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Big Brother 14 – Will Dan Pick Off Boogie? Predictions And More..

August 23, 2012 | 19 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 14 - boogie and jenn

Wow, weeks are flying by now, especially when the Big Brother 14 house is exciting like it was this past week.  This will be the 6th time houseguests have cast their votes to evict someone, yet only the first for Frank the Tank.  He has either been HoH or nominated every other week except for the 1st eviction where Dan was able to evict someone he knew for about 2 minutes (Still annoyed by that, CBS should give Jodi another shot on Survivor, TAR, or Big Brother 15).

If you’ve been following this blog already, you’ve known that this week was very chaotic and entertaining.  Emotions and blood pressure ran high as houseguests went from chatting like buddies one minute to crying or yelling the next. Typically what happens during a Big Brother season is that two general factions will form.  Every week the factions get tighter and the tension higher until eventually the inevitable happens that they collide and go to war.  That was this week in the Big Brother 14 house.

I’ve already been over the sides countless times this week, so read some of my recent posts if you don’t know exactly what’s happening in the house by now.  Needless to say, after tonight, I think the houseguests will let out a collective sigh of relief until the process starts up all over again.

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Once tonight is over with, Boogie will be out of the house along with either Shane, Frank or Dan depending on how the second eviction goes.  Then moving forward there will be only floaters to pick off until two more factions build that will determine the final 2.  There will likely be 1-2 more weeks of buildup before 1-2 weeks of chaos before the final dull week begins on September 9th and the winner is crowned on Sept 14th (if I have my dates correct).

Boogie basically conceded yesterday, though he’s going out the only way Boogie knows how.. by making himself look like a jerk to anyone watching.  He’s been bashing everyone in the house and saying a lot of dumb things like “When Danielle leaves she’s going to read how people think she’s a fat cow”.  Newsflash:  Danielle is not a fat cow.  Not only is it rude to make personal attacks like that, but it’s not even close to accurate.  A liar, yes.. overweight, no.

The only part that tears at me is that Boogie was essentially the only hope of a coach not winning it all this season.  I think Boogie was easily beatable in the finals by at least half the house, which is why I was pulling for his side to advance and knock out Britney and Dan.  I didn’t want a coach to win, but like I said in this post, now I have no choice but to root for the coaches.

Not to waste more time, here we go…


votes (to leave)

Ian – Boogie
Britney – Boogie
Ashley – Boogie
Joe – Boogie
Dan – Boogie
Frank – Jenn
Danielle – Boogie

Boogie will be evicted 6-1 (it would be 5-2 but Ashley flipped to the side of the majority last minute)

Then, we’ll have a brief HoH competition, possibly a ‘before or after’ trivia.  Ian ‘should’ win it unless he throws it yet again.  When he does, I think Frank will be the target and he’ll be eliminated from the house unless he wins veto.  If he wins veto, a floater like Jenn or Ashley will be eliminated.

If Frank somehow wins the first HoH, Dan and Shane will be nominated, then possibly Danielle or Britney as a replacement nom if one wins veto.

It will really be up in the air after Boogie leaves, but one thing I can definitely predict with certainty, it will be a very entertaining live show.

Follow along on the live feeds to see how the second HoH winner of the night handles it and who he or she nominates.

Frank has a very good shot at winning the second HoH which he was practicing yesterday and doing well at, but surviving that long will be the challenge.

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