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Big Brother 14 – Drunk Ian Taking You Into Tonight’s CBS Episode

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Update: I see a lot of people visiting after the wild episode tonight.  Here is my post recapping the Dan / Danielle incident, and the reaction in the house after the PoV

Also, Join the live feeds here to watch what will surely be a WILD endurance competition tomorrow night!

Well, it appears Britney’s fate is officially sealed in the Big Brother 14 house (as official as it can be by Tue-Wed), so she and Ian decided to knock back a few last night. Like everyone else who has too many, Ian acted and sounded foolish as he uncomfortably tried to criticize Frank’s game this season.  Flashback to 12:57am bbt to see Frank, Ian and Joe sitting around talking about random things when Ian drops his bombshell to Frank.

“Well Frank I will say this.  You had a great comp game, your strategy game aint bad, but your social game is shit”

Naturally, Frank wasn’t too pleased with this remark, but the more it resonates with me, is it an incorrect statement?  Sure, it’s funny coming from the guy who tried to be a memorable “character” in Big Brother instead of actually trying to win it all, but he does have a point. Frank’s social game really hasn’t been all that spectacular this season.

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Don’t get me wrong, I think Frank is an easygoing guy and aside from his very slight douchebaggery, would be a great guy to hang out with. That being said, Ian brought his point him with this line “If you have to win a competition every week, you’re doing something wrong”.  That is definitely an accurate statement and it fits Frank pretty well.  He’s been nominated or HoH every single time since Jodi’s eviction, while other people are still in the house yet have won almost nothing. While some have done next to nothing and are only there because people mistake them for furniture (*cough* Jenn).

I still think Frank will likely win over almost anyone in the house at this point simply because of the comp domination, and he would be deserving of it.  Some people have a strong gift of social manipulating (Dr.Will, Dan), while others seem to pull out competition wins when needed most (Frank, Janelle, Rachel). That’s the beauty of the game, you don’t have to take a certain path to the finals, it’s getting there and impressing the jury that matters.

In addition to bashing Frank’s game, Ian also said dumb things like “I’ve been waiting to get on Big Brother before the planes hit the towers”.  That really upset Jenn considering she was living in NYC at the time, so the house is kind of on edge today after a long drunk night.

Before I finish, I want to say that tonight if the veto competition on CBS.  You will be able to see some of the excitement this week, but they definitely won’t have time to show it all.  Luckily they’ll have time to show a lot of the “Dan’s Funeral”, but that night alone could take an hour easily.  Sign up to the feeds to watch the flashbacks this week because you really want to see it all.

Also, tomorrow appears to be an endurance competition, so signing up to the live feeds is a must.  You’re going to want to see Danielle, Ian, Shane and crew battle it out tomorrow night.  It should be intense now that the lines have been drawn.

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  1. Comments (143)

    Lets look at this logically, from week 1 the guy has been getting nominated before winning anything. It has nothing to do with social game and everything to do with physical appearance. He was on a team with house furniture (Jenn) and the only guy to scumbag his own team (Ian) neither are his fault. Everytime he tried to build an alliance he got scumbagged. And everyone of his his allies been getting voted out. Is it his fault Wil, Willie, Shane, Britney, Janelle and Dan all wanted him gone. Nope, highly doubt it. If this was a season of all new players, Frank would probably have built a good stable of alliances, but as long as Britney is whispering in half the houses ear, and dan is in danielle’s it ain’t happening.

    This is the problem when you bring back old players, they automatically go to boot physically strong or popular people (the ones who usually can win the game). Whereas otherwise they tend to make it much further.

    • Comments (13)

      Yep. He got scumbagged because he was chosen by the ultimate scumbag/scumbagger (Mike Boogie). He couldn’t help which coach chose him, but it was too late. The other house guests felt it was okay to scumbag him because he carried the stigma of being aligned with Mike – basically a “stab him in the back before he gets a chance to stab us in the back” mentality even though he hadn’t even had the opportunity to show himself to be a back-stabber.

    • Comments (30)

      I couldn’t have said it better. I read this post and read this comment, “If you have to win a competition every week, you’re doing something wrong.” Clearly this statement hasn’t gone through much thought. If you were in the house, and are a physical beast, with giant intimidating hair and very social around people, You. Are. A. Threat. You are the deer in the cross-hairs of every other person in the house, because face it, the mentality of everybody else is: “I can’t beat this guy, I want him/her gone.”

      I would rephrase that statement to something more suitable: “If you have to win a competition every week to stay in the game, you’re the best player in the house. Why? everybody knows you’ll win, and they don’t like it.”

      I also don’t see the hype around Dan and his so-called “Genius Game Move”, and most people’s “best player in BB history.” Clearly, your standards for Big Brother players is quite low.

      We are used to watching season after season of floaters, jocks, bimbo’s, and always that one gay guy. Rarely ever do we get a good strategist that pulls rabbits out of their ass. When they do come along, everybody is so overzealous that they don’t realize: These are the moves we should be EXPECTING. Not Praising for a once in a decade game move. After comparing Dan’s nomination situation to Britney’s, it’s a clear distinction of somebody who WANTS to win, versus somebody who’s got NO CLUE how to win.

      TL;DR: Get off Frank’s ass. Best player this season, just trusts people a bit much, but what can you expect when he’s the biggest threat in the house.

      Dan’s Game move was Good. But something that should be expected if you Don’t want to go home. You can follow in the shoes of Dan, or Britney. I’m more of a Dan, except I wouldn’t throw competitions, regardless. I don’t care if I get blood on my hands, somebody’s got to have balls.

      • Comments (1)

        i got so excited reading this comment.. Gave me some hope for humanity ( ok i’m exaggerating) . But i could not agree more…

  2. Comments (1)

    While Boogie was in the house, I couldn’t stand Frank but now that he is gone I am liking Frank more and more.

    • Comments (44)

      I agree 100% with your comment about liking Frank more now that Boogie is gone. I truly believe that Frank would not have been nominated and been the target on everyone’s mind had he not been so friendly with Boogie. I think by becoming so close to Boogie so soon in the game and Boogie having the “Rat” tag to him it automatically put the huge target on Frank. I think Frank did a good job with not totally keeping himself isolated however had he just played his “own” game and let Boogie go I think Frank could have made an amazing alliance with Dan and Shane (and the girls if you want to add them) and they all could have gone quite far together. Right now Frank is making the alliance because he “NEEDS” to have someone in the house besides Jenn (who has his back but is one of the WORST PLAYERS IN HISTORY—I say WORSE than Adam). He needs someone that can win comps and keep him off the block. It is sad because if you go off of comps won AND social game I still think Frank should win, but not sure he will if he is in the final 2 all because of his ties with Boogie.

  3. Comments (13)

    I agree with hernanday in that it has nothing to do with his social game. His social game is good considering what he had to work with and the challenges he faced from day one. The target on his back from day one was due to being selected by Boogie (whom everyone in the house perceived as a major threat due to his association with master Will). He had to wade through that and in doing so admirably well, widened his target by showing the house that he COULD play a social game (making him a huge threat).

    If you recall in the first rounds, he wasn’t the comp beast, Shane was. He only started bulldozing over the rest of the house in comps when he realized his back was invariably against the wall….and his back was invariably against the wall because he was perceived as a huge threat (and still is). Huge threat =/= poor social game. Generally, it’s just the opposite.

  4. Comments (30)

    My perception is Ian is likewise. Although he is in University, I learned a little something called Loyalty a LONG time ago, and it doesn’t take a University Degree to understand the concept of it.

    I REALLY don’t understand Ian’s decision to backstab Boogie and Frank, countless times. At the start of the season, I was rooting for Ian, because he is a fellow nerd. And I relate to him more than the other housemates (Being a Computer Programmer). But after watching his antics, I feel stupid for rooting for him.

    Clearly, he didn’t see that he was the 5th wheel to a 4-person alliance (Dan/Danielle/Shane/Britney), whilst he was only the 3rd wheel to a 2 person alliance (Boogie/Frank). Boogie and Frank would have taken Ian to the final 3. And once he was there, ALL he would’ve had to do was to win the first spot in the Final 2; Frank and Boogie would’ve taken each other, so as long as Ian would’ve secured the first spot, he would have had a GREAT chance at winning if he had taken Boogie. However, Ian is the Expendable Rat that is used for being what he is: a Rat, controlled by the dubious Twitney.

  5. Comments (28)

    I really wish Ian would put on a shirt

    • Comments (102)

      I know. I’m sick of seeing The Rat’s gross man-boobs.

      • Comments (123)

        Hey, y’all remember gay Joe from BB8?..i betcha he’s loving those gross man-boobs from The Rat, LOL…☺…

        I like how Jenn-City (cough, chair) is finally playing BB..she helped the guys with that big move with her POV and watch…she wins a couple more at the right time…she will be in the Final 3 and watch out…☺…

    • Comments (44)

      quick question—-do you mean Ian needs to put a shirt on when they are all outside by the pool? I agree as I don’t want to see Ian without a shirt either however I don’t really think I have seen him without a shirt as much as Shane/ Frank/ Brittany (she always has been showing off her “assets”)……
      My husband asked me if I thought Brittany realized her social game AND her comp game sucks so she was going for the showing her chest a lot game.

  6. Comments (102)

    The Rat is a fine one to talk about someone’s game. His game has been to kick himself in the head repeatedly, backstab everyone who trusted and be a snitch. If Boogie hadn’t kept him safe the first week all the ones he’s sucking up to now would have voted him out.

    I’m so sick of his threats. Whenever someone tries to confront the vile little rodent he scurries away and hides in some dark how cowering. He’s a pathetic little coward.

    • Comments (36)

      Yeah like his threat AGAIN 2nite in the DR will even matter, they haven’t yet. LOL… And yes PLZ put a shirt on already. My young daughter keeps asking me why that little girl doesn’t wear a shirt on T.V. OMG Brit, take it like u hand it out u lying scrum. You use people like their disposable pads. You looked SHOCKED, and rightfully so. Your toast and u know it along with ur spy little friend Ian, which brought on your crying session in the DR room pertaining you work so hard, your laughable. So now Shane realizes he’s done because seriously how many times can u stab Frank in the back who was willing to work with u from day one. Great job in the comp answering zero answers but then again this was a mental comp and u got nothing up there to use. Last but not last, great line by Frank, POP A SQUAT BRITTANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (36)


      • Comments (1)

        Britt got what she deserved! She was shocked, just like Jedi Janey and should be thankful that Ian has now let her know her fate. So long Brit. I’m in for Frank and Dan for final 2!

    • Comments (44)

      How AWESOME was his face though tonight when Frank made his speech about how he would have put him up if he could have so since Ian was not able to be put up he would put up his closest ally?? Between Ians face and Brittany’s face I was DYING with laughter….This might have been the BEST show of the season.

  7. Comments (34)

    Welcome to the Frank side LOL We have big hair roflol. Yes Frank never had a chance at first to start off with a social game. Mike picked him and of course everyone knew it was Chilltown II. So of course he was feared. You had Jenn and Ian … and Frank on team Boogie.. who else would have been the biggest target?
    Our Dahhhling Britney (I love the Twitney but I’ve been calling her that since the start of this season)is showing her true colours. Her only game is crying and whinnying the second trouble starts.
    Anthony again I agree with you. Dan’s move was great. Playing Dumiella like a harp was a great move but one that should happen more often rather then being the move of the decade. Remember Evil Dick’s rampage to save his daughter and himself?
    More moves like that and less sitting around gloating over “how great we are” would make a much better game.
    Same as getting rid of people who are more interested in using the show to become stars rather then playing the game. Joe must not get a show No to the Joe Show lol.
    And hopefully we’ll not see another stupid season with coaches, fav players and the other gimmicks that ruin a season. Hopefully we’ll have back the Big Brother we all love. Noobies trying to screw each other over to get $500,000

  8. Comments (316)

    Am I the only one who likes how Ian is playing the game?
    If I am, I will be proud to stand alone because that kid has Spunk!! I hope he wins the whole thing! Wouldn’t that be funny

    • Comments (36)

      You must be !! lol. Btw, he will not win. I think u mistaken the word spunk for punk. First of all, he betrayed his 2 team players who had his back the whole time. Mike gives him $3,000 and Frank pointed him out to get it. His excitement in wearing that dog suit was my first clue how immature he really is. Then he decides to become Twitney’s I SPY WITH MY EYE, which helped Brittany have enough time 2 just sit around picking her face, chin, hair, nails, etc…which is a repeat of her first time on BB. His threats on Frank in the DR room are getting old. Having u been trying 2 do this for some time now. When Frank nominated Brit, Ian should have kicked himself in the face again, now that would have been the move of all moves.

  9. Comments (7)

    Frank, Dan, Shane… no one else deserves to win this season. I have no problem saying that I hope Frank wins because without a doubt he has had more obstacles to overcome in this game than everyone in the house combined. He wins when he needs to and his social game is very good IMO. Ive agreed with a lot of this bloggers posts but to reiterate a idiotic comment that Ian and Britney have spewed out in the midst of there poor sportsman ship is inaccurate… he was a threat the second the cast was revealed to each other… He is the biggest man there and had what was perceived as the “Most Dangerous” coach in the house and that is why he was a constant target. Despite all of that he has managed to dismember to different alliances (The one with Janelle and the one with Ian) and keeps one upping them. Dan has played a very smart social game and Shane has been very strong in comps but neither have overcome as much as Frank. That being said Im fine with any of those 3 winning because they all deserve recognition for playing the game the way it should be played…. Brit and Ian are pathetic and deserve to be ridiculed for there horrible stay in the house. Thats all 😀

  10. Comments (768)

    On last night’s BBAD Britney was talking with Frank about how they had met 2 years ago somewhere and she has a story to tell him about that meeting once the show is over. Now I have to wonder if that’s the reason she has had a hate on for Frank from day 1? I don’t think his social game sucks at all. He intermingles with everyone… probably more so now that Boogie is gone. It was also very interesting last night when the camera would zoom in on Ian and he would turn his head slightly and say something to no one? I finally figured out that he has all kinds of friends there… they’re just all in his head! Bye bye Britney! I’ll miss seeing your tight little body in a bikini, but won’t miss your face… either of them!

  11. Comments (2)

    I have to say this. Except for season 1 which we did not watch, we have been big fans of Big Brother. Not for sure how many years ago, but it became apparent to us that BB swayed the games to who they would like to see win the comp. People may agree with this or not, but it was our train of thinking and, although we really wish they would just let the game play out, we could kind of live with that. But now after watching the live feeds and reading things we missed on different websites, it is very disappointing how much BB interferes with the game and how they literally direct the direction. Doing things like telling certain players they could not tell Britney how they were going to vote, but not giving every player those instructions, etc. It really has cost our enjoyment of the show. Very sad because we were such fans that we even scheduled our vacations around not missing the show. Makes me kind of sad.

  12. do you people actually the show or feeds
    Comments (21)

    WowI find it absolutely shocking howstupidthe comments about Ian are here. Obviously you forget when scumbag boogie andFrank where in the silent 6. I guess that was looking out for Ian!,, LMFAO! If your going to make statements at least have the balls to include all the facts. He has been very loyal to the alliance he wanted. Personally I would never work with a scumbag like Boogie or an arrogant asshole like Frank. Who likes to degrade women and speaks to people like they are garbage. Unemployed big brother player ya Frank is a class act. Before you spout off watch and read about the people you are blowing smoke up their ass to inflat them to others. Nothing worse then ignorance and stupid people half truths about all facts that have taken place. If you like someone great but don’t lie or slam someone else just because you like someone else or they dont back the scumbags you like!

    • Yes we watch the feeds but our opinion is better than yours
      Comments (4)

      I bet 90% of us watch the feeds, BBAD, and all the shows on CBS… Ian is a twitchy rat and Frank & Boogie would have CARRIED him as far as they could, he never returned any favors because he is a 80 pound waste of space that talks to himself and rocks back in forth while tapping everything in site with him fingers and feet. I just think your upset that its becoming clear Frank outsmarted the punk and that was supposed to be Ian’s game (intelligence). Your opinion is in the minority, live with it… the majority of us see the game clear and not through the rose colored geek glasses that your share with IAN.

    • Yes we watch the feeds but our opinion is better than yours
      Comments (4)

      I think this guy liked his own post and thats why he has 1 lol We all want out favorites to win but its still adults vs children when it comes to dan/frank vs ian/brit

  13. Comments (6)

    Did anyone else really enjoy the clip of Britney crying her face off in the DR after she ‘popped a squat’?!

    • Comments (60)

      Its drama nothing but drama. These people are locked up together for the summer and the longer they stay the more insane they get.
      They all have let a job or loved one to play this mind game. Its a residential version of Survivor.
      Britney is just going to face the reality that she has been played again just like her first season
      As for Frank there isnt any accomplishment from him except to play the moves that others convinced him to make.
      Boogie controled all the moves he made while HOH
      Dan convinced him to get him off the block
      Anyone of them that wins HOH this week can throw him on the block and make him keep fight to remain.

    • Comments (44)

      She proved in that DR session that she is a TERRIBLE PLAYER that REQUIRES others to win…..she had been nominated and the first thing out of her mouth is “I have NO FIGHT LEFT”…..She had been nominated for 5 mins at that point and she had already given up the fight and was resigned to going home….??? She does not deserve to win. Dan gets nominated and spends his “punishment” devising a plan to get himself off the block. That is the sign of a true player that deserves to win. Brittany was coasting along with just telling others what to do and nothing ever being on her hands. The minutes she might have to show some effort on her own part and fight and do the actual work she gives up and cries. She deserves to go home for that comment alone.

  14. Comments (1)

    Frank needs to win. He’s so nice and trust worthy out of everyone in the house. You might think he’s not because he doesnt back stab anyone. But hey bb. He’s got to win. If not. I won’t ever watch bb again. And either will all my friends. Never. As soon as he’s gone. I’m done with bb.

  15. Comments (60)

    Trust worthy in this game! That has got to be the funniest thing I have ever read. perfect strangers are going to put their trust in another person they never met in a game based on winning 500,000 $.

  16. Comments (29)

    I don’t know why everyone is hating on Britney so much… she is sweet and funny and has a big heart… she deserve to be there more than a lot of other pple such as Jen, Joe and Danielle…. It’s funny on how Britney was telling Danielle that she already had her chance in the game and would rather give it to Danielle.. Mean while Dan who has already won, he was telling her if she won the veto to give it to him because she would be saved. Yes Dan made a deal with Frank to protect her but I would love to see if Dan made it to the final 2 on who he would take.. Frank or Danielle???? I also find it funny when Dan created that whole episode on how thankful he was for meeting everyone and he wanted nothing to do with Danielle… FAKENESS!!!! That was obvious, I don’t know how pple bought it… Danielle and Britney are probably the closes people in the house, when Daneille started crying and Britney asked her if she wants her to go to the room with them, Danielle used that to her full advantage “ all I need is Shane”, Britney should campaign against Danielle she also deserve a chance to stay in the game… and Shane and Ian how can’t you see the alliance of 4…. Its sooo obviosus, Dan talks to frank, jen uses veto… dan wouldn’t leave Danielle… I just hope by some miracle Danielle goes home instead.

  17. Comments (528)

    I can’t get over how uptight people get about “rats” or “traitors” on this show. Do you people actually watch the show? Do you know how a game like this works? It seems to me you might want to quit BB and watch Sesame Street instead. Ian has actually payed this game like a pro…almost single-handedly he got out BB legend Boogie! And his crush! This kid is amazing and plays the game right.

    The rest of you are just bitter because he might have instigated your favourite player getting ousted or something but give him a break. He’s doing what must be done. I hope this kid wins the game.

    • Comments (44)

      lol naww, i disagree, it not abt back stabbing and being a traitor. Ian is not trying to win, he’s tryna be a bad ass, and a BB lengend, Taking out Boogie doesnt benefit his game ( in other words, he is a poser), and it is clearly coming back to bite him in the house because no one sees sweet innocent nerd. Probably my biggest issue with Ian, is that he can’t even stand up for himself, when he was being confronted by frank, he ran away like a coward. Dan is a backstabber too, but he knows when to do it, and clearly isnt tryna be someone he is not.. Dr will , evel dick, boogie, they knew when to back stab people, Ian is not a good player bottom line,

      • Comments (102)

        Ian’s so-called game play has stunk from week 1. The idiot put a target on his back by lurking in the bathroom trying to cop a peek of Danielle showering and running through the house naked, among other weird behavior. Boogie knew he had a target on his back so he had the power to save him and the only reason Ian is still in the game is because of Boogie, who he stabbed in the back.

        Then he had the idea of a flirtmance with Ashley, but when she made it clear to him she just wasn’t that into him, he stuck a knife in her back. Ian could have just as easily have put up Jenn, but Mama Rat Britney insisted he put up Ashley. Did Baby Rat Ian even stop to think if he insisted she put up someone she was close to she would have refused? Nope, just did it. So he also stabbed someone in the back that he tried to have a romance with.

        The thing about Will and Boogie is that they did stab people in the back, but they were always loyal to each other. Baby Rat is loyal to no one. They also weren’t gutless cowards that ran and hid when one of their victims was going to confront them.

        I hate to break it to Ian, but being a snitch is considered the lowest form of life in most cultures. And that’s all he’s really done in the game. Be a snitch and be Britney’s bitch.

      • Comments (528)

        No kidding you agree…you’re obsessed. I assume you dated a guy like Ian at some point and he dumped your ass or something? Because your level of bitterness towards this kid is epic! Get a life.

    • Comments (528)

      Oh, we shall see, darlings. We shall see.

  18. Comments (126)

    Ian aka Walter Mitty, is living in a dream; one that includes pretty women garnishing much attention to someone that wouldn’t get the time of day from the same on campus in the real world.

    So Ian is the intellect of the House, NOT! More like Intellectual Idiot, I guess if we were grading on a House curve, may answer why others think he is so smart. In a game of Trivia ‘BB’ Edition, he is the Champ. Otherwise I don’t get it, he has so often made many statements in error, his excuse is always he is too tired or drunk

    I know that it is not nice to bash what is clearly a socially inept Nerdarooo.

    But with that said, I originally like Ian, then I try to understand him, then I felt some sympathy for his stemming, but his hateful arrogance and false smearing campaign especially against a player who tried to protect him since the beginning until the ultimate betrayal by Ian, Big Frank is his main vengeance target, now I can’t stand him. He is cocky and prideful and to paraphrase Jenn, ‘Ian covered up who he truly is for a long time’

    The cat was let out the bag last night that I blogged about last week, it comes down to Ashley’s’ Date with Frank as the turning point of Ian’s disloyalty, and Brit has stir that jealousy up from time to time. Not to get into it but Ian still thinks that Ashley is sexually attracted to him. Last night Ian even asked Brit not to let Frank and Ashley get together in the Jury House. :0

    Btw, I beg to differ, Frank is a big target, because everybody fears him even Shane, who thought he would be the Big Dog in the house.

    Frank has all 3 strong facets though not perfect. He is a Strong Competitor, Gamer and Socializer he is a Tarzan.

    Ian’s extremely jealousy has this kid on a destructive silent rampage to satisfy it. He may be very book smart but if Chemistry/Engineer is his major, why does he chug a lug all that Diet Coke like its water, does he not know the dangers of Aspartame and HFCS. A simple Google will reveal much to him.

    • Comments (528)

      Man, that is so mean. There are people on BB that probably deserve personal attacks (because the show pretty much goes out of its way to find assholes for ratings) but Ian is not one of them. I don’t know the kid personally, but I could. Yeah, total nerd, probably has Aspergers, intellectual outcast….and? He’s an engineer, he’s smart, emotional, adorkable, a cutie pie. Attacking him for his nerdiness is unfair, has nothing to do with his gameplay, which – by the way – I personally think has been VERY brave and not chicken at all.

      Dunno, I think there are some people on this site who feel a little intimidated that such a little geek is doing better than they could in a million years on BB. 🙂

  19. Comments (17)

    Best BB Player of all time !

    – Dr.Will

    _ Dan

    – Janelle

    – Dick

    – Daniel

    – Danielle ( bb3)

    – James (bb6)

    what is Britney doing here ? she needs to go !

  20. Comments (17)

    Danielle from Big brother 8 & 13 , she’s a Women .
    (Evil Dick Daughter)

  21. Comments (78)

    If frank leaves this house, I will not be watching big brother the rest of this season. I don’t like to watch rats. Ian is a Rat. A big rat. The most stupidest player I’ve seen. Frank is honest and has played a very clean game. He is wonderful. He’s just down to earth and has a trusting heart. He dosent play dirty like Dan. Using a bible to get far in this game. What a hypocrite. Frank deserves to win. Well bb. Your ratings r going to five if frank leaves. Why not call it the Bb funeral?

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