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Big Brother 14 – Nomination Results And Pandora’s Box – Again

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Before I begin with the nominations, earlier in the day  the feeds went to random trivia.  When they returned (flashback to 12:14pm bbt), it appears the house had their second Pandora’s Box of the season.  Don’t worry, this time it was completely fluff and had no game changing impact.  This year, Ian was treated with a bunch of gifts, while good ole’ Jessie returned yet again to play the grinch on the houseguests.  He took away all their beer and junk food and they’re going to have to snack on healthier stuff for the next 24 hours.  It’s a good thing Britney was evicted yesterday, otherwise she probably would have quit the game being separated from her junk food.

Now, the nominations.  It was rumored this morning that Frank and Jenn were going to be nominated, and indeed they have been.  In addition, the self proclaimed Big Brother master is rumoring to have Joe as a replacement nominee, should Frank win the veto.  Err, I mean.. should Frank or Jenn win (hahaha.. ok, I mean Frank – unless he goofs again).

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Now, this is a pretty curious move on Ian’s part, and perhaps he is some super genius who has a master plan to win the game while keeping Dan around…. or Dan is simply dominating every aspect of this season.  If you flashback to 1:42am bbt (8/31), you will see that Dan has managed to get the band back together.  Yup, the Quack Pack will be aligned yet again for another week.  Unbelievable.. like I said in an earlier post, Dan is a man among boys. If the Quack Pack remains together, and Frank is evicted this week, there really will be no reason to watch the season any longer.  It will be like watching a football team with the score of 70-0 in the 4th quarter.  Julie Chen should call a mercy rule and just hand Dan the check right after Frank is eliminated.

I know some say I don’t give enough credit to Ian’s game, well that’s due to his game not deserving credit. He may find himself in the final 2 somehow, but like Porsche last year, and I didn’t exactly praise her style either.  In Big Brother, it’s almost easier to get to 2nd place than it is to 3rd, 4th or 5th.  Once the numbers start dwindling, the foolish continue to make foolish moves and the strong prey on that.  Dan has the house completely manipulated that Ian has a personal agenda against both Jenn and Frank for removing ‘his Britney’, while Dan was the mastermind behind the entire ordeal.

Now is the time in the game when the strong (Shane, Frank) get eliminated by the smart (Dan), while the floaters (Joe, Ian, Jenn) do the dirty work for him.  I can almost guarantee you’ll see either Joe, Jenn, Ian or Danielle sitting in the final 2 chair, but not because they played a great game, but because they’re the easiest path to victory by either Shane, Frank or Dan.

Like Dan says, after the show he may have a job selling ice to Eskimos, but I don’t think he’ll need it because he’ll have earned over a million dollars during his time in the Big Brother house.  The bigger question is whether or not he’ll sweep the votes yet again.

Sorry Ian fans, but when even JOE is questioning why Dan is not on the block, you know a person has made a bad decision.  I hope Frank or Jenn wins veto this week because I am really curious to see if Ian seals his fate as the dumbest smart person to ever play Big Brother by using Joe as a re-nom.

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  1. Comments (3)

    The problem with Ian is he KNOWS what to do, but he lets himself be manipulated. For example, when he was telling Britney they should Backdoor frank in the double eviction instead of straight up nominate him, he was right – but didn’t do it. There have been a couple others.

    Perhaps he will backdoor Dan. Who knows. Frank and Dan are responsible for Britney going home and Ian will do something about it. I hope. This week will be telling to see if Ian can do his own thing without Britney around.

  2. Comments (24)

    His ability to allow others to EASILY manipulate him will cost him the game. His choice for nominations are ridiculous as a faithful watcher he should know better!

    • Away to flush out Dan!!!
      Comments (12)

      I think Ian ask questions but there are moments that he has made really great moves. And as far him being a rat no one has clean hands. Hmmm…..yall are watching BB 14? Right?:

  3. Comments (102)

    God, the CRAP Pack is back together. I may gag.

    As for Rat Boy, it’s like I said in the other post. Britney threw Rat Boy under the bus with Boogie claiming he told her that Shane wasn’t safe, so it was all Ian’s fault Shane put Frank up. And yet this is the only person Rat Boy has been loyal to, while all the other people who were loyal to him he stabbed in the back. He’s an idiot.

    And sorry, but I don’t want to watch Danny Boy win again.

  4. Comments (1)

    oh god he should have backed doored Frank and next weeks double eviction:/

  5. Comments (5)

    I disagree with Ian being a floater. He has played his version of this game, and thus far the only floaters left definitively, would be Joe and Jen.

  6. Comments (8)

    Ian might have been “Closest” to Britney, but he Admires Dan! … They all except Jenn, WANT to work w/ Dan! – That is why : Jenn must go after Fran and Shane. Final 3 will be Dan, Dani and Ian.

  7. Comments (316)

    GO IAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Comments (126)

    Though I have been very critical of Ian and his overrated intelligences.

    In this case I smell a Dan-Backdoor. Frank is my man, and I don’t like him being nominated again for the millionth time, but I think it is better then being blindsided. I think Ian has given Frank a fighting chance, whether intentional or not, this could turn out to be a better placement for Big Frank.

    • Comments (126)

      I guess I will answer my own pondering s, looks like Dan cut a late night deal with Ian, a la Quack Pack sentiment, damn, Dan is good at pulling psych-strings, I guess Brit was channeling Ian on this decision, if it holds, Ian is loose cannon.

      But, this move with Joe being put up, could be good for a Frank and Jenn dual to remain intact, though Dani is a step ahead knowing that breaking that up is best and to vote Jenn her good friend out, thus the name of the game is to stick the knife at the appropriate time with a smile of course and tears of ‘its just game, its not personal’ statement, which is code for “I deserve that 1/2 million more then you”

      At this time Dani is the best positioned person in the house, it is time to expose that, she may not be a floater, but a floateee is just as bad.

      We shall see how this pans, but the pressure is on for Frank to pull out another rabbit, this time out of thin air. Go Frank!

  9. Comments (29)

    As I said earlier, Ian and Frank and Dan are playing a good game. I think Ian is smarter than some are giving him credit for. I expected him to nominate Frank and Jenn but shocked to hear the rumor of Joe as the replacement nominee if needed. Doesn’t sound right. I am hoping it is not so though maybe Ian thinks if he is next to Dan in the end they will vote him to win because Dan already has won? I’m disappointed Jen didn’t really step up to the playing field until last week and even then I question her plays. Shane and Dani are sweet and all but someone remind me what game changing moves they have actually done in the house? I’m for the underdog (rat) Ian to win but if he can’t pull it off then go Frank because he too has played a great game. Dan has already won so while he is good he should stay a coach and let someone else win one. 🙂

    • Comments (407)

      The only thing that will redeem Ian in my eyes is if he backdoors Dan.

      • Away to flush out Dan!!!
        Comments (12)

        JUST DO IT IAN START ASKING RANDOM QUESTIONS ABOUT IF YOU HAVE A cout-de-ta who would the house guess want to replace the two with? Check…the environmentment or say to get in SHANE’ s ear & ask who was the only one with a chance to talk with Frank after the veto comp? Then ask directly SHANE to Dani & Dan……simple enough. Keep Joe longer so he can just keep peace. Either Ian or Danielle in the 3 spot. They have worked hard. Next time if you have to Chill Town vs brigade vs rachael Jordan Jeff & brendan….spice it up. 😉 while newbies are in line to take their place….. I have never guessed wrong with finals…. I think marketing & publishing. That’s what the Vets get to do….I wander how many would play for charity. That should be a veto. America let’s hope Dan is just to sabotage the house…and Dr will comes in for a week to see if he would go?

      • Comments (1)

        It’s, “coup d’etat.” At least google the correct spelling if you’re going to get all fancy-pants with your comments.

      • Away to flush out Dan!!!
        Comments (12)

        Ok…you can’t edit your post but ok… Why don’t you spellcheck everyones that is why I have an assistant. *smile* Bless your Heart!

    • Comments (13)

      Until the Dan rising from the dead drama, Ian and Joe had a very active mutual hate going. They were always talking about evicting the other.

  10. Comments (21)

    Yay franks on the block happy shanes safe go ian

  11. Comments (21)

    Man do i freakin hate frank or what

    • Comments (169)

      Why do you hate frank? What has he done that other players haven’t done? I seriously don’t get all the misdirected hate people have towards the guy.. He’s likeable. He gets loud sometimes but some of us can control our emotions when things are bad and some not. If frank goes home why watch the rest of the season… It’s predicable after that. A true fan of the game would want him to stay and not just root for their favorites. Ian is the only HG I have actively rooted AGAINST and want gone. Sure, there have been the HGs that I didn’t mind seeing evicted…. But I never really actively want a person out. Ian won’t get Jenn, Frank or Ashley’s vote if he sits in final two. Joe wouldn’t vote for him either. There is a path for him to win but it’s a slim one. He has hurt himself by betraying the ones who really cared about him… I don’t think he will even make it to the end because he will be cut before final three by Dan or anyone. He may be out as soon as this Thursday during the second eviction. If Frank wins veto and Joe goes up, I believe Dan and Danielle and Frank will stick to their word and they’ll keep Jenn so their alliance remained undamaged. If Dan scumbags Jenn or Frank, he automatically will kiss the 500K goodbye because he will have lost Jenn, Frank, Britney, and Ashley’s vote. Ash will likely vote with Frank. His odds aren’t too much better if he sticks with Frank and Jenn, but he will have zero chance of winning if he betrays Jenn and Frank after he swore on the bible in front of Frank and they did what they did for him to get off the block. Brit definitely won’t vote for Dan no matter what.. Dans only way of winning is sticking with Jenn and Frank because he automatically loses if he betrays them again. I believe Joe would win over Dan.

      Dan isn’t a Russell Hantz, he doesn’t betray too much, and I’m surprised at the betrayals he has done so far this season. If he stabs Frank and Jenn once again, that’ll likely be one too many betrayals for him to win. He won last time because he didn’t betray many people and stuck to his word..

      • Away to flush out Dan!!!
        Comments (12)

        Hates too harsh…but a a female his ego trying to get with everyone….sickening. outside of BB 14 I think he either acts like a pig to women or unless he wins 500k to get a girl…..his ego will be so damaged. Yes…he will have the money for a short period and end up in Vegas losing half to his new wife. Cut your hair….. You look like carrot top….maybe that one ready for him. Take a shower and stop following everyone everywhere. Boogie told you that trick….stay with humble pie. As son as they ask what you did compared to the 2 houseguest. Just be honest I listened to my coach. Go put your pony tell back up can ride your I am loyalty f2 [email protected] others. You’ll become hurry! Find your vice and make moves….man up & fill your own shoes. Still can’t wait to see all the coaches out. Joe, will,etc.:.said it1

      • Comments (528)

        Did you hear him talking about only liking women with big tits on are dark last night? He was being such a pig! “I like me a nice pair of Ds…”


      • Comments (30)

        Sorry to break it to you Sadie, and considering you’re a girl, I’m sure you haven’t been around guys that much.

        This is how virtually all males talk (the straight ones at least).

        You clearly don’t know men that well. Same with guys that say “I like me a big ol’ booty”, or “I like me a sexy milf”. It’s just different variations of what guy’s are attracted to, physical-appearance wise.

        It’s like me criticizing you for saying “I like me a solid muscular guy.” Sure, it’s not like you’re saying “I like me a nice 8″ Schlong”, but Frank wasn’t referring to genitalia.

        A Long time ago, small breasts used to be the “desired” size that was sexy for a woman, but times have changed.

        Men will be Men, Women will be Women. Men are easy to understand, Women are complicated. Everyone knows it.

      • Away to flush out Dan!!!
        Comments (12)

        No not all men speak this way. Well, not in front of a camera & millions of people. I am a modern feminist and am for respect. I love how you threw in ‘atleast straight men’. Really? You speak that way that’s why you believe it is ok. I have blonde hair blue eyes & D’s. I am straight married & highly educated. Taught Women Feminism, Peace & Tolerance, and Political Science. I have worked around military men for 20 years and not once off the record or off the cuff have I heard a man speak about women in that fashion. But if you have to throw in the mob mentality & another ” if you are straight men”….. It is about you. You relate to that because you can go with every body else says it. Alright your point your point taken & again….degrading comments is not acceptable in a society where educated people have discourse to work through these issues. How would you like someone to describe you? In a manner that does not flatter you or your gender? If its happened then you have not learned but made the mistake of thinking it is what everyone does.

      • Comments (21)

        Wtf anthony

      • Comments (528)

        Sorry to break it back to you, Anthony, but no, not all “straight” guys talk like pigs. I may not be a man, no, but I am a woman and feel that the way he was talking was extremely disrespectful. If that’s how you and all your buds converse, than I guess you just don’t hang out with very enlightened people.

      • Comments (30)

        When we break it down, we’re all mammals, whether or not you’re some religious nut that was taught lies.

        Now, I’m not saying all men talk like this *in front of women*. Guys around guys talk like this all the time. When there’s a woman around, it’s less socially acceptable to act like a perverted dog.

        But it is what it is, now that Britney is gone, Frank feels more comfortable hanging around all guys, with the exception of Jenn (who is very down to earth and laid back), compared to Britney and her High Maintenance.

        Ultimately, men think this, and depending on the situation, we often talk just like this.

        Plus, taking what Frank said as being disrespectful totally depends on how you think. Did Frank say, “Women with small breasts are disgusting. I like big breasts” (hypothetical, not my opinion). Not according to what you said. Did he say it somewhat jokingly? I take it so. Because he’s around all dudes (again, exception Jenn).

        The “straight men” reference is obvious, gay men don’t think about women in the same way straight men do. At least, not in any sexual manner. Therefore, any intention other than that was misunderstood.

        Would I be offended if Britney was saying “I only like men with rock hard abs and massive arms”? Not likely. Although, I would take that as an impression that most women like physically fit men, and would hit the Gym, but who am I kidding, that’s just Britney. (hypothetical Britney, of course.)

        Obviously, when you’re a female, it surely doesn’t appear like men think/speak like this, but that’s because you’re around. The guys who don’t care what you think would talk like that anywhere, but most guys are consciously aware of what to/ not to say around women.

      • Comments (1276)

        I have always had tons of guy friends, and sadly, when they aren’t worried about offending me, they say this kind of thing all of the time. I worked in the golf industry for years, and when men, full grown, married, respected member of society are alone on a mens weekend, and don’t realize you can hear what they are saying, this is the kind of thing they talk about.
        I’m the first to say it’s not right to judge someone based on your opinion of their looks (case and point, a few weeks ago a girl on here having nothing of any importance to say other then “Danielle is Fat”, which by the way I 100% disagree with). But, if it wasn’t an attack on someone who doesn’t match his preference, then personally I’m not offended at all by it. And I’m not the biggest Frank fan, not even close. I find tons that he says to be rude and degrading to women. But the fact of the matter is, as long as women still go out and get implants to match the stereotype, we are just as at fault as the men who voice the opinion that they like big breasts.
        If he was talking about it in a professional enviroment, or around children, or even a church setting, it would be completely different. But only adults should be watching afterdark or the live feeds. So knowing that, I can see why he wouldn’t worry about editing himself for the cameras. It’s not like they are putting that conversation on CBS, basically, no harm no foul. IMO of course.

      • Comments (2)

        I think people don’t like Frank because he’s that guy in life that is just better at everything. He is an amazing player. Yeah he is too emotional at times but, he kicks butt at challenges and has saved himself time and time again. He’s not relying on others to save him or get him farther. People get intimidated by others that are just better at things than they are. Some say oh it’s rigged, producers playing favorites… it’s like no he’s a beast he works hard. If you knew you were going into the BB house wouldn’t you prepare I’d be running, getting in shape. Same with survivor why do these people go in there all out of shape and winded?

      • Comments (21)

        What r u tlking about he is a failure in life he is an unembloyed curly headed fuking bum

      • Comments (21)

        because he is ugly and ian is cute and shane is hot and frank is a ugly ginger…. duh

    • Comments (1)

      I completely agree! I hate frank. I don’t care what anyone says about deserving of money or what. I’m glad Brit’s gone, she was conniving with everybody! She had herself covered on all sides and didn’t want blood on her hands. She had everyone doing her dirty work (Ian and Shane). I think Dan should win. I don’t care if he’s won before! Basically Frank played Boogie’s game. Boogie’s only been gone a week!

  12. Comments (28)

    Frank will pull himself off tha block he’s a beast at competitions …joe will go up as a pawn an jenn is off to tha jury house…

  13. Comments (13)

    Ian is a very immature 21. He has tried to act like a stud, but think of how experienced another 21 year old BB9 Crazy James was. James started stripping in gay bars on his 18th birthday, rode his bike cross country, worked tele marketing and did gay porn before he entered the BB House. Ian may be smart, but he is a child playing with adults, some he idolizes. Can’t expect much.

    • Comments (528)

      Haha, Ian is so immature at 21 – he hasn’t even gay stripped for money yet! What a weirdo.

      Good grief.

    • Comments (21)

      What the hell why is every one hatin on ian? I think he is mature . Fuck the haters. Im rooting for shane and ian all the way

      • Away to flush out Dan!!!
        Comments (12)


      • Comments (30)

        I’m questioning the level of maturity you’re talking about. Because from what I’ve seen, Ian displays common characteristics and traits, as well as behaviour patterns similar to that of an 8th grader.

        When in an argument, and your rival walks away from you, what’s the mature thing to do? Continuously throw your Middle Fingers at him, alternating between each, several times, as if you’re on the playground? Man, he’s got some balls. Not.

        They don’t just call him the ‘Kid’ because he’s 21. It’s because he acts like a kid. Plain and Simple.

        So, to say the least, Ian is mature; in the context of children under the age of 12. He is immature, in the context of his real age. He’s not playing to win, but playing ‘for the experience’ which is absurd, because you don’t get on BB just to ‘Enjoy’ not going on a trip and wearing a dog suit, as well as backstabbing people who took care of you and kept you in the house.

        As a fellow nerd, I’m disappointed in how non-strategical his gameplay is, and how he fails to see the big picture, especially how he’s watched all the seasons of BB; he just can’t clue in. If Frank goes (nature forbid), Dan is the only player worthy of winning. Next in line is Shane, purely because of sympathy. Shane was used for his Power and had all the blood on his hands. After Shane, it’s Jenn. She’s more worthy of a win than Ian. Unfortunately, Ian is next in line to be worthy of a win, because quite frankly, NOBODY should be able to justify *In Their Right Mind* Joe worthy of a win.

      • Comments (30)

        Woops! forgot about Danielle. She’s swapped positions with Jenn being ‘The Couch’.

        Totem Pole of Worthyness: Frank, Dan, Shane, Jenn, Danielle, Ian, Joe.

      • Questionable Comments???
        Comments (21)

        Complete disagree with your ranking Anthony and your opinion
        of Ian. I have seen a lot immature behaviour from Boogie
        right on down to Ian. When the oldest members of the house
        are acting as immature or less at times. Some of the actions
        of Dan during the claw POV. Boogie and Frank talking about
        Kara. I could go on and on but it would just be proving the
        same point. You see what they want you to see unless you
        are actually viewing the feeds you are very short on details.
        Deserving is a matter of opinion and in my opinion you are
        dead wrong. Ian as play as good of a game as either Dan or
        Frank. Not to mention I believe Danielle has also made some
        very smart but subtle plays. If you going purely on mouth then
        your right Frank should get first prize. As far as being fooled
        once again Frank deserves first prize. Otherwise Frank should
        be ranked slightly above Joe and Jenn. Jenn making a move in the
        game very doubtful she did what Frank asked that is not a move
        that is doing a favour for someone and hoping to ride the Frank
        train to the final 2. Sorry very little game play Jenn remains
        the couch just behind Joe the chair and Ashley the foot stool.

      • Comments (30)

        Ashley a Foot-Stool? I would say more of an ottoman.

        Hell, we could fill the entire BB house full of floater-named furniture.

        Just floaters off the top of my head: Ashley, Jenn, Joe, Adam, Kalia, Shelley, Cathy, etc.

        Danielle hasn’t really done much this season gameplay wise. When she had HoH, her target was Frank, like virtually every week. How many HoH’s have targeted Frank, and every time, they fail. Plus, we all know she’s riding off Dan.

        I expected Danielle to do better in Thursday’s Endurance Comp, since she won the last one. Just like Stevebeans, I thought it would be Dan/Danielle/Ian in the end, but Danielle disappoints. Obviously it wasn’t an utter failure like Joe’s record of 2 minutes, or how Jenn even managed to get knocked off by that floating turd. But she should’ve easily lasted longer than Shane. If she wants to be recognized as a good player, she should be playing. She’s more like a prop for Dan.

      • Comments (1276)

        I am a Dani fan, but sadly I do agree with thinking she would have done much better. I think she has the potential to win most of the quiz type comps and I just can’t figure out what happened the other night.
        But as much as I do think her and Dan are working as a team, which seems to translate into her riding off Dan? He is one of the best players in BB history for the type of game he tries to play. He uses his cunning and wits to get him far, so her following his lead in such matters is, IMO smart game play.
        Plus, she is playing a great social game. The other players seem to actually like and care for her, not an easy task considering they are all going for the same prize.
        My rankings would be more along the lines of, based only on comps, Frank, Shane, Ian, then Danielle. Social game, shockingly would have to start with Dan, his “funeral” and scheme to stay working is proof of that, then Shane/Danielle, heck, maybe Joe should even get ranked up there, he’s still there, and a lot of others aren’t, but then Jenn and lastly Ian. Before getting this massive Ego he’s had the last little while, he could have been up there before Shane and Dani, Frank would have to come in last there, simply because of the number of times he’s been up. If he had a better social game, he might be safer.
        Franks biggest downfall so far has been the arrogance he’s shown in the past. Maybe if he’d learn to reign it in a bit, then he wouldn’t be the go to guy for noms.

      • Questionable Comments???
        Comments (21)

        You have some valid points Christina, tips hat. Jenn has no game play but I believe you should not underestimate Dani she is far from done in this game. The best game move on anyone part at this point is to dump Dan. If no one does he may win this again due to the lack of intelligence by all the other house guests. Who knows Joe just may float his way to a second place finish. Dan of course now has a final 2 deal with everyone in the house except Joe. Believe it or not I think Joe maybe the only one that has Dan figured out. In my opinion Dan will either take Joe or Jenn to final 2. He will find some excuse and reason why is cuts Ian, Shane and Danielle loose after Frank. Want to bet he goes on a losing streak again to have the blood on everyone elses hands once again. He only lies to all and covers his lies with another lie. Tells everyone not to say anything but have they not figured it out that he tells all when his back is against the wall which is what I think you are going to see happen once again very shortly when it comes to Ian and Dani.

      • Comments (1276)

        Great points as well Questionable Comments??? And thanks, I am glad to see that someone on here can agree to have slightly different opinions without being nasty about it. I was starting to think if I was to continue commenting on anything I was going to have to “lie, cheet and steel” just to keep from getting jumped on.
        I guess my view with Dan is if he’s able to get to the final 2/3 with a prior win and everyone not wanting him there, I personally feel he would deserve the win. But again, anything can change. I do hope I’ll see Dani come back, but you never know in BB.

      • Comments (7)

        Fuck the haters? From your coments above you sound like a judgemental bitch being a hater towards frank. If you can have your opinions, so can other people.

  14. Away to flush out Dan!!!
    Comments (12)

    Ok…Ian has such bad game I bet Frank turns or Jenn about Dan. Frank has been in the corner and learned a few things from Boogie. He doesn’t have the social game but he is like Most of the villians. Same as in the past. Since the reset Joe did say get out the coaches. And one by one they have went. They will not take Dan to the finals. And as Big Brother always said…expect the unexpected. I imagine who ever wins their coach gets paid. That’s a great twist. So if Shane goes up Danielle is going to go against Dan. If Jenn stays Britney was in her ear too long about a female against a male. Ian will be a better person to keep bc between Frank & Ian Frank has the jury. Dan too! Shane plays like Brendan needs to realize he needs to play for the prize & that is not Danielle. If this does not flush out Dan…. A double eviction next week… It will. A newbie will take the prize people….. They should have kept Willie. Geez……… He turned quick against the coaches. They have a lot of time without a gossip in the HoH ear… Play Britney someone without the winning…. Divide the Big Brother Fans from the Houseguest. And Big Brother bring in houseguest for the next game that need the money…. That’s when you make Jordan & Jeff sweathearts…. That they can work in the industry and promote Big Brother. No more Janelle… Boogie….. Dan….. Etc. Been there done that! Go back to all newbies with guest we like. Can’t stand one more Pandora box w that boy! How about bringing Natalie in to be in Pandoras Box requesting to talk with Danielle. Danielle & Natalies stupid lie walking in the door & telling it to others…… Lol.

    • Comments (21)

      Omg. Why are you all hating on ian? He is smart he has got good game he has watched this show enough to know how this game works guess what franks going to be walking out the door on thursday so hahaha

  15. Comments (1276)

    I’m just going to go ahead and say what I’m sure will be pretty unpopolar… I would not at all mind seeing Dan win again.
    I get everyone wanting new players in the game and to win. I get the idea that they should be bringing Vets back for their own season, no matter what the title, Vets against Vets. But, Dan made a hella move. Simply put, he managed to pull off one of the biggest for lack of a better phrase, Hail Marys in BB history. Like him or not, the boy deserves to at least get to the final 2 for that move alone.
    Yes, Shane and Frank have clearly won more comps. Yes, Ian thinks hes the best player to ever play the game (gag). Yes, Danielle is super sweet and can win a comp here and there (but she really needs to step it up for her to have that bragging right) And yes, Jenn and Joe would be the perfect “floaters” to sit next to in the final two. That said, Big Brother isn’t only bases on wins, ones own personal opinion of themselves, personality, or even the path of least resistance, if so, they wouldn’t take the time to have votes. Big Brother is also based on how you play, and knowing when to make the power move, and who wants it more. Dan, well, do I really need to go on???

  16. Comments (1)

    Does Frank’s weird blinking not drive anyone else nuts!?

  17. Comments (3)

    Seriously, this is by far the best season ever! I was sad to see Britney go. Pretty lame! So, ya loving the live feeds For sure!!!!!

  18. Comments (13)

    Not watch the season anymore! Remember there are only 12 days left. Going to burn some rubber to get it all in too! Got to get BB out of the way for Dancing With the Stars.

  19. Comments (1)

    Why does BB keep bringing Jessie back? He sucks! Quit bringing him back, no one gives a sh!t as to his whereabouts. So annoying.
    Dan is probably the best player ever. Frank is becoming a comp legend. Ian has been teh most effective “superfan” to ever play. Shame the Britney got the boot. She provided the best diary room sessions.

    • Comments (1276)

      They keep bringing him back because he’s a world class Dousche. He is one of those people who are going to get a reaction. I’m sure there are some out there that love him, and honestly there were times that he could be entertaining and somewhat likable, they were few and far between, but they did happen. To most he’s one of those guys that can in a very short time get under your skin. So, if you are bringing someone back to annoy the other houseguests, which is what it sounds like he mostly did, then he is the perfect person for the job. lol
      Plus, if I’m being honest, he’s not hard to look at, at least not his body.

      • Away to flush out Dan!!!
        Comments (12)

        Gross! Can we just say there have been annoying men with better bodies! He is not great to look at…. Being a female its not his annoying behavior as much as he actuallly believes he is hot. And proudly displays it and is he even 5’6? Compensating! Whoo Hoo….still Dr Will was annoying and mean but great to look at. Why does he come back to annoy both women & male house guest? Couldn’t Ian get a hot female to annoy him…. Natalie…she was considered a rat! Perfection. BB needs to change their photos for one day as to who their game is most like. smile!

      • Comments (1276)

        Natalie could be pretty annoying, but she’s not on the level of a Jessie. He annoys men and women alike. You are right, he does think he’s way better looking then he is, and has no problem sharing that opinion with everyone. But again, all the more reason to bring him in to annoy. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather see just about anyone then Jessie, but he does do it well.

  20. Comments (30)

    Just to clarify, Frank hasn`t just won competitions for the hell of it and to add to his counter.

    He`s won them when he NEEDED it. Every single time his back is against the wall and ass on the line, he wins a comp to get himself out (with the exception of reset). To me, that`s what matters most.

    It`s not that he`s got like 6+ competition wins. It`s the fact that every time he gets put up, he wins the Veto, and when he plays for HoH, he wins that too.

    Anybody else catch my drift? I haven`t seen a house try to get somebody out as much as these house guests attempt to evict Frank. Seriously, he`s been the biggest target since Day 1, and with only 2 weeks left, this man is a walking legend.

    Another thing that bugs me, is how Frank was supposedly Boogie`s puppet, similar to Britney`s puppets Shane/Ian. On the contrary. Frank was tight with Boogie, and that’s because they were 100% loyal to each other. Did Boogie say This and Frank did That? Nope. Frank thought about back-dooring Dan, genuinely. Boogie was advising not to, but Frank wanted to. Ultimately, Boogie *convinced* Frank that it was too early in their alliance to do that, and when you have a BB Legend giving you advise, it’s normally good stuff. Boogie never snapped his fingers and Frank listened like a slave. Britney, however, told Shane/Ian exactly what to do, then claims “Oh, I was only doing it for your own best interest.” She never says “You know what would be your best option, (insert suggestion)”, she gives commands, and like servants, her wish is their command. Just felt like airing that out.

    Or, if you think Shane/Ian weren’t puppets, you must be following the following creed: “A puppet is free as long as it loves its strings.” – Sam Harris’ Free Will

    • Comments (30)

      We really need an “Edit” option. I hate not being able to fix my typo’s and/or odd sentences.

      • Comments (21)

        Sorry anthony u cant fix ur typos so ur just gonna have to look like a dumby just like how dumb u looked talking to ashley haha to bad

    • Away to flush out Dan!!!
      Comments (12)

      Oh my Boogie slept just like Jenn in major events just to save grace he campaigned against janielle..walked & talked to Boogie bc he had 3 players and wanted will to join his team and trade Jenn….where would Boogie be or Frank if they teamed up and couldnt sit in the rooms threatening weak players. Dan didn’t win stayed under the radar and pulled a page out of Dr wills. I think it wasn’t even q bible probably a Dr wills book crack case if your on the hot seat. They should of asked And who & how did you learn that move? Ha….uuuuuuuhhhhhh memory. I think I saw it on a reality show….. If you are bringing back the best then bring back the best. I can. Not wait for the jury to get the inside scoop……that’s a game changer. I am saying the awesome foursome with be flushed out this go round. So everyone will scramblevonce more for a buddy. F2 deal! 12 days…. Let’s see how this goes….

  21. Comments (102)

    I think BB will try it’s hardest to manipulate things to keep Dan and Frank in it until the end. They’re really the only two real players in the game. Both have played very different games. Frank has had to fight for survival pretty much every time he hasn’t been HOH. Frank has remained by winning competitions, while Dan has thrown them wanting to remain under the radar.

    I do think Ian will be leaving this week right after whomever he manages to get out. The show picked a comp that he’d win so he could act out his revenge on Frank for getting rid of his queen, but after that he’ll have no more value and it will be time to ship him off to the jury house. He never really seemed to be in it to win it, so it’ll be no great loss.

    If Frank survives the Double Eviction, I predict he’ll win HOH and he’ll have a choice of putting up Dan, Danielle, Shane and either Joe or Jenn for eviction.

    • Away to flush out Dan!!!
      Comments (12)

      I agree use the same ol same ol…..and continue getting annoyed with players. No other show brings back the same vets in to win. One more chance no two more..etc…. They should screen candiates better bring in fresh faces…ok at least the brigade. Frank or Dan will go this week. Ian is smart but unfocused with change. No one wants to sit beside him in finale two. Get a job from this and move on or bring back newbies who have something in common and don’t know or do & see what they can do? A decade later with all there aches and pains…Next game players who can stand out on there own. Don’t you want to see what they have learned from BB? Maybe this is just the never ending soap opera….go on to the bachelor…..DWTHS…OR MAYBE TAKE YOUR REALITY FAME AND USE IT FOR A JUMP START IN YOUR NEW CAREER. PUT A SHIRT ON UNLESS IT’S SHANE….NO ONE ELSE DO I CARE TO SEE. NO IAN..Joe..Danielle… It’s not your best look. Dans cute but needs to turnaround & say how many more Bbs. Crazy factor is what can Frank over to sit on the side lines and root on Ian & next week. Someone, is this BB ycan do each and every season? Dan will throw Danille under the bus….Frank ….Ian and Jenn. He has most of the jury but if coaches are all out Joe got what he wanted and he will play or take number 2. SHANE will when POV & a newbie the HoH. The live feeds give you moments to not everything. Besides Ian could bluff he has a coutdeta…. Never know. The mistakes at this time a crucial ask the jury. They get to hear and see it all. My opionion. Husband in Air Force 30 years & I have a simuliar job. I do know psych ops. Dr WILL WAS THE BEST.

    • Comments (21)

      wait u just said dan was a real player he has not won shit in this season do u mean shane and ian are the real players?

      • Away to flush out Dan!!!
        Comments (12)

        Yes, I did mean real players meaning SHANE & Ian. I was going to lose signal so I was rushed. I think the coaches need to keep on going out of the game & so far it has worked. Crossing my fingers. One question how was Janelle, Britney, ( who I found funny 1st go round) end up as coaches? Americas favorites? Then now we see why they were paranoid….. Bring in the looks if you can not win. Maybe that’s why Britney was so different this season.

  22. Comments (5)

    haha haha frank and jen it came back to bite you in the back

  23. Comments (6)

    I think if frank goes home this week you should just give ian the money not dan beacause hears my thing if ian makes final 3 with anyone other than frank he wins dan may manipulate people but he hasnt won didly, shane has no social game just compitions, and jenn and joe cant bet ian, he will only have to worry about dani. Besides last time i checked the only person who has a chance aginst ian in the final hoh is either dani or frank

    • Comments (102)

      Actually, if The Rat can claim he single-handedly got Boogie out of the house because he snitched, then Jenn beats him because she was the POV and was instrumental in back-dooring Britney. If she hadn’t agreed to take Dan down then Frank couldn’t have put up Britney. She also had the guts to do what she did in front of everyone, while The Rat scurried around behind peoples back and hid behind Dan to protect himself. So Jenn beats him.

      Jenn also hasn’t backstabbed people the way The Rat has. Boogie is the only reason the little jerk is still in the game and he gave him $3,000 and wasn’t even mad when Britney threw The Rat under the bus claiming he told her Frank was going to put up Shane. And we know how the Rat repaid that loyalty. By spying and snitching.

      If Jenn were up against The Rat for final 2 she could probably beat him. Kentucky Joe is now the biggest floater in the house having won and done nothing aside from shooting off his mouth.

      • Questionable Comments???
        Comments (21)

        Give it a rest Kathryn all you do is rag on Ian. We get it you dont like him he stabbed the love of your live Mike Boogie in the back blab blab blab. You include this in every post get over yourself and add something to the post besides your Ian is a rat, Ian is a back stabber. The whole house lies and back stabs its a game, let me phrase that for you one more time its a GAME. Everyone has a different style of playing. Please add some actually thought not just negativity to your post. Thanks hope you think about what is being said hear. There are people I am not really fond of either but hey say it one time not over and over again. Broken recorded!!!

      • Questionable Comments???
        Comments (21)

        Before I am told about the editorial errors hear was replaced on purpose for here and the same for recorded for record. Thank you all the spell checkers out there!! 🙂

    • Comments (1276)

      In Dan’s first season, he didn’t win much. But he won with all of the votes in his favor. Keep in mind, the level of skill at which you play the game goes as much into jury votes as anything.
      Once people get away from being ticked off, they really start to look at how the moves people made kept them in the house as long as it did. Brit for example, once out, yes she said she hated Dan, but that he was a great player and made one of the best moves she’s even seen in BB, by totally flipping the house. Once she cools down, he could easily win over her vote. It’s like a Rachel on 13, that girl could win comps, but most people thought she was annoying, but she did the power moves to get her to the end, and she won. Jordan, didn’t win that much in her first season, but people liked her so much she won. It really depends on how people feel once they get out of the house.

  24. Comments (528)

    Boy would it ever make the game if Ian backdoored Dan, how cool would that be? It would sure show all the haters what kind of game he can play. I don’t know though, he seems to be really attached to Dan for some reason. Anywho, I have my fingers crossed that Ian does the right thing here. Come on kid!

  25. Comments (102)

    I agree. An edit button would be great.

    You know, Dan’s “great” move wouldn’t have worked if these houseguests weren’t so dumb. Dan flattered everyone then attacked Danielle and they were all just stood there with dumb looks on their face wondering, “What happened?” Never wondering if Dan could publicly humiliate Danielle, why did he need to talk to Frank in private. If Wil had still been in the house, it wouldn’t have worked, because he would have seen through it, just like he saw through Janelle’s fake tears.

    • Comments (528)

      This is so true. Brit even admitted how stupid she felt being taken in by the act and tried to warn everyone about how deceitful Dan truly is “this is the guy that had to elbow me in the head so he could get a shot at the Veto…” remember that? He acted like a total douche, then pulls this and everyone just falls for it. Not getting rid of him will be many people’s downfall.

  26. Comments (8)

    It may seem obvious to us that Ian targeted Dan, but it may be unclear to him. Dan protected Ian for a while and that is hard to forget.

    • Comments (102)

      Yeah, but if he’s out to avenge his Golden Angel Brittany, maybe he should go after the person she spent her time bashing and trashing…Dan. She even called him a Judas at the Eviction Vote.

      I’ll tell you why. Ian doesn’t have the guts to go after Dan. He’s going after Frank because everyone has tried to get him out and thinks the houseguests will see him as some big hero if he can succeed at getting Frank out.

  27. Comments (2)

    well well i am not one of many words (i can not spell good) so i will keep it short and good. i am team frank!!! i think ian is the biggest wuss i would be team ian if he did everything out in the open like frank did most of the time.if ian does not put up dan he is not wourthy of beeing a realy good player like an haden or enzo or even a evil dick the greates player on the side of chicken man!!!!

  28. Comments (21)

    What r u tlking a bout tianna. I think Ian is very mature.

  29. Comments (21)

    Why are people keep saying that ian is a rodent? he is a good player go ian u can win this and go shane also go quack pack.

  30. Comments (1)

    I don’t understand why people are so down on Frank..he maybe a bit of a bully but he was honest and true with Ian and plays hard in comps…where Ian on the other hand is PRAISED for being sneaky and ratting out Boogie and Frank (after Boogie protected him and gave him money) and why because he is a nerd and people think that is cute!?! And Dan swears on the bible and then goes back on his word..nice..wonder if “his” god thinks that’s ok.

    • Comments (528)

      I don’t know what message board you’ve been reading, but I’m seeing a lot more hate for Ian than frank. And a lot of people think the nerdy look is cute – adorkable – including myself. I think he’s cuter than curly sue, generic Shane….maybe not Dan. He’s been ticking me off but I think he’s cute. I’ll bet Ian has a good amount of little fangirls waiting for him when he gets home 😉

  31. Comments (17)

    When are this house is gonna leave Frank Alone , he has been in the block every week , except the week when he won the HOH !
    and is still in this game , he has proove that he is a real BB Legend . If Ian was a real BB fan , he will know that sticking whit DAN/SHANE/DANIELLE is not the best thing & he really needs to step up is game ! as for Dan i dont think he’s the BEST PLAYER TO EVER PLAY THIS GAME , because he had to patrayed is alliance to get off the block , as for DR. WILL when he had to get out of a mess he still alwayz stay loyal to his Alliance .

  32. Comments (1)

    Frank truly deserves to win he has won competitions and has not stabbed anyone in the back. True to his word. Well deserved

  33. Comments (2)

    If frank goes so does my showtime

  34. Comments (2)

    I have hopes that Ian will back door Dan! I think Frank will snitch or maybe even Jenn that Britney’s leaving was all due to Dan! Go Ian go!

  35. Comments (1)

    Ian is from Pittsburgh and intelligence wise he is lacking.

    He went to Tulane University because they accepted him. He did NOT go to Carnegie Mellon one of the top schools for engineering in the world located in his hometown.

    He did NOT graduate in the top 10 percent of his high school class. How intelligent can he be?

    He makes Pittsburgh look bad even Ashley was a better contender for representing our city.

    Other thoughts:

    1. Boogie was NEVER a BB legend. Will gave him the win.

    2. Has Joe and Jenn said more than 1200 words combined on air?

    3. It is well known that a lot of the show is arranged/rigged for certain people to do better(Ian) cough!

    4. Right now worthiness of winning is Frank, Dan, Dani, Shane, Jenn, Ian and Joe although the last 4 are interchangeable except for Joe. No way No how anyone has Joe winning.

    Always entertaining but becoming a bit too obvious with the rigging the past couple of seasons. Hopefully Allison will step back and let the contestants/hamsters play.


  36. Comments (191)

    I can’t deny that Frank has the ability to win any physical competition but I don’t think he has any social game. He got as far as he has because of Boogie and his physical ability. He yells at people when he should keep his mouth shut.

    He had a chance to get rid of Dan and he let him talk him out of it. He will regret that move.

    I hope Ian wins because he is the underdog.

    • Comments (5)

      DAN WON HOH!!!! Damn!

    • Comments (102)

      And you think Ian’s has played a good social game? Backstabbing every person who was loyal to him? Threatening to rip someone’s face off? Giving someone the finger? Someone who acted like a stalker?

      If that’s your standards of playing a good social game, then yes, Frank hasn’t played a good social game.

      • Questionable Comments???
        Comments (21)

        Here we go again blab blab blab Ian add something worth reading Kathryn we know you dont like Ian. After 900 rants about Ian everyone on the internet knows you dont like Ian. Blab blab blab!! Add substance not negativity on every post. Thanks!!!!

  37. Comments (6)

    Dan won POV.

  38. Comments (2)

    If Dan uses the POV on Jenn he deserves to be put up in her place . . . Joe is best for Ian to keep over Dan!

    • Comments (102)

      If he doesn’t use it to take Frank off the block, then he can kiss winning goodbye. Britney won’t vote for him, Frank won’t and Frank will probably get Ashley not to vote for him, either. That’s 3 votes against him.

  39. Comments (21)

    Man please dan dont take Frank off the block that will be the worst mistake.. He is so ugly i cant take it any more. BYE BYE curly Ginger lol go Ian and shane

  40. Comments (5)

    Does anyone else notice how Ian looks to see where the camera is before he makes his statements? This is a soap opera to him and he wants to be remembered. As a lying fink maybe!! Frank and Dan should be final two. Joe is a fn floater, as is Danielle and Shane is a leach. Jenn goes after them.

    I don’t like Dan because he swore on a bible and didn’t keep his word…so much for a fine Catholic boy!! Frank may not have social game but he has worked the hardest to get where he is so unlike Joe, Danielle, Shane and Jenn.

    Frank is not ugly. Haircut and he is fine. The show isn’t about looks although they like their boobies on the girls. Ian is a little shit! I will laugh when he goes…..Dan better save Frank is he wants to even think of winning.

    I want Frank to win. He deserves it more than anyone else including Dan. Dan hasn’t been true to his word on anything… smart is that????

    GO FRANK!!!!!!

    • Comments (1276)

      actually Dan hasn’t broken his word to Frank, at least not yet. plus, it was Dan and Frank who talked about saving Jenn not Frank. they can use the Dan’s paying her back for saving him last go round card. plus, Frank believes if he has Joe beside him he can get the votes.
      Unless Dan changes his mind, and changes his vote to voting Frank out, he hasn’t gone against his promise. This is a perfect example of how Dan is great with words, as Brit used to say the “fog” he leaves you in. From the deal Frank and Dan made, Frank is safe from Dan voting him out, or putting him up, but Dan isn’t obligated to make the others vote for him to stay. That part is Franks Job. Shane won’t (I’m 95% sure) vote out Joe, since he has Joe’s devotion. Danielle will really be the swing vote that decides if Ian gets to send him out the door due to a tie or if it’s a 3 to 1 vote to keep him.

      • Questionable Comments???
        Comments (21)

        IMO manipulating people into that choice is the same thing as a lie. You can paint the picture how you want but it still amounts to the same thing its a lie. I would never win this game as I could not stoop to the level of Dan’s game play. At some point the money would not be worth it. It is a game but you have to have cut off point of I can only do so much for money. IMO Dan has gone too far.

      • Comments (3)

        You can’t play BB without lying. Name one winner that won without lying. It’s impossible, that’s why the game is just not for everyone.

    • Comments (3)

      Please stop with the bible swearing… you really in your right mind think a bolt of lighting or some other catastrophe is going to kill Dan or his wife? It amazes me that people still believe in this book that was written by men. These men had no “special powers”. That’s in the same category as believing in Batman. Go to your local community college and take a couple of classes. Try your basic science then move on to Religions of the World. Those are just for starters. Enlighten your mind. If you don’t like reading , you can find some good documentaries on the subject. Sorry for coming on strong.

      As for BB……Dan should win….just saying. I don’t care what he believes in regarding religion , I just think he deserves it, again. 🙂

      • Comments (5)

        It is what the Bible stands for….morality and good….he shouldn’t have sworn on it. I don;t want him to win 2 x ….what did he do first half before the turn??? I hope Frank talks them all into giving it to Danielle or Ian…serves Dan right!!! Enlighten your mind and be open ….Dan is a fraud!!!!

  41. Comments (3)

    Dan is playing a flawless game. I would love to see him be the first HG to win twice. He deserves it .
    Daniele is the most annoying insecure woman. She turns every conversation about herself. Stalking Shane, begging for kisses. Constantly checking herself in every mirror. She irritates me. She just follows what Dan and Shane tells her to do. Plus, she lied to her “best friend” in the house by not telling her about her new alliance with Frank, Dan, and Jenn.

    Frank is the best physical player in the house. Sure he’s a good guy, but none of you pro Frank fans, would not want to be in the final 3 beside him. Dan knows this, because he’s intelligent. It is a game! Go Dan!!

    I miss Brittany. I wanted her to win . She’ll win Americas Choice, hands down. After hours BB is freakin boring without her. Now we gotta listen to Danielle constantly. Glad I have TiVo, so I can fast forward whenever I see her face.

    Shane has no game either. He needs to go. 8 out of ten times when Showtime comes on, he just starts his workout. Shane and Danielle both must not have much attention from their parents, because they’re both starving for it now. Shane might make it to the end, but he’ll never get the votes to win.

    Ian is very intelligent, but he lacks common sense, as many highly intelligent people do. Something’s up with him. The way he rocks back and fourth at the dining room table, how he walks on his toes when he walks, and sleeping with that teddy bear. The guy is cool but he does have issues. He’s the biggest BB fan. I wouldn’t mind if he won.

    The rest of the HG are not worth mentioning. DONE. HAHA.

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