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Big Brother 14 – Jenn Actually Won Something!

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Yes, I’m about as shocked as Jenn looks in the picture above, but apparently she pulled it out today and won the Power of Very.  Yes, read that again, Jenn won a meaningful competition.  Although to be fair, she somehow managed to win a vacation from the last time they were in a challenge like that, but only because other people didn’t steal it from her.

I can’t possibly imagine a situation where Jenn could win a contest.  My guess it was an endurance type of challenge to see who can sit in the backyard the longest without really talking to anyone.  The last person to speak, wins.

Seriously though, the ‘prizes’ or should I say ‘punishments’ were as follows:

  • Britney and Danielle are tied together for 24 hours.  I’d normally say OUCH but those two are together at the hip anyway.  I’m pretty sure Shane is breathing a sigh of relief though.
  • Dan is to be secluded in the have-not room for 24 hours while disco music and lights play.
  • Frank is wearing a banana suit, I haven’t been able to find out for how long

See these crazy actions and much more on the live feeds.

I’ll be heading home tomorrow so I’m going to be scouring the net/flashback feeds/etc for any information I can dig up and post a nice recap of things that happened while I was away.  I apologize for these recent posts for being so brief, but hard to follow along right now.

I am still not completely sure of what Ian plans on doing with his veto, and early whispers are that Jenn is confident Danielle has the votes if nominations remain the same.  If neither person uses a veto, we could see our 3rd coach removed from the game which would likely change the dynamic entirely.  Not only has Dan been a calming figure for his alliance, but he is really the brains behind them.   If an when he’s gone, Britney, Shane and Danielle may end up being the brains… scary.  Oh, Ian too, which is possibly more scary considering he’s just playing to have fun.

Major Update – Frank should have won the PoV but apparently he was disqualified for some reason and must sit out the next two HOH’s.  Between the Pandora’s box veto and this, please remind me again how the producers are doing what they can to keep Frank in the house.

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  1. Comments (1276)

    Holy Crap! I am missing so much during my move. I won’t be able to even have my computer back up until Monday, so I had to jump on someone elses just to check out what’s going on. Thank again Stevebeans for your updates!!!!
    I don’t remember anyone getting disqualified and having to sit out of HOH’s… has this ever happened? I might have just forgotten. But you are right about production, if they had been fixing everything for Frank to stay, they kind of did him in today. Sounds like things are going to stay pretty interesting this week.
    My guess would be that (if I’m understanding about Ian’s Veto) Ian will use the Veto to save Dan, in that case, I would think Jenn would pull down Danielle, you know, since they are best friends and all (what?). Then Frank would put up either Joe and Shane, or put up Brit. But, if he had half a brain he would target Ian, since he knows Ian “can’t be trusted” so this witch hunt he’s had with Dan was unfounded (unless it’s really just a matter of he doesn’t like Dan).
    Also, I’m not sure about the Brit part, becuase of the fact that for some reason her and Frank seem to have buddied up (at least when I had gotten to watch last) as of late. If it was me (and I don’t dislike her) if both Veto’s got used I’d put up Brit, and either Frank or Shane. Shane is is biggest competition, but Frank wants to work with Shane, and he seems to truely dislike Joe.
    Like I said, this house might get interesting.

    • Comments (216)

      You’re obviously moving. You’re analysis is usually pretty insightful, but I don’t think Frank’s going to nominate himself if both vetos get used.

      Also, as for not targeting Ian, I can kind of give Frank a pass this week becasue Ian won a veto before the nominations were announced, so getting Ian out was never a viable option this week.

      Happy moving!

      • Comments (102)

        I don’t think Ian was ever a target, because Frank wants to get rid of a big fish, not a little guppy.

      • Comments (216)

        Fair point. Also, unless Dan dimes out Ian, Boogie’s warning (“don’t trust Ian”) doesn’t necessarily mean “don’t try to work with Ian.” Frank doesn’t really have a lot of options at this point, so while he may know he needs to be wary of Ian, targeting Ian isn’t a viable long-term strategy. Is he going to form a super-alliance with future BB All Stars Jenn and Joe?

      • Comments (1276)

        Yep, I think that shows that I’m a little overly tired. What my point was, I would think Frank would be targeting Ian, even if he coudln’t get him out this week. I guess I’m just thinking, since he knows it wasn’t Dan who did Boogie wrong, which I think is why he has decided that Dan MUST go, then the idea of a Frank/Shane/Dan alliance seems like a great one. The only addition I would make to that would be having Danielle as well. For 2 reasons, if no other, she can win enderance (which means she could wipe any of them out of that type of comp) and if nothing else, that girl has proven her loyalty.
        Basically for that to work, if I were Frank, and were trying to get that alliance, a real power alliance going, I would try to get Ian to pull down Dan. This would gain some trust from Dan, and make up for hating on him so much, and use Ian’s veto, so when it’s time to get him out, he doesn’t have that protection.
        I would convince Jenn not to use hers, and put up Joe, so they could keep Danielle.
        If both veto’s get used, I’d put up Joe and Brit. The only problem is, I don’t see Shane and maybe not even Danielle, working against Brit, until she is gone. So I think one of the two of them will have to be against her for her to go.

  2. Comments (1)

    Here’s your reminder:
    The producers of the show are obviously aware of the rumors going around about their several attempts to influence players’ moves, and this was just an opportuntiy for them to discredit those rumors.

  3. Comments (126)

    Big Frank has a long two weeks to trust fellow HG who have been wanting him out since the get-go.

    He has gain their respect, but loyalty is another thing. They are talking tonight as a group, but in this game, circumstances can flip on a dime.

    • Comments (102)

      I think odds are pretty good that Frank will go next week, unless he can win the POV again. And once Frank is gone The Rat will no longer be needed and they’ll get rid of him next.

      • Comments (126)

        As much as I will hold my nose to it, but Jenn or Joe may be Frank’s best bet to win in a F2 and they could give Frank a chance to even get there.

        If Frank makes it to the F2 with someone from the ‘Frighten Four’, they have many jury members to vote for one of their own. Unless there is honor and at least Dan will vote for the best player and that is Frank without a doubt. Even Brit, said it last night that no one deserve to win the $500,000 in the history of BB then Frank, as she plots with Dani to back-stab him from getting that opportunity though.

  4. Comments (3)

    So, frank can’t get voted out during that time. I’m confused

  5. Comments (123)

    To Update ur Blog…..Yes Jenn who? finally won something, lol…watch her win the right comps and wind up in the Final 2, lol….

    ***Jenn has to be on Slop for the entire summer…

    ***Frank has to do a Chun Bath every 3 hrs in BY…
    Frank got DQ-ed cause he talked during the POV comp to Britney and he couldnt say anything…
    and the suit he’s wearing is a Carrot Suit for a week….

    as of now…Ian & Jenn are both telling Frank that they are NOT using the Veto’s…☺…

  6. Comments (6)

    I thought the Golden POV was to be kept a secret. If that is the case, Ian can’t tell anyone, ESPECIALLY Frank! But, it doesn’t seem like they are playing it the same as in the past, since some of the HG’s are trying to figure out a plan to use both POV’s & save the QP. Don’t see how that can happen unless Frank has a brain fart & trusts them (QP) & puts up Joe against Dan IF Jenn takes Dani down. Hummm….that’s something I might like to see! I wouldn’t have minded Dan going Hm, until Frank started threatening EVERYONE right after he won HOH! I lost some respect for him at that point! What a DUMB move for someone playing “alone”!

    • Comments (123)

      @cynthia…Ian doesnt have a Golden POV…he won this Gold veto ball in the Pandora Box comp that allows him to take someone off the block including himself, thats all its good for….

      what ur thinking bout is the Diamond Power of Veto, that has to be kept secret till the POV Cerm, where the holder can take someone off and make the renom himself…☺…

      • Comments (6)

        Oh! That’s right! Thx! For reminding me. So, with the “Gold” Veto ball, will he have to use it at the POV cerm. OR can he wait & use it on Thurs right before the eviction? & does he have to use it this week or does he have a couple weeks? Sorry for the questions, I haven’t seen anything re: this yet. Any info. You can give would be appreciated! Thx! Again!

      • Comments (123)

        @cynthia….thats alright, ask away girl…..No this Veto Ball is only good for tomorrow’s POV Cerm…☺…

      • Comments (6)

        That makes total sense! Can’t wait to see what happens. Thx! For the REALLY great info! Have a good one!!

    • Comments (102)

      Well if they use both vetoes, then Frank can put up Britney and Shane instead. They don’t have immunity that I know of and can’t be nominated. So Britney had better make sure her Rat doesn’t use it, or she may find her precious self up on the block with her boy Shane.

  7. Comments (102)

    I’m sure that Frank/Boogie haters will continue with their conspiracy theories. But maybe they should wonder if Dan didn’t know he’d be going in as a player from the start. Because that’s the way he’s been playing it.

    As a coach, he knew that the only way for him to get the boot was to have all his players voted out. The only way to insure he stayed in the running for the $100,000 and to keep at least one of his player’s safe was to win the Coach Competition. Even when he only had one player left he kept throwing the Coach Competitions with the reason being he didn’t want anyone to see him as a threat. That’s the mentality of someone playing the game, not someone being a coach. So Frank conspiracy theorists maybe Dan knew from the start the coaches would be going into the game.

    Boogie, who in the past as a player threw competitions, tries to win the Coach Comps because he knew the only way to insure he stayed in the game was keeping at least one of his player’s safe. And he had three players, while Dan only had one. So Dan’s game play as a coach makes no sense at all.

    • Comments (178)

      I disagree with that theory, Kathryn. Janelle won Coaches’ Comps and saved Wil and yet that that ingrate celebrated at being amongst the ones to vote Janelle out. Dan has been playing his normal type of game: “Make friends, don’t make waves and keep your head low.” You might not like his gameplay; but that’s what he does and, apparently, it worked for him in the past. He figures if he is very competitive, it would put a big target on his back by the jocks in the house (Shane and Frank). Shane may not be a savvy player but let’s give him some credit. He doesn’t take orders from anyone once he has made up his mind. Boogie did a lot to bully him into keeping him safe when he was on the block; but Shane stood strong and saw to it that Boogie was voted out.

  8. Comments (1)

    Well for one, before the veto competition was held, the producers were telling Ian that he shouldn’t use his Golden veto or whatever, and that he should work with Frank.
    Ian was telling Britney and Dan about it the other night.

  9. Comments (6)

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Ian not use his GoldenPOV and Dan remain on the block while someone talks Jenn into using the veto on Danielle…then Frank nominates Britney. That would put the last two coaches on the block and both QP members with one sure to go. Frank could tell Brit she is just a pawn however the duck feathers would fly as both scramble for votes and the other players find out the true colors of their former coaches. We would have another week of Britney blaming Shane for making her a target and Dan asking everyone ” What did I do ?”

  10. Comments (178)

    This is a perfect opportunity to backdoor Britney if Jenn was willing to cooperate and use the POV on Dan. I think she wants to score points with Frank and will not use the POV for fear of retribution. Unfortunately, Frank has steadily targeted Dan almost from the very beginning and this is his way of getting him out. Britney has managed to ingratiate, conjole, threaten and/or persuade just about everyone in that house into keeping her safe. I continually wonder why the rest of the house is so complacent regarding Britney. Are they willing to just let her coast into the finals on their backs? An IDEAL team would be Frank, Shane and Dan. They would be pretty much unstoppable and could end up the final three: Shane has the brawn; Dan has the brains and Frank has both brains and brawn when it comes to the competitions. Unfortunately, they’re all willing to let Britney control them. It’s a shame the three of them can’t think logically about this and get rid of the floaters and would-be schemers first.

  11. Comments (216)

    Does anyone know the mechanics of a double veto? Is it veto, nom, veto, nome, or veto, veto, nom, nom? If the former, can the replacement nominee be vetoed by the second veto holder (e.g., Ian vetos Dan; Joe goes up; can Jenn veto Joe)? And which veto goes first? If, say, Ian doesn’t use his veto, and then Jenn does, can Ian veto her nomination? The order of operations matters a lot with regard to the strategy here, and I’m entirely unclear how this might work.

    Also, I’m assuming that the first veto holder is immune even if his/her veto isn’t used. It would be crap if, say, Ian didn’t use his veto, then Jenn vetoed Dan and Frank was allowed to nominate Ian as a replacement (or vice verse). I’m guessing the rules don’t allow that, but a double veto actually creates all sorts of questions that just don’t arise with a single veto.

    • Comments (1)

      just have to wait till tonight to find out the answer to that question

    • Comments (102)

      I’m guessing that just having the veto makes you immune to nomination, so that would leave:


      If Frank actually uses Joe as a replacement nominee if Dan were take off, he deserves to be given the boot. If he can’t get Dan out, then go after Britney or Shane. Actually, Britney would be the one to put up, because she’s standing in the way of Frank and Shane forming an alliance, because every time they do have an alliance she sabotages it.

    • Comments (123)

      thats a great question Joe…the truth is that this is the first time a double Veto has been used…so the DR will control what will happen, they will DR Ian&Jenn to death till they have them doing what production wants in the game…

      im guessing that Jenn will have first crack then if used then the re-nom…then Ian will have his crack….plus if Ian was the re-nom on jenn veto then Ian will be forced to used it on himself…so many possible things, that BB can easily control on what happens on tomorrow’s POV Cerm…we shall see…so exciting…☺…

      • Comments (123)

        OK, here is a Update on the POV…it was confirmed in the Feeds that Ian has to use his Veto first on a orignal Nom…so he goes first….which he isnt gonna use….

        then Jenn goes…and we learned that she will use it on Dan and Frank will re-nom Britney and will have her voted out…Yup, thats what’s gonna happen tomorrow….

        those with the Feeds find the FlashBack time and watch it all happen…how Dan pulled off this HUGE MIRACLE to save himself…☺…

  12. Comments (28)

    I keep imagining the producers in the BB casting meetings saying that need a lazy tatted up metal head to do the “all day every day” promo for the commercials

  13. Comments (1)

    That just shows that Boogie was controlling Frank this entire game. If Frank was smart he would have put up Ian considering what happened last week. Danielle shouldn’t be on the block Brittany should she has been controlling Shane and Frank knows it. Frank was Boogie’s puppet and now he is like a lost puppy… Well sorta….. I hope he goes home next week. Most likely will………… GO IAN!! He is playing like the best game at the momment. 😀

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