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Big Brother 14 – Pandora’s Box Is Back!

(stealing this image from Big Brother Network because I’m lazy)

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Note, I am not at home and have limited time to watch any of the feeds today, so I am going by just what information I’ve been picking up on my batphone. It appears Pandora’s Box came into play today, and instead of being pure fluff, they actually had an item of substance in it.

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See who Frank puts up on the block!

Frank was told to pick 3 envelopes of cash, and one of them featured a nice $3k prize, while the other two were small numbers, barely enough for a haircut when he leaves the house.

The rest of the house on the other hand, they got to play with the box in the arcade room.  Ian apparently won some type of veto situation, maybe just this weeks PoV (unless they have 2 this week?), so now Frank has to make a few tough decisions who to nominate.

From the sounds of it right now, he is planning on a Dan/Danielle nomination because he is hearing around the house that not many would actually vote out Danielle.  This could be Dan’s ticket out of the game, and if it works, a smart move for Frank.  The problem is that he is STILL trying to work with Ian, while Ian is still playing the double agent. Poor Frank. If he gets screwed by Ian as well, then I guess you kind of have to tip your cap to Ian… unless he ends up finishing 4th or 5th and ended up alienating two good friends just so he can play his dream villain role.

So if Ian has a plan to sneak his way all the way to the finals, I’ll gain more respect in him..  If he’s just there to sabotage players games with no thought about his own end game… well, that sucks.

Anyway, like I said I’m typing this up on my laptop from the road so I am going to be brief (if that’s possible with me).  Nominations should be taking place shortly and I’ll be creating a new thread when that happens.  Until then, keep supporting the site by signing up to the live feeds!

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  1. Comments (7)

    Frank has the best social game and does the best in the competitions… Shane’s almost as good in the competitions but has a horrible social game and was the first to break his word… the rest are just getting a free ride while these two play the game… I hope they team up and run the house of the useless house guests. Frank vs Shane would be the best final 2.

    I can’t stand Britney… Delusional like a female Boogie but can’t win comps.

    Frank put up Dan and Danielle they’ll either vote out Dan if it stays the same and if either win veto you put up Brit and she’ll finally be GONE!

  2. Comments (126)

    ‘Frighten Four’ status:

    Danielle: Cry me a river
    Britney: Stress-out city, I afraid she is ready to disavow her marriage temporary of course.

    Shane: Semi-Brown-Nose, making promises contrary to just a few days ago, shades of two-face.

    Dan: In heavy think-mode you can see the smoke, probably won’t scumbag Ian now that Ian has power, but was ready to.

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