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Big Brother 14 – PoV Ceremony Results; Major Flow Change

big brother 14 shane

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Right before the live feeds went down for the PoV ceremony, some little kittens were sneaking out of the bag (yes, I made up that new saying).  Joe was speaking with Janelle when she let him know that Frank the Tank is, and most certainly will go after Shifty Willie in the next week or so depending on HoH.

Sure enough, once the ceremony was over, the flow of the game completely changed in a different direction.  Turn on the feeds to follow along but I’ll do my best to give you the cliff notes….

big brother 14 kara
Did Kara get a second life?

Shane obviously didn’t use the PoV, there was never even a doubt about that.  He didn’t have any reason to create waves, so that wasn’t a shock to anyone.   However, Willie has completely shifted gears and it sounds like Frank is officially on the hot-seat now.   In fact, Willie is up in the HoH as I type this and is talking to Kara about how she’s in a very good spot right now, and it sounds like he’s actually being genuine this time.

Not only is Kara sitting a bit more comfortable today, but the pressure may be off of Dan and now on Booger.  As it stands right now, the entire house is starting to focus against Mike’s team and pretty much everyone agrees Ian and Jenn can’t win HoH if and when Frank goes home.

Things are certainly going to heat up this week, but right now I’d hate to be in Frank’s position


Live updates:

1:02pm BBT – Ian is talking with Boogie outside and mentioned how he’s starting to feel more comfortable.  If he only knew what everyone else says about him.

big brother 14 janelle and jojo in bath

4:43pm BBT – Feeds were all crazy this afternoon but they’ve settled down and now Janelle and JoJo are taking a bath together.  Janelle is coaching her about trying to make an all-girl game at the end because guys generally win when it’s a guy/girl final 2.  If you want to see them bathing together, launch the feeds because it’s happening now.

stay tuned for more…

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    Big Brother is fairly new to my watch-list, but I am incredibly happy with what has happened so far. I’m still rooting for Ian, but Shane and Frank both have my affection as well. A coworker at Dish told me about Big Brother and I had to tune in. I won’t be able to watch tonight’s episode live, but my Hopper will record it on PrimeTime Anytime so I can watch it without commercials in the morning. So far, Jojo has earned her eviction and Joe is going to go fairly soon.

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