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Big Brother 14 – The Danielle Vs Janelle ‘Battle’ Continues…

August 7, 2012 | 20 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

If you’ve missed any recent stories, let me catch you up real quick.   Boogie proposed a plan to Shane, Brit, Dan(ielle) about an alliance of 6 people (including Frank).  After much discussion, the plan finally happened which will create many more obnoxious Boogie and Frank fake phone calls in the DR  (It was funny when you did it with Will, think of something new).  On a side note, I have bashed Boogie quite a bit about his inability to play, but I am eating crow.  If Janelle goes home this week, Boogie will have earned a ton of respect from me as a player.   Despite his reputation and many rumors with some lies spread about him this season, he was able to convince the strongest 4 in the house to team up with him and Frank.   That is as impressive gameplay as I’ve seen in awhile, and I tip my cap to him.

Danielle ended up making the biggest newbie move in the past 2 seasons that newbies have played with veterans, and removed Wil from the block in favor of a very blindsided Janelle.  According to Ashley, this made Danielle a hero in the house and a lot of people are relieved it happened, but that doesn’t guarantee the queen is going home yet.  The theme of Big Brother 14 should be waffles because less than 24 hours after that decision, people are already second guessing their hatred for Janelle.  I thought it was going to be an easy prediction week, but I don’t think these houseguests will let me have an easy week.

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Because the decision was essentially Dan’s to make, this allowed Danielle to take all the heat from the queen, and the pressure is clearly getting to her.   Danielle has been going off on how Janelle has been so mean to her to the point where I think she’s trying to convince herself about it.   While Janelle has been Janelle, I haven’t seen her being really bad to Danielle, she’s just being her emotionless self.

Janelle has been working hard on Danielle, but here is my impression of the conversations in photos:

big brother 14 janelle meanbig brother 14 janelle to daniellebig brother 14 danielle about shanebig brother 14 - janelle frustrated

I think the thing Janelle is going to regret the most this season is that she was eliminated by Danielle.  Don’t get me wrong, Danielle is not a bad player.. ok, she is.  I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.   This is equivalent to Omar getting knocked off by a nobody on The Wire instead of a skilled player.  It doesn’t seem right, but that’s how life is.  Sometimes the best don’t need to be taken down by the best.

Keep watching on the live feeds this week to see if Janelle can finally get through to Danielle.  Also, see how patient she can be while talking to her.  It’s quite interesting.

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