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Big Brother 14 – House Goes Crazy After PoV

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As I discussed last night and today, Dan took his 24 hours in solitary and came out with an absolutely genius scheme to get himself out of trouble this week.  I’ll be honest, I watched BB1, then missed a few seasons but have watched a lot of Big Brother in my life.  What Dan did was probably the most surprising move I’ve ever witnessed on the show.  To summarize real brief, he managed to go from a Boogie situation last week (sure exit from the house) to being removed from the block and in a power alliance that has a great shot at making the final 4.

One thing Ian was greatly mistaken last week was when he said learned from the best after getting rid of Boogie.  Reality is, he learned from the 4th or 5th best because Dan just secured his spot at the best player in BB history in my eyes.   Dr.Will was 1st, but he has been removed from the throne last night.

The tricky part of the situation today was figuring out a way that Jenn can use the PoV without putting a complete target on her back.  Apparently she used the veto by saying keeping Dan in the house is good for her to allow for a bigger target to remain in.  Britney was then replaced and the fireworks began.

Starting at around 12:35pm, you can find Ian and Frank arguing quite a bit in the HoH room, and they explode once again at 12:57pm.  It’s been quite an intense day in the house as Frank has basically called out Ian for his sneakiness, while Ian is trying to deny the entire thing.  I do give Ian some credit, he’s going down with his lies, that’s for sure.  He’s still standing by the “quick” decision he had to make last Thursday.

Watch some of these arguments unfold and wait for new ones to spring up as this is going to be a very wild week in the Big Brother house.  And to think, people wanted Frank gone?  I understand if you don’t want him to win, but the game needed him as far as possible because this is pure entertainment.  Sign up to the live feeds now.

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  1. Comments (2)

    Here is what I don’t understand. Why would Joe vote to keep Danielle. If he votes to keep Britney then he has Britney, Shane and Ian who are strong players, competing for the HoH vs. just Dan, for the next two weeks. If Shane, Britney or Ian win HoH you know they are going to go after Frank and Dan, not Joe. I’m sure if Dan wins that he and Frank would target Shane and Ian, but with just the number of strong players that would be competing, I think it is in Joe’s best interest to vote to keep Britney.

    • Comments (5)

      You’re very right, it is in his best interest to eliminate Danielle. But, he has pledged himself to Shane for some reason. Joe’s vote will match Shane’s. Shane might recognize the new alliance and vote to eliminate Danielle- that’s certainly his best move.

      • Comments (4)

        Production has told them so many times what to do during their DR sessions, I really hope they’ll tell Britney: “hey, don’t you think it’s INTERESTING how Danielle couldn’t explain why Dan felt betrayed? Don’t you find it WEIRD that Danielle told you in front of Jenn “he’s mad because I didn’t throw the POV at y’all” instead of “at him” since Jenn wasn’t supposed to know about the Quack Pack’s plan to use the 2 vetos?
        Danielle was lying badly that night, just after Dan had told her about his plan, and Britney was clearly on to her. Now, it’s just a question of who Production wants to stay in the game:
        A) Danielle – who is getting more and more annoying and got passively dragged into a new alliance by Dan, not realizing that he was willing to lose her if Ian, Shane and Joe all voted for Britney. Sorry, but Danielle is utterly useless in this game. The showmance didn’t happen, so now she has no reason for Production to remain in the game.
        Oh, and by the way, her voice gives me headaches.
        B) Britney – who is wildly entertaining for the TV audience. Yes, irritating and sarcastic, but with some of the best humor I’ve seen in BB in a long trime. She’s rhetorically very gifted, I’d pay money to watch her do stand up comedy!
        Dan’s BIG MOVE consisted of betraying everybody in his alliance to survive. I don’t think that should get rewarded by having his southern (braindead)belle remain at his service. I really think Production should help Britney and Shane understand how Danielle decided to play them. Shane would realize his “Final Two-Deal” with her is worth nothing, and he and Joe would join Ian in voting to evict Danielle.
        That would make for great TV. And isn’t that what BB is all about?

      • Comments (65)

        Dani is a better player than Britney. The fact that her and Dan are making all these plans to blindside everyone will just increase the drama, which means higher ratings. Plus, what is Britney doing to save herself? Absolutely nothing. It’s like she’s given up on the game and is basically asking Shane to keep Danielle. Dani would love more than anything to take Shane into the Final 2 with her anyway. So Brit needs to go.

    • Comments (2)

      Frank is playing very smart right now but Ian that little punk rat needs to go

  2. Comments (28)

    It will be interesting to see how the votes go on Thursday. Shane has been quiet the for the past week and a half, hopefully he will get back up on his horse and start dominating competitions like he did earlier in the game. The show sucks when alliances are able to bully their way to the end, so hopefully Dan and Frank don’t have a cake walk to the final two.

    • Comments (768)

      That’s why Frank has to get in Shane’s ear and get him onside before the vote. Getting Shane’s vote = getting Joe’s vote too. Use Shane to help oust Ian, and Joe … Frank takes out Shane…. Frank goes to final 3 with Dan and Jenn. Frank can’t lose if it comes down to final two with either of them. The jury will still be pissed with Dan because of what he did and the fact he has already won a season and Jenn floated her way to the end for the most part. Go Frank!! If anyone thinks they need to conduct a fan poll to determine the favorite, all they need do is listen to the in house audience cheer on Sunday night when Frank found his shamrocks and won the POV!!

      • Comments (28)

        I doubt that Dan would win over anybody because, the Jury will probably be reluctant to give him the money since he had already won

      • Comments (768)

        Agreed! Plus the house may still be pissed at him.

      • Comments (60)

        If Dan ends up in final to, he will just about win in hands down — if the other person is Jenn.

      • Comments (4)

        Dan is a scumball!!! I hope Brit has the votes and stays this week! I can’t wait till she finds out about the whole thing. Danielle deserves a slap across the face for being a lying, backstabbing [email protected]#$h!!!!

      • Comments (35)

        yes because you are not supposed to do that in the game Big Brother

      • Comments (3)

        I don’t think Dan wants the money…..I think he wants to accomplish what he came here for….he wants Danielle to win because he was originally her coach. Mission accomplished. Dan has already said, “What jury is ever going to give me the money a second time?” If Danielle wins, he accomplished what he came here for. I don’t really think it matters what anyone thinks or says because regardless…..one of the best moves EVER was because of Dan. I have watched every season of Big Brother & personally if I was on the jury & Dan made it the final 2, he would sooooo have my vote…brilliant!

  3. Comments (2)

    Did Ian use his veto or jenn? I’m confused

  4. Comments (17)

    Dr . Will is still the best player of BB history , Will did the same thing in BB7 when he was in the block & call out everyone , telling them he hate ich & single one of them & that he will throw all the Have & Have not competiton & the Veto … & still manege to make it to the final 4 (: Dan is just copying from him….

    Has i see it right now Frank finally gonna have a good HoH week by sending Britney home , Dan did one of the best BB moves !
    i just realized none of Boogie players are out of the game , intressting.

    • Comments (11)

      Dr. Will cannot be the best and Dan did not copy Dr. Will in any way. Dan basically played with Dani’s emotions bcuz he knows that that’s her weakness, spilled his guts about the alliances and on top of it convinced Frank (THE SAME GUY WHO PUT HIM UP) to have his girl Jenn to take him off the block. THAT IS GENIUS!!!!!


      When Dr. Will told everyone he hated them he was still on the block…this guy gave his speech and formed an alliance the same night….I don’t knw if you’ve been watching every season, but Dan made history!!!!!!

      THAT’S A FACT AND IT’S A WRAP!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (5)

        Dr. Will was a better manipulator, but Dan is a better overall player. Dan’s strategy is more flexible, but Dr. Will’s social play was more skillful. Will was also a much more subtle, and quicker, liar. (I’ll bet Will is more practiced in lying, outside of Big Brother)

        Dr. Will, by his own admission, chose one strategy and did the best he could with it. His strategy was to make himself appear to be the least likely to win the half million. In Season 2 and 7 that meant throwing every (well, all but one) competition, even when nominated, and making himself appear unlikeable. His seemingly powerless alliance (how many competitions has Chilltown won?) controlled the house by planting ideas in the other HouseGuest’s minds, not by winning HoH and creating enemies as well as a target on their backs. Boogie adapted Will’s style in the beginning of this season, and it payed off for his team, but seemed to have gotten cocky toward the end.

        Dan’s strategy is similar. He tries to control the actions of others without openly telling them what to do. He throws nearly every competition. But, unlike Will, he competes when he fears nomination/eviction, and he worms his way into EVERY alliance he can find.

        Dr. Will ran the house in Season 2 more than Dan has this season, or Season 10, but to Dan’s credit the HouseGuests have become much better players since Season 2. If Dan can win again this season, he should become Big Brother’s best-ever. After all, Dr. Will WAS taken out by Erika, although she was a great player in her own right. He could have prevented her from getting to Janelle if he had seen it coming. But, even if Dan doesn’t win, I think he’s in contention for the “best player ever” title, as long as he can continue to pull some strings and stay in the game.

        As for the future…Dan/Frank can be a truly destructive alliance if Frank follows Dan like he did Boogie, and Ian/Britney/Joe don’t win HoH next week. Frank is smart to save Dan- he’s gained at least two, possibly three real alliance members when before he was alone. If it’s Frank/Dan in the final 2, I want Frank to win it, even though Dan is my 2nd all-time favorite and has only upped his game. Frank is just dominating the competition side of the game, with the humility to still be well-liked. Let’s not forget than this man has been on the block or HoH every single week in the house except when Willie was kicked out. He’s the best survivor in Big Brother history, bar none. His main flaw is that he is too trusting; he would have been backstabbed by Ian or Shane (again) within a few weeks had Dan left this week. I give Frank credit for recognizing a good idea when he hears it, even when it’s completely opposite of the way he has been thinking for weeks, like how Dan’s plan was.

        Dan proved his skill with the power move after the PoV. I’m not sure Dr. Will could (or would even try to) have done it, but I wouldn’t write Will off. In any case, Dan’s recent escaping act would make Houdini jealous.

    • Comments (405)

      I remember that scene and this is similar but has it’s own spin on it. Will’s strategy was to put a target on his back so big that it became invisible, while Dan’s was to make everyone feel bad for Danielle.

      In addition, he was able to read Frank and realize completely opening up to him would gain trust back. Using Frank as a puppet is much better than using Ian or Shane.

    • Comments (2)

      Woops, posted twice.

    • Comments (1)

      Will also stole his speech from Theo from the Battle of the Reality TV stars

  5. Comments (2)

    Wow…. Thats really all I can say!

  6. Comments (28)

    I will miss Britney and her tight little body, now all that we will see is Ian walking around shirtless and his giant ass nipples

  7. Comments (28)

    Hope this doesn’t come back to bite frank in tha azz lol cause dan has shown in tha past he’s not a man of his word…

  8. Comments (65)

    Dan made an awesome plan this week! Hopefully Britney goes, but anything can happen.

  9. Comments (316)

    I feel a bit sorry for Brit. She got played during her other season and now this…. I do love Big Brother even tho I believe it is rigged from time to time.

  10. Comments (5)

    All I can say is Frank serious?!?!And I’m a fan of the quack pack but why would he take out Britney instead of Dan ?! When he gets back doored by Dan I won’t even be surprised , he deserves it after this stupid move …:0 !

    • Comments (6)

      Frank needed allies and quite frankly he can trust Dan alot more than he can trust Britney right now… With no HoH for next 2 weeks, Frank needed an alliance and quick…

    • Comments (102)

      Because he learned even while Twitney was promising to keep him safe she was trying to plunge a knife in his back.

  11. Comments (126)

    As blubbering Brit tearfully winds down from her ‘hate rage’ at Dan, she complains “it sucks, but y’know I never came to play the game in the first place” Excuse me Ms. Reset-Button-Pusher-Downer” Boogie is the only that can complain about having to enter the game as HG, and no longer as a Coach.

    You did have your hand in everybody’s cookie jar, you thought you were so clever that nobody notice, its a dangerous thing to play ‘dumb as a fox’ with bloodhounds sniffing around.

    Brit you are just a ‘Janelle-Lite’, at least she won comps, you try to cruise and hide behind others stress fully so. This pressure game ain’t for you. Goodbye

    • Comments (7)

      Agreed! Brit isn’t worthy of even being on this season, she proves it more so daily! Goodbyeeee

      • Comments (1276)

        I haven’t gotten all of the sympothy I’ve seen for Brit. Don’t get me wrong, I think she is funny, the phone call in the good-bye to Boogie had me about to die. But I like that kind of humor. But as far as game goes, yes, she’s played everyone in the house, but she hasn’t won a single thing. (I know the irony, that Dan hasn’t either). The ONLY reason Brit has made it this far is by hitching her horse to Shane. Which is the same thing she did the first time to this rodeo, she teamed up with the strong, and got booted from the final 4.
        She was willing to throw Danielle and Dan under a bus to protect her and Shane. She’s lied to everyone, just like most, but it’s not like Dan doing her wrong isn’t fair game. She’s up Ians butt because he knows she has a crust on him, and is using him like an old rag. If everyone, even Shane opens his eyes, he’ll see this fact and know that Brit has a better chance in the final 2 with Ian, then with Shane (if they got that far), so when it came down to it, she’d totally do Shane in.
        Shane has promised Danielle a final 2, too many times to count. I honestly think that this will be when we find out if he meant it, and might actually have some feelings for her, or if he’s been using her the entire time. If he votes to keep Brit, when it will be so close, the it isn’t about loyalty, because he made a final 2 with Danielle before the coaches were playing, so being “loyal” would mean sticking to that original deal. If/when he votes to keep brit, he’s going to use the “team” excuse, which will show he doesn’t fully understand that they don’t have TEAMS anymore, and he’s just making up an excuse.
        Like everyone is saying it’s really down to Shane. Ian, he’s voting to keep Brit, hands down. Joe will vote with Shane. Leaving Dan and Joe to vote for Danielle. So unless Shane were to tell Joe to vote to keep Danielle, to keep his vote for Brit from voting her out, then Danielle is gone.
        This will be a fun week.

  12. Comments (8)

    I’m really hoping Brit leaves on Thursday it’s her time she doesent deserve the money anyways for being a liar

    • Comments (216)

      I’m not saying she deserves money, but getting morally angry at someone for lying in the BB house is like casting moral scorn on someone for bluffing in poker or on a defensive coordinator for having linebackers fein blitzes and then drop into coverage. It’s not “dishonest” when it’s part of the game. As Boogie told Ian, “you can bounce checks in the Big Brother House.”

      • Comments (5)

        I totally agree Joe. The poker analogy is spot-on. I always wonder what these people who hate players that lie want to happen in the show…do they just want to give the half million to the player who’s the best at getting balls into holes in various ways, or the best at Big Brother trivia, or can stand in one spot the longest, and therefore wins the most PoVs and HoHs? If it didn’t have all the lying and backstabbing, Big Brother would be one very dull show.

  13. Comments (6)

    Whatever happens Frank will have to win two POV’s in a row to make sure he doesn’t get the boot…he really can’t trust anyone.

  14. Comments (1)

    Can someone tell me how to rewind the live feeds to where the whole drama thing happened between frank and ian the other night @7:51 pm BBT??? Please and thank you in advance.

    • Comments (123)

      @lisa….just go to where u see BB14 FlashBack and click it….its not a rewind of the live feeds, lol….click on Flashback then play with it, u have to put the date and time and click what camera u want…hope that helps…☺…

  15. Comments (6)

    We really are about to find out how shane feels about danielle if he was just playin her or he really has some kind of emotions for her

  16. Comments (17)

    Micky , Dr.Will will always be BB Best Player ever ! the only reason why Dan could of done this to Danielle is because she weak
    but compared to Dr . Will when he was playing in All star he played one of the Best player that never won this game wich his Janelle she turn on her own alliance to work whit Will and both whit Boogie & Erika made it to the end !

    • Comments (11)

      Ummmm….reign check….Dr. Will was partnered up with Boogie….they both master-minded “Operation Double-date” as well as talking Janelle into working against her alliance.

      Dan played with Dani’s emotions, got the HOH to talk his closest ally (Jenn) to take him (Dan) off the block then DAN HIMSELF NAMED THE REPLACEMENT NOMINEE (The conversation he had with Frank nin the HOH bedroom) ALL BY HIMSELF….

      Are you kidding me??? All by himself….Dr. Will had Boogie to help with his dirty work….Dan master-minded the entire thing by himself.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Dr. Will is not one of the bests, but after all that unfolded this weekend, DAN IS THE BEST….HANDS DOWN.

      • Comments (22)


      • Comments (8)

        Dan and Will always had always been similar in the way they operate. Which one you prefer depends on which qualities you value more in a player. Both are superb. A lot of the people who haven’t seen Dan’s first season have thought he was awful, so this is nice.

    • Comments (2)

      Don’t bother trying to explain it Melisa.
      These people can’t help having short attention spans.
      Dan coasted for the first month and then made a pretty good move against mostly newbs.

      Dr. Will went into the house with a VERY OBVIOUS alliance of 2 in a house of 14 in All Stars. He wiped out the house of ALL STARS and made a major game play move almost every single week.

      Also, he won Season 2 (where PoV didn’t exist) and he blitzkrieged everyone in the house by convincing them he was destined to lose.

      0 for 33 in major comps (0/22 HoH , 0/11 PoV) and he hardly ever tried.

      I had Dan at 4 of my all time top 5, but, depending on how this season turns out, he could jump to 2. There’s no way he can catch Dr. Will at this point. Maybe if he comes back for an All Star season and wows everyone again, but until that happens he’s not up against the same caliber of houseguest.

      Next year, there’ll probably be another good player and these sheep.. err, people.. will probably peg him/her as THE BEST PLAYER EVER, so I’m just sittin’ back, laughing my ass off, and enjoying the show.

  17. Comments (44)

    Can someone explain to me why Dan had to play with Danielle’s emotions? What is the strategy behind that, besides getting everyone to target you?. In some ways, I feel like this is good for Frank’s game (being that he had to win or he’s gone), Dan is now argurably a bigger target ( playing the mike boogie role for Frank). And ratting out Ian was the only logical thing to do, because he was gunna take the fall for eviting Boogie, while it was truly Ian’s idea.. And about “convincing” Frank to form an alliance.. Well, Frank has no one, Ian is a rat, Britney would back stab him, Shane has back stabbed him enough, Joe goes with the wind, Jen is Jen, and Danielle is a weak player as proven yesterday.

    What i give Dan credit for, is actually realizing that his old alliance has reached its limits and working with Frank was a smarter option, because Shane, Britney and Ian were too close , and Briney and Danielle are bff ( coz Danielle’s delusional). Britney was coasting to the finals and he made Frank see that.
    I also give him credit for talking with frank first- I mean realizing that -your enemy had the power to save typa thing..

    Lastly I doubt Shane is going to vote for Danielle to stay.

    • Comments (216)

      Then why didn’t Brittany do the same thing to keep herself off the block? Why didn’t Danielle? Why didn’t Shane?

      It’s a lot easier to see where to move when you’re watching the game field from above and not standing on it. Dan sees the whole chess board even though he’s on it. Not a lot of people can do that. Also, it’s not just a matter of seeing that Frank needed a home–Brittany saw that as well; it’s a matter of convincing him to work with you.

      • Comments (102)

        Because Twitney thinks with her Crap Pack she doesn’t need to do anything, and Danielle and Shane are not the brightest bulbs in the package.

      • Comments (44)

        They’all pretty much decided that one of them was gunna take the fall for Boogie’s eviction last week when they won HOH, which was pretty naive ( who’s willing to give up $500 000), as long as they had 4 of them, and frank can’t play, he was going on the block again. Dan was the sacrifice and he wasnt having it, so he RATS out the Quack pack… and i’m 100% convinced thats what saved, i’ll say it again.. Ratting out Ian and the quack pack saved him not the i hate danielle speech or notting else.

    • Comments (3)

      dani and shane have a final 2 deal thats why he wont vote her out

    • Comments (5)

      The Danielle part of his speech was by far his best work. It served two purposes.

      First he was distancing himself, in Frank’s eyes, from his old alliance. Danielle, his only surviving team member, was his strongest tie to the “Quack Pack”. If Frank, who just lost his whole alliance in Ashley and Boogie, thinks Dan is alone as well, Frank is more likely to ally with Dan. Dan’s idea worked well because the whole house believed Dan was a dead man walking unless he won PoV.

      Second, and more importantly, this was probably the only way to save Danielle. After Dan convinces Frank and Jenn to use the veto, two of Frank’s three choices are Joe and Shane, both of whom are loosely allied with Frank. Frank’s obvious choice as a replacement therefore is Britney. But, if Frank nominates Britney without any fireworks between Dan and Danielle, it’s obvious that Danielle is a part of the new 4 person alliance (with Frank/Dan/Jenn) and Joe/Shane/Ian vote to evict Danielle to avoid losing control of the “numbers”. If Dan and Danielle can sell their discord to the rest of the house, Danielle stands a good chance of staying this week. The swing vote lies with Shane. Ian will vote to evict Danielle. Dan and Jenn will vote to evict Britney. Joe will vote how Shane votes. I really have no idea how Shane will vote. Will he side with his showmance or his coach? Will he notice the new alliance Dan and Frank have created?

      If Danielle stays, I’d rate Dan’s recent actions as the greatest single-week performance of all time. Even if she leaves, his gameplay this week could be the best ever.

      • Comments (44)

        That actually makes sense… hide the numbers and show frank that he distanced himself from his old alliance. Thanks, finally i get a decent explaination.. it’d be interesting to here Dan’s DR.

  18. Comments (28)

    I don’t know if anyone remembers dans season in tha hoh comp dan struck a deal with ollie that he wouldn’t put him up if he took a fall an ollie jump down off tha wall an next nominations he put ollie up cause ollie was a storng player but dan can’t be trusted

  19. Comments (1)

    From all the episodes I watch Britney was the master mind getting Frank and boogie voted together and when Ian won she went into the kitchen and told Ian to put Ashley and frank up against each other. Dan went to talk Ian first and was more concern about him being safe.

    I hope Britney goes home with we back stabbing herself. As far the jury is concern when CBC shows the recap while they are chilling at the jury house,Britney’s credibility will go down the drain. I was not a fan of Frank but after winning all these competition I want him or Dan to win.

    For most part I thought Dan played quite even with his quack pack. He was not really the master mind in anyone’s eviction.. Big brother 14 rocks!!

  20. Cassandra Jackson
    Comments (2)

    Poor Brit! Danielle is a backstabbing- bitch!!
    I can’t wait for the day she is turned on by the house. Dan is using her and she is so clueless.
    Shane has been lying low which proves he is weak minded in this game.
    Frank & Dan can wipe the house w/everyone and make Final 2.
    Frank wins. Dan will never win Big Brother again. He won’t get the votes.
    Jenn win get her in game but she has to do more than that. Would be nice if Big Brother pull fast one and keep Brit. Good Season full of drama. Great job Big Brother. U found some great liars this season!!

  21. Comments (2)

    Okay…wow…I don’t get live feeds of BB so I’m super glad I have your blog to follow on what’s all happening in between shows and after dark. I have a few opinions I have to vent b/c my hubby hates the show so its no fun to vent to him! So, first off I think Danielle is much prettier than Britney. Yes I know Danny is way emotional and her weird ss hell psycho love crush on Shane is beyond creepy. But all that aside, I’m an emotional person so I personally can’t fault her for playing her game like that. She seems to try hard to “suck it up” at times. Britney is just Britney, didn’t like her game last season and sure as heck don’t like it now. Always in everybodys convo’s, bug off!

    What I really really don’t get is how everyone in the house “supposedly” knows Dan is a tricky player and good with his words from the beginning… blah blah blah. But nobody could figure out while it was happening or even immediately after, when he went crazy on Danny that maybe it was an act? I agree 100% with a previous comment made earlier by someone that I believe BB has a huge hand in positioning the players in ways that makes fireworks happen, ya know? I don’t think they necessarily stage them but I think they plant a lot of seeds in their heads when it comes to DR sessions. Which is why they always get in trouble when they talk sometimes, “your not allowed to talk about your DR sessions”.

    In the end I hope Danielle, Dan or Frank wins the money. I’m still kinda rooting for Ian but sometimes he just makes it too hard to stay on his side! Ugh. 🙂
    Frank lives in Marion, AR which is where some immediate family of mine live. Very small town, everybody knows everybody. I gotta ask my uncle and aunt if he knows any of them. I live about an hour and a half from Marion. Good to see another Arkansan on BB since Brit makes me want to run for the hills, ugh. 🙂

  22. Comments (2)

    BTW…. Dan has said on numerous occasions that when he came on BB for the first time he watched and rewatched Dr Will’s season so that he could learn how to play exactly as methodical as Will. This time around, he’s doing it again which is why every single one of them in that house shouldn’t listen to anything he says when it comes to the game. They ALL should work together to get him out. Even though I love Dan’s game, the peeps in the house aren’t thinking very rationally. Well, in more ways than one actually! 🙂

  23. Comments (1)

    Sure seems like BB is rigging this outcome. First with Frank and the HOH comp. His worked smoothly, and he had no trouble keeping his ball out of the holes. He got practice with each try, and the others only got one try. A difference of 1/4 inch in the hole diameters would keep the ball out of the holes. Like a fixed carnival game. Then the POV ceremony made Ian go first. It was billed as second veto the entire time, and then he wasn’t allowed to have second choice in it’s use. BB switched it knowing what would happen, and the fix is in and it stinks on ice.

    • Comments (1)

      I don’t think BB is rigging this outcome. Sure, Frank could have been positioned better to win the HOH, but that is pure speculation. The houseguests all seemed to know that Ian was going to be using his veto first, and even if he did go second instead of first then Frank would have made Jenn veto Dan and put up Ian as a replacement nom. Then Ian would have no choice but to use his second veto to take himself off the block and Frank would have put up Britney. It doesn’t matter if Ian was first or second, Britney was going up regardless.

    • Comments (178)

      Yes, it was certainly “impressive” how Frank’s ball never once rolled off that ledge while all the other competitors kept dropping theirs. That certainly could have been rigged by either the use of magnets (in the ball or in the ledge that ball was on) or the weighting of the ball. It’s become almost too hard to believe that Frank always manages to win either the POV or HOH. Also, I noted during the Pandora’s box veto attempt that several players (including Dan) had captured the veto ball but the claw kept opening before it could be dropped in the slot. Lo and behold, when Ian gets the ball in the claw, the claw doesn’t open and the ball drops into the slot. Again, this is a mechanical device that could easily have been rigged or manipulated by someone off camera controlling the claw device. Do I believe a fix is in? Yes, at least as to who the final 2 will be.

  24. Comments (17)

    You need to step back and relax before you anoint Dan as the greatest player in BB history. If he goes on and wins the game, then maybe I will agree with you. He essentially did the same thing that Boogie did when he convinced Dan and Danielle to get rid of Janelle. Stealing from Boogie doesn’t make him smarter then Boogie.

  25. Comments (191)

    Frank is not a good player but he is physical and a bully. He yells and screams at everyone to intimidate them to get them to do what they want.

    The fact that Dan convinced him to get him off the block is proof. He should have voted out Dan and go after Ian next.

    • Comments (216)

      The evidence that he isn’t a great player is that he went after Dan even after (1) Boogie told him to beware of Ian (not Dan) and (2) Ian then immediately targeted him.

      That said, I have to give some props to anyone who has survived as many attempts as Frank has. He’s been targeted since the first week, and yet he’s still here. It’d be interested to know if anyone in BB history has made the final 7 while only voting once to that point (Yes — I’m going out on a limb and saying he’s not going to leave or vote before the next eviction).

      • Comments (143)

        You do realize Ian won the 2nd veto before the 1s veto even came into existance, putting up Ian was a non-option, but IMO, Britney is the best player to kick out because she is the link b/w those quack slack 5. Shane and Dan, in rumour mill, want each other gone. What’s Ian going to do when Brit goes because he has no one else in the house.

      • Comments (216)

        I get that, but that’s not my point. My point is that he should have realized that Ian was the rat and not Dan, and therefore should have realized that Dan was telling the truth when he said “it wasn’t me.” Yet he still targeted Dan as revenge for Boogie.

  26. Comments (29)

    i hope Danielle goes this week…. she does not deserve to be there, she is not playing her own game, she is very easily influenced by others and has no backbone.. yes Brit hasn’t won any competitions but she is running her alliance…. Jen and Joe and Ian also need to go. Shane is neck in neck winning competitions with Frank, dan hasn’t won anything just played a good game with good movies…

  27. Comments (143)

    I hope Britney goes she is annoying as hell and is so unfunny when she thinks she is. Her tears were so sweet to me, I want that b* to go home.

    As for Ian, no he didn’t learn from the best, another player who thinks he is all that but acted too early in the game and now has little chance of winning. And didn’t Ian lose his right to argue after he nominated Frank. Ian failed to get out weak players so the strong players could battle it out and coast to the end. Instead he sent home Ashley and Boogie, the 2 closest people to him in the house, who would have never voted against him nor send him home. That is in my opinion horrible game play.

  28. Comments (3)

    You would think with the title “House goes Crazy after POV” that he would update us on whats going on and not leave us in the dark. Dan is playing the best game by far. Who else in the house could pull that move off?

    • Comments (123)

      not all of us are in the dark…the ones with the Live Feeds know whats going on….

      to update on the vote to leave is: voting Brit to go are: Jenn, Dan, Shane, Joe….Shane has already confirmed his vote to Dani and Joe is voting with Shane….Ian is the lone vote for Brit to stay….

      @andy…if u go to “He” last 2 Blogs, he explains everything that has happened in the house in great detail…not much has happened since then…☺…

  29. Comments (1)

    First and foremost, I have to tip my hat to Dan for pulling this off. At the end of Sunday’s episode, I thought Dan’s stay at the BB was done-zo, finito, over. But the fact that he has managed to mastermind this complex plan to save himself, is very impressive.

    Dan has always been kind of a sneaky fox – Manipulative, conniving and a blatant liar. Yet, he seems to weasel himself socially into alliances despite the fact that everyone knows that he’s NOT to be trusted and that he’s a strong player. He’s held his own, first attempting to not have the coaches voted out, while meanwhile keeping Danielle at his bay. He’s quite “EVIL” – Yet genius. I honestly forgot how good of a player he was from last season. Looking back, no wonder he won. He’s kind of the coy, sneaky, underdog.

    If Dan manages to pull this off, I would be really impressed. And to the people criticizing him for lying – UGH, IT’S THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE.

    • Comments (3)

      Right….EVERYONE knows loyalty only goes so far in here, I mean they are all playing the game to win half a million, not split with their allies on the show…..ugh!

  30. Comments (1)

    Franks gonna win

  31. Comments (1)

    Frank has been the most honest of all the players and they wanted him out from day one. I would also be flipping if I were up almost every week. Good for Frank, hope he wins the whole thing.

    For all those who dislike Frank, please look at what he has done playing almost 100% honest.

  32. Comments (29)

    why is shane voting Brit out?? like doesn’t he see Dan,Frank and Jen have a deal, he knows how close Dan and Danielle are, its obvious he will help her along the way… not a very smart move on Shanes part…

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