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Big Brother 14 – The Reign Of Frank And Ted Begins

August 10, 2012 | 7 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 14 frank and ted

If you want to rank the Big Brother 14 houseguests in terms of roller coasters, we’ll see Frank has been riding in the Superman Ride Of Steel while say Jenn has been coasting along in the Big Thunder Mountain ride at Disney.

Let’s take a brief look at his season:

  1. Gets nominated by Willie, is promised that Kara is likely going home
  2. Fights with Willie and is no longer guaranteed safety
  3. Wins the vote 4-3 and is saved, then wins HoH
  4. His HoH week was wildly successful as Willie got himself kicked out and JoJo left
  5. Shane wins HoH and puts Ashley and Joe on the block, thinking Frank is safe
  6. Shane wins PoV, removes Ashley and puts up Frank
  7. Frank had the votes to leave but was saved by the twist to reset the game
  8. Danielle wins HoH and promptly targets Frank
  9. Frank and Boogie somehow not only align with Danielle, but get Janelle evicted
  10. Frank wins HoH

If Frank doesn’t win Big Brother 14, and it’s very possible he won’t due to the fact that he’s clearly still a large target, his ride has been utterly impressive.  He’s not floating by and winning competitions when he needs to, he’s been in the thick of all the house drama and has found a way to be in the house this long.  In addition, his alliance with Boogie is something scary as it’s starting to resemble the Will and Boogie alliance back in their seasons.

Anyway, it appears the have-have not competition will be taking place shortly and nominations will also follow.  Joe is likely the target, and they’re now trying to figure out who to put up against him.  At this point it could be anyone from Boogie as a pawn to Jenn as an ‘I don’t care if either go home’ situation.

In addition, it appears Ashley is still suffering a lot of pain, and was tended to a lot by Wil this morning.  She got called into the DR and people speculated that she may end up being removed from the game, but using the live feeds, she’s clearly still there… and still in rough shape

This is just a brief post to keep you updated on the house.  It was relatively quiet last night, and “The Silent Six” appears to have remained in tact through the DR slip.  One of the producers replied to a post made on reality blurred vehemently defending the mishap and saying it had no effect on the game.  Nothing of importance was spilled, otherwise it wouldn’t have been as calm in the house.   In addition to that, read the comment following that by Cheryl who then goes in to ripping the producer a new one about the constant cutting away to fish on the feeds this season.  I agree with her, I wish they’d tone it down, we pay to watch what happens inside the house when the show isn’t on CBS, but if you’re already that big of a fan, you’re probably still watching the CBS episodes.  Superfans don’t want to miss DR sessions and competition details, or the faces of people when they’re nominated, etc.

I understand cutting away due to copyright things like someone singing a song, but they should definitely relax on cutting away from things like pizza parties and what not.  Just my little rant on the subject.  The feeds are still the best entertainment for the price you’re paying, but it is certainly frustrating to watch fish instead of super drama.

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