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Big Brother 14 – Live Double Eviction Thread Part Deux

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This is the second to last Thursday night episode of the season, which means summer is coming to an end and it’s time to start preparing for Big Brother 15.  I know you’re coming here for spoilers and what-not, but I want to remind everyone to follow me on twitter or facebook to stay in touch throughout the winter for any Big Brother news.  You’ll also be notified when the show will air, and how you can save 25% off the live feeds next year.

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Ok, enough begging, time for Big Brother!  It’s going to be a busy night on the show as Frank the Tank may finally use up his last life and get evicted, but he won’t be alone!  There is a double eviction tonight, so that’s a full week of Big Brother crammed into one episode.  This is the second time it’s happened this season, and by the end of the night only 5 houseguests will remain.

I was a little unsure about their slow start, fast finish approach, but I like it and hope they do something similar next year.  Some seasons, with 2 weeks to go in the house, it’s generally a complete snoozer on the live feeds as the house is down to like 4 people. Heading into tonight, we were at 7 people and could have had an intense week of campaigning, fights, etc if not for the fact that the 7 remaining weren’t so incredibly dull as players.  Imagine how the house would be with a final 7 of Frank, Boogie, Janelle, Britney, Willie, JoJo, and Dan.  Personality explosion!

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Here are my updates for the night:

2nd HoH time!

1:00am est – Feeds are back and Ian won the HoH. He may actually win this thing if he takes Dan out this week. I think that’s his only real competition out of the remaining players.

11:40pm est – Feeds went down to trivia for the HoH competition, I will update this and twitter when I find out who wins HoH

It’s another one where the HoH will happen sometime tonight most likely and be ready in a few hours.  Sign up to the live feeds for spoilers or keep checking here or twitter.

2nd nomination time!

Jenn – Joe
Ian – Joe
Shane – Joe

Joe is evicted 3-0

PoV Time –

Houseguests have to navigate a puzzle piece through a pretty long maze.

Ian wins PoV

Ian is going to remove himself, and the re-nom is… Danielle

HoH Time –

9:34pm – Ian and Joe nominated

Trivia, and Ian isn’t playing.  Could be anyone. Too bad, this was Ian’s competition to lose, it’s a quote-memory challenge.  Here we go…..

Jenn, Dan, Danielle 3way tie right now…

Dan is the new HoH!

1st eviction:

Jenn – Joe
Dan – Frank
Danielle- Frank
Shane – Frank

Frank has been eliminated 3-1

9:20pm est – Frank said that he is definitely upset by this.  IMO, foolish move by Dan to vote for Frank.  He should have let Ian get the blood on his hands.  Every vote is important in the jury

9:10pm est – Julie announced the double eviction, players seem a bit shocked this time.

9:00pm est – Poor Frank, it pains me to watch him remain so gullible.   It’s double eviction time!

8:00pm est – An hour to go until the show begins.  Let’s hope it’s as entertaining as the last double eviction show.



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  1. Ninja on a Scooter
    Comments (15)


    Republican Vs Democrat

    • Comments (60)

      employed vs unemployed

      • Comments (5)

        Frank is clearly the winner of this game. Certainly Big Brother will ask Frank back – perhaps for a new All Star Season. Way to go Frank!!
        Dan doesn’t hold a candle to Frank’s game.
        I have lost total respect for Dan, the bible toter swearing allegiance to Frank on his wedding ring, Chelsea his wife and the cross necklace his grandfather gave him – shaking Frank hand only to betray the value and meaning of trust. Here’s a scripture for you Dan Gheesling Mark 8:36 — For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? — I hope you lose the game, the respect of your wife and learn something about the value of trust. As Far as Dan Gheesling teaching teenagers in a Catholic School – Wow, what a great example to them, and the viewing audience who may not even read their bible to see how flippant and easy it is to blow off sanctity and trust for a bit a cash. Nice Dan – how are you going to justify and make excuses for this?! oh wait … I feel a misting coming :: blocking ::

      • Comments (1)

        Mo, you took the words right out of my mouth!

      • Comments (76)

        I couldnt agree with u more.

  2. Comments (28)

    If players like Janelle and Boogie were playing, the would would probably be decided, even if they weren’t destined to win, they would still polarize the house to where at this point there would be one solid alliance that would have enough leverage to take out all the guess work. Right now it is so up in the air becuase it appears as if they all have a certain level of respect for eachother, enough to understand the difference between game play and being a dick

  3. Comments (28)

    Dan the dirtbag needs to go 2nd elimination Thursday nite ….bringing a bible into franks hoh room throwing his quackpack under tha bus an lying to frank about going final 2 with him if you ask me thats just going to far….

    • Comments (28)

      Dan rocks

    • Comments (228)

      He backed up his lie by invoking the reputation of God. Dan used God’s name to give credibility to his lie. How would you expect God to look at this? Under the Old Law, God stated, “If a man makes a vow to the LORD, or swears an oath to bind himself by some agreement, he shall not break his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth” (Numbers 30:2).
      Hope he up for when redemption comes..He gives Christians a bad name.

      • Comments (528)

        No, YOU give Christians a bad name with your crazy preaching. I assure you, god would not give two s**ts about a stupid TV show because there are more important things to focus on. I suggest you do just that.

      • Comments (9)

        great if he gives christians a bad name seeing how he’s Catholic

      • Comments (1)

        seriously I dont think it matters what religion you are, or what religion you think God is. It is a tv show. a man created tv show, and Im sure he has much better things to do with his time.

    • Comments (60)

      I think Dan’s main goal is to line up him and Danielle for final 2 in hopes the jury gives it to her

      • Comments (76)

        Why would he give it to her. Hes too greedy! And i dont think she should win either. Danielle has done nothing in this game but follow Shane and Dan around.

    • Comments (1)

      sold his sister to ian…gave his word, swore on his wife, marriage, wedding ring, dead grandfathers cross, swore on the Holy Bible and swore to God…i guess Job2:4 is true…”Everything that a man has he will give in behalf of his soul.” It’s easy to betray an honest man when you use such tactics….kinda like Judas. I hope dan’s faculty and students saw this. as for me i am cured of all things big brother. this was just too much for me…i can’t participate by continuing to watch such use of God’s name. you can call it a game if that helps but this was just too serious for me. shame dan. God is not one to be mocked…look that up in your Bible.

    • Comments (5)

      Frank is clearly the winner of this game. Certainly Big Brother will ask Frank back – perhaps for a new All Star Season. Way to go Frank!!
      Dan doesn’t hold a candle to Frank’s game.
      I have lost total respect for Dan, the bible toter swearing allegiance to Frank on his wedding ring, Chelsea his wife and the cross necklace his grandfather gave him – shaking Frank hand only to betray the value and meaning of trust. Here’s a scripture for you Dan Gheesling Mark 8:36 — For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? — I hope you lose the game, the respect of your wife and learn something about the value of trust. As Far as Dan Gheesling teaching teenagers in a Catholic School – Wow, what a great example to them, and the viewing audience who may not even read their bible to see how flippant and easy it is to blow off sanctity and trust for a bit a cash. Nice Dan – how are you going to justify and make excuses for this?!

  4. Comments (1)

    Boogie said, “This is Big Brother, you can bounce checks!” BB14.

  5. Comments (102)

    I’m glad Jenn stayed loyal to Frank and didn’t backstab him like Dirtbag wanted her to.

  6. Comments (8)

    I think this “Dan” disappointment has to be considered with one thing in mind…if it WASN’T a double eviction, would Dan still vote the same way? Probably not….Knowing a vote for Frank could cost him tonight, this IS the better move, regardless of where the knife sits.

  7. Ninja on a Scooter
    Comments (15)

    The devil always wins!

  8. Comments (102)

    Dirtbag may make it to the final two, but he’s going to have left so much ill-will with the jury for his backstabbing, he isn’t going to win. Dirtbag is thinking about the right now and not about the jury. Guess what, Dirtbag, you’ve overplayed your hand. Imagine when Frank tells Britney about what went on with Dirtbag in the HOH room.

    This is why people proclaiming Dirtbag is the best player ever are so wrong. You not only have to get to final two, but you also have to stay in good standing with the jury.

    • Comments (228)

      He backed up his lie by invoking the reputation of God. Dan used God’s name to give credibility to his lie. How would you expect God to look at this? Under the Old Law, God stated, “If a man makes a vow to the LORD, or swears an oath to bind himself by some agreement, he shall not break his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth” (Numbers 30:2).
      Hope is up for redemption time. He gives Christians a bad name.

    • Comments (9)

      You should make your name “dirtbag”. Your the one who’s talks like a dirtbag.

  9. Comments (126)

    So long Big Frank, you just weren’t dis-honest enough for this game of connivers, but at least you didn’t disgrace your Grandma Nana.

    Get revenge in the Jury good buddy

  10. Comments (102)

    I’m glad I stopped watching this as of last night. Let me guess. Dirtbag will put up Jenn and Joe and then they’ll vote out Jenn for not doing what Dirtbag wanted.

    Well, that will be 4 votes against Dirtbag in the Jury House.

  11. Comments (1)

    what happened to ians other veto that he won from pandora’s box?

  12. Comments (102)

    Wow! If he going to backstab The Rat next? Feel the pain, Rat. This is what he just did to Frank.

  13. Comments (8)

    Ian’s not going anywhere…and besides, now he can win HOH again…

  14. Comments (4)

    Why is everyone hating on Dan? Yes, he went back on his word but he has time and time again explained that this is a game. Backs are stabbed, alliances broken up. No matter how it happens it’s still dishonesty. How many players in BB history have won BB due to a lot of dishonesty?

    Brit said after she was evicted that Dan played a very good game. I would think she is voting for Dan. Ashley is to dense to pick between two players herself so she will either vote for Ian in the Final Two or vote for whoever Ian or Frank tell her to. Frank, I still am up in the air about. He could still vote for Dan.

    Basically I still see Dan winning it all.

  15. Comments (15)

    Dan is going to get waxed now that he smacked the quack pack! They are all going after him!!!

    • Comments (528)

      God I hope so.

    • Comments (1276)

      Unless this was all part of his mist and fog to cover up his alliances. He’s not supposed to be working with Ian, plus Ian hasn’t been on the block and can also be told he was put up as a Pawn to get Joe out.
      He told Jenn last night that if he makes it to the final 3 with her and Dani, he will vote out Dani and take her to the final 2. Which he told Dani about right after, so he might have put her up to give Jenn the insintive to stay true to him (more of the you scratched my back game). Plus, Dani seems to forgive him for anything, so they will probably be fine if not by the end of the night, then within a day or so.
      And again, he wanted Joe out, so Dani was the pawn. If he had put up Jenn, she wouldn’t trust him anymore. If he had put up Shane, he might not be forgiven and Shane could come after him if he stayed. So Dani was his safest bet.
      I think he wanted to get out Ian, but since he got the Veto, he had to scramble.

  16. Comments (6)

    Say what you want about Dan but he is playing the game. I do not agree putting the Bible out there and swearing but there is no such thing as a bigger sin. Sin is sin so don’t bash Dan about that because its between him and God. And as for Frank you can get mad all you want but Frank was all brawn and no brain it is his own fault for trusting someone like Dan to keep his word. Frank was a great competitor thats it he was a one dimensional player

  17. Comments (1)

    ya waht dan did by bringing in the bible was wrong but excluding the bible and him playing dirty its all about the game and the money u gotta do what best gets u ahead in the game i think he is good at this game he is great

  18. Comments (8)

    Dan shows his good to Jen, Ian was a pawn, and Danielle is pawn #2. Buh-bye Joe!

  19. Comments (102)

    So, is Dirtbag’s plan to take Jenn and Joe to final 3? That way they’ll have no choice but to vote for Jenn and Joe haven’t done much in the game to deserve to win?

    • Comments (8)

      You’re so clueless….is this Ashley? or Frank?

    • Comments (169)


      I really think that was Dan’s plan. Dan wanted to get Ian out, probably figured he couldn’t win PoV, but the comp was suited to a person like Ian. I really think Dan wanted Jow and Jenn in final 3 with him since he figures he can beat them… Jenn is doing pretty good as far as comps go, I think she has a chance to win over Dan now. She did well in the HoH comp..came in third in the OTEV comp.. I know she would get Frank and Ashley’s vote… Joe won’t vote for Dan, I believe because he kept saying he’s won already… I really think it’d be a close vote if it’s Dan and Jenn. Dan don’t want Danielle in the final with him because she’s well liked in the jury…Shane will be gone very soon, Ian will go next unless he wins HoH I bet… Then Shane will go…Dan will win final HoH and take Jenn, and don’t be the least bit shocked if Jenn wins in a close vote. Dan doesn’t seem to be taking the jury into account like he did in BB10; he got close to all of the jury before they were evicted then..this time he’s sending them out in a bad way… Ash will vote with Frank I’m sure…Joe wont vote for Dan I don’t believe, and Brit said herself she would hide all of Dans jury keys (LOL) so I’m not sure.. they may have time to get over it all, I don’t think Frank, Joe or Ashley will vote for Dan, though. I know lots of people think Dan has it in the bag, but nothing is certain. I don’t believe it will be another unianomous vote like BB10 IF he wins… Dan likely deserves the win out of all the HGs left, but don’t be shocked if the jury is a bit bitter. Especially after Frank shares win Brit what exactly went down with Dan and Frank in the HoH room.

      I firmly believe Ian was going home if he hadn’t win the veto. Mthey would have voted how Dan wanted them to, especially Jenn and Danielle..not like they’d need much convincing because both have said they want Ian out pretty soon.

      • Comments (169)

        Blah…I hate typing on an iPad. I made a few mistakes in that response! Sorry, just wanted everyone to know I’m not that illiterate 😉

    • Comments (768)

      Last time I checked he was taking Jenn and Danielle to the final three. It’s hard to keep track of with Dan. ‘Ya know what I mean?’ 🙂

      • Comments (169)

        I know, right? I had no clue who he would nominate..I was shocked he played to win that one. I was so hoping Jenn would pull out a win. If she hadn’t of miss that round three question that everyone else got right, she would of won.

      • Comments (768)

        I think she only missed it because Julie rushed her. I wonder who she would have nominated?

      • Comments (169)

        I’m not entirely sure at all who she would have put up. Probably Ian (for sure), and a pawn…heck it may have been the same noms as Dan. I know she wouldn’t of put Dani up as replacement…that would have gone to Shane I’ll bet…Shane would of gone in that case, likely. Heck she might have made the big move and back doored Dan…if that had happened, she would have then had something BIG to brag about! I just really would have liked for Jenn to win that one,I’ve always liked Jenn for some reason, except for the week she was up with Boogie on the block and she got rid of Ash, but I could forgive her since she was hurt that everyone was campaigning for Boogie to stay and not her. She’s always been loyal to Frank, and she remained loyal to him til the very end, and it really made me have even more respect for her doing that, even knowing he was likely going and she’dbe his only vote. Ive been back and forth about Ian…first I liked him, then I disliked him, then liked him, disliked him,now I, back to being ok with him. I hope Jenn makes it to final 2 though. She really doesn’t deserve it over Dan, even though Dan has played a superb game, he’s not doing well with jury. It would of been nice for her to get an HoH basket and pictures..she’s proven that she has some competitiveness in her. Guess we’ll see what happens. Don’t want Danielle to win at all…that’d be horrible!

    • Comments (1276)

      No offence Kathryn, but if you’ve decided to quit watching, and say you have already… then why do you care what happens? Again, no offence, it just doesn’t make any since.

  20. Comments (8)

    Dan could not trust that Shane and Ian would not flake out. Dan had to make sure that Frank left. Also, *quack-pack* might not trust Dan if he waivered ALSO, I think that Dan Wanted to Vote Frank OUT!

  21. Comments (34)

    For Dan to have been the greatest player ever he would have had to put the blood on Ian’s hands for Frank’s eviction. This shows he is NOT thinking long term. If he was ….
    Now he has Twitney mad at him and Frank hating on him. With how easily Shane and Danielle are influenced … well if he takes Dani she will win because you know Shane will follow Twitney’s vote. That boy ain’t got an elevator that goes well anywhere.
    Really Dan’s only votes should be Ian and Joe. Maybe .. just maybe Jenn.
    Greatest player of all time?
    Despicable Desperate Dan more like it.
    Then Dan should have got Jenn out. Joe would have owed him and could be used to dump Ian and then Shane.
    If 3Dan does somehow win… it shows how weak the other players are more then his skill.
    I would love to see Jenn win and boot 3Dan out….

  22. Comments (316)

    Good job tonight Julie!

  23. Comments (1)

    It may just be a game but one thing is for certain…. Frank is walking away with his character in good standing. Maybe he looked gullible to some…. not to me… He just looks like a good man that tried to find the good in others. I thought he was amazing player and im so so So sad he is gone to the jury house. Smooches to ya bubba, woulda loved to see you win it all!!!

    • Comments (768)

      I’m sure by now Ian is wishing he had listened to Frank’s advice and voted to keep him in the game to work with him and Jenn. I’m sure part of Dan’s plan when he voted to evict Frank tonight (and actually get blood on his hands) was to take that option out of Ian’s hands. He took a shot at Ian and missed. This should be interesting to see if Ian is successful in taking Dan out as soon as he can. I started out liking Ian, then despised him, but now that his back is against the wall I’m kind of hoping he can pull out the win. Besides Dan he seems to be the only other player who has a clue how to play the game!

      • Comments (62)

        Appears Ian is in the middle of Dan mist…lol BBAD starts with Ian and Dan spending time talking about noms, ect. Even Ian can’t fight the power of the mist. Got a feeling it’s RIP Shane… next to the jury house.

  24. Comments (3)

    What happens when you give your word swearing on a Bible and don’t follow through? I don’t care how you spin it Dan is wrong. It’s a game I know but I said if Frank goes im done. So long…

    • Comments (528)


    • Comments (768)

      I thought that too, but now I think I’ll stick around and see what Ian does…… It could get interesting. Once Ian goes it’s going to be a total snoozefest. Geez never thought I’d hear myself say that!

    • Comments (228)

      Dan backed up his lie by invoking the reputation of God. Dan used God’s name to give credibility to his lie. How would you expect God to look at this? Under the Old Law, God stated, “If a man makes a vow to the LORD, or swears an oath to bind himself by some agreement, he shall not break his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth” (Numbers 30:2).
      Hope he’s up for redemption time. He gives Christians a bad name.

      • Comments (528)

        Yeah, you mentioned that…

      • Comments (1276)

        Since we are still on the Bible around here, doesn’t being “born2shop”, which would at least suggest someone that over indulges in shopping, fall into the gluttony sin?
        Not trying to pass judgement on you, since I don’t know you, what I am doing is saying, from the Gospel of John “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone”.

      • Questionable Comments???
        Comments (21)

        You have not mentioned that about 4 times get over yourself. You dont like Dan!!!….. Not a Dan fan either but please take your bible babble some other place. You are getting to be really annoying. This is BB not the witch hunts of Salem. Chill out!!!

    • Comments (1276)

      Surely he’s already been struck down by lightning for doing so. Surely he’ll be going straight to hell. Surely his School will fire him, his church will toss him out, and his wife will leave him. BTW, I am a Christian, and I don’t believe any of the above will happen.
      No offence to you Amy, I can’t remember if I’ve said this to you yet, but I’ll say it one last time to everyone else.
      He swore on the Bible, that everything he was telling Frank was true, about the QP and such.
      HE DID NOT SWEAR ON THE BIBLE TO STAY TRUE TO FRANK. He shook on that deal. Again, and I won’t be saying this again, since this should be a non issue at this point, he did not swear on teh Bible to any deal with Frank, he shook on it.
      He was alligned with Dani first, the the QP, then the Silent Six (which left with Boogie), then the alliance with Frank. Why does everyone think that the alliance with Frank should trump the others? And why doesn’t everyone get you have to stab everyone in the back at some point to win the game.
      Again Amy, I’m not bashing you because I think this is the first one of your posts about this I’ve commented on, I’m just tired of telling everyone what actually happened on the feeds, and not on the edited version that was shown on tv.

      • Comments (169)

        Nope, he didn’t swear on the Bible his allegiance to Frank. I’m not entirely sure why the show edited it to make it look like he did, nor why Dan said he did in the DR, and even Julie mentioned it in her interview with Frank.

        It’s pretty clear he was swearing the info he was giving about QP was true. I don’t know, maybe they edited it to make Dan look super bad or whatever.. I still don’t get why Dan would say he swore an oath to Frank in his DRs. Maybe he thinks he did and forgot he didn’t. Just hard to figure out the whole “BibleGate” controversy!

        As for myself, like may others here, I personally would not bring the Bible into a game and do any swearing about anything. It’s just something personally I never do in real life. I don’t believe in swearing on the Bible unless it’s to be sworn in to testify in a court of law.

        I don’t like the way Dan is playing this season, I cannot condone the actions he has taken, and I cannot root for him to win. It’s clear that, from the leftover HGs, that Dan would deserve to win, hands down…I’m just not sure he’s going to have too friendly of a jury at the end. I would absolutely HATE if Danielle won. That would be a NIGHTMARE. Her ego would grow to engulf the planet, and plus she just plain doesn’t deserve it. Heck, if she’s in final two with Dan, she’ll probably tell the jury to give the money to Dan. She’s THAT much under Dan’s “mist”. One thing is for certain, though, she is going to likely be in some deep therapy once she’s out of the house in a couple weeks and sees

        1) what all of us fans think about her, after she has no doubt that we all love her so much and she’s soooo popular.

        2) She sees how Dan manipulated her and made her look like a fool.

        3) When she discovers Shane cannot stand her and he was just biding his time til he gets out of the house and away from her for good.

        4) When she realizes nobody in the house, even Dan, will have anything to do with her once they’re all out and back to their regular lives.

        Jenn deserves to win more than Danielle, at this point. Shane won’t make it to final two, Ian won’t either if Dan has anything to say about it… I believe Dan wants to take Jenn to Final 2 as he thinks she’s easiest to beat, but I would have evicted her and kept Joe if I was him…Jenn has shown she’s a better competitor than she earlier let on, and much better than Joe, especially. She’s been coming in pretty close on recent comps…Like the DE HoH, the OTEV veto..etc. I’m glad she’s still there, as she was loyal to Frank til the end and showed me that at least one person in the house truly had Frank’s back. Hated to see the poor guy leave. D/D/S/I had the Gaul to say that Frank left very un classy because he only hugged Jenn and took Ted. Well, who wouldn’t of done the same thing after being blindsided? They’ve all stabbed him in the back multiple times and Jenn was his only ally. I would have only hugged her, too.

        I’m happy that Ian was nice in his goodbye message to Frank… it made me respect him more, too. Shane was nice, too. Joe was a jerk as per usual in his messages. Even though he had just been blindsided, he walked out of that house with a smile on his face. He was more classy than Jeff Schroeder was when he was evicted last season… I don’t think Frank could do anything right in the eyes of his haters… but I digress 🙂 I don’t believe it’s the last we’ve seen of the guy. I’m proud to have met him and to be from Marion, both our hometowns. I never really knew Frank, just met him once, but a friend that was his coworker back when he still lived in AR said you couldn’t meet a nicer, more stand up guy. He’s a regular ole’ Arkansas country boy. Some people are turned off by our personalities, I suppose. I’m pretty trusting and naive, as well…If I lived in NY or LA or a giant city, I’m sure I wouldn’t be as trusting. In the end, the guy was classy and anyone that says otherwise simply doesn’t know him.

        Wow…I typed a book for y’all to read, apparently 😉 Sorry! At least I’m on a laptop and not my iPad this time, so I can actually prove I’m literate by not making simple spelling and punctuation mistakes everywhere haha.

        All y’all here take care and have a great weekend!

      • Comments (1276)

        See, it’s nice to hear from you since you actually have a little inside scoop on Frank. I couldn’t tell from the season, if the nice guy we would see sometimes was him, or just his game play. He could have been the cocky guy who flips his lid easily in the outside world. Knowing that the latter is not the case makes me sadder to see him go.
        Don’t get me wrong, it is deffinatly smarter for the other players to get rid of him, since none of them could have beet him in the end, but still, I like having that extra knowledge. Thanks Keith 🙂

      • Comments (169)

        Yes, as much as I hated to see him go, I cannot fault the HGs for voting him out. It may have been their last opportunity. He’ll be back, though. I’d bet money on it.

      • Comments (1)

        Hey Keith, unless you’re being paid by CBS to review the show, how about next time just a few well-chosen sentences to express your thoughts instead of hijacking the entire blog as if it’s your own. On behalf of everyone else, thanks.

      • Comments (169)

        Don, I didn’t realize there was a limit to the amount we could type..pardon me. Were all entitled to our opinions, and you didn’t have to read mine if you didn’t want to. Someone must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Lol 🙂

        Even though your reply was a bit rude, I still wish you a great weekend, man. Take care.

  25. Comments (126)

    Well now for the Good News, it going to be a pleasure, watching these ‘quak-packs, devour each other, with false promises and backstabbing betrayals.

    Expect cry baby Dani, to turn on the tears of pleas again

    Go Jenn, you are the loyal lone wolf in the house now. Don’t trust Dani, each has F2 with everybody else.

  26. Comments (2)

    Danielle wins BB 14! Dan leaves his family for
    her cause he’s glamoured himself & Shane who comes in 3rd sells them
    a house he can’t flip cause Dan thinks that would be a good idea ! Swear on the Torah , the Bible
    (King James edition) , the Karan & my
    dead cat Bald Eagle !
    I love this show ! Ha Ha Ha

  27. Comments (528)

    That was intense! I’m a little surprised not to see an onslaught of people saying the vito was “ridged” for Ian to win because he’s an engineering student or some dumb crap. I guess I’ll wait for stevebeans next update to claim that, lol!

    I really, really hope this display starts putting a fire under Ian and Danielle’s asses to start gunning for Dan. He’s dangerous, clever and really good at manuilating people and he’ll do just that to the jury if he makes it to the final 2. I’m not sure why he just never targets Shane though, even as a pawn…wtf? Anywho, I’d love, love, love to see an alliance formed to get Dan out while playing him the whole time…just to see the look on his face when he gets sent home. That’s my BB dream.

    Don’t get me wrong, I respect Dan as a player big time…I just don’t want him to win under any circumstances. Ian is still my #1.


    • Comments (768)

      I think you meant to say ‘rigged’. I bet Ian didn’t see that coming tonight. Now that he appears to be the underdog, I’m hoping he takes Dan out at least, and then go all the way. I’m pretty sure he would have the jury votes even if it came down to Dan and him.

      • Comments (528)

        Dammit! We need an edit button but yes, that’s what I meant. I honestly think Ian vs. anyone in the f2 would win at this point. Joe quite clearly said he want Ian to win. Brit would vote for him to win. Frank…not so much. Ashley I’m not sure – Ian was responsible for her ousting but I guess it depends on who sat next to him and often the jury really influences one another with their votes and she seems pretty easy to manipulate…

      • Comments (768)

        I think Ian would get Frank’s vote because it was Dan’s vote that evicted him, not Ian’s. And I’m sure Frank would do the right thing and respect Ian for getting to the end. Ashley will vote the way Frank votes. The only competition he might get is if Shane in a final two with him, but I still think he would have the votes to pull out the win.

      • Comments (34)

        If you watch closely on the live show (I don’t have the feeds) it looks like Dan walked into the living room with Ian. I think it was a set up to make it look like Ian and Dan are fighting to con Jenn.
        And again Despicable Desperate Dan uses Danielle, without telling her of course, as his pawn.
        Gotta wonder what that says about him…that he keeps hurting her this way without any warning.
        Plus .. I haven’t seen anyone say this.. why is Dan really so desperate to win again. What happened to the $250,000 (after taxes) that he won only 4 years ago…

      • Comments (1276)

        You can chew up $250,000 just getting a house. I can easily see it all being gone.

  28. Comments (111)

    Do they have cameras in the jury? I WANNA SEE THEM!

  29. Comments (7)

    Dan put Ian up because he doesent want ppl to know they have a deal, he put Danielle up because everyone still thinks “she’s dead to him”…. He wanted to show loyalty to jenn. It makes sense to me, I saw exactly what he was doing. If he doesent win this thing I will cry. Hes an absolute genius 🙂

    • Comments (528)

      That doesn’t make any sense. The only people he was really fooling by then were Joe and Frank and they were both gone. Jenn is probably clueless but shes no threat to Dan at this point. The rest of the Quack pack – so far as I can tell – are well aware that Dan and Ian play off each other and he and Danielle are fine.

      I guess it’s at least *some* kind of justification because I honestly don’t know wtf he was thinking otherwise, but the games you’re mentioning don’t seem to apply to the houseguests left…

    • Comments (768)

      Can’t agree with you Madeline. Dan has final two deals with everyone in the house! I’m sure he put Ian up to get him out tonight. It makes no sense that he would want to take him to the final two because everyone would vote for Ian. He needs to take someone like a Danielle or Jenn to the final two and then he may have a bit of a shot because they really haven’t done much in the game.

    • Comments (1276)

      Does Shane know it was all a haox? The attack on Danielle at the “Funeral” that is? I think he still things Dan meant it, and that he thinks it was over Dani trying for the Veto that week. I could be wrong and have missed him finding out, but I’m pretty sure he’s out of that loop as well.

  30. Comments (178)

    That was a strong but frantic move Dan attempted when he put Ian on the block. Unfortunately, the POV was perfect for someone like Ian and I knew at the very beginning that Ian would win POV and take himself off the block. Ideally, Dan would have loved to eliminate Ian from the house since, if Ian makes it all the way to the final two, he would probably win due to the brazen moves he has made in the game. Couple that with the fact that if Dan is the other finalist, Dan has made too many recent enemies to ensure that he will be awarded the big prize. Replacing Ian with Danielle was a very safe move on Dan’s part as he knew the votes would be in her favor to save her. He didn’t put Jenn up because he still needs to keep her “in his pocket” and that’s why he couldn’t risk putting her up against Joe. I think Ian will be out for blood now that Dan put him up even if Dan attempts to talk his way out of that. My prediction is that Ian or Jenn will win this next HOH. If it’s Ian, Dan will go on the block opposite Danielle. The voting outcome? Shane will save Danielle (again); Jenn or Ian (depending on who isn’t the HOH) will save Danielle and Dan is out. As an aside, I think Julie was touting Frank’s trials and tributions during the game in an effort to ensure that he gets the People’s Choice award of $25,000. Why not? He played a hard, albeit too trusting, game and deserves the money.

  31. Comments (21)

    Wow I am happy Frank’s gone we just need Dan to go home. Like how would he hurt Ian and Dannielle like that? He is just plain ignorant. But again yay frank is gone… Shoulda been gone month’s ago. I hope Ian wins HOH. or Shane or Dannielle but I really don’t want Jenn to win.

    • Comments (169)

      I really wish you knew Frank…. and were close friends with people that know the guy personally. People such as yourself, that constantly say you cannot stand him, do not know him in real life. It breaks my heart reading posts like this from people that have never met the guy and only know him from watching on a screen. I’ve never understood why people like yourself hold so much deep seeded hatred and animosity towards one man. If you knew Frank in real life, you would, in all honesty, really feel low and horrible for the posts you’ve made filled with hatred toward the guy. As I’ve said in an above post, Frank is a regular good ole’ boy from small town Arkansas, like myself. I realize and understand that our personalities aren’t liked by everyone…but most of us are easy going, caring, trusting, honest men that just want to live a fulfilling life.

      Just remember, when you post really negative things about a person you see on a screen, you don’t know them personally, and there are people out here in the internet world that DO know them, or know someone close to them that DOES know them.

      Take care, have a great weekend, Brooke, and just remember all that I said. 🙂

      • Comments (108)

        I thought I hated Frank at first, not sure if that was because of Boogie, or editing, or the things some of the girls said about him on After Dark… I wanted him out and was disappointed when the reset saved him. Then I saw how he acted when things got really tense (I think he and Boogie were on the block together?) and instead of pouting he went up to the HOH room and socialized. Britney was really upset and, even though he had a reason to also be upset, he offered her a hug. Either he was genuinely concerned about her or he’s an amazing actor. He won me over at that moment and I started rooting for him. When Mike was voted out he did throw an ugly tantrum, but he also got over it and apologized for it… and continued to be pleasant to EVERYBODY. I hate the whole crap about bringing back veterans… but I would actually be psyched to see this guy get another chance.
        Also…I’m not from the south, and yeah, sometimes we non-Southerners might assume someone with an accent like his might not be so smart. Yes, it’s wrong, but it’s reality. They all talked about texting and how they hate when people confuse to/two/too, I forget what else they said, but I was totally impressed when Frank said that stuff drives him nuts and he always spells everything out instead of using text-speak. That’s where I realized he IS a smart guy – not just a jock. Hope he gets America’s vote!!!

      • Comments (169)

        I was like you, too, Jenny.. I didn’t like Frank the first couple weeks, but he grows on people. I cannot believe Dani is in the house saying that Frank left very unclassy, and she thinks she heard the audience booing him when he walked out. WHAT is wrong with this girl?! Like seriously…all the lies about Janelle she told, now Frank…maybe in her demented little head of hers she heard booing, but all I heard and witnessed on TV was an audience that cheered for him big time and that seemed to love him. Even Julie seems to be a fan of the big lug. She hasn’t done an exit interview that long in awhile. She genuinely seemed sad that he was sitting out there. But, meanwhile, Danielle the most vain, ugly whiner I’ve ever come across, complains because Frank only hugged Jenn and left without saying anything, PLUS took Ted with him! THEN she hears imaginary booing when he walks to Julie. This girl is literally NUTS. What, I guess they were disappointed that Frank didn’t yell and scream and act crazy when he was evicted…I swear, like I said in my earlier post, I don’t think the poor guy could do anything right in the eyes of people like Danielle. I’ll be SOOOOO happy when she’s evicted and crying all the way out to Julie. She’s one of the most catty females ever.

        And I promise ALL of you here….not all girls from the South are like Danielle! I PROMISE! Believe me, I would have moved far, FAR away if that was the case!

        And Jenny, I know exactly what you me when you say some people don’t think us southern guys are smart. It’s just the accent, I suppose. My accent is so deep, I have people from around here say “you’re not from around here, are you?” Haha. I don’t know why… I know I’d be terrified to speak a word if I went to NYC or LA or whatever. When I go out of town, like up north, I’ll always have people say “Oh I just love your accent” and “Say that again” ha. My dad’s side of the family lives in Wisconsin, and I definitely don’t fit in, accent wise, up there! When I order from a restaurant up there, I get all these looks from everyone…I’m always like “Hey…I’m from Arkansas, what do you expect??”

        So yeah, I know where you’re coming from when you say that there’s a misconception that we southern guys are dumb. Our accents definitely don’t sound…shall I say… sophisticated? 😉

      • Comments (108)

        Dude, I just spent a week in Northern Wisconsin, and let me tell you, THOSE accents are far from sophisticated! Nice people up there but I felt like I’d wandered onto the set of Fargo.

      • Comments (169)

        Haha… well my family is from southwest WI, but the accents there are almost as bad, I’m sure. I’d love to live up north. I’m a big fan of the cold and snow, and we don’t get much snow down here in AR. It does get cold, but I’d love brutal cold temps in the winter. Call me crazy, I’ve just always been a fan of winter. Unfortunately, we usually get ice storms down here instead of snow… Grrrr.

      • Comments (178)

        Keith, I’m wondering if what Danielle thought she heard as “boos” was really some members of the audience going “awwwwwww” when they saw the large stuffed animal Frank walked out with. The “awwwww” is a low sound and it might have sounded like a “boo” from behind the closed door. I’m sure she was surprised that Frank didn’t show good sportsmanship and at least shake all their hands before walking out. A hug certainly wouldn’t have been necessary other than for Jenn who gave him the loyal one vote.

      • Comments (169)

        That may be true, Anita. She could have mistaken the awwws…wouldn’t be too hard to mishear them. I can’t fault Frank for not shaking hands and saying anything to the HGs, save for Jenn… he was blindsided and was in shock, I’m sure he was fuming plus hurt as he was getting his things… If he had had an inkling that he was leaving, I’m sure he would have said bye to everyone… I hated what they all did to Janelle, too…but she seemed to have a feeling she was going home. I don’t know why Big Brother won’t let HGs tell a person they’re going home… I guess so they can get the camera shot when the vote is revealed? Who knows.

  32. Comments (29)

    Can hardly wait to see who wins HOH. Sorry Dan, you got ta go! I would like to see Ian and Daniel the final two. 🙂

  33. Comments (1)

    Is it just me, or is Ian trying too hard to recreate past great moments in BB history. I think it would be such a classless act if the quackpack does follow through with Ian’s suggestion to tell Jenn in the HOH room by surrounding her and all of them “quacking” at her. The quackpack is no Brigade. They did what they did out of respect for Brit, these quackpackers seem to lack all kinds of respect.

    • Comments (528)

      Ian is a Big Brother geek…he loves the show, has been watching it since he was 10 and has memorised everything about it. Now, speaking out of experience, I’m the only goddamn person I know that watches this show. Seriously. there is nobody outside of the Internet I can chat excitedly about because I’m an endangered spices: a Big Brother geek.

      Ian is probably in heaven right now because he’s in a house full of people talking BB. He’s chatting with Dan, BB winner about it. Of course he’s going to gush and take full advantage of his situation 😀 I watched him sit there and discuss Pokemon cards to a bunch of grown men. They seemed into it or at least feigned interest, but you could tell Ian is the kind of person that wants to talk about things he loves at length.

      In short, I don’t think this is some kind of “act” or ploy at all.

      …and the Jenn thing was a joke.

  34. Comments (8)

    Wow after tonight I don’t like Dan I hope Frank goes to Jury and tells Britt how much of a liar Dan really is and that he told him of the quack pack so Brit can be mad.
    Honestly Dan is not going to win the jury will keep hating him and will not vote for him he does not need more money wut the hell did he do with 2010 money? He’s not winning if he gets To the finals might as well give up now

  35. Comments (8)

    I think Ian is doing what he thinks is a good game, not trying to recreate prior moments. Also, Dan was 100 percent justified in voting Frank out. He turned on Dan first(in the conversation with Danielle)

  36. Comments (28)

    Dan’s a dirt bag in every sense of the word…..

  37. Comments (9)

    Shane for 2nd HOH PLEASE!!!!

  38. Comments (1)

    Ugh Ian won hoh!!!!

  39. Comments (1)

    Dan is a freaking genius and best BB player of all time!!! GO Dan!!! This is a Game folks, quit watching if you cant rememeber that!

  40. Comments (123)

    ***UPDATE****….IAN New HOH….☺….

  41. Questionable Comments???
    Comments (21)

    After watching the BB episode tonight and watching the feeds its not hard to figure out Dan’s next plan is to get Shane out the door and if that does not work Jenn will be his scarifical lamb. He will make it look like its the QP all for one one for all. Shane if you dont wake up and smell the coffee you will interviewed by Julie on the new show. Funny how everyone tells Dan everything but the rest of them are not smart enough to talk to each other about what Dan has said. Wolf in a pack of sheep. I dont like Dan and cant stand his game play. I am a lot more shocked by the stupidity of the other house guests. Someone play get a brain and really take a good look at the events and realize Dan is going to walk thru you all and take the couch (aka Jenn) to the final 2.

  42. Comments (111)

    Sup, you called?

  43. Comments (528)

    If Ian is smart he’ll talk Shane an Danielle into a final three deal by telling them – quite honestly – they’re the best option for him so he won’t backstab them. Then work on getting Dan out ASAP since they should all know he’s the biggest threat. Dan will try to work his magic, I just hope Ian can resist it and realise the big move he needs to make here.

    Question is, does he put him straight up on the block or try to backdoor him? Day always manages to pull a rabbit out of his hat last minute so his chances of winning veto are high.

  44. Comments (8)

    Renegades to the end! He’s not going to get Dan out…Look for Shane and Jenn to be nominated.

  45. Comments (9)

    Does anyone else see how bad Dan treats everyone when he doesn’t want anything from them at that moment….Ian ran into the room and up to Dan so fast that his Veto medal clanked against Dans metal drinking cup…..I almost peed my pants…..I thought Ian was going to bow or something else from his knees…..
    And I love how Ian tells Frank in his goodbye speech that he is making all these moves that are good for his game…..Uh, NO, you are making all the moves that Dan has told you to…..Ian may just win the whole thing, but it will surely be by accident…..lol

  46. Comments (178)

    Renegades? That just sounds like Dan trying to keep Ian from nominating him. As per my response above (written last night after the double eviction), I’m not surprised at all Ian won this current HOH. I knew either Ian or Jenn would be the next HOH. Even if Ian puts Danielle and Shane on the block, Shane can win the POV and Ian will then backdoor Dan. With a choice of Dan and Danielle on the block, we know everyone will vote to keep Danielle. Unless Dan wins the POV, which would keep him safe from being backdoored, it appears he will be the next one out. Ian will then try to work a final 2 deal with Jenn. Ian would rather take his chances sitting next to Danielle or Jenn who weren’t exactly movers and shakers in the game.

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