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I just had to use this image to sum up Danielle's season

Big Brother 14 – Danielle Continues Her Bully Tactic On Ian


I thought it was going to be a very dull week in the Big Brother 14 house, because typically the final week is.  I haven’t even asked people to sign up to the live feeds since Thursday because I fully anticipated the three of them sitting around the house staring at the walls.  Granted, they have been doing that for the most part, however occasionally Danielle flares up like the house hemorrhoid and unloads on Ian with rage.

If you flashback the livefeeds to 9:09pm bbt, you’ll find Danielle giving Ian about a 40 minute lecture on how she’s not mad at him, not bullying him or bashing him, yet does all of those things immediately following.  She rants about how hard she’s had it in the game from day 1 (riding Dan’s back isn’t hard), and how much she’s done for the alliance (nothing), yet downplays Ian’s season.  This makes her either completely delusional or dumb…  While Dan has played a phenomenal game this season, one of the key reasons the “quack pack” made it as far as they did was Ian’s willingness to play the ‘villain’ role of the season.  Without him completely turning on his coach and friend, there is 0% chance the final four would have been made up of their alliance.

By Ian playing the mole and Dan taking the punishment for it, this completely took any heat at all from the remaining houseguests and allowed them to target Boogie while they had the numbers.  The only thing Danielle did the entire season was be a puppet to Dan whenever she won HoH, and to keep going back to a person who lies to her over and over.  Is it Ian’s fault that Dan couldn’t trust her enough to warn her about the ‘funeral’ in advance?   No, it’s just that Danielle is a pretty mediocre player who happened to get lucky and ride the back of a strong player and good alliance.


Danielle is this season’s Porsche, and because she pretty much did nothing in the house, she may actually wind up with 2-3 votes if she made the F2.  She’ll earn the votes of those who are too bitter and butthurt to vote for the better player (either Ian or Dan), but luckily I don’t think there will be as many this season as BB13.

I know this is a pure opinion piece, but watching Ian talk to himself for quite some time on the hammock after the wrath of Danielle finished got annoying and I’ll be glad when he doesn’t have to suffer her any longer.


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  1. I literally tweeted last night that Danielle is this season’s Porsche. I’m so tired of one “floater” making it to Final 2…and then actually getting votes!

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    • katy isnt the name of the game to make aliances in the game thats what danielle did way better player than porshe

    • There is no comparision between Porsche and Danielle. I would definitely not call Danielle a floater. Danielle has stuck with one alliance, she has won 2 HOHs and 2 POVs. Porsche jumped back and forth between alliances and did not win anything until the very end. I think that she and Dan worked well together and had each others backs. I don’t understand the hatred towards Dani. I really feel bad for her. Yes, it’s a game, but I think Dan went way overboard playing with her emotions. He then laughs in her face when she tries to find out why he did what he did. It was Dan’s idea for Dani to fight with Ian in hopes that Ian will throw the part 3 to Dan. Yes, it would be nice if Dani realized how much Dan has played her and try to strike a deal with Ian, but I don’t think she would ever turn her back on Dan.

      It’s easy for us to sit back and say we would have done this or done that. Every person that leaves that house says you will never understand this unless you experienced it. i don’t think I could every be couped up in that house for a week let alone almost 3 months.

  2. Whatever sympathy Danillle might have had from the fanbase is disappearing quickly, and she already wasn’t very popular. On the flipside of that coin, Ian is probably gaining more and more votes towards Americas Choice, lol. I can’t stand her now, she went from a little pathetic to outright bitch. You can be mean and nasty in this game but she’s just being a sore loser, trying to blackmail herself into the final two…really? She needs to go.

    I don’t see why Ian is even taking it, he should just walk away. I know he wants to secure votes or whatever but she’s basically telling him straight up she’s a lost cause. Just avoid her.

  3. How is she a floater? She has stuck with Dan and Shane from early on in the game and stuck with Brit and Ian in the QP until the final four. She has also was in various plans to get others evicted, while a floater would just sit around making no deals or plans, not winning comps, nothing. Her gameplay is mediocre compared to the other finalists, but that does not make her a floater.

    • She has “stuck with” Dan from early on by letting Dan do all her work for her. She was “in” plans to get others evicted because she sat in the room while Dan, Ian, Shane, etc planned out how they would go about evicting threats and then she voted for whoever Dan told her to vote for. She never made any plans, she just agreed to go along with whatever she was told. Just look at what she did with her last veto, she had the perfect opportunity to remove Ian from the game, but all Dan had to say was “take me off the block” and poof, Dan was off the block. Definition of a floater.

    • Ya she is a floater big time. Riding on Dans coattails. A little miss yes Dan. Ill do what ever you say Dan. No game play for her at all. It was Dans play. I just hope by some miracle that Ian wins.!!!

  4. It kills me to c a floater go to then end then talk about all the “great” things theyve done and what a “hard” 3 months its been i wonder what they do after they get home and watch the whole taping of BB and realize they didnt do as much as they claimed they had? And Danielle has no right to keep yelling at Ian IMO she cant even handle if someone tells her like Dan “Your Dead To Me” she breaks out in tears i hope Ian gets tired of it and starts yelling at her give her a taste of her own medicine

  5. Just when I was starting to actually like Danielle…..now I toally loathe her!

    First she brow beats and bullies Ian for 45 minutes and then brags and gloats to Dan how she made him feel this small and made him tear up and smiling about it the entire time. Yeah, that’s the way to get someone to take you to the final two! IDIOT! She thinks she’s smarter than both of them, but doesn’t realize (yet again) that she is just playing into Dan’s plan to alienate herself from Ian and any possibility of him taking her to F2. What a dope.

    I always thought Danielle would be one of those players who you forget about in a few years, but now I believe she will be remembered, but not for good reasons.

    • Wow, i didn’t realize she was like that. I only see the episodes. That is real nasty of her. I guess i just hope Ian wins. Screw the other two. Although i do think Dan using the bible makes him the worse of two evil.

  6. Danielle is bullying Ian because Dan has told her too. This is part of Dan’s game – he told Danielle to do it in hopes that Ian will throw the HOH so that Dan will win it and have to be the one to choose who goes to the finals with him. Dan has been convincing Ian that he will take him to the final but Dan may very well take Danielle as he has a far better chance of winning against Danielle then he does against Ian.

    • I agree with you; eveyone seems to be forgetting that Dan, who she still thinks is her coach, told her to do exactly what she is doing.As I recall Dan said that if she browbeats Ian, then he–Dan could get Ian to throw round 3 so Dan will be the one to send Danielle home, but then send Ian home because Dan believes it will be easier for him/not her to win
      Dan keeps telling Danielle that he is only there to coach someone to a win–not to win himself. Unbelievable that she believes him but she still believes him to be her coach and not a peer competitor

  7. Danielle is far from a floater. Floaters sit around all season and do nothing. She has been on the block numerous times and has won several competitions. Yes she may have done things that Dan told her to do but she trusts him fully. Which is her one big mistake. Ian on the other hand is completely annoying. He has done nothing this season, and if you want to talk about someone following Dan he is one of them. Hands down Dan deserves to win this season. He is the only one who has actually played the game. However, Danielle should be the one sitting next to him in the end NOT Ian. As far as Dan playing the game I will give it to him, however, he played dirty and for that it may cost him the money.

      • Anyone who thinks she is a floater is moronic

      • Anyone who calls people moronic for stating their opinion based on very apparent behaviors from the live feeds and after dark show, is a ______________ (fill in the blank).

        Danielle has not put herself on the line, not gotten her hands dirty, has not engaged in any true drama with anyone, rather she walked around all doey eyed and in awe of Shane and Dan hiding in their shadows.

        She was abused by Dan several times and never did anything, and then when someone was seemingly a little weaker than her, she lambasted him.

        People like Danielle are really pathetic and weak…way to expose yourself Danielle, not only are your looks fake and require tons of makeup to develop, but your personality is just as fake!

  8. So Big Brother spent a few $$ to buy a new hammock… I wish they’d also spend a few cents to buy some grease to stop that squeaking. I can’t hear what Ian is muttering when he’s rocking on it anymore!

    • It’s easier on my ears than Danielle’s voice or Dan reading bible verses.

      • lol Agreed! I had to fast forward through the last half hour of BBAD this morning because I got sick of it too! Is it me or did she sound just a little bit more nasally/southerntwangish last night?

      • And for the record I have nothing wrong with accents, Southern or otherwise, I just wonder when people seem to turn them on and off……

      • I can’t stand her nasally hideous voice… She actually thought you sing through your nose???? What a BITCH!

      • her accent comes and goes when she tries to be the “sweet southern bell” cause when shes talking to julie during the live evictions her accent is huge, but when she was talking to anyone else in the house, it wasnt there.. she’s so fake.

    • I was thinking about that last night. I love Ian but the squeaking is annoying.

  9. Dan has my respect. He has had control of the game almost from the start, not that Danielle or Ian were very difficult to manage. Danielle has none of my respect. She must be as dumb as a rock to keep listening to Dan. Ian is just ANNOYING and even a little pathetic to watch (sorry). BB should be ashamed of themselves for putting someone in his condition on the show for public “entertainment”. What’s next? How low will they go?

    • HUH??? “BB should be ashamed of themselves for putting someone in his condition on the show for public “entertainment”.

      Are you serious? Someone in his condition?? Ian is on the verge of winning half a million plus $25 grand for America’s choice!

    • FYI, Ian is probably more adjusted and well-balanced than you and based on your ignorant post, he’s definitely smarter than you. And as rob pointed out, he’s made it to the final three and is about to probably win a half mil, or 50 grand plus another 25 for Americas Choice.

      It’s people like you, spud, that cause perfectly functioning members of society that may have a few more challenges to feel ashamed, embarrassed or that they can’t perform like everyone else, even though they clearly can. you’re the only one who should feel ashamed here. Go get educated.

      • Ian is so very much like my son who has high functioning autism. They have never said anything about him being autistic but his behavior, mannerisms and high intelligence so mirrors my own son with Asperger’s. I have written a book for those who still are not educated enough to know that autistic brains are not defective, just different. I applaud Ian! I think he is doing a great job and I think he deserves the win!

      • Well said, Sadie!!!

      • You are so right Sadie!

  10. Maybe she is doing this for fun. She probably knows she is going home. If I were in this boring house with only two others and I knew I was leaving, I would do the stupidest things just to entertain myself, and that is probably what she is doing. Also like when Brit was throwing things around and beating up Franks bear to let all her anger out. LOL!

    • I think she’s just doing it because Dan has convinced her that it is the only way Ian will take her. I wish Ian would just tell her that she’s only hurting her chances of him taking her by going after him. That would help both of them, first, Ian would have to hear it anymore, and second, she wouldn’t have to make herself look so bad.
      I don’t approve of it either, but I can see why she’s frustrated, and even letting out a little stress by fussing. I wish when she was nagging him last night that he had just said, yes, without a doubt, Dan and I have had a final 2 deal for a while. And then followed with, but I know he had one with you as well, so I’m still trying to figure out which one of you I can win the 500k over. And make it clear to her that if she keeps going after him like she has been, that he’d rather take the 50k and vote her out, then win the 500k.
      I think if he just broke it down to her as honestly as possible, then she might realize that she’s only helping Dan, not herself.
      I’m sorry for who doesn’t like this, but I still haven’t turned on Dani. I think this is just Dan’s master plan, his Jedi mind tricks at their best/worst. She’s looking like a monster, and people are taking the heat off Dan, who’s behind it all. Granted, I wanted people to lay off of the personal attacks on Dan, the bull crap Evil Dan bit, but now people seem to have shifted all of that anger onto her.

      • I know you have a certain affection for Danielle, but I have to say her behaviour isn’t justifiable UNLESS it’s just to be a jerk because she’s at her wits end, kinda like how Evel Dick went on that bizarre rampage to try and make sure his daughter won. Maybe she’s desperate, but to me there seems to be something more sinister behind it, especially the way she’s talking trash about Dan and then having little secret meetings with him.

        Just as Dan emotionally tortured Danielle, she’s now doing the EXACT SAME THING to Ian, the same way abuse trickles down in any household. Maybe she’s getting a thrill out of almost making Ian cry and intimidating him the way Dan does to her. I don’t know, but it’s not cool.

        She won’t win anything this season, I imagine. Certainly not first, probably not second and most definitely not Americas Choice.

      • Last vote I checked Jenn was 3% , Dani 4%….

      • I don’t know if it’s anger Christina, so much as it’s lack of respect for her game. I was feeling sympathy for the way she was being manipulated and played, but then she goes and tries the same thing on poor Ian, who did absolutely nothing to warrant it! Even if he had done something to warrant it, there’s no reason to brow beat and bully the guy and then gloat over it to Dan! That’s totally insensitive of her. And now she thinks she can threaten him into taking her to final 2?

      • Sadie and Rob, you are both right. That’s why I’m having a hard time with it. I don’t think she should be doing it, I wish she would realize that she’s not helping herself. I think, with Dan’s “coaching” she thinks this is the only way, like Sadie said, she’s desperate.
        I don’t think she is as bad of a person as she’s making herself look. IMO, she’s thinking that Dan has gotten her this far, to keep trusting him, I just hope she realizes it. She needs to back off Ian, try talking to him, try not talking to him, hell, anything but this.
        It is totally insensitive, you are right again. And maybe due to all of the abuse she’s taken, she is some what getting something out of doing it to someone else. I just hate seeing it. I think she’ll be so ashamed when she looks back and see how horrible it makes her look. And, in turn, how she’s taking so much heat off of Dan. It just sucks, that’s all, it just sucks.
        And you are right Sadie, I have developed somewhat of a protective feeling for Dani. I HATE the way people attack her looks, accent, and so much more, which is why I hate the attacks. But she is in the wrong here, and she’s making it really hard for me to protect her. Honestly, if I hadn’t seen so many personal attacks on her prior, I probably wouldn’t even by trying. But at least now she’s getting attacked for how she’s playing, and not her looks.

      • I totally get that. I’ve developed the same thing for Ian. I find him vulnerable and sweet and when people attack him personally I get weirdly protective. And for the record, I do NOT condone these loser attacks on her, calling her “pimple popper” and the like. So not cool and it really says a lot about someone’s intelligence when they feel the need to make fun of someone’s looks.

        I’m judging just on what I’m seeing. And, of course, as a fan of Ian’s she’s going to immediately get my back up with how she’s treating him 😉

      • Which I get. Like I said, people jumping on her case for the way she’s acting now, the attacks on Ian, hell, they are deserved. She is totally in the wrong, I think I just wanted people to keep in mind that she is the weapon Dan is using. You know, kind of like being mad at a gun for killing someone, not the person pulling the trigger. Granted, she has a brain, and a gun does not (even if she’s clearly not currently using it) and has the choice not to listen to Dan, and is choosing badly, but it’s still a team effort, even if she is the only one saying the things to Ian.
        I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that either Ian or Dani realize what’s going on before Dan beats them both. Like I’ve said, I think Ian has a better shot in the end with Dani, I think Dan can beat Ian, and Dani can beat Dan. But I think Ian could beat Dani, if he realizes that, and talks her down, it would be one hell of a blindside to vote Dan out.

      • I did love Ian until he made the racial slurs about Jenn and the derogatory remarks about women that have turned me off entirely.

      • Jeanie… I didn’t hear any of that… was it recent?
        I am usually pretty good at keeping up with all of the feeds, but it’s always hard to watch too long with so few people in the house, so I know I’m missing stuff.

      • Want to elaborate?

      • I never did get a response. What did Ian say about Jenn and women?

      • looks do count…hence MoFo didn’t chef to select a cup or unpack. I wonder why?i

      • There is an Amy Fisher in her waiting to get out..if Dan can do that to her ..she will do what ever a man tells her to do..even if it is to do something to his horrible wife…

      • Dan has been the “puppet master” of both Ian and Danielle. Sadly, neither of them seem to realize how he has been manipulating both of them. Setting up Danielle to go on a tirade against Ian is the second dumbest thing Danielle has done so far this game. (Obviously, being talked into putting Shane on the block and trusting Dan wouldn’t vote him out was the first one). She would have had both Shane and Dan loyal to her and not each other and would have made final two. What her strategy should have been with Ian was to discuss his obvious chances of winning it all if he takes her and not Dan to the finals. After all, Dan’s “game” tactics would most likely be seen by the jurors as smart game playing and he can win it all. Danielle, wouldn’t stand a chance against Ian for votes which assures Ian of the half million dollars. But once again, Dan has masterminded a plan to turn them against each other which gets him into the final two. Sadly, Danielle hasn’t realized Dan is not her coach he’s her rival. If any part of her brain is functioning she should tell Ian the truth right now about Dan’s plan and include that Dan had prior plans to take Ian out of the game even after they made a pact. Ian is being loyal to Dan due to his perceived thinking Dan has been keeping him safe. Danielle could actually Blow it up if she is honest with Ian.

      • While, i agree with you, Last time i checked a lot of people seem to praise Dan for how’s he’s played the game- swearing on the Bible and his wife to convince people to believe him while he went against his words. my point being that, with that logic i guess we’ve established that anything goes in the game and its OK for the players to neglect basic moral standards. With that being said, i guess there’s nothing wrong with what Danielle’s doing, expect that she ruining her own chances while bettering Dan’s. just a thought.

      • and now Dan says he will just go to confession and he will be fine…wrong thing to say to jury Dan..not everyone believes that you can sweep things away with a confession ..i don’t

      • An actual intelligent post. Well said

      • People just act like danis the devil and its crazy. She’s and insecure 23 yo girl whos been put thru emotional ringer. She mkes mistakes but seems to get bashed for things no matter how small.

  11. Screw Ian, he’s a poser and I’m fairly certain he’s a serial killer.

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      • Seriously Homer Jay? What kind of an idiot even makes a post like that. Hey stevebeans… is that not something that shouldn’t even be put out there?

      • hey christina, go cry about other pointless shit.

      • get over yourself.

      • Hey, if you have such a hard on for Ian look him up after the show. Just don’t act too surprised when your in a well listening to him mumble “it puts the lotion on its skin” while rocking violently in a corner somewhere.

      • you are such an idiot! I’ll leave it at that, until you can find something to say that actually has a point.

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      • WOW Homer Jay (amazing name by the way), here I was thinking you might actually have a point, even if it was going to be a stupid point. But it’s obvious from your post that you not only have no idea what you are talking about, but you seem to be a 12 year old insecure little boy. So, to say this in terms you might understand “Go play in traffic”. Now head to bead before getting in trouble for being up past bed time. Night Night.

      • Thank God for auto correct huh? That turned out surprisingly well for just slapping your hoof on the keyboard. Considering you seem to be drawn to people like Ian I was afraid to tell you I was only 12 since you’d probably find that attractive. But I’m not too concerned if you do come looking for me there will always be the cow bell and heavy wheezing to let me know you’re coming.

      • Okay okay okay, no more feeding the trolls. Let stevebeans deal with this douche. He’s a waste of our time.

      • Very true Sadie. I’ve been sitting here trying my hardest not to say anything. I just keep telling myself that you can’t argue with stupid.

      • Why not? I’ve been arguing with stupid all night and so far i’ve reduced your Ian loving ass to “You’re stupid” and “Move along”. I’m givng my opinion of a contestant and just because you have a fatal attraction shouldn’t rob me of my opinion.

      • A couple of rednecks. I like the kid, he’s sharp and treats people with respect. Now there’s you, dumb as bag [email protected] and insult people cause there different.

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      • Epic post homer. Some people just need to learn to shut their holes and learn their place.

      • Dave, can you take off your cheerleader panties and make a point for yourself? We are talking about a game and this is a message board. It is here for people to talk about a game, not to “shut their holes.” You cheer some guy wishing for the death of others… pathetic. You both need to up your meds. Who trolls, anyway? Homer, you listen for that cowbell- I’ll be sniffing the air for musty Old English and 3 day old sweat… a sure sign you are close!

      • No, it would appear that this site is only for people with a like minded opinion of a stooge that shouldn’t have been on the show to begin with and if you dislike said dork then you’re labeled a troll by a bunch of heffers. So you keep sniffing the air and maybe you’ll find a buffet you haven’t closed down.

      • So, you’re being attacked? You’re the victim? Nice one. Also, what’s with all the fat jokes? I think a pot once asked that to a kettle. You are quick-witted. It is becoming clearer and clearer that you are using that to compensate for “weaker” areas. A little extra junk in the trunk, Homer? Seriously, my problem with you is the harshness of your attacks on Sadie (and now, me). I haven’t actually seen even one of your opinions on the game.

      • I believe my initial comment was an opinion that was greeted with accusing me of being a troll. Fairly sure I was referred to as a 12 year old before you were called out for being a whale (I know this because instead of denying it you defended it). And you’re most recent post has you crying about harshness while attempting (unsuccessfully) to be funny by trying (unsuccessfully) to use my own comments as your weapons to be just as harsh (unsuccessfully). You’re both funny and sad… It’s obvious you can’t keep up with me so if you’re upset about my harshness quit posting to me. If you keep posting to me I’ll assume you wish to continue this diatribe.

      • Actually, I decided about 2 posts ago to just try and make you mad. Looks to be working. You told someone to go die in a fire and I found that to be way over the line for a BB board. I haven’t defended my weight or my living conditions (You also said I live in a trailor.) I am niether. I also have not felt the need to defend your accusation that my mother has a tail. For your record, she doesn’t. Feel better now? I’m fine with calling off this nonsense, but kindly stop telling people that are here to talk about a game to go die in a fire.

      • If you decided a couple of posts ago to make me mad you should probably get started soon. I’m not mad, hell, I’m all smiles. I’d venture if anyone is ticked it’s you, you’ve certainly been running off at the mouth a lot for someone who isn’t at least slightly irked. So you probably need to run along now before honey boo boo and yourself are late for the next pageant.

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      • Oh I’m sorry Dave did I offend you? This is a BB topic, but the rants that were being made is not. Lets look back at what was said
        saying Ian is a “serial killer”, telling a blogger to “go die in a fire”, saying “my momma” has a tail, calling Ian an “autistic spaz”, telling me “you’ve obviously become infatuated with from the comfort of your trailer hammock while changing the channels with your dialing wand”, rants about cows, cow bells and such, calling myself and others “heffers”, you saying “Some people just need to learn to shut their holes and learn their place”, and I could go on with the sad little rants but I’ll stop there.
        Instead of “crying” about it, I decided to poke back. My posts, other then these responses, that are obivously out of the norm for me, and honestly, below me, i do talk about the game, something that seems over some peoples heads.
        That being said “Baby”, trust me, no one wants to you take anything off for them. To sum it up, I’m over this crap. I’m going to go on with my “pathetic” life, and with my “Ian loving self” “shut my hole” and work on learning my “place. But you keep doing what you are doing, it seems to be going great for you.

      • Honestly if you didn’t respond in the first place none of that would have even been said but anyways since your getting back to what you do best could you make me a sandwhich. 😉

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      • Questionable Comments???

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      • I really do like you Questionable Comments!!! And thanks <3

      • So you say your not a woman yet you talk like your in your period. You’ve mentioned “little boys” multiple times which seems to be how you lean… let’s see, not a woman and likes little boys… Holy shit! You’re a Catholic priest!!

  12. I think Ian is a sweet guy w a dream mayb he has some issues but who doesnt in this world nobody is perfect and mayb he thinks this will help his social statues in the outside world? Being the “villian” the “date” with ashley he has said he dont go on many dates at all. He seems like hes been raised pretty good and he does have morals. And mayb it is the stress in the house getting to Danielle to lash out at Ian but she should be taking it out on Dan who has done far worse to her than Ian ever has… Danielle said so herself to Dan that he lies so well its scary so if she would think about what she said she should really have doubts if Dan would even really take her to the F2. And I dont think Dan will get the Jury votes because he said when Shane walked the door he has pretty much screwed everyone in the Jury House so now he needs to figure out how to fix it. At this point i dont care who wins because none of them are personal favorites but id be happy with Dan or Ian winning but not so much Danielle

  13. Okay, for Christina and others who were going nuts over the Danielle DR breakdown: I just read on another blog (I won’t post the link, I assume it’s not allowed) but apparently on top of her weird ass bullying of Ian, she was also saying to him she refused to allow someone who didn’t believe in god to win BB (because I guess Dans totally Christian-esque behaviour is acceptable?) and also threatened to slap him if she could. I assume she was making more of those physical threats she has in the past and was then called into the DR and came out bawling.

    This must have gone on before or after the BBAD feeds, but it can be assumed she was given a warning about threatening houseguests. That’s all speculation but it’s the closest I’ve seen to an explanation.

    • WOW. How do people find this stuff out? I knew something was up with the way she changed between going in the DR and coming out. I missed her making any kind of a physical threat.
      Also, what is this about Ian, and not wanting someone who “didn’t believe in God” to win? First, that shouldn’t matter at all, and second, I know Ian is a science guy, but didn’t I see him praying during one of the comps? Some are able to balance having faith, and a scientific mind. Either way, what he does or doesn’t believe shouldn’t be an issue.
      And again, how do people find out the things that take place in the DR or before feeds come back up? Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe what you’re saying, I just don’t get how people get the info.

      • Ian seems to have a lot of inward conversations that could look like preying, I guess. he could also very well believe in god, many MANY major people in the field of science were also religious. I don’t recall any conversation involving Ian and religion so I have no idea where’d he stands on that topic.

        I wish I had seen this stuff first hand but again, it’s was another blog and I’m just repeating what I saw there. um, so….disclaimer 🙂

      • I could be wrong, but I think he was actually saying something like “Please God” over and over, but I can’t remember which comp or when it was. In the last 2 weeks, maybe the last week. But I can’t remember it well enough to try to say for sure.
        Either way, it doesn’t matter. One of those great rights we have here is freedom of religion, I’m pretty sure as long as BB isn’t secretly a Fox News show, you aren’t disqualified for not believing in God. lol

      • Ummmmmmm, just for the record, I think you meant ‘praying’? Because ‘preying’ has an entirely different meaning! 😉

    • In a long and elaborate rant to Dan in the house on Sunday afternoon, Danielle screamed and threw a giant tantrum about Ian on the basis that she has never liked him, that he is “mean,” and that is why he gets along so well with Britney. She also said that she does not want someone who doesn’t believe in God ultimately winning the game. (And yet someone who is a Christian, but lies, is okay? We don’t really get the logic here.)

      After saying all of this and making a rather series of somewhat threatening comments about how she wants to “slap” him and yell in his face, Danielle was eventually called into the diary room … where we are sure they are going to bring in the psychiatrist to talk with her for a while. Theoretically she could get expelled for making threats against someone in the game, but considering that she also said that she didn’t mean what she was saying, she’s probably just getting a slap on the wrist for production.

      • Ya she really need some psyciatrist help. Shes lost it big time.

      • I think so… She also threatened to snap his neck. They should play it safe and at least keep her handcuffed while the others are sleeping. She is crazy!!

      • it straitened her ass out i didn’t see her being mean to Ian (to his face any way) after that…i don’t care if Dan was behind it or not (he was) she is a mean bitch and had no problem belittling Ian..and for that ..Karma stepped in ..and as we all know” she is a bitch” and Dani went home with nothing…

    • i really hope she got in trouble. Thats not acceptable anywhere. Maybe she should be put in a little room and BULLIED.

  14. I just wanna start by saying that i am not “butthurt” but instead i am disgusted by Dan’s “game”. How he’s played has been so unecessary. I love BB but i when the season started i honestly didn’t even remember who Dan was and now i will remember him as a very scummy player. I am rooting for Ian all the way. Like i’ve said before, i think Ian is a good kid and deserves it. He’s actually played the game and not completely followed any one person like Danielle has. That being said i want final two to be Dani and Ian. I don’t want Dan to get a dime for his gameplay. Wanting Dani in final two is out of pity for her stupidity and lack of a backbone. I hope Ian kicks their butts.

    • I would never reward someone for being stupid and weak or for riding on the coattail of a stronger player. You reward someone for their game play. Like him or not, Dan has MADE this season interesting with the big moves he made. Whether he wins it all or not, he will definitely be remembered!

    • well, dear disliker of dirtball Dan – altho many question his sinister gameplay ethics (myself included), he did save Ian from sure eviction to final 3 … and now (after Ian winning part 2 of final HoH) most likely to final 2 and possibly the $500k … so Dan can’t be all bad 🙂

      • Yes, but that was purely for his benefit only. He did not one thing to help anyone so please don’t give him credit for that.

      • Doan matter – to each his own … the HGs are not in to win it for others … only for themselves – as greedy as it sounds …

      • I get that but i am just responding to what you said which sounded to me like you were giving him credit for doing something nice……for someone….anyone but himself. I get the game is all for self but he just took it to another whole level.

      • naw, Dirty Dan may be a great BB player but nice he is not – unless of course he donates some of his winnings to animal shelters, Shane’s parents, and ALS or cancer research … only then would I think he is a nice guy …

      • Yup youir right on your point. Dan kept Ian because he knew Shane would take Dani to the final. Nothing very complicated about that.

  15. If Danielle had half a brain she would be working on Ian to accomplish the most memorable BB blindside which would be for Ian to win the final comp and take Danielle to final two, leaving Dan out in the cold. Now that would be fun to watch.

    • Not going to happen. Nor is wee Ian going to say/discuss anything negative about Dan. He has to be well aware Dani tells Dan everything. Dan thinking Ian won’t take him F2 would leave Dan fighting to take Dani harder in the final comp. Dani is to stupid to understand that she has only Dan F2 at this point.

    • This really makes good logical sense…. Also would be great TV to see Dan go down in flames.

  16. Can we agree that Dani has a great social game? That is one thing about her game that gives the others a run for their money. If this was a likability contest, Dani would beat both Ian and Dan. The fact that she hid behind Dan for the whole game really is not a bad strategy. She was in many plans to get others out, and those evicted HGs all blamed it on Dan or maybe even other houseguests. Ian and Dans overall game were a lot better, but I think she deserves a F3 spot at least. She is good at comps as well. If she didnt deserve to get to this point, why would she still be here?

    • I’m not sure if this is sarcasm or not but I’ll chose to take it seriously. No, I don’t think Danielle has a great social game in any sense of the word and at this point she’s become the most UNlikable person the house. Yes, including Dan. She spent the majority of the summer clinging desperately to either Shane or Dan, being completely manilputed by both and the rest of the time crying, whining or bitching relentlessly. And now, in the final stretch, out of some kind of desperation, she’s turned full on bitch mode. This may have worked for her when she wasn’t in the final three, but at this point acting like a total jerkass is NOT going to help her game.

      So in closing, I’d say she played a CRAP social game, a CRAP overall game and the reason she’s in the final three is the same reason all players like her get here: they’re not a threat. Throwaway players. That’s what Dani is.

      • I am not talking about likeable with the viewers, that is an obvious no. But the other HGs seem to like her very much. She is not a big threat. But there is a chance of her winning which already does not make her useless. Whoever she is with in the finals, she has some votes on lock, which compliments her social game and ability to make a lot of friends in this game and make them have sympathy for her. Plus, she is way more of a threat then Jenn or Joe and the fact that everyone voted to save Dani over them means that they dont really care about floaters in the top or not. Also, Shane never manipulated her when it came to gameplay. In fact, she had control over him while Dan controlled her after Britney left, which he
        controlled him and Ian. She was a threat to him when it came to memory and trivia comps (she came second twice in those comps) so I dont see her as useless. Just an opinion.

    • not sure what is worse – listening to Danielle rant and rave at innocent Ian or read your posts!

      • Dude, I think you are about to draw the wrath of Sadie! Been there done that!! 😉

      • I was replying to Matthew’s post (at 2:08pm) …

      • Sorry George. Realized that after I posted and saw the disance from the left margin. In that case I agree!


      • Ian doesn’t need a mama bear, he just needs a hammock that is well oiled and doesn’t squeak. I do hope he wins, but not because he’s a stand up go, or deserves to. All three remaining are horrible, but of the three he is the better one. And that’s not saying much for him.

      • I completely agree that Danielle should not be “bullying” Ian. But what some seem to forget is that there have been several occasions where Dan and Ian are in the next room laughing and making fun of her. All I’m saying is that Ian isn’t so innocent in all this either. I think he has a good heart but it seems like he is becoming one of those kids that had no friends and made one with the mean popular kid and is now one of them. I’m just saying to look at the whole picture and that none of them have acted any better than another.

    • How was it such a great social game if Ian, who’s part of the Quack pack with her, is saying how annoying she is and how he can’t wait for her to be gone?

  17. I have a question Danielle said she wanted to be on Dans team from day 1 and she begged him for it… Ive watched pretty much everything there is to watch and have read many blogs and I dont remember her begging for him to pick her am i just forgetting this part? Or did that happen?

    • stevebeans

      It probably happened off camera. The feeds were down that entire week so bloggers have no clue what was actually said after the vets entered the house. They probably had plenty of time to mingle before the first competition.

      I’m fairly certain the vets knew they were entering as coaches, so they probably told the players well before the ‘draft’.

      • well, actually Jodi was in the house only for 6 hrs…so they had little time to mingle… 🙂

      • If I recall correctly, at one point some of them were talking and I guess the coaches somewhat interviewed the players. They had some one on one time with them to get to know them.

      • Steve Beans…I don’t know how much you know about the DR seswsions, but I know a very close friend who is associated with cbs, and he has indicated that the houseguests are constantly badgered by the producers in the DR to do things for improving the ratings. I’m sure that this is what happened when Danielle gave Dan the POV to evict Shane. When the HG does this, they are rewarded financially for their cooperation. I was also told that when the oaches were allowed into the game, the vote was overwhelmingly against having them into the game. This show is all done for ratings, so lighten up.

  18. Oh ok thank you for the info because from what i have seen it was just a random pick

  19. Who cares if Danielle has made it to the final three. Third place gets you nothing, except maybe returning next season.

    If she makes it to the final two, she loses for being the floater

    If Ian makes it to the final two with Danielle, he wins. If he goes against Dan, it is a tossup.

    If Dan goes to to the final with Danielle, the jury will know how well he played, and how much she floated.

    Thr most exciting final two is Dan and Ian, because both have been good players.

  20. It is hard to defend her because she has been making horrible decisions starting when she used POV on Dan. She was doing fine before that.

  21. Dani has to be the most unattractive female contestant to me. Her bipolar personality just kills any slight attractive looks she seems to think she has. Last night her desperate attempts to attack Ian made her seem classless, a bitch, and a total desperate sore loser. Here’s hoping Ian takes wins the money and Dan wins second for playing a great game.

  22. This was on Tumblr:

    Dani got drugged for threatening to kill Ian


    Dan: Don’t say that, don’t say something you’ll regret. [to Big Brother]: She won’t, she isn’t being serious.


    • They should have taken her out in a white jacket. The nice girl routine was an act. These are her true colors and she is not right in the head. I don’t understand how some people can feel sorry for her. It’s not like she doesn’t pick on people personally or for their looks. She said some terrible things about Frank and thought she was really funny. What goes around comes around. She is nasty and a complete wacko…

    • They should have taken her out in a white jacket. The nice girl routine was an act. These are her true colors and she is not right in the head. I don’t understand how some people can feel sorry for her. It’s not like she doesn’t pick on people personally or for their looks. She said some terrible things about Frank and thought she was really funny. What goes around comes around. She is nasty and a complete wacko…

    • I made a previous post about the ratings. It has been known for the last two years that Showtime has been considering cancelling BBAD. The ratings have been dewclining at a steady pace. CBS advised that they would keep things exciting until the end. You might even say that Danielle is working for CBS and Showtime. She will probably make the same as finalist #2.

    • With that rant Dani and Ian i was wondering why they didnt kick her out like Willy. But i guess there is only 3 left so they needed her there. But still she should have been kicked out!!!

      • Because she didn’t touch him. There have been tons of threats on there. I’m not saying what she said was ok, by any means. But it was Ian who first told Dan that he would “rip his face off” if he voted Brit out. So as much as her rants were out of line, and the threats were overboard, they were no where near the worst things said this year.

  23. Ian’s date with Ashley reminded me of Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory”. In fact he might make a good addition to that series; at least as a guest appearance. I can see Sheldon replacing Ian in a dream of his being on the Big Brother show. Show producers should consider this.

    • It’s funny that you say that because Sheldon Cooper is a classic case of Auspergers Syndrom, which is what Ian has. His neurotic desire to sit in the same seat, and lack of social interaction with a so called girlfriend. I wrote about this weeks ago, and was ridiculed by people on this site. I claimed then that CBS was exploiting Sheldon in a humorous manner.

  24. Do you think that maybe Danielle finally figured out what to do? If Ian wins, then he might want to keep her next to him in the F2 rather than send her into the jury. Third place wins nothing, but the runner up gets $50K.

    It’s Ian’s game to lose. Sure, Dan has masterful strategy. However, he is lackluster in competition. It’s an even set of chances going into the final competition. If Dan wins, it’s over for Ian. Dan’s only chance of winning is to keep the dumb as dirt floater for the F2. If Ian wins, then will he be smart enough to send Dan packing. The boy took down Boogie. He’s full of surprises.

  25. I think you guys aren’t giving Danielle any credit. She formed a showmance, she won 2 hoh and a pov, she aligned with the right people and let them cut each others heads off while looking innocent. Her biggest downfall was trusting Dan too much and not putting thought and logic into her game at the end. I wish she would’ve played nice to Ian instead. Personally I think Ian would have a better chance of winning over Danielle. Dan will win for sure if he is final two.

  26. why do so many people think that dan is going to win this game in the final 2. No one is going to vote for him this isnt like in season 10 in which renny keesha n libra had no issues with dan. this season on the other hand everybody hates the guy in the jury and most of them dont even respect his game play minus britney and jenn. the fact is ian will have a better chance against dan then danielle. danielle would have locked votes from dan jenn and shane and ian has britney she would only need 1 more vote. who is going to vote for dan? nobody!!!! I want dan to win this game for his gameplay but this isnt the jury of bb10 thats all there is to this. ian would be dumber than ever if he took dan out and went with dani in the finals. i think danielle wins big brother no matter who takes her to the finals. she mightve done dan’s dirty work but theres no proof of it for the jury. they will only see this after they cast their votes to evict. if dani goes to the final 2 she wins big brother. dan will take dani though if he wins but i think he will throw this comp to ian unless he knows that ian is ready to go win it. i know ian is smart with trivia but this is 6 statements from the jury not chemical lab questions. dan could very well win this HOH comp. i think ian will win it but its still not a guarantee.

    • I don’t know. I think at this point I’d find it well worth the risk of $450thousand just to make sure she gets nothing. And I’d point out that her behavior is exactly the reason WHY she’s being evicted and that it has nothing to do with strategy.

    • I do see what you are saying, but I think that one little key point is missing. While Frank was pissed at Dan during the short Jury house footage we saw, he’s now had time to cool off. He and Ashley might feel that Ian stabbed them in the back, and hold him responsible for them being out, at least partially.
      Being that Dan is being, well, Dan, they might look at it as they expected it from Dan, but they expected better from Ian. I’m not saying that’s how they should look at it, by any means, but I think it’s something to consider.
      I still think he has the best chance against Dani. While she’ll have Shane’s vote and probably Jenn’s, Ian has Brits, probably Franks and with that Ashley’s. If he sends Dan out, he’ll more then likely loose Dan’s, leaving Joe up in the air.

      • In that scenario I wouldn’t even be surprised if Dan voted for Ian to win, knowing that he actually ‘played’ the game and didn’t coast to the win like you know who. I think Dan would have more respect for Ian’s play, than he would for Danielle’s.

      • That is true Rob. I just don’t know if Dan’s “conscience” would let him vote against Danielle (since he said himself his conscience would get in the way of being the one to send her home, ie throwing the final comp to Ian) but if he isn’t worried about voting against her, I could totally see him voting for Ian.

      • I read in another blog that he said he didnt care about throwing anyone under the bus. He wanted to win this game. He dint want to be second best.

      • I agree with the part about his conscience not allowing him to send her home in the event that he won the final HOH and had to decide between her or Ian….that’s why I’m sure his plan is to throw the comp to Ian because he knows Ian will take him to the final 2 and he won’t have Danielle mad at him and she will still be a jury vote for him.

  27. I think Ian’s best chance is to take Dan. He would lose against Dani – she would get Shane’s, Jenns, Dans, and probably Joes vote…

    • Wrong. The jury aren’t a much of morons, they see footage and discuss among one another who should win. Danielle’s idiotic attempts at blackmail are meaningless. In the end they’ll make their own decisions based on wo played the best game….this is the one consistency I can say I’ve seen in all the seasons of BB. There’s no way Ian would lose to Danielle.

      • I agree with you Sadie. I think he has the best chance against Danielle. While the people in the jury like her, they like him as well. If for no other reason, at this point, he’s won more comps, that makes the choice a lot easier for the jury.

      • The jury does not see the live feeds or BBAD. They only watch the network show, which is carefully edited, not showing anything that would influence them. This is why the DR can hold so much influence over the game.

      • I didn’t think they even got to see the entire network show. I thought that they saw short clips, so that they didn’t even see what the rest of the country sees.

  28. Danielle is just doing what Dan told her to do. WHY she is obeying him is beyond me, but she is. She may just be too exhausted at this point in the game to think for herself and is letting Dan manipulate her. And manipulate her, he is! Dan is evil and cunning and I hope that he does NOT win. Even Ian (the weird little worm) is preferable to Dan.

  29. Dannielle is a mean cruel bully. I hope Ian wins the HOH and sends her packing.

    • I don’t think there is any chance that Ian is going to win HOH. Ian is soo wrapped around Dan’s finger, He is going to throw it to Dan, even if he has the “chance” to win it. 😛

  30. I can’t stand Danielle. The sooner they boot her out, the better, I’m happy if Ian wins and Dan played a great game too.

  31. Ian just wants to compete against Dan in the end, win or lose. He is trying to stay above the the snakes. The other two are not worthy opponents and can’t even just play on the merits of their game. At first I thought Dan was the master but the abuse is not cool and I think they are both disturbed —- is it trully worth it to lose your humanity.

  32. Honestly she makes me sick. In my opinion she’s is a bully, she know Ian can be naive but she is using that to her advantage. Doesn’t matter what Dan told her she’s 23 years old and old enough to make her own decisions. Question…. Do you know if the jury members have access to the Internet? If so I would love to know what Shane thinks after reading the truth about her

  33. Also, after one one of her verbal assaults on Ian, he kept repeating to himself that TO BE THE BEST YOU HAVE TO BEAT THE THE BEST. So, I think that is his ultimate goal and the money is secondary. I’m upset that She is threatening him with slaps and such. This is unacceptable and something should be done.

    • Just because you don’t like her (when you don’t know her) doesn’t mean other people don’t. People are so rude and judgmental.

      • Just watching her is enough to know her this season. Her blatant chase of Shane after he told her to back off and she wouldn’t and then she fucked his game. Her lying to him about his being her f2. The wrestling match to get him to whatever her, the boobs hanginging out and everyone else she did. What she is doing now is poor sportsmanship and disturbing. I didn’t think about her at all before and I thought Dan was the king but given recent events —– I am upset that the game has become a cruel sport. Last year Rachel was soooooo annoying but at the end she simply played the game !!!

      • really Brandi and you know her.

      • ya we are judgemental when we see her bullying Ian the way she did. That was just sick and very mean!!!

    • What? Danielle is literally slapping Ian? (I don’t have the live feeds..)

  34. I don’t know if they do. I would think not but I’m not sure.

  35. First, I love the game. I love when nice people win. I love when scoundrels win. The twists, betrayals, alliances, showmances, bromances…love them! We are voyeurs first and foremost, and no one minds (except my husband who just doesn’t get it, after 14 seasons). So, to those who share these feelings with me, thanks for sharing your thoughts over these many weeks. Stevebeans, your posts are always terrific. My final take on this…Dani was a very willing participant, not a victim or hostage. If she’s emotionally hurt, don’t blame the game, blame those who choose the HGs. She’s so mad because Ian is there, but she wanted Shane there for exactly the same reasons Dan had to save Ian. So, too bad, she should have protected Shane, then. Ian has somehow managed to get to the end with most of his dignity intact. Does she think he’s ignorant enough to buy her performance? I love the things that make him different. Just as I love the glint in Dan’s eyes when he is stifling a huge smile because another person has bitten the hook! Good luck to all of them. And yeah, I expect to hear what a loser I am, sadly that’s how this seems to work. Take the good along with the bad .

    • I have to say, I do love the way you lay things out. (FYI, my boyfriend can’t stand BB at all, he’s counting the days until the season is done, lol).
      As you well know, I’ve been trying so hard to defend Dani’s acts. I think she screwed up by pulling Dan off, and countless times before. But I still chalk that up to her wanting to be able to trust him so bad. I think people, and Shane might agree with them, think she was find watching him leave, I think she was anything but. I agree with you about Shane as well, she should have saved him, and she didn’t, it’s her fault, intentional or not.
      I also can’t stand the personal atacks that people have dealt out to her on these blogs. That all being said, I just can’t defend her tactics as of late. This going after Ian, I can’t imagine how she thinks it would work in her favor.
      At some point, as much as Dan is a true Jedi Master, and can convince about anyone of about anything, it stops being his fault and starts being hers.
      I won’t assume she’s a bad person (as many others think she is), I have no way to know what she’s really like but I do think she’s let herself start playing a dirty game. Dan may be a puppet master, but she’s chosen to continue to be his puppet. So unless I see something amazing happen to change my opinion, I just can’t root for her anymore. 🙁 Which really does tick me off, because I’m usually a pretty good judge of people.
      And for the record, you aren’t a loser, you’re just calling it how you see it. 🙂

      • I have looked forward to hearing your take on things, Christina. You’re brave and caring. To hell with the idiots on here. Don’t give up, that girl may redeem herself yet….we know what her final play must be, but can she do it? She’s obviously nuts about Dan. Like Cher said, Snap Out Of It!! That was me being supportive. this is me being repetitive: Go, Dan.

      • Thanks Vic. I won’t give up on Dani. I still think she has a good heart, but is making horrible decisions. I just can’t defend her until she snaps out of the “fog”. I do still have my fingers crossed that she’ll realize the error, and at least try to mend fences. And, if for no other reason, then to keep Ian from being blindsided by Dan as well, I would like for her to at least try to fill him in on what has been going on.
        And I know I shouldn’t let some people bother me, I just hate the personal attacks, and when it turns to attacks on other bloggers, it just makes me sick. Granted, I know I shouldn’t dignify some with a response, but just this once, I found myself jabbing back, and honestly stooping to a level I usually don’t go to. But after being called things not worth repeating, I had to walk away. So, not because I “can’t win my own battle” (oddly, it didn’t even start as my “battle”) it just wasn’t worth my time.
        But really, thanks for understanding. I was really hoping no one would think I too was a bad person for responding in the first place.

      • IMO Ian full well knows the score with Dan. He said last night, in reference to something else, that you don’t just break a day 1 alliance at the end. Now the 2 big questions remain to be answered tomorrow. I like it when I can’t figure out the ending ahead of time.

    • Your not a loser. Ian has kept his dignity. WHAT IS DAN DOING NOW? He is up to something.

      • Good question. I was trying to figure that one out. It seems like a “funeral” type stunt. I’m not sure what he is trying to gain, but I’m not buying that he’s really that down on himself, not one bit.
        My best guess, is that he is trying to secure his vote with Dani, and in turn trying to make sure she’ll try to talk him up to the jury. But that is only a guess.

      • I agree but you never know. Dani is talking to Ian so she must have been told to stop. Did you see him smile after she left —– I wonder

      • I think either Dani got tired of the attacks on Ian, was told to chill, or realized it wasn’t helping anyone. Just as long as she’s backing off, I’m happier then I was last night.
        But this Dan stuff. I knew when he was keeping his face hidden that he was working something. I still don’t know what the end game is, but he basically just got Dani to tell him all of the reasons he can beat her with the jury. Plus, he got her to say that she would get Shane, Jenn, Joe and might even be able to get Ashley to vote for him to win. And, it looks like he might also be getting her guard down again, so that if he takes her to the finale, she won’t put up much of a fight.
        Either way, you know he’s up to something, and it’s going to end up getting him further.

      • I dont know how dani has the power over all the people in the jury to vote her way.

      • Haha, she can’t talk the jury into anything, it’s all game play to scare Ian, but it was worth a shot, I guess. Dan thought the verbal attack on Ian would either scare him enough to throw the HoH or piss him off enough that he’d never take Dani if he did win HoH. Maybe she’ll realize it’s the honey vs. vinegar situation, and chill out. Swaying Ian is probably her only shot. However, it’s to hard to tell how this is turning out yet. Just the way we like it!

      • The entire house seemed to have calmed down last night. I haven’t finished catching up on BBAD or the feeds, but it appeared that other then Dan’s little play he put on, for whatever reason, was the biggest thing to happen. Dani and Ian seemed to be getting along fine.

      • You people on this site are unbelievable! You actually act like a bunch of morons watching a WWE wrestling match. You think this show is on the level, just like pro wrestling. These houseguests are wannabe actors. They all have agents to get them on this show. Ian is the poster boy in Pittswburgh for the Autistic foundation. Danielle and Shane are part time models for magazines. Jenn is a well known musician around NY and NJ. Joe has a local TV cooking show in Indiana. Kara modeled for Playboy. Wil is a local singer in Louisville. I don’t know who Jordy and JoJo knew, but Ashley’s brother is a producer for a major soap opera in Television City.

      • Ummm….I have lived in Louisville my entire life and go to MANY local shows around town. I have never heard of Wil as a performer/singer. I even tried to search around a few local websites promoting him- I found nothing.

      • You need to remember…most of the viewers aren’t part of the entertainment industry and don’t know anything about how shows like this are put together. Of course they think the show is on the level – because it SHOULD be. That doesn’t mean it is, of course. I do appreciate your ‘insider’ view but not your attitude toward the rest of us non-showbiz folks. 🙂

  36. It is too hard to watch BBAD these days. They look lethargic and nutty! I think it’s time for them to get out of there already! It gives me the creeps…

  37. Dani just seems very mean spirited and desperate. She needs to calm down and get evicted with some grace and dignity and act like a lady. She is no Southern lady with unstable behavior like that. Maybe it is the game and she is nice in person but she is making herself look terrible on TV. Poor Ian, I hope he wins against those two greed-ridden monsters.

  38. I don’t think I’ve seen them eat their young before. Lol

  39. Just a thought. In Schools they have an anti bullying laws. With Dan Egging Danielle on about bullying Ian. How is he going to look to his students. Or his school. He is like the guy who instigates the bullies.

    • @Dianna, you are so right. Dan might very well win the $500K of BB14, but after turning to the dark side, he may very well lose in life. The swearing on the Bible, his wife, his cross will not bode him well when he returns to normal life. It’s not about religion, but it about bringing other people, and other things we value, into the game. People had the same disgust for Matt of BB12 when he lied about a disease that his wife had. We the fans, and the jury members too, do not like someone who crosses that line.

      Like many BB alumni, he makes a tidy little bit from his fame (website, speaking engagements, books, etc.). All this came because he was more principled, and rose above the dirty tricks of the game. The best thing for Dan to do if he makes the F2 is to walk out the door before the vote tallying begins. By throwing in the towel, he will have truly matured.

  40. Yes they do and I know because I’m a teacher. I was thinking the same thing about him and his saving face. I love that Ian is who he is and he was an asset to the game. I’m concerned that Dan may have used his professional experience to f….. With Ian’s head. If so, I wouldn’t want him around my kids.

  41. Anyway, I liked Vic’s comment about about just liking the show, scoundrels and all. I just have a strong sense of fair play but you should play hard —- very hard.

  42. Why the hell is Danielle consoling Dan atm??? I cannot believe what she’s doing, and I cannot believe she’s playing into Dan’s bullsh*t AGAIN!!! He’s sulking in bed and acting all sad and sorry for himself for playing a bad game, and she’s the one trying to pick him up???? Man oh man she deserves NOTHING, for being so stupid and naive!!!

  43. Daniel is a babe! She is prettier without make up. You don’t see a girl with natural beauty like this very often. How can anyone not like her?

  44. Dan is amazing! He has Danielle convincing him he deserves to win….she even offered to throw the next challenge so she can go in the jury house and give him a vote and convince everyone else to vote for him. Omg I love it!

    • She has no challenge to throw, she’s done now. It’s Ian vs. Dan for the final HoH.

      I’m just worried Dan will win it because I just know he’ll take her over Ian. I don’t tend to buy into the whole “he used the bible that’s evil” garbage, but isn’t greed like a deadly sin or something? And he just keeps saying he doesn’t care about anyone in the house, just winning the money again. He also says he won’t settle for second best. Isn’t pride also a deadly sin?

      I also agree with the people objecting to a teacher promoting bullying. I certainly hope Dan has to answer to some of his behaviour where gets out, win or no win.

      • I think you’re right Sadie, he most likely will take Dani over Ian. I just hope Ian realizes that he probably has a better shot over Dani, instead of taking Dan. Personally I think his “to be the best you have to beat the best” would play out much better for the jury and his votes if he cuts dan out of the F2. Him taking him could play against his votes, but you can never tell what will motivate the jury. And being that we’ve seen almost no footage from the jury house (which is so annoying, they could at least give a 2 minute update each CBS show) it’s hard to say what’s going on.
        I think a lot of people may look at Dan differently when he gets home. But I honestly don’t think it will be as bad as a lot of peoplet think.
        I watched an interview with is wife and she said she told him to do what it takes to win. She said something to the extent of, in real life if you tackle someone on the street, you go to jail. In football you get a high five for a great tackle. Since BB is a game, she said to do what it takes to win.
        IMO, the people who actually know Dan might be shocked at how well he is at lying and convincing others to do his bidding, but they will look at the entire of his life. Not three months on a Game Show. That being said, I Hate this game he’s instigated of getting Dani to attack Ian. I wish she has just remembered how when Boogie and Frank were going after him so hard, he wouldn’t even respond, and realize that he must be up to something. Hell, maybe she did just need to yell at someone, so it wasn’t hard for him to aim her frustrations at Ian. Either way, I was happy that it seemed to have stopped last night.

  45. The ‘poor Dan’ thing last night was hilarious. But I think the funniest line I heard on bbad was Ian talking about Survivor w/ Dan. ”Cochran was nebbish, very nebbish.. makes me look like Remington Steele”. LMAO.

  46. I think Dan is acting like he played a bad game in order to justify to Danielle why he’ll ultimately have no choice but to take Ian… Anyway, ASSUMING Ian gets to the final two, he can beat either one, but he has to be very smart in his speeches.

    If he takes Danielle, then his whole case is that he understands how well-liked Danielle is, but that ultimately his strategy game was better. He played his strategy to “beat the best to be the best”, and it worked. He convinces the jury that in the end, he took out the best by defeating a very ruthless but sharp player. The jury will recognize this and give credit to him for the win (maybe even Dan, who will likely credit him for being the stronger player).

    Now, if he is paired with Dan, he has to craft his speech wisely. He knows jurors have time to cool down and they have a history of rewarding good play. If he says something like,
    “Well, I’m up against one of the best players ever to play the game. Dan is undoubtedly a great BB player. And he’ll tell you that his play was ‘just a game’, that he had to do what he did to position himself to win. Well, I’m here too, and yet I played a solid strategy game myself. But there is a huge difference in our games. Dan won a lot of money and decided he needed more. So, along the way he stepped on anyone and everyone to achieve his goal. I saw firsthand how he used and betrayed people by looking them in the eye, shaking their hand while never intending to keep his word.. I lived in a house where Dan used and discarded Danielle to such a degree that she cried herself to sleep, cried in the bathroom, cried in the shower, and Dan would just laugh in her face at the suffering. Dan’s game was very dirty and ruthless. Dan didn’t take anyone’s dignity into account; all that mattered to him was getting to the money. In contrast, I played a game with strategy, but also with some integrity and decency. I stayed loyal to my alliance to a fault and played to help the group as a whole. I did not take advantage of people nearly at the same level as Dan. A vote for me says that a person can be rewarded for playying a clean game. a vote for Dan tells the world that playing dirty with people is the only way to win. Do you want to reward Dan for vicious and sometines even cruel tactics, or would you rather take a stand against this? This is the choice you really face.”

    Something like this could be very persuasive to the jurors. Unfortunately, however, I do not see Ian as having the maturity to realize how he has to really press the contrast between the two and paint Dan negatively. I think he’ll end up saying something like, “Well, it’s been a great summer. I played a good game, and I hope you’ll consider me….” or something like that, and ultimately be beaten out by Dan, who will make a much stronger case.

    i sure wish I didn’t have to get back to work! I’ll check in this evening.

    • Great post Jean!!!

    • Ian can not script it any better, Jean … I guess we will see just how intelligent the little hammock swinger thinks he is – ha ha … I would hope that he recognizes that Dan has had 3 days to plan his final attack … he knows what Dan is capable of doing and he needs to counter it proactively – not wait for Dan to make a move (before the final speech) … however, I am thinking he measures his success more by his being part of the Renegades with Dan while Dan just sees a big stack o’ cash waiting for him … ha ha

    • I nominate Jean to be Ian’s official speech writer!! Any seconders? 🙂

      For the past few days I’ve been thinking that Ian’s best chance was going up against Dan. The thing is, Dan is so wiley he could probably still pull off a good speech and win it. Another option Ian should consider is promising to take Dan to F2, but at the very last second take Danielle. She’ll be caught so flat footed, she probably won’t even have a speech prepared….

  47. I think that Ian has figured out Dan’s plan because he doesnt look at him the same way and he is kind to dani despite the way she was treating him. I was Dan all the way but now I am for Ian.

  48. UUUGGGH. Watching BBAD (can’t watch it live since its too late) ZOMG this is infuriating. I’m sorry, I know there are people who hate Ian or whatever but if you’re rooting for anyone else you’re insane. Dan truly is a greedy, hateful, manipulative snake who – even though this is indeed a game – at this point I really couldn’t trust him as a role model for any child. No one with any moral standards can lie and sneak the way he does…super villain in the making right there.

    Danilelle is a moron on a whole other level. I’ve often wondered how women who are abused manage to stick by the men who are abusing them and I’ve just gotten a very superficial glimpse into that scenario. Watching a the way she’s actually CONSOLLING that prick while he plays her is….it’s disgusting. It’s insulting as a woman. I hate, as a woman, how stupid and weak she makes us look.

    I’m sorry, dummies, but if you don’t feel Ian should win this game you’re voting for dickeads or airheads to win a half million instead of a good, down to earth kid who has played this game with a thing not known to the remaining houseguests: integrity.

    • While playing with integrity may be possible for some, it is not for everyone who can expect to win this game … Ian has played a fair, tho naive, game but Dan has controlled it (or Ian would not be in the final 3) … also, you shouldn’t be quick to judge others unless you have been in the same or similar situation – specifically Danielle’s “abused wife” status – are you familiar with the Stockholm Syndrome? … not to entirely disagree, tho – the harridan can be a bee-atch – ha ha … just sayin’ …

      • I am familiar. And I have repeatedly defended houseguest behaviour with “you cannot know what goes on in that house and how it feels to be trapped in there” but when I hear Danielle say out loud what an idiot she is for falling for Dans BS over and over, shame on me, blah blah blah and then THIS?? It’s simply inexcusable in my eyes. Total idiocy.

      • I think Danielle is mad at both Dan and Ian because she has finally figured out that they are both dirty players. Dan has played the most underhanded dirty game i’ve ever seen, and I don’t mean that in a pat on the back kind of way. Ian has pretty much tattled his way to the finals and that doesn’t equal good game play that equals “keep the mole”. Danielle has done nothing but ride Dan and Shane’s back to the finals. I would have much rather seen Janelle have a shot to play the game or a Mike Boogie than these beggers and theives. Dan at least knows he’s dirty, Ian and Danielle are to blind with ego to believe that they both would have been gone by week three had it not been for the shields they used. At this point Dan deserves the win and Danielle and Ian need to be locked in a room to watch the entire season from the first day to see that they are both glorified floaters and that their master plans and ideas were really someone else’s who was better at the game.

  49. I don’t think Ian is naive anymore. He is not excited and happy like he used to be and his whole demeanor has changed when he interacts with the two freaks. I hope he pulls it off and they don’t ruin it for him.

  50. Ian is my favorite, but, sometimes it is painful watching him when he’s in “Rainman Mode.” If I was CBS I would offer him a recurring role on “The Big Bang Theory!” He would be an excellent addition to that show IMHO!

  51. If Ian wins the last comp and doesn’t evict Dan he will cost himself the game. I will lose all respect for him. He’ll cost the game if he doesn’t evict Dan.

    If Dan wins the last comp and doesn’t evic Ian he’ll also be a fool. But I know Dan will do it…it’s just a question of Ian getting Dan evicted.

    BUT I have to think that at this point both players have brains and will evict each other. The only thing sure to me will be Danielle winning $50k. If anything else happens these players are just fools.

    • Well I don’t think you’ve tried counting votes. Ian cannot beat Dani F2. Remember that the HG don’t know everything we know. Dani the disgrace is liked by many HG’s.
      Dani gets Shane, Jenn, Frank and Ashley. That’s 4 and that is enough. She should also get Dan’s vote. Ian gets Joe and Twitny. I’ve had this heads up match up 5-2 Dani for awhile. I believe Ian is an idiot if he takes Dani myself. I can’t get him to 4 votes versus the human zit!

  52. Dan will evict Ian if he wins…because Danielle has no shot against him.

    If Ian wins, I’m not sure what he’s going to do…although if he has a good head on his shoulders he will evict Dan because that will seal his victory as well.

    Any scenario where Danielle doesn’t win $50K makes absolutely no sense.

    • Again as much as I loath pimple popper I think she beats Dan also. Perhaps 5-2 as well. She gets Shane and Frank versus either as well as Jenn and Ashley. My best guuess is Joe votes for Dani also. Leaving Ian and Twitny voting for Dan. I simply believe you have a bitter jury. Dan speach will be epic. Think Frank and Shane lead the charge in the jury house for anyone but Dan.

      I cannot stress this enough. My vote counting(guessing) has Dani winning 500K if she makes the final. She could throw it away only with some of her classic narsacistic comments and a pack of her usual lies. Dan may have a little better shot versus Dani than Ian but both should take thier best choice in each other. Dan is likely to throw the final comp if he is sold on Ian taking him F2.

  53. Wow…just spent an hour reading through everyone’s opinions and I have to agree with almost all. I am thoroughly disgusted with danelle’s behavior on so many levels. Her desperate attempt to fighten Ian with threats and blackmail. This woman is beyond pathetic! Kissing Dan’s ass again last night , when he was onc again playing her as he hid underneath th covers trying not to crack up. Are u fuckin kidding me? The stupidity of this girl is outrageous. She is a beaten down girl who is absolutely infatuated and crushing so much on Dan she can’t think for herself. And Dan’s innocent wife is behind this behavior. She told him do whatever it takes to win honey, just come home with the cash. His wife supposedly teaches young woman to have respect for themselves, except of course unless 500 grand is involved . Low life, like him. Ian is a bright young man who I believe handled himself with class throughout this insane reality show. So what, he has something wrong with him? Look t the crazy bitch he has had to endure and the bug eyed, crazy man. This show as been an absolute blast throughout the highs and lows. Ian, hope you win buddy….just because you’re dealing….

  54. What i have figured out about Dan doing this poor me bit is I think he is going to throw the next comp and let Ian win. Then Ian will vote out Danielle and Dan and Ian will be the final two. He has no blood on his hands about Danielle leaving because i think he knows it might be a toss up between him and Danielle but with Ian he might will be guarented a win. Because Ian was saying the other day not too many people like Ian.

  55. Stevebeans–bravo to you for your entertaining reviews. Gonna miss
    checking in every night. Also to the rest of you guys! Good comments also gonna miss them. The one wish I have would to be in the rooms of some of the cast members when they watch the tapes and see what really went on (Dani-Frank-Ian and Britney (she’s not as sweet as they think). Have a great winter and happy holidays and
    will be reading BB15

  56. PS were is the thread for predictions on the F2 outcomes? It doesn’t come up I think.

  57. watching after dark right now and Dan still have to cheat playing cards what a putz!

  58. BB Fanatic, I don’t know if you know that Dan said to the cameras a couple of days ago that he felt he had to take Ian to win. Danielle has too many friends amoung the HGs that will vote for her no matter what because they want to root for her (especially against Dan). Ian doesn’t have a fan base among the jurors. Dan was trying to figure out a way to take Ian if he wins without stabbing Danielle too hard after all the trust she’s placed in him. I don’t know that anything’s changed since then to cause Dan to reconsider taking her. In the end I don’t think he’ll throw the comp. to Ian, however. I think he realizes it’s too risky.

    I agree with Pat; this has been a terrific forum and I will miss it too. I’ve especially enjoyed the insights of Rob and Christina. Look forward to next season. Go Ian (w/ Danielle 2nd and Dan 0):)

    • Awwww, thanks Jean! At least I think you meant me. Let me scroll back and see if there is another Rob posting… nope. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts as well. We think much along the same lines in so far as game play goes. I’ve also enjoyed reading Christina’s, Sadie’s (my fellow Canuck) and a few others too. It’s been fun!

  59. Awww, thanks Jean! I loved reading your posts as well.
    As for Mr. Stevebeans, IMO, he rocks! I have gone on a lot of the other blogs and just can’t stand them, at least not after being on this one. He’s able to give us the info we need, and pick with the houseguests without being nasty, just using humor. As long as Stevebeans is running BBjunkies, I’ll be here every season. 🙂

  60. Im gunna miss BB…Gotta wait till next summer for All Stars 2

  61. While I’m not particularly a fan of Danielle, and certainly Ian and Dan are more deserving players to win, I don’t think it’s fair to say she has done nothing all season. She has won 4 competitions after all.

  62. If Danielle wins BB I swear I will never watch another second of BB.

  63. Not a comment more of a question. On one of the After Darks there was constant talk of Sanbags and Saline. Dani made of comment of Saline. Why did that stuff come up. Did Dani say she had implants or what started all that. Can someone answer this for me. Thank you

  64. yeah just another floater….Floater is the polite way of saying your a nobody in this game, so just hide under a bed and wait untill someone calls your name to sit in the hot seat dumb dumb….

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