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Big Brother 14 – Live Eviction And Endurance Competition Thread!


As I type this, it’s 45 minutes away from Big Brother 14 live, and tonight will feature the second endurance competition of the season!  That means we won’t find out who the final HoH is until after the show airs and you come here to learn, or you watch the live feeds with me.

I say ‘final’ HoH because there is always a possibility for a fast-forward double eviction, but it’s probably unlikely.  They already said that Jeff will be making an appearance on the show tonight, and I haven’t seen them practicing any little games to play for a PoV or first HoH.  What I do know, the show will be another cliffhanger as the competition tonight is where the players have to run back and forth filling up the jug with soap, juice or whatever.

Watch The Endurance Competition LIVE Here



You have a few options to find the HoH winner:

Considering I will be updating often, this thread will probably go reverse order and I’ll eventually archive the older stuff.

HoH Competition Time:

Live feeds are back on!  Watch along with me here

11:30pm est – We have a winner!   Shane is the next HoH!

11:08pm est – Bowls are filling slow and steady.  Shane still in the lead, Ashley seems to be going in reverse while others are just kind of hanging in there.

10:52pm est – Boogie wins the $10k prize.  Now we’re just down to the HoH which Shane has a commanding lead in.

10:35pm est – We’re at about the halfway mark.  Shane still in the lead, people are making plans on what to have him ask for his HoH basket.  Boogie is the likely 10k winner as nobody else is really close.

10:23pm est – Britney wins safety.

Britney wins safety

10:17pm est – Britney is going for safety, appears to be in the lead.   Dan also going for safety.  Boogie still going for money and I think Shane is in the lead for HoH

It’s going to be a long night for Ashley

They must slide from one side to another filling one of three bowls.  They can choose HoH, $10k, or a week of safety.  Joe is going for safety, Ashley isn’t really going anywhere, and the rest I’ll update soon.

Boogie is going for the $10k  Britney going for safety.  Ashley still doesn’t have a shot.  She should just sit down and relax

Eviction time!  Here are the official votes:

Ashley – Joe
Boogie – Wil
Shane – Wil
Britney – Wil
Ian – Wil
Dan – Wil
Danielle – Wil
Jenn – Joe

Wil has been evicted by a vote of 6-2


9:24pm est – Jeff segment with Julie.  Update on them, Jeff and Jordan are not engaged yet but still together

9:18pm est – During the endurance competition you can influence the decision by tempting a houseguest with money or a veto pass.  You decide by voting on twitter.  Check my twitter for more info

9:08pm est – Aaaaand it already begins.  I guess this is all they really had to focus on this week.

9:07pm est – I wonder how much they’ll focus on the Frank/Ashley showmance.  Julie Chen lovessss her showmances

9:00pm est – Here we go, live eviction time!



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  1. Avatar
    Crystal (3 comments)

    I’m not a big fan of Will…I’m not even a fan at all…however, I think if they had kept him it would have made more sense. They would have had yet another person to help get Frank and Boogie out. Joe is just dead weight, getting rid of him would of made Franks week a waste.

    I despise Boogie, but these people deserve everything they get for the choices they are making.

  2. Avatar
    Kayla j (1 comments)

    Can they just give Jen the boot? I hardly remember her when thinking of this game. They should just get rid of her to give someone more elbow room at the table.

  3. Avatar
    HoH8 (123 comments)


    Happy for Shane..he’s slowly gaining on the Janelle’s comp season record…☺…

  4. Avatar
    Eve (47 comments)

    I think Boogie knows they won’t vote for him to win so he is going for a sure thing and get all the money he can. I think Frank is in trouble, he better keep winning the veto or he’ll be out. Brittany seems to be always laying low and not winning HOH or Veto comps she better watch out or she’ll be considered a coattail rider! She tells people like Ian and Dan that they need to win an HOH but she doesn’t win any HOH’s or Veto’s. And Ashley I’m not sure why she even bothered to be in the game!

    • Avatar
      Joe Blow (216 comments)

      If you’re Frank you have to start thinking about when you turn on Boogie. Maybe not yet, but the guy is clearly using Frank as a human shield, and just showed unequivocally that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass if Frank goes home. I’m not saying that Frank needs to affirmatively take Boogie out now, because I think it’s still too early to start picking off members of your own alliance. But I do think that Frank needs to start making side deals to try to make sure Boogie is the first to go between them.

      • Avatar
        Kathryn (102 comments)

        Boogie put a giant target on his back saving Frank the week before. He could have teamed up with the coaches and been safe. By sticking with Frank, he did himself no favors. Frank is no shield. Frank showed he’s an idiot with his last HOH stint. You don’t make a deal with people one week and then try to back door one of them the next. It shows you can’t be trusted. Boogie pulled this idiot back from the edge, but it was too late since he told several people what he’d been thinking of doing.

        I think most likely it was Frank’s stupidity that made Boogie realize he’d hitched his wagon to a broken down nag. He probably knows the odds are he’ll be going home, so he’s going for whatever money he can get.

      • Avatar
        Joe Blow (216 comments)

        There’s a reason that Frank has been on the block three times and Boogie has never been nominated. Frank wins competitions and Boogie does not. So if you want to take them out, you pick off Frank first and then leave Boogie exposed. That’s exactly how Boogie has set it up, and why he’s already working on deals for a post-Frank House. But Frank may be starting to see that, and Boogie completely throwing HoH for $10k may have confirmed in Frank’s mind that Boogie’s not worried abour Frank going home.

      • Avatar
        Joe Blow (216 comments)

        “about” ugh

  5. Avatar
    Eve (47 comments)

    Did anyone watch Big Brother After Dark last night when they were going thru the alphabet naming movies and TV shows? Does anyone know what Brittany said was her favorite TV show? I couldn’t make out what she said!

  6. Avatar
    Kathryn (102 comments)

    After seeing the goodbye message that pig Joe left for Wil I wish he was the one who had left the building even more. I’m sorry, BB, but showing this cretin’s family doesn’t make me like him any better. He showed what a loathsome pig he was when he made a woman he knew was in pain and having back problems play in the veto game.

    Wil was the only player that actually had a brain and could see people for what they are and figure the games they were playing. The rest are a bunch of sheep.

    • Avatar

      I’m not a fan of Joe either, but picking Ashley was the right move for him and it may be the reason he’s still there. It’s not Joe problem that Ashley was in pain and if BB thought she was in real distress, they would have removed her form the house.

    • Avatar
      Julz (41 comments)

      They are in a game for $500,000… why should anyone get a free ride? Competitions are part of the game she signed up to play, who knows how much pain she is really in… isn’t that kind of subjective and what if she’s just faking it to coast for awhile? I’m not defending Joe, but I think everyone in there should be able to compete at any time, that’s fair!

  7. Avatar
    Kevin D (3 comments)

    Here’s hoping that Shane puts up Frank and Boogie.

    • Avatar
      Joe Blow (216 comments)

      Very unlikely. What’s the upside of doing that through the front door? Sure, it guarantees that one of them stays on the block, but it also exposes you, gives Boogie a week to work the house, and ensures that they both play in the veto comp. If you want to get them out, you do with a replacement from the veto, and only after you’re sure you have the four votes you need. But if your Shane, it’s probably better to nominate Jenn and Joe and lay low. Right now Frank and Dan seem to be starting a feude (it’s a love triangle with Boogie in the middle, really). Why get in the middle of that? Much better to lay low this week, and take out a nobody so that Dan and Frank can then work hard next week to back door each other.

      • Avatar

        And if Shane is smart (which is debatable) he can try and parlay a back door attempt to a ‘partnership’ with Jen or Joe the two most desperate players in the house. I would bet he can get one of them to swear to vote however Shane wants them to for a pre-set number of weeks. They should be that desperate after a few days on the block (probably Joe).

  8. Avatar
    Tony (34 comments)

    Wow… so Frank is an idiot and backstabber for thinking about back dooring Dan…. What does that make Britney and Dan who were saying how safe Frank was while planning to get rid of him? Are you people watching this show?
    Frank was honest with Dan and told him yes the thought crossed his mind. Even Dan said it would have been a good move. Dan is a snake. He throws competitions while planning to get his team mates out.
    Everyone’s daaahling Britney is a two faced lair. She cries her crocodile tears over Janelle leaving.. not because of friendship .. come on.. it was the only way Britney had a way of winning because sweet Britney is useless as a 6 year old.. her words people. Why would you have someone who admits they can’t win anything back in the house?????
    Boogie is honest as well. You KNOW he’s out to get you. Its like a crooked politician, you know he’s in it for the money so you know what to expect. PLUS he does stay loyal to his person. My god the coaches were all willing to burn their players EXCEPT Boogie. Janelle said she wasn’t because she didn’t want that being used against her. That’s why Wil voted her out. He knew what she is.
    Jenn.. uhm who is that again… wasn’t she already voted out? I think more camera time has been spent on Jodi then Jenn…
    I think this HoH competition summed up the season perfectly. A couple people playing the game, one playing for the money and the rest praying for one more week before they get booted out.
    IF Shane is a true player then those who started trying for safety within minutes of the contest starting should be targeted. Get them out and let the game reset for real.
    And if Ashley can’t compete why keep her in? Anyone else think that with Wil gone her pain will suddenly be gone… like during her make out session? hmmmmmm funny about that… her back is not too bad for some slap and tickle but too sore to try and win….or is she trying to win on her back…

    • Avatar
      Kathryn (102 comments)

      Well, Ashley did say when she voted Kara out that her strategy was to be a floater and she didn’t want Kara doing the same thing.

      Ah, Jenn. Sometimes I think the other players forget she’s even there. She could skate into the final two, while the other target each other.

      And I do think Frank’s an idiot. Why was he so focused on Dan, when Shane had an alliance with him and he lied to his face when he was trying to back door him. Frank should have returned the favor and back doored him, instead. Take Shane out and Britney becomes the powerless little floater that she truly is.

      I won’t be surprised if Shane doesn’t put Joe and Frank back on the block. You can bet Britney will be egging on Shane to nominate Frank. The second Frank won the HOH she already started whispering in Danielle’s ear how Frank had to go.

  9. Avatar
    Eve (47 comments)

    Well said Tony! You are right on the money! And Brittany only went for safety because it’s easier than having the pressure of making HOH decisions and daaahling Brittany doesn’t want to put her big girl pants on and do any of the hard work herself or risk making anyone angry at her thats why she connives everyone else to make the big moves and to win HOH. She would rather keep playing with her face and biting on her lips. If you watch her, especially on After Dark, all she does is bite on her lips and has her fingernails playing with her face all the time. That must zap all her energy leaving none left for any true HOH competing.

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