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Big Brother 14 – Will Dan Pick Off Boogie? Predictions And More..

big brother 14 - boogie and jenn

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Wow, weeks are flying by now, especially when the Big Brother 14 house is exciting like it was this past week.  This will be the 6th time houseguests have cast their votes to evict someone, yet only the first for Frank the Tank.  He has either been HoH or nominated every other week except for the 1st eviction where Dan was able to evict someone he knew for about 2 minutes (Still annoyed by that, CBS should give Jodi another shot on Survivor, TAR, or Big Brother 15).

If you’ve been following this blog already, you’ve known that this week was very chaotic and entertaining.  Emotions and blood pressure ran high as houseguests went from chatting like buddies one minute to crying or yelling the next. Typically what happens during a Big Brother season is that two general factions will form.  Every week the factions get tighter and the tension higher until eventually the inevitable happens that they collide and go to war.  That was this week in the Big Brother 14 house.

I’ve already been over the sides countless times this week, so read some of my recent posts if you don’t know exactly what’s happening in the house by now.  Needless to say, after tonight, I think the houseguests will let out a collective sigh of relief until the process starts up all over again.

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Once tonight is over with, Boogie will be out of the house along with either Shane, Frank or Dan depending on how the second eviction goes.  Then moving forward there will be only floaters to pick off until two more factions build that will determine the final 2.  There will likely be 1-2 more weeks of buildup before 1-2 weeks of chaos before the final dull week begins on September 9th and the winner is crowned on Sept 14th (if I have my dates correct).

Boogie basically conceded yesterday, though he’s going out the only way Boogie knows how.. by making himself look like a jerk to anyone watching.  He’s been bashing everyone in the house and saying a lot of dumb things like “When Danielle leaves she’s going to read how people think she’s a fat cow”.  Newsflash:  Danielle is not a fat cow.  Not only is it rude to make personal attacks like that, but it’s not even close to accurate.  A liar, yes.. overweight, no.

The only part that tears at me is that Boogie was essentially the only hope of a coach not winning it all this season.  I think Boogie was easily beatable in the finals by at least half the house, which is why I was pulling for his side to advance and knock out Britney and Dan.  I didn’t want a coach to win, but like I said in this post, now I have no choice but to root for the coaches.

Not to waste more time, here we go…


votes (to leave)

Ian – Boogie
Britney – Boogie
Ashley – Boogie
Joe – Boogie
Dan – Boogie
Frank – Jenn
Danielle – Boogie

Boogie will be evicted 6-1 (it would be 5-2 but Ashley flipped to the side of the majority last minute)

Then, we’ll have a brief HoH competition, possibly a ‘before or after’ trivia.  Ian ‘should’ win it unless he throws it yet again.  When he does, I think Frank will be the target and he’ll be eliminated from the house unless he wins veto.  If he wins veto, a floater like Jenn or Ashley will be eliminated.

If Frank somehow wins the first HoH, Dan and Shane will be nominated, then possibly Danielle or Britney as a replacement nom if one wins veto.

It will really be up in the air after Boogie leaves, but one thing I can definitely predict with certainty, it will be a very entertaining live show.

Follow along on the live feeds to see how the second HoH winner of the night handles it and who he or she nominates.

Frank has a very good shot at winning the second HoH which he was practicing yesterday and doing well at, but surviving that long will be the challenge.

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  1. Comments (1276)

    I just hope they get talk to Ian before hand and let him know that he BETTER NOT throw this comp as well. Dan could even play the “if you want to get into the good/evil season, you have to get Frank out yourself”. If I were them, and Frank is left in the comp, and Ian gets out, I would seriously look at getting rid of him. This crap of he’s giving them info is not enough, he has to get a little blood on his hands. And if Boogie, and then Frank are gone, he has no one to hide from. No point in throwing it, other then being chicken.
    And I’m glad that I’m not the only one that is really upset about the things boogie is saying. It’s not that he’s “clowning” them, it’s how low he goes to do it. Like you said, Danielle is NOT fat, that girl could probably kick his butt due to how strong she is, it’s called muscle, and not being grossly skinny. She’s got a great bod.
    But he’s done this to everyone at some point. Everyone keeps talking about how much Boogie’s looked out for Ian, but have you heard some of the stuff he’s said to Frank about him? Jenn as well, and how far he’s taking the stuff with Dan and Shane (I still can’t wait until he finds out Dan didn’t rat him out). I think Dan’s, or anyones religion is off limits. ANd he keeps playing this family and business card with Joe.
    But I am still the most upset by the crap he was saying he wanted to say to Brit about her husband. Lets all keep in mind, that she’s a married woman, who’s husband obviously supported her coming on the show. Boogie, on the other hand, is the father of a small child. Trust me, as a Momma, I have no problem saying that’s 110% worse then leaving your spouse.

  2. Comments (1)

    Wow how typical to call a girl fat, shocked he couldn’t be anymore original with his insults?! Just gives me one more reason to cheer on the quack pack. Christina, just wondering what it was that boogie wanted to say to Brit about her husband?

  3. Comments (2)

    What did Boogie say about Britney’s husband? Sorry, I don’t have the live feeds

  4. Comments (6)

    Didn’t Julie say safety for the week? So wouldn’t Britney be safe for this eviction too?

    • Comments (1276)

      I know she’s safe for this eviction, but since it’s a double eviction, She won’t be safe for the 2nd eviction tonight. It basically condences 2 weeks into 1 night. So if Frank wins HOH (or Ashley, if she doesn’t end up switching her vote over to save Jenn) then they could put up Shane, Dan or Brit.

    • Comments (22)

      Yeah that’s a good point, I hadn’t thought of that. Britney should be safe tonite no matter what.

  5. Comments (2)

    Danielle is fat. Her legs are huge. Skinny girls are not gross, girls with fat legs like Danielle are. Britt is hot. Ashley is fat and so is Danielle

    • Comments (1276)

      well aren’t you a nasty person!

      • Comments (1276)

        Sorry, that’s not a good enough argument, on my part. For your information, fat would mean that she has cellulite. She doesn’t have cellulite, she has muscle, which might be a concept far beyond you.
        And honestly, I’d love to hear what your “friends” say about you. I would guess you are skinny, but that really doesn’t make up for being a nasty, judgmental, small minded person. My guess is, you will argue this point, but you must be one miserable person to log on here just to call someone fat.

      • Comments (2)

        Im not fat or skinny, I work out everyday and I just don’t find chubby girls attractive. You and Ddanielle should go pound some beers and eat chips all night all while talking about how the the hot girls are too thin.

      • Comments (1276)

        oh, good one. you so know all about me. what is that stupid crap they say on the show… oh, you put me on blast. but thanks dearest, you gave me one more thing to laugh about today.

      • Comments (1276)

        btw stevebeans, sorry, you know i’m normally above this crap. sometimes, i just can’t resist lol

  6. Comments (17)

    well the target is Shane , Dan & Frank .
    he does not matter if Britney is safe .

    • Comments (1276)

      I’m pretty sure I heard Frank saying on the feeds that if he gets HOH he would do oe of two things. Either, 1. put up Dan and Brit, so he can possibly back door Shane, or 2. go ahead and put up Dan and Shane, and if one of them gets veto to save themselves, then put Brit up in their place. I would think Brit would be safe either way, but you never know what kind of votes people might make in a crunch like that. They might go nuts and end up voting out Brit, which by the way, would be a HUGE FU to Frank, and actually a smart way for the rest of the house to go. But this season isn’t really based on smarts, so there is no telling.

  7. Comments (1)

    Dan is an awesome guy. I think Frank is afraid of him. I would love to see Frank going home next and BB bringing Boogie back in a surprise twist. It should come down to the two best players ever in BB history in the finale.. Dan and Boogie. May the best man win!!!

  8. Comments (123)

    ***Correction…Finale night will be Wed Sept 19th for 90 minutes….right after the season premiere of Survivor…☺…

  9. Comments (143)

    Dan is a scum bag, scumbagged his alliance in the back, scumbagged boogie, and scum bagged frank after promising to work with them. Acted smug the whole time, never wins a comp and has no game. He isn’t calling the shots, he is just another floater basically.

    And yes Danielle is a fat cow, she is 23 and has thunder thighs and if you put her on a scale I can tell you her BMI is over 25. As boogie said, when her metabolism slows down in 5 years she will be a whale. Just like Britney, none of them exercise and they eat bad food

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