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Big Brother 14 – The “Dr. Will Who?” Live Eviction Thread


Here it is, the last Thursday night live blog of the season.  It’s been a fun run, a lot of fantastic Thursday nights, and luckily for Dan it seems we’ll have one more to go before the finale on Wednesday night.  Whether you love him or hate him, Dan has played a phenomenal game this season and it may go down in Big Brother history as the best – if he finishes it off with a win.  Few remember second place, so in order to cap off this incredible run, he needs to win the grand prize next Wednesday, but he’s making his last push starting tonight.

Before I begin, since this is one of the last nights people will be flooding here for spoilers, I want to mention my twitter and facebook accounts.  If you have either, make sure to follow so you’re on top of any updates for Big Brother 15.  Also, now is a great time to sign up for the 3 day free live feeds, because you’re going to want to watch the epic endurance battle tonight.

Watch the endurance challenge here
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I also want it to be known, I don’t like when veterans come in and play against rookies.  I love All-Star seasons, and All-Rookie seasons, but hate when CBS combines them like they’ve done for Big Brother and Survivor.  I’ve been pulling for the newbies to evict the veterans all season, but at some point (right around Dan’s ‘funeral’), you simply have to tip your cap to a person who is head and shoulders above his competition.  Dan may be the sole reason that veterans never mix with newbies on the future of Big Brother because of how silly he is making them all look.  The veterans last season were ok, Rachel barely beat a floater in the end, but this season almost every veteran was so good that had they not forced the ‘mentor’ routine for a few weeks, it would almost guaranteed be all 4 of them in the finals (with Britney getting 4th place again).


Enough rambling, if all goes as planned by Dan, this will be a very entertaining episode that will leave Danielle more shocked than the night Dan said she was dead to him.   I will probably also use this thread as the endurance challenge updates…

10:00pm est – I’m not sure when the endurance challenge will take place, I was under the impression it would start tonight.  I will update this thread and twitter if it does.. stay tuned.

9:59pm est – Dan is spraying his mist all over Danielle to quickly regain her trust.  It will work, she’s terrible.

9:53pm est – Everyone is still in shock over this.  Incredible.  Sign up to the live feeds because the endurance comp is going to be crazy.

9:48pm est – And Dan votes to evict …….   SHANE!!!!

Danielle saves Dan. Shane and Ian are on the block.  Ian looks surprised.

9:38pm est – Julie knows something is up, she’s practically wetting herself on stage thinking about a Shane blindside tonight

9:24pm est – I need to see how Ian lost this veto.  And drop the stupid quack thing, it’s stupid!

9:18pm est – Frank and Britney fighting in the jury room is certainly more entertaining than watching Shane and Danielle on a date.

9:09pm est – Honestly I had no clue that Dan told Danielle to nominate him.   The guy is just dominating, purely dominating.

9:03pm est – Seems like jury hasn’t been played yet, but we’re going to have to suffer through some Danielle clips first.  The jury part looks good though

9:00pm est – Here we goooooooo!

8:15pm est – 45 minutes to go until the live episode!  Are you excited??


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    Hey Stevebeans, are they actually doing the veto meeting live tonight? Or has it taken place?
    I’m just asking because as I was watching the flashback from thisafternoon, Dan was packing a bag, and Shane just seemed to be putting his clothes up. Which would hint that either Dan knows he didn’t convince Dani, or Dani isn’t going to tell Shane that she’s putting him up. Which, if it’s the latter, I would think that would be way harder for Shane to swallow then knowing in advance.
    This being said, I know that BB has been on their backs about not telling each other when they are going up, but considering who it is, I would think she’d just tell him. It’s not like BB is going to toss her out of the game for the heads up.

    • stevebeans

      I think the PoV is going to happen live tonight, I’m not 100% sure though

    • Avatar

      Shane was told last night by Danielle that she was going to put him up and take Dan off, Dan did not trust that Shane would keep to his word, so Shane agreed to go up….bad decision….
      Shane just trusted that Dan would keep his word.
      The other things now is again he’s screwed Dani 4 or maybe 5 times and again he tells her it’s to keep her in the game….that crap was over when the game changed and the Coaches entered the game. Then Dan is out for one person, himself, he’s only pulling Dani along because she’s winning and she forgives him. If she would have dropped him this game would be differant.
      I think again, she will forgive him and believe that he’s on her side, he’ll be on Ian’s side if Ian gets further in the game and he needs his vote to stay….
      I don’t like his game this year because he’s using his coaching position on a woman who has been manipulated by men her whole life. Used…… He’s used her insecurities against her and he knows better…..
      Live feeders know what I’m talking about

      • Avatar

        I saw that conversation as well. I just wasn’t sure if maybe today she had decided that she wasn’t going to use the Veto. It just threw me off when I saw Dan packing and Shane putting his clothes in the dresser. My logic was why would he not be packing if he thought he might go home, well other then the obvious that he thought Dan wouldn’t vote him out.
        My best guess is, for whatever reason they wanted to keep it from Ian, I think so Ian would think Dan “Saved him” so Ian would stick to the F2 with Dan. But then again, it seems like Dani and Shane should have known that was up as well.

    • Avatar

      This was priceless! Dan is the master of BB!

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    I hate dan and i hope he doesn’t win. He played a dirty game and i don’t like the level of deceit and betrayal on his part. Some stuff he did was just not needed. If he wons i will effin vomit.

  3. Avatar

    If Dani uses the POV to take Dan off the block…she deserves to lose!!!

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    I know it’s just a game and nearly everyone displays a certain level of deception and sneakiness, but as a teacher (like Dan) it bothers me that it he has so much influence on his students and behaves like this, seemingly easily. I know, I know: nature of the beast, but it still irks me a little. I do respect his drive to do what he feels he has to do to win for his wife/ family. Still, I’m Team Shane all the way. Hopefully Danielle isn’t as naive as I think!

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    Say what you will but I have NEVER seen anyone spin people like Dan has!!

  6. Avatar

    Okay, Danielle’s face was effing HILARIOUS!!!!! LMAO

    • Avatar

      Yet another potential jury vote he won’t get, lol

      • Avatar

        Potential? Considering that Shane pretty much shoved Dan out of the way to get to the door, I’d say it’s definite Shane won’t be voting for Dan to win!

      • Avatar

        I don’t think Dan has any intention of taking Daniel because he know he would lose. He has an alliance with Ian called the Renegade. Danielle for some reason refuses to wake up and make decisions for herself. I have no hope for her.

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    Holy balls that was amazing. DAMN Dan is going down in BB history for this season. Now, that being said, unless he’s up against Dani he won’t win (REALLY pissed off a lot of people in the jury) but I have never seen a BB player control people like him…is he a witch??

    Danielle’s face was priceless. Poor Shane. I cannot believe Dan lulled that off. WOW.

  8. Avatar

    OMG!!! How can that girl be soooo stupid!!!! She didn’t consider her showmance a threat to Dan??? I am sooo disappointed in the absent minded players! You should have kept Dan on the block Danielle! Ian would have been gone and you would be garanteed final two cause both those guys would have taken you to the end.

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    I have a stupid question…..is the HOH comp on tonight???? As in, if I watch AFTER DARK I will then find out who won the final HOH or do I have to wait until another day??? Any help would be great!
    I have to work so don’t want to stay up and watch late if there is no reason to. Thanks and have a great eve everyone!

    • Avatar

      the final hoh is a three part competition

      • Avatar

        I know….but I was not sure if they were having the first comp (usually the endurance –which is why dan wanted Shane out of the house over Ian–tonight or if that would start sometime tomorrow). I can see now that it started tonight…
        I have been watching this show from the very first season and I can say based on what they showed of the jury house this season the only person in the jury that is actually “playing” the game is Brittany…she understands that it is a game and Dan played the game how it is….This is going to be STUPID because Dan “SHOULD” win based on the fact he was able to completely manipulate the game to how he wanted it to be and was CLEARLY the better game player for the last 4-5 weeks however he won’t win because they are all BITTER that they were snowed by him….FINALLY THOUGH there is a final 3 that has 3 people that ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING in the game….for the past couple of seasons it was always 1 good player and then 2-3 floaters left….

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    I’ve lost total respect for Dan after that.

    • Avatar

      What? Why?? He did exactly what he said he’d do. The guy has magical powers. It’s not his fault the people he’s playing with are too dimwitted to see that. What Danielle did was up there with Marcellas (sp?) level stupidity!

    • Avatar

      Dan is just plain dirty and hides behind the Bible which makes it even worse. I don’t know who would even go on his website and hire him as a coach. I wouldn’t trust him with my kids for fear of what he would talk them into doing.Then he has the gall to stand up and announce that he has written 3 books and wants to write a 4th! How SELF SERVING is he to seize any opportunity for himself.

      • Avatar

        Oh, get a grip. This. Is. A. Game. And dang, plug your sh*t when you get the chance…like LIVE TV.


      • Avatar

        i have heard it all now, if reality tv upsets you this bad you need to turn your tv off. unless you are the last perfect person alive then i am sorry for saying that.

  11. Avatar

    The fact that Danielle is not yelling and screaming at him shows why she was able to be played like that all season. She is the typical nice girl that falls for a total asshole (cough Jordan cough) because she cannot see past the charm, and ends up living like a doormat. Hopefully Dan and Ian get to the final two because that would really suck if she won after playing such a terrible game

  12. Avatar

    Holy Fark! What a show! One of the memorable BB’s I’ve ever seen.

    The degree of sympathy for Shane is on par with the appreciation I have of how Dan has made this season worthwhile. He may not be the most popular guy for some of the moves he made, but you have to admit he pulled some real dandies this season. Kudos to Dan!

    Yes, Danielle’s reaction was priceless, but Ian’s reaction was equally as priceless!! 🙂

  13. Avatar

    I can’t believe it!!!! Danielle is DUMB!!!!

  14. Avatar

    Look, tonights eviction has nothing to do with Dan being some sort of bb “god”, it is a perfect example of a naive newbie making an idiotic choice. Even if Dan stays on the block, we all know Shane would do exactly what dani wanted anyways(vote out Ian). But of course she blindly granted Dan freedom from the block, hmm.. Now why would Dan want to come off the block when he’s guaranteed safety this week anyways? I guess Danielle learned the hard way. Nice move Danielle.

  15. Avatar

    Does anyone know y Ian was pacing after the live vote he seemed so mad i didnt catch if they said did he want Dan out?

  16. Avatar

    lol DAN THE MAN! I am still in shock at how DAN has controlled this house without winning HOH it POV! I still don’t think the jury will give him the 500k if he makes it to the final 2 but seriously, DAN should get both first n second place prizes! He’s been that good!

  17. Avatar

    Does anyone know y Ian was pacing after the live vote he seemed so mad i didnt catch if they said did he want Dan out? Loved Danielles Face too and Dans lied to her how many times???? Why wouldnt he now???

  18. Avatar

    Can Dan really think that he can win the jury’s votes based upon his game? Dude, too much blood on your hands. Frank, Brittney, Jenn and Shane just will not be able to bring themselves to vote for him.

    If Dan wins HOH, he’ll take Danielle to the F2. If Ian wins, he’ll take Dan to the F2. If Danielle wins? I think that after this last betrayal and lie, she’ll send Dan packing.

  19. Avatar

    sorry about posting 2 times i wanted to add the last part about Danielle

  20. Avatar

    Dan is a mastermind like no other. He pulled off what should have been the impossible task. All Dani should have needed to think about is why Dan was so determined to get Shane up. If she had thought about it, Dan had lied to her over and over, Shane, has not. So rather or not Dan “trusted” Shane was irrelivant. Dani trusted Shane to vote how she wanted, so she would have been good.
    That being said, I feel bad for Dani and Shane. Bless their hearts, they are honestly nice people, who trusted Dan. Dani is still a typical “girl”, trusting in the wrong people. Shane, is just a good guy who believed that once a deal was made, it was good. But both of them should have known better. The sad thing is, Shane would not have done that to Dan.
    Now, I just don’t see Dani in the finale. I think Ian can beat both of them, but he will think, or Dan will convince him, that Dani has the best shot at beating him. Dan, well, who the hell knows what he’ll do??? While Dan has without a doubt played the best game, stradegy wise, and should win, might not be able to beat either of them. So my predictions for outcomes is…

    Dani vs/Dan: Shane votes Dani, Jenn votes Dani, Frank votes Dani, Ashley does as she’s told, and Brit, might vote for Dan, Joe I think votes for Dani, but could be a swing.
    Dani vs/Ian: Shane votes for Dani, Jenn votes for Dani, Frank could be a swing, Ashley votes for Ian (unless Frank tells her otherwise), Brit votes for Ian, more then likely, and Joe could go either way.
    Dan vs/Ian: Shane votes for Ian, Jenn votes for Ian, Frank votes for Ian, Ashley for Ian, Brit for Ian, and Joe for Ian.
    Now that I spelled it out, Ian would be stupid not to take Dan. And Dan’s best bet is against Dani. So if Dani or Dan win they should take each other. Ian should take Dan.

    • Avatar

      DAn is much older and more experienced than the other players and he entered as their mentor; his desperate behavior is inappropriate at best
      wonder how parents now feel about his being their kids coach?

      • Avatar

        He’s more experienced, but He’s not really that much older. He’s only 28. And he was able to manipulate Frank, who’s the same age as him, Jenn who’s 37 and Shane who’s 26. Don’t get me wrong, Dani and Ian might be naive, but that isn’t the only reason he could control them. He’s just that good.
        Plus, how he plays a game isn’t going to change the minds of people who know him outside of the house. This is Dan in the BB house, not Dan the coach, friend or husband. They know him much better then all of us do sitting at home watching him on TV, most of us only see him on edited TV at that.I may hate the move he made, but I don’t Hate the man for doing it. I may not agree with everything he’s done, but that doesn’t make him a horrible person.
        Plus, what does everything think he’s going to get their kids to do? Outside of BB, he is a coach, he wants to get their kids to win and excel.

      • Avatar

        You are right, maybe it is not age but it is experience and status—-Dan went in as a coach and mentor and then used that to manipulate people–not right
        he is a coach outside the house, wonder if he is the same
        many teachers are not that much older than students but it would not be appropriate for them to misuse their power/status even in a game

      • Avatar

        Malipulation is part of the game…Dan is just way smarter. It’s crazy that Dani with all her degrees and Ian being the “smart one” along with everyone else in the house have been played over and over by Dan!

      • Avatar

        will they all lied, backstabbed, i wonder if they are all like that with kids? hmmm…….

      • Avatar

        Well said, Christina. It’s a GAME of strategy and Dan is playing it well…he’s a COACH, i.e., he does strategy for a living. I have known Dan and his family for over 15 years. He is smart, a good guy, dedicated coach and teacher, loyal friend, loving son, brother and now husband. The only thing he didn’t get right is going to MSU (my sons and I are U of M alumni 🙂 It’s a GAME on TV…not reality despite the genre.

      • Avatar

        THANK YOU LAURA!!!! I’m so glad that someone who actually knows Dan has spoken up for him. I’m so tired of seeing these attacks on him, as if how he is playing the game is a true reflection of him as a person. People actually saying they “hate” him, and saying he should be fired and such, it just makes me sick. And I don’t even know him, but I do know it’s not our place to assume we know anything about the actual man, or to pass judgement on him.
        Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Avatar

    Danielle, what were you thinking girl?? LOL

  22. Avatar

    Oh I almost forgot…was it just me or was Frank a bit of a jerk in the jury house???

    • Avatar

      Yeah, he was….as hard as it is for me to admit. I don’t know…maybe it could be chalked up to still having his emotions running high…plus his ego was bruised, and probably didn’t like Brit telling him that. Probably, by now, he’s calmed down, as most jurors do…. But yeah, as much as I hate to admit it, he was a jerk tonight…especially when he brought up Brit’s husband… That was kinda low blow…even if it was just a hypothetical.

    • Avatar

      no you are right. He was talking like his shit didn’t stink, and that he should of won because he is such a great guy. Obviously he never truly understood the concept of the game.

      • Avatar

        The game is played with backstabbing and lying…I get why Frank was upset and emotions running high, but he went overboard tonight. Bringing up Brit’s husband was very uncalled for. Hopefully he’s settled down and they’re getting along now….

      • Avatar

        I totally get him being upset, he just lost his chance at $500,000. But, I think Brit could have been just as nasty to him because if hadn’t back doored her, then she wouldn’t be there either.
        And comparing her cheating on her husband to BB is so messed up. Plus, I don’t appreciate any time a Man raises his voice to a woman, but I’ve also seen the men at their worst, so it bothers me more then most. I just can’t believe a 28 year old Man of his size would think it’s OK to yell like that at a 24 year old what, 95 pd woman? It just make me sick.
        Here again is someone forgetting that there is a difference between what you do in a game, and your real life. It just really rubbed me wrong. It did raise my opinion of Joe even more when he walked out of the room on that comment. You could tell that 1, he didn’t approve of it and 2, he is not going to jump in a stir shit.
        Chances are they have settled down, I just hate that it even happened. Brit got played by Dan, in my opinion much worse then Frank did, and as pissed as she was, even in her interview she could step back and admit he was playing the hell out of the game.

      • Avatar

        The bottom line is that they both got dupped!

    • Avatar

      See, now that’s the side of him I noticed in the house and he’s being much more obvious about it now so people are taking notice. I saw it n the feeds, and from what I understand, Frank was a bit of a Producer’s pet (he apparently even cheated on a PoV and got away with it), so that’s likely why they didn’t air his less flattering moments.

    • Avatar

      What’d he say about her hubby I missed it

      • Avatar

        basically comparing lying in BB to cheating on your husband. I can’t remember word for word, so I won’t try. It was just a tacky comment to make.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think Frank was being MORE of a jerk than Britney. She was just as much out of line. I don’t think either one of them should have been yelling but it felt to me like Britney started it. Maybe I’m just biased because I want to like Frank. Maybe if I saw the whole thing I’d realize Frank started it. Feel free to tell me if I have it wrong. 🙂

      • Avatar

        I think it’s just one of those things where people see the same conversation differently. I saw it as Brit trying to get Frank to see the other side of things. While she’s not happy about being in Jury, at the hands of Frank and Dan, she can admit that Dan tricked them all, with the “mist”.
        Plus, he brought personal life into Game talk. I think that’s where people are having issues. There is a HUGE difference between cheating on your husband, and lying in a game for $500,000. As much as Brit is personally unhappy and hurt, she is able to step back and appreciate that Dan’s strategy is working. She was trying to point that out, and Frank started raising his voice, as we’ve seen him do time and again, so she raised hers back.
        For me, a 28 yr old Man the size of Frank shouldn’t raise their voice to a 24 yr old 95 pd woman. Again, that’s my opinion, I just think adults should be able to talk to each other without the overpowering Alpha Male coming out.

  23. Avatar

    when are the feeds going to be back up??????????????????

  24. Avatar

    dan is absolutely amazing at this game. to pull off everything that he has done the jury would be stupid to not give him the 500K. fact is i still believe that dani or ian will take dan but the jury is an absolute joke this year they will vote personal and thats that. i hope the jury understands that this is just a game but i think we all know that wont happen and they will take it personal. danielle should still trust dan he hasnt betrayed her at all he has betrayed everyone close to her but not her. she made a final 2 deal with dan and that should stick you think because he evicted shane that she shouldnt take him. lets be real she wanted to take shane so she lied to dan and didnt anyone notice that shane was acting so nice to dani when it was the final 4. he wants her to take him you think hes going to date her in real life. give me a break. dani’s number 1 ally is dan and has been since day 1 she falls for shane and he becomes number 1 im glad dan did what he did and he’s going to show dani that he will take her when he wins the final HOH.

  25. Avatar

    Dan has a deal with Ian called the Renegade. Why would Dan want to bring Danielle to the end if he has the decision. He just needed her to do his dirty work. He has no chance against her. Why she falls for his BS and doesn’t put 2 and 2 together is beyond me. Is she that brain dead! It was simple to not to use the veto if all 3 were on board with the end result. The light bulb should of went off in her head when Dan told her to use it on him. When she goes home and views the whole show she will feel so stupid. LESSON LEARNED!!!!

    • Avatar

      I think Dan knows he cannot win against Ian. If he has any shot at winning, it’s against Dani. And plus he can say he got his player to the final two when he was down to just one player by week 2. He’ll take Dani, I’m sure. Remember, he wanted Ian out first during the DE last week, but then he won veto so he then wanted Shane out…but Dani asked him not to so he didn’t. I wouldn’t be shocked if Dan throws the final HoH to Danielle so she can get the blood on her hands when she evicts Ian, so Ian will still vote for him.

      • Avatar

        I think you are right Keith. I’ve never heard him say he wanted to get Dani out. But he has said multiple times that he wanted Ian out. So, unless he changes his mind, I think it would play out best for him to take Dani. If nothing else he can stand in front of the jury and say that he wanted 2nd so that Dani could take home 1st.
        That being said, he does keep talking about the 500K not being far away, so there’s no telling.

      • Avatar
        Worried for Humanity

        He won’t only because after evicting Shane he cannot guarantee she will pick him. I bet he will win the first part of the HOH comp, Ian will then win the second and then it will be down to Dan and Ian for the tie-breaker.

  26. Avatar

    yes this is a game but I think that Dan has gone over to the dark side. He entered this game as a coach, as a mentor to much younger and less experienced players and then used their youth against them while he told them he was still coach and mentor;that he knew how to do this FOR THEM
    at a minimum, this is totally inappropriate an older man twisting and manipulating younger people–not decent.
    I bet parents will start to wonder about him as a coach; I would

    • Avatar

      What…? This is a GAMESHOW not Sunday school, good grief. Are you serious right now? “use their YOUTH against them”? These are adults! “Older man” holy moly, Joe might appreciate that comment.

      Three words: WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

      • Avatar

        don’t you hate it when your fat finger hits the thumbs down by mistake? Wheel of Fortune had me laughing, so my aim was off.

      • Avatar

        Sadie, girl, you should know that there are a few on here that just go on and re-word the same post OVER, AND OVER AND OVER. This is just another one of those.
        Here let me try out one of these rants…..
        Dan is the devil, he will make your kids sinners, he’s already been struck by lightning 82 times since being in the BB house for his wicked evil ways. He’s going to be disowned by everyone who’s ever known him, oh and I HATE HIM!!!
        How was that? lol Dan’s the man, like him or not, he’s still out playing everyone in the house. And, btw, I’m so sick of seeing people say they “HATE” anyone on BB! Shouldn’t the word Hate be used for something a bit more serious then how they play a game??? grrr sorry, I’m just annoyed. lol

      • Avatar

        Then what is swearing your wife and your dead Grandfather on the Bible on national TV. Just fun and games. Is nothing sacred!!!! LOL! Not in Dan’s life..

      • Avatar

        I think I’ve pointed this one out to you before, but being “born2shop” would at least suggest excess, and btw, excess falls under greed, which is one of the 7. As was also pointed out by someone else tonight, unless you are perfect, you need to stop with the judgements. Get over it already.
        And for the love of God, HE DIDN’T SWEAR ON A BIBLE TO A FINAL 2 DEAL, he swore that what he was about to tell frank about the QP was true, and it was. So again, GET OVER IT!!!

      • Avatar

        I love how you made that sarcastic rant of the Xeroxed comments…and then someone makes that exact kind of post immediately after. Irony is certainly lost on some.

      • Avatar

        very true lol

      • Avatar

        Too funny, Sadie. I was seriously getting upset reading all the crap on here last night and today (Fri). Very ugly, personal and probably illegal, all cloaked in anonymity. Then, all these awesome fans of the game saved the day and got us back on track. This is my first time to read fan comments; although, I’ve watched every season. It’s very interesting to hear others’ perspectives, and it definitely opened my mind to the idea that those who are still in that house after all this time are all deserving of the win if it’s given to them. Having said that….. GO, DAN!

  27. Avatar

    I agree with Keith Dan told Danielle he wanted Shane out the only reason he didnt was because she begged him not to and she said so herself in the DR she didnt know what would happend when it came down to Shane or Dan so leaving it up to only Dan to decide was a dumb move when she said earlier one wrong move could cost her the game… And Y would she believe Dan now was she not there the whole time when Dan was lieing, and kept putting her up without any notice and she didnt find it odd he kept himself off the block most of the game…?? Even if Ian is sent to Jury hed probably be the only one to vote for Dan which in that case wouldnt matter

  28. Avatar

    Um, dani looked shocked. FAKE shocked! She would have started balling her eyeballs out, as usual, if actually shocked. U think she knew

    • Avatar

      In her heart he was leaving. Dans been playing a sneaky game, but I really think Dani knew what was about to go down but knew she could never do it herself. I’m not sold on the no tears thing…not adding up

      • Avatar

        Maybe it’s just physically impossible to cry that much and the well is dry.

      • Avatar

        I think it was a cobination of being cried out, in shock and being so pissed off. Plus, I thought it did sound like she was starting to cry when they cut away to Shane and Julie, and she was saying she promised Shane he was safe and that Dan wouldn’t vote him out.
        Plus, if she knew, she would have NEVER put up Shane. She was a shoe in for the F2 with Shane or Dan, and she knows she’s not with Ian. She might be naive and too trusting, but she didn’t know that Dan would lie to her again, she should have, but she didn’t.

      • Avatar

        this is true….

      • Avatar

        More like a dirty game!

    • Avatar

      She has so much faith in Dan, I wonder how she is going to live when reality sets in

  29. Avatar

    come on people i am a christian i like dan. do i agree with some of the things he did, no. but he has to live with that not me, so i am not worried about it like most on here are. he has a Judge as so does you and I. and i bet Our judge would appreciate it if we let HIM do his job instead of us doing it for HIM. GO DAN!!!!

    • Avatar

      Thank you Austin! Well said! I tried to point out that it is a sin to judge, just as much as it is to lie, but once some people find a soap box to judge from they tend not to want to give it up. He’s probably a great guy, and just really good at a Game called BB!!!

    • Avatar

      Using the Bible as a prop is beyond a low for Dan. ! A true Christan would never envoke Gods name for their own gain to further a lie.

      • Avatar

        a “true Christian” knows it’s not their place to pass judgement.

      • Avatar
        Worried for Humanity

        GET OVER THE BIBLE COMMENT……He did it, whatever….IT IS A GAME!!!!

      • Avatar
        Worried for Humanity

        You are DRINKING THE KOOL AID if you think that is true….

      • Avatar

        every great person in your sunday school lesson did things worse than dan did. but wait a minute, God still loved them and protected them, and led them to safety,,,,btw the bible is not Gods name so he did not envoke Gods name, even if he did god is a title not a name.

    • Avatar

      Excellent, you said it perfectly. Perversely, I want to defend Dan’s tricks just to push the buttons of the overly-right-eous. Go, Dan, play the game. Best BB in 4 years.

      • Avatar

        Vic… you are really growing on me 🙂

      • Avatar

        You too, Darlin. You’re the smartest girl on this blog….Coz we agree. Lol. I swear I have a very full, happy life,.but I have got to know what is going on out in that BB backyard. BBJunkie….this site is aptly named.

      • Avatar

        LOL, See, I LOVE the way you think! I’m so addicted to BB, it’s sad really. BBjunkies for sure!!!

  30. Avatar

    Possibly Dan will parlay his bb coaching into mega success of his motivational website. 2nd place may be just what he’s planning. His pupil winning will pay off for him in the long run. Just a theory. Dan or Ian deserves the win.

  31. Avatar

    Epic episode, not to sound like I don’t have a life but I really enjoy Big Brother when it comes on and this season did not let me down at all. I really hope Ian wins he played a good game. danielle does not deserve to win because she hasn’t done anything but be Dan’s fish on a pole and he throws out when he wants to and reels her back in when he wants to. Dan deserves to win also but Ian should take top prize because he’s played a more honest game worst case scenario is that Danielle would win she does not deserve it but it least she was not a floater.

    • Avatar
      Worried for Humanity

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS COMMENT!!!!! I want to say that I appreciate how you can see the game for what it is…..EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT HAS WON their season LIED or DECEIVED at some point in their game. It is a part of the game. I truly don’t think you can win this game by being nice, honest and a “good” person. If more people thought like you and less like the members of the jury (all jaded) this would be a much more interesting message board.

  32. Avatar

    THE FEEDS ARE UP!!! Ian looks like he’s having a hard time. Dani and Dan look like they are doing ok.

  33. Avatar

    How can anyone say anyone deserves to win this game other than Dan?? This is a GAME…not a game of truth and honesty but a game of social and comps and staying in the house till your the last one standing. Never has it been said that you have to be honest to win this game. You have to do whatever it takes to get to the next day and the next day and the next day.
    If I hear dirty Dan one more time I will throw up. Dan is the BEST player to ever play this game..he passed Dr. Will along time ago!! Good luck Dan!!

  34. Avatar

    This is by far the dumbest group of house guest ever put together by BB producers, BB14 will be known for the worst moves ever by a house hold.
    This was not a fair season, Dan used his “coach” influence to manipulate Danielle, Ian who was also manipulated by Dan is clueless and will be known as the boy who entered the BB house as a boy and leaves as a boy. Ian could have made a name for himself in this season but he was misted and did not get out the biggest player of BB14. But that said, I do not think Dan can win, from the way the jury was talking about Dan I do not think he will have the votes. It looks like Britney may be the only juror to vote for Dan while the other jurors have a bad taste in their mouths about Dan, even Joe said he didn’t carte for the way Dan has back stabbed everyone. Who ever is standing next to Dan will be the winner.

  35. Avatar
    Jay David Milstein

    Dan proved tonight he is the greatest player to ever play this game. I think Ian can beat him but he will tear Dani apart. Im hoping Ian battles his way to f2.

  36. Avatar

    I would think his wife would be ashamed of him. I wouldn’t want Dan teaching my kids. Swears on a Bible? What kind of human being is he. I can see playing a game with stragey but not cheating, lying, swearing on a Bible. He is just plain rotten. I hope he gets nothing. Good player ? Not

  37. Avatar

    Swearing on the bible? The bible is a bigger liar then Dan is.

  38. Avatar

    Dan’s personality bugs me and in the diary room he turns his head to the right, but holy cow are these people dumb. Shane should have dropped the hammer on Dumb Dumb Danielle as soon as she mentioned putting him up. But he was willing to do it. When someone has already won Big Brother, why would you keep them hanging around? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Pardon the Pun.

  39. Avatar

    Let’s break it down. Right now, the only SOLID vote Dan has in the jury house is Cuntney. Frank, Shane, and Ashley should all vote against him. Jenn and Joe are wild cards, but I’m guessing Joe would be likely to NOT vote for Dan. And even if he did, borderline retard Dani may well side with Shane if Ian and Dan go to the final two. It’s like Probst told Russell in Survivor, it’s not just making it to the finals, it’s also how you get there. You need to MAINTAIN enough relationships to WIN. I pray to God Gheesling does not. He’s such a wormy little pansy, at least Russell was a cocky but likable lil’ hillbilly.

  40. Avatar

    the way i look at it is that dan bye far place the best game he did step on many toes to do this however most of his crazy plans worked and it a game that no matter how you like other houseguest at some point and time only 2 people get to go to winner clrcle i think when it comes down to it a good chance at winning a half a million dollars when it get near the end of show that they have to make the best moves to get to end and win i also belive that if dan goes with eather one he will come in 2nd he lies (big deal) told storys (its a game) he one once all ready people always says things about floater and we all know dan was far from a floater we will see in a few days

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