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Big Brother 14 – Predictions And More

britney versus danielle

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After one incredible week in the Big Brother 14 house, it’s that time again.  Time for someone to take a seat next to Julie Chen while the other gets to breathe for at least a few minutes.  If you went on vacation last Thursday, let me do a very brief rundown for you.  (using my Big Brother announcer voice)

Frank won the HoH, he then nominated Dan and Danielle in order to get his arch rival out of the house.  Ian won Pandera’s Box Veto, then Jenn won the regular veto.  Dan decided to use a make or break approach to saving himself this week by completely opening up to Frank and revealing everything he knew about the Quack Pack and what has happened so far this season.  In one night, Dan went from arch rival to potential ally and managed to convince Frank to tell Jenn to use her veto on him.  It worked, Dan was saved, and Britney was the replacement nomination in one of the more passionate PoV speeches made this season (by Frank).

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The house has been on lockdown since yesterday, so there is a very solid chance that tonight will be an endurance competition that could be one of the most epic of the season so far.  Britney will likely be out of the house, so Ian will need to do whatever he can to save himself, Danielle and Dan will be trying hard to save themselves, and Shane, Joe and Jenn need to win so they don’t become the next target.

I’m going to be brief because I had a late start today due to appointments.  Here are my predictions for tonight:

Votes (to go home)

Ian – Danielle
Jenn – Britney
Shane – Britney
Joe – Britney
Dan – Britney

Britney is evicted 4-1.  Time to go back to the husband and job that only YOU left in order to join Big Brother(didn’t you know Britney was the only non homeless contestant this season?)

I will be starting a new thread soon about the live blogging tonight, and if there is an endurance challenge I will just carry that thread over to that.  Be sure to sign up for the live feeds now so you don’t get stuck in a bottleneck after the show ends.  Also, follow me on twitter because I live tweet stuff too!

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  1. Comments (13)

    I worry that if it’s an endurance comp, that Ian has a really good shot at it. He was one of the last ones standing the last time they had an endurance comp. We’ll see if Danielle goes for the gusto again with Dan playing the coach role like they did last time. Should be interesting.

  2. Comments (5)

    Shane needs to see the light…vote out his “crazy, stalker girlfriend” tonight and take a shot at survival against Dan the Man. Tonight is his chance for a move…

  3. Comments (6)

    After what Dan put her through(the shocked expressions, the tears… priceless. Thank you Dan) in what must be the best BB move ever she deserves to stay and make Dan’s plan stick to save the both of them. Besides I can’t take Britney’s whining anymore. Go Dan and Frank!!!

  4. Comments (126)

    Brit needs to go, she couldn’t coach a Minor League Pee Wee T-Ball Team

    Her last nite rant with Ian was nauseating. They had this high flatulent attitude that they are the smartest in the house even said that Shane is dumb.

    Brit just can’t stand the fact that an unemployed Arkansan will outlast her do-nothing college diploma.

    ‘You don’t need a University Degree to get pregnant Brit, which what your plans are now, since you quit your job to come to BB

  5. Comments (1)

    I really was,nt a fan of Boogie, because of his ego,but I respected him ,as being a dam good veteran player, Boogie deserved to be in jury, instead of whats mostly left in bb,like floaters. Big Brother be more choicey in the players for next year.

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