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Will Britney pull it off?

Big Brother 14 – And Your New HoH Is……

Will Britney pull it off?

Disclaimer: I wrote up most of this post prior to actually finding out the HoH winner. This is why I put a random image of Britney and Ian up there (I suspect either Frank or Britney wins, so I’m playing odds). I am heading out for the day tomorrow so I need to get a jumpstart on this post because I will have to post it then fall asleep. 


What a wild night, absolutely wild.  One of the best live shows I’ve seen on Big Brother yet.  You had the drama, the suspense and the upset victory which of course comes with plenty of conspiracy theories.  “Frank was given more cloves, everyone else had one, etc, etc”  My opinion on that “stuff your conspiracy theories in a sack”, even if they are rigging the show (which I don’t think they are), it made for one hell of an entertaining episode.

Do you think I’d be staying up till whenever it takes to find out who wins the next HoH if “The Quack Pack” was in complete control?  No, that’s about as boring as a Wil-Joe nomination.  Frank being in the house is the best thing for the show because it keeps it entertaining and keeps people coming back for more.   If he didn’t win that PoV, I can tell you what would of happened tonight.  Frank would have gone home, Brit would have won the HoH (because they’re throwing it to her for some reason), Ashley gets nominated with either Jenn or Joe and nobody cares. Snooze fest, wake me up on Thursday.

Sure, maybe Frank has “bully” tendencies, if you ignore the fact that many reading wouldn’t like being the #1 target in the house since day 1. He is the only player who hasn’t been able to sit down and relax for an entire week all season, and you wonder why he treats everyone else poorly?  Jenn is coasting through the game not saying a word.  Joe is cooking his way through. Danielle is crying her way through.   I don’t mean to get on a soapbox here, but cut the guy some slack.  He’s been the hardest player I’ve seen in a few seasons now.  I don’t want him to win it all any more than I want Shane or Dan to win… all 3 have played a great game and would be deserving of the title.  I simply want entertainment and a final 2 that doesn’t consist of like Joe versus Jenn. That would kill a pretty decent season for me.


Anyway enough rambling, here is the HoH winner……



This should make for an interesting week on the feeds and could completely change the rest of the season.    Like I said, I’ll be traveling tomorrow but be sure to sign up for the feeds to watch this action unfold!


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  1. Avatar

    ian did not stay hoh long why

    • Avatar
      Deborah Baso (10 comments)

      It was a could eviction, so Ian’s HOH lasted a short while.

    • Avatar
      chicago (13 comments)

      Ian didn’t deserve it…Hopefully, he will be out the door soon. BB did an aweful job casting. Ian is so boring and spineless that when he really gets confronted he won’t know what hit him! Boogie being evicted was bad enough. If Frank leaves I am finished watching.

      • Avatar

        couldnt agree with you more. Ian had to send Mike Boogie out with 0 confontation on himself because he knew he couldnt handle the notorious campaign of Mike Boogie. He is a spineless little snake and i hope he leaves next

  2. Avatar

    Great job Frank! Now either put up Dan and Shane or Dan and Britney. Either way would have Shane or Danielle to back door if one comes down. Frank has to be too smart to let them get by with voting Joe out.

    • Avatar

      Frank is clearly the winner of this game. Certainly Big Brother will ask Frank back – perhaps for a new All Star Season. Way to go Frank!!
      Dan doesn’t hold a candle to Frank’s game.
      I have lost total respect for Dan, the bible toter swearing allegiance to Frank on his wedding ring, Chelsea his wife and the cross necklace his grandfather gave him – shaking Frank’s hand only to betray the value and meaning of trust. Here’s a scripture for you Dan Gheesling Mark 8:36 — For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? — I hope you lose the game, the respect of your wife and learn something about the value of trust. As Far as Dan Gheesling teaching teenagers in a Catholic School – Wow, what a great example to them, and the viewing audience who may not even read their bible to see how flippant and easy it is to blow off sanctity and trust for a bit a cash. Nice Dan – how are you going to justify and make excuses for this?!

  3. Avatar
    Tony (34 comments)

    Welcome to the dark side… we have Frank and cookies mawhahahahaaaaa
    Frank has won is it 5 of the last 7 competitions?
    Also please note how Boogie went out. After giving Ian $3000 (hmm seems no one has talked about that…) when Boogie found out Ian was the one who sent Boogie out did he call him a bitch, curse at him etc like everyone’s sweetie the mighty Janelle? Nope. Boogie TIPPED HIS HAT TO HIM. He paid him respect. Sorry that’s class. He even laughed at Britney’s stupid chill town impression….
    As for Frank having more blah blah blah… I think the biggest conspiracy is how Britney knew as many answers as she did.. I think she had an ear piece and they were telling her answers LOL j/k.

  4. Avatar
    Anita (178 comments)

    Frank won HOH….again? What a surprise! NOT. This season is actually making it very easy for the bloggers who report on the show. It’s been totally predictable. They can write their blogs a week or so in advance. I knew when Frank managed to save himself and win the POV that he would somehow become the next HOH. I’m watching BB After Dark and Britney is, of course, running around telling all and sundry who Frank should put up for eviction….just as long as it isn’t her. If Big Brother wants to actually give the audience a surprise, why not have Frank put Britney and Joe on the block and then vote out Britney? It might make the show interesting again considering the fix is already in for Frank to be a finalist.

    • Avatar
      Keith (169 comments)

      Wah wah wah…. Y’all whine and complain when someone you don’t like wins something, yet you blast Boogie and Frank for whining and complaining when they’re against the house. Pot…meet kettle. How do you see the season playing out if Frank leaves? Talk about a SNOOZEFEST. Why any TRUE fan would want that is beyond me. I don’t get it. Don’t we want the house shaken up and the power switch each week? What fun is it when one side is in control all the time?

      • Avatar
        Kathryn (102 comments)

        I cheered when Frank won POV because the thought of the two puppeteers [Britney and Dan], their two puppets [Shane and Danielle] and their pet rodent [Ian] picking off the rest of the floaters until they finally turn on each other was going to be so boring it would be painful and boring to watch.

        I think Frank should put put Shane and Dan, then one of the two skirts hiding behind them will actually have to step up or go home and if one of them wins the POV put Britney up in their place.

      • Avatar
        robbieboy (768 comments)

        Right on Kathryn! My exact sentiments too!

      • Avatar
        chicago (13 comments)

        Ian is a pet rodent isn’t he….A stinky one at that! That was funny,he is such an annoying nerd!

      • Avatar

        Love this comment Kathryn, but i have to slightly tweek it by saying that Frank should nominate Shane and Ian, I know Frank has had it out for Dan for a while, but lets be honest… Dan is not to blame for the demise of the “Frank & Boogie Alliance” … Ian IS!!! Frank forgets that Ian is the primary reason for his two closest friends and alliance memebers being kicked out (Boogie and Ashley) and Ian is responsible for nominating Frank on double evicition night in hopes of getting him out!! And SHANE… Shane nomintated Frank twice! Give this guy the justice he deserves!! people give dan to much credit.. he has really set backseat to a lot of the strategic backstabing thats happen thus far.

  5. Avatar
    Garfield (6 comments)

    Frank is an absolute beast! I’ve lost count of how many times he has taken himself off the block plus the HOH’s. I like Ian and he was my pick to win the half mil. But you don’t backstab your coach and the guy that gave you 3 grand, though Boogie should have given him 6. To me that’s not the way to make a name for yourself in BB. My respect goes to Frank fighting for his BB life pretty much every week and saying straight out who he is going after. And again I like Dan but not so much his holier than thou attitude. Thanks to Frank we won’t have to snooze until Thursday.

    • Avatar
      Kathryn (102 comments)

      I know. When Dan said he was voting Boogie out in revenge for Janelle, I was like you two-face sob you were in on the plan. You voted against her. I didn’t see you telling Janelle she was being back-doored. Where do you get off trying to claim that’s why you’re voting Boogie off? Be a man and own up to the real reason.

  6. Avatar
    pajon conrad (1 comments)

    so excited that frank won hoh. but the thing that he shouldn’t do is put dan up on the block first thing. he should put two house guest that would sure win the veto comp from the quack pack. i know that one of them would take them selves off the block then frank gets the decision to put up dan.

    frank should put up shane and ian then if shane wins pov he will take himself off the block, then frank could put up dan. if you take two noms from one alliance, it would be hard for the alliance to vote. you have jenn and joe, then ian shane brit dan and dani. if you take 2 people outta the quack pack, you have just 3 votes for their side. they would either have to vote out ian or dan.

  7. Avatar
    Vivian H (8 comments)

    PROUD OF IAN!!!! – I can hrdly believe thaT fRANK is legitimately winning all these comps!- iN THE vETO, WAS HIS CLOVERS MORE ACCESSIBLE THAN THE OTHERS?!? – I think Shane is gonna pretend to be on Frank’s team to preserve the odds for the QuackPack!

  8. Avatar
    Marina (1 comments)

    Bottom Line, frank deserves to win the game based on his domination of competitions alone. That being said I don’t think that excuses his behavior. He is acting like a child and it is painful to watch. All the admiration for Boogie is naseuating, has everyone forgot that Dr.Will was the mastermind behind all the chilltown operations. He didn’t even make it to the jury, that is evidence enough he isn’t that great.
    Since frank is so dominant OF course everyone is targeting him and wants him out… The Quack Pack, in my opinion, is justified in wanting him out, no one will win against him. The whole point of a game is to eliminate the competition. All the Dan bashing is terrible, he sat there calmly as Frank and Boogie tried to bully him, he has more character than Frank and Boogie combined. He took the blame for something that he didn’t even do, that’s the mark of a good person. I say person not player because being a good person doesn’t necessarily mean good player.
    Watching grown men, Frank & Boogie, reduce themselves to such childish behavior is revolting and Pathetic.

    • Avatar
      chicago (13 comments)

      What show have you been watching?!?

      • Avatar

        Marina, you obviously have no idea what is going on.. You pretend as if Dan is this noble person who demonstrates a higher degree of character???
        Let’s not forget that Dan promised Frank in week 4 that he was going to ride with him and protect him in the future but then stabbed frank in the back the first chance he got by telling the quack pack that this is the “best time to make a big move” That was even after Frank sparred Dan the previous week. Dan is a conniving little snake and to afraid of any confrontation to be straight up with people.

        Frank and Boogie are warriors!! At least they will be straight up with who they want out and why. Boogie didn’t hold back when telling the house that he wanted Janelle out… Frank doesn’t coward when he states that his number one target is Dan. These are real players in the game who are not afraid to clearly state what they want and then pursue it. In Frank’s case, I would be mad as hell too if everyone that I kept saving week and week again continued to turn their backs on me and try to vote me out the first chance they got. People are only his friend when he is in power (like every other week). And when he is not… they stab him in the back the first chance they get.
        Frank and Boogie were the only real legends of BB14 (maybe Janelle as well).. But unfortunately in BB the good players rarely make it to the end. People like Brittney (worst player ever) make it and somehow take home all the money..

  9. Avatar
    Jada (1 comments)

    I think frank should put up Ian for lying to him and Dan because he is very dangerous. That way if one of them wins the veto then Frank can put up Shane or Britney. Also I think Frank should be with Jenn. So atleast it can be 6 (sorta) v.s 2 instead of 6 (sorta again) v.s 1 v.s 1. Even though Jenn is a floater.

  10. Avatar
    joe (28 comments)

    Frank is tha best big brother player of all time that guys kicks azz he needs another ally boogie was awesome …dan needs to go

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  12. Avatar
    patty (1 comments)

    Thank God Frank did not go home. Love Frank. He is a great guy.

  13. Avatar
    Cherrae (10 comments)

    I am SUPER happy that Frank has one HoH. I would love to see him stick it to back stabbing Ian. It wouldn’t be awful to see Britt go up either. She irritates the heck out of me. Well most everyone left in the house does except for Frank. He’s a great competatior and I like him. The only other person that seems to win is Shane. Anyway, just glad to see Frank will survive at least one more week. GO FRANK!!!!!!

    • Avatar
      Kathryn (102 comments)

      As much as I would love to see The Rat up on the block, Frank needs to at least break-up the big foursome and send one of them home.

      If Shane gets sent home sniveling little back-stabbing Britney will either have to do her own work or go home. Get rid of Dan and see how well Danielle does without someone pulling her strings and telling her what to do.

      Then what’s ever left of the terrible trio with the pet rat [Ian] riding on their coattails will probably finally get Frank out. Or if Frank can win POV again and save himself again and win HOH he go after another one of them.

      The only problem is while Frank and the Craptastic Four and their pet rat go at each other, it means the two biggest floaters in the house, Kentucky Joe the HOH butt kisser and Jenn the legend in her own mind, are going to get perilously close to the final four.

      • Avatar

        Best way for either Dan,Britney,Shane,Danielle, Frank or even Ian to win the whole prize would be to take one of the floatation devices (Joe or Jenn) to a final 2.
        The craptastic four as you call them managed to stay in the game because they worked together.Just like Frank got to stay in the game because he had Boogie making all his decisions. These next weeks will test if Frank can function in this game without the boogie man.

  14. Avatar
    Jenny M (108 comments)

    Frank won me over the day he and Boogie were on the block, and instead of hiding and pouting, he hung out in the HOH room and made small talk – then offered Britney a HUG when she looked upset and wasn’t talking. He wasn’t happy about being backstabbed by his Silent 6 alliance, but he still treated people with respect. Boogie… he was a total jackass when he realized he was going home. Sure he was blowing off steam, but he said some really nasty stuff to Frank about Britney’s husband cheating on her, Danielle being fat (and no, she isn’t, she’s healthy!), I don’t remember what else but none of it was nice. I am glad that guy is gone. Also glad he apparently didn’t say that stuff to people’s faces. I actually CHEERED when Frank won POV tonight…. and when I tuned into After Dark & saw him with the HOH key — YES!!! The guy earned it. Ian’s not a rat…he’s a kid w/Asperger’s. Look it up if you don’t know what that is. Aspies have trouble with social cues, so of course he is awkward. I don’t get why all of you are so angry and quick to criticize people on this show. Nope, none are perfect. And yup, they lie. I was a little disappointed w/Frank’s temper tantrum earlier tonight, but now on After Dark I see he has gotten over it and is back to being friendly with EVERYBODY. The guy has great social skills!

  15. Avatar
    Cody (1 comments)

    The Live show was great. Frank went Beast Mode on everyone and it couldn’t have worked out any better. I hope he goes after Ian, Just listen to Boogie!!

  16. Avatar

    Anyone who thinks Frank wasn’t running his own game is dreaming. Boogie had Frank campaigning for him because he was alot more effective.

    Frank calls out people and is actually more outspoken than Boogie, maybe to the point of being too outspoken.

    I’m not sure who it is best to get rid of out of the 5 crap pack. I almost feel like Shane would be, or if not then Dan if Frank can reel in Danielle. Getting rid of Ian doesn’t help Frank in anyway. the next best option could be Britney just because of how close she is to everyone and how she pulls shane’s string

    • Avatar
      Kathryn (102 comments)

      It would be best if they put up Dan and Shane. Danielle said if Shane put up Dan they would have problems. Danielle will vote for Shane to go and Britney will vote for Dan to go. The Rat will probably vote for whomever Britney votes for since she’s the one he’s been squeaking all his info to. So that would be Dan 2 and Shane 1, which would splinter their votes and smash their voting block to bits.

      Butt kisser Joe and Delusional Jenn could vote for either of the two.

  17. Avatar
    Judy (7 comments)

    I love Frank! No one has worked harder to stay in this game. He is also very loyal. He will go down in BB History for his remarkable stamina to stay in this game.
    GO FRANK!!!!!!!

  18. Avatar
    JOSANE (5 comments)

    ewww i hate Frank y did he win HOH 🙁

  19. Avatar
    Rebecca (2 comments)

    I’m not exactly Frank’s biggest fan, but I respect the heck out of him. He’s an incredible player! If he does win, he totally deserves it as he’s managed to stay in the game for so long with a target on his back since day one. I really don’t want Jenn or Joe to win b/c they’ve done nothing to deserve it. I don’t think anyone should be mad at Ian for backstabbing Boogie, b/c that’s all part of the game. I actually gained some respect for Boogie last night when he wasn’t mad at Ian for what he did. He knows it’s just a game and Ian did exactly what Boogie would’ve done.

  20. Avatar
    ELF (1 comments)

    I don’t know why everyone hates Dan. He just gives his opinion when asked and doesn’t bully everyone in the house and he doesn’t throw people under the bus. Ian should be thankful for that.

  21. Avatar
    Darius (12 comments)

    Frank will for sure be in BB All-Stars2 and he will hold the record for most Wins in BB History

  22. Avatar
    Joe Blow (216 comments)

    Has any houseguest ever survived being on the block 5 times?

  23. Avatar
    D. Snapple (4 comments)

    I wanted to like Frank but lately he’s just being a dick. Piling on about Danielle being fat and Jenn being ugly? Saying Danielle and Brit are hiding behind two strong players? What? Brit’s not a strong player and Shane is? It’s not only about competitions. The pressure of being up so much and not relaxing is no excuse for being the ass Frank is being. It’s just showing who he really is. I think he’s more upset Boogie is gone than his make-out partner who got all of a “wanna make-out?” pick up line.

  24. Avatar
    Jessie (1 comments)

    I want to bone Frank… He’s so fricken sexy!

  25. Avatar
    HShfr (1 comments)

    I think Frank should backdoor Ian for being the mole. Ian blew it when he spoke to Boogie on his way out the door, it gave him the opportunity to tell Frank that he isn’t to be trusted. He knew Boogie would see his final thoughts video and find out at that time. Bad move, show him the door!

  26. Avatar
    Odette (5 comments)

    Frank was not coming across as a likable guy from day one but give the man his due. He is fighting for his life in the house and if he manages to win the POV, when he cannot compete for HOH next week and gets nominated again, he should be in final two.
    No other player played as hard this season. Britney, Joe, Jenn and Dan have not won anything. Lots of talk and bravado but no action. Social game and behind the scenes manipulations is one thing, playing the game for one’s survival is quite another. The silent six are the ones who kicked Janelle out while promising her support. They should have chosen their path a little wiser. Ian is toast if Frank actually figures out his role in evicting Boogie..( Not that I will ever miss Boogie, one of the most unlikable people ever to play this game).

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  28. Avatar
    laura (29 comments)

    Wow this thread has never been this hype…. I have to agree yesterday was an interesting episode, it was intense and I’m not going to lie I sort of wanted Frank to win POV and HOH to make it more interesting and to add some suspense, this season has been predictable . I was never big on Frank but he does deserve to be there. Ian is a very likable person but at the same time he is playing dirty, yes Ian made a good move, but that was coming, he only influenced Shane’s decision. Shane is the one that got blood on his hands, we have to give Shane some credit, Boogie and Frank were both a big threat. Now its time for all of them to step it up and start playing the game…. Everyone was playing it safe

  29. Avatar
    Deborah Baso (10 comments)

    I hope to see Frank gone soon b/c he has no class, he s loud, and just irritating. Can you say trailer trash?

  30. Avatar
    Diana (1 comments)

    Isnt frank just Rachel but less annoying ( I liked rachel) he’s winning comps getting himself off the block isn’t that the point of the game?

  31. Avatar
    Mellisa (17 comments)

    Really Britney ? your gonna ask Ian to ask Frank to save you FROM THE BLOCK ?
    why are you even one a BB best player ? … all your do is make fun of people in the DR and then smile at there face like a freaking hypocrite & Hide behind Shane ,like you had nothing to do whit his decision in the game…

    You Go Frank, Mad respect for that guy … after James ( from BB6 & BB All-Star ) wich was the Veto king ! Frank his right after him 2nd VETO KING 😀

    • Avatar
      Kathryn (102 comments)

      And especially after she and her puppet Shane wouldn’t make a deal to save Ashley because their rodent was in charge. Now the two-face wants a deal. And why would Frank listen to anything the rodent said. He tried to get him evicted and he backstabbed Boogie.

    • Avatar

      couldnt agree with you more Mellisa, Great Observation!

  32. Avatar
    laura (29 comments)

    I hope Frank puts up Ian and danielle on the block.. if Ian makes it to the end he will win it

  33. Avatar
    kjones (2 comments)

    look back at the pov…Ian had the first clover…when he went back! look at him! he was not trying to find the other one…I think it was rigged…what do u all think!

  34. Avatar
    Geoff (3 comments)

    Frank earned my respect back in the beginning when he stood up to Willie and called him out for being a bully. The rest of the house has conveniently forgotten about that. Yes, Frank is prone to outbursts, but who wouldn’t be when they are constantly being targeted and they have to fight with every inch of their being to stay alive? On top of everything, Frank’s dad is Psycho Sid!!!Man, that guy really was huge back in the day.

  35. Avatar

    lol i was cheering so loud for frank to win that pov my son ran in the room cuz he though something was wrong love it

  36. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    I’m the firstto admit I din’t wan Frank to win HOH, not becaue hes not a great competetor, but becase 75% of the time just don’t like him. I don’t like the double edged sword of claiming everyone did him wrong. Don’t get it twisted, he will throw anyone under the bus that he can or needs to, now that Boogie is gone. He tried to bully Dan and Brit into giving up their source, and when they didn’t, he twisted Brit’s words to say it was Dan, and went on a Dan bashing rampage. That behavior is why I just can’t like him. I respect his game play, comp wise, but him, not really.
    Boogie did give the order to drop the hatchett on Ian. Which I think we will see sooner rather then later. But, as much as I want to slap that grin off his face when he’s so nasty to people, he won me back a little after he was out. He appreciated Brit picking on him, which was SOOOOOO funny(that kind of picking I love, not the mean personal attacks) and saw himself in Ian’s game move. Out of that house, he might be likable, maybe the house just makes him an ass! lol

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      sorry about all of the typos, there seems to be a problem with my keyboard. most of the keys are sticking.

      • Avatar
        chicago (13 comments)

        While you’re checking your keyboard, please check your “logic”! Have you forgotten Frank is flying SOLO!

      • Avatar
        Christina (1276 comments)

        Which part of my “Logic” exactly is it that you are having a problem with?

      • Avatar

        I fail to see any logic period… Frank is searching for someone to blame the demise of his alliance on. Ian, Dan and the rest of the crap pack are all to scared to step up and take responsibility for anything.. bunch of cowards

        I hope they all lose… GO FRANK!

      • Avatar
        Christina (1276 comments)

        actually, Dan did take responsibility for Ian’s betrayal of Frank and Boogie. Again, you all aren’t saying what part of my “logic” you have issue with. I guess it’s too hard of a question for some.
        So let me explain, I clearly stated that I personally don’t like the guy (but he has in the last few days redeemed himself a bit). I’ve in other posts listed reasons for disliking Frank, such as his arrogance, his bully ways, and so forth and so on. I also clearly stated that I can respect his ability to win comps.
        So how exactly is stating my opinion something that calls my “logic” into question? And what does Frank flying Solo have to do with anything I said? Maybe you need to check your logic!

  37. Avatar
    Tamara (2 comments)

    I think frank should put up Shane and Dan. this way if they stay on the block danielle would have to choose between they guy she’s madly in love with (shane) or the guy who helped her get this far in the game (Dan). Also this will cause Brittany to choose between the two guys as well. Quack pack is WACK!!!!

  38. RAY
    RAY (135 comments)

    Frank has an amazing heart of gold, in forgiving Ian so quickly, despite the huge double-cross back-stab on Boogie, Frank and Ashley, and Ian never asked for it.

    In contrast, Jenn so brutal to Ashley, even though Ashley begged for forgiveness in tears, even though Jenn and Ashely were best friends in the house all those days, Ashley explained she was just making a survival move, since she knew the ‘Frighten Four’ of DDBS would never let her in. Nonetheless Jenn snubbed her in the end, and Britney such a good judge of people said the night before that Jenn has a good heart. Rjight Brit

    • Avatar
      Kathryn (102 comments)

      I hope Frank isn’t a fool to trust this rodent, because he’ll backstab all over again since he’s got it in his delusional head he’s going to become some great show villain.

      As for Jenn, this chick is quite possibly the worst player ever to be in the show.

      • Avatar
        Joe Blow (216 comments)

        Frank’s problem, though, is he needs allies in the house or he can’t make it through 6 more evictions. Allies are not the same thing as friends, and he might think he has the best chance of working with Ian, Joe, and Jenn. Doesn’t mean he’ll confide in Ian his deepest secrets, but he may feel like he doesn’t have a choice but to work with him at least for a few weeks.

  39. Avatar
    Kathryn (102 comments)

    According to Evel Dick there’s been confirmation that that cube is Pandora’s Box. Wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t let Boogie and maybe even Janelle back in the game.

    This year has been the most manipulated season of this show.

    • RAY
      RAY (135 comments)

      I doubt that Janelle was sequestered, thus couldn’t be let back in.

      Shane was talking last night that the Pandora Box may give Frank a one week immunity so that he can’t be put up next time. That would be very cool. Something the producers are probably tempted to do since Frank is a ratings booster. I believe they read the blogs to gauge who is the most popular player(s) they shall help try to keep a little bit

      But I think everybody is pondering with no substances, we shall see.

      • Avatar
        Joe Blow (216 comments)

        She’s been posting on Twitter. She’s not sequesterd and will not go back in.

        As for Evil Dick, anyone telling you they’ve “confirmed” what BB is doing doesn’t know what BB is doing because BB would not “confirm” its forthcoming twists to anyone. So unless he’s sleeping with a producer who is stupidly feeding him information (possible; this isn’t the Supreme Court after all), he’s just guessing and hoping that he’s right, as part of a ploy to remain relevant.

      • Avatar
        Kathryn (102 comments)

        He had a link to a video on cbs.com about Pandora’s box, but CBS wanted you to pay to watch the video clip.

  40. Avatar
    laura (29 comments)

    hope they bring back janelle or boogie lol… it would be alot more interesting!!!!!!!! I admire janelle!!!!! she is a good Competitor, Boogie has a great social game.. I hope there is some sort of twist!!!!!

  41. Avatar
    kim (1 comments)

    Why does Big Brother production want Frank to win??? I am just about done watching because the cards sure seem to be stacked in his favor. Hmm.

  42. Avatar
    robbieboy (768 comments)

    Anyone watch BBAD last night when the houseguests were going in to check out Frank’s HOH room? Dan made sure he was the last guy in, then he held two fingers up to the back of his head like he wanted to blow his brains out and again whenever he was behind Frank. What a pathetically sore loser! Once, just once, before this week, or this season is over, I’d love to see Dan go snivelling to Frank in his HOH room to ask for protection and have Frank say, ‘So Dan… I have $100. Tell me why I should buy Dan?’ If you’ve been watching the show you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    • Avatar
      Kathryn (102 comments)

      I’m not a fan of Dan. I thought as a coach he was lousy. He kept throwing coaches comps when he could have kept one of his players safe. Then he sealed the deal with his ridiculous crap about voting Boogie out for Janelle. Give me a freaking break. Dan turned on Janelle when he saw she wouldn’t throw some of her people under the bus and got on Boogie’s plan to get rid of her. He’s full of crap trying to sell like he’s trying to avenge Janelle.

  43. Avatar
    butter (6 comments)

    Way to go my man Frank…Now the Quack-Asses r scrambleing they r turning on each other, alreadyTrying to get Ian on block with Joe, Joe telling Frank about Dan and Britt behind it..something going on theHOH has been on LD might be pandora’s box orthe COUP-‘D’ETAT hope Frank gets alot of Goodies he deserves it..Danielle crying I dont wanna go on theblock aint so funny now lmao cant stand that girl..Joe following Frank and the power some 2 face people in that house.

  44. Avatar
    robbieboy (768 comments)

    Just a brief poll during this momentary lull in the festivities. There are two people who do gross/disgusting things on the show on a regular basis.
    If you think that Britney picking her face then putting her finger in her mouth is the most disgusting thing, click on the thumbs up.
    If you think that Joe never washing his hands after using the washroom then touching everyone’s food with his bare hands is the most disgusting thing, then click on the thumbs down. Thank you for your participation!

  45. Avatar
    porky (6 comments)

    Cant wait til these people go home and see that Joe never washed his hand’s while cooking, the night they got the grill he made pork chops at 3am and all day long he never once washed his hands that I saw, Britt has a problem with eating her finger’s and picking her face and putting her hands in her mouth,oh what a nasty bunch, they r on LD something going on pandora’s box probobly.u no joe got his hands on his penis and up his butt and never even washes his hands must make for a very tastey treat. lmaoI believe that if he were in a restaurant cooking and i saw him i’d have to call him on his dirty cooking habits, say’s he’s a chef well he better take a few health classes more than a few..

  46. Avatar
    robin (6 comments)

    OMG how nasty….I do believe that Britt has took advantage of Ian not taking up for him by no means but I believe the boy is very immature for only 21 and she shaved his armpits and was all over him Danielle and Ashley sitting there I believe he wanted to please her aND POSSIBLY has a crush on her and that’s why he done what he did..dont think he’s been with a girl or even kissed one and he got caught in Britt’s web she is a grown ass woman married and she should not be playing with a young boy, no matter how innocent it might be..she would do anything to win this season no matter who she hurt’s just my opinion..

  47. Avatar
    Brad (28 comments)

    Now Ian will get some alone time with Ashley, and he will also get an ear full of Ashley and Frank getting it on in two weeks after Frank gets the back door

  48. Avatar
    Kathryn (102 comments)

    Frank is a fool if he’s trusting The Rodent. He backstabbed Boogie, he backstabbed Frank and he backstabbed Ashley. Unfortunately, after Shane backstabbed him twice he still tried to make a deal with him to save Ashley.

    I’m afraid Frank is going to mess these nominations up. He should put up Dan and Shane, which would bust that Crap Pack into pieces. Putting Danielle up against Dan is a bad idea, since the Crap Pack will vote for Danielle over Dan, most likely, and Frank’s goal to get rid of him won’t be realized.

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