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Big Brother 14 – Nomination Results And Pandora’s Box – Again

August 31, 2012 | 105 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Before I begin with the nominations, earlier in the day  the feeds went to random trivia.  When they returned (flashback to 12:14pm bbt), it appears the house had their second Pandora’s Box of the season.  Don’t worry, this time it was completely fluff and had no game changing impact.  This year, Ian was treated with a bunch of gifts, while good ole’ Jessie returned yet again to play the grinch on the houseguests.  He took away all their beer and junk food and they’re going to have to snack on healthier stuff for the next 24 hours.  It’s a good thing Britney was evicted yesterday, otherwise she probably would have quit the game being separated from her junk food.

Now, the nominations.  It was rumored this morning that Frank and Jenn were going to be nominated, and indeed they have been.  In addition, the self proclaimed Big Brother master is rumoring to have Joe as a replacement nominee, should Frank win the veto.  Err, I mean.. should Frank or Jenn win (hahaha.. ok, I mean Frank – unless he goofs again).

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Now, this is a pretty curious move on Ian’s part, and perhaps he is some super genius who has a master plan to win the game while keeping Dan around…. or Dan is simply dominating every aspect of this season.  If you flashback to 1:42am bbt (8/31), you will see that Dan has managed to get the band back together.  Yup, the Quack Pack will be aligned yet again for another week.  Unbelievable.. like I said in an earlier post, Dan is a man among boys. If the Quack Pack remains together, and Frank is evicted this week, there really will be no reason to watch the season any longer.  It will be like watching a football team with the score of 70-0 in the 4th quarter.  Julie Chen should call a mercy rule and just hand Dan the check right after Frank is eliminated.

I know some say I don’t give enough credit to Ian’s game, well that’s due to his game not deserving credit. He may find himself in the final 2 somehow, but like Porsche last year, and I didn’t exactly praise her style either.  In Big Brother, it’s almost easier to get to 2nd place than it is to 3rd, 4th or 5th.  Once the numbers start dwindling, the foolish continue to make foolish moves and the strong prey on that.  Dan has the house completely manipulated that Ian has a personal agenda against both Jenn and Frank for removing ‘his Britney’, while Dan was the mastermind behind the entire ordeal.

Now is the time in the game when the strong (Shane, Frank) get eliminated by the smart (Dan), while the floaters (Joe, Ian, Jenn) do the dirty work for him.  I can almost guarantee you’ll see either Joe, Jenn, Ian or Danielle sitting in the final 2 chair, but not because they played a great game, but because they’re the easiest path to victory by either Shane, Frank or Dan.

Like Dan says, after the show he may have a job selling ice to Eskimos, but I don’t think he’ll need it because he’ll have earned over a million dollars during his time in the Big Brother house.  The bigger question is whether or not he’ll sweep the votes yet again.

Sorry Ian fans, but when even JOE is questioning why Dan is not on the block, you know a person has made a bad decision.  I hope Frank or Jenn wins veto this week because I am really curious to see if Ian seals his fate as the dumbest smart person to ever play Big Brother by using Joe as a re-nom.

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