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Big Brother 14 – Friday Night Fireworks

When did Katie Holmes start playing?

It was probably the most exciting night in the Big Brother 14 house since Willie was around. What started off as a simple nomination of two strong players turned into complete chaos and mayhem as those strong players revealed why they were such a big threat in the game.  All they did was sniff out some weaknesses in “The Quack Pack” and exploited them all night long.  This resulted in an alliance shattering and turning on itself rather than sticking together as a tight unit that has the numbers to get whoever they want out of the house.

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It’s kind of sad when you watch the feeds.  It certainly makes me wish I was inside the house against that cast.  All you have to do is look in their direction and it’ll send them running and worrying.  Dan is the only one from the group who doesn’t feed into the intimidation, but everyone else?  Forget it.  Easy as pie… if Boogie picked Willie and Frank, those three would have easily dominated the house from day 1.   IMO, the coaching twist completely screwed up what was actually a pretty decent cast of players…. at least compared to BB13.

Watch The Friday Night Fireworks
Start Flashbacks at 7:08pm bbt and enjoy

At this point I’m not really sure what side I’m rooting for.  I see a lot of people against Boogie and Frank, but I’m kind of hoping they pull off a miracle and change things.  I root for entertaining things in the house, and Frank and Boogie make it that way.  In addition, I like Boogie’s style, he’s direct and blunt.  I gained a lot of respect in him for his move on Janelle, and though he handled it like a douche, it was still a power move.  Picking a winner out of the rest of the house would be incredibly tough to do, even Shane.  While he’s dominated competitions, I’m not impressed with his social game very much, unless his act is all planned.  Dan on the other hand has had a solid social game, but throwing every competition so far except maybe the latest one is weak.

The reason I think Frank and Boogie’s social game is probably the best so far is simply how they have adapted to their competition.  You can watch it the way they spoke with Shane at 7:08pm bbt (flashback here), and then completely changed their style for Britney at 7:55pm.  They see Shane is pretty weak socially, so they coddle him and make him feel like it’s not his fault.  Then when Britney enters the room, they break her down until she snaps and then start coddling her and working with her.   It’s quite impressive, almost like watching a police interrogation video where they not only control the tone, but they know their opponents.  That’s not an easy thing to do, and it’s worth mentioning.

On the flip side of that coin, you have Shane who has somehow managed to get a ton of blood on his hands, has controlled his fatal attraction with Danielle but is still likable and not a target by anyone.  That’s impressive in it’s own right, but I’m just not sure if he lucked into it with his “Golly Gee” personality or it was planned.  If planned, he deserves his own kudos.

Either way, it’s rather impressive to see some of these people work, whether you’re a fan of them or not.

The POV is today and it’s going to be crucial for Boogie or Frank to win if they want any chance to make it near the end.  Regardless of who wins, you can expect them to be hounded by Boogie and Frank until Monday, and I wouldn’t be shocked if that person cracked under pressure in those 48 hours.

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  1. Comments (1276)

    The more I’m getting caught up on the events of last night, the more irritated I’m getting. That being said… FINALLY there a little action! lol
    What I don’t get is why Dan is the one getting all of the heat. Brit is playing this innocent victim and even looking Dan in the face and saying that he’s now in the same boat as her. Shane and Brit just sat there, in the HOH letting Frank call Dan a liar, time and time again, and didn’t even attempt to say flat out, IT WASN’T Dan! If I was Dan, I’d go to Boogie, tell him that Ian is the one giving up all of the info, including letting them know that Dan was Frank’s target last week. Dan sat there and said, flat out in from of Brit, Shane, Boogs and Frank, that he swore on Chelsea (which I hate when people do, but still) that he was not the one that said it. He told them he’d own it if he did, and even asked Brit what she thought about all of it (I’m sure his attempt to get someone to have his back), but Big Mouth Frank butts in, and says it’s pissing him off to have Dan asking questions.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE OUT FRANK! I can’t handle him much longer. He’s such a dufus, I’d rather have to watch Ashley think the rest of the season, then hear his bull anymore.

    • Comments (123)

      Yeah, i been wondering bout Ian myself…he’s the cause of all this Heat all over the place…how come he hasnt felt some of the heat?…what did he do last nite?…where was he while everyone was thrown under the bus?…. hiding under his teddy bears, lol…☺…

  2. Comments (28)

    Frank & Boogie tha best on tha show ….Dan is pulling all tha strings like he did his season he won… i hope Dan goes soon cause their just giving dan $500,000 an dan already said he’s taking Ian …Shane needs to get head in tha game cause he thinks Dan going to take him to finale 2 If Frank goes Shane has the take on his back

  3. Comments (28)

    If frank goes dan is gunning for shane dan is coasting to $500,000

  4. Comments (2)

    I think Frank and Boogie are real jerks and one of them needs to go, every single person has lied in the house and to act like they are not lying and being up front with everyone is just a joke. Jannelle warned then that Boogie is a bully when things don’t go his way and if one of them win the Veto and Shane puts up Dan to please Frank and Boogie he is an idiot. Dan has taken the heat for Ian and Brit is just sitting there and letting it happen. It is going to be an iteresting week with Boggie and Frank taf teaming everyone to get there way once again. I really hope it does not happen and one of the 2 go home.

    • Comments (1276)

      Finally, someone who agrees with me! lol I thought I was the only one seeing the whole throwing Dan under the bus part. Everyone lies in Big Brother, but as far as I can tell, in my opinion, Dan is being more honest than most.

  5. Comments (8)

    I honestly don’t like Brit she’s annoying why doesn’t she try winning HOH?
    I don’t know why she even wanted to game play she’s not going to win the way she’s lying about everything in the house I’m really hoping someone throws her under the bus soon and gets her evicted alerady all she’s making is things go the bad way and have Shane as a target now….

  6. Comments (9)

    I am so tired of britney. She NEVER stops talking, and it’s usually about herself. She ruins the show. Someone in production needs to tell her to chew with her mouth closed!!!! Can not wait til she goes.

  7. Comments (78)

    Omg. Enough of Brittany. She needs to go. She thinks she knows how to play this game. She’s a mess. Just a mess. If boogie leaves the house. I will not watch this show again. Boogie is the only reason I watch. He is strong. Sincere and just beautiful. You might think he acts like a kid. But who wouldn’t be mad if your thrown Into the wolves when he kept the silence six safe. Everyone else is losers. I’m tired of the show all rady. If boogy leaves I leave and o will my friends. If I see Brittany drink one more gallon of
    Coffee, oh my gosh. Her teeth are so yellow. And stained. Brittany get over your self and stop bulling Shane around. your done. Done I said

  8. Comments (78)

    Brittany never again. Danielle stop acting like your married to Shane. He doesn’t like youuuuuu. Dan get up and play the game. All I see you do is lay around. Your a chicken. Chicken. Brock Brock Brock. Dan brock Brock Brock. Ian- little twirp. Go f— a squirrel. Lolololololololo hahahahahaha.

  9. Comments (78)

    Ian. I’m tired of you. You cause a lot of trouble. Acting like your so smart. Omg. Your the stupidest player there was. Why? Your just mad at boogie and frank because frank has what it takes to get the girls and you int frank and boogy are sexy and your a want to be. Your the nerd who grows up to kill people because you couldn’t be one of the best like boogy and frank. Beware everyone. Ian just might be carrying a gun someday and pow. Be careful. Don’t trust a squirt who lies and cheats. Ian no guns for you. I hope I don’t see you in the paper for mass killings. Run run. Ian. Your pathetic. Just pathetic. Everyone just remember I said this. There was a squirt like Ian in my school and was so jealous he came running in killing people. Ian. Chill dude. When you grow up you might get lucky, wait you are grown up. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

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