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Big Brother 14 – Rumors Swirl About Ashley Leaving; Have Not Competition Results

danielle eating candy cane

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While the feeds were down for the have/have-not competition today, rumors were going crazy on Twitter about Ashley’s condition.  She’s been nursing injuries almost since day 1, thanks to those horrific have-not beds, and while she’s been getting shots, you clearly saw zombie-Ashley last night on the live show.  It appears it’s getting worse as she needed help walking from the DR to the bathroom and has been laying down most of the day.   In addition, it seems she may have received a free pass from playing in the have-not competition today. As of right now she’s still in the house, but I wouldn’t be shocked if she eventually left for medical reasons.  Although, this isn’t Survivor, she can throw all the competitions and still stay in the house for another solid 2-3 weeks, so we’ll see.

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I’m still trying to grasp the concept of the challenge because it does sound like Britney, Shane, Danielle and Joe were all on the same team (and lost), but that leaves 6 people not counting Frank.   Whatever, it was clearly some physical competition and Joe was not too happy about being on the losing team so he was yelling at people which set Britney off.   Tensions are starting to boil over right now, will we see some type of real action after nominations?

In addition to the competition, cod and candy canes were chosen as the food this week, which is certainly worse than pork rinds or cereal.  The people I mentioned (Brit, Shane, Danielle and Joe) are the have-nots this week and we’ll get to see what chef Joe can come  up with.

As far as nominations, they’re still happening tonight and we’re looking at a Wil and Joe scenario right now.  Frank and Boogie want either gone and I don’t think they’re going to risk neither of them going by doing a backdoor attempt.  I’ll update when the nomination ceremony is complete and Joe completely loses his mind.

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  1. Comments (1276)

    I usually like Britney, but, is it just me or she being a little overly dramatic about being a Have Not? I mean, Joe is obviously ticked, since it seems like he spends most of his time as a Have Not, but Brit has been mostly nasty and grumpy since getting it. Plus, it’s her first time this season, and everyone else that is a Have Not has been on it at least once, if not more.
    Like I said, I usually like Brit, but she’s really getting on my nerves. Between this, and the whole being so upset about lying to Janelle that she was crying… I’m really second guessing myself. I know she’s a sweet girl, and obviously it’s BB so everyone lies, including Brit. I watch her lie a few times an hour, so the tears for Janelle… I’m sorry, but give me a break.
    OK, just had to get that out lol

  2. Comments (3)

    I love Britney! She so got cheated out of anything when she played with guys in the past, you’d think she would have thought of that. Janelle was an asset to her and i really think she screwed up her chances to get to final 3, not final 4 like last time and get blindsided!

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