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Big Brother 14 – You Heard It Here First, BB – Danielle Is A Nurse

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If you flashback your feeds to 11:14am bbt, you’ll that not only is Danielle being exposed for her extremely silly lie, but someone who completely guessed it was none other than Mike the boogster.   This post is not so much about Danielle’s absurd lie as it is simply being impressed Boogie is smart enough to figure it out from a few clues.

  1. She wrapped up Dan’s leg or injury like a pro
  2. She struggles to get out of bed by 11am, when school teachers generally are used to 5-6am
  3. A few times she’s called simple things like Advil by Naproxen
  4. When she does slip up she tries really hard to backtrack on stories and say she just took a class

I guess I don’t give the guy enough credit, but then again I’m not in the house to observe Danielle 24/7 and hear how she speaks.  Maybe it would have been an easy deduction for me as well, especially if that was my 3rd trip in the house and you have seen people lie about dumb things before.

Anyway, after chatting with Britney about it, she runs upstairs to tell Danielle who shrugs it off and doesn’t care what Boogie thinks, she’s not telling him anything.   Come on, Danielle.  For the sake of whatever fans you have left, just drop this ridiculous lie.

Moving on….. First, it’s time for my plug…

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The biggest story of the week is not Danielle’s job, it’s that the queen may be going home tomorrow and for some reason nobody in the house is showing enough class to simply tell her that she’s screwed.  I don’t understand this at all, maybe it’s payback for having Wil play both sides last week, but come on.  Janelle’s at the point of having people swear on their dogs that they’re voting for her to stay, and people are actually doing it.

Just tell her she’s gone, let her casually try to pick up votes here and there while also just accepting it.  You’ve already blindsided her with the nominations, at least show some class and be up front about her leaving.  I know you don’t want to do it too early to prevent last minute scrambling, but if they really continue with the plan and head into nominations telling Janelle she is more than safe, I’m going to be disappointed in this crew.   I’m not a huge Janelle fan, but she’s a super alumni and really deserves the respect to be stabbed in the front than in the back.

Tonight will be the PoV and Meeting on CBS, then tomorrow we will likely see Janelle leave.  I’ll be posting predictions among other things, but I don’t think this is going to be too difficult to predict.   As a fan of the underdog, I am now going to be forced to root for Joe … yikes.

You can chat about the CBS episode in this thread or general Big Brother 14 related talk.   It’s going to be a pretty quiet day in the house until (if) they tell Janelle the truth.  Otherwise, it’s a good time for me to take a few hours, hit the gym then maybe catch up on my DVR.  I may tweet during the episode, so follow me there as well… I’m rambling, I’ll stop.

I think I’m just excited to find out former cast members families read my blog and enjoy it.  That’s scary and exhilarating considering I’m pretty blunt on my comments.

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  2. Comments (6)

    why tell her alumni or not she gets whats coming to her she asked for it by playing the way she did and danielle needs to grow up not everybody is dumb in the house

  3. Comments (2)

    i love your blog i follow you on twitter and facebook. i am a huge big brother fan and i miss having showtime. i use your blog and twitter to be up to speed thanks very much and keep up the good work.

  4. Comments (1276)

    I totally agree about Janelle, like her or not (which I don’t, not this year at least) I personally would just tell her. So what if she’s ticked off. Up until Thurs morning anyone she’s really ticked at could pretty much hide out in the HOH. Like I said before, use the buddy system if they are scared. People who feel personally wronged by her, sure, I can see them wanting to blindside her, like Wil (since he was to play the middle last week) I can see him wanting to lead her on. But I just don’t get the others doing it. I really just think it’s mean.
    You know by now I actually do like Danielle, even though I do think it was a stupid un-needed lie, that I don’t understand. But I would think even a Janelle fan would be annoyed with how she was following Danielle around telling her how beautiful she is, how her arms are so pretty, how she wishes she was still cute like Danielle (the kissing butt is so obvious). And what makes it even more annoying is that Danielle doesn’t have a vote, Jan should be kissing everyone elses butt.
    I’m hoping for a blow up, just for entertainment value.

  5. Comments (11)

    It is just an insult to listen to Danielle go on about being a teacher. If any thing, she should be proud of her profession. I can’t stand her…I hope she goes home next week at the hand of Boogie and Frank. Although Boogie came up with the plan to backdoor Janelle and I dislike him for that, it was a good move and because of that, Shane, Brit, Dan and Dan are going next.

    Boogie and Frank are just using them and they are interested in keeping Jen around because they feel like they can beat her. It’s a stupid game move for Danielle but A BIG MOVE for Boogie.

    I have absolutely no respect for all those who refuse to tell one the most dynamic players in the history of big brother that she is screwed. They owe her that much to tell her the truth. On the other hand, what goes around comes around. I still love Janelle no matter what!!

    I hope that Jen wins the game as she is the only one that hasn’t lied to anyone in the game.

    • Comments (36)

      They owe her nothing !! She has lied as much as everyone else in this game. That’s the whole point to back door someone. I didn’t see anyone running and telling Frank last week. I’ve never seen Boogie play b4, but his dedication to Frank seems truly admirable. AND the only reason Dan and Brit are going along with it is too save their own a**es. They wanted Frank out just as much as everyone else with the exception of Ian. Brit’s fake surprised look as Janelle was put up was so readable beings her face was as red as a tomato. Not very convincing Brit. BTW, I luv Frank and Boogie’s DR antics. LMAO !!

    • Comments (3)

      cuz she never talks to anyone!!!

  6. Comments (1)

    so its wrong that they are not telling her she is going home but how about when they were about to do the same thing to frank?

  7. Comments (11)

    I agree with Michy that they should not screw Janelle over. I don’t mind them not telling her but what I feel is really low is Shane assuring Janelle that he, Brit and Dan are voting for her….that is really mean giving her a false sense of security, she dosen’t deserve that since she has done nothing to them to deserve even being kicked out except that Danielle is jealous of her and it was easy to accept Boogie’s offer because of it. Janelle has everything Danielle only dreams of getting, Janelle is better looking, has a great husband, a baby and a great house and she is well off….Danielle can only dream of having that with Shane…GET REAL, he is only nice to her now because she is HOH, after this week he will ignore her and might even want her out to avoid her imagined shomance.

    • Comments (3)

      Hey Francine, how long have you know Janelle and Danielle? Just wondering since you know so much about their personal lives. What I think would be absolutely fantastic is if every1 was lying to Booger and Frank and that they really are planning to out Frank. lmao that would be tooooo great!!!!!

  8. Comments (1)

    So very sad. Boogie is a manipulative, underhanded, scheming and lying scumbag. Janelle was loyal and honest and the people in that house have such a high degree of stupidity, even Boogie himself said he couldn’t believe they didn’t nominate him for eviction! Danielle is so sickly jealous of Janelle, she fell for Boogie’s bait; hook, line and sinker. Brit…you had a head on your shoulders but just lost it. Boogie will vote your ass off in a heartbeat! He will say ANYTHING to get his way and they should all easily have known that by now.
    It’s amazing that they can all be so naive and gullible.
    Janelle, they may have all stabbed you in the back, but that’s because they all know that you are an AMAZING player and are phenomenal at competitions. I hope someone throws the turd Boogie under the bus before the season is over. He sickens me worse than Hantz, and that moron sickened the world.
    Big Brother is so sad to watch…people like Boogie make it nauseating…his snide remarks and troll like face….just disgusting.

    • Comments (2)

      what is your love with janelle?she has played a horible game this year and cant wait to see her go home.not only has she done what most ppl that have been on big brother do lie but she is a major ass kisser and that is super pathitic

    • Comments (11)

      OMG YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH!!! Janelle has been honest since the beginning and that idiot Danielle only wants her out because she is jealous of her. They never saw the crap that dumbass Boogie pulled in prior episodes. He hates Janelle because she got his last infatuation “Dr. Wil” evicted and he is threatened by her. He is only loyal to Frank because he is enamoured by him and would feel alone without him. He makes me so sick….his DR antics are so lame, laughing like a stupid kid…that is EXACTLY the same thing he did with Dr. Wil before…I mean REALLY??? Get a new act already, we have seen that one ad-nauseum.

      I just hope the brain-dead newbies come to their senses today and decide to keep Janelle otherwise the show will becone the Boogie & Frank show with them popping everyone off each week….no competition anywhere…sad.

  9. Comments (123)

    Have any of you been watching the Feeds?…the only reason Danielle wants Janelle gone is cause she was FLIRTING with her man…plain & simple, lol…☺…

  10. Comments (1)

    Come on now! This isn’t called the janelle and boogie show. Bb made a huge mistake in bringing them back. 3 times already. Please give somebody else the chance to win! Im so over them, dont even feel like watching this season , i’ m. So fed up!

  11. Comments (1)

    I find it so funny how Boogie is just able to manipulate and scheme. He was able to save himself and there’s a strong possibility he’s gonna save Frank. GET JANELLE OUT OF THE HOUSE! TEAM BOOGIE!

  12. Comments (28)

    Why would she think that being a nurse would be threatening. Everyone knows that cocktail waitresses make the most dangerous BB players.

  13. Comments (29)

    To all my Janelle fans I love you all…. she actually works for it…. not a floater like majority of the house… she was loyal to Will and saved him soooo many times and he turns his back on her…. seriously though frank might be saved once again WTF.. Dan, Brit and Shane, Danielle are all blind or just playing dumb…. It’s clear Boggie will take Frank to the end… this was a dumb game move and I hope Danielle and Dan are up on the block next week. Boogie and Dan already won the money, there was no need to bring them back….

  14. Comments (7)

    Got to agree with BRAD! about those cocktail waitreses lol!!!
    JANELLE needs to go! she’s a veteran Frank is a newbie and of course I am NEWBIE FAN!!!!! We all know if she stays then it’s a coaches game! and I pick BRITNEY! not that I like her it just who I think will win!

  15. Comments (5)

    I for one am throughly discussed with the people who produce Big Brother. They should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to bring back players from past season’s and allowing them to either have a chance to ONCE again win the bit money or as in some cases win again. You can’t tell me that in this economy they can’t find enough young people who can really use the money to play this game as it originally was. They are being denied that opportunity.I’m also fed up with cbs controlling who stays and who goes. I’m done with this show.

  16. Comments (11)

    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE Brittany is the biggest floater in BB history! She was kissing Janelle’s ass and being BFF with her until Boogie convinced Dan and the others to vote her out….Brit has no loyalty and has only stayed in the house at any time because she played the lost innocent lamb with the “deer-in-the-headlights” look on her face and people dragged her along. She is doing the same thing now, never wins anything and gets taken along with loyalty only to those in power….SHE MAKES ME SICK!!! She should have been loyal to Janelle and convinced Dan to save her and not go with Boogie. SHAME ON YOU PATHETIC LOSER BRIT!!!!!

  17. Comments (2)

    This arguement is so stupid. Janelle put herself back in this house, so she can take all the backstabbing and manipulation. Whether you like boogie or not he’s a good player and worked to save his alliance. Janelle has not played her normal game. Who gives a damn if the players lie? That’s big brother. It’s the whole reason we watch the show. How boring would it be if everyone told the truth and no one backstabbed anyone?

    • Comments (1)

      If everyone remembers right, at the beginning Frank said he don’t work!! Some believe he is hiding something!! BB14 isn’t as good as the past, it really seems like its all set up!! As many times as Frank has been on the block, he has been saved :-/… I like Frank, Shane, and Dan.. But Joe, Ian, Ashley are Floaters and they along with Boogie need to go home!! But something tells me Ian will either win or make it to the end!! I’m just saying, I really think this is set up!! Disappointed in this season!!

  18. Comments (11)

    I watch every season. I watch Big Brother after dark. This is the most confusing season of all. Do the women in the house not realize the men have taken the game over? But the game does change alot so will have to just keep watching.

  19. Comments (11)

    Janelle told Jen and Ashley that the women need to take control because she made a mistake last time taking two men to the end and they screwed her. Once Janelle is out of the room Jen and Ashley laugh about it and pleased with themselves that they are voting Janelle out…HOW LAME CAN THEY BE??? Why can’t they realise that Janelle has more experience than them? If Jen, Ashley, Brit joined forces and convinced Danielle to go with them and keep Janelle they would be way better off. Dumb Danielle is letting Boogie dictate the game and the men will get rid of all the women one by one. Why can’t these dumb broads see that?

    I also don’t understand why Janelle does not realize that Boogie would have gone to Danielle and Shane and made a deal to save Frank, it’s so obvious yet she doesn’t see it!!!!!

    I think BB really chose too many weak players this year, once Janelle goes the show will be boring.

  20. Comments (1)

    Boogie googled the other house guests before he came into the game is how he knows Danielle is a nurse. He got the heads up he was coming into the game long before he went into sequester. He had time to call previous houseguests to tell them about it. He even called Janelle and asked to team up with her but she turned him down.

  21. Comments (1)

    I hope it’s a double eviction this week. If Janelle leaves…Danielle should be right after. Four out of the “Silent 6” are dumb as hell. How do they not realize they’re being lead by the master manipulator???? I can’t wait for their demise in the next few weeks.

  22. Comments (3)

    I enjoy the competitions the best on this show!!! everyone should note the best players need to stay in the house!!! as in past seasons!!! Frank & Boogie & Dan are really good players

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