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Big Brother 14 – Coach Competition And Have Not Results

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It appears the coaches competition came down to Janelle and Boogie again this week as apparently Dan threw it once again and Britney just flat out sucks.  That’s not the most interesting part of the situation, the big news on the live feeds is that Willie is a have-not and is losing his cool badly.

I’m not sure what the competition was yet, but Janelle winning isn’t as big of a deal as Willie being placed a have-not for the week.  He’s already sitting at the table sulking while eating his pork rinds and apparently slamming doors and acting really upset with everyone.  We all know if you’re a Hantz that makes you an automatic sore loser, but a have-not before being evicted?  There is going to be some fireworks on the feeds this week.

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Things are so bad in the house that Joe feels that Willie is going to try and really fight either Frank or himself in order to try and get kicked out of the show.  If he does, what a poor sport baby and no Hantz should ever be allowed on TV again.  The guy put Frank up for eviction then foolishly tried to save him and it backfired.  Now he’s upset?  Come on.

Willie’s dinner for the next week

I’m also reading that the winner of the coaches competition was able to pick all the have-nots this week, unlike last week.  Janelle chose Willie, JoJo and Shane and then Ian also volunteered.  I probably would too, I love pork rinds!

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  1. Comments (191)

    Willie is an ass. Everyone knows he would be nominated but he could always win POV. He didn’t even try.

  2. Comments (15)

    I can’t believe what happened on Sunday’s episode of Big Brother. Of course, we could tell that Willie wasn’t happy, but there was no reason for him to just get himself kicked out of the house. I was unable to watch it live on Sunday, but my Hopper recorded it for me on PrimeTime Anytime so I could watch it this morning without any commercials, thanks to the Auto Hop feature. It makes it even easier to get sucked into the drama, and I can’t wait to see what else can happen in the house this week!

  3. Comments (4)

    Does anyone else think Ian is this season’s Ronnie? What a RAT!!!

  4. Comments (4)

    After seeing tonight’s episode I take back my Ian comment. He actually was playing for the good side!

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