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Big Brother 14 – Decision Day For Shane

August 20, 2012 | 1 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 14 decision day

It’s a pretty big day in the Big Brother 14 house, and could set a tone for the rest of the season. When Frank won the PoV, Shane had a big decision to make over the past 48 hours, and that is who’d be the replacement nominee.  Right now it seems like it’s down to 3 people – Dan, Joe and Jenn, and with Shane being HoH, any one of them could wind up on the block today.

While he may be leaning towards keeping Dan in the house and simply putting up Jenn as a pawn, Boogie has been sending everyone he could up to speak to Shane about the possibility of backdooring Dan today.  While Shane seems content on losing to Dan in the finals, another option would be to put Joe up, but that makes little sense for anyone but maybe Boogie.

The biggest decision will probably come down to either Dan or Jenn.

If Dan – This means Shane realized that Dan is out for Dan and can probably win against nearly anyone in the house right now (in the final 2), especially if Boogie is not on the jury to manipulate votes.  While Shane has had a solid physical game, his social game has been pretty terrible (imo) and I think Dan will probably kick it into high gear if he remains in the house this week.  He’ll start working the jury and winning them over before they leave and probably coast to a victory.

That being said, if Shane does put up Dan, he’ll lose an ally for 2-3 weeks (until Dan turns on him) and will be stuck in the house with a bitter Frank and Boogie.  While they say “You can right this”, they’re full of it.  Boogie doesn’t want to go to the finals with Shane either, and he’ll be likely to turn sooner than Dan.  The difference, Boogie is weaker physically but potentially stronger (not by much) socially.

If Jenn – This means Shane is simply going to ride his alliance the “Quack Pack” until it’s the final 5, or unless they turn on each other sooner.. whichever comes first.  This is bad news as well because Dan is a far better player than Shane and knows that’s probably his biggest competition in the final 2 spot out of the “Quack Pack” alliance.  Dan wins easily against Britney, Ian or Danielle, so even within that alliance I can see Shane receiving a sneak attack at some point and him going home.

Needless to say it’s not a good situation for Shane to be in right now.  It sounds like he’s going to stick with his alliance, but he’s clearly stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I don’t think he has that much trust for Dan at this point, but leaving Frank/Boogie together is also very dangerous.  For his game, I think it would be smarter to get Boogie out this week, then Frank, then start working towards Dan before anyone else.

For entertainment purposes, I’m hoping Dan goes home because Boogie is far more entertaining to watch.   Well, personally I’d like to see a floater go home so Dan/Frank/Boogie can have another week or two of battles, but I don’t think that’s happening. I’m a sucker for entertainment, so whoever delivers more of it to me is the person I’m rooting for!

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