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power of veto big brother 14

Big Brother 14 – Power Of Veto Results

power of veto big brother 14


Despite Willie pulling a hissy fit and getting himself kicked out of the game because he can’t handle losing as gracefully as Kara and Jodi did, the games still went on last night.  Nominations were held, and if you missed it, Shane and JoJo were not surprisingly nominated.

Today on the live feeds, we have learned who the power of veto winner was.  Before I get to that, I’m contractually obligated to mentioning signing up to the live feeds before I do.  Plenty of great stuff and the first 3 days are free.  (I wrote up that contract as well, pretty sneaky huh?)


spoilers after jump, and if you don’t want spoilers, I suggest not looking up at the top bar and leaving the site haha.

At the veto competition today, apparently there was some boozing by the spectators which could lead to an interesting night on the feeds. But that’s the small news, the big news is that Shane won his second straight power of veto.  This is pretty significant because obviously he’s going to take himself off the block, and the likely replacement will be Danielle.  With Danielle up there, Britney could actually possibly convince people to vote her out to get rid of Dan entirely.  If that happens, we get to finally see the next chapter in the coaches twist.

Will they go home gracefully?
Will they be allowed to remain in the game as players, but still only win $100k?
Will the loser be inserted as a fully member in the game for $500k which could result in the other coaches sabotaging their own teams?
Will they be forced to spend the rest of the season in “The Glass House”?
Will they be tossed into a pit full of the alpha male Hantz family so they can be yelled at for weeks straight?


While JoJo is getting on my nerves and Danielle hasn’t really done much to me, I’m kind of rooting for that to happen because I’m really curious what exactly happens.

I am also very happy Shane is getting a second life in the game.  By all accounts he seems like a solid guy, he’s a New Englander (granted so is/was Boogie), and he’s great looking which helps ratings. In addition, he got stuck with a bad hand being forced to team up with Willie and now has to try to remove the Hantz stink from his body, which is a hard task.

While JoJo was also dealt a bad hand, I’m not concerned about her.  She doesn’t even know what Survivor is, which means Big Brother was probably new to her as well. She’s clearly some model who was recruited by the show and trying to enhance her career.  She’s going to be fine with or without winning, just simply call up Maxim, Playboy or whoever is into the Jersey Shore fetish these days.


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  1. Avatar

    I also really want to see the twist with the coaches, but I like Danielle. She seems sweet and I purely nice person to hang around with! I have a feeling that Shane is going home soon if he doesn’t keep winning PoV (or HoH)! I can’t wait for the next episode. I will hopefully be able to see Willies whiney fits unleashed on TV and see the rivalry (once again) between Janelle and “Boogie”! On Big Brother their feuds never end. Hahaha! Anyways, I hope Dan plays as a player in the game (if he loses Danielle)! Can’t wait for the fifth episode!

  2. Avatar
    Carter (15 comments)

    I’m very excited for the new episode tonight! I am not really excited about the twist for the coaches, but I just don’t see how it can go any other way. I haven’t been watching Big Brother for very long, but, thanks to a coworker at Dish, I started watching this season with satisfaction. It has been nothing but drama the entire season so far, and I hope it never stops. I won’t be able to watch tonight’s episode live tonight, but my Hopper will record it with PrimeTime Anytime, so I can watch it in the morning. I won’t even have to wait for the commercials; thanks to the Auto Hop it’ll automatically skip them for me. I’m really excited to see if they show any of Willie’s tirade on TV.

  3. Avatar
    jillm jones (1 comments)

    Seriously- with Willie gone – who cares. The rest of the players are about as exciting as store bought white bread. Nobody seemed to mind Evil Dicks abuse toward the other players and he won.They should have kept Willie in the game.

  4. Avatar
    IMO (28 comments)

    I think they need to have a Hantz versus heros or some other reality show (maybe a hybrid Survivor/BB show?). Have a team of Hantzes on one side, and the people they most pissed off on the other side. Can the Hantzes survive themselves, let alone their enemies?

    There would be a lot of strong personalities on both sides – I wonder how Boston Rob and Boogie would get along?

    I am guessing not so much…

  5. Avatar
    FanFan (9 comments)

    you know as far as I thought, I think the “the-coaches-enter-the game-when-they-ran-out-of-players” might be true.

    And the HGS(not the coaches) will think that they can not let that happen. So I think Janelle’s and Boogie’s team and maybe even Shane will immediately evict JoJo. Because if they dont, Danielle’s out and They have to kiss Dan welcome, (boy if i were one of them i would not let that happen completely!)

    They would try to keep at least one of the player of each coaches till final four, to prevent the coaches enterting their game. and maybe that twist will somehow ends at that moment or few moments before that (final five or final six)

    If this twist is actually true and becoming real soon, I think Danielle and Shane will already have their ass sitting pretty in final five or four considering they would be the “only” players remaining in the game, and the other hgs will try so freaking hard to keep them both so that their coaches cant enter their game

    though, i hope there’s no twist like that and they just bring back Kara or prob the next evictees..

  6. Avatar

    I am watching Jenn Arroyo to see how she is playing the game.
    The others right away didn’t like her because they said Jenn thinks she knows everything.
    It seems to me that we will not get to see Jenn play the game until there are less people in the house and she will have to get social and start playing the game or get kicked out.

    I noticed when Britney was crying alone after Willie was kicked out it was Jenn who went to comfort Britney. The other gals just ran off to see what was going on. So I give Jenn brownie points for comforting Britney like any decent person should do.

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