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Big Brother 14 – Live Eviction Thread

big brother 14 live feeds


Well, an eviction night couldn’t come without a little drama, and that’s exactly what we had here. It will be interesting to see whether or not that DR leak had any impact on the votes tonight, but we can be sure it will have an impact on the game moving forward.   I have almost no doubt “The Silent Six” will be in shambles when the night is over, regardless of what happens.  There is no way Britney, Danielle and Shane will stand pat if it’s true Dan, Boogie and Frank have a final 3 pact.   When the live episode is over, crank up the feeds and see what is happening in the house….

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Note, before I begin the thread, if you are tuning into big Brother and are watching Football (in New England especially), check your guide because Big Brother 14 is likely on a different channel.  Up here it’s TV38.

I’m going to try a new thing tonight and do my updates in descending order, so the newest updates will be right below this text.  Let me know what you prefer when the episode is over….


Live Thread:

10:00pm est – Keep checking the blog, sign up to the live feeds or follow me on twitter / facebook to get spoilers.  Nominations will be tomorrow, PoV Sunday and POV meeting on Monday.

9:56pm est – Well there you have it.  Britney had to deal with 4 trivia questions while Frank only had to deal with 1 (Boogie threw it to him).  Not exactly fair but that’s the way the ball bounces.  Houseguests could have picked Frank more, they chose not to.  He’s HOH and finally safe for a week.

9:45pm est – HoH competition appears to be trivia.  Ian is favored to win but I am feeling a Dan win. It’s a faceoff where they guess what type of competition based on a song.

Wil vs Jenn – Wil
Joe vs Boogie – Boogie
Wil vs Ashley – Ashley
Britney vs Shane – Britney
Ashley vs Ian – Ian
Dan vs Britney – Britney
Frank vs Boogie – Frank (Boogie threw it)
Britney vs Ian – Britney
Britney vs Frank – Frank wins HOH!


9:36pm estMy predictions were spot on.  8-1, Janelle is out of the house.   Good thing that DR leak didn’t mess up my predictions… I take that stuff serious.  Janelle was cruising to $100k, and she hit the reset button.  Not like it mattered, there is no way Britney or Dan were going to try and stay in as coaches.

9:26pm est – Time to get things started, here are the votes:

Boogie – Janelle
Ian – Janelle
Jenn – Janelle
Britney – Janelle
Shane – Janelle
Wil – Janelle
Ashley – Janelle
Dan – Janelle
Joe – Frank

9:21pm est – Breaking News: Ian has never had a long term girlfriend before.  Shocker

9:18pm est – Julie tries to make Jenn feel like she’s part of the game.  So sweet.

9:10pm est – We’re going to watch Janelle working the votes most of the episode.

9:05pm est – I so want to see Frank sitting there with Julie in the unitard.  I’d like him to stay in the house but that would be great to see

8:45pm est – Watching Football getting ready for Big Brother.  I wonder if they’re going to mention the diary room slip or pretend it didn’t happen and had 0 impact on the game.


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  1. Avatar
    Amy (1 comments)

    I only see football! Anyone know when Big Brother will come on?!

  2. Avatar
    Dorothy (1 comments)

    I looked and it isn’t showing until 3am EST 🙁

  3. Avatar
    Brad (28 comments)

    crap, atleast another week of the old male Rachael who calls himself Boogie

  4. Avatar
    Tyler G. (5 comments)

    Are you kidding me Britney, Shane, and Dan?! What were those choices to put people against each other in the HOH? You gifted the HOH to Frank. Have fun being back stabbed next week.

    • Avatar
      Tyler G. (5 comments)

      Not that Dan and Shane could have picked two players to face-off, since they lost, but, really…I see one of those three going home this week due to these poor choices. Frank should have been picked more, but, oh well. It’s either they stick to the Silent 6 and get out Joe/Wil or Brit/Dan are leaving. It’s one of those four folks.

    • Avatar
      Lisa (17 comments)

      I dont even want to watch it anymoe. I hope he puts up danielle and Dan

  5. RAY
    RAY (131 comments)

    Janelle’s BB Obituary: O, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!

    Janelle, she was clueless to what she was doing was not going to catch up with her, even her inner group saw through her fibberooos. Dan could not figure out the why of her illogical game, which was nothing more then “lie to everybody, because I am so good at it”

    Her game wasn’t chess or even checkers, but barely a game of Jacks.

    Goodbye Janelle, glad to see you go

  6. Avatar
    Lisa (17 comments)

    They gave it to frank. He got picked once and boogie threw the comp to him. They are playing for frank and boogie. That’s the impression I got wowwwww dumb players this season they should have brought back James lol or Rachel haha

  7. Avatar
    LNea (5 comments)

    i like the other set up u had betta

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