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Big Brother 14 – PoV Results

Is Dan in trouble now?

Of course, no competition this season can go without a little controversy. According to what I’m hearing, this afternoon in the Big Brother 14 house, when the houseguests were pulling the chips from the bag, I guess something strange happened with Frank’s.  While some are saying he cheated, others are saying he didn’t.  From what I gather, Boogie picked Ian for houseguest’s choice, then Frank picked Ian’s chip.  Obviously he had to re-draw and also picked houseguest’s choice, but I think they had him stage a re-draw for CBS.  He held on to his HG choice chip and pretended to pull that out of the bag so we watch it next Wed.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if he did cheat I expect to hear more details on it.

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Now, to the juicy stuff… this was a real ideal situation for Boogie and Frank as 2 of the weakest HG’s were picked to play along (Ashley and Jenn).  Ian was obviously also picked, and he’s going to be weak if it’s anything physical… plus he doesn’t like to get involved, so he’d probably throw it even if it’s spelling (which some are guessing it is). Basically it comes down to Frank, Boogie and Shane for the PoV competition, so there is a 66% chance of someone being removed…

The winner of the PoV is….


(note: I wrote the above stuff at 3pm est.  The feeds were down for about 6 hours and they put them back up only after the backyard was cleaned up and open again.)

It looks like he’ll finally be able to have a vote this Thursday, his first all season.  That’s quite a run to last half a season without a single vote.

I spent about 6 hours watching the trivia waiting for this information, now it’s time to take a little break.  Sign up to the live feeds to see how the house reacts to this.

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  1. Comments (126)

    Put up brown-nose Joe, let him cook on the block

    Joe was all thankful to Frank for sparing him against Wil, Joe then flips and saliva to Shane for his bold move on nominating Frank and guarantees to gather votes to evict Frank.

    Joe couldn’t save himself without Frank, time for Joe to go

  2. Comments (28)

    I agree joe needs to go but even more Dan needs to go he’s coasting to tha $500,000 again an no one sees it but boogie & frank … dan needs to go or just give him tha money again …

    • Comments (126)

      Right I just saw BBAD, and Dan is dangerous, more so then Joe who just float where the power is.

      But Boogie is gone, the numbers are against him. If he pulls this out, then is definitely a magician

  3. Comments (123)

    BB gave the HG’s a Grill…from the POV….

    lets see the Booger work his magic and try to get Shane put up Dan and out…but i doubt it…☺…

    • Comments (1276)

      I hope that he doesn’t. I know Dan’s won before, and that makes so many people want him out. But, against what a lot of people think, I think he is playing a good game. I think he’s made 2 major mistakes. 1, telling Boogie that Frank was on his way out, and 2, during the Dan, Boogie, Frank, Brit and Shane talk in HOH the other night, not flat out putting Brit and Shane on the spot and asking “did I or didn’t I tell you all what I’m being accused of?”.
      I’m still really ticked that they just left him out to dry. All they had to do is say, it wasn’t Dan. They can still say we aren’t going to say who all it was, but we will say it wasn’t him! I don’t know why, but I hold Brit to blame for that whole thing. Shane should have said this was my decision (from the start) and Brit should haven’t have thrown Dan under the bus, when it was really Ian. I’m over Brit, at least for now, she might be the biggest liar left in the house, and after those pitiful tears over “lying” to Janelle, I’m just over her!
      I know, none of what I’m saying is the popular opinion, but it’s my opinion. 🙂

      • Comments (8)

        Plus, it wouldn’t have even been a mistake to tell Boogie if Frank had went home. It only backfired because he stayed.

      • Comments (2)

        I agree with you 100% and I think Boggie and Frank are bullies like Willie was. Like I said before if they don’t get what they want they tag team and bully. Even if Dan was on the block at least he would handle it alot better and if he got evicted he would leave with grace like Janelle did.

  4. Comments (1)

    I don’t think Dan should go just yet. Booger, yes! He’s a sleezball. He is not a gracious winner or loser. Shane HAD to make this move! They are pissed bc they didn’t! Bottom line. This game is NOT about trust! It’s about how you make it through the house day by day and to the end.
    I do not tolerate floaters but they are needed.
    I was not happy that Ashley got out of being a have not bc of her ” back.”
    When one is signed to this show you are supposed to be fit to compete.
    The ones that deserve to be making it to the final 6 are frank, Danielle, Shane, Ian, Brit, and Dan.
    They game! I don’t choose whether or not I like or dislike them. Idk them!
    It’s a game. It’s reality TV! People that take this so personal crack me up.
    I do have a pet peeve… Joe could learn some manners! He eats like a Cow and screams like a banshi!
    He’s trying to utilize BB tv time to get his own cooking gig. Good luck! Lmfao
    The mics are too close to their mouths when they eat and omg Janelle never closed her mouth either!
    It’s very distracting!
    I also am a tad discouraged to find out that BB is running the game for ratings. When I found out that they were telling the players how to play certain games and they are tweaking DR sessions, it’s not really reality TV anymore. Just a soap opera with no actors.
    Keep up the good work BB houseguests.
    You keep us laughing! Frank, I can not wait for the man that going thru his mid life crisis ( ahem mike boogie) to be gone so you can be with everyone else!

    • Comments (1276)

      I was a little put off by the DR situation as well. Don’t get me wrong, we know that production needs to ask them questions to promt certain things. And I know that sometimes they might need them to say something again, just so they can focus on it.
      But it really is sounding, at least to me, that the players are getting tipped off to certain things by their DR’s. Take them asking Boogie about Dan, for example, from the DR session, Boogie decided that without a doubt it was Dan who told his plan (not that he made it up, that he just repeated it), even though it was Ian.
      Janelle had made some comments that sounded like she had been tipped off that the coaches were coming back. I had no problem with them coming back, it’s a game, but the waste of Shanes HOH was not well planned. They should have had the vote, gotten Frank out, and then put the twist into play.
      Again, I love BB, I just don’t like how it’s seeming like production is a little too involved in how things are playing out.

      • Comments (1)

        The whole game is fixed ,they want Frank to win so they will do what ever they can so he does .They need to just leave them all a long and let them do what ever they want ,not tell them what to do ,keep production out of it .Do not tell them what to do or say….They are the ones playing the game,hot production

  5. Comments (8)

    Shane is in position now to win it all. Unless of course Dan wakes up and goes to work like he really wants to win.

  6. Comments (12)

    Shane is going to be the next one out right behind Boogie.

  7. Comments (1)

    I don’t like Boogie, but the show needs him. Some of these people are so boring this season. I already miss Willie and JoJo. I’m so sick of Frank. I’m starting to think that he’s going to win. He’s like a roach that just won’t die.

  8. Comments (191)

    I don’t like Boogie or Frank but when both of them leave who is left to entertain us? I can’t listen to Joe yell.

  9. Comments (5)

    ugh!! frank won POV. Frank is like the annoying little kid that you always want gone. i want him to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is lucky to still be there. I HOPE TO GOD THAT BOOGIE GOES HOME!!!!! :D. GO SHANE, DANIELLE, AND BRIT!! <3. I ALSO THINK THAT JEN NEEDS TO GO SHE IS SUCH A FLOATER!!!!!!!!!

  10. Comments (8)

    I’m really hoping Shane back doors Brit or the floaters Jen,Ian,ashley and ESP. Joe sometimes I think they just want him in the house because he cooks that’s all otherwise he would have been long gone already

  11. Comments (34)

    How is Britney playing? She didn’t try for HoH .. she went straight for safety. Same for Dan. Had Dan tried for HoH he would have stood a good chance of winning. He was neck and neck with Britney when she won.
    As for being over daaaaahling Britney.. I was over her week 2 of her first time playing. She can’t win anything, she’s as has less of a clue then Inspector Clouseau from the pink panther. Half the time she walks around like she owns the game and the other half is looks like a deer caught in the headlights. I’ve seen store window mannequins with more personality and brains.
    Dan is still playing the season he won. My god are all the people in the house blind? He came from behind in the HoH competition and place 2nd or 3rd… has none of them said HEY I think he’s throwing everything so he doesn’t get blood on his hands.. oh wait.. Will did…
    Yes Boogie is arrogant. Remind me again… who got Janelle out? Who won the All Stars… must have been dahhhhling Britney.. no wait Janelle.. no.. uhm maybe someone who acts like a winner.
    Guess it would be better if he walked around with his head ducked down going awe shucks it was a fluke. I’m not really good at anything at all.
    Shane is great at physical games.. but let’s admit it.. IF you are taking game advice from Britney.. who admits to not being very good at well uhm… anything… you ain’t gonna make a claim to bein’ Albert Einsten (sic)..
    We all know someone like Joe… the loud mouth that is the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral. Given the chance we would vote them out too lol.. He may think he’s the next Chef Ramsey but more likely he’s then next Swedish Chef from the Muppets. Bork Bork Bork
    Who is this Jenn person and when did the let a person join the HGs at the midway point?
    I would still love to see Boogie, Ian and Frank in the final three. At least they are playing the game. Ian is a genius at playing his quak pak tea mates. He’s even framed Britney and Dan for getting Frank and Boogie on the block. He even has them thinking they did it .. sheer genius I tell you!

  12. Comments (34)

    One more comment… about the producers influence. Wasn’t it proven that during survivor way back in season 2 or 3 that stand ins had been used for some parts? Of course there is influence being used. Its TV and about as real as wrestling in the WWE.
    If you really think the people you are seeing on the feeds or the show are who they are at home… well there’s this bridge I can let you have real cheap … heheh

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