a maniac, and then his scream of relief when he won.  Incredible.
  • Finally, the last live eviction of the season when Dan convinced Danielle to save him from the block, so he can get the blood on his hands and vote out Ian.  However, he chose to vote out Shane leaving Danielle, and many of the viewers completely stunned for a long time.  Danielle had a perfect chance to go to the final 3 with whoever she chose, but putting it in Dan’s hand should go down like someone being evicted from Survivor while holding the immunity idol.

I will be live blogging the finale tonight, and it starts immediately following Survivor’s premiere. I’m pretty sure it’s at 9:30 est and should be another interesting episode as we get to see the jury yet again, and see if Ian actually throws the final to Dan.

Many people will probably be watching the show and not search for Big Brother info, so while I have you, be sure to follow me on twitter or facebook for information on Big Brother 15.  And if I don’t say it tonight, thanks for reading and commenting all summer.  You guys make blogging worth it!


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    “They were on a pace to end the show in late July if none of the coaches pushed the button”

    Wrong. They stated that previous evicted houseguests (yes plural) would have the chance to come back in the game had no coach reset the game.

    • Avatar
      B. Rua (1 comments)

      True, but you don’t have to be so snippy about it.

    • stevebeans

      Ok, fair enough. Since you want to be a picky, I looked it up and this is probably how it would have gone down (assuming they were evicted in the same order)

      1 – Jodi
      13 – Kara
      20 – JoJo
      27 – Frank
      34 – Wil
      41 – probably Kara/JoJo/Frank/Wil compete to return
      48 – Ashley
      55 – Joe
      62 – Jenn
      69 – Shane

      Final 3 Danielle/Ian/Returner

      (hypothetical of course)

      Considering they love doing a double elimination week for drama, we’re still falling a bit short unless they skipped that entirely and just went in order. While possible, would have been plain and I’m glad they had those 2 double evic episodes.

  2. Avatar
    Patricia (231 comments)

    I enjoyed blogging here and the drama was interesting. I’ll look forward to your blog tonight and next year.

  3. Avatar

    I must say thanks to you and your blogging i really enjoyed the season. I watch it constantly and never miss an episode as do alot of people. i have live feeds and showtime but your blogging was the best. This is my first comment on here. leaving it to say thanks…I absolutely love reading your blogs. Keep me posted. And reading this is always a pleasure.

  4. Avatar

    Ur an amazing blogger nd I look forward to reading ur post next time around. This was fun.

  5. Avatar
    Monika Hamilton (4 comments)

    I’m still hoping beyond hope that Dan doesn’t win the grand prize. When Danielle was comforting him and she walked out of the room and he came out from beneath the covers and was laughing his ass off just confirms what a truly Evil soul and backstabbing behind the bible horrible person he is. DAN MAKESME SICK TO MY STOMACH !!!!!!!!! Cant stand hide behind the church fools like that .Dani will need pych when she sees how she was played.

    • Avatar
      Nancy (1 comments)

      I agree with Monika. I’m wondering if Dan’s wife will ever be able to believe anything he says to her. Such a low-down piece of crap. How dare he swear on the Bible , and not just once. He made a habit of it. As soon as I saw Danielle praising him….I thought ” Don’t fall for it again” I swore at the TV when she left the room and he came out from under the covers laughing. SNAKE IN THE GRASS !!!!!

      • Avatar

        HIS WIFE IS FINE WITH WHAT HE HAS DONE!!!! It’s A GAME!!! GET OVER IT. Dan has played the best this season

      • Avatar
        Tailfin (14 comments)

        Lol…I was watching the live feeds when that was happening, and I was so disgusted by seeing Danielle go on and on and console Dan who was under the covers, about how he deserved to win, that I couldn’t watch it anymore so I shut my computer down. I missed the snake in the grass, but good to know, I just couldn’t stomach any more of Danielle praising and praising him. lol

  6. Avatar

    Dan played his assoff using peoples weakness. People do that in real life to get ahead give it to him. I got a headache and was so angry at him but he played to win not make friends or like danaille get a boyfriend or fall for a married man

    • Avatar

      Honestly i think Dan is going to have a restraining order against Danielle when they get out. I think she is after him too. Didnt anyone see her last night, when she said i am really going to miss you Blah blah blah.

  7. Avatar

    Many thanks for your blogging,it was awesome just like this season of BB.Looking forward to tonight n who wins we shall see.We can all agree to disagree.Thanks again!

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  9. Avatar
    Christy (1 comments)

    I am really excited for the finale. Anything is possible with Dan 🙂 Hoping to see Dan win final comp and take Danielle but Ian going isn’t so bad either(ian has grown on me) we shall see!

    • Avatar
      George (42 comments)

      where else will you be able to watch an adult swing away on a hammock all night! … Ian was great for the show (even tho his “quacking” when talks can be a bit much at times – ha ha – love this show!

  10. Avatar
    Rob (768 comments)

    Reading the feeds this morning and it said that half an hour after they all went to bed last night, Dan got up and went out into the back yard and started practising his F2 speech with a stop watch while looking into the camera. He kept referring to the person sitting next to him as ‘him’. Not once did he say ‘her’. Love him or hate him, you have to take your hat off to the guy because he just won’t lay down and quit! I wonder if the other two have been working on their final speech?

    I’m still predicting that Dan will throw the final competition to Ian and trust Ian to take him to the final 2. If Ian can deliver a good speech he will win it 4-3, although I won’t be at all surprised if Dan wins it 4-3 either!

    • Avatar
      George (42 comments)

      but wouldn’t it be a great season finale if Dan throws part 3 to Ian and Ian takes Danielle – Ian wins it all thru jury votes and Dan, who played one of the greatest backstabbing games in BB history gets taken out with no winnings by “the kid”?? … I just don’t see Ian doing this – I can only hope … you gotta love this game!

      • Avatar
        Rob (768 comments)

        Yup, you’re right! 🙂 And it would probably also guarantee votes from the people Dan screwed over! Hmmmmm, you could be on to something here. I think my opinion is biased because Ian said he wants to beat the best.

        I got a kick out of the fact that Ian is pissed off because he is going to miss the first show of Survivor!! lol

      • Avatar
        Sadie (528 comments)

        This would be beautiful. Screams of joy would’ve heard around the world. However I think Ian is taking Dan almost 100% guaranteed, especially after Danielles little insane tirade against him that only managed to piss him off. Well played, once again, Dan.

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      I just went back to hear what Dan was saying, and it’s more then just “him”. His speach is totally for being up next to Ian. He has even been trying ti figure out how to throw him under the bus for the comments he had made against Ashley (when he got heated after finding out about her and Frank actually making out) without looking like to big of a dick.
      Now the question is, had Ian figured out to take Dani, or will he still take Dan. I do agree, it will bode much better with the jury if he’s sitting next to Dani, and they know that it was his knife that cut Dan.

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  12. Avatar
    Vic (233 comments)

    Thanks, Stevebeans. You have a way of making sense of the madness! Lol. Loved reading the comments, especially Christina, Sadie, Rob. Now we’re on to Survivor. Pretty good timing, as I was thinking I might need a 12 Step Program. Go, Dan!

  13. Avatar
    janie (2 comments)

    Thanks so much for the blog and thanks to all that participated! It was so much fun to read all of your opinions…until we meet again next year!

  14. Avatar
    Yearbooks (316 comments)

    I’m not sure what to say. I do know that Danielle is my least favorite of the 3. I started out wanting Dan to win but slowly I began cheering Ian on and now I want him to win. Dan, while a great player and thinker… got too mean spirited for my liking.

  15. Avatar

    First time commenting. Your a great blogger and I enjoyed reading everything you had to say about bb14 till the next thanks =]

  16. Avatar

    It’s been a great summer of blogging, and a great season of BB. Of all the people in all seasons, I see the biggest transformation in Ian. This young lad has grown and matured as a man. I agree with a blogger that Ian deserves a guest shot on “the Big Bang”. He could give Sheldon a bit of competition. And hey, invite Ashley along on this show too. She can amaze us with story boards, puppies, kittens, rainbows, marshmellows, unicorns and cupcakes!

    The most important thing is what all the BB houseguests take into the world when they resume life. Some like Ian will be winners. Dan has started his downward spiral to troubles in life. Shane might find another color other than pink, and Danielle can lead support sessions for gullible dumbasses.

    Good times!

  17. Avatar

    Thank you for the constant updates and great blogging.

    This is only the second season I’ve followed, but I loved every minute of it. I understand all the Dan haters, but it is only a game. A tv show and a game. No one would act tell the truth 100% of the time or act the way they do in their real lives. They do what they can to win and what they can not to lose (well, except maybe Danielle – he desperation for human connection blinded her).

    Have fun tonight….should be a GREAT finale!

  18. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    Well stevebeans, another year is ending. You know I love your blogs, and I’ve said it before, but as long as you are blogging BB, you know I’ll be here!
    This year there have been some real wild cards in the house and here. We’ve all got our favorites and have enjoyed getting to talk about why we love them or why we don’t. I really hope that next year we’ll have another fun cast, no matter what anyone else, we are all still watching aren’t we???
    I also can’t wait to come back next year and hear from Stevebeans, and some of my favorites on here, like Vic, Rob, Sadie, Jean, bluesky, Worried for Humanity and the young buck Matthew. Matthew, I’m hoping we’ll get to see you in the house when you’re a little older.
    I can’t wait for the show!!!

  19. RAY
    RAY (131 comments)

    It was a blog-a-doius experiences. Till next time 🙂

    To Dan, if you win: “Soon gotten, soon spent; ill gotten, ill spent.”

    Christians know you were wrong when you brought the Bible in for your greed scheming thus you brought it to this blog board, non-christians can’t see that, but then how can they, for all they see, is ‘that it is just game’, they think.

    Wish you well you are a nice guy but a deceived one. Hope you lose. 🙂

  20. Avatar

    Good for Ian. Dan even looked like the devil with his spiked horns and pasty skin. If he ripped his heart out to play and put it back in on the way out don’t you think it’s a little damanged. Poor wife almost didn’t have a ring or a necklace to pass on. Good (almost) wins.

  21. Avatar
    barbara (7 comments)

    Dan lost as soon as he started swearing on the BIBLE! I don’t care if it was a game, and maybe he thought swearing on the Bible was ok
    he was led right to the end and then he LOST!!!!!! he says he will go back and play again! H E WOULD BE THE FIRST PERSON EVICTED if the HG’S were smart! IT was a good season I was always wanting any of the newbies to win FRANK was my ultimate pick! see u all next summer

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