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Jenn's time in the house is numbered

Big Brother 14 – PoV Meeting Results; Ian Fails To Make Big Move

Jenn’s time in the house is numbered
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Ian, a self proclaimed Big Brother expert, a person who feels he can now coach future players, and someone who has been priding himself on getting rid of ‘big’ targets this season. Well, that Ian had a gun up to the biggest target of the entire season and chose to shoot the dead fish in the barrel instead. Way to go, buddy.. complete failure of an HoH yet again.

This is Ian’s 3rd HoH of the season, and it will be the 2nd non-threatening person who will be evicted on his watch.  The 3rd?  Well, he was a huge target, but has been one all season, so it’s not as if Ian had some genius moment and said ‘Wait a minute, if Frank stays, he’s going to win yet nobody is realizing that’.  Everyone realized that, and that’s why he was on the block every single week he wasn’t HoH. Ian was just fortunate enough that Frank made the mistake of keeping Dan in the game just a week earlier.

Watch Jenn unload on Ian after the PoV Meeting

Before I ramble too much, I need to explain that Ian put Shane and Jenn on the block.  Shane won PoV and removed himself, so Ian put up Danielle as the replacement nominee instead of Dan.

The only hope for a redemption of this season is if Dan wins HoH this week and gets Ian out of the house like he intended on doing during the live show.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stomach Ian in the final 2 trying to take credit for eliminating Boogie, Frank and keeping most of the quack pack together until the final 4.  Why?  Because the current jury is probably gullible enough to believe it and give him some votes that he doesn’t deserve.

I know people will say “Well he must be doing something right because he’s in the final 4”, let me remind people that Adam and Porsche were in the final 4 last year, and Kalia and Shelly were in the final 6 after floating throughout most of the season.  Without Boogie, he would have likely been the first person voted out, and then became fortunate enough to align with someone who nearly went down in flames for him (Dan).

That being said, he certainly has played a better game than Danielle, Jenn and probably even Shane, which is why his biggest chance to win was to get rid of the only guy who probably can beat him in the finals.

Do you think Ian made the right move in nominating Danielle?  Let’s hear it.

Note, there will be an eviction tomorrow night and the live feeds will likely be down until after the show on Wed night, but I’ll do my best to see if I can get any leaks.


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  1. Comments (7)

    ” I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stomach Ian in the final 2 trying to take credit for eliminating Boogie, Frank and keeping most of the quack pack together until the final 4.”

    But he did. Do you not understand this game?

    • Comments (4)

      Are you watching the same season. With the same people? Ian thinks he did everything and it seems he has convinced viewers as well. Dan has done ALL of the work behind the scenes. Frank out of the house was all Dan. If Dan had chose not to go back to the quackpack then Shane and Ian would most likely be out of the house right now and Frank and Dan would be there. Dan has done all the dirty work abd backstabbing. Ian, it just so happens was able to take the credit for all of Dans work.

      • Comments (7)

        Absolutely it’s been all Dan and if it’s him and Ian in the final 2 Dan deserves the win.

      • Comments (7)

        Ian won’t have to worry about being sure Dan is making it to the final two to seal their deal because while is still befuddled why he agreed to no put Dan up to save face, he wasted his HOH and will likely be the next victim the quack pack sacrifices on the next eviction altar.

    • Comments (1)

      I think you (KnightFire) don’t understand the game!!!

    • Comments (2)

      What i have a hard time with is how can these people not see the real Dan and the real Ian… Those 2 in a different environment would never be able to get away with what they have gotten away with in the past 4 weeks… Growing up in a street smart environment i saw through them in the 1st few episodes… The selection process needs to get a house full of street smart people!! Now that would be a great show to watch!!! Oh and can someone please inform Danielle that crying is not the way to get through life…

    • Comments (2)

      YOu realize that this is an argument about the two best players left in the game. Who cares which one is better? They are both better than Jenn, Danielle, and Shane.

      Was it stupid for Ian to keep Dan?…Absolutely and there is a very good chance that Ian gets sent home next. But of the remaining players, either Ian or Dan deserve to win. Either way, I think Ian has America’s Favourite locked up, and you know what, I’m ok with that. While he’s a little annoying, he’s played the game, he hasn’t floated, and gosh darn it, he could use the money and would be eternally grateful. Do I think his ego is a little big right now? Ya…but cut the guy some slack! He LOVES the game!!

  2. Comments (528)

    Ian just made a fatal mistake that he will certainly be kicking himself over. Now he has to win every comp available or his ass is grass…maybe Dan threatened to rip his face off of he nominates him? XD

    • Comments (768)

      I’d still like to know how they let Dan get away with saying that.

      • Comments (528)

        The same way Evel Dick got away with calling Jen and c**t and burning her with a cigarette. Dan is a BB pet, and as much as I don’t feel they rig games (except that time they claimed the hamsters knew each other before entering the house which seemed to be only to slant the game and change the HoH) I do feel they DEFINITELY treat houseguests differently depending on how popular they are.

      • Comments (768)


      • Comments (1276)

        actually Ian said it the other day. I can’t remember who he said it too, but it was over Brit, I think, maybe Ashley. But he said word for word “I’ll rip your face off” if you vote her out. So really, Dan just used his words against him.
        Tasteless words yes, but they can’t throw him out for something Ian already said.

      • Comments (528)

        Totally missed that. They really need to watch what they say, man, I think they forget sometimes they’re n TV. Apparently Jeff was this gross, giant homophobe but stupid BB edited it out of all the feeds so the prick got America’s Choice in the end! I was actually happy about the guy until I read about the kind of terrible things he said on national television.

      • Comments (1276)

        I watched the feeds for both of Jeff’s seasons, and never heard him say anything homophobic. At times he’d get hot, but I never heard him threaten anyone physically.
        I wish I could remember when it was that Ian said it, I’m sure someone could tell us at least what week it was, but we’ll have to wait to see. I thought it was so tasteless when he said it. So when Dan repeated it, I didn’t read near as much into it, since it had already been said.
        What irritates me is how CBS only aired Dan saying it. I guess it plays into what you said about Jeff and America’s choice, they seem to be covering up some of Ian’s slip ups, but are putting all of Dan’s lesser moments on the show.
        Hey, that’s why we get the feeds… so we aren’t missing out on whats really going on.

      • Comments (528)

        He called someone a homo more than once and then went on a rant about how terrible it is that Dumbledore might be gay because he’s a headmaster at a school full of kids, as though gay is the same things as pedophile. Later when he was out and saw the disapproval he tweeted something about how this is just how he feels about “those people”

        All pretty yucky. He went from cute to very, very ugly to me very quickly.

      • Comments (1276)

        WOW, I never heard any of that. I actually just found myself saying “SHOCKING” (lol)

      • Comments (528)

        lol, right? He seemed like such a sweetie, too.

      • Comments (34)

        Ian said it 1st and it was on tv. He said it in the storeroom went someone, maybe Frank mentioned putting Twitney up. I think it was about 2 weeks before she went home.
        Jeff tweeted about Dumbledore. What baffels me is how horrible he was to Jordan and Shelly yet no one says anything about it. But hey look at Dan and how he treats Dani.Again its ok.
        With Jenn heading out I really don’t care who wins lol you have Ian who is looking more like Wile E Coyote sooooper genius, stalker Dani the 2faced girl, stunned Shane and the despicable one Dan. Of them all Dan at least played. Not well….and it will be interesting to see what his ultra religious employer thinks of his game play. I wonder what his students think of it just being business

      • Comments (1276)

        Thank you stevebeans!!! I couldn’t remember who he said it to. I was pretty sure it was about Brit, but when I lost my confidence and it could have been about Ashely.
        This is why you are the MAN!!! 🙂

      • Comments (11)

        I wonder also? My boyfriend doesnt watch Big Brother but has to sometimes because if he is in the living room when its on oh well. But when Dan said that his head turned around and said did he just say he would rip his face off? I wish he had put Dan up.

      • Comments (1276)

        Just keep in mind, Dan just repeated to Ian what Ian said to him over Brit. So, by that logic, Ian should have been up the first chance the god, then Dan would have never gotten the chance to use it back on him.

      • Comments (528)

        Maybe it’s one of their lame BB phrases they use over and over like a virus. “that will be golden” comes to mind 😛

  3. Comments (4)

    Ian is just young and gullible. He made the same mistake that Frank did. He just sealed his fate and will not make it to the final 3. He really needs to leave the show as as a professional Ian is in need of psychiatric intervention. Why did BB let him appear on National TV with his diagnosis? It was very unfair to him. He still had plenty of chance to get on BB in the future.

    • Comments (528)

      What on earth are you talking about??

      • Comments (20)

        I think Floradora has spotted what I think, thousands of others, watching BB14 have concluded. Ian has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder. He has all of the classic symptoms.
        The constant swinging in the hammock
        Walking on his tiptoes
        His constant desire to be alone
        He has referred to it as ADD, in his discussion with Dan, but that is clearly not the case. I think Danielle and Brittney figured it out, and have watched out for him. The producers surely must have known the truth, and are keeping quiet until the final outcome is decided. Then the truth will be revealed.

      • Comments (528)

        So he needs a “psychiatric intervention”?? There are more people on this board that need a psychiatric intervention Han Ian, good grief. Floradora clearly has no unrstanding of Aspbergers, Autism, ADHD or psychiatrics. That comment was way out of line.

      • Comments (13)

        Many Houseguests are disfunctional, or functioning with a mental diagonis. The DR leak in BB8 called Eric for his Lithium. Look at BB9, half the cast were strippers and a few were in jail for drug dealling. This year, how did Willie pass the psych test? I think Grodgner likes disfunctional people so they can be manipulated easier by the med dispensing DR and they cause drama, which I hate because I prefer game.

      • Comments (528)

        Want to see dysfunctional catch the UK Big Brother, they’re terrible. One year they had an anorexic, a manic depressive, an addict and some other mental disorder, all in the house together. Those guys have no morals when it comes to casting people…and then they wonder why their show gets insanely violent. :/

      • Comments (5)

        I can see that the probability that Ian has any sort of disorder, and people having opinions about it, is a sore spot for a lot of people. It’s a shame really. Just as anyone else signing up for this game that many are quick to judge and label, Ian has also signed up for the same show. If he in fact has ASD or ADD or OCD, then kudos to him for stepping into the limelight! Perhaps people would become interested in those disorders and do research on them and learn something.
        I also thought Ian might have Aspergers early on this season (as he exhibits many symptoms as my sister has)- but that is my opinion. That being said, I was lucky enough to watch the actual full conversation he and Dan had up in the HOH room. Ian thinks he might have ADD. “Thinks” being the operative word. He has never been diagnosed with anything and has never taken any medications. He was pulled from his first school by his parents and sent to a school that would better support him and his social skills. Dan at one point spoke up and suggested to Ian that he might have ASD (Autism/Aspergers); Ian didn’t think so. Once again the operative work is “think”.
        In the end, Ian has never been diagnosed with anything (just self-diagnosed)and he’s as much of a psych expert as the rest of us – so we can’t even hold ADD as truth. If Ian does in fact have Aspergers, I am quite thrilled with how far he’s made it, as Aspergers is a social disorder and Big Brother is a social game.

      • Comments (108)

        I don’t think Asperger’s is generally treated with medication. He might have ADD in addition to Asperger’s… or the symptoms may overlap… but Asperger’s is fairly common and doesn’t require treatment. People with this “disorder” are generally high-functioning but lack social skills. They can learn to compensate. I used to date a guy who clearly has Asperger’s but may never have gotten a diagnosis. He’s very successful in his career and a very sweet person, despite being socially awkward. I never saw it until I actually got to know him more personally. There are plenty of successful people with Asperger’s. I have a couple of friends with sons who have Asperger’s. It’s difficult, but with a little behavioral therapy, and some understanding, they generally do just fine. I’m in my 40’s and when I was a kid, these kids were just “weird”. No diagnosis. They were odd, maybe awkward, maybe annoying, but they didn’t need psychiatric help to become independent adults.

      • Comments (5)

        You are right about the medications Jenny. Aspergers isn’t treatable by medications. I do know that co-relating symptoms of people with any “three lettered acronym” disorders do sometimes take medications for some symptoms (such as anxiety or hyperactivity). Not all… but some.

        I’m glad that you too have had the opportunity to meet people with ASD and have such a great opinion on the matter to share with us. However, I’m not sure what you meant by persons with ASD not needing psychiatric help as the behavioral therapy you suggested they need is a form of psychiatric help. Did you mean medication wise?

      • Comments (1)

        My son has Aspergers, and yes they do try to treat it with meds!! I am against them and am always at the school for his behavior, we always argue about him not being on any meds……. he can’t be still and drums and rocks back and forth ALL of the time! Ian definitely demonstrates signs of Aspergers……..and I am a psychology major!

      • Comments (5)

        I found this quote from mayoclinic.com that may help with the meds convo:

        There are no medications that specifically treat Asperger’s syndrome. But some medications may improve specific symptoms — such as anxiety, depression or hyperactivity — that can occur in many children with Asperger’s syndrome.”

        Post script: I also was a Psych major – still doesn’t make me an expert on the DSMIV

      • Comments (1276)

        Thank you for your insight Chick and Jenny M. It always seems that the least informed people are the first to judge. Having people like both of you on here to help understand what might be going on will hopefully keep the speculation down.
        I found both of your posts to be kind and from the heart. Thank you again.

      • Comments (5)

        Thank you for the compliment Christina! It’s well received and appreciated!!! 🙂

      • Comments (2)

        Chick- I agree with you about….If Ian does have ADD or ASD then congrats to him for making it this far in the game. I have a love one with ASD and Ian does everything Jarred does. When I watch the show sometimes I feel like I am watching Jarred. I am not saying he should win because he has a disorder but until you have been around people with these different disorders you learn not to be so hard on calling people names when you see they do the crazy things that Ian does. It should make a light go off in your head that maybe the poor boy is suffering from something. If his parents never got him diagnosed then of course he only thinks. There is plenty of medication out there that would help Ian not be so hyper.
        Good Luck Ian!!!!!

      • Comments (5)

        Good points Jigs!

      • Comments (11)

        Dan is copying Jenns little tune that she has done since day one in the Big Brother house. Shane is constanly banging his fingers and hands on the table. Just saying….

      • Comments (1276)

        Isn’t the tune that Jenn does all of the time, the BB tune? I’m pretty sure they all do it, it just used to be done more because Wil was usually the one that got it started.

      • Comments (528)

        After that much time in a house-shaped pressure cooker with no TV, Internet, videogames, music…I’d be nagging my HEAD against the table.

      • Comments (528)


    • Comments (1276)

      What would Ian have to gain to lie about what his condition is? Dan asked if it was OCD, Ian replied it was ADHD. I would guess he has at least milD OCD, but being that Ian looked so honestly touched that Dan had even asked, why would he lie?
      No offence floradora, but as I said to someone else before, I think it’s wrong for people to be diagnosing Ian. He was able to be on the show, and has handled it really well. Saying he needs “psychiatric intervention”, is honestly just ignorant.

      • Comments (233)

        Perfect. Thank you, Sadie and Christina. Ian is awesome, so is Dan, so is Shane. Did you see him tear up when Dan cried? Dan’s gotta win, but I’m feeling torn.

      • Comments (528)

        Shane’s a real softie, eh? That’s like the third time I’ve seen him cry and it’s usually because someone near him is crying, not even over his own stuff. Adorable. The only reason I don’t want him to win is it won’t seem as deserved as Dan or Ian. At least to me.

        I think people might find this season so “boring” is because it’s been ery peaceful in the house. Most seasons, often by the endgame, things get tense and certain people hate each other and you can tell…these guys as all civil and friendly and seem to honestly like one another. Watching BBAD however angry Jenn was she’s just chillin’ with the crew, doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings. Might not be as exciting but it’s nice to see. 🙂

    • Comments (2)

      I think that statement is a little too much!! if anything they set Ian up for an embarrassing future…. I think the one who needs HELP is Britt, for talking about Jenn cutting herself,,,shame on her!!!

  4. Comments (9)


  5. Comments (191)

    Ian did make a mistake, there is no question he should have put up Dan so he was voted out. It was a $500,000 mistake.

    • Comments (76)

      If Ian put up Dan Would Danielle or Shane have voted him out?

      • Comments (5)

        I think Ian could have convinced Shane, after all on double eviction night Dan put up Ian as a “pawn” and told everyone Ian was actually the target, and then when Ian won the veto Dan wanted to put Shane up as a “pawn” and then evict him. Ian could have used this to convince Shane that Dan can not be trusted because Shane knows that Dan tried to pull the exact same move on Ian. If Shane voted to evict Dan, even if Danielle voted Jenn, Ian has the tie breaker.

      • Comments (3)

        Ian has just put himself in a position where he has to win all the comps basically. I don’t think he made that big of a mistake not backdooring Dan. I have my doubts that Shane would follow through in voting Dan out. Danielle does not like Ian. She would have fed Shane that Ian is untrustworthy. Afterall she did tell Shane about Dan wanting to put him up as a “pawn”. She’d cover for Dan so that she has a final 3 where everyone is taking her. Shane tends to listen to whoever he is closest 2 even if its not best for his own game.

      • Comments (191)

        I think Shane would vote out Dan and Ian would be the tie break vote. Dan has Danielle wrapped around his finger but I can’t figure out why.

      • Comments (11)

        Thats how it should have went down. Ian should have put Dan up. Maybe it was the comment I will rip your face off that was still in the back of his mind. I cant take anymore of Danielle. Then last night Dan asking her whats wrong. Shane asking her whats wrong. Did I hear Mike Boogie say pouting?

  6. Comments (62)

    Not much about the initial post I don’t agree with. Though I will say the perception in the Jury can be different than ours. Dan looks F2 with anyone but Shane. Perhaps Ian wins out and takes Dani instead. Highly unlikely but atleast a 1% possibility. If Dani goes out 4th do you think there is even a 1% chance Ian takes Shane? Nope not in my opinion. I think the only real chance for Dan to go home is Dani wins HOH at 4. Shane wins veto and votes out Dan. I give this between 5 and 10% at best. It’s Dan versus a puppet/muppet at F2. All depends how much he is truely hated IMHO.

    • Comments (65)

      I hope that is what happens! But very unlikely! What I think will happen is Dani wins HoH, Ian wins veto, and Dan will go home (if Ian is smart lol).

      • Comments (62)

        Ian is not that bright. Lots of folks have book smarts. It’s having the skill set to read and evaluate people that is much rarer in society. We see it year after year on BB. This season has been text book to this point.

    • Comments (13)

      I have said it since the Frank/Joe eviction, EVERYBODY wants to be sitting next to Dan in F2 in order to wim! Dan is being protected by all the others, because he is their best F2.

      • Comments (528)

        I don’t agree. Other than Ian, Dan will definitely win against any of the current houseguests, he’s just played the game and payed it so effectively they’re eating out of his hand. The jury will recognise he deserves the win more than some floater.

      • Comments (62)

        On BBAD last night if you didn’t see it pimple popper RN put in a couple of “classic” comments. One was to Shane saying she started playing the game on day 1. The human zit floater her way to F2 is playing the game? ROFL

        And since I know you love a goos laugh. Here’s another beauty for you. Dani is talking to Shane.. According to pimple popper Danielle is the only “unselfish” person in t6he house. This douchebeg is dillusional!!!

      • Comments (528)

        Hahaha…watching that conversation right now. They’re just convincing themselves and each other of these things, like they’re these great players and naming jury members that “love them” and how well they’d do in the f2. “Ian doesn’t need the money, he has a full scholarship, he’s just giving it to his parents.” And how easily they can beat him…um, then why are you so desperate to get him out? If you really think Ian would fail in the f2 then why the hell are you playing nice with Dan? He’d surely be your next biggest threat.

        Oh, but I forgot, you two are playing such a great, unselfish game that the jury would TOTALLY recognise your amazing gameplay over Dans.

        LOL right.

  7. Comments (65)

    Ian made a mistake. He will beat both in the finals, but it would be smarter to nominate the much bigger threat in the house. He must have not seen Season 10 or else he would know that Dan is very sneaky and manipulative. He has made final 2 deals with pretty much everyone left in the house. No way he would choose to go to the finals with Ian, especially with a bitter jury.

  8. Comments (1)

    I want dan on the block he’s such a trator

  9. Comments (13)

    Ian fails. End of sentence.

  10. Comments (126)

    True, this was the time to do Dan in, but Ian has shown that he also has a weak spot called gullibility when it comes to Devilish Dan. Frank was the last prey to his deceiving ways

    But with that said, his pick at least eliminates the least deserving of the remaining HGs, ‘Weeping Wimp Danielle, I lost respect for her when she threaten Dan with her professional fighter brother, not knowing that except for self-defense he could lose his boxing license for hitting anyone outside the ring.

    Hey Danielle if you can’t stand the pressure of the game you never had the right to be in the house to begin with. This was never sold as a Sorority House.

    So I hope that she is gone tomorrow, because this least deserving actually has a shot at it all, Thus another wasted season gone to a floater.

    Btw, her shot at Janelle’s eviction was totally Boogies accomplishment, Danielle was just the trigger that she had to be totally reassured to do it.

    • Comments (528)

      Wait, what? When did she threaten Dan?

    • Comments (1276)

      I missed that one too. What happened and when? I can’t believe I missed her actually pissed at Dan.

      • Comments (126)

        It was a veil threat done in the AR and Dan calmly brushed it off as Danielle venting her anger with Dan for pulling that Funeral stun where she got totally dissed. But she brought it up several times, first her father was going to come after him at the finality then she mentioned her brother was a prize fighter and he would be angry for what he did to his sister, she even said would you like this done to your daughter?. Jocking done, but it was childish to even bring it up. This was done right after he did the Bible swearing deal with Frank. He went down to smooth thing over with Danielle

        She had the right to be upset, though she should of known that Dan may have been acting, Jenn smelled something wasn’t right with the whole Dan performance, thus Danielle should of also especially with their tight relationship and his past history from prior season. But instead she fell apart probably as a way of gaining sympathy and ‘you owe my now Dan, for the emotional damage you cause’ points.

      • Comments (1276)

        Well, he had promised her that he would never play with her emotions like that again. So I’m guessing that she trusted him enough not to, and when he said she was “dead to him” it probably really hurt. Plus, he entire reason for doing it was to get the real emotional reaction from her, so he must have known she would think he was serious.

      • Comments (126)

        I don’t agree with what Dan did, like other things he has done and I believe this will play against him in the Jury, maybe.

        But Dani, needs to have least suspected because Dan and her are so close, that she should of held opinion until they talked in secret which they did often.

        But these ‘threatens’, though I don’t believe they would of ever happen came after Dan told her that it was all an act and he always and still had her back. But because she is such an emotional player she wouldn’t stop crying about it and to this day I believe she still has some vengeance over it.

        Dani was once a favorite but she has proven to me that she does not deserve to be BB Champ. She is a kid in this game a sobbing floater, and doesn’t deserve even final 4

      • Comments (768)

        After winning the HOH after the reset I thought she was going to be a force to be reckoned with, but she’s basically been a floater ever since.

        Unfortunately Dan is the only one willing to make a move in this game. Everyone else is just doing what he tells them to do.

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m still hoping Dani will step it up. Even with some of her blunders (the teacher thing, trusting at times the wrong people, letting herself be seen as a stalker and so on) I think she could still turn it around.
        When I was her age, it didn’t take much to make me cry, I still cry more often then I should, but it wasn’t until I had lived through some tough times, and been hurt on much deeper levels that I really got thicker skin. I have no doubt that she has gotten her feelings hurt along the way, and that when Dan has pulled his stunts, she has been truely hurt, but at the same time she might have figured out that it could help her game.
        While, the whining needs to stop, people know she cares, people are seeing her as a sweet girl who is getting played, on a few levels. They aren’t realizing how much of a role she’s had in getting people out, which could play well for the jury.
        I am still hoping that she’ll start thinking for herself, and step it up in the comps. But I’m not holding my breath.

  11. Comments (1276)

    I think Ians big mistake is the one he keeps making. He’s so worried about a title that he’s letting it cloud his judgement. He wants to be able to Brag that he beat Dan in the end. But he’s missing the fact that if he’s in the end with Dan, he has to win at a war of words with Dan to the jury.
    The force is strong in Dan, and if Ian is able to win the right comps at the right time, and even be able to make it to the F2, chances are Dan can convince the jury to give him the votes.
    Again, I am assuming that at least some of the jury will use their brains and not their bruised feelings in the votes.
    IMO, if Dan votes out Jenn, she will be the most likely to hold it against him. She seems to carry her emotions with her, and IMO will have a harder time stepping back and looking over the game. For the rest, while Ian is taking credit for the big moves, they all know what part Dan is playing in each of them being in Jury. So, if they can manage voting on game play, and don’t use the excuse that Dan’s won before, he’ll get their votes.
    Which, I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I think once they put someone back in the house, rather it be a prior winner or prior house guest, they have just as much claim to the end game as the others. Maybe even more so, since everyone wants them out that much more based on them already having a chance. Just my opinion.
    Of course, there is still more game to play, so anything can chance.

    • Comments (528)

      Even if it comes down to Dan and Ian and they jury acknowledges that Dan has been pulling the strings, they can just hold that against Dan. He’s having other people – especially Ian – do all the dirty work and stick his neck out over and over, well, as far as I’m concerned that isn’t commendable, it’s cowardly…albet it clever. But for a win? Even just based on that I’d give it to Ian over Dan.

  12. Comments (42)

    I believe it is easy to say Ian “screwed up” amd “missed his chance” to get Dan evicted as viewed from outside the house … Ian’s entire makeup is his love of this game – the history of this game – not winning the big money but making BB history … Dan has the little hammock-swinging Einstein sold into a final two alliance with one of the game’s greatest players – himself … and even named the latest duo after Dan’s successful f2 with Memphis – the Renegades … Dan has sold this perfectly … Ian couldn’t see through Dan’s continued stumbling when Dan couldn’t sell evicting Shane to Danielle after Ian won the POV and then Shane winning the next POV – and then putting up Danielle (I may have the order screwed up here)… Ian can only see himself standing alone with Dan the Man in the final 2 Renegades II … this would be his dream of glorious dreams … Dan is looking to win at whatever cost and Ian isn’t even focusing in on the money – his success is being a Renegade II with the Man … soooo, of course, why ruin his dream and get rid of his idol? … Dan’s calling should be politics … he is that good … meaning ruthless with a smile 🙂 …

  13. Comments (10)

    Even if Ian had put Dan up he would have still needed to convince shane to vote him out cause Dani would never vote out Dan. Jen was going to be the one voted out anyways so why give Dan a better reason to put him up next week. Dan will most likely go after Shane because he is so close with Dani and would take her to the final two before Dan where as Ian would take Dan because Dan has him convinced that he is a “Renagade”.My prediction is Ian over Dan in the final 4 to 3

    • Comments (528)

      I dunno…Dani seems to be losing patience with Dan lately and logically, how hard is it to convince them sitting next to Dan in the f2 is suicide in the game, whereas Jenn has pretty much zero chance of winning against any of the houseguests there right now. Zero. Even Ian was pissed off at Dan for ousting Joe for that very reason (and yet still didn’t manage to wake up and smell the coffee when it comes to Dan…grrr!)

    • Comments (62)

      Everything you said I absolute agree is plauseable. My gut tells me he should fear Ian in the 3 part finally and keep Shane and dump Ian at 4. The kid can win the 3 parter. Likely winning endurance and 7 questions(part 3). Where as Shane NEVER wins 7 questions versus Dan or Dani. I just see the path so obviously for Dan. Get rid of Ian, Dani takes him F2 and of course Dan takes himself with Dani if he wins. Shane can’t win part 3 unless the comp is different. I would not be surprised if Dan uses the mist to convince Dani to throw part 2 if Shane wins part 1. No blood on her hands if Shane leaves ect. Dani goes for that in a heart beat. Dan controls his own fate.

  14. Comments (5)

    Does anyone know if Ian will get to play in the next hoh comp?

    • Comments (528)

      I imagine not since he’s HoH right now…

    • Comments (12)

      ian isnt eligible to play in the next hoh competition. no surprise that ian put danielle on the block instead of dan but is anyone really surprised? dan will go to the final 3 almost guaranteed even if he doesnt win the hoh.
      danielle wins: she nominates either dan or shane along with ian
      shane wins: he nominates dan and ian
      dan wins: he nominates shane and ian or shane and danielle
      with dani and shane having a final 3 deal with dan hes safe that way he has the renegade deal with ian in the finals and also a final 2 deal with danielle even though i know some viewers think she’ll choose shane over dan. i dont really buy that though dan can manipulate anybody but more importantly he has been there for danielle since day 1 hence why shane is still in the house instead of joe. i think shane or danielle will go next after jenn because ian will win the veto and evict shane or danielle whichever one didnt win HOH unless dan wins. i really hope it goes down to dan and ian for the winner of the final HOH competition because it should be.

  15. Jay David Milstein
    Comments (6)

    Let me lay down the line. Dan has Russell Hantzed himself this season. The only person that could bear Dan is Jenn because she is useless.

  16. Comments (2)

    Wow I find it funny that anyone thinks the jury will reward Dan for his play this season. Ian made the moves when he had to and Dan is going to be universally hated in the jury house. He burned each and every one of them. Ian recognized that not only could Frank win the majority or competitions but that he was very likeable and honest. Dan is neither, Shane might be but not Dan. Shane and Danielle would evict Ian in a hot minute. Dan knows this which is why he wants to go to the final against a pawn like Danielle.

  17. Comments (108)

    I really really really want to see Danielle voted out this week. I doubt Shane will vote against her, but I could see Dan doing it. And then Ian could break the tie. Oh I would love to see that happen. I really did like Danielle at first but I am really tired of her.

    • Comments (169)

      If Danielle ends up winning this game, it’ll officially become the worst season ever…. She’d be worse than Maggie Asburn in BB6 as far as winners go. Gah…just think for a minute how it’d be if Danielle actually won… Dan deserves the win, of course.. Just not so sure about how the jury will go. He most certainly will not get Frank’s vote, and, by extension, Ashley’s. When Dan votes Jenn out, she will hold that personally against him, and once she gets in jury house and is reunited with Ashley and Frank, they’ll all be I’m there bashing Dan, even Brit and Joe will be talking smack about Dan…so that’ll keep the sour feelings towards Dan simmer until finale…. so Dan can count Frank, Ashley, and Jenn’s vote out of consideration, probably no matter who he’s sitting next to in the end. Between Brit and Joe, Brit was burned more by Dan, and I’m sure by now, Frank has spilled allllll the beans to her about how Dan threw her under the bus to get her put up, so any healing of emotional wounds that took place were likely torn wide open again once Frank got there. Joe doesn’t like Dan, he’s said more than once that he’s won once already and doesn’t deserve it again. Personally, it shouldn’t matter if he’s already won, but I’m not a juror. If Ian is burned by Dan this Thursday, which he likely will be unless he wins PoV, he’ll have hard feelings and once he gets to jury, he’ll be transplanted into the Dan hate party going on between the jurors..so that’ll have an impact on his decision…plus he’s very easily swayed, especially if Britney is still reeling from what Dan did to her AND hearing everything from Frank…she can easily get Ian not to vote for Dan if she wants. Dan already would be down three votes going into the finals from the three HGs I’ve listed above (Fr/Ash/Jenn) so it leaves him VERY little room for error…espeically when Joe was already against him winning again.

      We could, unfortunately, be in for a very sad end to the season if Dan brings Danielle to the Fnals. Remember, she’s actually likeable to most of the jury members because they don’t know what we know about her…so she could look very appealing as an alternative to Dan, especially when Dan burned most of them in a bad way. It will be HORRIBLE if Danielle wins…gosh… Just horrible. And think, if Shane goes to jury, she’ll most certainly have his vote…Jenn would definitely vote for Danielle since she acts like she has a crush on her (again, she likely wouldn’t vote for Dan anyway, but having Danielle as an alternate would be VERY easy decision for Jenn). So there’s TWO for sure votes under Dani’s belt.. and I say again that Frank probably won’t vote for Dan under any circumstances.. Ash votes the way he votes…that’s FOUR votes :-/

      Of course, anything can happen and everyone may get over their feelings and be all happy and forgiving, I just have a bad feeling that we’re in store for a bitter jury this season. We were one vote away from having last season as a victim of a bitter jury….this may very well be the season. Definitely is possible…more possible than I’m comfortable with..

  18. Comments (8)

    A question: let’s say that Dan and Dani make it to the end, and by some act of insanity, she gets the votes to win. Will Dan get $100,000 for coaching her and bringing her to the f2?

  19. Comments (8)

    Don’t get me wrong–I would rather see anyone win over Danielle, but I’m just wondering.

  20. Comments (2)

    No matter what happens, I just find it a little disappointing that Ian truly believes that the remaining “Quack Pack” is solid and that he’ll coast into the Final with Dan and win. You don’t bring your expert ego into the game and then totally not see that the other three want to get rid of you ASAP, and that in the original “Quack Pack” he would have been the fifth wheel, as opposed to the third wheel with Boogie and Frank, where he would have had the better chance of winning. He got so married to the idea of getting rid of Boogie and Frank, as well as getting his kicks being in this season’s super alliance, that he overlooked the only other person up on Big Brother Mt. Rushmore with Dr. Will, Dan himself.

  21. Comments (30)

    Here’s an out of the box idea. Maybe, just maybe, Dan has a change of heart toward Ian and decides he’s not such a great threat after all. He did say at one point that he simply liked the members of the QP better than the people in his Frank-Jenn-Danielle group. Maybe he figures the others may be worse off to up against and if all else equal, reward Ian by keeping him after all. I hope so.

  22. Comments (1)

    Back to the topics referred to in the article… Let’s not forget Ian’s constant boastful statement that he “wins when he needs to”. He continues to believe that Mike Boogie’s win in the first coach’s comp. was his own and cites it as one of his efforts to stay in the game.

  23. Comments (6)

    If ian makes final 2 he deserves to win. He may be creepy but he had a hand in getting afew big players out of the game. He is also the most hated man in the house right now because no one can beat him in final 2. He will have to win veto then hoh but putting dani up isnt a mistake ian does not have the votes and no matter who wins hoh he is on the block. The other thing about ian is he has won compitions and if he wins the final hoh wins he will tie for most hoh wins in a season. People say they cant stomach ian in the finals the only person other the ian who has played a good game is dan. Thats why dan wants him out so he can collect the money

  24. Comments (1)

    Ian is not playing the game right he should of nominated Dan and kicked him out of the house Now He will get nominated for sure Danielle Wants him out, Dan wants him out and im sure Danielle can convence Shane to nominated Ian as well. I hate to say it but Ian will be nominated and if he doesn’t win POV he will be out for sure!! I want Ian to win but him keeping Dan in the House was a HUGE mistake.. I would of taken Jenn to the final 2 She didnt do Anything at ALL

    • Comments (528)

      Yeah, I think that’s the general consensus. It’s not just Dan and Dani, either, NOBODY wants to be sitting next to Ian in the final two so really no matter who he keeps in the game they’ll be gunning for him. I think Ian would just personally rather be sitting next to a BB “legend” in the end (and have the chance to beat him) than a floater. He also doesn’t seem to suspect how much Dan wants him out either.

      I’m going to assume he’s smart enough at this point to know he’s fighting for his life no matter what and try and win the rest of the comps. The worst (and stupidest) thing I can imagine happening is Dan, in another desperate move to manipulate a pawn, tries to convince Ian to throw a comp to somehow help them and Ian falls for it. He can certainly be naive and is blinded by Dans “mist” or whatever people are calling it, but I simply cannot imagine him falling for that. Not in the final four.

  25. Comments (9)

    Let me break it down for you “Ian lovers”, he hasn’t done anything but do what Dan has told him to do. He may think everything he did was his idea but we all know the truth. Jen will go home and if Dan gets hoh I’m sure Shane and dani will go on the block and then he will try and backdoor Ian. That’s one of few scenarios, I would type a few more out but I am on my phone. Either way Dan is controlling everyone in the house so, unless someone gets a clue everything is going to go the way he wants it. About the jury, I understand they are all angry with Dan but in the end you have to admit he played of the best games and if they don’t see it then it’s another season of retarded jury members.

  26. Comments (24)

    I’m an Ian fan, and I will admit that the youngster missed an opportunity to take out Dan. I don’t think that Ian is the most hated person in the house. On the contrary, they all like him and know that his social game will win him the prize – that’s why no one wants to sit next to him in F2.

    If he survives, his likeability factor will win him the $500K. If he is next to Dan in the F2, then do you think people will give Dan another $500K and bring his total BB winnings to $1M? Heck no. They will give the poor student money to pay his tuition. He already cried about winning $3K, and the jury will drip with sentiment about helping the poor student pay for his education.

    Ian is playing a dangerous game bringing Dan to the F2. Yet, he has the ability to make a strong finish. Evil Dick was able to bring it home using brute force at this point. Don’t count the kid out yet.

    • Comments (528)

      I certainly don’t think Ian is the most hated in the house at all! Just the most feared, as in they know perfectly well he has the best chance of winning and therefore taking him to the f2 you might as well be throwing in the towel. There might be some hard feelings in the jury, particularly Frank, but he’d give Ian the money over Dan for sure and would probably be easily convinced that, dispite getting screwed over by him, he played better than Shane/Dani/Jenn depending on who it applies to after the next eviction.

      I haven’t written Ian off yet, it’s just a difficult path now that he’s the biggest target…one slip up, ONE, and he’s out the door. Pressure!

      • Comments (62)

        I believe Dan is F3 no matter what series of events take place with 4 left. IF… Ian has the victory in the final comp he take Dan. Ian gets Brit, Joe from the Jury. Dan gets Shane and Dani. That leaves Jenn, Ashley and Frank. Remember the last deal Frank had going out of the house was Dan backstabbing him. Ian put him on the block fair and square. No backdoor, hhe let Frank play for veto. Ians no saint but the whole swearing on everything not nailed down in the house by Dan I believe gives Ian Franks vote. I also think Jenn votes for Dan to win. He just has to have a convo with her before her eviction telling her he couldn’t get Shane or Ian’s vote for Dani to be evicted. And he hopes she understands that’s the only reason he will vote to evict her. Sorry Jenn just a bad break Ian winning HOH and Shane the POV.

        So here is the sickening part of my guess on jury votes. The dits Ashley decides who wins BB 14. If that doesn’t send you wretching to the toilet nothing will. I’d rather watch pimple popper RN working on her 3rd eye the Ashley deciding who wins 500K. Perhaps it’s Dan 4-3 you never know. Either way Ian is no shoe in heads up versus Dan IMHO.

      • Comments (528)

        Also, from what I recall, Ian didn’t lie about who he was nominating. When Frank came up to plead his case and asked who he was putting on the block, Ian said “well…you should probably be sweating.” no lie, straight up. He was certainly evasive but no bible swearing, multiple f2 deals or anything like that. Jury may appreciate that.

  27. Comments (62)

    Let me say this again to all those saying Ian missed a chance to get out Dan. He most definately did not!!! He would have to get Shane or Dani’s vote. That just wasn’t going to happen. Further Ian has 1 F2 deal and that is with Dan. He knows niether Shane nor Dani take him F2. And hoping for a F2 deal with Jenn would be completely foolhardy. He is boxed into a corner where he must hope Dan honours his word if Ian loses POV or the final 3 part comp. LOL he’s next in the jury if/when he loses. I’d make him the favourite in the 3 part final. But he has to win that veto at 4. I tend to think 3:1 odds aren’t great he gets to 3. If Ian wins POV at 4 Shane next to Dani… Shane goes, Shane next to Dan… Shane goes, Dan next to Dani Dani goes! Shane best chance is HOH. Dani only gets evicted next to Dan. Simply put Dan will play hard for HOH. No blood as Ian or Shane leave. No combo gets Dan evicted if he’s on the block. He sure doesn’t want the veto and evict Ian himself. But he may just have to.

    • Comments (2)

      Ian has become the new Frank in the house…he’s dangerous at the comps seeing as he is a mastermind at the memory games and has a solid endurance record. Both types of comps will be the main feature of the remaining.

      Dan is playing the better game…he has a solid final 3 deal with Danielle and Shane and also knows that he can beat them in the last comps. If he has the choice, he’ll take Dani… What remains to be seen is if Danielle would take Dan over Shane. OBviously, if she were smart, she would take Shane.

      Regardless, the only way Ian is making it to the final 2 is if he wins the next veto…otherwise, he’s going home.

  28. Comments (1)

    I think it is ridiculous that everyone thinks Ian made such a terrible move. If he had put Dan up, there is no way that Danielle and Shane would have voted him out! Also, he believes he has a final 2 with Dan, so why would he get rid of him? Dan was loyal to Memphis last time he played so it’s not crazy to believe that he would do it again. Ian can’t see the dairy rooms like we can, so he doesn’t know that Dan was planning on evicting him! And btw, Ian is mostly responsible for boogie and Frank’s evictions. Dan did not want boogie out, but had to go along with it because of the info IAN brought to Brittany. And IAN nominated Frank based on his own decisions.

  29. Comments (1)

    Watch Danielle win the whole thing. She should have been voted out by Dan first night because in the first challenge she was worse than the one that went home. But her looks helped her to stay. Dan wants to win. is dying to win, but I do believe that he would not mind if Danielle won if he cannot.

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