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Big Brother 14 – Live Endurance Competition Updates


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The first endurance competition for Big Brother 14 is underway, get your updates and spoilers on who wins the competition and wins HoH right here.

As you already know, nobody was eliminated tonight and everyone is playing for the HoH as the coaches decided to enter the game as players.  This is going to be one crazy endurance competition, be sure to watch it with me here

Here we go, the endurance competition and players will be hanging on to some ship looking wall.  Boogie doesn’t look too happy about it all though

As you already know, nobody was eliminated tonight and everyone is playing for the HoH as the coaches decided to enter the game as players. This is going to be one crazy endurance competition, be sure to watch it with me here Here we go, the endurance competition and players will be hanging on to some ship looking wall. Boogie doesn’t look too happy about it all though

Spoiler Updates:

Who is still hanging on:

Danielle — WINNER!
Who is off: (in order)

4-Ashley (slipped off)

last update: 1:05am est

7:05 bbt – Still waiting on the feeds to come  up, will update you shortly.

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Feeds up! Everyone is still holding on and it’s raining like heck on them..

big brother 14 endurance competition

7:15pm bbt – Everyone still up and hanging on.  Someone said they’re not wearing a bra

Janelle keeps whispering something in Dan’s ear.  how long until he throws this competition?

Janelle looks like she has to pee

7:20pm bbt – It looks like a bunch of birds took a crap all over the houseguests now haha

7:23pm bbt – Boogie already sounds like he’s going to be giving up soon.  Look for him to drop shortly

Status Update – All houseguests are still hanging on

Something tells me this isn’t the first time for this look

This season’s cast has already dominated last year in the endurance competition.  Everyone is still up.  Half would have dropped last year, Adam first.

7:40pm bbt – Everyone still up.  The guys are looking a bit tired, Joe, Frank and Boogie especially.  Jenn looks very solid, hard to see Ashley at the end.

7:45pm Status Update – All houseguests are still hanging on!  This is nuts

7:58pm bbt – Boogie decides to lay a nice fart, maybe that will get someone to drop.

8:02pm bbt – Boogie’s fart backfired, he is first out.   Jenn drops next

8:05pm bbt – Joe drops, shocked he made it this far

8:15pm bbt – Looks like the first three was it for awhile, the rest appear to be stable.

8:30pm bbt – Still 9 up, I think it may be a long night.  Glad I got a coffee

8:43pm bbt – Ashley slipped off, down to 8!

8:45pm bbt – Dan is down, and apparently he died in the lake haha

9:00pm est – It’s still 7 up there, very impressive group

9:08pm est – Big Brother getting impatient, the ship is stuck at an angle and Frank is down

9:28pm est – Here is a nice view of the losers club…

9:38pm bbt – Wil and Shane jump down together.  And then there were 4….

Looks like we’re winding down.  3 left and the girls are trying to make deals with Ian.

Dan still playing coach and working Danielle to stay, while the three are working to see who is going to stay up.  Meanwhile, Britney looks like hell…

10:10pm bbt – Danielle wins HoH!

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  1. Comments (5)

    As long as it is not Boogie I don’t care who wins 🙂

  2. Comments (34)

    Like Janelle isn’t a has been? She has no social game what so ever. Janelle’s only game is swinging her hips and well that you saw her tongue working lol. Everyone knows she’s lying and full of what makes roses and mushrooms grow.
    Then you have Britney who’s so damn dumb she can’t understand that something that isn’t in the foreseeable circumstances means no Shane won’t be going up. Has Britney won anything in all the time she’s been in BB?
    At least Boogie is playing the game.

  3. Comments (1)

    Someone please let us know who is still in and who has fell off?????

  4. Comments (1276)

    I’m going nuts here, I’m out of town, and they don’t have Showtime, so no afterdark tonight, PLUS, my I can’t get logged onto my superpass!!! Can you not log in from another computer??? HELP!!! grrrr

    • Comments (4)

      I don’t see why you cantt. I mean if youcould not sign in from different computer what would happen if someone had to have new PC. But you would no doubt have to know your information

  5. Comments (1)

    Can someone please tell me who is still in and who fell off?

  6. Comments (30)

    @Tony, EXACTLY how I feel. I thought it was completely and utterly stupid that because Britney could not comprehend Ian’s vocabulary, she twisted his words and apparently it’s “shady”. She would be a perfect journalist; always twisting the words of other people in their benefit.

    Shane’s only other concern for not putting up Frank was because of Boogie’s reputation, and now that there are no coaches controlling their puppets, I can see Shane trying to rebuild the alliance he had with Frank (Took him a week to turn on him. Pathetic.)

    Britney hasn’t won F*** all, Janelle is so fake, as appalled I am to say this, but even Rachel wasn’t that fake. Janelle is pathetic, bribing jewellery and the fake crying and crap.

    The only thing I don’t like about Boogie is his Ego. The perfect example is when he should have won the second Coaches Competition, but his let his ego pave the way. I also think it’s funny how the other coaches (britney, janelle), like to pull double standards of how deceitful and deceptive Boogie is, meanwhile, they would sure as hell do the same S*** in the same circumstance.

    • Comments (1276)

      I mostly agree with all of what you said. Except the Brit part. Yes, she’s not the smartest one, by no means, but Ian did give a very uncertain answer. He even told Boogie and Frank that he didn’t want to “write a check that he couldn’t cash” to which Boogie replied something to the extent of in the BB house, you can bounce that check. So, I think she took it the way he meant it, but I think he didn’t think she was smart enough to understand that he wouldn’t give a clear answer. So when she flat out said I want to hear, NO we aren’t going to vote against Shane, and he said the same thing again… well, she was right.

      Who do you all think will win this comp?

      • Comments (3)

        hopefully shane cuz he got screwed out of getting someone evicted. although i was hoping he could still play for HOH if coaches played and they did do that so that was good but i hope he wins again so he can have a chance to actually evict someone aka janelle or Boogie 😉

      • Comments (1276)

        I see what you are saying, but, I think I heard him say something a while ago about how he was hurting up there, something about a break a few years ago, maybe his collar bone (i’m not sure on what part), so if he’s hurting, plus his size, he might not be able to do it.
        I’d like to see Danielle or Dan get it. My personal opinions… Janelle is being WAY to fake, that fake crying with Wil, was just tacky (I loved that he knew she was doing it). Brit seems sweet, BUT she’s so back and forth, I don’t know who can really trust her (well Shane, but only because she knows she needs him to win comps). Ian, I like the kid, but he’s become such a puppet for Boogie. Boogie, he plays a good game, I was shocked he didn’t want back in the game (kinda) but maybe he saw it as he has no gaurantee that Frank will stick with him. Frank… oh Frank… I wanna like him, but again, he’s letting Boogie play his game.
        I’ll stop there, no one wants my play by play.. that’s what we have stevebeans for 🙂 Plus, he says it better then I ever could 😉

  7. Comments (3)

    want the updates as soon as they happen lol hopefully they start dropping soon well not certain people;) i dvr shotime after dark but cant wait that long……

  8. Comments (1276)

    I got the feeds up!!! They are all still on!
    I really hope Dan doesn’t throw another one… hopefully now that he’s in the game, he’ll play for real.

  9. Comments (8)

    BB is So crooked and this is so Unfair!! … BB really messed over Shane. They allow him to nominate people and make enemies, but No one goes home! .. The players have all told their strateggies to the *coaches8 — BB has always been unfair with their *Twists* but this hits a New Low! – I will no longer watch Big Brother! .. ABC/Glass House hee I come!

    • Comments (1)

      There’s no reason not to watch Big Brother! Sheesh! It’s an amzing show! You’re just being a freako.

      • Comments (3)

        @ Emily; You are right about Shane’s HOH, he got screwed royally. They should of had the eviction first before bringing the coaches in. BB has always scripted this game, why do you think they keep calling players into the DR? BB coaches them along in the direction they want the show to go.

  10. Comments (407)

    Note: I put in a breakdown at the top of the page. Keep refreshing and you’ll see who falls off and who is still on. Easier to read guide

  11. Comments (1)

    Big brothers so called non twist has ruined yet another season. I am done with this stupid show. The game was good when they didn’t try to fix the game. Stupid waste of time. Reading other blots it is clear many viewers will turn off big brother. What a boring obvious game.

  12. Comments (1)

    I am so mad that there wasn’t an eviction. I think producers like Frank and have a good personal relationship with him so they rigged it for him. He is always talking about them joking with him in D.R. ugh I am beyond ready for him to go home. They should have gotten him out whenthey had the chance but they personal issues get in the way. CBS you failed on that.

  13. Comments (34)

    @ Anthony – I always find it funny how people in the house forget their own actions. Sometimes I wonder if its something in the water or if they are just that capable of lying to themselves. As for Janelle and her winning… I think people often don’t understand how certain competitions are better suited for come players. This endurance one is a perfect example. People with heavier bodies even with more muscles are not going to do as well, while those with lower body masses have a huge advantage. I’m predicting either Janelle, Ian, Jenn for the win with Frank, Boogie, Joe and Shane going out first. Wil is the one that is hard to predict how well he’ll do.
    I’m hoping this is the last BB that brings back former house guests. I think its more fun when its all people we don’t know. As well some of the twists get a touch boring and predictable. When everyone knew after the 1st episode that the coaches would be playing…
    OH and can we PLEASE send a dictionary to Ashley… Emancipated… means freed .. emaciated is defined as extreme weight loss… and I have no idea what she meant by introverted lol

    • Comments (1276)

      Danielle and Brit could do well in this one too. Brit is tiny, so it’s almost like Danni D, from the past, much, much easier to hold up someone who’s 100pds soaking wet (no pun intended). Plus, Danielle was a Cheerleader, so she’s stronger then people think. And Ashley, well, she might do ok… that is if she doesn’t forget that she’s supposed to hold on! lol
      Dan could do well also, didn’t he do good in the past with these comps?

  14. Comments (5)

    I didn’t want coaches to come back in cause they have not done a thing since bb started except run their mouths. Shane, Frank and the REAL players have been working (some harder than others) to stay in and the coaches got a free ride for the first three weeks. BB this is really unfair. It would have been awesome for the coaches to only be able to compete for veto not hoh.

  15. Comments (5)

    Hell yeah boogie is out….one happy girl here!!!!!

  16. Comments (1276)

    Man… once one goes, they all start to fall.

  17. Comments (1)

    Wow you guys bitch a lot. If you don’t like the show, stop watching. Simple as that.

    • Comments (1)

      I think Big Brother was not honest about fans wanting coaches in the game. I also agree there is a lot of hating going on here. The name of the game is to win. That consists of scheming, plotting, lying, but not fighting, or making someone feel unworthy. There is a limit, so I am for Janelle methods. Just my opinion.

    • Comments (1)

      I agree. I really hate it when veterans come back.
      I’m taking your suggestion and not watching anymore.
      Maybe next season they will just bring in newbies.

  18. Comments (1276)

    Shane and Frank have been up longer then I thought they would, size usually hurts the bigger guys. And I almost forgot Wil, he could pull this one out too.

  19. Comments (34)

    @Christina – I think Ian was showing regret when he was talking to Boogie and Frank. When he was talking to Britney he said putting Shane was not in the foreseeable circumstances. I truly think he was speaking over her head without realizing it. I have known a few people like that.
    Just like Ashley tries to impress you with large words without knowing their meaning…
    Britney is a useless player. She has even said she knows she has the strength of a 6 year old. She hopes to not embarrass herself were her words.
    I wish BB would list the competitions before the show.. what order they will be in. It would go a long way to showing if the game is controlled or not.

    • Comments (1276)

      I do think Ian showed some regret, but not for that reason. I think he regreted putting a bigger target on Frank, like Ian said he needs Frank. I agree that Brits not to bright, but I don’t think she’s dumb, and I really do think she read him right. I think he didn’t cover up his intent well. Instead of finding other ways not to lock himself into a “Shane’s safe”, he just kept saying the same thing.
      But Ashley, now she’s either dumb, or is putting on a really good act. But I do agree with you about her.

  20. Comments (1)

    you all want boogie gone but the 1st coach out i think will be janelle

  21. Comments (4)

    how many days in a row is janella going to wear the workout fit that they got a week ago in the coaches challenge? dirty and nasty

  22. Comments (4)

    i think that big brother has a crush on brit and janelle or they are the only ones who want to cause drama so they are always on. they are annoying.

  23. Comments (34)

    @ Caitlynn- I don’t want Boogie gone. I think he is one of the best players in the game. He is a great social player when he keeps his ego in check. Right now he needs to stop thinking he’s gods’ gift to the game and start playing…
    If Dan throws this competition I hope he goes home. He is a great player when he plays. But dropping all challenges .. not so much.
    If Janelle wins look for Frank and Mike to go up. Janelle will be targeting Shane soon as well. He’s too big a threat to her GINORMASS ego. Do you really think she will allow someone to break her only claim to fame? Hoping the record for the most competitions won?
    Also for everyone saying BB saved Frank… I think its more that with everyone guessing the twist and the chatter on the web about it forced their hand. Come on… how bad was it looking that the house guests figured it out that quick?

    • Comments (5)

      I didn’t really see it that BB saved Frank…..I saw it that they screwed Shane. I hope they r smart enough to know they need to work together and get Jenelle and Boogie out. I think Brit will win this hoh. Because she is short her forearms were almost parallel to the bar so she seemed like her.grip on the bar was better than other players. Jenelle can go home with Boogie and Jenn and Ashley can ride their coatails out the door.Ashley is ammusing but her head is so full of hotair is hurts to watch her sometimes.

  24. Comments (1)

    Winning competitions means nothing. Throwing competitions so that people do not see you as a threat is strategy that works for some. Ask Will … or Dan. And ask Janelle how winning competitions worked out for her.

  25. Comments (5)

    If hoh comp is still on will after dark air?

  26. Comments (25)

    I heard, think it was Boogie and Joe, talking that ones still on the wall weren’t following the rules. Did anyone else hear that and do your know what the rules are?

    • Comments (25)

      Oh still on wall, Shane, Janelle, Danelle, Britney, Will and Ian

    • Comments (4)

      so big brother doesnt have a crush on the nose job girl or brit but they keep getting away with wraping their arms away and frank and boogie keep pointing it out but nothing is being done except warnings to them.

      • Comments (4)

        never mind the producers just said its not breaking the rules its just a safety precation they told them at the beginning. wow favoritism towards certain players? hey lets play a game of spades. in the middle of it ill clarify if we will be allowing blinds/9/neals.

      • Comments (25)

        In the middle, wouldn’t it be better to just change it to hearts?

  27. Comments (25)

    Interesting, sounds like they were instructed to not “lock elbows”. The feed constantly goes to trivia questions and it must be they are receiving “Big Brother” instructions during that time. It has now come out that the “not locking elbows” is a safety concern, not a rule so the guests that have dropped out are telling the ones still left to start “locking elbows” to make it easier. FYI, Janelle and Britney seem to have been doing it from the start. Wonder if Janelle has a bag of tricks she uses to win all of her competitions?

    • Comments (25)

      So Dan is out there convincing Ian to give up, along with Britney and Danielle. Boogie comes out and encourages Ian and they yell at him. Come on Ian, you can win it!

  28. Comments (9)

    This whole RESET thing is BULLSHIT!!!
    They want a RESET right? Then RESET the freakin’ game…

    Literally! Bring back all of the former evictees, even Willie, have all 16 of them Restart their freakin’ game, just like day 1!!!

    THAT’s a RESET you CBS moron!!! I literally will vomit in AG’s face!

    You kno what, I am done with this show. It rigged too much I can’t even stand it.
    AB* has a similar show, which now, is even BETTER!

    Waste my fuc*ing time watchin’ you rigged bastard!

    • Comments (10)

      I agree with almost every one of these comments. The second that Brit had mentioned the coaches coming in the game I was hoping that was not the case. Everyone of them has had their own to win or has already won. Let new people come in to this game fairly. They should of stuck by the eviction tonight too. I guess since Franks dad is a big time wrestler and he seems to have a connection with production, which is probably one of the reasons you ALWAYS hear, “You are not allowed to talk about production”. Give me a break. Brit wines and back stabs, one minute she’s your best friend and the next she’s shoving out a 10 story building. Boogie used to be a favorite of mine but it seems he is so full of himself now a days. Someone needs to give him some humble pie. I am on the fence with Dan but, truthfully NONE of them should be players they have been there and done that. We wait all damn year for our favorite show and they killed it this year. When the “coaches” entered the house they were already in the game, we were just supposedly supposed to “vote” them in. You know damn well that America did not really get to make that choice it was already made from day one. And we could of done without the cheesy “reset” button. It should of had to of been unanimous at least. I would of preferred that the players that left were allowed to come back. Some twist. Wish I could see the other BB, I bet they are not bringing back winners to play over and over. This season really soured me. Coaching and having previous players come and host now and then is fine but, to have them “coach”/ giveing them a 3 week free ride and the inside on everyone’s stragety is just not fair to anyone in the house. How disappointed would you be if you FINALLY got on BB only to find out your competing with other players that have been in the house more then once and or have won? It would be a slap in the face. Thanks for ruining the only summer show I looked forward to BB! Way to go!

  29. Comments (126)

    Janelle sure does know how to kiss HOH butt, it’s hard for her to hide her latent man-hating feminism. A big phony to go with her big butt.

  30. Comments (1)

    Well looks like Shane is going to manipulate Danielle’s choices for eviction.

  31. Comments (1)

    They should have kept the eviction tonight!!!! not happy with the producers of the show.

  32. Comments (36)

    What rules ?? Like no farting like Boogie…plz…anyway if Shane tries to apologize to Frank to get on his good side again, I’d tell him thanks but NO THANKS….your on your own !! Make deals with Janelle’s player’s and see how far u get cause now with everyone playing on their own Shane will be the 1st one on the chopping block cause with his last Hugh mistake Joe will be coming after him along with Ashley, Wil, Boogie, Ian and prob the rest of the house. Sry to say Shane but you’ll be gone within a week or two. Liked u at the start but u really messed up listening to Brit who makes fun of EVERYONE !! Go Frank and Boogie to the end. Btw, who is Jenn ?? Lol

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