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Big Brother 14 – Eviction Prediction Thread

big brother 14 janelle versus frankFor the 3rd time in 4 eviction ceremonies this season, Frank is up on the Evict-O-Meter and all signs are pointing to him remaining in the Big Brother 14 house yet again. While my actual predictions have been off at times (I’m a gambler), my Evict-O-Meter has a mind of it’s own when predicting eliminations.  It’s been completely correct every week so far, and I don’t think this week will be any different.

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How I work the meter is a very simple method, point at who is in favor of going home based on the house reactions throughout the week on the live feeds.   I don’t over-think it, I don’t take last minute flips into consideration, it just goes from my vibe. However, when I go vote by vote predictions, I end up analyzing too much and getting some votes wrong.

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So enough rambling, let’s get started…

It’s been a rough week in the house for the Queen of BB, Janelle.  She was completely blindsided at the power of veto meeting where Wil was removed and she became his replacement nominee.   This was not by accident as Dan, Danielle, Boogie, Frank, Shane and Britney formed what they call is “The Silent 6” alliance. They have decided they will steamroll through the rest of the houseguests, starting with their faithful leader, Janelle.  This came after Janelle had mixed signals on whether or not to form a coaches alliance or stick with her crew of Wil, Joe and Ashley.

I really thought Janelle was going to scramble and get more votes, but apparently it sounds like production is egging on contestants to lie to her and make her feel safe, probably so they can get a bigger reaction when she’s voted out.  Not really cool in my eyes, and honestly it makes for worse entertainment.  I’d much rather have been Janelle spend all week working her butt off rather than having people lie to her (on their dogs lives for some) about staying in the house.

With that said, if she is really expecting the votes tonight, she will certainly be a bit shocked.  Even Ashley has appeared to turn on her, yet remain friendly all week.  I think the only person Janelle has in the house is Joe at this point.  It’s kind of odd they would turn on her so quick, but stranger things have happened.

Here are my predictions:

Votes (vote to be eliminated)

Boogie – Janelle
Ian – Janelle
Jenn – Janelle
Britney – Janelle
Shane – Janelle
Wil – Janelle
Ashley – Janelle
Joe – Frank
Dan – Janelle

Janelle should be eliminated 8-1

I also don’t think that will be the end of it.  It’s very possible tonight is a Fast Forward meaning they’re going to have an entire week squeezed into one night.. including another elimination.   I can tell you right now that the competitions will definitely feature trivia and maybe some dumb little game for the second (if there is one).  They will get both evictions in by the end of the episode, then we get to watch the live feeds to see their reactions.

Note:  I am not guaranteeing a double eviction, but going by last season at this stage in the game (day 34), Brendon was eliminated the first time leaving 8 remaining people.  He eventually came back which added another elimination of course, but the numbers still don’t add up.  After the eviction tonight, there will be 11 with nobody else returning.  I am seeing at least two double eviction weeks this season, and tonight could be one.

I’m going to assume Janelle is gone, who do you want to win HoH tonight:

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  1. Comments (1276)

    So Stevebeans, do you have a prediction as to who might win tonight? Lets assume it’s a quiz. I voted for Ian, but I’m not sure if he will want that much responsibility yet.
    And, if Ian were to win (or whoever you predict) who do you think would go up?

    • Comments (407)

      For some reason Dan is sticking out as a winner of trivia tonight. I agree about Ian, I think he’d throw it.

      I’d think Dan would throw it too but he’s my first instinct.

      • Comments (1276)

        Dan was my second guess, but he’s thrown so much, that it really don’t make since to keep it up. At least not if it’s a quiz. Physical comps he could act like he’s just not that in shape anymore, which isn’t true, but it’s an excuse. Maybe it will come down to Dan and Ian???

  2. Comments (1)

    I don’t think we will see a double eviction this week as they just added the 4 coaches last week. Plus Julie usually makes this big announcement so people watch and they get higher ratings…
    Janelle is going bye bye tonight. I really hope Ian wins HOH. He will probably vote himself on the block (lol)

  3. Comments (2)

    I think Janelle is meant to leave tonight. I think they are giving her time to see her new baby and she will come back later in the season. Makes sense…….

  4. Comments (2)

    I also think if boogie and frank were to make it to final 2 boogie will throw the game and letting frank win. Boogie came into the house to win 100,000. He certainly doesn’t need anymore if he did he would have pressed the reset button

  5. Comments (178)

    In a perfect world, Britney and Danielle would go up on the eviction block next week, with Boogie being backdoored. Oh heck, the whole lot of them can be voted out for all I care. It’s one of the worst Big Brother houses EVER. They have no game play. They’re complacent fools sitting around who are perfectly content to hand the prize money over in the end to the undeserving likes of Boogie or Britney. Congrats to Janelle for getting away from those losers.

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