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Big Brother 14 – PoV Results

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It’s been a long time since Frank has been on the block and did not win the veto to save himself, but that streak had to come to an end, and it could cost him his time in the Big Brother 14 house.

Today, the veto competition was played, and Dan emerged victorious leaving him with a decision on whether or not he should save Jenn, save Frank, or not use it.  Early chatter is that he may repay Jenn by taking her off, while Ian replaces her with Joe.  This is an interesting move that Ian may gladly go along with, and perhaps encourage Dan to use it.

Ian is talking about a “resume builder” for the finals, and one good way to do that is to evict strong players.  While he foolishly got rid of a strong player who respected those types of decisions before jury, this could be a chance for not only Dan to keep his word, but Ian to finally get some real blood on his hands.

Of course, Dan is going to come out on top in the situation, as he’s been doing all year, but to Ian’s credit this may be the best move for him in order to seem like a real player.  As much of a competitor as Frank is, there are only so many bullets you can dodge before one hits you.  This may be his time. The way I see it right now, Dan and Jenn vote for Frank to stay, Danielle and Shane vote for Joe, while Ian breaks the tie with some speech that he prepares all week for.  Hopefully it’s a good one and not some pathetic “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” speeches, but something tells me it won’t be.  Now that the cat is out of the bag, he no longer has to pretend to be grateful for Frank (and Mike) for getting him to this point in the game.

Right now, Frank is actually thinking of going along with the whole plan too, and plans to encourage Dan to use the veto on Jenn.  I’m not really sure where Danielle and Shane stand, but something tells me that Dan is simply going to encourage them to vote for Joe to stay so Frank will be eliminated, Ian will look bad, a strong competitor is gone, and Dan will keep his word.  In fact, I almost guarantee that’s what Dan is going to do, and I’ll be shocked otherwise.  This is his perfect time to get Frank out while not going against himself swearing on the bible.

It’s going to be an interesting week, but I do suspect the veto will be used on Monday, I also suspect Jenn will come off and Joe will go up.  The big thing will be where Dan steers his two puppets.

(note: I am rushing out the door, so if I have grammatical or spelling errors, please forgive me.  First time I didn’t get to triple check my post)

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  1. Comments (1276)

    If Dan has Frank supporting the taking Jenn down idea, then once again, this is proof that Dan is the Best player, if not of all time, then at least in the house. Like you’ve said before “a man among boys”.
    But I could see Ian trying to pull some matermind evil move and putting Dani up in Jenn’s place, to “avenge” Brit. (side note, Ian does realize this creepy crush on Brit will go no where, she’s a married woman, doesn’t he?) It could be payback for Frank putting up Brit since he couldn’t put up Ian.
    If it is Joe that goes up, which is the best situation for the ones I’m pulling for, Frank could still pull another rabbit out of his hat. He might be able to convince Shane and/or Dani that it’s better for them to keep him over Joe. I don’t see it working, but it could happen.
    Either way, if Dan manages to get Joe up, I’m going to go ahead and say it, all hail King Dan! 🙂

    • Comments (405)

      Frank will work on Shane and Danielle but I think Dan has more influence over both of them. I will be shocked if we don’t see Frank v Joe Thursday with a 2-2 tie and Ian giving some speech about being a “not so wise kid just evicted you”

      • Comments (1276)

        If for no other reason I am actually wanting to see Frank stay so that Ian can’t go around bragging about getting him out. I just can’t deal with the ego this kid has as of late.

      • Comments (405)

        Agreed, the ego is getting out of control

      • Comments (528)

        I’m enjoying the opportunity a guy like him has to have an ego. It’s all okay when cocky players like Boogie or Frank or Dan can strut around puffing out their chests, but when Ian does it everyone gets so offended? That kind of hypocrisy really ticks me off.

        He should be allowed to puff out his chest like any other man in the house, even if it is a little smaller and dorkier and might seem out of place. Sheesh.

      • Comments (3)

        I agree with you 100%. Ian was looked at like a jerk just because he thinks with his head and not other body parts. Sure, he is somewhat dorkie but remember that he was put in an uncomfortable situation from day 1. He has to prove more than any other man in the house that he is a man like them. You go Ian!!!!!

      • Comments (1276)

        I can’t speak for everyone else, but I don’t like it when they do it either. I’ve only seen Dan be bad during that ball drop challenge, but I’ve said many times over that Frank and Boogies arrogance are horrible.
        But, if Ian is trying to play the nerdy guy that everyone likes, which was his plan originally, then him being as bad if not worse then they are is doing the exact opposite. I honestly think he thinks it makes him “cool” to act like that, and simply put, it does not.

      • Comments (528)

        And I’ve heard MANY players talk after th game about how much and how quickly that house with change you. You can go in with a strategy and certain cliche personality type and that can all change over time. You WILL get deceptive if it means furthering your game, even if you wanted to be likable. You WILL lie at some point, especially of you’re backed into a corner. And you WILL get cocky if you feel like you’ve had a good streak and that people seem to respect you in there.

        Don’t keep singling out Ian for being the exact same kind of player as almost every other person who’s played the game; it just makes you look like you have a clear and obvious bias. And that’s fine and all, but at least own that, don’t act all like “oh, I don’t like Ian because he uh…yeah…he uh plays a poor game and made bad moves.” no, just admit you don’t like the idea of this little nerd acting out-of-character. You’re supposed to be dork Ian! Act like it or otherwise we don’t like you because YOU’RE apparently the only one with an ego….as if!

      • Comments (1276)

        Wow Sadie, I’m so glad you know how I think and feel, and for letting me know that apparantly my preferences are bias, but yours are fact. I have said priviously why I don’t like things Ian does. I’ve mostly talked about why I don’t like Frank. I’ve said the entire time that this is a game, you have to lie, cheat and steal to make it to the end. It’s called BB.
        My problem with Ian isn’t that he’s a “nerd”, just a few of the reasons involve his “stalker” tendensies (but everyone calls Dani a stalker because she’s a girl), the way he does talk down to most (even though I’m sure you don’t see it that way), the fact that he’s a “super fan” playing like Adam who only really started playing in the last 2 weeks, I could go on, but I’ll stop there.
        Just because Ian is apparantly your favorite person in the house doesn’t mean he has to be everyones. I have no problem owning who I do like. I like Dan, Dani and Shane, which I’ve said multiple times.
        And please don’t say “that’s fine and all” when obviously from this and other posts, anyone who doesn’t agree with you is dead wrong. We all know by now, Ian is your with out a doubt favorite, and anyone who likes other players don’t know what they are talking about.

      • Comments (528)

        Ian is definitely my favourite in the house and I have to say, watching the show and after dark and feeds I have never seen him “talk down” to anyone. Maybe that’s just how dumb people feel when faced with a smarter person? I don’t know, you tell me.

        He certainly doesn’t act like something he isn’t. I just watched him spend almost an hour discussing – at hellageeky length and in detail – the Pokemon card game. That’s not someone trying to tell people he’s somehow now some hardcore houseguest.

        And for the record, I also haven’t seen any houseguest accuse Ian of the kind of behaviours a LOT of you people are accusing him of. I don’t see it, they don’t see it so like…what are we missing? I honestly just think you people don’t like him personally and are trying to pretend its game-related. But all the BS you’re accusing him of I’ve seen way more of in the other houseguests. But again, it’s okay of THEY act that way. >_<

      • Comments (1276)

        Again, you are entitled to your opinion. But for the record, if you are trying to get me to see the light, or whatever it is you think you are accomplishing, calling me dumb isn’t the way to do it. What I can tell you is that what I’ve found is when people feel the need to insult others for not agreeing with them, well, they are some of the most ignorant idiots I’ve met in life. I’m not saying that’s you, I’m just saying from life experience that is what I’ve found.
        But then again, I personally feel the entire “us vs. them” way of thinking is pretty small minded, so whatever.
        And for the record, I’ve also said in prior posts that I have often liked Ian a lot. Like the example you gave where he is being himself and not trying to be someone he’s not. I find it very indearing when he shows his “nerd” side, at which times he seems more comfortable with himself. It’s when he takes on the behaviors of people like Frank when he’s being an arrogant jerk that I do not like him. So before responding, why don’t you try paying attention to the fact that I am not one of the people constantly calling him names or attacking everything he does. I simply think some things are annoying, like example taking the time to respond to your insulting posts, so I’ll end it here.

      • Comments (528)

        I called you dumb as clearly as you just called me an idiot, don’t pretend that isn’t so. It’s all about subtlety and word choice and one can take passive aggressive insults however they want, hence, you feel I called you dumb and I feel you called me an idiot so…guess we’re even.

        I’m not really trying to change minds – we all know how impossible that is on the Internet – I just do feel the need to defend my favourite player because it seems to me he is being very unjustly attacked for reasons that don’t even make sense. Maybe the blogger here is influencing people or something since he obviously can’t stand Ian, I don’t know, it just really boggles my mind.

        And then I see people saying they love Frank because he’s so likable and friendly and I’m like, what? I’ve been watching him be abrasive, foul-mouthed, vulgar, sexist and exactly the opposite of a “nice guy I’d like to hang o it with.” again, opinions, opinions, I know. This is the first time I’ve said anything about Frank because people can like him all they want…the Ian-bashing for reasons unknown gets me, maybe I’m feeling a little mama-bear for the kid or something, and that’s why I get so defensive about him in particular.

      • Comments (1276)

        To be honest, I don’t like Frank either, nor have I claimed to. I find him, let me add here, at times, to be harsh, rude, immature, arrogant and again, someone who talks down to someone.
        Ian, I wanted to like, and still do, but I just can’t deal with the ego he’s gotten.
        I will say I respect him ability to win Comps, even more so when the pressure is on. As far as stratigic game play goes, well, we’ll have to see if Boogie being gone is the nail in his coffin. It’s looking like it will be, but who knows?

      • Comments (2)

        First time on here replying and just thought I would throw this out…since this is a double-eviction week, how about this for a twist….Julie tells the hamsters before the live vote that whoever gets evicted gets to choose a houseguest to take to jury with them without playing veto, the only players immune from eviction would be the veto winners, Dan and whomever he takes down from the block, other than that the rest of the house is in the line of fire….so, if Frank were to stay on the block, he would probably choose Ian to take with him..don’t you think that would make for an interesting vote come Thursday night? It would probably change Ian’s decision as well as the rest of the house to get rid of Frank considering he cannot play for HOH next week especially knowing that Ian could potentially get evicted..

      • Comments (108)

        sorry I am still laughing at “the hamsters” — that is so funny!!!!

      • Comments (108)

        and yes I like that idea. I was SO PISSED last year when they manipulated things to make Rachel the winner, but now I totally want them to manipulate things to keep Frank around. If Frank is out…um… I almost hope Jenn or Joe wins just because I don’t want Ian or Dan to win this game. Does anybody else have crazy dreams where they find themselves in the BB house? I am kind of looking forward to this being over so I can stop obsessing about this fictional reality.

  2. Comments (123)

    Great job steve…i wish u can get paid by the number of comments ur getting…u almost got 100 comments on ur last Blog…keep it up….☺….

    • Comments (405)

      Thank you. I wish I got paid for the comments too! haha I could always put a donation button up but I don’t think I deserve that. I do my best with the time I have, but some other blogs sit there all day transcribing the events. I simply can’t do that, so I do my best to summarize and analyze everything.

      • Comments (233)

        I appreciate your efforts on this site. It’s just right, since I don’t have time to read through pages of transcriptions on other sites. It’s been a great season: love, love seeing Dan again, the look on his face was priceless when Danielle finally realized he’d faked her out during the funeral speech. He wanted to laugh SO badly, but she was still crying. HI-larious! (and mean, but whatever!) Dan’s the Man.

  3. Comments (8)

    That is Exactly what Dan will do! – Save jenn and curry favor with her.. and Shane, Dani and Ian will send Frank to the Jury!

    • Comments (13)

      Lets not forget Dan votes too. Plus, Jenn will vote Frank out if Dan says he needs her. Shane has a Joe/Frank alliance to deal with. Ian won’t have to break a tie and Frank goes Thursday Before the Double Eviction. Thats when we get to see if Dan is really the best manipulator!

    • Comments (405)

      IIRC, Dan swore on the bible to take Frank to the f2. Obviously he doesn’t want to do that, so in addition to being the hero to Jenn, he can still vote for Frank while getting him out as long as Shane, Danielle and Ian do his dirty work.

      • Comments (528)

        Dan also said straight up in the diary room that he’s only playing for himself and of he has to screw over teammates to get ahead in the game he won’t hesitate. As for the Bible thing, yeah we’ll see how far that takes him. /eyeroll

  4. Comments (1276)

    Quick question, somewhat unrelated, for either Stevebeans, or anyone else who knows. Has production always been so annoying when it comes to the voice overs (for lack of a better word). For example, I don’t remember seeing the fish tank everytime someone sang, you heard them telling them to “stop singing” “stop that”, so forth and so on, but not them immediately cutting away to the tank.
    Also, was “you are not allowed to talk about the nominations” always one of them? I personally, unless I simply forgot, never remember hearing the players get scorned for talking about who they are putting up. I thought they could tell whoever they wanted to tell.
    Like I said, not related, but I couldn’t think of another way to ask everyone. 🙂

    • Comments (405)

      Last year I heard a LOT of “stop singing” especially with Kalia. I also heard “You are not allowed to talk about production”, but I don’t ever remember hearing about nominations. They are definitely using the fish quite a bit this year, kind of annoying

      • Comments (1276)

        I couldn’t agree more. And thank for clearing that up for me. I know that for copy right reasons they can’t let them sing, but last year they warned them a few times before cutting away.
        It just seems like over kill this year. In the past we’ve heard production so many times that it became a joke. Now, they seem to be much shorter and somewhat nasty about doing it. I mean, basically I feel like at this point, they are barely allowed to talk game. What do they want them to do, sit around staring at the walls? I love being a fly on the wall and watching them have their talks about their lives, and watching them talk game, it’s all part of the BB concept. I can’t lie, I’m not going to quit watching either way, like steve said, it’s just annoying.

    • Comments (528)

      Yeah, “stop singing!” I hear a LOT and last season too. Why does that tick them off so much??

      • Comments (1276)

        it’s something to do with copy right infrindgements. i think bb/cbs would have to pay the artists for use of their music, so they stop them before it gets bad.

      • Comments (528)

        Yeah, that totally makes sense. Although how sad is it that a show can get in trouble because of someone humming a tune? tch.

  5. Comments (3)

    Just my personal opinion but this has been a pretty bad season. If Frank does go home then I’m done watching.

    • Comments (102)

      Ditto. Sorry, I don’t want to see someone who previously won win again. Someone who got protected from weeks from eviction cause he was a coach.

    • Comments (1)

      I love Frank! If he leaves I am done. Ian is a dork. The “Quack Pack” is a stupid name. Dan is such a huge liar. Jenn is boring. Joe who?? And can Danielle think more of herself? Shane if not Frank deserves to win because of what a huge competitor he is and no one even thinks of evicting him. I think BB needs to give frank some special power to stay being Ian opened Pandora’s Box!

  6. Comments (2)

    The best move is for Dan to take Frank to the end with him. It’s the only chance he has of winning the pot again. I am not sure that anyone would vote for Frank to get that pot. I am pretty sure that everyone else would get the pot over Frank with the exception of maybe Joe…..

    • Comments (2)

      Oops I meant to say that everyone else would get the pot over DAN

    • Comments (405)

      I don’t know. I think Frank is the only person who can beat Dan at this point (in a f2 situation). If Dan continues to smooth talk his way through the game, and get people eliminated while keeping his hands clean and then fess up at the end, they’re bound to respect that. I can’t imagine a situation where the jury will be like .. Dan played a great game, but Joe’s cooking was fantastic, let’s have him win.

    • Comments (528)

      Dan would be stupid to take frank to the f4, as would anyone else. Considering Frank actually HASN’T back stabbed anyone and won many competitions to save his own ass, there is a good chance the jury would give him the game. Going up against him would be suicide.

  7. Comments (108)

    I really hope Frank doesn’t go home this week. But I guess if Dan screws him over, well… that’s the game. I just can’t root for Dan to win. Maybe he is the best “player” but Frank has shown a lot more heart than Dan has. I’m rooting for Frank, but if Shane wins I would be okay with that. I liked Ian at first but he’s kind of been acting like a jerk — and he REALLY needs to quit throwing around F-bombs all the time! Reminds me of a 12 year old boy trying to sound grown up by swearing. I like Jenn but don’t think she deserves to win. Danielle… I liked her a lot, then thought she was a creepy stalker, now I kind of like her again. I think she’s just insecure and immature but basically a good person. If Frank doesn’t win, I hope Shane or Danielle does.

    • Comments (405)

      I am rooting for Frank to win because he generally seems like the most likable person in the house. The type you’d want to hang out with in real life.

      That being said, looking at the game objectively, Dan’s smartest move is to use Ian to get rid of him this week, and like you said, that’s part of the game.

      Frank was talking about throwing the pov to Dan, and I don’t think he did, but to even consider that idea after watching what Dan can do in the house, that’s simply poor decision making. Frank’s trusting nature (and therefor relatively poor social game) will eventually cost him.

      • Comments (126)

        I agree Frank telling Dan about throwing the Veto to him, is more of a Bone-Head thought, then poor social rapport.

        Frank is country smart but at times too simple-minded and trusting for the academics and city slickers he resides with

        I guess the way Frank was raised, if a man swears on the Bible wearing a Christian Cross, and makes a solemn promise on this wife name with a strong sincere handshake, then game or not this transcends BB strategy to genuine truth in Franks upbringing.

        Dan owes Frank ‘Big Time’, without whom Dan would be in the Jury house right now! It was Frank’s hard sell and relationship with Jenn that got Dan pull off the block.

        If Dan doesn’t save Frank, never mind the F2 promise, then Dan is but a sacrilege fool to even bring God into his lying game play for monetary purposes.

      • Comments (1276)

        As much as it might not mean to a lot of people, I think that swearing on the Bibile is a big deal to Dan. Yes, he’s playing a game, and in BB sometimes you lie, steel and cheat. But, he will not vote out Frank himself. If he does I would be totally flored. The only situation I could see it happening in would be if Frank was up next to Danielle, and even then he would have a hard time with it.
        While he might not plan on going to the final 2 with Frank, he won’t cast the evict vote himself. But, that doesn’t mean he can’t stay true to his word by simply having the others vote him out.
        Plus the fact that Dan would be crazy to take Frank to the final 2, IMO Frank is the one person that would give Dan a run for his money with the final votes. And I think Frank feels the same about Dan. That being said, for all we know Danielle, Shane or anyone else could make a huge run at comps from this point out, and earn themselves more credit with the jury. One of the many things about BB, anything can happen.

      • Comments (30)

        I don’t understand how everybody see’s this as Dan’s opportunity to get out Frank, whilst remaining true to his word.

        Even if HE himself votes to keep Frank, campaigning for Shane and Danielle to vote him out is working against Frank, and this is just a Double-Edged Sword.

        When Dan took the Bible up and swore on everything (Even though both firmly believe they won’t take each other to the final two) they still made an alliance. In an alliance, you’re supposed to have the other person’s back, and when you deliberately go to other player’s and tell them to vote out your Ally, and they do it, that was under your jurisdiction, and therefore ‘your’ responsibility.

        Dan voting to keep Frank is fine. Convincing other houseguests to get him out (Although I do admit, it’s a good strategy to *appear* as the good guy, and stay true to his word) voids their alliance, because Dan doesn’t want Frank in the house, which he just swore on the Bible he does. Although I don’t like the notion of Dan betraying Frank after just 1 week, it’s what the QP did to Boogie and Frank, so it’s silly to believe otherwise.

        On a Side Note, as an Atheist who firmly follows the Scientific Method, using the Bible is a perfect scenario of getting away with something like Dan did. Isn’t it the definition of Irony when you place your hand on a book of lies; swearing to tell the truth?

      • Comments (1276)

        Your point is valid for someone like yourself, but for someone like Dan, he does not see it as a “book of Lies”. I personally don’t believe in organized religion, or that the Bible is to all accounts a book of fact, some books could even be seen as fables, to teach a lesson. But I do agree with a majority of the Bible. That being said, if I were to swear on the Bible, I would hold true to my word.
        As far as Dan and Frank making an alliance which means that Dan has to stick true to that, is a hard argument to make. Which alliance is he actually true to. The alliance with Shane and Dani, the QP, the new Frank/Dani/Jenn alliance (is there any alliance that includes Joe?), so which one do you hold true to? Which alliance trumps the other? Is it the most recent, newest, untested alliance with Frank? Or the first alliances that have stood the test of time?
        I would think he’d stay true to Dani as long as possible, just because he know she has his back, no matter what. Shane, is true to Dan as well, now that his puppet master Brit is gone. Joe in turn is loyal to Shane, so basically as long as Dan is true to Shane, he has Joe as well.
        So currently Dan has loyalty from all sides in one alliance or another (again, is Joe part of one?), so if he plays his cards right he’s set. Once again proving that he is one of the best BB players ever.

    • Comments (44)

      I used to like Dani HOWEVER since Brittany left Dani has now taken it upon herself to be the cleavage girl. Brittany had that title previously but Dani stepped right up to the plate. On after dark a few nights ago Joe mentioned something to Dani about how he liked that color shirt on her HOWEVER it was very distracting the way her shirt went so low and he told her that if he was going to drink she was going to need to ZIP UP the sweatshirt. Even Shane (who might claim to hate her but truly does like her and thinks shes hot I think) could not stop staring. I truly think she is now going for the “I am the only hot girl left in the game so you have to vote for me card” and for that I am now firmly against her. I am a female yes but I am NOT JEALOUS of her…..I just hate it when women think that they have nothing left to offer intelligence wise or anything else so they go for the skin….sorry….end of vent.

      • Comments (1276)

        Personally I think it’s not even that thought out. I to am a fan of Danilles. But I think it just comes down to wanting to be noticed. It’s been said too many times to count, that she’s not got the best self esteme, plus, she’s not IMO immature, but she’s not the most mature. So it comes down to not just wanting to be noticed, but needing to hear it.
        The funny thing is lots of people have been super upset with Franks comments during that convo, but no-one mentioned the fact that Joe was the one that started it. Nor did anyone mention that it kinda came down to Danielle being the one to keep the convo going.
        But you are right, it’s not ok for her to think she has to get attention that way. My guess is in another year or so she’ll be past it. Heck, she might even realize what it looks like when she watches the show back and put an end to it.

      • Comments (528)

        At one point on the feeds Joe actually asked her to cover up because she was…distracting him.


    • Comments (7)

      Right now Dan is a puppetmaster getting to look like a good guy when everyone else does his dirty work eliminating the stronger players. He is thinking like being the winning strategy to get to the final two. Frank will go by convincing Shane and danielle joe is a bigger threat to the pack. He will repay jenn by using his veto and keeping her trust for later on when he guns for Shane. The best move for frank would be to try to reconcile with Ian and expose Dan as the force behind brittneys eviction.

  8. Comments (178)

    I realize Jenn thinks of herself as “playing a strategic game”; but if Dan removes her from the block (as a “thank you” for her removing him from the block) but then asks her to vote Frank out, knowing full well that Dan is still there now only because Frank asked her to take him off the block, that should be enough to convince her that she really can’t trust anything Dan would promise her, whether it would be continued safety or a final two situation. Personally, I think she should vote to keep Frank. A final three of Frank, Jenn and Dan would be exciting because it could eventually come down to a final two of either two players who went all out, e.g., Frank with his athleticism and ability to win competitions and Dan with his brains and strategizing. Or, it could end up with a strong player and a basic floater (Jenn). That would be a best case scenario as the jury would probably be inclined to vote for the strong player and not the one who happened to get lucky because she latched onto a strong player towards the end of the game.

  9. Comments (1)

    Anyone else think Dan will try to get Shane nominated and convince Jenn and Danielle to vote him out? and if he can’t get Shane nominated he’ll convince them to vote out Joe? I think its the best move for him because Danielle and Frank are the only ones willing to take Dan to the end.

  10. Comments (60)

    Double evict Thursday prediction
    Godfather Dan Veto Corleon

  11. Comments (60)

    Mean it to be
    Frank evicted first
    then work on getting Ian out on the 2nd
    Joe/Jenn are just extra luggage and can go anytime after that

  12. Comments (65)

    If Frank leaves, Dan will be leaving right after him I believe. I want Jenn or as Joe to leave in the double eviction they are just useless now. I dislike Ian as well after how immature he acted when Brit was backdoored. I like Dan, but he already won 500K I dont care when he leaves. Frank was also immature at how he attacked Dan on the week Boogie left, but he is a great competitor. I hope he gets Final 3 with Dan/Dani or Dani/Shane.

  13. Comments (5)

    If Frank leaves this game on Thursday, I will be rooting for anyone to win but Dan. My God, Frank saved Dan last week by convincing Jenn to use the veto. Dan should show a little respect by at least keeping him in the game for one more week. I know everyone has to back stab eventually, but c’mon for Dan to do that to Frank so quickly is really evil. I think Ian will be the only one to see thru Dan and will eventually get Dan out. Shane and Danielle really need to start playing their own game and stop being Dan’s little puppets. Being an avid Frank fan, I need a miracle. I’m disgusted!

  14. Comments (316)

    Ian will take 1st place. Dan will take 2nd place because he already won once already. I think this is how it will play out. With poor Frank pulling in sorrowful 3rd place with no money at all LOL LOL LOL

  15. Comments (102)

    As a viewer if Frank leaves this show is going to be extremely boring to watch as Dan makes his puppets dance to his tune. They should just have Dan stand on a platform above them with strings attached to them all as he makes them do whatever he wants.

    These house guests, and I include The Rat in this, have got to be the dumbest players in this show’s history. Might have been interesting if all these dumb people had played this game without the precious coaches involved.

  16. Comments (21)

    yay frank didnot win pov that means franks going home thursday haha go shane and ian!!!!

  17. Comments (1)

    Am I the only one that thinks Shane might be gay??? Also, if Frank goes home, I don’t know who I would want to win. Everyone but Dan is a mindless puppet.

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  19. Questionable Comments???
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    Sorry Frank fans stick a fork in him he is done. If these people dont wake up and smell the coffee Dan will cake walk his way to the end with either Joe or Jenn. IMO he will take Joe as he knows that Joe is a sure win. All the rest will fall along the wayside. Dan does not take competition to the end only floaters. Like I said previously not a Dan or Frank fan but lets admit facts Frank has been played and played. He is not the BB superstar he thinks he is. Watching Ian last 24 hours I am definitely questioning his reasoning behind some decisions. Dan is not a good choice to make a F2 with for anyone. I am dumbfounded by the lack of intelligence by some of these people. Unless someone has a master plan coming very soon I am actually guessing Dan is playing with a bunch of pet rocks or vegetables. I would not buy into half of the lies the man has told. Dan keeping a secret is like saying money grows on trees. Watch out rest of the house Dan is driving a bus with your name on it. Sorry Frank you are now road kill. Christina you comment earlier about Dan trying to get Ian to get Joe nominated along side of Frank is kind of lame. Ian play is to put Joe up as the replacement if Jenn comes down. Dan has said at no time he is trying to save Frank only comments under his breathe is Frank is not gonna know hit him. Tells me Dan is more then find that just ran Frank over with his bus.

    • Comments (1276)

      actually yes he has. he was in Ian’s room talking to him about how if he (Dan) pulled Jenn down, he would be paying her back for saving him. Ian said he could put Joe up, and said that he had told Joe if either of the Noms come down he would most likely be the replacement nominee (which was also true). And they also discusses how Dan can vote to keep Frank, Jenn will as well. Leaving Dani, Shane and Joe to vote out Frank. While Ian wants Joe gone, he wants to get Frank out more.
      Do you have the live feeds or BB afterdark? The conversations about this topic have been all over those.

      • Questionable Comments???
        Comments (21)

        They had general talk about this Ian has stated from the start that if Jenn or Frank come off the block Joe goes up. Your talking about the general discussion they had in the HOH each possible scenario if Frank came down or Jenn and possible solution on what to do. Not living on the feeds or BB after dark. Have it but I am really not watching in 24 7 pop in from time to time and you can get the full extent of what is going on. Tired of watching fish and people playing with toys and Joe never washing his hands after going to the bathroom. It gets boring after about this point in the game the action and game talk kind of go to a minimal as does my interest in the feeds. My reference really that Ian’s plan from the start was to have it state the same or put up Joe this has been said over and over by Ian. I know the talk goes around and around in circles. I am giving Dan any credit for Ian nominations or replacement choice. Has not talked Ian into anything just making sure his ass is covered and making Ian promise not to say anything about there final 2 deal. This is what one of 4 he has going on now. Jenn, Dani, Ian and Frank maybe if Joe and Shane are lucky they can make a final 2 deal with Dan before the week is out also.

  20. Comments (2)

    First time on here replying and just thought I would throw this out…since this is a double-eviction week, how about this for a twist….Julie tells the hamsters before the live vote that whoever gets evicted gets to choose a houseguest to take to jury with them without playing veto, the only players immune from eviction would be the veto winners, Dan and whomever he takes down from the block, other than that the rest of the house is in the line of fire….so, if Frank were to stay on the block, he would probably choose Ian to take with him..don’t you think that would make for an interesting vote come Thursday night? It would probably change Ian’s decision as well as the rest of the house to get rid of Frank considering he cannot play for HOH next week especially knowing that Ian could potentially get evicted..(meant to post this at the end sorry)

    • Comments (178)

      Saw that little “twist” you described on a recent “Bachelor Pad” episode wherein the evicted female got to choose the male to evict as well. The only problem with the first evicted person being allowed to choose the second evictee is that there will probably be a very fast HOH game played in between the first and second eviction. What you’re suggesting is that the HOH would not have the ability to choose who they want on the block for eviction. Anything is possible since Big Brother has really been pulling strings to ensure a certain “outcome” this season.

  21. Comments (29)

    Can’t believe I am saying this but …
    I think Ian is screwed if Dan uses the veto, either way.
    I think if Dan uses it on Jenn then the only hope he has of Frank going home would be to put Dani up there but he made a promise to keep Dani and Shane safe and I think he will keep that word. So all that is left is Joe right? In which case I don’t see the 2 and 2 tie unless Dan tells Dani to vote that way which he might do for the Ian drama and blood.
    I wish I knew what the double eviction twist would be and if the house guests are going to know ahead of time or not. That I think is going to be the twist. I personally would LOVE to see Dan out. Not because I don’t like him but because he has already won and I’d like to see all the coaches go home and the newbiews have a chance. I also would like to see Frank out just because then what is the house going to do? It’s so predictable with those two in the house that without them I’d like to see the drama of the remaining have to scramble and do something. Wouldn’t that be funny. If you got Dan and Frank out who do you think would win and why? I think it would be interesting listing to them fight for the votes. Shane, Joe, Jenn, Dani, and Ian…. hummmmmm

    • Comments (29)

      I am not a Frank fan because him and Boogie rubbed me wrong with there ego’s and backstabing. Granted that is part of BB but that is the part of BB I don’t care for. With the remaining options I mentioned above I think it would be hard to give any of them the money except maybe Ian. Maybe I forgot something but I haven’t seen much if anything out of any of the remaining players except if they did something someone else told them to do. What a season.

  22. Comments (35)

    ” I want Dan out because he has already won” Now that comment really makes me mad. If someone plays the best game in the house (Dan) then it shouldn’t matter if he has already won or not because the others were to stupid to leave him in. ( Jenn. Frank)

  23. Away to flush out Dan!!!
    Comments (12)

    Can any one say maybe Ian is lying about who he will put up? He may be putting up someone else? Danielle sat and talked about her Bff did you see Dans face? shane? And of course Ian was to distance himself from Britney? Of course Brittany is a flirt…is she the first? And Dani is Strange….. But Dan needs to go to the jury with FRANK. HE HAD BOOGY & WAS COVERED. IAN OR SHANE DESIRE IT! FOR 21 IAN HAS PULLED OFF MAJOR MOVES! AND Jenn can sit on the coach! Dani can face the jury and Joe can cook! Or prove he came up with getting out the coaches at least for second! Go newbies!

  24. Comments (233)

    Dan is released from his Bible promise to Frank since Frank threw him under the bus with Ian. Frank told Ian that Dan told him Brit was lying about her deal w Frank so Frank put her up. So- no mercy for Frank from Dan. The look on Ian’s face was pure suppressed rage, he needs to leave after Frank on Thursday. Go, Dan.

  25. Comments (7)


  26. Comments (3)

    First time comment here. I must say –GO Frank !

    At first, I really was for Shane. He just seemed sincere, and a good player. But the minute Boogie and Frank confronted him about them being on the block – He started mumbling, sweating, and acting like a scared little chump.

    Then he through Britney under the bus, which put a ton of heat on her, eventually leading to her eviction. He could of simply “manned up” (like Frank does if he puts someone on the block), and not mentioned any names. Ever since then it has seemed Shane is afraid to even open his mouth in the house, unless whispering to Danielle.

    I’m an Ian fan as well. He has played a smooth game. He is getting cocky, but look what he has accomplished in the house. I hope he leaves the BB house with more self confidence, and hangs on to his nerdy Charm.

    I have to give my vote for Frank though. The man has kept his word to everyone he has given it to. He briefly thought about going back on his word to Dan, but stuck to it. That was Ian’s doing as well. The only thing I see wrong with Frank is that he is too trustworthy. He jumps into alliances in a split second, then sets himself up for a back stab. He has played a clean game though, and very strong in competitions.

    I think that if he makes it to the Final 2…game over..Frank wins. I just hope he survives this week, or I really wouldn’t have much of a reason to watch the game. I guess I could still keep watching to see if Ian wins…but with Dan still in the house I think Ian’s days are very numbered.

    I honestly think if Ian made a Final 2 deal with Frank, Frank would stick to it, and they would be hard to beat.

    Man up Shane….if confronted for something you did – Speak like a man, act like a man, and for Pete’s sake, don’t throw an ally under the bus to save your hide.

    • Comments (233)

      I thought we were talking about Big Brother, not a scouting meeting. Back stabbing and lying, oh no! You’re watching the wrong show if bad behavior offends you. We cheer for the biggest liars and backstabbers. It’s called a GAME.

      • Comments (3)

        Not everyone cheers for the biggest liars and backstabbers, pal. So using the term “We” is a bit misleading to anyone but yourself.

        It is a “GAME” , as you put it, but emotions are real. I guess you haven’t seen the tears, broken hearts, heated arguments, accusations, and even physical actions taken over the years in the “GAME”. There have been lifelong friendships formed in the game, as well as relationships still ongoing..”Hi Jeff and Jordan!”.

        Shane acted like a little girl (no offense ladies) when confronted by two men. I can no longer root for him after that. It wasn’t the fact that he back stabbed anyone. It was his speechless, apologetic, muttering – while throwing Britney under the bus that caused me to instantly quit being “Pro Shane”.

        He could of just been a man, said something like “Sorry guys, it was my decision. I felt like you were going to come after me.”..instead of acting the way he did. If you are going to sport a girl’s pink tank top on live TV, at least be man enough to back it up. I’m just sayin’.

        So if you don’t agree on my opinions, fine. Just don’t speak for everyone (including myself) like you attempted in your reply.

        Have a good day…and GO FRANK….man I hope he somehow gets off the block before the eviction.

  27. Comments (8)

    I really have no respect for anyone in this game, except for Frank. If Danielle wins this game, I might never watch BB again. She is such a narcissistic, self-absorbed, lying, egotist. She actually thinks she looks like a movie star–Catherine Zeta Jones, in fact. Are you kidding? Shane is moronic, with the stuffed animal on his shoulder, and he does nothing but pander to Dan and Danielle. Joe is a disgusting, gross wanker, who doesn’t even wash his hands before he cooks…and he’s a chef! Jenn, well, what can I say? She’s at least a little loyal, but she hasn’t done much in the game. Dan swore on his wife, his wedding ring, his grandfather’s medal, his Bible, to protect Frank, and the moment the words came out of his mouth, he started to lobby against Frank. I can’t really think of anything lower than that. No, we’re not talking about a scouting meeting, and it is a game, but when someone gives his word and swears on the Bible, then breaks his word, it shows you what a loser this person really is–in life! Ian, the poor kid, is a nervous wreck. He definitely showed himself as a snake, but now I might have to support him, if Frank goes home. Yes, Frank has flaws, but I do think that he has tried to get along with people. He’s just gullible and naive. He doesn’t realize that he’s in a pit with snakes. Poor guy. The only reason they’ve been trying to get him out since day one is because they know that they will lose against him if he goes to the end.

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